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Title: The Generous Queen
Post by: Idrial on January 26, 2012, 11:42:12 AM
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Brianna walked down the alleyways, fully aware of her status in these streets. Even being an ancient she had to be conscious of the backs streets, there be far worse things in these back streets than Brianna. But not all that came to the place of hired guns and loan sharks had a definite status in these streets, long ago when she first came to the back streets she called these streets home.  It had been a dark time in her life, even as she tried to remember the hurt and pain, her grip on the brief case Brianna carried, tightened. She was not here to reminisce about past memories; she was here to make a payment and see an old friend.

She wore a aged black leather jacket, underneath was just a plain tight black shirt that was adorned with a red scarf around her neck.. Dark jeans covered her legs while on her left hip was a dirk, her weapon of choice. Suede black boots silently walked the alleyways; she turned left then a sharp right. Her eye’s scanning the ground like a hawk for predators, Brianna came upon a small cottage size house hidden deep within. Brianna knocked once before being shouted at in German.

Come and Die!
We shall see.

The door opened and she was met by a large and very old butch woman named Tala and a warm smile, Brianna entered the narrow doorway, “How are you my friend?” Tala asked. Brianna only shrugged, “I’ve been busy, and how are the children?” Tala giggled, “Brats as always, but they mean well." Brianna handed over the briefcase to Tala, "There is more than enough to get a supply of blood for a month." Brianna said. Tala eyes widened at first but then softened, "You are a generous woman Brianna, for so long have the people in the backstreets been forgotten about." Brianna nodded, "Take care my friend I will see you soon. Keep your eyes and ears open." Tala nodded as she let Brianna out, locking the door from inside.

She left with a slight step in her gait now, her mood was lifted as she now knew that the abandoned  fledglings wouldn't go hungry. Money to Brianna meant nothing, which was why she was so willing to give donations to those less fortunate. As Digital said she was a Queen, and a she knew that it meant she belonged to the people.

To where the humans didn't roam Brianna ran through the streets, she was all but a blur in the night. Her movement was enough to scare any enemy, she made her way to downtown; where anything goes at night. She didn't bother to stay in this district as she had no bushiness here today, she had checked with her people downtown weeks ago and no new information. Sometimes information could be slow or piping hot; a good spy knows that. From here she traveled upwards and away from the smell of the salty sea, through the Bazaar she bobbed and weaved through the peddlers as the voices to buy or sell rang through her ears. It was enough to drive her crazy. She walked on, the presence of the vampires and shifter's were in the area as she could feel their aura, but not see it.

She quickened her pace, following the bright lights that reflected on the night sky of the metropolis. The streets soon became cobbled stones and from there she walked into the light and blended in with the crowd quickly. She now roamed the city streets, her eyes and ears open. This night would end in success, as she was tired of going home empty handed. If it wasn't for Quinn she would be twiddling her thumbs back at the mansion with Digital and the others.

She caught a glimpse of some man, they locked eyes only for a brief moment before she pulled her gaze away. Who was that man ? Brianna asked herself, she looked back over her shoulder at the man. She gave him a smile, almost as if to say she wanted the man to pursue the beautiful ancient. It would be nice to have company, she thought as she continued walking the city streets.     


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Post by: Saccharin on February 06, 2012, 02:11:30 PM
After doning his typical ensemble of black shirt, leather jacket, dark jeans and motorcycle boots, Halwyn had ventured out in search of something to keep him entertained. He'd thought Lazarus would've been the thing to keep his boredom at bay while his pet was abroad, but the Ancient had shut down shortly after moving in with him. He'd prodded and pestered his friend, trying his best to talk him into leaving the apartment, but he'd been met with dull stares and single-syllable refusals. Whatever. Lazarus was fucking lame. That didn't mean he had to be.

He spent several hours in a new speciality store poring over both modern and antique maps, the cartographer in him squealing gleefully the entire time. After buying enough to keep the place in the black for at least the next six months, he spoke with the owner and arranged delivery of his purchases, as well as first pick of all future stock. He walked out with a grin firmly in place, an obvious spring in his step and his budget for the month totally blown.

Halwyn didn't have an opportunity to second guess himself, because it was then that he'd locked eyes with one of the most staggeringly gorgeous women he'd spied in the city. It didn't matter that she had the smell of an Ancient about her, like musty books buried for a couple centuries, she'd made 'come-hither' eyes at him and that was invitation enough to throw caution to the wind.

"Hey there," he said once he came up alongside her, smiling cockily. She'd liked what she'd seen too, and that filled him close to bursting with reckless confidence. 
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Post by: Idrial on February 08, 2012, 04:42:11 AM
Brianna's heightened senses could feel someone approach, not to mention the sound of a heavy boots slapping against the cobbled stone sidewalk. Even an ancient like herself, she could hear things over the rustle of people's voices that echoed throughout the city streets. She was calm as a cucumber when the strange man advanced to her side, he was a little older than Kerr. A warm smile crossed her lips, his voice had a hint of a Irish accent which warmed the ancients long dead heart. It reminded her of better times in her early mortal life, which was a long time ago for Brianna.

"Why hello there." She grinned, " What is a fine gentlemen like yourself doing out on a gorgeous night like this?" She asked politely. A human not paying attention, nearly walked into Brianna straight on.  She side stepped gracefully to avoid a collision, not giving the human a second look. Her attention was still focused on the young vampire that was basking in her presence. His vivid green eyes and Irish voice somewhat made him more attractive to Brianna.

She was a mix of Scottish, French and Irish blood and was born in Scotland in the year 1001. Her father, was a master swordsmen long ago for his kingdom and was a full blooded Scot that taught her the means to fight. While her mother was half French and half Irish and was once a political ambassador for both the Irish and French kingdoms. Of course, she wasn't about to give out that information freely too anyone. For now, Brianna was glad to be in the company of someone who shared at least one nationality with the old girl, even if the man was 500 years younger.
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"Oh, you know," he said airily. "Roaming."

As they continued walking, Halwyn lagged behind the Ancient. To an observer, it would look like he was giving her space to navigate the sidewalk, but in reality, he was using it as an opportunity to check out her posterior. God, he loved a woman in a tight pair of jeans. And this woman had a pair on that accentuated her every curve and cupped her ass like-

Shit. That was a parking meter. If not for his supernatural agility kicking in at the last moment, he would've smacked right into instead of narrowly avoiding it.

He cleared his throat and ran his hand through his shoulder-length hair after he caught up to her again. "Came outta nowhere," he declared, looking over his shoulder briefly to glare at the offending object before returning his attention to her. "What about you? Got anywhere to be?"
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"Careful, that ass will get you into trouble," she teased. Acknowledging that she was fully aware of his actions, but she didn't mind. After all, it was a nice ass that sat so perfectly in her jeans.  How could anyone pass up just taking one little quick look. She didn't blame him for taking a look, after she was a very attractive ancient.

"I've already been where I need to be tonight," she stated not wanting to get into details. "Now, I have all night to do what I please," she said happily. She cocked her head towards the stranger, "Care to keep an old girl company Mr ?" She stopped, interested in what the fellows name was as she locked eyes with him.
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He grinned at her, thinking that the sort of trouble he could get into with her was exactly the distraction he'd been looking for.

"Doyle," he inserted. "Halwyn Doyle. And it would be my pleasure to accompany you this evening, Miss..." His tone and phrasing had shifted to what he considered 'hoity-toity talk', to better accompany the gentlemanly gesture he made immediately after by offering her his arm.
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She smirked at him as he offered his arm, "Brianna, just Brianna." She looped her arm though his, making it seem like she had just run into an old friend. Her fortified mind quivered with excitement, her body remained relaxed and loose. Not giving away her true feelings, she knew of Hawlyn. Her once occupation with the Oilgarchy made her aware of many things and people. She couldn't believe her luck, maybe tonight would end in success after all.

"So Haylwn, what antique maps did you just purchase ?" Giving him a playful glance, " I hear there is a lovely store that just opened up. If your interested." She'd been paying attention even before he approached. She was all eyes and ears and she was good at noticing details; no matter how big or small.
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Once her arm was securely linked with his, he reached over with his other hand to cover hers where it rested lightly upon his bicep. With a hold so intimate, they looked like a lot more than old friends. He blinked down at her when she posed a question that was totally unexpected. Huh. Maybe she'd paid attention to the storefront he'd been exiting. It was weird that she knew he'd specifically been looking at older maps, but he went with it.

"Yeah, just went and got a few of old Europe." He smiled, warming up to the subject. Not many people cared to hear about his hobby. "Then there's one of this country, back in the late 1700s. Some guy named H. D. did it." His smile grew impish. He hoped she remembered his initials, so she could be in on the fact that he'd been the one who made the map.

It was pretty unusual that he found any maps bearing his watermark, mainly because he'd been less than diligent about preserving his work, figuring that they'd always be floating around. Then came satellites. Fucking technology. Made people stop valuing the old ways of doing things.

Ah well. At least he had something to do with his spare time, now. Preserving history and whatnot. Valuable stuff.
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"You hold the knowledge of an art form that has been lost to technology," she said sadly. His little hint of his initials didn't throw her off, but it was upsetting to hear such a paitent and precise occupation long lost. She shifted her weight a little, acknowledging the past was always a challenge.

"Like you Hawlyn, I also hold a lost art." She glanced downwards at the Dirk attached to her hip, "These days, people like to hide behind guns." She almost gritted her teeth, "Technology is always advancing. But, its sad when peoeple forget where the idea originated." Brianna always had a love, hate relationship with technology.

We vampires, are beings that are frozen in time, gently brushing his mind. Hoping that he wouldn't mind her powerful psyche, "When we die, everything we know will die with us." She gazed at him with warm eye's, "I pride myself in being a teacher or mentor and I lead by example." Brianna may die one day, which was why she had taken many vampires under her wing.

Ancients these days acted as if the world owed them something, Brianna wasn't one of these ancients. As Digital pointed out, she was the Queen. She knew that meant she belonged to people, a title that she bore with a heavy mind.
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After she quit talking about him directly, he managed to pay attention for all of five seconds before his mind started wandering to more important things. Like, when was Sachi supposed to be back in town again? Was it next week or next month? He'd have to check her text later. Had he even brought his phone? Oh, yeah. There it was, in his back pocket. Maybe he should get some new jeans while he was out. New shirts too. And shoes. Eh, fuck it. New outfits. Should wait for Sachi to go shopping with him. When the hell was she supposed to be back, anyway?

By the time his thoughts came full circle, Brianna was chattering directly in his head and he was forced to pay attention to her again. Damn, he hated that more than anything - someone else's voice in his head. It was like having spiders crawling in his skull, leaving trails of webbing as they moved around. He didn't have a chance to say anything about it, because she was off again, talking about gloomy shit like that was all there was to the world.

"You're depressing," he observed with a raised eyebrow and twist of his lips. "Cheer up. It's not like the information isn't out there, just have to make sure to preserve it."

He patted her hand. "And think. If guns suddenly stopped working, everyone would want a shiny knife like yours."
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Brianna arched an eyebrow at him, “Really, you think I’m depressing,” with an edge to her voice. “The past is depressing, not I,” she said with a bit of a laugh. She usually wasn’t depressing, except when talking about the past. Hawlyn was young, so his remark flowed off of her and didn’t affect her one bit, after all he was only a little over four hundred years old. The young ones expressions were always harsh, she knew for she had been that age long ago.

Her eyes lit up as he mentioned her Dirk, ‘This blade was a gift from my father when I was twelve,” she un-looped her arm to pull the blade from its sheath, “It’s a high quality blade, even for my time,” giving it to him to examine. “It was the first weapon that I learned to fight with,” she said sweetly. Her family crest, to which had been long lost was carved into the hilt. In the history of humans her bloodline had been annihilated, Brianna was the last of her line.

“An impressive piece, isn’t it?” She cooed at him. Not mentioning the unusual resistance it had to heat, something she couldn't figure out.     
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Halwyn took the knife but held it awkwardly by the hilt with two fingers, the pointy end facing downward. "I'm more a fists kinda guy," he said, handing it back to her with a grimace. He was relieved when she took it, but he wouldn't be surprised if she made a face at him or made a snarky comment. She had, after all, just finished telling him that she considered her skill with the damned thing a lost art or some shit.

"You ah... carry that thing everywhere?" he asked, glancing at her and then shoving his hands into his jean pockets, haunching his shoulders and hoping she didn't shove it into his back.
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Brianna studied Hawlyn as he held her prized possession awkwardly, she didn't make a face or make a snide comment. She smiled at him with a soft glow on her face, not everyone knew how to wield a weapon and in turn she  didn't judge him. She found him quite amusing, his comment about being a fists type of guy made her laugh. At least he knew some sort of fighting, she took the blade from him, sheathing it with exceptional speed and skill.

She returned her gaze to the now slouching man, "Yes I do, just as long as I do nothing stupid no one says to much." She clasped her hands behind her back giving him the right of way, signaling that she was ready to continue there little walk. She recognized this part of the city streets, they were near the shop she had mentioned earlier when they had met. She was hoping the younger vampire wasn't bored with her, she enjoyed the younger crowd but found it hard to keep their attention.

"Tell me Hawlyn, have you been in the city for long ? And do I detect a slight Irish accent ?" She winked at him, he had a lovely accent but she didn't let on too much.