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Title: Training in Moonlight
Post by: Seragil on May 11, 2008, 07:51:39 PM
Istaunval yanked the dagger out of the figure's chest and watched with satisfaction as it dissolved into dark mist before him. He was proud of the amount of skill he had used to create and dispatch his opponents. The shadows he had sent out against himself were just as skilled as he and extremely dedicated to their goals, they had existed for one purpose and one purpose only. To kill him. No doubt the masters would say what he had done was foolish and reckless in the extreme, shadow warriors were not toys, once created nothing stopped them but destruction or completion of their tasks. One was bad enough, but he had made six. But then he was use to shadow warriors, he had used them long before he had come to the academy and he needed to push his limits. He was level one now and needed to prove himself. The lower levels were fine to keep to ones self and just do the work, but now he needed to stand out, to be noticed. Now was the level to find a master, a mentor, a tutor. True, like all students he had been under the Masters eyes since he had entered the academy. But unlike them he hadn’t been a child when he had entered and his starting skills had been equal to a level fours, but he had insisted on going through all the stages, to practice and hone skills he had previously neglected or over looked. A thief didn’t need to know sword play, didn’t need more then the basics of magic and alchemy. Though in truth he had known more then the basics of both when he had entered. His tastes, skills and interests had always been eclectic, the academy had now made them even more so. Still, if he wanted to advance further, to be the best he could be, to get the hell out of these walls. He needed to attract a Masters attention. To find a mentor. bur even more then a mentor, he needed to widen his contacts, to get to know people, to make friends.

He felt at home amongst the shadows of the training rooms, the quiet and darkness offered him peace from an otherwise noisy and stressful day. He sighed in pleasure as he sheathed his daggers in the belt around his hips, the work out had been good and he couldn’t help but be pleased with his performance. Creating 6 shadow opponents and defeating them was no easy task. Of course members of Cruori would disagree and say creating opponents from your own mind was a waste of time since they would have to be controlled by you and do as their creator wanted. But Cruori didn’t know shit about true mind discipline, they knew weapons and physical fitness, but the world was so much more then what one could see and touch. The mental discipline needed to create one shadow warrior and to keep it separate from your own conscious and subconscious was phenomenal in itself. True they had to be created with an intent, a purpose, but once done the creator had no control over them all he became was the energy needed to keep the shadows active, his strength was their strength and they constantly feed and drained it, hence why most only ever did one. He had just made and defeated six.

He chuckled softly to himself wiping the perspiration from his brow and sweat slicked body. Coming to the academy was the best thing he had ever done, it had become his home. The constant pressure to perform and master his skills was exactly what he needed; it’s the exact kind of training his parents would have given him if things had been different. He grinned wryly to himself at that thought. No his parents would not have chosen this training for him, nor this life, but then they really had no say in the matter, and things were how they were. He certainly had no regrets. His grin widened at that statement his purple eyes glowing softly in amusement. So okay, maybe he had a few, still. His life was pretty good.

Still smiling to himself he re drew one of his daggers and examined it in the  moonlight that filtered through the dark rooms, the runes on the blade glittered in the darkness, sending a fine shimmer of arcane blue light up its length. The rune work was exquisite and his own. With eyes glittering he spun in a tight circle , his gleaming white hair fanning out, his body tight yet fluid as he released and threw the dagger, his target and aim perfect. The blade spun end over end through the darkness and sunk into the wooden pillar just behind the shoulder of the person who had been watching him through out the practice. “Who are you, what do you want?” he asked the shadowy figure, his voice soft and velvety as it carried across the  darkned room.
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Post by: Mira on May 12, 2008, 01:17:05 PM
Acrynoth had watched the Drow intently as he combated the shadow constructs, basic magic as far as he was concerned, but he was still somewhat impressed, this Drow definitely had potential. Potential is what Acrynoth sought right now, as well as those willing to assist him, and this Drow could be both.

It was aparent to Acrynoth that the Drow had placed himself in high standards, possibly over confident in himself and that could possibly play into his hands. Anyone with ambition could be manipulated, anyone with any sort of goal in life could be driven to the point where they would do anything to achieve it. Acrynoth knew that as well as anyone. He had been decided to his goal of whiping his enemies off of the face of the planet for thousands of years; this Drow was a potential tool.

He could see it now...The Drow, infilitrating the lair of his enemies, destroying them without any problem, and returning to Acrynoth victorious; not without rewards of course. Acrynoth would reward faithful behavior with something...that something was not always pleasant though.

His enemies had lived a long time as well, many did not know the danger that they faced, but they knew that something haunted them. The elves had lived a long time as well, several generations spanning between the first generation and this new, ignorant one. They would all die, slowly and painfully...That is what he wanted.

The humans, even more pathetic then the elves. They bred like rabbits and he had a hard time tracking them all down; that is where this Drow would come in handy. He and others that Acrynoth would recruit in his wild revenge schemes.

Those humans, the ones that so long ago had killed his family, had escaped him in death, but they left behind their family to face the wrath of an angry and powerful lich; one bent on their destruction.

Moving slightly, he would begin to approach the Drow, his sword Soul Eater held firmly in his right hand as he leaned against it - and while he walked, a faint click would be heard when it touched the stone ground of the academy floors. As he turned to face the Drow through the shadows, a dagger struck the pillar next to him, and he knew he had found his man.

With one swift motion he removed the blade from the wooden pillar and held it in his hand, examining it closely. Fairly well made, decently balanced; he hefted the blade, and then held it between two of his clawed fingers, the hilt held upwards, and tapped it against his shoulder. A moment later his flicked his wrist and the blade flew through the air to land at the Drow\'s feet.

"I am Azij, and I have a proposition for you my friend..." From the shadows his voice would seem dark, gloomy, and a bit raspy, and as he stepped forward, his figure appearing clearly in the shadows, the Drow would be faced with a very tall and well built Draconian, who smiled down upon him, "I doubt you\'ll be able to refuse it."
Title: Re: Training in Moonlight
Post by: Seragil on May 13, 2008, 01:11:05 PM
IstaunVal looked down at the dagger thrumming between his feet and crouching removed it from the floor with a swift pull. He raised his eyes and watched the figure before him as he stood up. His eyes narrowed as the rather tall guy stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself. IstaunVal had never seen him before and was sure he was neither a Master nor a Tutor nor was he a fellow student. Which left three interesting questions, who/what was he, what did he want and how had he gotten into the academy.

The mans opening speech left IstaunVal with an eyebrow raised in amusement and unable to help himself he grinned as he sheathed his dagger “You would be surprised at what I could refuse…friend.” He replied “ So. Azij” he tilted his head slightly, his eyes glittering as he appraised the man before him, his fingers sliding up and down the sheath of his dagger “ Tell me of this…proposition”

Azij was setting off all kinds of alarm bells in IstaunVal’s head, the guy could not be trusted, he was dangerous and there was something…off putting about him. But he had worked with people he didn’t trust before, the trick was to keep it professional, make the terms of service clear and precise with any rewards or payments known and agreed upon and always, always have alternative plans, attacks and counter attacks. And if somewhere down the track there was even a hint of a double cross, eliminate them.
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Post by: Mira on May 13, 2008, 10:45:39 PM
"I am in need of an assassin or two, and by what I\'ve seen you are quite good a what you do," Azij stated clearly as he began paceing back and forth slowly, "You are a level one student are you not? That means you are close to becoming an apprentice - very good I say."

Azij could sense that this Drow did not trust him, but that was alright, he would not even trust himself, but he would have to win his trust if he would ever complete his goal; even if it meant taking on an apprentice or two himself, he would eliminate those who had wronged him so long ago.

Stopping his pacing and spinning to face the Drow he continued, "I have a fairly large ammount of enemies and they need to be destroyed," Azij stated as he clenched one powerful fist. "I will not allow them to survive any longer, and the masters are to busy to do anything, and an apprentice is not really available. Would you be willing to work for me?"

Azij knew the rules of the academy well, the Drow would not be allowed to leave, but for Azij that would not be a problem. He could easily get this Drow out of the Academy and near his target, this would work out wonderfully if he accepted, but then he thought to himself...

This Drow will want a reward...

There is nothing that Azij wouldn\'t give to see his enemies destroyed. This was working perfectly!
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Post by: Seragil on May 15, 2008, 11:45:43 PM
AstaunVal listened intently as  Azij paced before him, his proposal was an interesting one, but there was one problem. He had no intentions of leaving the academy at this time. His one goal; well, one of many for nearly a century was to find and join the academy, during that time he had amassed a small fortune and therefore needed no cash, he was a great thief, spy and merchant and had no need to prove himself further in those areas, all in all he doubted Azij had anything to offer that he would want, not in monetary regards anyway. Still listening, he went and sat on a crate as Azij stopped pacing and faced him.

”Azij, I can sympathise with your predicament. Qualified assassins are few and in high demand and the Masters only ever offer themselves for hire on extremely rare occasion. But, as you said, I am still only a student and to be frank I have no intentions of leaving the academy. I looked for this place too long just to throw it away now. You have waited for revenge for this long, you can either wait a little longer till I can officially leave and therefore are able to be hired, or you can find someone else” he said with a small smile playing along his mouth, he could tell Azij would not like that, but tough really, IstaunVal had no qualms working for someone, but as he didn’t really need them it would be his way or the high way. He watched Azij and decided to push it a little further

“also if we are to work together, what is in it for me, more importantly, what can you offer that I’d want?" He flicked his eyes up to Azij\'s and captured his gaze "and if we are to work together there is one thing I will insist on that is non negotiable and that is honesty. if I ask a question you will anser it or tell me its none of my concern, if i disagree we will stop working together, you of course will get the same privilege in return. Is this agreeable? If not you may as well return from where ever it is you came from and stop wasting both our time"
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Azij smiled and held his right hand out in front of him, “There is no reason to leave the academy. You would work only at night, and only when you are available.” Azij moved his fingers slightly and the space at the end of his fingers slip and a small hole opened, “You see, I have no need for you to leave, you will be taken to where you need to be and then you will be returned here before anyone even misses you.”

He clenched his fist and the gateway snapped shut, and then he fixed his eyes upon those of the assassin, “I am not an unreasonable person; you will of course have my honesty as there is nothing that I need to keep from you. You of course will be directed to my good friend Mai if I am not around, she can contact me and I will come.”

It was apparent to him that the Drow was interested; he did not need to read his mind to see that. Anyone of this nature would be interested…and Azij was a reasonable person, the Drow made no unnecessary requests.

Azij began pacing again, “If rewards are what you want. I am capable of offering you limitless options of anything you wish, and I might be able to influence some of the officials of the academy in your favor, but we will have to see about that.”

“The offer is open, if you doubt anything, now is the time for questions.”
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IstaunVale stood up as the small hole opened up in front of Azij’s hand, the arcane act automatically drawing the drows curiosity, magic, rare magical items and weapons were the only things that enticed him with a touch of greed. The use such skill as portals and travelling through them could be put to and the advantage they offered to a thief and an assassin was not lost on him. He listened with renewed interest to Azij but sighed softly as the creature finished, for creature he had guessed Azij to be, the way he walked and talked just wasn’t human enough. Not to the eyes of someone who survived on their perception skills.

“Azij, your offer interests me. I cannot and will not deny it, but” he turned and casually sat back down on he crate so that he wouldn’t be seen as threatening or aggressive, just someone negotiating, which he was, kind of.” I am not leaving the academy, not until my training as a student is finished. Not through us of portal, wormhole, rune or any other arcane art. You are arrogant indeed if you think the Masters wouldn’t know, not that that is the reason for my refusal to do this. Its just as I said, I worked too hard to get this far and I am happy where I am at this moment. As for this...Mai of yours” stopping he raised his narrowed violet coloured eyes in an attempt to capture Azij’s gaze with his before continuing “ I will be directed nowhere and answer to no one but myself. I am no ones underling. You are a prospective client, I am a soon to be assassin for hire, not a lackey nor a servant. Here are the terms”  

Standing up he takes a few steps forward and draws a dagger as a shimmer of pale silvery runes appear in the air in front of him. Taking the dagger he pricks a finger and flicks his blood at the shimmering runes. They disappear and in their place is the hole Azij had summoned earlier, leading to the exact same place as before. The rune spells ability was impressive but limited; all it did was mimic and summon the last spells effect done in the vicinity. If IstaunVal was to end it now and redo it, all he would get was a set of shimmering silver glyphs in the air. All in all though, the spell was a handy one to know indeed. IstaunVal slowly circled around the small portal studying it before turning ti Azij “ You will teach me how to do this, the ability to summon portals without runes” he said as he ends the spell causing the portal to collapse before him. “ I will not accept this mission before I finish my student training, nor leave these grounds, this is non negotiable. I will deal with you and you alone.” Smiling slightly he went and once again sat on the crate, his fingers laying lightly on his daggers strapped to his thighs “ also, you will teach me any other arcane skill I wish to learn from you. In return, at the end of my training you will have an assassin who will do everything in their power to achieve your goal of destroying your enemies” he smiled confidently at Azij as he raised his hands upwards, palm up “Naturally I need to know who these enemies are before we continue. if my terms are acceptable of course”
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Azij was not surprised by what the Drow had said. He had not expected in full that he would get right to the job, but he had already greatly underestimated Ajiz.

The rune magic the Drown had performed was indeed a nifty trick, but it could easily be countered by any mage who had a clue what he was doing, but simply casting a cantrip after each of their major spells, it could be almost a worthless tactic.

"The ability to create portal’s does not come easy, in fact it took me nearly a hundred years to master it, and that was after I spent many hundreds mastering other arcane magic. It is a very advanced skill and one that…comes naturally to me now.”

Azij took a step back and with his hand outstretched he began pulling the air around them, swirling it around as if they were inside of a tornado until finally he had gathered a great deal of the fog within the training grounds and then forced it into a chair-like structure, and then sat down.

“You might as well start by telling me what you already know of the arcane magics. Without any knowledge you cannot cast these spells, and it will take you a great many years to master the spells I can teach you. Oh, you might as well take a seat as well,” Azij stated as he held his hand out towards the Drow and formed another chair, “this could take a while.”
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He arched a brow as the fog swirled around him and Azij, pulling on his connection to the elements, he could do the same with air, earth, fire and shadow, but fog had way too much water in it for him to manipulate. He had the talent for it but to call an element, to manipulate it, you had to be one with it, and his fear of water was too strong for him to be able to do it. He smiled as Azij took his foggy chair and offered him one as well “ Thank you, but I am comfortable here” he replied as he patted the crate he was sitting on. How far could he trust this creature he wondered himself and knew the answer was for only as long as their was a use for him and Not at all. He sighed softly to himself in resignation, the game was always the same and it was getting old. Still, Azij apparently knew some interesting tricks and arcane knowledge had always been his weak spot.

“as for what I know of the arcane. I know enough to get by. But I certainly don’t know everything. What can you teach me? What are you willing to teach me and can you improve on that which I already know….say, runes, elemental “ he stopped and figuring it was the best time to broach the subject, tilted his head and appraised the figure sitting on fog “But before we continue and in the spirit of honesty, what are you, for I know this form is no more yours then a dwarf is mine”
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As the Drow denied the chair Azij had made for him, he flicked his writst and the fog dispersed back into the air to conceal them from anyone who would be watching, "My knowledge of the arcance is vast, I assume that I could quite easily work with you on your rune magic, or on something else. I can teach you quite a bit, but there are also many things I could never teach you, mainly because you are not nearly powerful enough..."

"and as for what I really am - I tell you... I\'m no dwarf," Azij said with a chuckle as he nudged the ring on his finger, turning a small dial, and as the dial clicked, Azij leaned back.

Slowly, the skin on his arms began to disintigrate, falling away from his body and dissapearing into the air, followed by the muscle and organs, until soon there was only blakc glyph covered blones of the Draconian.

"I am Achrynoth, Lord of Uran\'gar, the city of the dead."
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He sat back in shock as the flesh dissolved from around Azij, revealing the creature for what he was, a lich. The revelation of who Azij really was shocked him even further, leaving him momentarily mentally realing. He had heard of Achrynoth and his city of the dead when he was in the underdark. This changed everything, it was whispered in the underdark that one does not cross Achrynoth and live. IstaunVal raised his left leg onto the crate and rested his check on it as he carefully considered his options, not that there were many. To work for Achrynoth did not necessarily mean you became a slave to Uran’gar but to work so intimately with its ruler that he was teaching you things did, and IstaunVal would never be a slave again. He sighed softy in regret as he lowed his leg and faced the powerful skeleton before him.

“Mighty kaisharga, you do me honour in revealing yourself to me. I thank you, but” He spread his hands apart then let them rest on his lap again “I do not wish to become a subject of Uran’gar, nor a vassal of Achrynoth its dread ruler. But, if I may be so bold” he raised his eyes and looked at the lich with curiosity “Why do you need me or any assassin to accomplish your ends? You are the ruler of Uran’gar, you have an army of the undead at your disposal, not to mention any fool that comes to you hungry for power, why do you not use them to destroy those that have dared cross you?”

Maybe he was being foolish he thought to himself, turning down something like this would be high on the stupid list for some, but he, though young for a longlived race was neither ignorant nor foolish, his life had given him an insight and experience no traditional male drow could ever know. He had riches and a name of his own, he had no need to become someone elses underling. Working under Achrynoth in such an intimate manner would be extremely stupid, the creature could not be trusted, he would either try to own him or kill him once he had no further use for him. Best to keep contact to a minimal and the relationship strictly professional.
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Truly the Drow\'s choice had not all together shocked Achrynoth that greatly, but...there was not much he could do.

"Well, I do not necessarily need other people to do my work for me, it just makes it a lot easier to get rid of more of them faster. I could quite easily use an army of the undead only if they were capable of living above ground. There is an object within my city that keeps them alive without me having to strain my power to control them, kind of a handy little item, but I also do not use power hungry fools because as they are, they are fools."

Achrynoth crossed laid his sword across his lap and folded his hands over it, "You see, they come and they go but none of them can ever do the job correctly. They always are to worried about pleasing me or are worried that if they screw up I\'ll kill them or something that the job actually never gets done. So, I need people like you who are not exactly going to just throw your life away or worry so much that the job never gets done."

As Achrynoth finished his explenation he stood up and faced the Drow, "You will be able to contact me in the future if you wish to change your mind, but until then..."

Acrynoth quickly switched his sword to his right hand, his left hand going around behind his hip and thrusting through as if he were to punch the Drow, but indeed the Drow would be hit with a staggering force of wind compounded with the fog in the area that would send nearly any many flying away or put extremeley off balance.

When the Drow would have a chance to recover Achrynoth would be gone, the traces of a portal lingering in the air as well as a nasty flesh to stone spell for anyone who might consider trying to follow him through the use of runes, but on the ground where the Lich had stood would be a little pouch with a giant skeletal knuckle in it, one that could be used to contact Achrynoth at any time.