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Title: Alternate Tactics
Post by: Existentially Odd on April 09, 2008, 12:16:35 PM
Matthew should have been tired when he walked through the door of the townhouse that night, but he wasn\'t.  He was running on a flighty, nervous energy that was roiling within him and that had his limbs zinging, his heart permanently skipping beats.  His blue eyes were glinting with the promise of what he knew was to come, the hours of cleaning, shopping and cooking (made all the more enjoyable by the sneaky little comments they would each deliver one another or the sly little brushes against already-sensitive bodies that seemed to arouse shivers all day long) well behind them now.

They\'d served dinner at the manor, managed to maintain quite a civilised - even enthusiastic - conversation with Lam and Kysis (Matthew had been very pleased when she hugged him and whispered to him that she hoped he was happy with Rico but to be careful, but had blushed furiously all the same and excused himself as quickly as he could from the very pleasant greetings that had happened in the dining room\'s doorway up \'til then) and gone into the kitchen to eat themselves.  There was no point wasting time when they got home with food that they could just as easily consume with the guards at the manor and then walk home on empty stomachs.

In the darkened streets on the way home, Matthew had been game enough to follow his instincts and slide his hand into Rico\'s, finding the experience thrilling because he\'d initiated it.  He felt somewhat like a peacock strutting about then, with his feathers on display, proud to have someone so fine that he could hang onto and call... well, not necessarily his but... his lover.  He supposed.  His thoughts confused him, but they cleared up when the townhouse was in sight.

They walked into the kitchen and set about starting and stoking the fire so that the bath water could boil, working together to get buckets on the stove.  They were an efficient team.  Of course, once everything was set up, they were left with nothing to do but wait for the water to heat and stare at each other.  Matthew smiled, feeling sensual and bold, and reached out to pull Rico against him as he leaned against the bench beside the stove.  He\'d thought the move through ten times before he did it, anticipating something different going wrong every time, so was surprised when it went smoothly and the brunette was wrapped in his arms, pressed up against him.

"I\'ve been wanting to do this all day," he said with a very underconfident sigh making the words warble, but it was really just the relief of finally acting on an impulse he\'d been craving.  It may have taken him all day to build up to the act but he did it; he leaned down and kissed Rico.  It wasn\'t nearly as gentle as he\'d expected it to be, either, for he was, by now, virtually starving for some contact with the man.
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Post by: Kysis on April 09, 2008, 12:37:56 PM
It was a good day.  At one point in time Rico had just stopped walking, closing his eyes and inclining his head upward, letting the cool air roll over him.  It felt good.  When he opened the eyes, the world was pulsating with life, vibrant, so much more than he had remembered it being.  Rico had to hop into a jog to catch up to Matthew, but that brief pause had been worth it.

And on the way home, he had been pleasantly startled by his hand getting snatched.  At first Rico just blinked, staring down at their linked hands.  He had never held hands with someone before.  It felt warm yet comfortable, Rico deciding not to let go until he had to.  Drawing water was like a whole new experience.  It wasn’t that ‘damn water pump’ anymore.  It was the gift of water.  Rico smiled as his muscles strained in toting in the buckets.  He liked that strain, working a little harder for what was to come.  Hard work always paid off better than lazy work, that was for sure.

Rico was settling into the comfortable silence, unable to wipe the smile off his lips.  Though it might have looked like he was watching the water intently, he was gazing off into a place known fondly as La-la Land.  The sunny terrain of La-la Land melted away as he was grabbed, pulled into finely muscled arms, spoken to.  Then he was kissed.  Rico’s heart jumped into his throat, fluttering erratically.  The words finally set in, Rico finding the right mental command to get his body to respond, arms wrapping around Matthew’s waist as he returned the kiss.

He did not want to let go of contact, but he could hear the water boiling, and he did not want his jaw and lips to be tired so soon.  There was so much more to do.  The water had not even poured yet!  Rico reluctantly pulled away from the kiss, holding onto Matthew’s lower lip for a bit to extend their lip contact.  They still had body contact.  There was a bright look in Rico’s eyes as he gazed up at Matthew, with that pretty blond hair.

“Me too…” Rico could barely breathe a response.  His brain had been growing more and more distant from the black pit of before the further into the day.  He was a bit lethargic, but not enough so to be alarming.  It was just enough to tell that something was going on in that head of his.  “The water’s ready…”
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Post by: Existentially Odd on April 10, 2008, 04:02:14 PM
Matthew was feeling a rather similar rush of emotions, with an intensity that only a first-timer could truly understand.  Everything was sharper, tastier, had more impact.  Every breath felt a sigh and every touch was an arousal.  He had allowed himself to be completely swallowed by his adoration for Rico since they were alone again and he didn\'t have to worry about people that might walk into the room they were in or behind them if they dallied to talk in a hallway.  It was just them and he ould let every last bit of himself come pouring out.

"I\'m so glad you took my virginity," he sighed happily, a dopey smile of worship upon his lips.  The words had been cycling through his mind at odd intervals through the day and he was glad to get them off his chest at last.  Rico was his first and, despite there being some complications the Greek man had to overcome with those in his past, Matthew couldn\'t think of anyone better to whom he could\'ve surrendered himself.  Well, surrender wasn\'t really the right word, for he hadn\'t exactly been hoarding his virginity like a dragon egg found in a deep cave, he\'d been far too oblivious for that to have occurred to him, but he had been completely innocent.  Rico had taken that from him and he couldn\'t have been happier about it.

He released the brunette he was holding reluctantly and headed for the cloths that would allow him to carry the metal container of bioling water into the bathing room next door.
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Post by: Kysis on April 11, 2008, 08:56:10 PM
Rico had been busy just gazing up at Matthew, resisting the urge to play with that hair when the words finally sunk in.  He blinked a few times, watching at Matthew got the cloth.  How would he put this?  Two days ago and he would have said this bluntly, probably a little harshly.  But now... Rico swallowed back the lump in his throat, getting some cloth to help grab the other bucket of water, since it would be easiest if they each grabbed one and tipped one, then added a little more water to get it not boiling in the tub.

"Matthew..." Rico started nervously as he lifted the bucket of water he had chosen to take, standing there by the fire as he formulated the rest of his thoughts. "That wasn\'t quite your virginity, yet." Rico stepped gingerly on this topic, as if he was traversing a sheet of ice with that bucket of boiling water in his hands.  Any miss-step, any leaks and the ice would break.  That was how Rico saw it, at least. "There are more things that... have to be done for that."

Having to pause for a moment, from his quiet, broken speech, Rico took his bucket into the room, tilting it into the bathtub as soon as he had.  That done, Rico put his bucket down, debating whether he should say more.  No.  He should wait a moment, for what Matthew had to say, before elaborating more.  If Matthew sounded interested in knowing, Rico might even make his depiction of it sensual.
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Post by: Existentially Odd on April 11, 2008, 09:48:22 PM
It took Matthew a little while to float back to earth enough to realise that he was being corrected - by the time he\'d finished pouring his bucket of water into the tub, he\'s figured out that he had absolutely no clue what Rico was talking about.  The bucket dropped down to one hand, swinging at his side, and he faced the brunette with a frown.

"I don\'t understand what you mean," he said honestly, a blush creeping onto his cheeks out of nowhere.  It only occurred to him as he spoke how ignorant and innocent he sounded but really... had they not had what was classed as sex?  How else would two men do it?  How did a man and a woman do it, for that matter?  He was really out of his depth.
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Well, his work was definitely cut out for him.  Rico tried thinking of a way to put it, then stopped himself.  If he described it by the dynamics of heterosexual sex, would Matthew even get it?  That was a problem.  A complete and total virgin was definitely hard to deal with.  At least Kysis had heard enough stories from the guards to know how it was done.

That was a thought he pushed aside, deciding he had to make this playful to make it work.  Rico saw the blush and was cautious of it.

"It\'s not too complicated.  It is like what we did but more intimate." Rico moved slowly so he was close to Matthew again, so close they were almost touching, but not quite. "Either you enter me or I do so to you and..." Oh this was hard.  Rico could use so much lewd language and make graphic comments comparing it to the average male/female experience, but he was assuming Matthew would not know about such things and just be embarrassed by such detailed, graphic explanations.  Would he even get it now?

Not that Rico wouldn\'t mind teaching him by having him do it.  Just that thought made his heart flutter a bit faster, breath catching in his lungs.  Rico made sure he was smiling, to put Matthew at ease.  Deciding that vague explanation probably was not enough, he wrapped his arms around Matthew\'s waist, bridging the distance between them and softly rocking his hips into Matthew\'s.  Once he thought about it, that probably did not help any.  Just to add onto the lack of helpfulness, Rico kissed Matthew\'s neck, since it was right there anyway.
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"Enter... " Matthew frowned, picking up on that key word and tasting it, hoping it would leak enlightenment upon his tongue.  Rico was kissing his neck by the time he finally came up with an option, but his eyes widened in disbelief as it occurred to him.  Surely he couldn\'t mean... that!

Still, there weren\'t any other options for entering on the human body - considering they\'d used the only one he believed viable the night before - so it had to be.  It was such a shocking proposition that he wasn\'t entirely sure how he felt about it.  Things were meant to come out of there, not go in... right?  Was that how men and women did it?  Surely not...

Matthew\'s parents and he had a good relationship, a strong relationship, but they\'d always kept such personal subjects at a polite distance, his father (unbeknownst to him) believing that his son would ask him questions when the time was right or he\'d simply learn it from people he spoke with or women he bedded, as he\'d done.  Of course, that had never happened until now and it was far too late for him to ask questions.  He also didn\'t feel comfortable at the thought of asking his father about being with a man.  Would he approve?

"I\'m so new to this... thank you for being patient," he sighed, tilting his head a little so that Rico could have complete access to his throat.  His eyes fell closed and he pushed his hips forward to meet the brunette\'s rhythm, finding himself growing firm in his pants and a familiar excitement starting up in his belly (well, if two nights in a row could be called familiar, anyway).

"Shoud we do some more water on to boil - so that there\'s plenty of water and we can stay in there longer?" he murmured, not wishing to cut his time in the bath with Rico short - and adding cold water would surely shorten the life of their bath noticeably.
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Rico wanted to be so close to Matthew so he could feel the reaction more than see it.  There was a lot of thinking going on.  For a moment Rico feared he would have to describe it using proper nouns, telling Matthew exactly where he was supposed to stick it and how he was supposed to--- but from the sudden thank you, Rico knew that had been enough.  Good.  Rico was not sure how well Matthew would have taken to the graphic description Rico had been constructed. "Any time."  He commented to the thanks.  Rico was there to teach.

And Matthew was not completely turned off to the idea, as Rico started to feel between them.  The bath... Rico could not wait.  It was so close, so attainable.  Matthew had a damn good idea too.

"Longer... would be nice.  Yes.  More water it is."  Rico disengaged himself from Matthew with a quick nip at his ear, then taking the pail he\'d set down earlier, heading for the water pump.  More hot water meant hotter water, meant warm water for longer, meant longer bath with Matthew.  More hot water was definitely something Rico desired at this point, though not just for the sake of hot water.
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Matthew grinned, feeling ebullient as he set off after Rico and filled his own pail once more.  He estimated that this second lot of water wouldn\'t need to be boiling for them to tip it into the tub, so they would have to wait less time - that also meant paying attention and testing the water, so he decided that the kitchen was where they would have to stay.

Of course, there would be no listless standing around.  When the water was on the stove, Matthew simultaneously pulled his hair loose from its usual tail and grabbed Rico as he tossed the tie onto the table.  He was beginning to love the fact that he could manoeuvre the brunette and he didn\'t mind, so he was growing bolder by the second.  This time, once the Greek was close enough, he began kissing him teasingly - landing light kisses at the corners of his mouth, on his chin, his cheeks, bottom lip, top lip before alighting to a new location.  At the same time, he yanked Rico\'s shirt free of his pants and set about getting it off him, all while pressing him against the kitchen bench.
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Rico was expecting to revel in the tension while they waited expectantly for the water to heat, fidgeting in nervousness and excited-ness for the excruciating eternity a few minutes could become.  It was a pleasant surprise to find himself wrong.  His fellow servant was coming out of his shell, not so slow at crawling out of that sheltered, meek, innocent boy he had seemed just a week or two ago.  Rico was slung around, brain slow to comprehend, until the kisses started, then he knew Matthew just did not feel like dealing with the delicious tension which had been building up, ready to boil over (every pun intended) at any moment into a massive explosion of sexual energy.

He lifted his arm, wanting to get that shirt off himself as much as Matthew seemed to want to get it off him.  There were not many scars on Rico, as they all tended to vanish into his tan a year after being gained, all but one.  There was a rather large one going across his upper arm horizontally.  It had been an ambush on a caravan stupidly delivered after dark.  Many guards had lost their lives that day, and the three who managed to survive were all scarred from it.  Other than that, there were no other visible scars.

As soon as that shirt was free, Rico went to work on Matthew’s.  Soon they would be nude, and in better lighting than last night.  Rico’s eyes would be able to peruse Matthew’s body however he willed, seeing every muscle and hair, which would be nice.  From what Rico had been able to feel the night before, it had been a very nice body and the darkness did not do it justice.

Rico ran a hand up Matthew’s shirt, find the nipple and toying with it.  He did not take the shirt off yet, his own way to teasing Matthew.  The young Retainer was still busy enjoying the feeling of being pressed up against something by a male body, having been forced into that position.  He wanted more but could not find the voice to ask for it, and knew more would be acquired once that damn water had heated up.
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Matthew pulled back as he was teased, shuddering just lightly at the touch to his chest.  His pectoral muscles were strong but their centres sensitive and he enjoyed the almost dainty feeling of it, in the middle of a heat that was threatening to consume him.  He forced himself to lean back, allowing Rico full access to his chest, watching through heavy lids and smiling a sexy half smile.

The position he was in stirred new thoughts in the blonde\'s mind - even through the lovely haze of arousal surrounding them - and he decided to let Rico do what he wished with his shirt.  He focussed on stepping to the side so that he was leaning back against the bench and pulled Rico into the gap between his feet.  His hands slid around the Greek\'s back and cupped his firm ass, rocking him into the cradle of his hips with a slow, steady rhythm.

Since he was slouched down, with his feet spread, they were rubbing groin on groin, bumping and sliding their clothed hardnesses together thanks to very deliberate moves by Matthew.  In fact, as much as he used Rico\'s ass to push and pull the brunette to where he wanted him, his own hips didn\'t cease following and dragging across his partner\'s at the same time.  The friction was delightful, causing bright pink spots of colour to splash high on the fairer male\'s cheeks, his breath altering at the memory of what they\'d done the night before, speeding up with thoughts of what was yet to come.

His gaze was split between watching Rico\'s face (seeking approval), what his hands were doing and where their lower halves were rubbing.  He also couldn\'t help but admire the sleek lines of the brunette\'s tanned body, thinking his scar looked sexy but scary.  A thin film of sweat glistened on his upper lip as he panted and ground into Rico, the heat of the fire in the kitchen only adding to the steamy effect.  All thoughts of checking the water were certainly forgotten for the time being.
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As much as Rico was disappointed by Matthew no longer pinning him, he could not remain so for long.  The positions were reversed, though Rico did not press him into the bench.  The hands held Rico in place.  A smile could not leave the young Retainer’s lips as the grinding began, mind wandering to what might transpire later.  There were so many possibilities.  It was a just a matter of where Matthew wanted to go, how far he wanted to go.  Just thinking about it had Rico wanted more.

Reaching down, Rico pull up on Matthew’s shirt, reluctant to let those strong hands off his ass, but wanting Matthew naked.  Rico would no relent until Matthew was so.  As soon as the shirt was off, Rico let his hands roam, brushing up Matthew’s muscled back, down along the top rim of Matthew’s pants, up to the front to graze over his abdomen and up to his hardened nipples again.

A little noise of pleasure escaped Rico’s lips, his having to pause for a moment to get his thoughts in reign.  He glanced over his shoulder, at the pot of water.  It was just about boiling now.  Rico did not want to break contact.  He pressed into another kiss with Matthew, tongue teasing, wanting to play.  All the while he grinded back, wanting more but knowing it would have to wait, if just a little while.  His hands moved downwards, playing with the top of Matthew’s pants, threatening to remove them.

Oh, how he wanted Matthew’s pants off.

Rico started loosening the top of those pants as his desire bid him, but did not drop them yet.  Soon.  Rico wanted this tension, so sweet and so arousing, to last just a little longer.  Their nudity and the water in a minute would be all the better if they waited a bit more.
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Matthew\'s gaze followed Rico\'s to the water and he noticed the surface of it being hit with numerous bubbles from the bottom, preluding its boiling.  He opened his mouth to say that they should stop what they were doing and tip that water into the bath before it boiled, so that the water wouldn\'t sear their skins off when they tried to get in and they\'d therefore have to wait longer to have that happen, when he was pulled into a kiss that silenced him completely.

His breath caught as Rico followed that delightful manoeuvre with loosening the top of his pants. Dizzily, he followed suit, fumbling his way around to the front of his partner\'s clothing and doing his best to loosen them.  It was hard to concentrate.  Breathing was something he had to remember to do, his mouth far more occupied with capturing an elusive tongue inside it and sucking much as he\'d sucked other things the night before.  His heart was thudding fast in his chest but of more concern was the damned throbbing through his body, its urgency distracting in its overpowering sensations.  He\'d not felt anything so strong in his life as the sensations rippling through his groin.  It felt like he was on fire and was quivering for release already, even though the teasing was delicious too.

The blonde gave up on undoing Rico\'s pants with any sort of sophistication about then.  He was pretty sure he\'d loosened them though, for he tested that theory by sliding his hands around the Greek\'s waist once more.  Now, he was able to slip his hands in between flesh and pants material and drag his thumbs across taut buttocks, tracing ever-decreasing circles with the short-nailed tip before gripping and squeezing.  He was pretty sure he\'d never held anything in his hands that was as beautiful as the light brown ass he held now; he couldn\'t get enough of kneading and tickling and squeezing it while his front ground more slowly and far more deliberately against the other\'s.

It escalated with slow deliberation, leaving him ragged and wanting so badly that he tore his lips away from Rico\'s and more or less begged for an injection of rationality from the more experienced one of them.  "I think... the water... it\'ll be... too hot... if we don\'t... uh," he stuttered unintelligently, a tiny, coherent globule of his brain knowing exactly what he wanted to say but the majority of his body overriding that sensible part.  He was pounding blood and quivering muscle and aching, aching desire and that was all of him that mattered.
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Rico glanced nonchalantly over his shoulder at the incoherent mumblings, a mean twinkle in his eyes as he pulled Matthew\'s hands out of his pants, disengaging from the delicious rolling grind they had been in.  Acting as though it was nothing (though one quick glance at his front would tell otherwise), Rico walked for the bucket of water.  He grabbed the cloth with one hand, using it to safely lift the water away from the fire.

His pants slipped lower because of the looseness, barely hanging on his hips.  The top of his pubic thatch was visible over the rim of his pants, as well as the chiseled line of muscle from his hips leading downward, to his manhood.  Rico walked gracefully, allowing his hips to swing tauntingly in the motion as he carried the water.

Not waiting for Matthew, only giving him a devilish, daring glance, Rico went into the other room, quickly tipping the water into the hot bath.  That done, he quickly set the bucket aside, undoing the laces at the top of his pants completely and letting them fall off him.  His socks came next.

Knowing just how Matthew would see him when he entered the room, Rico purposefully bent over the large tub, letting his fingertips run over the top of the water, testing the warmth.  His back, including his muscular ass (which was dying for those lovely hands of Matthew\'s again), was facing the door to the room, on display even for his fellow servant.

Rico loved this game.  It was fun, pleasing to the senses.  Rico only hoped it would last.
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As Rico walked away, Matthew fell forward, leaning on his hands on the kitchen bench, head hanging as he tried to even out his breathing and get some control over his rampant body.  Still, his eyes slid to the side so that he could watch his partner\'s movements and he couldn\'t shift his focus away from that sexy wiggle set around the most enticing glimpse of hair he\'d ever seen.  Glancing lower, at the bulge beneath it, just made his mouth water and he was almost glad when Rico passed beyond his sight and into the bathing room to his right.  He could\'ve turned his head to look straight in there, but he needed a few more moments to try and calm down and the respite was welcome.

Finally straightening, the blonde took another steadying breath and squared his shoulders.  His first step towards the stove to collect his second bucket of water had his pants dropping to the floor, so he took a few moments to dump everything he was still wearing with the rest of the clothes and then walk into his old bedroom naked and proud.  The bronze-coloured ass facing him caused a twitch that raised the erection he\'d almost convinced to slacken another notch.  So much for control.

Playing it as offhanded as Rico seemed able to do, Matthew warned the Greek that he was pouring his bucket in before he did just that, doing it carefully so that it didn\'t splash up.  The bathing tub was extravagant in its size, for Lam had had it made that way to accommodate her great height.  She could sit in it and straighten her long legs before her and the sides were higher than most tubs because she liked to be able to soak up to her chin when she returned from work covered in bruises and aching so much that only immersion in hot water would offer some relief.  The four buckets of water the men had tipped in weren\'t enough to raise the level to an excessive amount but once the two of them got in, it should get to their chests and be very pleasant indeed.

Once his bucket was empty, Matthew put it down a few steps away from the tub and grabbed the bar of soap that was set in a dish on what used to be his washstand.  Since the room had been converted to a bathing room, there was only the tub, washstand, a set of drawers with fresh towels and a free-standing rack for five wet ones to dry upon in it.  Matthew gripped the large cake of frangranced (with lavender) lard and walked around the tub to where Rico stood.  He embraced him from behind, experiencing strange pulses of awareness as his hardness pressed against the cleft between the muscular cheeks before him, his open hand trailing across an equally-firm chest as he kissed Rico\'s left shoulder.

"Do you think the temperature\'s good enough to get in?" he murmured, lips moving, teeth grazing and tongue tasting warm, tantalising flesh the whole time.
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Rico moved his hand up just slightly when the warning was given, not looking back at Matthew as he watched the water go in, combining with that already within.  It was a high enough water level.  The massive size of the tub made it perfect for two bodies to be within, something Rico was keen to try.  Of course, he was not just looking for a bath, not with how much he was goading Matthew into action already.

The young Retainer would not take, though he could definitely strive to make someone want to give.  It was a fun game.

It kept him distracted.

The embrace from behind made him shiver, a pleasant creeping across his skin.  The most sensation came from where Matthew was pressed, so close but not quiet.  It was taunting in a way Matthew probably had not intended.  Rico was not sure, though.  Then again, Matthew had been perfectly innocent before Rico touched him.  There was a small thrill he got from that thought.

How deliciously fun it was to corrupt something previously so pristine.

That thought curving a new smile on his lips, Rico rocked backwards, slightly up, pseudo-stroking Matthew with that motion.  Rico acted like it was just him bending over the water again, not a deliberate motion, dipping his fingers back into the water.

"Mmmmm, it\'s perfect." Rico murmured, hunger dripping from his voice.
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Matthew sucked in a shocked breath as Rico imitated actions he\'d only just concocted a mental image of - because he\'d been told what he\'d thought was the ultimate experience the night before, wasn\'t.  It sent shivers of awareness through him, the movement confronting his senses and his imaginings starkly.

The breath was followed by a nervous and flummoxed gulp that had him pulling back as coolly as he was able; Rico no doubt knew exactly what he was doing and what was going on.  Matthew had a strong suspicion that the Greek was toying with him, and enjoying it, in fact.

"Well, let\'s get in, then," he stuttered, his cheeks colouring furiously.  His gaze dropped to the soap in an effort to distract himself and give him something benign to look at as he stepped around Rico and into the foot end of the tub (there was a higher back at the opposite end, where Lam leaned and could tip her head back with full support).  The heat of the water had him sucking in yet another breath because he hadn\'t taken any time at all to prepare himself and it was hot.

"This... water will definitely last us a while," he laughed weakly, widening his blue eyes charmingly at Rico as he braced himself to sit down (the thought of immersing his most tender bits in water this warm was taking quite a bit of preparation, really).
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Rico bit in an almost seductive way at his lower lip as he watched Matthew move to stand in the tub.  Was that nervousness he heard?  Of course it was nervousness!  Silly him!  Rico did not want to set Matthew at edge.  Well, not too much.  Rico did not want to scare Matthew away.  Then neither of them would get any fun, and Rico refused to let that happen.

Not letting his eyes leave Matthew once, Rico stepped into the tub, knowing full well the frontal view he was giving Matthew in his careful, almost feline steps.  He let himself sit so he was against the back of the tub, sliding the rest of the way down that surface until he was in the water and properly sitting.  Damn.  That was hot, and his most sensitive places were feeling it.

That feeling would go away fastest if he had either A) someone to commiserate with, or B) something to distract him.  Actually, someone to distract him.  Rico leaned forward, putting his water heated hands on Matthew’s hips, thumbs massaging just inside the bone, on the muscle there. “Won’t you join me?  This water is just delicious.” Rico pouted up at Matthew, his eyes trying to draw the blond down.

If Matthew did not come immediately, Rico would have to use some dirty tactics.  The young Retainer was not above using his mouth and tongue to get what he wanted.  He knew exactly which spots could drive a man wild.  Perhaps he would use that knowledge anyway, just to see Matthew in the throws of pleasure again.  Matthew was so beautiful, the idea was far too tempting to be healthy.

No.  He had to show some restraint, especially if he wanted the bath to be long and even more pleasurable than last night.
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Still, just looking down at Rico looking up at him, his beautiful mouth so close to his crotch and his thumbs massaging suggestively nearby... Matthew\'s mouth flooded with saliva and his manhood flooded with blood.  It was embarrassing, but simply the thought of Rico touching him (in the same way he had last night and, especially, in new and confronting ways that made his heart race with a mixture of fear and anticipation) got him hard.

To cover this embarrassing fact, he sat hastily, sucking in breath when the water seemed to singe away all the hairs on his sac and widening his eyes momentarily at Rico.  "Delicious?" he managed, his voice showing the strain of coping with so much sensory input all at once.  His face was flushed from being embarrassed as well as aroused, blue eyes large as he realised the deception in Rico\'s words.  It was laughable, really, but he managed to maintain an offended front.

"You, sir, need to redefine your understanding of \'delicious\'!" he scoffed, daring to wriggle around on the bottom of the tub so that he might try to find a place for his legs that didn\'t involve being flush against the Greek man\'s (unlikely, but since he was endeavouring to redeem himself and his polite aspect after a truly humiliating reaction to Rico\'s innocent proximity to his groin, he was compelled to try).
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That sudden hardness, springing up from his position, made Rico\'s mouth water.  He wanted to give Matthew what was probably going on in that mind, but Matthew was sitting rapidly.  Hiding?  Rico did not see any point to hiding, a wicked smile curving on his lips at Matthew\'s expression.  That was what Matthew got for ending his fun early... not that there wouldn\'t be a lot more fun.

Rico\'s hands stung a little from the elevation change combined with the really hot water, but he did not release those tanned, muscled hips.  In fact, Rico kept his thumbs in gentle oscillations, enough that those nerves could definitely feel it, but not enough to be needy, driven.  Not yet.  Rico had not been taught as a child to not toy with his food.  So, he was playing right now, and enjoying every drawn out moment of it.

His blue eyes locked with Matthew\'s, the look in them daring Matthew to come closer.  The way Rico chewed at his lower lip begged for them to be claimed, and to further that, Rico licked his lips, wetting them so they glistened.  He had noticed Matthew shifting around, as though trying not to touch.  That would not do.  Rico spread his legs so they were on the outside of Matthew\'s, sliding a little closer as he did so, so his hold on Matthew\'s hips was a little easier to manage, easier to continue that taunting massage.

"Mmmm, it\'s delicious now that you\'re in it." As much as Rico wanted to push Matthew against the back of the tub and molest him, the young Retainer controlled himself.  He did not want to scare Matthew away!  Would that scare Matthew away?  Rico pondered it as he stared into Matthew\'s eyes, still daring him to do some moving of his own.
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Matthew was reluctant to smile, still trying to maintain his offended front (and distract Rico from commenting on what he\'d accomplished with so little effort), but he couldn\'t help it when the Greek complimented him.  Being in the water with his partner was delicious, it was true, and he was in no position to deny it.

The corners of his mouth first twitched and then lifted completely into a smile as Rico placed legs around him and shuffled closer.  Matthew wriggled inward as well, his own hands snaking about the waist of the beautiful man opposite him as he drew himself a lot closer than Rico had been.  The licking of those lips was not lost to the blonde and he certainly fancied a taste.

"Alright.  I\'ll agree with you there," he murmured, giving Rico a final yank that had him pressed up against Matthew, though his legs were arched over his and stretched behind.  They were in the middle of the tub now, neither having the advantage of metal at their back in the chest-high water, so Matthew found it convenient to cup Rico\'s backside to support the two of them.

He pressed his mouth to the brunette\'s, meaning for the kiss to be as soft and steamy as the bath they were in, but finding quickly that... it wasn\'t.  It was hard and hungry, showing how much strain the blonde was under, with all this slow and deliberate tension mounting in him.  Of course, that had also been obvious in his near-instant erection - which was now sandwiched between the two of them, bobbing delightfully against Rico\'s stomach, practically screaming for some attention to be paid to it.  The small amount of contact was enough for now, but his yearning was pourd automatically into the hot, panting kiss he was sharing instead, his tongue ravenous and active, lips practically trembling in their haste to envelope and mash.

Rico had a way of making him want that left him mindless and primal and that hadn\'t faded in one night, nor been satisfied.  It was a delirious, delicious way to be.
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Ahhh, Matthew was moving.  Perfect!  Rico was very pleased with himself, ending up closer to his attractive blond friend, in kissing range, in touching range.  He mused over everywhere his hands could possibly go now, the sudden yank bursting the bubble of his thoughts.  A little yelp escaped his lips before he could stop it, that unexpected pull catching him off guard.  It was a good kind of off guard.  He sucked in a breath, almost melting against Matthew as he felt them pressed together.

Self control!  He pleaded with his mind to get a hold back on, despite the redirection of blood to lower regions, which he was sure Matthew could not have missed.  How could he help it?!  Matthew was beautiful, and naked, and wet, and entangled with him.  Rico had to stop that train of thoughts.  It was silently turning him on.  He much rathered sharing the excitement with Matthew, making him feel that quickening of blood as well, so they were both as wanting.

Before Rico could get out a comment about Matthew\'s erection, lips were pressed to his, swallowing the words with warm heat.  Rico did melt into it, his own jaw working rhythmically with Matthew\'s, tongue begging for more.  He did not hide his want.  It didn\'t seem like Matthew did either.  They both wanted more.

How much more was the question.

Rico wrapped his legs around Matthew, hooking them together tightly.  He rocked his hips against Matthew, meanwhile his lips continuing their contact, their movement, wanting to be consumed by Matthew.  Finally he managed to break their lip-lock, staying close to murmur the question against the skin of Matthew\'s neck, "Should we wash now or after?"
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Matthew began to contemplate answering that question coherently, finding there was a small sliver of it left in his brain in case of an emergency.  Once he started processing it, though, he became confused and quickly regretted starting.

To be able to decide whether they should wash before or after, he had to know what event would come in between, whether it would warrant being clean for or whether it was going to be so dirty, it was best to wait until after.  Such thoughts sent his mind spinning and allowed teh nervousness inside him to well up into genuine fear, which he really didn\'t want to be entertaining right now, so he squashed it and pulled out of the whole thinking thing.

It was much easier to go with feel and not allow himself to worry.  He had to trust Rico, he just hoped it worked out for the best.  The feelings of urgency in him were enough to swamp him (he hoped) and everything physically felt tantalising and good, so he had faith that would continue, even if he could have no faith in the process.  The notion that he was still a virgin ricocheted around his brain as well, and he wanted that to stop.

"I don\'t care," he breathed, tilting his head back as Rico nuzzled his throat, closing his eyes to the sensation and the ceiling.  His hands slid boldly towards the crevasse between the Greek man\'s two cheeks, but his fingers just rested there, unsure if he would be required to do anything with them or not.  His grip was still strong, though, for Rico was also hard between them and pressure there was alluring in its ethereality.

"I dropped... the soap... somewhere," he panted, unable to produce the object should Rico decide before was better for washing, but willing to search the floor of the tub if that was required.
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"Don\'t worry." Rico spoke against that neck again, nibbling into it for a moment as he grinding up against Matthew again.  That hand was dangerously close to what he wanted.  There was no appropriate way to ask for it, though.  Oh, this was not looking promising.  Still, there were other things that could be done for now.  Those might be inspiring. "I\'ll look for the soap."

Rico, reluctantly, unhooked his legs, moving so there was some space between them again (though he was careful not to move in a way that got Matthew\'s hand away from his ass).  That done, he took a subtle but deep breath, and went under the water.  At first his hands searched for the soap, finding it quickly.  That was not his intention, anyway.

He went for his real target, kissing Matthew\'s abdomen under the water.  The way Rico repositioned himself was with his knees on the tub bottom, posterior lifted high so his head could go low, cheek rubbing against Matthew\'s length.  There was nothing wrong with a short tease while he was down there, right?
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Matthew sucked in breath, having been confused by his partner\'s method of looking for the soap initially, believing that feeling around for it would be just as effective.  His hands then strayed off Rico\'s body of their own accord, despite the Greek\'s efforts, because when a hidden face secretly brushed against his hardness below the surface of the water, he moaned and melted back against the foot of the tub (the wall wasn\'t nearly as high down there, but he was tall enough to get the back of his head on flat metal) and had to get a good grip on the sides to keep himself from slipping in.

His knuckles turned white, but it was nothing to do with terror as he stretched along the tub, bucking in reaction to the contact with his erection and trying not to simply let go and drown.  It felt so... so naughty!  His head tipped back and his eyes closed briefly, but it was also nice to see nothing but a rounded ass occasionally peeking out of the water (when it undulated correctly, anyway, given how deep the water was in here) and feel something rather titillating and delicious going on beyond his sight.  It felt out of his control, too, and that thrilled him.

In his current state, he knew he\'d let Rico do anything he wanted, to him.  Emotions were welling in his chest to go with the awe and reverence with which he regarded the brunette and part of that was trust - trust, and complete surrender.  "By Talon... I... want... oh... unh... Rico!" he breathed pleadingly, wondering if the man was part fish to not need to surface for air and if there would be more to this contact, for he would have dearly loved to get close and embrace and kiss.

Unfortunately, in his current condition, unless Rico stopped touching altogether, he couldn\'t even sit up, he was entirely at the Greek\'s mercy.
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Rico, quite the swimmer with a good set of lungs, was underwater still when Matthew spoke, and didn\'t hear a word of it.  He could feel Matthew shifting though, the upward motions of his hips.  Encouragement.  Rico smiled, pressing his lips to the head of Matthew\'s masculinity before opening his mouth just enough to slide down the length, slowly, with pressure so he did not get any water in during the process.  He was imitating the tightness of entering something else, though his mouth would never compare, despite all his efforts.

Not that Matthew would know.

As soon as he had it all in his mouth, Rico made his way back up, squeezing his lips, swirling his tongue the entire time.  Rico was enjoying himself, but his lungs were protesting.  It was time to surface.

Finally, Rico\'s mouth came off Matthew, and his rear went back down into the water, head surfacing.  Immediately Rico scooted forward, straddling Matthew\'s lap.  He wanted to sit, but did not, hovering just a little off, so Matthew\'s erection was barely touching him (but still, pointedly, touching). "Found it!" Rico chimed cheerily with a big grin, holding up the soap.  He was beaming with pride, but not over the soap.

Rico offered it up, almost hoping Matthew would drop it again, so Rico had an excuse to return to playing with him.  Did he really need an excuse?  Well, for now, Rico would search for one.  After this night, Rico hoped their physical proximity became a regular thing.  Rico rather liked this, and wouldn\'t give it up without a fight.
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Matthew looked dazedly at the soap, his fair cheeks flushed with the heat of the water and the arousal he was feeling, watching Rico hover over him in awe.  He didn\'t give a damn about the soap any more, not now that the brunette was so close.  Awkwardly - he fel like a fish out of water, rather than in it - he sat up and slid along the tub more, so that his back was resting against the end.

He took Rico with him.  In fact, he wrapped his arms securely about the smaller man\'s waist once he was in position, and dragged him down onto his chest.  His hands slid immediately higher and lower, one on Rico\'s ass - pressing him hard upon his groin in a manner that was less satisfying than he\'d hoped, since only Rico\'s member was sandwiched between them, imprinting his stomach while his wavered against Rico\'s cheeks hopefully - and the other snaked up his back, to his shoulder.

"I want you," he repeated wantonly, and closed his eyes as he crushed his lips against Rico\'s, feeling electrified by every point of contact their muscular bodies were enjoying and needing more.  Rico knew what more there was, he didn\'t really, but he hoped to Talon that he would be shown soon, or he\'d burst on the spot.
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At the sudden movement, both of Matthew and then his body with it, Rico let out a small yelp that soon melted into a pleased purr the moment he was pressed up against Matthew, who was in turn pressed into the back of the tub.  This was a comfortable and arousing position to be in, which made Rico like it even more.  He nuzzled a little closer, as though they were just going to cuddle.

Rico did not know exactly what they were going to do, though he had a few suggestions in mind.

Those words.  Those words!  Rico felt his blood electrified just by what Matthew said, his smile hidden by lips.  Hungrily he returned the kiss, putting into it the fire he felt, the vigor, the growing sensation of actual happiness.

Though it would not register until later, Rico\'s mind knew it was not Kysis he needed.  It was the feeling of being wanted.

Rico moaned into Matthew\'s lips before finally pulling back, eyes absolutely glittering. "How much...?  I don\'t want to rush you...  then again, I rather do."  Rico was chatty when nervous.  It wasn\'t a bad nervous he felt at the moment.  It was butterflies in his stomach.  It was passion and worry and lust and hesitance all blended together furiously.  And that was him.  Rico felt like he might melt from the heat of the water combined with the heat of Matthew and all their points of contact.
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There was no hesitation left in Matthew; when Rico pulled back to speak with him, the blonde\'s mouth simply followed the line of a now-exposed throat, kissing and licking and sucking desperately.  He was fighting the urge to grip himself and tug, considering his hand was so close and he wanted so badly he was practically delirious.

"Anything... anything," he panted hotly against Rico\'s throat, rocking his hips and squeezing the skin over the Greek\'s tanned shoulder in an action that had to be bordering on painful, considering what was driving him.  He was also applying ownward pressure in that grip, subconsciously attempting to get some contact with his pulsing erection.

"Please... just... it\'s no rush, I want it, I want you," he babbled, then clamped his mouth onto the flesh he\'d been prodding with his tongue and sucking for all he was worth.  He was beyond thinking about where he was or worrying that the bruise he made would be visible; he was back at that place Rico had had him before.  He was beyond thinking.
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The sound of Matthew begging, while molesting his neck for all it was worth, did wonders for him.  Rico still felt like he was going to melt, but for other reasons than all the friction.  Smiling, he bit his lip to stifle the moan which slipped from him anyway.  He rocked his hips to aid in Matthew\'s motions, head lulling to the side to give better access to his sensitive neck.

This was where the brick wall rested.  Rico was mentally staring at it, wondering just how he was going to get around it.  Matthew had not even known there was a such thing as sex between men, so this would be difficult.

How could he play this without having to explain every single motion of the process in painstaking detail, having to interrupt the pleasure to tell the next step?

Having taken to nibbling at the bottom of Matthew\'s ear, the only part he could currently get to without removing himself from enjoyment, Rico finally came up with a potential way.  Speaking in whispered pants, Rico began his mode of attack. “What do your instincts tell you to do?” Rico nibbled again, grinding downwards. “Show me.”
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The instruction caused a stall in Matthew\'s purring body and his heart kicked over and starting hammering with nervousness, rather than sweeping lust.  The answer came to him in the split second after Rico asked, but he... wasn\'t sure he was game enough to do it.  Yes, his partner had requested it and yes it was a primal urge he\'d not had the night before but... he still wasn\'t sure he was right.

There was only one way to find out though, wasn\'t there?

He\'d stopped kissing and his hands had stopped moving, though his lower half was still writhing.  Slowly - with some trepidation evident - he squeezed Rico\'s shoulder with his left hand and reached beyond the Greek\'s buttocks with his right.  There, he found his own member wavering in the hot water, seeking entrance to... well.

Biting his lower lip, Matthew looked fearfully up at Rico as his other hand left the man\'s shoulder and travelled down his back.  Tentatively (and with a gentleness that openly declared he was falling out of the mindless passion he\'d been lost in a few moments before), he gripped Rico\'s left buttock and parted it.  He used his right hand to guide the head of his throbbing erection to the puckered hole he\'d just revealed, his body giving an involuntary shudder at the connection, but then he went still, not pushing onward, simply holding himself in position and staring wordlessly up at the brunette draped along him, blue eyes as large as saucers.

He hoped he\'d got it right.
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Rico smiled, nuzzling his face into Matthew\'s neck, kissing softly as he felt where the hands were going, felt all the positioning going on.  Matthew had the right idea, which was reassuring.  However, Rico wasn\'t feel that masochistic today, and had not had sex in long enough time that it would be painful if Matthew just went right in.  And it wouldn\'t be right in, with how he was right now.  Rico was not nervous, per se.  No.  Again, the lack of anything recent.

"I haven\'t done this in a while." Rico breathed against Matthew\'s skin.  The last thing he wanted to do was frighten Matthew, or make him feel stupid.  That would not do good at all.  Rico wanted to be able to repeat this with him in the future, and if that meant going soft with him, being as nice as possible, Rico would do just that.

Plus, Rico didn\'t ever feel like being vindictive with Matthew, for some reason.  He just seemed... fragile.  So, Rico murmured against Matthew\'s neck again, kissing between words. "Can you... try a finger?  It will help us both ease into it." Rico nibbled at Matthew\'s neck, as if that would act as reassurance.  As much as he just wanted Matthew in him, he also wanted to enjoy it.  A little warm-up would do him good in that department.
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Matthew gulped, those nerves attempting to get the better of him again, but now that he knew he was correct, a weight had been lifted off him, leaving him thoroughly relieved.  He could do this.  In fact, the more he thought about doing this, the more excited and eager he got, finding himself straining as he followed Rico\'s request and tentatively pushed the tip of his index finger into the opening.

By Talon, it was tight.  A fresh pulse of arousal thrummed through him but it was slightly dampened by the difficulty of this manouevre.  He was afraid of tearing skin, of pushing too deep and hitting... unmentionable body products.  He flinched internally at the thought of that and quickly withdrew his finger.

"I\'m... going to use some soap.  So it slides better," he whispered, tilting his head so that Rico had access to anything he wanted while he felt around for the bar that had already been rescued once.  It hadn\'t got far and he rolled the cake between his hands, near the small of Rico\'s back, while he was kissed.  He lifted his face, in fact, with his eyes closed, wanting Rico\'s mouth back on his while he did this; holding the soap in his left hand, he began stroking and prodding all around the cleft between the Greek man\'s cheeks.

Although he\'d primarily thought of the soap for cleanliness purposes (in case something distasteful was discovered), it went a long way towards lubrication, too.  He was quite pleased with teh slick effect all his attention earned him, for his fingers slid up and down the crack teasingly, delving with ever-increasing frequency and depth as he passed the hole.  He soaped up his two main fingers eventually, and set about a more determined entering process, scissoring his fingers apart once they were embeddded to their hilts, realising that he was slightly thicker and Rico would need to be stretched.

The process was as exhilirating as it was horrifying, really, but he was fascinated and so, so turned on by what he was doing with his fingers, that he was very keen to get his manhood in there.  "How... does that... feel?" he panted, attempting to pull back and look at Rico\'s face as he asked, to read any nuances of pain or discomfort in his lover\'s expression - the brunette was unlikely to tell him the truth, but Matthew hoped he\'d see whether he was doing a good job or an average one in his blue eyes regardless.
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Matthew definitely had the right idea.  Rico was surprised by how tight his own body was, but the thought of how long it had been brought it back into reality, and quickly.  The finger felt good, though.  Rico knew the signs of nervousness, catching the mention of soap.  The young Retainer was a very, very clean person, hated being even a spot dirty, so that would hardly be a problem, but he tried not to look insulted, burying his face in Matthew’s neck, his blond hair, to hide it.

That hair was nice.  Rico had always had a thing for blonds, after all (or was that just Kysis?).  Not the right person to think about at the moment, so Rico focused instead on that tanned neck which he kissed at, nibbled at, concentrating on what exactly it was Matthew was doing.

Soap did work as a good lubricant, making things slide easier, making it a process which lacked most pain.  There would always be a little, but that was fine, because Rico really did enjoy it rough.  This would not be rough.  Rico again diverted his attention, his wandering mind, stifling a soft, deep moan against Matthew’s collarbone.

Rico’s eyes fluttered shut.  He was growing impatient, having to bite his tongue to keep it back.  The bard was full of venom, and had never been so cautious about it before.  With others, he did not mind letting the insults roll, the demands.  Sometimes it made for a fun night.  But this… Rico felt like he was handling a glass bauble (or rather one was handling him, considering).

With the utterance of the question, Rico finally moved his head up, staring into those blue eyes with a pleased, almost cat-like smile, before pushing forward, capturing those voluptuous lips for himself.  That was his answer, a deep and passionate kiss, tongue immediately wanting in.

If that wasn’t a good enough answer… Rico would be able to think of something verbal, quick.  He was a bard, after all.

((not sure if you are still interested, but figured I should post anyway, since I am finally getting some free time again))
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At long last, the oblivious virgin began to see the light, to feel the zing of uncontrollable passion, to taste what it was to let his body act and his mind be free.  That kiss did it.  It was filled with everything he\'d been dabbling in but seemed to be multiplied a thousand times in intensity, stealing his breath and capturing his thoughts instantly, boxing them up for later.

Things seemed to flow very naturally then and a part of him had to acknowledge that it was very much like being possessed, that little part of him watching what he did from some anonymous, astonished part of his mind.  It was as if he\'d done this a hundred times before, knew exactly how to get himself inside and not be afraid; as soon as Rico kissed him hard, it was like his body flinched in exactly the right way.

Almost before he knew it, he was sliding into a hot, tight slice of paradise that he\'d never guessed Talon would gift mere mortals with the ability to experience.  His hips rolled upward confidently, pressing his hardness into Rico without hesitation, not even requiring his hands to do more than guide from where they gripped the taut rear of the Greek.  There was some rocking, of course, for his fingers hadn\'t reached in as far as his sword could and so he had to do it by degrees, but that only dragged out the pleasure of his first time thrusting into something other than his hand (or Rico\'s mouth).

Once he was fully buried, he became still once more, savouring the feeling of being ensconced and kissing the man who held him in more ways than one.  His hands crept up and wrapped around the slick, muscular back of his lover, pressing him closer and closer still, as if he were trying to absorb the other into him.  He certainly wouldn\'t have argued, had it happened.  A rush of blinding, uplifting, paralysing and emancipating emotions surged through Matthew then, and he began to move once more, guided by instinct... just tilting his hips back and forth at first, but then his hands moved lower to help him again, lifting Rico ever so slightly and lowering him suddenly.

The feeling was indescribable, sublime in its perfection, leaving him shuddering and wanting it to never stop.  The kiss was broken for he was seriously lacking air and his head dropped, eyes closed in bliss, back against the tub behind him.  Overall, his movements were subtle and almost minute, but they were enough to have him rushing far more quickly towards a conclusion than he would have liked; he would\'ve given anything for it to not end, in fact.
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The kiss seemed to do the trick, and Rico could not help but grin into it, feeling the fingers retract and knowing what was coming.  It might have helped if Matthew had slicked himself, but no matter.  Rico focused on the act and not the little details, the kiss and not the tendrils of pain, though that did sing wonders to the masochist hiding in him.

The pauses, the break in the kiss, the panting of breath, being fulled closer, Rico felt like he just wanted to melt into Matthew, but retracted that thought for wanted more to continue being impaled by him.  It had been far, far too long.

It was adorable, how Matthew tilted his head back.

Still smiling, Rico took a moment to get used to the established rhythm, the rocking of Matthew\'s hips, the movements he was forcing onto Rico.  Rico knew he could do this better, though.  Experience had that advantage.  On the next rise up of Matthew\'s hips, Rico rocked his own down, forcing him further in, though just by a little, since he had already been colliding so deep.  A panted gasp flew from his lips before he could stop it, and he really didn\'t care to stifle it.  It was a sound caused by the pleasure Matthew was giving him, so he should hear it, right?

With every thrust up, Rico pushed himself down, keeping their bodies close, musculature moving against each other.  It was blissful.  Rico wasn\'t sure why he had waited so damn long to do this again.  Perhaps part of the beauty of it, the extraordinary pleasure, despite Matthew\'s novice, was the wait.  And Rico\'s rolling downward helped to hit that little spot within him, which drew out a purr of a moan, his clenching reflexively.

Too bad their bodies were so sandwiched together he could not reach between them.  His own erection was feeling rather neglected at the moment, though there was some rubbing from their friction, and the stimulation of other areas helped bring it along.

Rico buried his face in Matthew\'s neck again, arms wrapped tight around his shoulders, neck (not tight like choking him, though, tight like holding on for his life).  This was definitely worth the investment he had made in it.
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Rico\'s movements, the friction of them against one another and those delicious noises he made all pushed Matthew onward and upward towards the ecstasy he was really hoping to delay meeting.  It was all too difficult with such enticing stimulants, however, and every breath only tautened him, brought him closer to the edge.  It was likely a good thing he was finding it so difficult to breathe, but it was certainly not enough to stop him peaking any moment.

"Rico," he panted, hands clenching their way around his lover\'s body, no longer lifting or doing anything determined, just grinding into the muscular flesh in a tormented, eager manner that announced his desperation, "I can\'t... how can I help you?  Quick... I... I\'m close," he ground out, his teeth gritted in an effort to hold himself back.  It was becoming embarrassing, how bad he was at controlling himself when it came to climaxing; Rico just seemed to be settling into the rhythm of things and he was ready to shoot his load and finish.

To slow things down a bit, he tried thinking about buying vegetables at the markets but the carrots only got used in lewd ways by his overactive imagination.  He thought about worshipping Talon but the image of getting down on his knees to pray only served to heighten his excessively stimulated body when the thought of taking Rico with him to the temple occurred a well.  His mother!  Thinking of his gentle, honest-working mother was the only thing that sent his libido shuddering away from the edge of release and humbled it into giving him a few seconds of rational thought in which to listen to Rico\'s needs (and marginally ignore his own).

He did his best to calm down and look into the Greek\'s eyes while he attempted to listen.
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Between Rico\'s panted breaths, he tried to speak, only to find his tongue was made of heavy jelly, unwilling to move and make coherent sounds other than "nnhg" and other similar, untranslatable things.  His eyes were fluttering, barely open, and he managed to look at Matthew.  Quick... His body was not responding quick, a sensory overload with everything happening to his nervous and body and...

Rico instead moved, shifting so their fronts were not so plastered together, one of his hands grabbing Matthew\'s, pulling it out from around them and putting it between them.  Rico guided the hand the best he could while keeping his up and down and clenching motions all in rhythm, which was difficult with how long it had been, and he managed to get Matthew\'s hand on his ignored erection.

Hopefully that was enough of a hint, because Rico couldn\'t talk, another moan rolling from his lips just to mock him, he was sure.  The release was coming, and he was more than looking forward to it, one of the only comprehendable thoughts in his brain.
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Having his hand put on something that felt equally as hard and eager as he was feeling right then smashed away all his polite ponderings and put him right back where he\'d started; rapidly climbing a ladder to the heavens so that he could leap off it.  He moaned in time with Rico - and again when his lover wasn\'t, for it seemed he was making a lot of noise, lost in this overwhelming situation as he was - and closed his eyes, not sure whether his head should lean back or forward, seeking blindly for kisses but having no ability to do anything about getting them if his lips didn\'t happen to fall on something he could kiss.

With his final connection made and his restraint left in tatters, Matthew surrendered to the build once more and let it consume him.  His skin tautened and tingled, his body gathered itself and then every bit of anxiety and awkwardness exploded out of him in one powerful shot and a few extra bursts as well.  He was left feeling giddy and blissful, warm (in a way that had nothing to do with the water) and light.  His hand kept moving - with a little more focus and purpose, now that he wasn\'t so distracted by his own mounting climax - and he sighed, slowly becoming more aware of his body, finding himself still tingly but also very shaky, wobbled to bits by the power of it.

He didn\'t speak yet, but there was a broad grin on his face and one thought kept going through his head; what an idiot he\'d been to think himself experienced before this.
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When he felt filled (it had been so long, but he recognized it still, and relished in it), Rico let his forehead rest against the crook of Matthew\'s shoulder, breathing hard, heart fluttering.  He kept his torso bent as his up and down motions slowed, stopped, allowing for room for Matthew\'s hand to finish.  Without having to split his concentration any more, Rico could just let go.

A cry left his lips as he came, arms wrapping tighter around Matthew, eyes squeezed shut.  Rico himself was shaking.  How long had it been since he had actually trembled after the act?  Rico did not care to think about it, his whole body tired and feeling like it was full of lazily twinkling stars.

Sagging against Matthew, Rico nuzzled his head further against his tan neck, giving a satisfied "mmmmm" noise, giving a kiss.

Rico didn\'t want to move.  He probably should, he should probably disengage, something, wash, he didn\'t know.  His brain was up in the clouds, and that was perfectly fine.  This whole game of cat and mouse had ended much better than Rico could have ever anticipated, and he was enjoying the aftermath.
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As they both lay there, collectively learning to breathe and - eventually - think again, Matthew slid lower and lower in the tub so that they were better submerged and the warmth he was feeling inside could ensconce his outside as well.  Of course, after a time filled with further soft touches, blissful sighs and murmurs of not-really-words-at-all aroused by kisses placed where lips fell, even that warmth began to fade and the cold of the environment to set in.

"We should get out.  Water\'s gone cold," he announced airily, his tone indicating that nothing could really bother him right now - least of all a bit of cold water - but he felt compelled to act somehow.  He gave Rico\'s strong, muscular body a squeeze, feeling decadent and spoiled by the fact that he\'d been allowed to stay inside this man\'s beautiful body until he slid out (which had only just happened), as well as hold him.

The quiet of his thoughts and the mellowness in his body had led him to a rather startling conclusion while he\'d lain there; he loved Rico.  Everything about the man was exciting, exhilarating and wonderful, he wanted to spend every moment he was awake in the man\'s presence and every moment he slept wrapped up in his arms.  He couldn\'t imagine a day in the future where he didn\'t want to see his adored face, hear his exotic accent, taste his lips and feel his body.  It was unconventional because he was a man, yes, but he wasn\'t about to fight these feelings (except before his parents... the thought of telling them how he felt about Rico caused an internal shuddering and a shying away from pursuing such thoughts).

He didn\'t know if or when it was appropriate to express such feelings but he thought he would at least wait until the morning - so Rico couldn\'t accuse him of being addle-headed from losing his virginity and also so he could give him some time to work out some sort of poetic phrasing.  Matthew had never told anyone besides his parents that he loved them, after all, and he wanted it to sound special; not just something he blurted out as they got out of the tub, for instance.  "Can we sleep together?" he asked, trying not to sound worried but wanting to secure Rico\'s presence by his side for at least the rest of this night (if not every night afterwards).
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"Mmmmm." Rico thought about moving, and rather liked just lying there, submerged, in Matthew\'s well toned armed.  It was nice.  But, all nice things had to end, like when suddenly he was no longer filled, an empty space where Matthew had been.  That helped spur his movements, or at least his thinking about moving, Rico taking a deep breath with his eyes mostly veiled.

It was so relaxing, the aftermath, but he had to move.

And then the question came.  A smile, completely honest, hiding nothing, tugged at the corners of Rico\'s lips, spreading them into a handsome bow.  It would be nice, to sleep in the same bed as someone after that.  It wasn\'t something he was used to.  Rico\'s mind was too much in a haze to think of the time he had slept with someone after the act, so he merely nodded, still smiling, before forcing himself to get up.

Rico shivered when he came full out of the water, and he quickly set to drying himself off, and wrapping the towel around himself to try to hold in some semblance of warmth.  It was futile, considering the size of the towel, but it was at least an attempt.  Rico either wanted to get by the fire in the kitchen, if it was still going, or under the covers of his fluffy bed, shivering it into warm coziness.  And with Matthew there....

The young Retainer was the type to snuggle, so they would be warm again in no time.  Rico looked forward to it.

This was definitely a healthy step forward.