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Title: Zeus [Chtahzus'aak]
Post by: The Cedar Witch on March 29, 2010, 05:47:45 PM
Name: Chtahzus'aak (shtah-zeus-ahk)
Alias: Zeus.  Most individuals refer to him with this easier-to-pronounce name.
Gender: Male
Species: Demon (shadow)
Age [appearance]: 30ish
Age [actual]: 625, supposedly.  Hints that he is much older.

Domicile: Known as The Block ( on the streets, but he refers to it as his compound.

Magical Items: The Gold Coins of Zagan The Hollow Dagger
Others. (RP-effecting ones will be added, of course)

Hair: His black hair is kept cut close to his head on the sides and back and no more than a few inches long on the top.
Eyes: Black.
Frame: Well-sculpted, standing at 6’ 4” with an athletic build.  He walks as though he should be taller, posture straight and proud. 

Eyes: When in his demon form (as other shadow demons) the black invades the sclera, taking on a soul-sucking intensity that could make anyone feel as though they are trapped.
Horns: Blood red and thick, double horns ( splitting again towards the tips, stretching out as far as they are tall.
Wings: Enormous red bat-like wings that span roughly 10 meters.
Frame: With dark gray skin, he stands at least a few feet taller on cloven hooves with reverse-kneed limbs.  His muscles border on hulk-like. 

Tattoos: The tattoo ( symbolizing his former position as an Oligarch on the left side of his neck has been recently changed.  A horned-demon's head has replaced the dragon's, and bat-like wings have been added.  Those familiar with the Oligarch tattoo will recognize it in spite of the alterations that have been made.
Piercings:  His ears are pierced with some sort of large fang stuck through.

Unable to use his powers in the absence of shadows and is forced to revert to his human form, in which he is physically weaker.  This isn’t too much of an issue for him, however, considering he prefers night over day.  Can be slain if you overpower him in human form.

Previous Occupation/Job: Oligarch for Demons
Current Occupation/Job: District Leader (West)

Awareness of Supernaturals: He has a basic knowledge for all creatures that dwell within the city.

Hobbies: Acquiring ancient/otherworldly books, weapons, and artifacts--some to keep, others to sell.
Likes: whiskey, espresso, succulents, people-watching, being right, strategizing, moving through shadows, signs of respect, flying, dominating
Dislikes: being wrong, strong sunlight, lack of shadows, being told what to do, unexpected events, angels, dark angels, fallen angels

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral / Neutral Evil
Character Strengths:
Character Flaws:

History and Relationships:
Offspring: Saint Sabrina

Brief Background:
Before being pulled from his dimension, Chtahzus'aak was a notable individual with control over several legions of demons.  His connections are extensive and his reputation preceeds him in shadow demon circles.  He was summoned into the city by a greedy man with an impressive fortune, an obsession with the occult, and who desired power.  The man was neither strong or knowledgeable enough to control a demon of such power.  Due to an error in the summoning spell, Chtahzus'aak was unable to return to his plane of existence, and his summoner was killed in the process.  So essentially ripped from his own dimension, Chtahzus'aak was to remain in the city.  He took over this man's valuables and fortune, however, which gave the demon a very good start.

Through a long process of knowing the right people and having excellent leadership skills, Chtahzus'aak eventually came to work for the Oligarchy after the previous Demon Oligarch stepped down.  More often than not, he worked from his compound (the Block) but occasionally he'd work and sleep at the chambers provided to him as an Oligarch.  He was present at most important meetings, save the last one (in the thread "Chaos Theory") having been tied up in something of grave importance. 

Recent History:
After the article about "summoning an ancient demon" appeared in the paper, marking the exodus of Mimic Demons from the City, Zeus appeared to have gone missing for eighteen months, seemingly leaving the demons of the city behind in chaos.  He returned shortly after McCloud invaded the West, and waited while plotting how to take it back.  After carefully meeting with various powers in the city, he went to McCloud to negotiate terms on taking the West back.  The West District is now under his control, but he is plotting justice for the demons who were displaced and slain during McCloud's takeover.

It has been recently learned that during one of his artefact retrievals in London, the witch he bedded produced an offspring--Saint Sabrina.

Roleplay Consent:
Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: No
Title: Re: Zeus [Chtahzus'aak]
Post by: The Cedar Witch on March 25, 2019, 07:29:30 AM
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