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Title: The Comer
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The desert had been a breeze compared to the last few weeks of deep, thick forest surrounding him wherever he went. In the barren desert one could spy miles and miles ahead and during night, as one lay buried beneath the sand, there was no mysterious sounds of animals and other creatures around. The forest was thick and heavy, filled with green to hinder his vision and hide whoever and whatever might be out there and during night trees and bushes were filled with creatures.

Aedus had little experience with the lush environment and as the coast had stretched out before him he’d breathed a sigh of relief. Wind swept cliffs and rough dunes he could handle and thus had begun his trek along the sea, following directions he’d been taught since childhood. Then came the village, the stealing of a boat, the rowing, the crashing, the climbing and finally the sighting of his goal.

There had been very few around outside, even animals, him arriving at the early morning hours and had with little difficulty managed to end up in the entrance hall. The first thing he noticed was that it was far more striking than their own, and scouting around he searched for anyone around.

His white clothes were in need of mending, torn in various places, and a thoroughly wash despite him taking time to wash up a few times during his travel and the last ‘dip in the sea’. Salt had made him uncomfortably sticky, clothing stiff, and Aedus suspected that should he lower his hood his hair would have traces of salt in it too. The pack on his back weighed heavy, his exhaustion visible in the (for those who knew him) uncharacteristic slouch and tired face.

“Anyone awake?” he called out, his voice echoing weakly before disappearing deeper into the halls. Anyone here? Swallowing, resisting the urge to lick his lips because he knew what he’d taste, he glanced around again. It would be a lie to say he wasn’t a nervous right now, not sure what reception he’d receive in this unknown place. Still, his father had sent him here and told him this was the place to go.

He trusted his father, he was never… almost... never wrong, and he wouldn’t be now either. For if he was, Aedus wouldn’t know what to do.
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He played with the pouch that contained the skeletal knuckle through the pocket in his floor length dark blue cloak, rolling the bony artefact around and around with his fingertips as he leaned against the wall of the entrance hall. He was still dressed in the same clothing he had trained in. Black mid-calf leather boots, black leather pants with his knife belt ridding low on his hips, the white sash of his rank laced securely around it. The metal hilts of his throwing knives glittering softly as the tops of them brushed against the hem of his black linen, sleeveless tunic, leaving his arms bare and free. In the centre of the tunic, splayed over his lower chest and abdomen was a large embroidered silver quill, the emblem of House Eruditio. He had stopped here after leaving the combat rooms to gather his thoughts, knowing the shadows he had wrapped around himself would keep him hidden from the eyes of others. How had a lich entered the academy, did the masters know, should he cross Achrynoth and tell them, who was this Mai. Thoughts and questions tumbled through his head, one after the other.

So preoccupied was he that he didn’t notice the entrance of a stranger, not till he breathed in the faint yet pleasant scent of male mixed with the tangy scent of the sea. He opened his purple eyes just as the young man called out, making his presence known. IstaunVal studied the new arrival with interest, the worry over Achrynoth momentarily forgotten, as he took in the torn clothing, haggard look and salt encrusted appearance of the stranger. The guy seemed forlorn, lost and worried. He debated with himself whether or not he should let his presence be known or to let the fellow make his own way. He smiled to himself and dissolving the shadow spell around him he stepped forward.

“Greetings and welcome” he said with a slight nod of his head, his eyes alight with wry humour and curiosity, his unbound shoulder length white hair framing his face, a sharp contrast against his dark skin and purple eyes “ This is the academy, there is always someone awake…somewhere. I am IstaunVal’Imar…” he stopped as he realised the person before him was a drow or at least half drow. Half, full, whatever, it didn’t matter, drow was drow, caution was necessary He narrowed his eyes in suspicion as he studied his fellow countryman, the iris of his eyes glowing a soft lavender as his fingers slid up and down the length of the dagger at his hip.

“Who are you?” he asked the stranger softly
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There was little which surprised Aedus, or rather, he was surprised every now and then for various reasons but there was seldom anything surprising enough to create a major reaction from his person. Neither did this surprise. Within the confines of his chest his heart had tried to leap up his throat, but outside he simply turned his head in direction of the speaker.

He’d missed his presence, failed to notice another person enter an empty room, and a part of him (the part that forever would be a student) almost felt ashamed. The exhaustion and the reason for him being here over shadowed anything small blunders from his part.
Something that didn’t go unnoticed was the change in the other’s approach, the cut short sentence and change in the air. Dark eyes spied to where the other stopped, hesitant only for the shortest of moments before he bowed forward. Hands moving to press against the upper part of his thighs for support, backpack pressing up against his neck.

A drow. It’s a drow.
"I beg you, stay your hand." He finally spoke, voice steady and almost loud in the silence that had settled between the two of them. Keeping his head down, eyes closing, he repeated the phrase he’d spoken so many times. “I am Aedus Tahtahl from the Zabizah desert and I serve the good master Zazaar, grandmaster of the fourth house of the elemental Academy. I come in his place.”
That was often enough to appease those he’d met on his missions when he’d gone alone, where people glared and feared and mistrusted him only for the fact that he was part drow. Only two times had he met another drow himself, the second time had been enough for him to know that he was no more worthy as a person in the eyes of a drow than that of a human.
Finally the gathering of blood in his head started to make his vision swim and despite knowing it wasn’t the correct Aedus had to stand up straight again. A small stumble and he had to readjust the weight of his body with a step to the side, soon enough finding his balance once more. It was shameful how weak a state he was in. Pushing down the hood from his face, hearing the cloth object, he looked back towards the other.
“I seek... any grandmaster...”
Despite stating his business a part of him hoped to just find a bed, wash up, eat, rest and catch his breath before having to face anyone. He’d been traveling for weeks, surly it could wait another day, but maybe he was needed to report straight away. Aedus didn’t know much about this academy or it’s guidelines.
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He listened carefully to Aedus’ speech,  his eyes ever watchful for any hint of an attack, it wouldn’t have surprised him in the least if his grandmother had tracked him down and sent someone to take care of him. First a Lich King now a fellow drow. He doubted fate had such a sense of humour. Still Aedus didn’t seem like a killer sent from his darling grandmamma, his demeanour was all too soft, too…human, neither was something that bitch would allow.

It was the blank indifference in Aedus’s eyes as he straightened up that stabbed him in the heart. Not the arrogant indifference one usually used as a shield but the blank empty one, the one that was used when all you expected was to be looked down upon, pushed aside, the one used when you expected nothing else from others except derision and abuse over something you had no control over, for the colour of your skin, your hair, the shape of your eyes. For being drow; for not being full drow. He knew what it felt like, the taunts, the insults, the sneers. Shame filled him as Audes stumbled and recovered before him. Gods, he could be such an asshole.

“Aedus…forgive me” he said as he bowed before him, his hand over his heart, his other hand free and open at his side. “ I am IstaunVal’Imarriia, a level one student here at the academy” he straightened and once again took in the exhausted appearance of the stranger before him and decided to try and make things right
“You’ll have to forgive me but I know nothing of your academy nor much of Zabizah” except he thought to himself that it was an entrance to a drow city. “I know of a couple of Masters that might still be awake”

What should he do? He raked his hand through his hair as he considered the situation. He could take him to the mission room where Master Airis liked to hide, in fact he wanted to go see the Master anyway and apply for a job at the mission desk. Still Aedus was barely standing on his feet and who knew how long Airis would keep him. He could take him to the guests wing but at this hour it would take awhile to get a room ready and anyway, the guest rooms sucked.

“Which would you like? I can take you to them now or to make up for the insult I offered you, I can offer you the use of my room, it has a bath, food and a bed, or if your message is urgent you can forgo sleep and go straight to the Masters after you have bathed and eaten” he grinned as he took another look at Aedus’ clothing “I can also offer you some spare clothes if you like. Which ever you choose, I am at you service”
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The name was a mouthful and though he would remember the name he was unsure how he\'d be able to a[FONT=\'Verdana\',\'sans-serif\']dequately [/FONT]pronounce it, with that thought dark eyes sweapt over the new face to memorize as much as possible so he\'d be able to recognize the other. If not being drow would be enough. Aedus was sure that he’d have a hard time forgetting the face before him, it was far from bland, and should they spend more time together on he’d take some time to steal a few more glances.
The other seemed to echo his previous thoughts, choosing between a chance to rest up or immediately head of to somewhere and meet a master. And it was with relief the half-drow realized the other had on some level accepted him as a… visitor? He was at least not viewed as an enemy.
Resisting the urge to bow once more, not sure his head could take another rush of blood without him dropping to the floor in some ungraceful and undesired way, Aedus offered the other a faint smile instead. Thankful.
"I do not wish to impose… But would appreciate a chance to rest and wash up." He replied, having decided that it would be best to clean up and catch his breath before presenting himself to a grand master. His message could wait for a short time. Letting his eyes drop to the floor he continued, voice a little lower "I humbly accept your offer, IstaunVal…Imarriia." And looked back up, shoulders relaxing, and a look of relief passing over his face.
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IstaunVal smiled as Aedus tried out his name for the first time. IstaunVal’Imarriia was a mouthful and no denying it, IstaunVal’Imarriia Zau Auvry’ana   was even worse.

“Please, I usually go by Istaun or Val…” He was going to continue but figured now really wasn’t the time to get into the shady by blow of drow etiquette and name choosing. He turned and gestured up he hallway, indicating hey should start heading that way “And you aren’t imposing, I offered after all”

He quickly checked out Aedus without the hood and couldn’t help but notice that even tired and travel worn the elf was very good looking, his human heritage only adding to his looks. He also liked the way his oceanic hair style gave him a sort of rakish carefree kind of appearance. The corners of his mouth twitched as a smile tugged at his lips at the sight of the salt encrusted spikes. He turned and walking forwards opened his mouth to speak then closed it again, unsure on what to say. although he liked talking to people socialising was not one of his strong points, he flicked his eyes in a quick glance at Aedus concerned for the guys level of exhaustion. “ Umm Aedus…are you going to be able to manage the flight of stairs to my room?” he cringed mentally as the inane question slipped from his lips, he should have just kept quiet. He ground his teeth in frustration at himself and his simpering social skills as he told himself mentally to shut up and to just stick to thievery and killing, talking apparently took a skill that was beyond his abilities. He stopped walking and indicated the stairs to the right of them, it was a long nine flights walk up to his rooms

The truth was he was also nervous, in he years he had been in the Academy this was the first time he had actually bothered to engage someone in a totally social capacity. He usually kept himself aloof and only ever mingled with people during classes and training. Chit chatting was never something he did nor had he ever invited anyone to his rooms before. He was in uncharted waters and was unsure how he was meant to proceed.
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Aedus moved to follow as the other started up the stairs, wasting no energy on trying to think on how far or high they\'d have to climb as it didn\'t matter for what choice did he have should the destination either be the next floor or the last floor. Dark hands rubbed together, almost as if trying to wring the dryness off them, palm of his hands pushing against each other until friction warmed up his fingers just as he paused a few stairs beneath the other. Lifting his head to gaze up at the first drow, and one of few strangers, who didn\'t brush him off as some dirt stuck to their boot.
Glancing back to his hands the half drow noted a faint shaking, hastily lowering both arms and let hands hang loosely if only to preserve some energy. Unknown to both of them neither were of any greater social capacity, though Aedus had been schooled to act formally correct and thus in uncomfortable situations were he found himself wanting to crawl away into a shadow turned stiff and formal and not particularly interesting to be around. Right now he felt all too tired to mind the fact that he didn\'t know this person or whatever feeling or emotions IstaunVal’Imarriia might stir within him.
So he smiled again, an unguarded smile of appreciation that the other would care enough for him to ask if he\'d manage (for whatever reason there was).
"We will find out." he replied softly, not finding the thought of him having to be carried or assisted up the stairs like some damsel a pleasant one, and gave a short nod. A part of him wanted to point out that he was stronger than he looked but figured that should he stumble at some point staying silent right now would save face then.
"You lead and I will follow, your kindness has already lightened my burden." It perhaps sounded a bit cheesy, but it made it no less true as the promise of rest and knowing he\'d managed eased his mind and the strain in his muscles.
"Do not worry about me."
And he was ready to follow the other, unconsciously licking his lower lip but realized what he\'d done as the taste of salt briefly washed over his tongue.
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He stopped climbing he stairs when he realised Aedus wasn’t moving and turned to see if he was okay only to see Audus staring at his hands which he quickly hangs at his side as if to hide them. IstaunVal narrowed his eyes as he considered taking the couple of stairs down to Aedus and offering him help or support up the long climb. Consideration for others wasn’t something IstaunVal was known for and he didn’t know why the appearance of this young drow seemed to make him want to change  His body moved, making those miniscule movements needed to shift his wait to take that first step down when he stopped. If he was Aedus would he want his help? The answer he knew was no. For no other reason then pride, so he stopped and when Aedus looked back up at him and smiled, he smiled back in reassurance. Aedus’ unguarded smile wasn’t something he was used to seeing, most smiles were a front, a cover for something more sinister.

Once Aedus was ready he turned and continued to climb, setting a steady constant pace. He figured if he went too slowly the climb would take forever and if he did it too fast it may push an exhausted body over the edge. So he kept it easy and his senses tuned to the man behind him, ready to turn and catch him or give support if the climb turned out too hard for a body that seemed to have been pushed to its limit.

“Almost there Aedus” he said as they climbed the last flight, His room was just up the hall from the stairway. He stopped at the top and waited for him “ Come on, its just over there” he smiled at Aedus as he indicated the door just up the hall “Lets get that bath running” Saying that he took the few steps to his room, opened the door and entered leaving the door open for Aedus.

The front room was finely furnished with wooden inlaid flooring, leather couches, thick rugs, mahogany tables and along the walls bookcases filled with books. His rooms were more like a suite then a students room and had cost him a pretty penny indeed, but it was money well spent in his opinion. He went to the bathroom were the sound of running water and wisps of steam were quickly apparent.
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By the time they\'d reached the end, where the drow finally stopped climbing further up the stairs and headed down the hall, Aedus legs felt like they were on fire. A ache flaring through his thighs and calves which surprisingly numbed down as soon as he paused at the end of the stairs, stealing only the time if a heartbeat or two to rest. He silently wondered if the other expected him to say anything in reply at the encouraging words but as he entered through the open door he\'d come to the conclusion they were just encouraging words, and he there really wasn\'t much to say. Not right now.
Well inside he watched the other move about, disappearing through a door, and took the liberty of sliding off his backpack. It fell heavily to the floor and he pushed it close to the wall, shutting the door behind them and using his foot to move the pack, where it\'d be least in the way. With a sigh and after stretching his stiff back he glanced around the room, brown eyes almost black wandered over the furniture and items about, yet he refrained from moving about and exploring more closely. Such was not how one should thank another, through indulging ones own curiosity and invade their privacy.
Deciding he couldn\'t be standing like a lost pup Aedus started removing a few of his belongings from his person. No longer was the scimitar needed, or the belt strapped tightly around his waist, so he mindfully piled them on top of his pack. Next came the bracers around his wrists and the wrist knife, the arms of his sweater objected silently as cloth stiff with salt wrinkled as he moved.
Finally with all left on his body being his clothes, the pale attire of his academy, he headed over to where the other had disappeared to and stepped in through what could only be described as a wall of warmth.
"Your place is very nice." he commented, liking the fact that it wasn\'t bare like his own room, though he couldn\'t really compare. His own room was just a small bedroom and he\'d never upgraded, mainly because he had no need or desire too. Still, he greatly appreciated time he spent in his fathers quarters or other places with a comfortable and safe air around it. Cared for, warm and inviting. Such as this.
"I placed my things by the door." And he leant somewhat against the bathroom wall, the sudden warmth making his eyelids feel heavy. "I have never met a drow..." I\'d seldom met any specie "...this kind to a stranger." To me at least "You were not raised among drow?"
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The water was warm and soothing against his fingers as he trailed them through the swirling liquid. He could hear Aedus in the other room, the close of the door, the soft metallic clang of weapons and equipment being stripped from the body and laid to rest against floor and wall. He felt bad for just leaving him like that but he needed a little time to gather himself. The guy made him nervous. In his old life if he had been interested in someone he would sleep with them and move on. His lifestyle wasn’t set up for sharing; he had lived a solitary existence and had preferred it that way. But his life was different now, he wanted it different.

He felt him enter the bathroom and his soft-spoken words wrapped themselves around him, the mist and steam were not helping the situation at all. He lifted his face up to see Aedus, his eyes glinting a light lavender through the steam like small purple flames as he answered his question” No…I was born on the surface, my mother and myself were tucked away and hidden so as not to embarrass my esteemed father” he stopped when he realised how bitter his words sounded and frowned “ Forgive me, I didn’t mean for it to sound like that. “ he smiled softly and continued” My father loved me and my mother but…she was full drow and came from a very high family who’s history was drenched in the blood of my fathers people and I…” he chuckled wryly as he looked down at his dark hands and flipped them over “ I was born too dark and look too much like her kind to be accepted by the grey elves” he flicked his gaze back to Aedus’” I was not fit to be an elven princes son, nor drow enough for my grandmother whose line is as noble and royal as any elf. But they loved me; my father and mother as much as they loved each other.”

He stood and unable to stop from touching him, rested his hand on Aedus\' shoulder, his eyes searching the almost black ones of the man before him ” I am not always kind Aedus, my personality like my heritage is mixed. But I know what it is to feel alone and surrounded by strangers, to be judged by my appearance and not the person I am. You are welcome here for as long as you wish to stay” he smiled as he removed his hand, his fingers sliding over and off of Aedus. The touch wasn’t made to imply or seduce but was made out of a need to just touch, to connect. “Bathe, there are towels and a couple of spare robes on the shelves at the back of the room. I’ll get your room and food ready and some spare clothes. Soap, oils and stuff are in the cabinet beneath the towels. Enjoy, we can continue to talk when you are done if you like” He slipped out of the room and shut the door quietly behind him.

He sighed and closing his eyes leaned his back against the door. He couldn’t help but wonder at himself, he had just told Aedus more about himself then he had told anyone except the master who interviewed him for acceptance into the academy, what was it about Aedus that made him want to open up to him, to share, to even care for that matter. Smiling in self amusement he pushed off from the door and crossed the floor to the table in the middle of the room. All lower level students had to eat at the mess hall, but level one’s and higher could order food for their rooms due to their study requirements. He picked up a pale blue pyramid shaped crystal and speaking into it placed an order to the kitchen. The kitchen was always open and the food wouldn’t be too long in arriving. There should be enough time for Aedus to have a good long soak and wash while he got the spare room ready. He replaced the stone and crossing the room stopped before Aedus’ pack and equipment. Should he play maid and take the stuff into the spare room or would Aedus take exception at his stuff being touched. Unsure on how to proceed he went to the bathroom and knocked before opening the door a crack “Aedus would you like me to put your stuff in your room, or would you prefer me too leave it alone till you are done?” With his hand still on the door knob he closed his eyes and rested his forehead on the door as he waited for the reply.
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It surprised Aedus how natural it seemed for the other to share his past with him, surprising because the character he\'d expected from someone of his kind living among other people wouldn\'t have been this open. The half-drow knew first hand and had learned over time the views on drow and even being half, such as he was, with such obvious heritage from his humans side he had none of the fear invoked by the sighting of the dark race but all the distrust and fear. It had left him self reliant and as independent as he could, keeping to himself.
This openness, the sudden touch (which he to his own surprise didn\'t shrug off), left him with a reeling emotion in the pit of his stomach. It was an unfamiliar feeling and he was both relieved and disappointed that the other moved away and left him to his own devises. Those words just now rang true, and those eyes had seemed as if they\'d looked deep within him and his soul. Unnerving. Strange.
Letting out a shaky breath Aedus lifted a hand to rub his forehead, eyes shutting. I know what it is like to feel alone... Right now, he felt very alone.
Shaking his head, chasing any lingering thoughts away, he snapped back to the task at hand and made short work of his clothes. He was soon standing nude before the bath with goose bumps spreading like wildfire across his dark skin, as the contrasting warmth of the air around him met the low temperature of his body. With his head tilted forward he realized, finally realized, that he had reached his destination and the travelling was over. He\'d succeeded. The realization stung in his eyes and at the same time a burden was lifted from his heart, his shoulders.
He smiled.
And the knock had him snap his head in direction of the door, eyes widening for only a second before realizing the other wasn\'t going to burst in nor that this was a illusion to be snapped out of. Once more the other surprised him with such a question, caring enough to ask, and Aedus felt ashamed too think so little of the other that he\'d force his way into the bathroom. Head turning back, he took the time to step into the warm water.
"You\'re free to move it." he replied, seating himself in the water, eyes closing. "It is your quarters." He added as if that sentence would point out the obvious that he was only the visitor and whatever the other decided was fine with him. He was just so tired right now, the warmth of the water seemed to dissolve whatever had let him climb those stairs along with the tension in his muscles. Can\'t fall asleep now, he mentally told himself and began the work of scrubbing away salt and dirt and sweat of his body. I will rest later...
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IstaunVal inhaled deeply as his stomach clenched at the sound of Aedus stepping into the bath, the soft almost intimate sounds of splashing, rippling bath water filled his mind with the imagery of Aedus naked, water slicked, shrouded in steam and the soft glow of candlelight.. He quickly pulled the door closed before he gave into temptation and returned to the jobs at hand. He put Aedus’ pack in the spare room and made his bed before going and getting changed out of his training clothes. He would have liked a bath himself and the time to contemplate the strange night he had had, for truly when it rained it poured,. First he had been approached by a lich and not just any lich but Acrynoth the dread king of Uran’gar, City of the Dead. It was said Acrynoth was not one to mess with and not only had he denied the Lich what he wanted but he now knew there was a spy in the academy that worked for him, someone who in his mind needed finding and watching. But that was worry for another day. He paused in the act of stripping the daggers off of himself as his thoughts returned to Aedus, what was he going to do with him, why did he pull at him so? He sighed and continued to get dressed. He chose a pair of simple black pants and a dark blue shirt with dark purple ties . and even though he was relatively safe in the academy one could never be too sure so he strapped on to arm sheaths  that were covered by the long sleeved shirt. He then pulled out a collection of clothing for Aedus; pants, shirts a couple of cloaks, enough to tie him over till he could get more of his own. Aedus unnerved him a little simply because he pulled at him so, what was it about him, was it simple attraction? He wasn’t sure but he did know he wanted to get to know him better, learn his history, how he was raised, how he coped with being drow and living on the surface, to talk with him. He had just finished putting the clothing in Aedus’ room when there was a knock at the door. Food was here.

Due to the hour all he could order was an early breakfast so the food tray consisted of fresh warm bread, butter, a small pot of honey, fresh fruit and strips of smokey bacon and a pitchers of juice, coffee, sugar and cream. He placed the food on the small table in the centre of the room and then knocked on the bathroom door.

“Aedus, food is here when you are ready”
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The sentence had only just ended as the door was pulled open, revealing a newly washed Aedus with one of the towels he’d found in the bathroom wrapped around his hips. A light flush born from the warmth of the water visible on his dark face, a stripe of soft pink. Hair still wet, only briefly rubbed through with the towel.

His hand, the one not holding up the door, shifted to hold onto the cloth covering his privates. Not one for usually feeling self-conscious he couldn’t help but feel paranoid about it dropping, it was strange yet not worth thinking about further.

“I guess I’ll get dressed then...”

A faint smile ghosted over his lips.
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He stepped back a little as the door was suddenly pulled open in front of him revealing an almost naked Aedus surrounded by a cloud of billowing misty steam. The sight was breath taking; the way the light and misty air played over his body, hiding and revealing his heat kissed skin in a misty peek a boo type show. He let his gaze wonder over Aedus’ body taking in the still damp hair, the soft reddish glow on his face, his broad shoulders and sculptured chest and stomach to stop at the skimpy towel that covered his nether region yet emphasised his hips and legs amazingly. He recognized a body that was used to working hard, a body that was trained as a weapon, a body honed to a sleek predatory type of perfection. He smiled slowly in appreciation as he lifted that heavy gaze back to Aedus’ face. He had underestimated the man before him, he had assumed Aedus was a mage/scholar type; a fit one yes, but still soft. The body before him proved Aedus was anything but.

He noticed the way Aedus almost clutched at his towel and raised an eyebrow, did they guy think he was going to throw him to the floor and ravish him?. a wry smile twisting the corner of his mouth “ There are some clothes in your room, they should tie you over till you can get some of your own” he indicated the room just to the right of Aedus then walked over to a couch and snatching up a rind of melon off of the breakfast tray he sprawled himself across it. He was attracted to Aedus he couldn’t deny it, but he also knew now was not the time to investigate nor act on how he felt, besides it wasn’t just Aedus body that he was attracted to, information and curiosity was a need IstaunVal could never deny, a vice he indulged in whenever he could and one that more often then not got him into trouble.

“ So what is this academy you’ve come from?” he asked as he picked up a knife and started slicing up the fruit. ” and I’m guessing you weren’t raised by traditional drow either?” he flicked his eyes to Aedus, curiosity and speculation glinting in the depths of his lavender eyes. “ You are aware are you not that Zabizah holds an entrance to a drow city? one called Melghym,”
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Nodding, confirming he’d heard and accepted Aedus moved to the room closest to him having assumed it was his and began dressing. Not bothering to shut the door behind him so he could hear and keep speaking to the other. He found the clothes, pulling them on and reveled in the simplicity of clean and whole, dragging his hands over the smooth surface and enjoying the feel beneath his palms.

Realizing it would look like he stood touching himself he shook his head and reentered the main room, for the first time taking time to look around and really take in where he was. The initial impression lasted, it was nice and warm. Like he, still warm from the bath.

“Ah, it’s the elemental Academy…” he answered vaguely, not sure if it would tell the other anything but unsure of what to say. It was what it was, an academy in the desert. Padding over to the food, he hadn’t noticed it until now, his mouth watered and glancing over to the other he plucked some fruit to eat.

“No, I’m not, and I didn’t know but I suppose that makes sense seeing as my biological father was drow and from somewhere around there. I’m originally from a small village close to an entrance to the drow world, that was what Zazaar told me…” and with the mention of his foster fathers name he looked back to the food, frowning.

“Maybe that was the city. How do you know that place, Melghym?”
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He watched Aedus face as the young man replied to his question, enjoying the way the expressions played over his face as he answered; the small frown lines, the slight narrowing of his eyes and the blankness that settled when he mentioned Zazaar and the small silence that followed after. Finishing the slice of melon he pulled a chunk of warm bread off of the loaf and placing some bacon on it, proceeded to eat it, each movement careful and precise. He sat back and considered his answer “Melghym…” Just saying the name invoked dark memories, not of that city since he had never been there, but of another, older, darker drow city. His mothers homeland.. He blinked and clearing his mind focused on the here and now. “ I don’t really know the place at all, I have just heard of it and its location through certain travels of my own for certain personal reasons I like to know as much as possible about my mothers people and where they can access the surface. As for Melghym I hear it is a secluded city, secluded even from its own kind and its people rarely if ever come to the surface.

He flicked his gaze over Aedus, noticing for the first time how well he looked in the clothes “ the clothes look good on you, they suit you very well” he smiled in appreciation before continuing “ and I don’t mean to pry” his smile turned into a grin sharp and filled with amusement “ Ok maybe I do, but curiosity has always been my vice and weakness. You said it was an elemental academy…elemental how? I mean, is it an academy like this one or is it more focused on mage and wizardry, scholarship…what? What do they teach there? I only ask because it took me a long, long time to find this one and thought it was the only one of its kind.” He paused, catching his breath then chuckled softly “ forgive me Aedus, I am a nosey bastard, please sit, eat, make yourself comfortable and tell me to shut the hell up if you like. Or return the favour and ask questions of me. Though I may not answer” he said with a smile and a wink.
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Doing as bid, sitting down, he returned the smile. It felt good to converse with someone once again, and the many questions didn’t bother him at all, as a few weeks of travelling alone might make even the loner long for company. Stretching out his legs and flexing his naked toes, having opted for not putting on any socks, and gave a soft sigh of appreciation. His foster father would’ve shaken his head at this, told him to not let his guard down, but he couldn’t find a reason not to.

Dark eyes looked up from the other’s hands. No, he was always on guard but no more or less than what he’d been if he’d been alone or with his father.

“One’s always free to ask” he let the other know, everyone was free to ask but on the same time he was not obligated to provide an answer. To these questions though he could and would. “I suppose it was much more divided and more in-depth with the magical arts way back. We’re divided by how we work, our abilities and specializations, and what we’re compatible with.” He tried to explain, shrugging once he silenced and hoped the other would understand. The system was sort of the same as here, or at least that was what his master had told him.

“Much like here.” He added, just to make sure, and picked up another piece of fruit. “And it’s smaller than here, I guess, but has been around for quite some time. It’s in the middle of the desert, few people venture there without knowing where to go.” Aedus had never been one to ponder about visitors or why or how about the academy, but for the past weeks he’d thought real hard on what may have happened that night when he…

Blinking he realised he’d silenced, still holding onto the uneatable piece of melon in his hand, and cleared his throat followed by a smile.

“I sorry, I’m tired and not good company. I should be though, considering what you’ve done for me. I am in your debt.” And Aedus marvelled over the fact that one he’d been so certain was drow and would at the best ignore him and send him away had turned out to be the complete opposite. Someone almost like him. “If you ever want something I can give…” he let the promise hang between them, the smile still present, eyes searching those of his new friend.
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He watched and stored Aedus’ facial expressions and body language, the habit now second nature and as natural as breathing. He liked the way Aedus seemed at home and comfortable with his surroundings, the way he seemed to open up to him. Not many people did then again he had never opened up to them either. The sudden worry that flashed over Aedus’ face and the sudden silence as he talked about his home saddened him. Aedus seemed young to have to bare such a burden already, especially for a long-lived surface dweller anyway. Maybe that was what called to him…the need o give Aedus what he never had when he found himself a lone at an even younger age, an ear and shoulder to lean on, someone to call a friend.

He leaned back and waved Aedus comment about being bad company away “ Aedus, you don’t owe me anything and you certainly aren’t obligated to play attentive house guest.” He frowned a little as he considered how he would react if he was in Aedus shoes and couldn’t help but smile wryly almost self mockingly as he admitted if he was Aedus he would look upon all this with high suspicion, wondering what he was up too, what he wanted. “Aedus… I offered you help and somewhere to stay…simply because I could. I don’t know, maybe you reminded me of myself long and long ago” He suddenly grinned rakishly as a mental image of himself at aedus age entered his mind. He was never so…innocent looking as Aedus seemed. Neither inwardly nor outwardly. He was and still is he admitted to himself somewhat of a hellion, always looking and finding trouble. “anyway…I suppose I am offering you friendship with no strings nor any hidden agenda, which for me is something…new and refreshing “ he chuckled softly before continuing  “ my rooms are your rooms, for as long as you wish” He smiled softly and leaning forward a little pushed the breakfast tray forward towards Aedus “ now eat, sleep and later when you awake I will take you to a master. After that…well I’ll be here if you need me, after all; these are your rooms too now. I won’t be too hard to find” he finished as his teeth flashed whitely in a grin.