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Title: An Injury not sought...the bleeding heart !
Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 04, 2008, 11:07:54 AM
Raff was trying to make it to the Infirmary as best as could but he couldn\'t run to fast even though he has been training to it was hurting way to bad to run, he was having flash backs in his head of the fight that just happened,"Take this !" as he yelled Raff threw his poisoned needles at foe,he kept remembering the flash back it was all coming to him way to fast in his head,like faster than a round of machine gun bullets; he kept remembering and remembering he held the wound near his heart and gripping it as blood was leaking out from the sides of his mouth."Ugh..Go-got to make it t-to the b-before I-I AH !" Raff yelped in pain as he hit the ground his heart was bleeding severely now as he tried to pull the small blade away from his heart he couldn\'t manage to pull it out the pain was to bad to do it.

Raff crawled about 5 or so feet as he closed one eye trying to get to the other side and the bad thing was everyone was in there classrooms,and so was the teachers and the apprentices seemed to be some where else and the masters..well, there hardly ever seen so of course they wouldn\'t find him and the bad thing was he could have sworn the guy was chasing him.But he looked back and the person just disappeared out of no where like in a blink of an eye, It seemed weird..Raff thought he was going to die,that word die kept storming trough his head like a hurricane it would not go away he was hoping some kid would help him or something Raff finally managed to get on his feet and he tried to walk but he could only stand,"I-I\'ve got t-to get body..make" Raff said in the lowest voice ever,the lowest voice he has ever heard or made..he himself knew that he was in a big a amount of trouble now;knowing this made him want to kill himself since he was probably going to die in the first place.At that moment he closed his eyes and slid against the wall and propped up,having his back to it and said in a calm voice...

"Good bye,go-good bye Selkie..a-and the people o-of this d-damned a-a-academy.." Raff silently said and started to rest.
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Post by: Idrial on March 12, 2008, 06:30:37 AM
Idrial’s walked down the hallways of the Half-Light academy, looking for anyone that might be skipping class. Her lips were in straight line, neither smiling nor in a frown. Her movements were quiet as she made her rounds in the halls, it almost seemed like she wasn’t walking on the stone cold floor at all. Her eyes gazed back and forth in the hallways and she caught a quick movement form around the corner.

She smiled and slowly stalked towards the corner, she took a quick peek around the corner. A student walking the halls and had no clue tha she was there. She stalked him carefully and when she was a few feet away she grabbed his shoulder. The boy screamed in fright, Idrial’s eyes bored into his and she spoke in a low voice.

“Get to class boy, before I send you to the Infirmary.”

The boy nodded before running the down the hallway and walking into the door at the end of the hallway, she heard one of the Masters yelling at him before he was pulled into the classroom by his collar and the door was shut with a forceful slam. Idrial smiled at this, she had missed Hallway duty. It was one of her favorite things to do when she was still in training to become an Apprentice. Which reminded her she’d better head towards the Infirmary halls, she hadn’t checked on them for almost two hours.

She picked up the pace a little, though making sure that her feet were making no sound to alert anyone who weren’t suppose to be in the halls. As she got closer to the infirmary her nose caught a large scent of blood. It was fresh, almost too fresh for her liking. It was obvious someone had hurt themselves yet again and was now in the infirmary. She rounded the corner only to see a man lying against the wall; she rushed over to the man and checked his pulse. There was one but it was very weak, it was then that she noticed the blade sticking out of his chest and his mouth full of blood. This was bad, she had to get him to the infirmary or else he would die.

She carefully looped her arms under his, not wanting to do any more damage than was already done. She dragged him with the utmost care to the infirmary; it was empty which she did not like at all. She couldn’t see the doctor anywhere, which meant she would have to do this herself. She propped him onto the nearest bed, she was now full of blood, his blood. She checked his pulse again; it was even weaker than before.    

“Sorry but I have to do this without any pain killers, hope your stronger than you look … Who ever you are.”

She used her dagger to cut open his shirt; hopefully it wasn’t something of value to him. She grabbed the blade and pulled it out slowly, blood gushed forth with each movement of the blade. She then summoned fire with her free hand and as soon as the blade was out she wove thin threads of fire to cauterize the wound and stop the bleeding. The bleeding came to a very slow trickle; she held her hands over his chest and used her healing magick just as a precaution in case she missed something.

There was no bleeding coming out of the wound; she would have to wait for him to awake before she stitched the wound closed. She hoped he would wake soon, the sooner she could get this wound closed the less chance he would get infection and she could give him some pain killers.

“Come on wake up who ever you are.”

She sat on the edge of the bed; she could see a little color coming back into his face. She pushed the hood of her cloak back and undid her weapons, laying her bow, daggers and quiver on the bed across from them. They would only get in the way later.
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Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 14, 2008, 10:09:51 AM
Raff awoke finally eyes blinking looking around everything blurry he scrapped his long tongue across his Sharp pointed teeth, he tasted lots of blood which he knew was obvious he flopped his tail out moving it up and side of the bed and then quickly rose up and screamed "You son of a bitch !" He screamed as some more blood came out of his mouth, he fell back down to the bed and held the wound and noticed the knife wasn\'t there, he started looking around more and saw someone there, it looked just like the person who attacked him with the hood."So you came back to finish me huh ?" Raff laughed weakly and smiled showing his sharp and dangerous teeth and making his claws come out of his hands and his tail in a position to stretch out and choke someone it looked like if anyone attacked him, he growled slowly and then slanted his eyes a bit and then kept his guard up whoever the hell it was it might be the same person his vision wasn\'t good enough to tell but who ever it was.They were here to finish him off.
Title: Re: An Injury not sought...the bleeding heart !
Post by: Idrial on March 14, 2008, 11:11:47 AM
Idrial did watch the man for a while before she nodded off; she was always a light sleeper. She did not know how long she had been sleep but got a nasty surprised when the man on the bed yelled, she practically stood upright only to remember why she was here. He flopped back down on the bed and was surprised when a tail suddenly came out form underneath him, so he wasn’t human but a supernatural it seemed.

The supernatural began to look around with disgruntled eyes; they suddenly locked on her and now gleamed with a dangerous look. Idrial stood her ground no showing him any sort of emotion. He suddenly spoke towards him in an utmost pleasant way; it was obviously he could see properly. His watched as she showed him his sharp teeth, his nails lengthen into claws. His tail coiled and ready to strike anyone who came near. She smiled a little; this sort of reminded her of the story The Big Bag Wolf. When the wolf was disguised as grandma and tried to eat little red riding hood.

She pushed her hood back from her face and she crossed her arms in front of her chest. She spoke in a neutral tone towards what she now knew was a demon.

"Is this how you treat all people that save your life?"

She gave him an insightful look, not budging from the spot tha she stood, but not going back to sit on the bed neither until the demon calmed down a bit.
Title: Re: An Injury not sought...the bleeding heart !
Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 14, 2008, 11:26:13 AM
He smashed his tail on the ground breaking the tile that it hit and he calmed down retracting his claws and then stopped showing his teeth and looked back at the roof,"Sorry,It\'s just the person who attacked me was wearing a hood and you kind of looked like them with it and my vision is still a bit blurred." He told her in an apology and then just at up ignoring the wound and making his tail wrap around his waist and looked out the window with the sun shining right in his eyes and then back down to the bed he was in.
Title: Re: An Injury not sought...the bleeding heart !
Post by: Idrial on March 14, 2008, 11:39:39 AM
Idrial smiled as he talked towards her, now in a much more calm voice. She uncrossed her arms and let them hang at her side, watching as he wrapped his tail around his waist. She raised an eyebrow at his tail, it was weird the way her could do that but then shrugged it off. She walked across the room towards the cabinets, looking for a needled and some strong painkillers. After much rummaging she finally found what she needed. As she walked back to wards the bed she talked in a neutral voice.

"Apology Accepted, Your vision might be blurred for a few more minutes yet."

She gently sat her self on the bed beside the demon; she loaded the needle with the painkiller and tapped the side of the needle with her fingers twice to get rid of any bubbles. She spoke towards him.

"This might sting a little but it will get rid of pain. It will take a few minutes for you too feel the affect. May I ask your name and what house you’re from?"

As gently as she could she stuck the needle into the crease of his arm and slowly injected the liquid into his blood stream. She then pulled it out and applied pressure for a few seconds so that she made sure it had gone into the blood stream. She then set the needle on the table beside them and waited for an answer.
Title: Re: An Injury not sought...the bleeding heart !
Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 14, 2008, 11:45:42 AM
Raff smiled at how she squeezed his arm and he didn\'t flinch any Raff loved pain tremendously it made him feel even stronger than before,the only time he didn\'t like it was just a few minutes ago when he was almost dead as he asked the question, he replied "I\'m Raff Kimi-maru of Cruori house."He told her in a different tone kind of rough and deep now and then shook his head and flopped his tongue out it looked like it was the size of a cows or something it was way past his chin and a little wide he then sucked it back into his moth with no trouble and then threw off the top of his robe and you could see his muscular structure,his abs,triceps,biceps, and anything else on his torso area and his neck was kind of huge and I mean huge in muscle and vain type huge he then popped it and laid back down since it was so comfortable.
Title: Re: An Injury not sought...the bleeding heart !
Post by: Idrial on March 14, 2008, 12:15:07 PM
Idrial only nodded at the demon who now had a name Raff Kimi-maru. It was an interesting name Idrial thought and was not surprised when he said he was from the Cruori house. She watched as he propped himself up and took off his robe showing his extremely muscled body. She lifted an eyebrow before shaking her head a little with a smile. She spoke in a kind voice.


The boy looked inside the Infirmary and mocking stood there, Idrial always had trouble with this boy. She stood from the bed and gave him a last warning before she did a number on his body. He mocking stuck his tongue at her; in a flash she shifted from her human form to the shape of a wolf and jumped over the beds nipping the boy on the leg. The boy screamed down the hallway, Idrial gave a wolf like sniff to show her annoyance before walking back to the bed and changing back to her human form.

"Sorry about that, that boy gets on my nerves. My name is Idrial Senya High Apprentice of the House Confuto."

She smiled towards Raff.
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Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 14, 2008, 01:12:35 PM
Raff sniffed her as well,"So, your a wolf demon to? I\'m a Half-Breed." Raff laughed and then laughed really hard as the boy ran down the hall way and then  was pretty impressed when she said High apprentice he has never actually met one before and then he looked around holding the wound and then he was going to get some ham but didn\'t since he thought he would get in trouble, he left it there not nipping at it at all and gave her another sniff of kindness, and greeting  sort of like a "hello" really and Raff smelt an extravagant smell on this women."Hey,you wearing perfume?" Raff asked her since it smelt really nice and he just wanted to know.
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Post by: Idrial on March 15, 2008, 07:30:24 AM
Idrial smiled as Raff laughed wildly at the boy that she had sent running down the hallway. She could have done a lot worse to the boy but she didn’t feel like looking after two people in one day that infirmary. For her one was enough to look after, besides the boy needed a good scare more than anything to set him straight. One thing she hated was when someone below her rank questioned or was disrespectful towards authority. If Redaja didn’t learn that soon it would get him killed sooner or later. She then looked towards the demon as he asked her if she was a Wolf demon, she gave a hearty laugh.

“I wish I was a Wolf Demon. No I am Half Shape-shifter, Half werewolf. A half-breed just like your, not belonging to one or the other.”

He then lightly sniffed her which she found quiet odd but she let it pass, people did some strange things when they were on painkiller medicine. Although some were weirder than others when they were under the affects. She then raised her eyebrow when she asked him a strange question, whether she was wearing perfume or not. She answered politely keeping in mind that he was on a strong painkiller.

“No actually I am not wearing perfume, but I was in the gardens earlier so it might be the residue of flowers you smell on me.”

Idrial then smiled a little towards him.
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Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 15, 2008, 08:08:27 AM
"Yea, maybe so." Raff told her as he was swaying back and forth he started to feel really light headed and saw pink stuff flying through the air like never before he didn\'t know what was going on at all, he decided to see if he could walk, but he was way to loopy for that apparently so he just sat right back down and looked out the window,"So,what time do you think it is?" Raff asked her sounding a bit deep voiced, he wagged his tail a bit and then just decided to relax.
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Post by: Idrial on March 18, 2008, 07:57:47 AM
Idrial watched as he tried to rise from his bed only to place himself back down. The affects of the pain killer were taking affect and a little to strongly for her liking. He looked out the window with a sort of glazed look in his eyes, Idrial decided to give him something to dilute the pain killer so that at least he could think with a clear mind. Besides she was sure someone from the Curio house could handle a little pain.

She loaded the syringe and swiftly stuck it in his arm; he apparently felt nothing as she watched his tail starting to swing back and forth. It would take a few minutes for it to take affect but at least he could now think with a clear mind. She looked outside the window he was staring out of, it was somewhat dark outside. She lightly sniffed the air with her eyes closed and smiled a little.

“It’s almost night outside, maybe six or seven o’clock. I can smell the lilies that only bloom at certain times. Plus I can smell the leftovers form the kitchen tonight. Are you hungry Raff?”

She opened her eyes and stared at the demon; she could quickly go to the kitchens and grab something for him but only if he was hungry.
Title: Re: An Injury not sought...the bleeding heart !
Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 18, 2008, 08:23:44 AM
Raff looked down as she stabbed it in his arm afterwards and after a few minutes, he could think clearly and replied,"Yes, please." He said to her in a polite tone, he didn\'t want to be mean to someone who had saved his life he owed this person a lot, he kept trying to think of who the hell that person was who tried to kill him yes Raff fought bravely,and violently, like he always did, but the person he was facing might have been an apprentice or something he didn\'t really know, but at least he was still alive that\'s all that mattered to him right now he didn\'t really think much about it after that he rested his head on the pillow, laid back and began to think about random stuff, even about things he didn\'t care about.
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Post by: Idrial on March 18, 2008, 09:16:45 AM
Idrial smiled as the demon asked in a polite voice, a simple yes or no would have done the trick for her. He sounded so cute in his little polite voice she had to do everything in her power not to laugh out loud. She got off from the bed and stopped before she stepped into the dark corner of the room, she looked back at him with intense eyes.

“I’ll be back before you know it Raff.”

She stepped into the shadows and was gone, only to re-appear in the kitchens and scaring the hell out of there cook. He waved a knife at her only to lower it when he saw her standing in the shadows. She raised her eye brow towards him before giving a slight smile; he never did get use to her popping in and out of the kitchens.

“Christ woman you scared the shit out of me, I’d wish you’d walk in through the door like normal instead of popping in a giving me a heart attack. You’re going to be the death of me one day you know that.”

Idrial did nothing but smile and spoke back to him with a light but serious tone.

“Oh calm down at least I didn’t pop in behind ya like I did last time as a werewolf. I’m sorry but that made my night. Anyways I got a kid in the infirmary named Raff; the Demon kind got anything for him to chow down on?”

He rummaged through his fridge for a couple of minutes before finding taking out two 12 oz steaks. One he cooked medium well and the other rare, he slide them on a plate while impaling a fork and knife in each of the before handing them to her, she held them in one hand which he poured wine for her and a good hard Vodka in the other; handing those to her as well.


He waved his hand at her before going back to doing whatever he was doing before she popped in; she stepped back into the shadows and reappeared in the Infirmary placing the steak and Vodka before him.

“You’re lucky I know the guy personally in the Kitchens. Dig In.”

She took a small swig of her wine, not as good as the others but that was to be expected since she almost gave the man a heart attack. She dived into her steak and found it perfect, least he got one thing right.
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Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 18, 2008, 01:12:28 PM
"Thanks, and yes I guess I am." He said and laughed a but and started chowing down on the steak and took a sip of the Vodka, and he drunk it and it didn\'t even look like it burnt his throat or looked strong to him or anything, like he drinks it all the time or something, he took another bite of his steak, and then looked around and back at Idrial,"Hey,what do you think my class are doing with out me?" Raff asked her questionably, He then took another bit of it and looked out the window not really paying attention to anything else going on.

"Hey what the hell?" Raff asked as he was searching around his waist for something and then he smiled,"Ah, there we go!" He pulled up the op part of his robe and a sword was stuck in it and it had a back strap on it to and he put on his back and it was very straight to, pointing up into the roof of the infirmary, he then just looked at Idrial to see her reaction to when he brought the sword out of nowhere and he smiled at her and scratched the back of his had.
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Post by: Idrial on March 19, 2008, 05:01:45 AM
Idrial watched as Raff dug into his steak, tearing into it like a wild animal that hadn’t ate for almost a month. That was to be expected since he had suffered such a nasty wound that would have killed him had she not come along. He took a large swig of his Vodka without choking on it, obviously he had drank it quite regularly. Idrial listened as he asked her a question; she finished chewing it before she answered Raff in a thoughtful voice.

“Most likely theory I would imagine, paperwork, notes that sort of boring stuff. Most level sevens learn about theory within the classroom.”

She watched as he searched his waist frantically only to pull out a large blade from nowhere. He fastened it to his back; it was an impressive blade she thought to herself. She set down her plate on the nearest table and grabbed her blades that were lying on the bed. The ones she had taken off earlier, she unsheathed both of them with lightening speed.

These were the blades she had gotten with November of Mid-summers eve; they were black as night but glowed light blue when she was channeling magick through them and they were balanced perfectly as if they were made for her only. She had found that she could wield larger amounts of magick at 100 times the magnitude while holding the blades in her hands. But she could only control the simplest spells with the blades, hard spells were almost impossible for her but she was learning slowly.

“I’m more of a dagger and bow person myself.”

She grabbed the bow and laid it on her lap another thing she had got form her Mid-summers eve adventure with November.
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Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 19, 2008, 05:45:25 AM
"Yea,I have a bow, but i left it in my dorm back at the Cruori house." Raff said to her and then looked over his bow was very elegant indeed, so elegant that he hardly used it it was made from steel, but it was not normal it was a Demon Bow, not many were left in the world but some how he had taken one, humans can not touch these if so they would die instantly, half demons can wield them but, can\'t use them as well as demons, but for Raff, he only used it in his Demon form which took him over sometimes like earlier.

He uses that bow only on certain precautions, only when he really needed to, because it is so strong that, if you pull back to far and let go the force behind it could break your arm; this is why Raff hardly used it, he never pulled it back all the way, only a really strong demon could do that, but this bow was magnificent. It\'s a black color with green outlines, with a red Aura around it, and the arrows it shoots become enchanted with demon like qualities to amp there power.

However, if the person is weaker than the bow, the person can be taken over  by it\'s power and kill random people for instance, this is why, many half demons could not wield it;Raff stood there watching here and after telling her that he said "But,I don\'t really show it to people." He told her as he scratched his head softly finishing his steak and vodka.
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Post by: Idrial on March 19, 2008, 12:06:22 PM
Idrial nodded so he too was familiar with the art of archery, it took extreme amounts of dedication to master the craft. Idrial was no master yet but she was pretty dam close to it, only missing once in a blue moon. Still that was not acceptable in her standards; she had to be perfect in every shot she took for one miss could end her life in this profession. She laid her daggers down and picked up her bow while taking an arrow form her quiver.

“This may look like an ordinary bow but it is not, it was a gift from the fairies in Fae realm on what they call Mid-Summers Eve as were the daggers. The daggers allow me to wield large amounts of magick that would surely kill anyone that tried to use so much magick at once. The bow allows me to do just the same, if I want to hit multiple enemies with one arrow all I have to do is say so in Gaelic  …Chaiosa, Lightosa and Bediara”

She quickly drew back on the bow and released it; the arrow flew through the air with ease, first hitting the chair on the far side of the room, it smashed the chair into tiny splinters. It then flew over her head and smashed the light behind them, the oil exploded in which flames licked the walls. She grabbed the dagger and yelled the word for water; a large and thick stream of water emerged for the dagger and put the flames out instantly. It then landed beside her on the bed with a solid thunk. She picked it up and placed it back in her quiver.

“Although I could hear in you voice that the bow you have is not an ordinary bow … Correct?”
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Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 19, 2008, 12:13:16 PM
"No, It\'s not." Raff told her but he did not want to tell her what kind of bow it was, he didn\'t want anyone to know really, he didn\'t want to show anyone except for humans if even that because humans could not touch it or they would die, which he had to agree because his bow is not ordinary at all he just didn\'t want to show it to Idrial at all, or else..he might could get in troubler or Idrial might take it.
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Post by: Idrial on March 19, 2008, 02:01:13 PM
Idrial was intrigued that he did not enclose any further on what kind of bow he had in his possession. Either he was one of those men that liked to leave someone hanging in a mysterious way or he was afraid that she was going to take it. It was normal for someone to think like that, she was paranoid about someone taking her precious weapons for many months until she got use to the fact if anyone did they would have to deal with her. She nodded at Raff not going any further on the subject, besides she was not someone that would simply go and take someone’s weapon. It was against what morals she had been left with after she had entered the academy so many years ago and completed her training to become what she was today.

“I have to check your chest, this might sting or tickle a little… Hopefully you won’t mind.”

She gently sat on his bed and placed her finger tips on his chest and closed her eyes, guiding her magick through his heart as carefully as she could. The last thing she needed was to kill the kid because of a stupid mistake on her part. So far there was no real damage to his heart; in fact it was in actuality a very strong heart. She felt her magick jolt a little, there was something not right with that area of his heart.

She let her magick slowly go back and forth over it until she could identify the problem, a small vein was leaking into his heart. She quickly cauterized the vein before moving on and cauterizing a few other little problems on the way. She was satisfied and slowly pulled her magick out of his chest and opened her eyes removing her hand.

“You should be right as rain, a few problems with some ruptured veins but nothing I couldn’t fix.”

She suddenly felt a large object hit her in the head, she turned sharply to see Redaja standing there weapons pulled out, ready to fight her. She rolled her eyes and in moved in a speed that was inhuman. She grabbed the boy by the neck and slammed him against the wall. She changed into her werewolf form, the boy started to scream and she dropped him. She then turned back into her human self, and walked back to the bed across from Raff.

“I swear if that kid gets killed I’m going to dance on his fucking grave. This is the third time has had tried to fight. Obviously he hasn’t learned that I am not someone who you want to go up against. You want some bow practice I would be grateful if you used him as a bloody target.”

She shook her head, one day she was going to get angry and kill the kid. Whether it is intentionally or not.
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Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 19, 2008, 02:11:15 PM
Raff felt a tickling sensation go through his chest but he tried not to squirm,he didn\'t but almost did after she did that he laughed really hard and then laughed even more at the comment she said,"Well,I really don\'t use my bow on weak humans like him really I save it for opponents way stronger than me, like I said it  is not a normal bow, nor is mine a play toy." He told her very strictly but not mean just saying if he was to practice, he really wouldn\'t waste his time on a little prick like him.
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Post by: Idrial on March 19, 2008, 02:32:10 PM
Idrial nodded at Raff, he had a point there the human wasn\'t really worth there time or there wasting there energy on for that matter. Still the matter of his bow still clawed at her for some reason. She pushed it in the very back of her mind; it was not her business to pry into the lives of others if they were not willing to share it.

“May I ask how many years you have been an archer?”
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Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 19, 2008, 02:49:33 PM
"Let\'s see, My father taught me how to wield and shoot and everything that goes into that category at age seven, and I\'m 17 now, so for about 10 years."
Raff told her logically looking straight at the roof of the Infirmary, it was weird looking to Raff for some reason, he kept thinking about it and thinking about, but he just couldn\'t stop for some reason.
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Post by: Idrial on March 20, 2008, 04:38:35 AM
Idrial smiled at the boy, so he was not a beginner in the craft of archery. Though he was not a master at it either, still it was to meet someone that took the craft seriously instead of a joke. She had met many of those people within the academy, thinking that it was easy to master and yet it was not.

“Lets see my father introduced me to archery when I was about eight years old, I’m twenty eight now so I’ve been doing it for almost twenty years.”

She smiled at him; she had been doing this for a while and would continue to do it until she died. The bow had become apart of her in a sort of way, apart of her mind, body and soul.
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Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 20, 2008, 04:45:17 AM
"Well, it is nice to see someone who likes Archery as well, and doesn\'t take it as any kind of weak weapon of choice, Archery to me is very useful when needed for stealthy long ranged missions, and because i love using my bow." He explained and then took out his poisoned needles and started sharping all of them with a file filling the tips, and the edges of the needles on both sides.

Raff sat up while he was sharping them slowly and then re poisoned them with, a vial marked with the words,"Demonic Poison." But, not marked in English, it was marked in some weird language with weird ancient markings and Raff dipped each tip of them in the poison and carefully, really carefully, put them back in the quiver hidden by his robe on his leg.
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Post by: Idrial on March 20, 2008, 05:15:27 AM
Idrial watched as Raff pulled out what looked to be poisoned needles, so he too loved to dip his weapons in some type of poison. Idrial could not read what kind of poison he liked to use since the vials weren’t labeled in English. She watched as he very carefully dipped each needle into the vials before concealing them on his leg. So he too took an interest in poisons.

“I see you take an interest in poisons as well, I take more of an interest in flesh eating and paralyzing poisons. Which do you use to kill your victims?”

It was unusual for someone from the Curio house to have an interest in poisons and archery. They were famous for getting close to there victims; feeling there victims last breath being drained from there bodies. Of course there were always exceptions in each house.
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Post by: Raff_Kimimaru on March 20, 2008, 05:31:18 AM
"Well,yes. I only use them for Diversions, or to Slowly weaken them with the poison, and then take them out closely cherishing the last drop of blood they have to give sorry for being so violent, the Cruori house made me like this over the 2 years i have been here, and the fact i was an Assassin before coming here. I wanted to see if I could improve my skills, which I kind of have." He explained this very logically indeed, he did love cherishing the last bit of blood they dropped yes, but indeed loved to weaken opponents stronger than him.

Raff then, pulled out the steel tipped arrows on his quiver on his back re-tipping them, and lining them with a weird substance, he did this carefully as well, and slowly put them back in there and re-covered the quiver up to be hidden by his robe, and also took out the two hidden blades under his wrists and sharpened them with a file as well, but sharpened them longer than any of the other ones, in fact they looked sharper than a straight razer, way sharper.

"Might as well sharpen and re-fix some of my weapons while I\'m in here, not really much else to do right? well, I could rest or something, but I prefer to do this." He told her as he kept sharping that one and pricked his finger with it and re-cleaned it, and began sharping the other one, right after he was done with that one.
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Idrial watched as he pulled numerous weapons that were strapped onto him, she could not believe how he could move with so many weapons and not cut or stab himself. She watched as he took out each weapon, steel tipped arrows that were dipped in poison as well. Knives that were razor sharp from all the sharpening they had received, she watched as Raff finished sharpening one and started on the other. She carefully took the knife and played with it in her hands, speaking more towards herself than Raff.

“Nice balance between the handle and the blade … Kept in good condition.”

She took the blade to her arm and lightly touched it to her arm, she pulled back on it and a large gash appeared on her arm. Blood poured from her arm only for it to heal a few seconds later.

“Razor sharp, how a blade should be kept. You take very good care of your weapons Raff.”

She wiped the blade of her blood and placed it back beside him on the bed.
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"Thank you, I try to keep them in the best of shape that I actually can really, It\'s not everyday I get to clean, sharpen, fix, and prosper my weapons, why the last time I cleaned and sharpened them was about, well, a month ago.But yes I try." He told her still sharping his blade with good care as he carefully slipped it back on to his arm after he was done cleaning it.

"Well, that\'s about all my weapons except for my bow, but It\'ll be alright I guess, doesn\'t really need any repair actually, I keep it in way better shape then any other of my weapons except for my blades.Well actually that\'s a lie.It\'s in way better shape than my blades." He told her looking down still fasting that one blade under his wrist still.
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“That is good to hear … Nothing worse than being in a situation with weapons that are ineffective against the enemy.”

She looked at Raffs face; he seemed to have most of his color back in his face. She was glad too see that the demon responded well to her treatment, if you could even call what she did treatment. She walked over to the medicine cabinet and rummaged through there for a few minutes.

She walked back to him with two bottles in her hands and set them on the table beside him. One bottle was red and the other a sort of sickly yellow type of color.

“Alright the red bottle is painkillers in case your chest starts to ache once again; you can only take these once every six hours. The pills in the yellow bottle are antibiotics; you take these every three hours for a one week. Any Questions?”

Idrial leaned back a little on the bed.
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Raff blinked a bit."Uh,no but thank you for saving me really If i ever had a chance to show you my bow I would, I\'m sure you would like it a lot." Raff told her taking the vials and putting them in his robe popping his neck and looking around and popping his back as well flicking his tail around."Hey,I\'m starting to feel a lot better! even though some of my color is coming back,I\'m still very pale, for some reason." He said scratching the back of his head and then shaking it with his eyes closed.
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Idrial nodded with a smile on her face before she spoke in a kind voice towards Raff.

“I’m sure that I would enjoy seeing your bow, I’m usually down in the arena grounds in the archery section when I’m not tending too students with near death experiences.”

She smiled at him and gave him a slight wink before laughing. She started to fasten her weapons back onto her body with relative ease. She now addressed Raff now in a more serious tone.

“Now that heart of yours is still a weak so I want you to take it easy over the next couple of days, which means no fighting or hard labor. I will pass this one to your teachers and house Master in Curio so you won’t get in trouble. After that you can go back to your regular training. Sounds Good?”

She strapped her bow onto her back as well as her quiver with giving it a glance, she had done it so many times now that she did not even have to look at the buckle.
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"Aw! No training at all!" Raff said kind of mad but got over it, even though he loved Training so much,but he just had to deal with it, hoping that person wouldn\'t strike him while he was weak,"Wait,but what if that person tries to strike me while I\'m weak,well then again I could use my bow, or that could be counted as fighting damn it!" Raff yelled and then crossed his arms in anger looking down at the bed.
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Idrial laughed a little when he made a pouty face about not being able to fight. It was obvious he was not to worried about the hard labor, but once a Curio always a Curio for they were known to love there training.

“Now it’s only for a few days, if the blade was over just a smidge to the left you’d be in bed for a month so be grateful it’s only a two maybe three days at the most. Also I wouldn’t even recommend using your bow as you have to use chest, back, and arms muscles to pull back on the bow in order to fire the arrow.”

She looked at his tail and got a wide smile on her face, a tail like that could come in handy if he used his mind creativity.

“Although that tail of yours could more than likely hold a weapon, like a razor sharp knife. You could use it to strike at your enemies while keeping them at a distance as well. Your tail has to be at least six … six and a half feet long would be my guess. Looks as well it could choke someone no problem as well. Come on Raff use the creative side of your head, there are lots of ways you could use your body as a weapon. As for me I shape-shift like so.”

She first shifted into an eagle, talons razor sharp ready to attack. She flew up towards a pole and landed awkwardly before changing into a snake. She was as black as night with fangs full of poison. She slithered up the pole and towards the top and along the edge before stopping above his bed. She launched herself over his bed while changing from a snake into a wolf then back into a human. She turned around and smiled at him.

“Thinking creatively on how to use your body as a weapon can come in handy. Never underestimate the mind and what things it could come up with.”

She smiled a little, it was the first thing her parents had taught her and it had always stuck with her.
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"To tell you the truth, I love choking people with my tail actually, and smacking them back with it as a defensive technique." Raff laughed as he coiled his tail around something strudy and squeezed as it broke in half and he drew it back to him and he petted it a bit, then wagged it around some still looking at Idrial."So no tranning for a while, oh well." Raff said with a sigh, and then popped his neck.
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Idrial laughed as her wrapped his tail around the wooden pole and snapped it cleanly in half. He drew it back to himself and petted it, she merely shook her head with a smile on her face.

"What the hell do you feed that thing?"
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"Uh, well the same stuff I eat!." Raff yelled with a thumbs up and then shouted all the food he likes,"Steak, ribs, bear, deer, anything that is meat!" Raff yelled with excitement for some reason, jumping up and down on the bed and then jumping beside Idrial and popped his back,"Man,I hate bed sores!" Raff said and looked at him, but now Raff didn\'t look tall because he was on all fours, truth was Raff was about 6\'0 or more when he fully stood up, he just liked being on all fours, he thought it was more fun.
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Idrial could not help but laugh at Raff’s actions; he truly was not what she expected from someone of the Curio house. He was on all fours as he looked up at her; he seemed to be having a lot of fun now. She petted is head slightly before starting to laugh once again.

“Alright simmer down boy … Man you have a lot of energy. No wonder you like training so much you never get tired it seems.”

She now stood with a hand on her hip as she looked down at Raff. She had to admit he was something else.
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He smiled, and then stood all the way up, he was much much taller, he didn\'t even look short now, he then  rubbed his shoulder and popped it then told Idrial, "Well, I guess so, must be the demon in me, plus my girlfreind always said that I was different, before I kind of got with her." He laughed about it and then gave her a thumbs up and hugged her. "Thanks, again for saving me." He told her with a lot of thankfulness in his voice.
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Raff lightly hugged her in a warm way; she smiled a little and lightly hugged him back in a friendly way. She was glad to help out and now his girlfriend wouldn’t get the note that his beloved had died, she had seen that too many times and some she had to deliver herself. She pulled herself away form the embrace with her hands on his shoulders.

“And now you may live to love and fight another day and hopefully for years and years to come.”

She smiled lightly and patted him on the shoulders, before letting go and stepping away. She walked towards the large window and jumping on the window sill. She looked back at him and spoke.

“I’ll keep in touch Raff.”

She jumped out the widow and shape shifted into a small bird before flying back in the infirmary and did a sort of loop in the air before swiftly flying past him and into the hallway. She was still on hallway duty for another hour or so and was looking forward in catching someone that wasn’t supposed to be out in the halls.
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Raff watched as she did that, and then carried on his own buisness, he left from the Infirmary, running down the halls, on all fours so he could go faster, "Yahoo!" He screamed as he jumped and glided through the air, and then pounced on the ground like a tiger, and then running towards the class he was supposed to be in, hopefully the teacher would understand.