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Title: New Arrival
Post by: Price on May 25, 2007, 06:31:33 AM
Kaje walked in and dropped his bags about two feet in the door.  He was already pissed that he had to carry the damn things himself like some street trash.  Now he stood there and not a soul around to even greet him.  He was sure he gave his parents specific instructions to have everything ready and prepared for his arrival.

Well at least this place looks nice, not like his dumb school back home with its old rickety desks and smoke stained walls.  

He still believed his parents had shoved him in that rotten place to punish him, but now it seems they came to their senses and found him a proper place to study.  He walked off from his bags and started to inspect the entrance hall.  He ran his fingers over the banister leading up higher than he could tell from the bottom.  There was a bell that finally caught his attention.

Hmm…wonder what would happen if I pushed that thing around.  Maybe I could finally get some service around this place.

He tossed around the idea, maybe he could wander around and check the place out himself.  If they were so careless about leaving this place unattended, he may have to take advantage of it.

Better not, having no idea what to expect in a place like this, I cant very well be starting off with a bad impression.  I will find my way around later, for now, I will get someone’s attention.

He pulled the bell and shouted, “Hello?”
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Post by: Fell on May 26, 2007, 03:57:38 AM
Ravi had been running a quick errand for Faris, just a simple delivery, and he was just returning now. He noticed the boy long before he neared the entrance, especially given his birds-eye view of his surroundings. New guy? Ravi guessed, shifting to his human form in the middle of the sky. It didn\'t effect his flight in the slightest, and he figured this form would be less likely to freak the kid out - he looked human. Might not be, but he looked it. Ravi could check for sure once he landed.

And he landed pretty soon, purposefully making a small fluttering noise as he came to rest on the ground. Again, it was just polite. Ravi cocked an eyebrow at the boy before him. "Aren\'t you a little old for a newcomer?" Ravi asked, his voice playful. The demon flicked his wings, settling them on his back in a more comfortable way. As relaxed as he looked, Ravi was ready to move in any direction in case this guy turned out to be an enemy of some sort. Oh yeah... if he was an enemy, Ravi was going to take him apart.

But then, he didn\'t really get that feeling from him. The kid seemed untrained, a little bratty... and, once Ravi reached out his senses a little more, entirely human with a flair for magic. At least he\'d known enough to not just walk in. Someone might have knocked him out on the spot - never knew what a newcomer might mean. Ravi was willing to take the risk for now, though. The guy just seemed confused.
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Post by: Price on May 26, 2007, 06:14:09 AM
Kaje turned around at the sound of movement behind him, followed by a voice.

"Excuse me?" was all he said at first.  The first thing he noticed were the wings and the way the moved.  His first reflex was to return the insult back even knowing the guy was not purposely being insulting.  He bit his tongue, for now.

"First off, Id have been here long time ago had my parents not been incompetent. Second, what exactly -are- you?" he spoke with no regret for his harsh tone.

Waiting for an answer, he quite blatently stared at the creature in front of him, half tempted to go up and just start inspecting him.  He had little contact with other species but had seen a few in his life, though, none like this one.
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Post by: Fell on May 29, 2007, 02:51:55 PM
Ravi added another adjective to his short list of what the guy seemed to be: rude. The tone of his voice betrayed that much, at least. You\'re probably like that to everyone, aren\'t you? Ravi thought, tilting his head slightly to the side, Not a very good way to be, here. Those people who couldn\'t be nice usually just shut up. This guy would probably have trouble doing that, though - he was pretty old. Looked to be in his late teens, which meant that all the primary personality stuff was already there. He\'d be able to do it if he really wanted to, though... After all, with enough willpower, one could manage it. Ravi had!

All your parents fault, huh? Ravi wondered. Well, if that was how he wanted to see it... Not a very important thing, though. The second part of his statement was the one that concerned Ravi more. It was also just after Kaje finished speaking that Ravi remembered - this must be the guy Faris had been talking about a couple days ago! Older, human, and joining Purificio. Ravi\'s House.

"Me? I\'m a High Apprentice from Purificio - the House you\'re joining," Ravi said in that same slightly playful tone. Kaje\'s rudeness hadn\'t really put him off; after all, he wasn\'t starting fights, and that was the more important thing. Plus, with Ravi\'s luck, Faris would assign him to this new guy. Sometimes Ravi was asked to do things like that... Who knew? Whatever the case, the guy was going to be living nearby; better to make friends than enemies. "And you\'re... Kage?" the demon continued, racking his brain for a moment to remember what the guy\'s name was.
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Post by: Price on May 30, 2007, 01:02:57 AM
Price bit the side of his cheek lost in a thought after the guy in front of him let him know he was a High Apprentice. Whatever that was, it sounded important. Kaje knew if he wanted to stay he was gonna have to suck it up and learn to bite his tongue till he knew who everyone was.

Anything to keep from going back to that hell of a household with -them-

Kaje cleared his throat and bowed his head before speaking, "Please excuse my previous tone, if I offended you.  My name is Kaje, yes.  I am sure I will enjoy being in your class."

He glanced around the entrance hall and back to the High Apprentice, "Nice place, here.  So, do you have a name?  How am I to address you?"

Shoving his hands deep in his pockets, he still thought about what exactly this High Apprentice was.  

At least, he is good looking.  

If he was gonna be learning under someone it was nice to enjoy looking at them.

Once he cleared his mind of that, he started to wonder where he would be staying, and more questions came behind that one.
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Post by: Fell on May 30, 2007, 02:58:42 AM
Ravi raised an eyebrow, though his smile remained in place. What a sudden change of heart, the demon thought, chuckling softly. "Kaje..." Ravi repeated softly, correcting his pronounciation slightly. At least he\'d been close, though. Kaje hadn\'t even actually corrected him. Then again, the guy seemed like he was keeping his tongue in his cheek - probably a good idea. Most people around here wouldn\'t have taken too kindly to that tone.

"Well, we won\'t be sharing classes, but I\'m probably going to end up helping you out. Part of the job description," Ravi responded politely, giving a small bow in return before moving to lean against the wall. "As for what to call me, just Ravi\'ll do."

Kaje sure seemed to be confused, and a little wary of Ravi... Then again, Kaje probably didn\'t know what a High Apprentice was. There\'s no way he does, actually. He mentioned "classes", the demon thought, looking upwards curiously before refocusing on Kaje. "Why\'d you come here?" Ravi asked. It wasn\'t often they got beginners older than 10 or so, so one who looked to be in his late teens was pretty rare.

Ravi began to walk, moving towards the Purificio section of the student dorms. He gestured for Kaje to follow as he did, his movements friendly. "I\'ll show you the dorms. You probably don\'t have a room assigned, so we\'ll just find a free one," Ravi said, sighing when he remembered that there was, indeed, a free room - right in the middle of the area he was responsible for. Guess I was right, the demon thought, glancing back at the new student, On the bright side, he\'s eye-candy. Ravi could appreciate that. "Got any questions? I help out the students, so..." the demon continued, shrugging lightly.

Kaje probably didn\'t notice at first, but Ravi\'s movements were entirely silent. Unless he was actively speaking, it was impossible to hear him - even breathing. Only a classy Confuto would be able to catch a sound, and that would most likely be his heartbeat, nothing more...
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Post by: Price on May 30, 2007, 03:52:05 AM
Kaje thought long and hard about how to answer the question he was asked regarding his presence in the Academy.  There were several reasons but if he were honest, the most pressing was simply because he had wanted it.  

"I suppose I am here because I have a thing for magic, well, that and because the schools where I come from are absolutely horrid." he gave a small laugh, his first since he had arrived and they were rare at best, but he needed to keep the interaction friendly.

He picked up his bags and followed at Ravi\'s prompt, again biting his tongue at the idea of carrying them himself.

Guess I better get used to this, her let out a quiet sigh as he heaved the bags over his back.

"So, Ravi, what does everyone do around here?  Or is it study study study?"  he was curious if there was any fun to be had, or if he was going to have to make his own, which he was pretty good at.

He was curious about the dorms.  He\'d heard that it was possible he would have to share with another, which was actually okay with him so long as it wasnt some know it all he would have to push around.  Maybe he would cut a break and have a roommate that didnt mind a little fun.
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"Nice laugh," Ravi said as he walked down the hallway, giving Kaje a smile of his own. Wonder if you\'ve got the willpower to make it through, the demon continued in his own head. It usually took some degree of forcing, or just starting really young, to get through the first couple of years. After one got used to it, they wanted to stay at the Academy all on their own - usually. Kaje would have to use his own willpower, though. Unless someone does force him, Ravi ammended. Maybe someone would.

"You\'re joining Purificio; get used to studying," Ravi replied with a small laugh. All the houses were hard, sure, but Purificio took the cake there. The strict training regime and all the extra classes that you were expected to take made for a lot of work. Kaje had signed on for a lot here... "You won\'t get that much free time, because you\'d damn well better do your homework - oh, except for astronomy. He never checks," Ravi added with a shrug and a wry smile.

The years spent in training were really hard, it was true... But after the training was over, life got really fun. The missions were exhilirating, and not having to do homework or anything anymore was wonderful. Granted, one still had to keep up on everything - after all, it was one\'s life at stake - but the workload was much, much lighter. Graduating was worth all the struggle.

Kaje seemed like a party type, though. Ravi glanced back at him, cocking his head to the side. It looked like a slightly awkward position, but his steps didn\'t falter in the slightest. "I can show you some good places to have fun later on if you can keep your marks high," the demon said casually. Ravi had always enjoyed relaxing and playing as well; it had been one of the reasons he\'d had so much trouble when he was in training. At least he knew all the good people and places now.
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"Mm, Thanks." was all he muttered at the compliment.  He wasnt used to getting them and had no clue how he was expected to respond.

Kaje choked back a small growl at the word study.  He knew his parents were probably having quite a laugh over the fact he had to do real work now.  His mind immediately started turning over ideas and ways to get out of it.  He wanted to learn certain things but spending years with his nose in books wasnt his idea of fun.

"Wonderful, no free time." he said followed by looking away and rolling his eyes.  Just what he always wanted, more of the same dullness from home.

Oh, hm, fun places, now that sounds interesting.

He nodded in a resigned agreement to Ravi about keeping his marks up and wondered to himself if there was a way to get out and look for himself sooner.

"So what do I need to do first exactly?  Any books I will be getting or assignments to do?"

Kaje continued to watch Ravi move and speak.  He enjoyed watching others, atleast ones that interested him, and Ravi certainly did that.  At first impression he didnt take Ravi as one to enjoy the same kind of fun as Kaje, but that could always be worked on...later.  There were a ton of questions he had for the High Apprentice but better kept for later, not wanting to push him on personal issues quite yet, after all, they usually meant he had to answer some too.
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Ravi shrugged, then chuckled. "You know, I completely agree," the demon said, turning to look back at Kaje again. "I hated the way they worked us to the bone. But you know..." Ravi continued, his voice turning serious, "those who graduate from Purificio die on the job a whole lot less often than those of any other house. We survive. You probably didn\'t really think about that, yet, about dying, but... It\'s real, once you get out there. Think about that when you\'re training."

The demon took a deep breath in when he finished, then grinned again. "Okay, so that was a little heavy, but it\'s true. Besides, like I said... There are some pretty good places to have fun too," Ravi added with a smile. Kaje probably wanted to get out and find them sooner, but that would be very difficult. The whole school was geared towards knowing things and stalking people, and Purificio was one of the very strictest when it came to almost everything. Finding students out past their curfew really drove the Masters nuts, and they were dead serious about punishments.

Probably won\'t listen if I preach. I wouldn\'t have, Ravi reasoned, flicking his wings out and back in again to resettle them more comfortably. "First, you need to settle in. I can take you to get some useful books after that, and your assignments? ...Worry about those when you have them tomorrow," the demon responded, chuckling. I do *not* pity you, he thought.
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Kaje stopped in his tracks as Ravi explained why the need to study.  

Killed...dead...just great!

He didnt respond right away, just kept nodding as if he wasnt hearing it for the first time and he knew the risks.  He wasnt going to allow anyone to see a vulnerability in him, especially right now.  At least he had one night before they tossed him into the pits.  He could make the most of that.  

As he thought up ways to spend his last evening of freedom he fought back a smirk, not wanting to make the High Apprentice curious about what he was thinking.  A few ideas were even ones he knew wouldnt happen but were indeed fun to think about.

"Thanks.  I could use a night to get situated anyways.  Say, are we almost close to the dorm yet and are we gonna have to do this much walking pretty regularly?  Not all of us have wings ya know." he gave him a sly smile and wink with the last bit.
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Ravi didn\'t need more than Kaje\'s initial reaction to tell that he hadn\'t really thought about it in the past, but the demon didn\'t call him on it. Why would he? Let him keep the pride he had; he\'d have plenty of people stripping him of it soon enough. It was no skin off of Ravi\'s back to pretend he believed him. "Glad you thought about it... I sure as hell didn\'t. Then again, I was also 7," Ravi said, playfully mocking himself. He grinned, tossing his hair back; the stuff always got in his face, but it was too pretty for him to want to cut it off.

"Ahhh walking\'s good for you! Besides, flying is harder work," Ravi said with a laugh. It was, too. Ravi had often wondered if they\'d put everything so far apart on purpose, just to make them do the extra work - and to constantly challenge them to get to class on time. They probably had. Kaje\'s wink wasn\'t lost on Ravi, who raised an appreciative eyebrow. Oh ho? he thought, curious.

...Come to think of it, what *was* Kaje planning on doing with his last night of freedom? Better not be anything too wild. Getting thrown out before you even start? That\'d be a new record! Ravi thought, turning his head to face forward as he grinned to himself. "The dorms aren\'t too far off now. You\'re level 9, so you\'re nearest to everything else," the handsome demon said, turning down a corridor towards the empty room he knew of. He\'d point out his own room on the way. Ravi had his own room on the level, one that had used to belong to a Master of some sort. They\'d put him there when he first graduated because they had too many apprentices, and though they\'d offered him a new room when they lost a couple, Ravi had grown to like his little hidey-hole.

Plus, this way, if anyone went out to kill the apprentices, they\'d miss him. And if anyone came in to go after the 9th levels... They\'d have a big surprise on their hands. All in all, Ravi liked the setup.
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Nodding along, he was relieved they werent too far now.  He was getting tired of carrying all the bags.  He was quite fit but even the working out didnt help in the ways of being annoyed.  Seemed he was going to have alot to get used to here, like doing everything for his self.  The thought made him cringe originally, but the idea of learning about magic made it okay...atleast for now.  He would have to move up fast, no matter what it took.  No way was he going to sit around with a bunch of kids doing the same thing as him.

Damn -them- for holding me back all these years.  I should have been way ahead of this now.

This High Apprentice didnt appear to be quite as stuffy as he originally thought.  Might be helpful to make the best of that for now.  He could use someone to help him so he wasnt out on his ass.  He -did- want to make it here...despite having to work hard.  This would require change.

"Well I guess being nearest everything helps.  With the walking anyways, though it could be a road block for any sort of antics." he snickered again.  It was the truth but then again, he was used to people watching him all the time.  He really would attempt to behave for a while though, till he atleast knew how things worked.

"By the way, How long have you been around this place?" he asked, geared a little more personal but nothing of great impact.  He didnt think it would be out of place to ask.
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Ravi rolled his eyes, grinning. "Antics, huh?" he asked wryly. Lucky me, getting to patrol these hallways... the demon thought, his voice flat even in his own head. Kaje would probably be a pain when it came to that, judging by how he sounded. Still, maybe Ravi could convince him to leave off on his shifts... Or hell, just come hang out with him, if he really wanted to get away from his studies. At least then Ravi wouldn\'t have to be dragging him back to bed all the time.

Ravi didn\'t have much doubt when it came to that. He was known as one of the best of the apprentices when it came to catching people out of bed after-hours. Ravi already had a gut feeling that Faris was going to assign him to Kaje, and it would be a lot easier if they could just get along. Stupid hallway patrolling... Ravi hated it.

"How long? Tchhhhtchtchtch..." the demon pondered, making his small "thinking noise" as he calculated. "That would be.... 21 years." It probably seemed like a long time to a human, but to an air demon... Ravi was still pretty young for his species. He had a good long while ahead of him, and he was looking forward to it. Ravi was in no rush to leave his position as High Apprentice; it was fun!

"There\'s my room, by the way," Ravi said as they turned down another hallway. He was pointing to the third door down on the right, thought he walked right past it a moment later. "Your room would be.... here," Ravi said, finally reaching the end of the hallway, only to open the door into a small, cramped room. Well.... it was made for much younger kids... the demon thought as he looked in it. He\'d certainly fit fine in one when he was little.

There were two beds in this one, but it was obvious that no one lived in there. The room was empty, blank and small, with two little desks and two little chests of drawers in there. Ravi looked around it, then put his face in his hand. "Okay, screw this. You won\'t even fit in one of those beds, will you?" Ravi muttered into his palm. "C\'mon. You can stay in my room for a night, until they figure out what to do with you," the demon continued, shutting the door to the miniature room and turning to walk back down the hall.

The gods of providence must hate me or something, Ravi thought, glancing upwards towards the ceiling, ...Though he\'s managed not to complain in the last 5 minutes. Keep up the good work, Kaje!
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Once they arrived to the dorm room, kaje nearly had a stroke seeing how small and plain it was.  From the looks of the entrance he expected something similar at least to what he had at home.  He was not used to such lower than average quarters.  His room was enourmous and bore the decorations of one very wealthy spoiled child.  This just wasnt going to cut it.

Ravi turned, surprising Kaje and offered to let him stay in his room once he realized that room was not going to do.  

Well atleast he can see this was just not going to suit his needs. Thats a start.

However, staying with a High Apprentice was definitely going to rain down on any fun he had could have had.  He debated between the two and resigned to take the offer.  He obviously wasnt going to get far with him down the hall anyways and there is no way he could sleep in that tiny room without going mad.

He nodded his head in agreement, "Thanks.  I guess I might as well hang up the idea of doing too much tonight, anyhow.  I dont suppose staying in for tonight will kill me.  Gotta get used to it from the sounds of it."  

He followed Ravi back to his room, trying to keep his mind on the task of getting situated and not on the way Ravi moved in front of him.
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Ravi glanced behind him, his eyebrow raised incredulously. "Staying in? I was going to give you the grand tour. It\'s more interesting. If you wanna stay in, though...." he said, shrugging overdramatically and casting Kaje a teasing look.  Ravi rarely stayed in for very long. He went to his room to sleep, or occasionally to study up on something he\'d forgotten. Other than that, though... Why stay inside? There was more to do outside - people to meet, places to play, and the like.

Ravi waved his hand subtley in front of his door. The gesture, if noticed, probably seeemd silly, but he was disarming the wards he kept on his door. He then produced a key seemingly from nowhere and unlocked the thing, pushing it open for Kaje to step through. "Home sweet home," Ravi said jokingly. Still, his room was much, much nicer than those of any of the students. Nicely sizable, with a large window, a window nook, an armchair and a large bed. His desk was also large, and made of a wood too nice ot belong to an apprentice. Ravi eyed it all with pleasure. That\'s what I get for being one too many apprentices, he thought, closing the door behind his guest. Another subtle wave of his hand, and the wards were back up.

Even though there was only one bed, Ravi wasn\'t worrying about it at the moment. He\'d probably just let Kaje have it. It wasn\'t like he didn\'t sleep in the window nook half the time anyway, and he would probably be busy tonight. And if he decided that he wanted the bed in the end, well, then he would have it, and Kaje could sleep on a futon on the floor. Ravi actually had one. He just didn\'t like it much himself; usually meant he woke up with a crick in his wing.
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Kaje laughed, "Oh, so i will be graced with one night of moving about and having some fun then?  I suppose a grand tour would be nice.  I will admit I am curious about a place like this."

He gave a weak half smile at the grand display of getting in the room.

Show off.

He called him that, but he also knew had it been his room and he had a young new student with him, it would have been much more impressive.  Walking in, the only thought that crossed his mine was how he could definitely get used to this.

"Niiiiiice." he said as he tossed his bags to the floor and made his way to the armchair, flopping back into it, his legs lounged out fully in front of him.

"So whats a guy gotta do to earn a room like this one? Wait wait...let me guess.  Study...and alot of it."  

Noticing there was but one bed, he briefly wondered who would be sleeping there, or if High Appy over there was comfortable sleeping beside another guy.  No matter, he had slept in the oddest places and positions in his time.  Not that he liked anything less than fully accomodating but as many nights as he spent out, doing things that left him incapable of chosing such locations, it was nights spent where ever he landed.
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Ravi rolled his eyes. "You, I\'m sure, will have more than one," the demon responded, "And I\'d be happy to give you a tour." They\'d hit up all the major places... The four towers, library, kitchen, and so on. It would be good for Kaje to know about those places, though he\'d probably end up using it to sneak around. Ravi gavce a mental shrug at that one; after all, he\'d done much the same thing.

"Thanks," Ravi answered with a smile. The demon crossed the room, moving to his window-nook and seating himself there. "Basically, yeah - though really, you just have to be good at it. This should really be a Master\'s room, but I got pushed out of the Apprentice floor - too many of us that year," Ravi explained from hs comfortable lounge in the window. Getting to that level, though, definitely required a lot of studying. Kaje seemed to have that, at least, all figured out.

"Anything you wanna see first?" Ravi asked offhandedly as he braided a bit of his bangs.
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"Well, the cool places to hang out around here would be a good place to start.  I mean you -do- have places here on location to do something other than study, right?  Or even better...the kitchen.  Im starved."

He licked his lips and closed his eyes, letting his head lean back in the chair.  That was the only thing about home he would miss.  Their cook was amazing and she was always a big softy when it came to Kaje.  Always feeding him all hours of the night or day and always the best of the best food.  If someone asked his biggest weakness, kaje would never admit to having one.  But she was good food.  He would melt for someone that could keep a decent kitchen.

Lifting his head again he looked up at Ravi, "You -do- eat dont you? Like..real food?"

He looked down and hardly liked the attire for an evening out of the room.  If they ran into others he certainly didnt want to come off as some ratty kid Ravi just found storing away.  He walked over his bags and tossed one into the chair, opening it to pull out a much better shirt.

"Cant be running about looking like this, now can I?" he winked as he pulled his shirt up over his head, replacing it with a button down blue silk shirt, a dragon impression that rested on the shoulder of the shirt and trailed down the back.

He shrugged his shoulders and rolled his head around one time to get out kinks and smiled at Ravi, "Now...this is much better."
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Think with your stomach, huh? Ravi thought when Kaje expressed his interest in food. Well, rather, yeah, he expressed interest, but it was the way he did it that really tipped Ravi off. Nothing wrong with liking food, at least. There were much, much worse vices than a fondness for food - Ravi could easily see Kaje being one of the peope who kept sneaking snacks from the place. "Kitchen\'s are fine, but I already told you - get your marks up and then I\'ll distract you," the demon said with a wink that could mean many things. Ravi was just being playful, in truth, but he wasn\'t closing his mind to anything either.

The winged boy laughed freely when Kaje asked whether or not he ate real food. "Of course I do!" Ravi responded, still chuckling. "Though they don\'t have the greatest stuff here - they feed us to keep us alive and healthy, not spoiled." Shame, really... Though now, as a High Apprentice, Ravi was getting to eat outside of the school, and *that* was good stuff.

Ravi watched Kaje change appreciatively, not sorry about the eye candy. "Whatever you like, but you\'d better get used to black," the demon teased gently, checking Kaje out without showing it a whit. Pretty boy... Poor pretty boy, he thought, shaking his head in mock amusement.

"That reminds me... We need to get you your uniform, too. We\'ll do that while we\'re out too," Ravi said, speaking half to himself. The demon shook, then grinned. "Well, if you\'re done primping, let\'s go!" With that, Ravi turned back to the door, disarmed the wards and began the very big, fairly long tour of the Academy.

((Would you like to woosh through the tour, or RP it out? I\'m happy either way, but I don\'t want to put you through anything you\'re not interested in. :3 If you\'d like to woosh, you can just do it in the next post))
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Great, bad food.

"And let me guess, eating outside of here is another thing studying will buy me?  Geesh."

Kaje near winced at the mention of a uniform.  He knew he would be wearing one but he had tried not to think about it, yet.  From the sounds of it, black would be the color, which was one he could tolerate.  

Meh, no biggie.  

"Hmm, distract me, huh?  You almost it make it worth working hard just to know exactly how thats done." he said with a playful glare. This guy didnt seem half bad... he could get used to living near him, if they could find a half decent room in this area.  He was curious how long Ravi could tolerate him hanging about his room before he smushed him into that tiny room just to get rid of him.  

"So lets do this tour, then maybe later we can chat about more specific things I need...or know." He smiled and headed out the door, patiently following his guide, and enjoying the scenery from behind for a few moments before catching up to walk beside him.

(Id say a half-whoosh?  Make a few stops in each and just linger if there is something of value to rp about there?  And you get to do the whooshing mr guide :P)
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Ravi just nodded when Kaje groaned about the benefits of studying, a merry twinkle in his eye. You have no idea, kid, the demon thought, thinking back on all the work involved in being a student, ...I\'m definitely not sorry that\'s over.

"Mmm, guess youll just have to find out how I\'ll do it," Ravi said loftily, looking up and away impishly. He created a small breeze as he did, which blew his long hair backwards in a dramatic way. Ravi let it fall with a laugh. "Flair for the dramatic; sorry," he said, though he didn\'t sound sorry at all. Just mirthful.

"Tour it is, then. Let\'s go!" Ravi said, walking first towards the kitchens.


They arrived within a few minutes, for Ravi walked fairly quickly through the long stone corridors. "These are the kitchens and meal room," he said, gesturing to a large room with many tables and benches in it. A large pair of double-doors, locked, stood on the far side. "We\'re not allowed in the kitchens, and they\'re only open during mealtimes," the demon added, choosing to omit the fact that you could break into them if you wanted to. After all, Kaje was almost certainly not yet skilled enough for something like that and Ravi didn\'t want him getting caught breaking rules. It would just be a pain, especially if he did end up being a permanent resident in Ravi\'s room.
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He chuckled once again as Ravi mentioned a flair for the dramatic.  He actually enjoyed the show, and more so the wings.  He had to restrain himself from touching them, always with the curiousity.  

Kaje groaned hearing the kitchen was only open during meal times.  He wasnt sure how he was gonna make it not eating when he felt like it.  Of course, if he wasnt going out often, and having his nose stuck in books he wondered if he would even get to work up an appetite.

Gah! Designated eating times.  This is beginning to become more of a chore than I thought

"Soooo, when is mealtime exactly?" he said with a long sigh attached.

He didnt expect much for the dining hall so he wasnt disappointed that it wasnt some big fancy one.  Seems his expectations were dropping the further they went.  He was gonna have to come up with some major ideas on how to survive this school.  

Focus on magic, thats the only way...well that and ...

He didnt finish the thought, instead letting his eyes wander back to his guide.

"By the way, if I didnt say it before, I appreciate the help...and most definitely the room."
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Ravi paused, thinking for a moment, then chuckled at himself. Right, right... Same House, he thought. "We Purificio\'s eat at 7, 1 and 7," the eccentrically coloured demon said. Ravi walked to a window and peeked out, looking at the sun to gauge the time. "...That means we have another couple hours before we eat," he said. Ravi glanced over to Kaje then closed his eyes and sighed. "You really hungry?" he asked, admonishing himself gently for being such a softie. It really was a problem, in some ways. Still, Ravi wouldn\'t get into any trouble over it.

A thank you! the demon thought, somewhat surprised but certainly pleased. So maybe Kaje wasn\'t such a brat - or maybe he was trying really hard. Either way, that boded well. "It\'s no problem," Ravi said, grinning, "It might even be fun to have a roommate again." That had actually been one of the things he\'d missed when he ascended beyond 2nd level - 1st level students and above didn\'t have roommates anymore, but Ravi had enjoyed it.
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"Nah...I can wait on the food.  The rest of the tour should keep me distracted enough to wait.  Besides, I think Id like to be down and see what the rest of the house students and teachers look like."

He was really starting to like this guy.  Seems he had a soft spot too, and he could see he would have to take actual measures not to use him terribly.  If this was a teacher back home he would have no qualms running all over him.  But it seemed like he was gonna need a friend here.

Roommate!!!  So maybe he could stick around with him for a bit. Perfect.

"Well, just be forewarned, I occassionally talk in my sleep.  Though, I guess if I am actually going to do this real studying and good marks thing, Im gonna need someone over my shoulder. Because honestly, its really never been my thing.  It might change with the subjects around here being more geared to my liking but guess we wont know for sure till I get some assignments." now he realized he had been talking way too much and he detested that.

He looked away as if trying to take notice of the rest of the place, the cleared his throat, "So, what\'s next?"
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Ravi muttered something about being too much of a softie, though it was hard to make out his words, then turned back to Kaje. "Glad to hear it," Ravi said rolling his eyes at himself. Better be careful not to get too attached, or he might walk all over me, the air demon thought. It had happened to him before, and he hadn\'t relished the experience. He doubted that he would be as blind to it now as he had then, though... But Ravi would rather avoid the whole thing.

Ravi laughed when Kaje said he spoke in his sleep, but quieted to let the other male go on. He was actually glad that Kaje was finally talking about himself a little bit; Ravi loved to learn about others, and usually not for malicious purposes. "Well, if you start to talk in your sleep, I\'ll smack you," the demon said kittenishly, clearly more teasing than anything else. Really will smack you, though. Especially if we end up sharing, Ravi thought. "Studying, I know. I can help you out with it while I\'m around. ...At least you\'re being smart enough to ask for help," the demon added in, giving the ground a sheepish look. Ravi had had a lot of trouble with all of it, but had never thought to ask. It had almost gotten him thrown out.

"We\'ll go to the South Wing next. We need to get you your uniform, and it\'s not too far. That\'s where most of the workers live," Ravi said, turning quickly to leave the dining area, then making another quick turn towards the South.
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Kaje all but burst out into laughter at Ravi saying he would smack him.  He didnt mind it so much, and he is sure he would probably mumble something in his sleep that would well deserve to be smacked for.  

"Ahh, yes the dreaded uniform.  Well hopefully it will bring out the color in my eyes." he mocked, batting his eyes like some starry eyed school girl.

They continued to walk and he had started to relax much more than before.  He had always really been on his own, his parents never put much effort into paying attention to him.  Getting used to fending for hisself so often had made him a lot more thick skinned though and able to deal with blows.  

Here in the academy he would be around others of all ages apparently, and if he could make friends, maybe he could calm down.  He just didnt know what to expect anymore.  All he had expected about this place when he got here has turned out to be all wrong but maybe not so bad.

"After that, what about outdoors? Surely there must be a garden or some sort of outdoor place to go. I need fresh air sometimes too." he said, truly curious if he would atleast have somewhere to go and work that wasnt trapped in an old dusty room.
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Ravi turned to eye Kaje, gazing into his eyes in a mock-medical manner. The demon brought a hand to his chin, tapping a finger on his lips. "....No, no, I don\'t think they will," he concluded, turning to continue walking with a quiet chuckle. Kaje seemed to be loosening up a little... He really shouldn\'t be doing that in the halls. For all Ravi\'s relaxed demeanor, nothing around him was going unnoticed. He was quite aware, bordering on a kind of subconscious tensity that had been present in him since he was a 5th level. It was just the kind of thing you learned; how to be both tense and ready, but relaxed - especially in Purificio.

"We can check out the outdoors after this, sure. Here we are, though," Ravi said, turning down another hallway. There were a lot more people present here, but none were students. Oh - except that one kid, walking past in his first year robes. Ravi tapped him on the shoulder, grinning. "Class started 5 minutes ago," the demon said, his voice both friendly and firm. The kid gave quite a start, then nodded to Ravi and tore off down the hallway. Ravi rose, rolling his eyes fondly. "Poor kid. Hope he\'s got a nice professor. Anyway, here\'s where the robes are kept," the demon said, opening a door on the right.

Inside was a great deal of robes, all hanging. Ravi walked towards an entirely grey section, seeking out the biggest ones he could find. "Let\'s see... No, too small.... These? Hmm, no.... Ah! These might work," the eccentrically coloured creature espoused, pulling a set off the rack. They would fit, yeah, but they were baggy and probably wouldn\'t be very flattering. "Here\'re a couple more in that size," Ravi went on, pulling them off the rack as well before handing all three uniforms to Kaje. That done, the demon turned to a bunch of boxes on a shelf, pulling out two grey sashes from one. "These too - want to drop them off before we go on?" he asked, placing the sashes on top of the uniforms.
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Kaje laughed out loud this time at the expression on Ravi\'s face.  He was enjoying their interaction and it was by far very different from the kind of things that went on back home.  In his world there was always very little time for play...always business with his parents.  His friends, for lack of a better term, were all clones of their rich snotty parents.

He watched as Ravi gently chided the kind late for class.

Well, atleast he isnt some over bearing rude know it all.

They got the the robe closet and he took the uniforms and tossed them over his shoulder.

"I guess I will just have to suffer the ill fashion look." he said followed by a very overdramatic sigh and a teasing wink after.  He was going to have to make alot of adjustments here.

"I suppose we could swing past the room and toss them in.  Unless you think I need to be wearing one now?"
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Ravi laid a finger on his lips, thinking. It\'s only his first day.... But now he does have them, so... "You probably should be wearing them," the demon concluded with a nod. "They\'re not so bad... Not pretty, but comfy!" he continued, giving Kaje\'s shoulder a comforting pat. Ravi had never really had a problem with the robes, but then, they were what he was used to. It wasn\'t so bad at all. "We\'ll head back. You can change there and drop off the other ones," he continued, going back down the hallway the way they had came.

When they reached his room again, Ravi once more disarmed the wards before entering. It suddenly occurred to him that Kaje should probably be warned about those... Ravi waited before Kaje walked through the door, then closed it and reset his unseen traps. "Just a warning.... Don\'t try to open the door. It\'s warded," the air demon said with a smile. "If you really are going to be staying here, I\'ll make you a charm or something so you can get through. For now, though... Just don\'t do it." Ravi didn\'t sound condescending or demeaning in the slightest... Just a little concerned.
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Kaje nodded to the comment about the wards of the room.  He wasnt so concerned at the moment since he couldnt see himself coming and going too often for a while.  "Whatever will be easiest."

He tossed one robe to the bed and the others across the chair.  Tossing his shoes off beside the bed he turned to Ravi again, "Well, i suppose I could just toss this thing over my clothes, but honestly its hotter than hades in this place. So if you dont mind.." he gave him a quick smirk before unbuttoning his shirt and sliding it off his arms.

He folded his shirt and set it on his bag and undid the pants, following suit to fold and set aside.  He stood there in his socks and briefs trying to work out how to get the robe on.  

"How the heck do you work this darn thing?" he chuckled.
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Ravi just waved his hand. "Go ahead," the demon said. Kaje probably didn\'t recall, but Ravi had had several roommates while he was here. Naked boys standing around his room was nothing even remotely new to him, though not for the most fun of reasons. Ravi elected to politely turn his back; no need to stare, after all. That\'d be rude. Not to mention potentially creepy...

That idea went to hell when it turned out Kaje had no idea how to put on the robes. "Hmm?" Ravi hummed, turning his head. He burst into laughter when he saw the problem. "Well, I guess they are kind of difficult..." the older boy reasoned, walking over to help with a grin. "Here, you put your leg through here, and..." Ravi explained the whole thing in a way that at least made basic sense, though it was definitely something that Kaje would have to do repeatedly to get the hang of.

"Aaaaand... there! I\'m sure you know how to tie a sash, so I won\'t bother telling you that one," Ravi said with a chuckle, stepping back to look at Kaje. Grey really didn\'t do him too well, but Ravi barely noticed it. He almost never saw people wearing things other than grey and black at the academy, so the colour just seemed natural.

Ravi walked towards the door, disarming and opening it in almost the same motion. He turned back to look at Kaje with a grin. "So, where was it you wanted to see next?" the demon asked pleasantly. He\'d forgotten where they were going to go; that good ol\' Air Demon attention span at work.
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Kaje laughed once he got the robe on, finally.  "They ought to have instructions printed on tags in these things.  Man, and they really arent the most comfortable things, are they?"  he shifted around in it while trying to follow out the door behind Ravi.

He stared up around the door while Ravi disarmed it.  This could become old quickly.

Kaje hadnt fully absorbed the question Ravi asked about where to go next, he was too busy sorting out the old robe and thinking about the wards.  His mind was all over the place and he walked right into Ravi.

"Oh, sorry.  Where to go?  Oh that.  How about outside for fresh air? he gave him a weak smile before resuming his shifting around, looking down and wondering how he was going to manage years wearing these things.
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"Eh, they\'re not that bad. After you learn to get them on yourself, and after they get used to your body, they\'re pretty damn nice," Ravi said in response, chuckling at how awkwardly Kaje moved in them. At this point, Ravi\'s robes were the most comfortable things he owned, except maybe that one pair of silks. Even that was just basically robes made from silk, though. "You\'ll learn to love them," Ravi said as he moved, grinning, towards the door.

Kaje probably would have walked right into Ravi, had he not gone through many years of training... The air demon\'s training took over, resulting in a (magically aided) backflip over his roommate and ending with a kunai to Kaje\'s throat. "Ah fuck," Ravi muttered, immediately withdrawing the weapon and stepping back, "Sorry about that... Unexpected things," he explained, waving his hand vaguely with a roll of his eyes. Ravi sighed, grinning sheepishly at Kaje. "It\'s the training... But you\'ll see," the demon added apologetically, replacing the kunai in his robe.

"Aaaaanyway, outdoors? We can do outdoors," Ravi said, stepping through the doorway and propping it open for Kaje to walk out. "There\'re some nice places in the grounds, and I can show you the towers and the like," the demon continued, waiting for Kaje to come through as well before closing and re-arming his door for the 4th time that day.
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He blinked hard and stepped back.  What the hell?  Shaking his head as Ravi apologized, he couldnt believe how high strung this guy was.  Made him think there was alot more to this place than he originally thought for him to jump like that.

He stepped in line beside Ravi, prefering that to another scene like back there.  He had to admit though, was almost sexy to watch such a display, had it not been his own neck on the line.  This Ravi made him more and more curious every minute.

Rave went back to talking about the outside and places they could go.  His adrenaline was running high now so they definitely needed to continue moving.  Kaje turned to Ravi and gave a slight smirk, "Mmm, the towers, huh.  And what exactly goes on in the towers?"  

He shook his head and chuckled, "Seriously though, that works for me, the grounds and the towers.  Im right...-beside- you this time.  As for these robes, Im sure they will do just fine.  Seem to work well on you from what I can see." he winked and continued to walk, trying to avoid the shifting in the robes this time.
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Ravi laughed, rolling his eyes. Did Kaje think of nothing else? It was a fond accusation, though - Ravi didn\'t half mind this guy. "One of them you don\'t go near, because it\'s full of masters, one of them you\'re not allowed into unless you\'re an apprentice or above and one of them is derelict. Sounds exciting, huh?" the demon said, his voice playful. He chose to disregard the robe comment - that had been an accident anyway! - as it wasn\'t something that really required an answer. "As far as not walking behind people goes... It\'s a good idea. I\'m one of the more laid-back people around here, and... Well, you saw," Ravi cautioned, though he gave a half-apologetic, half-proud shrug at the end. It was a serious issue, though - bumping into the wrong person from behind could mean a quick and untimely death.


Ravi walked up to the Eastern Tower, peering at its heights. Beautiful view up there, he thought with a smile. It was actually a place he really liked to be, especially on clear nights. "So this is the Eastern Tower. It\'s a whole lot more interesting on the inside," the air demon explained with a chuckle. Inside, the place was a maze of fascinations. "Like I said, though, students aren\'t allowed in unless they\'re taking astronomy electives. I recommend it, actually - easy class, and pretty fun, too," Ravi finished, turning to give Kaje a friendly smile.

"Easy" was a matter of perspective, though. Kaje would probably find it exceedingly difficult if he tried it right now, but that was because he had yet to try and of the Academy\'s classes.
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Kaje stood in front of the tower, looking up and amazed by the site of it.  He had seen things like this in books but not even in his town were the humans were wealthy had there been anything quite like this.  This place got better by the minute.  Ravi had been speaking to him but he barely registered it at first, taking some long moments to just look around before saying a word.

"I can see that it might almost be worth taking such a class to be around something so magnificent.  Too bad we couldnt get up there just for a look." his demeanor had changed quite a bit from how it had been up till now.  He was sincere now, calm.

Kaje had always been someone on the defensive, in everything he said and did.  He was sarcastic and egotistical most times.  But here, it just didnt seem to fit, nor was it necessary.  Everything here was unlike what he knew growing up.  Survival of the fittest, meaning the one who could out smart and outwit the other.  Here, it meant just that, survival.  All the events of the day started to weigh on him now.  

Ravi, standing next to him with his mild mannered temperment and courteous talk, could have killed him back there, and now moved on as if it had never happened.  Back home, this would have been bragging rights for ages.

"Maybe one day I will get to see the top of that tower." he barely whispered as he turned back to Ravi.  "What\'s next?"

He looked away and started walking, nowhere specific, just not facing Ravi.  For the first time in his life, he was not at all impressed with himself.
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Kaje sure seemed.... different. Very calm - in awe, even. Then again.... Ravi looked up at the giant tower again, trying to see it from an outsiders perspective. It really is impressive, isn\'t it? the air demon thought with a fond smile. It surprised Ravi to hear Kaje speak of it so softly, though. Long day, probably, he reasoned, rolling his eyes mentally at himself. It probably hadn\'t helped, to have Ravi hold a kunai to his throat. Nothing for it now, the apprentice thought, glancing over to Kaje.

"I\'ll take you up sometime, if you do well here," Ravi said, his voice implying a promise - and those, Ravi never broke. The demon didn\'t sound condescending about it, either, not like Kaje was some dog or something to be rewarded when it did well. It was just that... things weren\'t going to come free, here. Even the little things, like this, required some effort on Kaje\'s part. That really was how it was, more or less. You had to put in a lot to get anything out, but what you got out of it was pretty damn good.

"North Tower\'s up next," Ravi responded, grinning as he turned towards the North. "It\'s pretty cool too."


The demon hadn\'t been kidding. This tower was, if possible, grander even than the Eastern one. After all, it was home to at least two of the masters - one of which was was Faris, the one Ravi served. Despite the place being like a second home to him, Ravi stopped a little ways off. "This is the North Tower, also known as the Eagle\'s Brood. We know there are at least two masters living there - thus the name," the air demon explained, gazing at the place. A small bird was wheeling around the top of the tower when the avian suddenly exploded into a cloud of feathers. Ravi winced.

"I\'m... pretty sure one of the masters is from Cruori," he muttered, cocking his head to the side as he looked at the place. "\'Don\'t disturb the North Tower\' - it\'s a motto most of us live by," Ravi said in his normal tone of voice, looking over to Kaje with a smile. Something in the way Ravi said "live by", though, implied that it was meant in a more literal way that it usually was.
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"I would appreciate that greatly." he murmured under his breath, not even realizing that his voice had dropped.  He followed behind Ravi to the next tower, his eyes searching everything around him, but this time cautious of where he was going.

The next tower was even better.  He stared in the same content manner as the last, simply speechless.

Kaje nodded slowly while he listened Ravi talk about the tower.  He could tell Ravi was serious, but he just couldnt stand a place off limits to him, not one like this.  Past his normal desires just to cause trouble, Kaje wanted to see the inside.  He looked over with a curious look, "Cruori?"

The word sounded familiar to him but he couldnt quite place it.  Maybe one of the other houses.  He was even more curious about the fact Ravi didnt seem to be -sure- of who lived there, something that would drive Kaje crazy.  He pushed the thoughts aside.  He had more pressing matters right now and would have to look for more information later about the towers.

He looked back up, sheilding his eyes from the setting sun overhead.  Kaje had never felt so small as he did standing there beside the tower.  One more look over to Ravi standing beside him and a small smile crossed his lips.  " you mind if we find somewhere to sit a while?"
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Ravi chuckled a little bit. "Right, new here. Cruori\'s one of the houses. They teach their students to love the act of killing... Lot of them are pretty violent, more than half are crazy, and I try to avoid them when I can," the air demon explained, sticking his tongue out a little bit. There was nothing wrong with killing when it needed to be done or when he was paid to be doing it or when it was for a friend, but the sheer love of killing that the kids in Cruori had creeped Ravi out most of the time. There were a couple of decent people in there, but too many of them were twisted in weird ways for Ravi to really want to take his chances too often.

Sit down, huh? You\'ll get used to being on your feet, Ravi thought, though he turned to Kaje with a smile. "Sounds fine to me. Hey, I can show you the forest while we\'re at it!" the demon exclaimed. He turned around to face a large forest, raising his arms as he did. "And that\'s the forest!" Ravi said, grinning back at his roommate (at the very least for the night). The winged boy dropped his arms with a small chuckle. "Couldn\'t help it - it is a nice place, though," he said, putting his hands in his pockets as he looked out towards the forest.

Ravi sat like that for a moment, enjoying the aesthetically pleasing lines of the forest, before giving himself a little shake. "Anyway, that sound like a good sitting place, or did you have something else in mind?" the demon asked, turning his head towards Kaje again. Normally, Ravi wouldn\'t have asked the question, but Kaje might expect something like a bench to sit on instead of ground - another thing he would get used to. Most teachers didn\'t use benches, chairs or stools - just the ground. It was much easier to do that than to go through the trouble of making all the seating that the Academy would otherwise require.
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Kaje laughed as Ravi \'showed\' him the forest, that happened to be right behind them.  He did like the look of it actually, maybe even more so than the towers if that was possible.  The towers fascinated Kaje, but the suited him.  A forest had no judgements to pass, no rules to live by, and no one to impress.  It was free to grow wild, or stay small and cuddly...everything in a forest was free to be and do whatever it was meant to.  No one ever put restrictions on a forest.  Yes, the forest he understood.

He smiled again, something that had been happening repeatedly during their tour, but something that didnt often occur in Kaje\'s life.  He could feel his cheeks burn a little from using muscles they probably had forgotten existed.  

"Yes...this is a perfect place to sit.  Honestly, I am not so tired of the walking as I am tired of the thinking, if that makes any sense.  I came here...with expectations, ideas and pictures and nothing is like i thought."  Kaje looked at the ground before plopping down into the grass.

Long blades of grass ran through his fingers as he stared down.  He felt like an idiot, partially, for saying such cheesy things, especially to a stranger.  Atleast Ravi seemed used to it, though Kaje hated the idea of being thought of like everyone else.  Maybe thats a change he should appreciate rather than fight.  Now with his gray robes, and silly sash, and tons of rules, Kaje would just blend into the crowd, just another face.  Wasnt so bad, better maybe than being shunned like the trouble maker he had always been.

"So is it safe yet to be curious about where you come from and how you ended up here?"  He asked, sincere about wanting to know Ravi, another new thing to him.
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Expectations, huh? Ravi thought, watching Kaje walk over to the grass and seat himself. Ravi hadn\'t really had any when he\'d come to the Academy - at least, not that he remembered - so he had no idea what kind of expectations anyone would have. He could guess, sure, but that was never as good as just asking. "What did you expect?" Ravi queried, walking to a spot next to and a little to the side of Kaje. His voice held genuine curiosity, nothing more. He wasn\'t accusing Kaje, or even teasing. Ravi just wanted to hear about the place from an outsider\'s perspective. ...At least he isn\'t tired of walking, the demon thought.

While Kaje played with the grass, Ravi looked skywards. That was what he was almost always doing; flying and the skies were just such a part of him. Ravi flew everywhere he could, normally. It felt a little bit odd to be ground-bound between the towers and such, but Ravi was willing to do it for Kaje\'s benefit. The guy could obviously use a helping hand, and Ravi didn\'t mind helping out a new house member. Though I\'ll still have to confirm that he\'s the right one, the demon thought, reprimending himself slightly for taking Kaje\'s word as truth. Faris would know, and the tower was right there...

That\'s when Kaje asked about Ravi\'s past. The demon looked down from the skies, to Kaje, and smiled a little bit. "I barely remember not being here," he said jokingly. "I must have been, what, 7? when I came... The Academy has always been home, basically," Ravi continued, now looking back onto the Academy\'s grounds. It was a tough home, a lot of the time, but it was home nonetheless. Ravi really didn\'t remember anything before he met Natu, and he\'d gone to the Academy so shortly afterwards... His history was here.

"Look... If you don\'t mind, I\'m going to go for a quick fly. I\'ll be back within three minutes, okay?" Ravi said, figuring that he might as well just get the identity confirmation over with. The demon looked Kaje in the eyes, then smiled. "And when I get back, I\'ll ask the same question of you! You probably have a much more interesting history anyway," Ravi added pleasantly. He didn\'t want Kaje to think he was dumping him here.
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Kaje sat listening to Ravi, not just intrigued by what it was like to have grown up in a place like this but also envious.  THe way Ravi sounded, it was as if it was just normal...ordinary.  He wouldnt never understand that.  But then, if Rave never knew anything else he guessed he could get that too.  He sighed, never looking up, his fingers still playing with the grass.

He chewed on his lip, thinking about his own past, his own life growing up.  It was nothing special to him, in fact, it was pretty darn crappy as far as he was concerned.  Most would disagree, he has tons of money and got his way, just another spoiled rich kid.  If they only knew how spoiled he was, maybe they wouldnt be so quick to judge.

"Sure, go ahead.  Im not going anywhere.  Dont rush back on my account.  I promise I wont start any trouble." Kaje winked and pulled his knees up to his chest, letting his head rest on them.
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Post by: Fell on June 12, 2007, 05:32:39 AM
"You would have to be out of your mind to start any trouble right next to the North Tower," Ravi said, grinning. He doubted that Kaje was going to do anything dumb just yet, though - most people waited until their second month at least before starting to make trouble. Even then, though, people avoided bothering the area around here. "Anyway, I trust you to take care of yourself here. I\'ll be right back!" the demon added, looking up. He spread his wings, and was shooting upwards a moment later. Ravi couldn\'t help just smile widely. It hadn\'t been long since he had last flown, but every time, it felt like the most amazing thing in the world.


Ravi had circled up above the clouds, then around to enter through Faris\' window. There had been a brief but good-natured scuffle, as there always was, that Faris had, as he always did, won. Ravi had eventually gotten the identy confirmation he needed, though, which was comforting. It would be sad if now, after Ravi had gotten to like Kaje, he had to kill him as an impostor. He was glad to hear he wouldn\'t have to, though, and it was clear that something had cheered him up a little bit when he landed again, out of the blue, next to Kaje.

"Ahh, sorry about that," Ravi said as he folded his wings, then seated himself. The demon put his head on his hands, looking towards Kaje. "So what about you? Where\'re you from, why\'re you here... You know," he asked curiously. Though Faris had told him a little bit of Kaje\'s history, it was always better to get it straight from the source, then confirm later.