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Title: Twenty-five years later...
Post by: pinkroses on June 17, 2011, 05:29:34 AM
It was a warm night, and the streets were busy, filled with people doing late night shopping, going out to clubs, bars, restaurants, meeting friends, dragging along trailing children who should be in bed. But along with those enjoying their well earned (and not so well earned) money, there were those who were out on the streets because they had no where to go. They curled up where they could, in doorways and on benches, bundled up in rags and newspapers.

And it was just as it had been when Sebastian had gone to ground. There were always these contrasts, those on either side of the spectrum. It was heart-wrenching, but that was the way of it and Sebastian knew he couldn’t help all of them, as much as he wanted to.

He’d woken up during the day, but had had to wait until daylight before he could rise, gathering his strength and pushing aside what remaining pain there was in the reason he had hidden himself away and as soon as darkness had fallen he had scrambled out of his hole in the ground, covered in mud and more hungry than he’d ever been before.

But Sebastian had enough mental strength to stop himself from ripping the throat out of the first human he came across. The vampire had made his way home swiftly, relieved to find the house exactly as he’d left it. The décor inside was simple, and it was clean and tidy - before he’d slept Sebastian had hired a woman who had come once a week to pick up his post, sort out anything to do with the house that needed doing, pay bills, fix broken things, update appliances to keep it modern (and leave out manuals where Seb could find them easily) and she had access to one of his bank accounts. Of course, it wasn’t just money spurring her on, Sebastian had planted in her mind that she would have to keep coming and doing her duty, no matter how long it took for him to rise.

Sebastian could have just left it all, but he wanted the house to be nice when he returned and he was pleased to see his key still worked, the electricity came on, there was a TV which looked like it was out of Star Trek complete with a manual on the coffee table, and there was even a plant in the corner which looked like it was flourishing. If she had dipped into his funds for her own purchases on top of the wage he paid her, well, he wouldn’t blame her, she deserved it and he hadn‘t bothered to put in place protections for her not to do so. Lucy had even ensured that there was a bag of fresh blood in the fridge (with a note explaining how the new microwave worked) and Seb drank it quickly, but his thirst was only sated a little. It was only a small bag and pigs blood was not what he was craving.

Sebastian had showered quickly, dressing in simple clothes because he didn’t know what the fashions were and headed out. He still resisted feeding, wanting to enjoy his first proper drink in over twenty years properly and he had initially headed for the mall. After paying attention to those around him, the vampire first of all when to a hairdressers and the long dark curls - still damp from his shower, were lopped off, giving him a more modern look. He’d resisted cutting it for so long, but now he needed a change. This was a new part of his life.

A department store had been the next stop, and Sebastian had paid well to have a personal shopper pick out everything he would need and do it quickly. The credit card Lucy had left out on the coffee table with its instructions worked perfectly. Everything apart from one outfit was to be delivered to his house the next night and Seb was soon out of the mall, dressed in a pair of tightly fitting designer jeans, black boots and a well fitting t-shirt, which had quite a low cut v-neck. The personal shopper had picked out a few items of jewellery, a necklace and a silver bracelet on one wrist and a black leather cuff on the other. His dark hair was spiked in a way which fitted the outfit well (perfected by the shopper before he’d left and earning her a better tip) and it was only a few hours between his rising before he was out on the streets, adapting to how things had changed in twenty five years.

The vampire had stopped briefly in the cathedral, offering up a prayer and thanks for surviving his sleep, but he was now ready to feed.

The young looking ancient stood on the square which had been turned into a pedestrian only area in the past few years, his blue eyes scanning the faces and minds of the people around him.

He didn’t want to have to hide what he was doing from whoever he fed from, so he needed to find someone who knew about vampires - which he knew in this city shouldn’t be too hard - and preferably someone in a pretty good mood. It had been a long sleep and Sebastian wanted to ease into life once again with an enjoyable feed. It was going to be a deep drink, so it had to be someone who hadn’t been fed from for a while. And someone who\'s mind wasn\'t disturbed by drugs... alcohol would be acceptable though.

Other than those specifics, Sebastian wasn\'t fussy. Male, female, old, young, rich, poor. There were just a few details and Sebastian had the patience to wait for exactly what he wanted.

After a while, he found them. Sebastian’s mind touched the perfect candidate and he strolled towards them, reaching out mentally at the same time to give an instruction for them to stop before they left the area, since he hadn’t even seen them yet. He didn\'t want to have to chase them across the city. They would suddenly find they had to stop, perhaps with a desire to look at their watch, hunt for something in their bag or tie their shoelace.

He appeared before the human within seconds, reaching out to lightly touch their shoulder, giving them a warm smile.

“Good evening. I hope I’m not disturbing any plans you have?” he said, his head tilted to one side slightly, a look on concern on his face but his eyes would tell someone looking for it that even if he was disturbing plans, he didn’t care enough to choose someone else. Seb was ravenous and didn\'t want to wait longer than he already had. He may be a Saint, but everyone had a snapping point. He\'d just never found his.
Title: Re: Twenty-five years later...
Post by: Existentially Odd on July 01, 2011, 12:21:52 PM
Dominic looked at the man before him, the smile that had been automatically on his face slowly disappearing as a quiver ran through him.  He realised immediately that he was looking at a vampire, and internal alarm bells began ringing, dimming his good mood, making him want to step back.

He was waiting in the mall for a work mate - he wasn\'t really near the pool hall, where they\'d been intending to go - just yet, but something had compelled him to stop and look in the window of the jeans shop he\'d been passing, admiring a potential purchase, even though he was wearing an identical pair of loose-legged dark blue jeans.  His feet - unlike the mannequin\'s in the window - were clad in Colorado boots though, and he was wearing a black dress shirt with silver lines weaving haphazard squiggles all over it.  It matched the silver necklace and thumb rings he wore perfectly, the sleeves short enough on his thick biceps to reveal a great deal of the tribal tattoo on his right upper arm.

"Not really, I still have a bit of time to get where I\'m going," he said politely, beginning to feel he really should be getting on now.  His companion would not necessarily be waiting for him, because he\'d been noncommittal about going when they\'d discussed an outing after work finished a couple of hours before hand, but Dom knew he shouldn\'t be hanging around in the street with a vampire.  Not now, after he\'d been so good for so long.  He\'d made up his mind to go to the pool hall without telling his workmate, planning on surprising him, but now he regretted that.  With a good-looking vampire standing so charmingly in front of him, he needed to be getting anywhere but here.

"What can I do for you?"  Maybe he just needed to know the time or something.  Dom\'s left wrist twitched at the thought, preparing to move towards his eyes so he could read the time on his chunky silver watch.
Title: Re: Twenty-five years later...
Post by: pinkroses on July 02, 2011, 07:43:58 PM
Seb smiled warmly as the human before him gave that ever so polite offer of ‘What can I do for you?’. He’d heard those words so many times and knew they were empty. He’d been aware of the quiver of unhappiness running through the human when he realised he was faced with a vampire, but still he was offering. Good to know they were still so polite.

“You could give me your name, and tell me how important it is to get wherever you were planning on heading tonight. I’m hoping they’re plans which can be changed?” Seb said. It didn’t look as though the human had anywhere to be where it was a life or death matter. Not the hospital or anything like that. But it was possible he wouldn’t want to change his plans. Seb was hoping he could be convinced though. The vampire didn’t want to waste energy mentally commanding the young man to come with him and it was never as much fun as a willing companion either.
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Post by: Existentially Odd on July 02, 2011, 08:14:54 PM
Not just the time, then.  Looking into the vampire\'s eyes sent a thrill through Dominic that he tried to dampen down but he knew it would be pointless.  The man before him would hear his body quickening, know his pulse was racing at the mere thought of being bitten.  Vampires didn\'t just walk up to mortals and ask if their plans could be changed because they were falling in love and wanted a date, after all; a bite was going to be involved at some point.

"Uh... I\'m... Dom.  And... I sort of told a workmate I\'d meet him for some drinks," Dom answered, his deep voice sounding a little raspy as his mouth dried up.  He swallowed and cleared his throat, attempting to look away from the vampire\'s eyes but failing miserably.  Was he being mentally ordered to do that?  He couldn\'t be sure, though he knew all sorts of weird shit was possible.

"It\'s... um... probably pretty important that I go and avoid... whatever it is you\'ve got in mind.  I\'m trying to... uh... stay away from you guys, if you know what I mean," he laughed lamely, not making a particularly good argument with his thoughts already switching between trying to think/tell this guy that he acted like a weak tool around vampires and imagining what it would be like to take just one more trip down that road with him.  Tonight.  Because he didn\'t really have to be anywhere, no-one would miss him and he was single.  It wasn\'t like he\'d be letting anyone down... just himself.  And his moral code. Did that matter?
Title: Re: Twenty-five years later...
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Meeting a workmate. Well, that was something that could be done anytime, no fear he was getting in the way of anything too important. Seb quirked an eyebrow as Dom said he should stay away from vampires. Why on earth could that be? When the human was clearly so interested in the idea of being bitten, why would he want to stop that? It could be so pleasurable for humans, and Seb had never killed anyone, so why would Dom say no?

The vampire took half a step closer to the human, frowning slightly in confusion, but resisting the temptation to reach out for that warm looking skin because he didn’t want to scare him off.

“No. I don’t know what you mean. Why would you want to avoid it?” Seb asked, hoping it wasn’t anything too traumatic. He didn’t want to hurt anyone and if it would terrify the human then perhaps it would be better not to.

“You’ll be safe with me,” Seb insisted, breathing in Dom’s scent and suddenly realising that his own mouth was watering. The glass of pigs blood earlier was just the tiniest corner of his desire and being this close to a human he wanted to feed from, hearing that heart pounding was only making it worse.
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Post by: Existentially Odd on July 02, 2011, 10:43:37 PM
Dominic blinked, noticing that the vampire\'s eyes were a hypnotising shade of blue... and so much closer, too.  He was pretty cute, they were more or less the same height and he seemed much more sympathetic than the vampires Dom had grown accustomed to surrendering himself to.  How to put the truth delicately, so as not to offend?

"It\'s not that.  I just... I turn into a complete whore," he blurted, unable to think past his stirring hormones and the worried look in those blue eyes.  "I got tired of embarrassing myself.  It... cost me my relationship.  I turned a new leaf.  Sorry," he mumbled, blushing furiously as the words seemed to tumble out of his mouth like the vampire was magically urging him to spill his guts.
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Post by: pinkroses on July 03, 2011, 12:11:59 AM
“Hmm… well that’s very honest of you,” Seb said slowly, trying to ignore the enticing pink flush in those cheeks but failing, and he reached out to gently stroke the human’s cheek.

“Now let me be honest. I have been sleeping for a long time and I am very hungry right now. Tonight, that is what I’m thinking about, not sex. So perhaps your new leaf can be… being bitten, without the sex. If you really want, I could help you control some of those urges, although your nature is nothing to be embarrassed about. Enjoying opportunities, you should try to embrace these joys at every turn,” he said in a low murmur.

He couldn’t help wondering what had happened to make Dom decide that he needed to change, but he wasn’t going to ask. Reminding Dom of why he didn’t want to do this probably wasn’t the right route to go down.
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Dom frowned, wondering how that even worked.  He was used to vampires sucking everything they possibly could from mortals - sex, blood, ethics, restraint... - he didn\'t understand one that was... well, a gentleman.  It was a nice ideal, but not one that he could rationalise in his own mind, nor even foresee the outcome of exploring.

"So... you\'re looking for just a drink?  Like... you want to just slip into an alley and drink from me, then be on your way?" the mortal guessed, his expression perplexed.
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Post by: pinkroses on July 03, 2011, 02:23:01 AM
Seb smiled at the question, shaking his head slightly. As much as a fast drink sounded brilliant right now, he knew Dom would be weak after being fed from this time and wanted him  somewhere safe. And he wanted to be able to relax as well.

“Perhaps not just a drink. As I said… I’ve been asleep a while. if you could catch me up on one or two things, I would be much appreciated. If you’re willing, I would take you back to mine. It would be far more comfortable that some alleyway.” Besides, this whole area was a mystery to Seb, he wouldn’t know a place they wouldn’t be disturbed if they did it on the streets and he didn’t want to waste time trying to find a good spot.
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Dom\'s hand strayed up to his necklace and he bit his lip as he contemplated the offer.  Go back to a vampire\'s place - one he didn\'t know, wasn\'t sure he could trust, in a totally secluded house where no-one knew he\'d be - for a bite and a bit of conversation?  Was he capable?  Did he even want to bother?  The bite was all-consuming but this guy said he\'d offer to help him by not fucking him... did he really care to be bitten if it wasn\'t going to go the whole way, though?

The bite and the sex were synonymous.  If he was going to have the one, he didn\'t really see the point in not having the other, not when he didn\'t have a relationship to protect and no-one gave a shit about his virtue.  It\'d been a couple of weeks since he\'d scored, too, so he knew how horny he\'d get.  Best to just forget about it, he thought.  All or nothing.

His hand dropped back to his side and his expression became apologetic.  "Look... you seem like a nice guy and all but... I really don\'t know you and I think it\'d just be best if you found someone else.  I\'m kind of... trying to stay out of the scene altogether, thanks for the offer though.  Have yourself a good night," he raised his hand in a little wave, realising he\'d given his name but had never got one in return.  That was probably for the best.
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Seb’s blue eyes flickered shut in frustration. He didn’t want to force the human into it, but he didn’t want to find someone else now. This human was big, gorgeous, and Seb could easily feel that desire for the bite and the lust within him. So it wouldn’t really be manipulation, just… helping Dom see what he really wanted.

When Dom raised his hand to wave Seb lifted his hand too, grasping it palm to palm, lacing their fingers together, meeting Dom’s gaze. It was all in there, right on the surface, all or nothing. He gently pressed the thoughts into Dom’s mind, feeling a spark of guilt but pushing it to one side quickly. This was a gift he had and he was going to use it. He made sure the words didn’t seem to be coming from him, not wanting Dom to feel like he was being manipulated mentally. They were his own ideas, Seb was just highlighting them.

You really want to be bitten.
You’ve been craving it desperately.
All or nothing.
Sex and the bite.
It would be so good.
So satisfying.
A perfect night.

Sebastian gave him a soft smile, lightly squeezing his hand as he pressed a little closer to the warm body. He would definitely not turn away from sex if that was what Dom wanted, clearly his time asleep had dulled his mind somewhat, he’d gone down the wrong path with the conversation, bu he could fix it.

“You’re quite sure?”
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Dominic\'s breath caught as his hand was grasped, the cool hardness of the vampire so alien and alluring to him... as always.  His mind was a jumble of want, of desire, of justification.  All he could think about was that bite, about how he could maybe convince the vampire that if there was going to be one, the other wouldn\'t be so bad... and this close to satisfying a craving that hadn\'t been extinguished (just buried deep) when Lazarus broke in and terrorised he and Michael a couple of years before, he was helpless to resist.

His gaze shifted from contemplating their entwined fingers, back up to those wise and intense eyes.  He released his held breath, unsurprised when it shuddered out of him like a haggard sigh.  "No.  I\'m not sure.  I think... maybe I\'d like to know your name, though, before I agree to this?"  Was it just his imagination, or were their bodies just about touching already?  It felt like his heat was being absorbed, his softness moulded... but they weren\'t touching, he glanced down to check.

Wishful thinking, then.
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“Of course, how rude of me,” the vampire said, his smile broadening as Dom weakened to his desires. That was somewhat reassuring. He’d never gone to ground before and he hadn’t known how it might affect him.

“My name is Sebastian. And it is a pleasure to meet you Dom,” he said, turning his hand in Dom’s and dropping their joined hands down to their sides.
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"Sebastian," Dom breathed, giving a nod and a smile.  When his hand was transferred into a more comfortable - yet intimate - position, his gaze shifted nervously to take in the people walking through the open mall around them.  His instincts were instantly at war, the decision that he would go with this vampire, be his blood toy for the night, sitting just fine within him now that he\'d made it.

It was the public display of affection he as worried about now.  It wasn\'t that such things didn\'t happen all the time in this city, same sex couples were open and everywhere.  It was just that he wasn\'t comfortable with advertising it, for anyone to see.  Not out here, not with potential customers and likely his workmates about to judge him, if they saw.  It was an added pressure he didn\'t need.

Giving the cool hand a tight squeeze, the mortal smiled again and tried to twist his hand out of Sebastian\'s hold, interested in tucking it into his jeans pocket instead, if he was released.  He would follow and be as subservient as necessary internally, but he clearly didn\'t want any external displays right now.  "You want me to drive us to your place or...?" he asked warmly, lifting his eyebrows as he left the question hanging.
Title: Re: Twenty-five years later...
Post by: pinkroses on July 03, 2011, 05:14:03 PM
Seb’s head tilted to one side, curiosity in his eyes as he saw the shifty way Dom was looking around, wondering what it was about this which was making him so uncomfortable. He got his answer when Dom tried to part their hands - Seb let him go, not wanting to have to work on Dom to convince him again.

“That sounds perfect. Lead the way,” Seb said, gesturing with his now free hand, really not having a clue where the car might be parked. He wasn’t entirely sure he’d be able to give directions either, but he could give the address and he had faith Dom would know where it was.
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Feeling much more confident, now that he\'d been allowed to break contact without any problems, Dom\'s expression settled into its usual pleasant vague smile and he turned and led the way back towards his car.

He\'d parked the vehicle (which he also used for work) in a long-term car park, thinking that he didn\'t know how late he\'d be in the city or even if he\'d drink so much he couldn\'t drive home.

Now, suddenly, he was going to save himself a hefty parking fee, and that pleased him almost as much as looking at the man he was driving home in it did.

As he followed Sebastian\'s instructions, the old excitement began to build within him, his trepidation falling away as he anticipated the enjoyment he was about to receive.  He barely noticed if his companion was hesitant about giving directions, his mind was too preoccupied with thinking about what would happen when they finally got there.

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