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Title: Batting a Thousand
Post by: Saiketsu on October 14, 2011, 09:56:03 AM
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There was something building inside of him since he flipped the laptop closed, something dangerous but attractive, like that boy that mothers told their daughters to steer clear of. It grew as he pulled on a shirt, gelled his hair, and checked the mirror at least twice in his impatience in waiting for the vampire. He could have explained it, simplified his behavior if he had wanted to – but denial was so much more tantalizing, hanging with half-thoughts on the ‘what-ifs’ of the night. The anxiety festering inside of him only settled when the vampire had pulled up in front of Quinn’s apartment building in a sleek black Mustang – after the image of bending Jerry over the hood skittered across his mind.

As always the vampire was dressed to kill, revving the engine at Quinn as he took his time to approach the car and getting in. Without a word of greeting, the two sped down the street and out onto another with a turn that nearly threw Quinn headfirst into the vampire’s lap. Not that he would mind.

The night passed in a similar fashion, sarcastic comments and complaints being passed back and forth between them over drinks and bars and barstools and great music and everything that he could feel comfortable around. Jerry was way too good at making him feel comfortable. Their words touched a bit too friendly upon flirtation, but the alcohol and the company was too good form Quinn to care much. As long as he was good, in control of himself, nothing was going to happen. And he wasn’t that drunk.

The night ended later than Quinn knew with most of the bars and clubs closing as they passed by in Jerry’s Mustang – but that wasn’t at the forefront of his attention. Sometime since they had returned back to the car, he noticed that his hand had somehow wondered up Jeremiah’s arm and was teasing at the side of his neck, a taunt he knew that the vampire loved. The tented denim in his groin was sign enough for the human. He was beginning to love vampires. Without warning or actual thought about it, Quinn leaned over to place his lips against his cold neck, enjoying the sensation of his skin like one would enjoy their first purchased porno. He couldn’t help himself when the vampire moaned and continued with a bit more passion until the driver had to physically guide his mouth upwards to his own mouth. Jerry teased him for his impatience, for his heart pounding in his throat, saying that it was a complete change from earlier. The vampire, of course, remained completely sober despite consuming nearly as much booze.

After some difficulty, Quinn sat back, letting the other breathe (well, kinda) for a moment and admiring his frustration to keep himself in check. Quinn found himself trying much less than the vampire appeared to be. He was just as hard and liked that his eyes kept darting to the hardness in Jerry’s pants. He liked that a lot. It was all just playing, right? Nothing serious between friends, right? That’s what he wanted, right – just to tease Jerry like Jerry had done to him so often? Quinn wasn’t so sure anymore.

By the time Jerry had pulled the car up to the curb in front of Quinn’s apartment, he was tempted to pull the vampire into the backseat and fuck the shit out of him. His heart was racing and his hands pulling the vampire into kiss him viciously, where he got his first taste of his fangs, rubbing over his bottom lip. It only made the human crave the legendary bite that he had heard so much about, the forbidden fruit.

Dodging him for a moment, letting his lips land on his cheek and down his own neck, Quinn grabbed a breath of air for a moment before he said “No strings attached, really?”
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Post by: The Cedar Witch on October 18, 2011, 03:35:25 PM
"I don\'t see any strings."  He grinned with a full set of fangs, hungrily eying the human beside him but sitting back in his seat nonetheless.

Jerry had spent the entire evening in complete confidence that he was going to get ass tonight.  A quick glance at the human as he stepped into the car in the beginning of the night told the vampire that he had already worked Quinn over to an extent.  The heart beating adrenaline confirmed his belief.  Everything was going according to plan, even from the time that he peeled out of the street that Quinn lived off of, speeding toward the bar.  

From then it was only a matter of time.

It would have been a lie to say that the vampire didn\'t give a shit about making Quinn feel better than depressed.  That was the whole premise of their \'date\' after all, and there was some truth in it.  He really did care.  Being sad sucked and it made for awful company.  It was always something that Jerry wanted to change in his friends.  Of course, he couldn\'t deny how badly he wanted to bone the kid.  And tonight, things were looking up.  After every drink the human downed, after every flirtatious exchange they had in the bar, it was starting to look like Jerry wouldn\'t even have to take advantage of the human\'s drunkenness.  In time, he would have to be pushing Quinn away from him.

In all seriousness, the vampire would have never pressured the human into doing anything that he didn\'t already want to do.

Emphasis intentional.

By the time they were in the car, Quinn played ever-so-neatly into Jerry\'s hand.  He fucking enjoyed the attention, after - how long now?  Being at the club was one thing, giving a lap-dance here and there was only a part of his job description.  Now that they were outside of the club, alone in a car, things were finally starting to get more interesting.  

Fucking finally.

Of course the vampire controlled himself, keeping his attention strictly divided between the road and the wandering - warm - fingers tracing his skin, aching to feel them somewhere else.  Warm lips, though, was a sensation that the vampire had a little more difficulty with.  His driving reflected this, but it didn\'t seem like Quinn noticed at all.  

What a fucking change, indeed.

And when the human finally pulled away, settling back into the leather of the car seat, the vampire could finally concentrate on his driving back to Quinn\'s apartment.  

As much as Jerry would boast about his irresistible body, he was genuinely surprised when Quinn came at him the second after he parked the car on the side of the road.  He had expected a little more hesitation, a little more milking before he actually got what he wanted out of the human.  As cocky as he was, he wasn\'t that cocky, especially not right after Quinn had just gotten into another \'tiff\' with the most recent boyfriend.  Or ex-boyfriend.  

They had ended it, hadn\'t they?

"Are there strings?"  he sarcastically asked, leaning back into his seat and putting his hands up as if feigning surrender.  You\'re the one making all the moves, kid.
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Post by: Saiketsu on October 19, 2011, 12:29:03 PM
Quinn smirked slyly before responding. "I haven\'t actually decided yet. There\'s always room for convincing." Jerry\'s concern over him was cute, but he was a big boy and he could handle himself and any relationship he ever got himself into -- even if Jerry had thrown Quinn\'s cell phone into the backseat at the beginning of the night so that the human wouldn\'t check it every five minutes. No, he hadn\'t officially ended it with John and no John had no idea that he was out with Jerry tonight instead of working. And no he wouldn\'t have approved -- he hated Jerry, and that was part of what made Jerry so enticing, even if he wasn\'t sober.

But what did sobreity have to do with anything? Hadn\'t wanted to fuck around with Jerry when he was sober too? So what was the big deal?

"Besides it\'s not like I care that much," he smiled hungrily at the vampire. He leaned his arm over the back of the seat to retreive his phone, which the vampire had tossed into the back seat of his car during the drive to the bar, before unlocking his own door. "Thanks for the drinks. Enjoy your ride home," he said with the same lusty look in his eyes as he leaned in to take another kiss from those gorgeous chilly lips. With that being done and his heart in his throat yet again, he let himself out of the car, knowing that Jerry would be following shortly. He grinned to himself as he pulled out his keys.
Title: Re: Batting a Thousand
Post by: The Cedar Witch on February 11, 2012, 03:01:47 PM
Warmth still tingling on his lips, the vampire was out of the car almost immediately after the human was, following closely behind him.  There was no way in hell that he would pass up this opportunity.  No matter how drunk Quinn was, he wouldn't have lay on the insinuation that thick if he didn't mean anything behind it.  Before the human had a chance to sober up and think up some excuse to not do what he wanted to do in the first place, he had to get into that apartment.

"Can't have you climbing the stairs inebriated," Jerry snickered in his ear, "I wouldn't forgive myself if something happened."

This was going exactly how he had imagined it.  He didn't even have to fucking charm the kid.
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Post by: Saiketsu on February 13, 2012, 03:25:09 PM
Quinn smiled, trying not to hold onto his own inhabitions now that the alcohol was running quite thickly through his veins. He wanted Jerry - the hard dick beneath his denim was evidence enough for even a human. Despite his best efforts to quiet his own desire and the liquor under his skin, something still whispered that it was a bad idea. Somewhere, Jerry was still a friend, not a lover and that that would never switch, even if it changed. Jerry, Quinn knew even through his drunken state, would never be his and solely his. That's why he was Jerry and why they had never fucked before.

Jerry was fucking material -- a hard dick, not a partner. For one reason or the other, he'd be gone in the morning.

The sobering reality came when he felt that indeed Jerry had followed him to the door of the apartment building. The vampire was eager enough about it and had he not thought about it, had the blurred lines been a little more indistinguishable, Quinn would have dragged him upstairs and sucked him dry without a second thought until morning. And just as he feared, Quinn made the remarkable discovery that he hadn't had nearly as much liquor he hoped he had. It hit him hard enough to wake him up from his wonderful holiday, though not enough to make his vision perfect or his words unsticky.

Despite his newfound sobriety, the breath on his neck pulled at his groin, stirring his body to heat up more. It was welcome and delicious, something that he craved at the deepest level of his humanity, but not something he wanted at the moment. Or at least he wasn't sure he did. Quinn could feel the pressure, the excitement radiating off of him, a feeling that ten minutes ago he had not only shared but encouraged. Now he was beginning to feel guilty about doing so.

"What a fucking gentleman," the human nearly slurred, hating himself for it. He turned to face the vampire and put his arms around his shoulders. He wanted to drown out John, his own fear of hurting someone, of getting labelled for fucking Jerry, of that pride at not breaking a record he had been keeping since he had known the vampire, and he wanted to be smothered in the realization that he was fucking possibly the most suave guy he had ever known personally. In an attempt to do so, the human pulled the vampire into him for a kiss, their lips mixing temperatures and their mouths furious against each other.


Before he knew what he had done, Quinn had pulled away from Jerry's mouth, and slowly tried to stop his grip on his body as they stood pressed against the door frame to the apartment. "Wait," he murmured half-heartedly, hating himself for it.[/color]
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Post by: The Cedar Witch on February 14, 2012, 02:16:29 PM
Perfect.  Fucking perfect.  Against the wall was exactly what he had intended.  The vampire leaned into the human, inhaling the hot sex radiating from his skin.  He moved his hand up the other's back, cupping the back of his neck and tilting his head to the side, moving his lips insistently against the warm flesh of his neck.  He could almost taste the alcohol under the skin, the scent almost making him high.  Moving back up to the human's face, he met his lips enthusiastically, pushing his tongue into his mouth and tasting the booze on his breath. 

Fucking finally.

Just before he was sure they would make their way into his actual apartment, Quinn pulled away.  Jerry did not miss the muttered request that he wait, but he missed the fucking reason.  Wait for what?  For him to get the key in the door?  No, he could tell from his face that he had started to actually think about what they were doing.


He moved his lips across the human's jawbone and stopped near his ear.

"What is it?"  he murdered lowly and seductively, keeping his hips firmly in place against the other's.
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Post by: Saiketsu on February 14, 2012, 02:46:26 PM
He didn't want to move, to tell Jerry not to. He wanted the vampire on his neck, doing what he did best. He didn't want to think about his friendship with Jerry being ruined, or about his own lack of control, or about his current though soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend and what he might have been doing while Jerry pressed him against the wall. He wanted ass, to get it or give it - he didn't really care. He wanted Jerry's odd breath hungry on his skin, his own hand stroking him to perfection. He wanted that sultry voice moaning and grunting as he came, those hips hard against his as they were now.

"I.. uhm..." he stumbled, distracted by the thickness of the vampire's voice at his ear, his cock through his pants, against his leg, and the hands that were grasping lustfully onto his body - not to mention the alcohol still muddying his words and thoughts. If it hadn't been for that small part of him that never wanted to hurt John or use Jerry or even make him aware of that stupid record he was holding with himself, Quinn's hands would have been fiddling with the buckle of Jerry's jeans and he'd be on his knees, teasing his swelling member with his tongue and lips. But as it stood, there was that little part of himself. And he wasn't ok with it all.

"I'm... I'm sorry," he murmured, not looking at the vampire. He felt like an idiot for getting himself into the situation, and even worse because he wanted to go through with it. A flood of hot embarrassment and fear filled him as he spoke, his lips loosened by newfound sobriety. "It just... I just... can't. Right now."
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Post by: The Cedar Witch on February 15, 2012, 06:36:32 AM
He blinked.

"Huh?"  Pulling his face away from the warm skin, he looked at Quinn, confused.  "What are you talking about?" 

Why the fuck did this have to happen now?  He would have been able to deal with it if he had pushed him away in the car and even on the way to the building, for Christ's sake.  But everything Quinn did up until this point led him to believe that he was finally going to be getting ass tonight.  And now he sobered up?  Now he had a fucking conscience?  What the fuck.  There wasn't any good reason for them not to continue, except for the Mr. Perfect-Fucking-Prince-Let's-Start-a-New-Life-Together John.  Jerry wasn't asking for Quinn to quit his job and move into another apartment out of the city with him.  He was just looking for some ass.

Fucking really, now.

He moved his hips back and away from Quinn, respectfully (because he wasn't an asshole) giving him space.  The last thing that he wanted to do was coerce the human into doing something that he honestly didn't want to (although there wasn't any good fucking reason that he wouldn't want to fuck around).  He wasn't desperate enough to force anyone.  That just isn't classy.
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Post by: Saiketsu on February 16, 2012, 02:44:32 PM
He would never have expected Jerry to do something malicious towards him, and for that he was thankful, albeit extremely embarrassed and miserable. So when Jerry's weight had freed him from the frame, Quinn sighed heavily and with a note of aggrivation. No matter what he said from this point on would get the vampire to where he just was, and that idea disappointed the human imensely.

He had been dating John for nearly six months. At the beginning of it all, John was sweet, romantic, independant and honest, and Quinn liked that about him. He was a change, a breath of fresh air compared to how Mike, his verbally and physically abusive ex-lover, had been. Quinn found himself happy with John, found himself in a honeymoon stage where things in his life finally felt ok. But things had started to crack. First it was his constant nagging about who Quinn was with, when and doing what. Then it was his job. Then his friends. His apartment away from John. By the time that Quinn had figured out that John wanted nothing short of a faggot fantasy world where they had eloped, had three cats and two dogs and still plenty of room for Quinn's fish in a two bedroom house in the suburbs or wherever the fuck he wanted, Quinn had already been in it too long to tell him to fuck off. Honestly, he liked John and cared about him. He didn't love him, that was sure, and he wasn't willing to sacrifice his way of life for him. But despite all that, they had lasted six months together, most of which Quinn could say were happy months.

The idea of sleeping with Jerry, though more enticing than he ever wanted to admit, punched holes right through the last six months, and that's not what Quinn wanted. It wasn't that he wanted to forget that John ever existed, that would be rude and uncalled for, but rather it was that he wanted to be without John. And the more he thought about it, cornered between Jeremiah and the wooden panelling of the closest wall, the more he realized what he was looking for, even if it was in a temporary and inebriated state. If he was going to fuck Jerry, it wouldn't be because of John, or alcohollic depression, or anger; he would fuck Jerry because that was what he wanted more than anything else. And now wasn't that time.

"I'm sorry," Quinn repeated to the vampire, feeling miserable about what he had started and couldn't finish. "I just... I don't feel right about it right now. I don't even know where John and I stand." This last comment was more for himself than for Jerry; Quinn had actually forgotten that the vampire would've even been able to hear the comment, even if it was said under his breath.
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"Oh."  For a minute he stood there dumbly, staring at the human.  He wasn't exactly sure what to say at this point.  This situation was a hell of a lot more awkward than what he was used to dealing with.

One minute, he was about to get ass.  The next, nothing. 

"Alright."  he backed further away and rubbed the hair behind his head.  If he didn't know where the fuck him and John stood, he shouldn't have been sucking face with him in the car to begin with.  The vampire fought the urge to sigh.

"So I'll catch you later then..."  He turned slowly away, hands in his pockets, and made a move to walk back to his car.
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Quinn inwardly cringed as Jerry's appearant lack of ways to mend the situation the two men had just gotten themselves into (and out of) manifested itself into a sickeningly awkward moment of tension. Jerry, who was never at a loss for words - sarcastic or otherwise - stood before him dumbstruck and Quinn had no way of knowing how to fix this.

He had really fucked up.

Blood filled in his face, though unlike the way it had before, when they were in Jerry's car. Instead his face was hot with emarrassment for this entire thing, guilt for turning him away, and anger for letting himself do it. As the vampire made his way back to the car, Quinn would have killed for the heat in his face to be from a post-sex, drunken high, if only so that things could go back to normal between them. With every step away, the human felt like he and Jerry were changing the meaning of their relationship into something of avoidance. Quinn guessed he would stop showing up at the club for a while, wouldn't appear on Facebook (not that Quinn would dare try contacting him after something like this), and would refuse his texts. The human sucked in a breath and called after the vampire, stupidly.

"Jerry," he called, his voice shaking more than he meant to allow, figuring that he looked like one of those girls you see in the movies who, after the hero starts to walk away, suddenly realizes what everything meant. He supposed that it would have been followed up with an 'I love you', but somehow that didn't seem right either. Instead, he murmured another appology, whether the vampire looked back at him or not.
He stood there, wallowing in his own stupid awkwardness until the car pulled away. He sat there staring at the headlights as they rounded the corner of the street and disappeared. It was then that he realized just how quiet it was at four in the morning, when there was no sun, no cars, and no Jerry nearby. Quinn took out his neglected keys and followed his usual path up the stairways, into his apartment with the hopes of drowning himself before fighting with sleep yet again.