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Title: New Beginnings
Post by: MementoMori on February 12, 2012, 03:24:00 PM
" this possible, Kitty?" he asked as the feline butted his head against his chin. A whole new world had opened itself to him with the realisation that the feline could talk to him inside of his mind. Still he was glad that some one was enjoying things. From the looks of things the cat was having a little too much fun, but as for him he was struggling more or less to get his feet underneath him, but all the sudden he felt the world go sideways and his world fade to black.


The next thing that he knew was that he was waking up with one hell of a headache and his mouth feeling like sandpaper. "What...the hell happened?" he started to ask as he blinked open his eyes and started to look about the room. He was back in the hotel room. At least that hadn't changed.Honestly he felt like he had a hangover but he hadn't had anything to drink. Well at least not that he could remember.

"Where's that cat?" he found himself saying aloud as he sat up, wondering if the previous day had been a dream. Had he just dreamed the whole thing up about a beautiful cat who could talk to him inside of his mind and move things like he could too? No....that had to be real or so he determined. It was too fantastic and solid feeling of a memory to have been one, but that left one question. What the hell happened?

"Kevla? Kitty?" he croaked out before swallowing again to get his voice back.

Just as soon as he had spoken, his twin sister came into view with a relieved smile, carrying in a drink carrier with what looked like coffee and a bag of doughnuts. "Look who's back from the dead." she said softly as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

"What the hell happened to me?" Arutha envitably ended up asking.

"You started to talk to the cat here and then you suddenly passed out. One moment you were as right as rain and the next you were out. Honestly I've no idea what happened. You had me pretty worried there. You have been out for two days." Kevla said.

"Two days? How can that be? Where's Kit...I mean Kitty?" he started to babble a bit nervously until his sister put her hands on to of his to calm him and then gestured at his side.
"He's been right there the entire time." Kevla calmly answered.

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Post by: Seragil on February 12, 2012, 10:35:06 PM
Naoise swam in and out of unconsciousness. This had never happened to him before, usually a bond formed or it didn’t, you sure as Hades didn’t pass out from it. His body twitched as he slowly started to wake up, the last thing he remembered was talking to Arutha just after the bond was made, the poor guy had looked so confused and overwhelmed, he should have been more attentive and caring towards Arutha’s mental state but truth be told it had been so long since he had bonded to someone all he felt was excitement, finally, someone to talk with, and mayhap remind him he wasn’t a cat, that he was a person, a man, that he was more than a beast with strange abilities, that he was Human... albeit one with very strange abilities indeed.
Naoise returned to full consciousness just in time to hear Kevla tell Arutha that he had been beside him the entire time. Just how long had they been out?  he wondered to himself as he rolled onto his side and lifts his head so that he could catch Arutha’s eyes and send a mental sense of himself smiling reassuringly at him.

*Hi again* he said softly down their new mental link, hoping his soft smoky voice didn’t overly startle him, nor the fact his voice was as human as any other humans and not feline sounding in the least. Feeling the last residue of his enforced sleep slip away he slowly got to his feet and stretched cat like; paws out front, his back all stretched low and long with his tail and hind quarters in the air, before sitting comfortably beside Arutha. He couldn’t help but feel a little guilty, he really had rushed things; first there was all that wierdness at the Italian café on the boardwalk; his and the damn collars, and then  he soccer punched the poor guy with a mind link as soon as he arrived at the apartment. No wonder they passed out, too much, way too soon.  Naoise slowly closed his eyes with resignation, patience and apparently in this case, subtlety were definitely not one of his strong suites.
He opened his eyes and with a sad and uncertain look in them looked up at Arutha

*Ummm...* he stopped and sighed softly yet dejectedly both mentally and audibly, no longer certain of his welcome nor Arutha and Kevla’s reaction to him and the strange twist he had just added to their lives.
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Post by: MementoMori on February 13, 2012, 06:00:55 PM
Arutha looked down at his side to see the feline twitch before rolling onto his side. It was then that their eyes locked once more and there was no other way to desribe what he next experienced. He actually felt the cat smile reassuring at him inside of his head. So it wasn't a dream after all. For some strange reason that made him feel happy. It wasn't just that he wasn't going crazy, but that what he had experienced along with his sister had been real.

So when the cat spoke to him through their new link so softly, so smokily human. He found himself smiling with half relief and half happiness.

"Hi." he said, watching as the other stretched and sit himself down all so adorably feline and yet so eerily human at the same time.

Kevla smiled as the two that she had been watching over for the past fourty-eight hours got reacquainted. Remarkably, she didn't hear anything when the both of them looked at each other. "For an instant there. I could have sworn that you two were talking to each other there, Arutha." she shook her head a little at that and smiled once more:

"Honestly I was worried about the both of you, but I hoped that you were going to get up today so that's why I brought the coffee and doughnuts. And I haven't forgotten our furry little friend here. I got him some fresh fried fish in this bag from this one joint across the street. I didn't know quite what to get but it seemed only fair that if I am getting us a fried treat that he should get one too." she said holding up another small bag that was slightly greasy looking, but looked like it was warm.

As he heard the feline sigh, he found himself reaching down a hand and gently petting his head. "It's okay. I've no idea what just happened, but I'm glad that you are okay, Kitty." he said softly before looking up at his sister once more. "The reason why you think that we spoke together was because we did. I've no idea how but somehow we aren't dealing with any ordinary kitty. He's more than special I can hear him in here." he said gesturing to his temple. "I just wonder what else he can do."

Kevla frowned a bit at that. "Just hold the crazy pill one moment, you are actually saying that you can hear him?" she asked and looked back down at the cat and then back up at her brother. She then sighed after about a moment. "You know what.... I really shouldn't be surprised anymore. He did manage that odd little stunt with the salt and pepper shakers back at the restaurant. Still I have to wonder why only you can hear him and I cannot?" she said looking from her brother to the cat and then back again.
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Post by: Seragil on February 14, 2012, 06:11:33 PM
At hearing Arutha’s words and the feel of his hand petting him in reassurance Naoise relaxed and shivered slightly with relief. He really hadn’t wanted to leave, he liked these two surprisingly surprising humans, nor could he deny the unexpected pull he felt to Arutha. Happily reassured his attention was immediately captured by the greasy looking package Kevla had brought, the warm fragrant aroma that emanated from it teased his senses, making him aware of how very hungry he was. Wondering how he would go digesting the fish and whatever it was coated in; but not exactly caring at that precise moment, he raised a paw slightly in preparation of satisfying his hunger when the conversation between Kevla and Arutha finally registered, making him turn his attention away from the food to the question just asked by Kevla.

Naoise was unsure as to why Kevla couldn’t hear him or Arutha, but then again he hadn’t made a psychic bond with her only her brother. Curious, Naoise  turned  his head towards her and fastened his emerald green eyes on her as he reached out with his mind to brush against hers  and was unsurprised to find her mental barriers still intact; though flimsy and weak.  Uncertain on how to proceed Naoise climbed onto Arutha’s lap and leaned against him for support as he gathered his mental strength to push onto Kevla’s mind to create another link, only to stop at the last moment as he reconsidered the situation. Gently pulling his mind away from Kevla’s he turned his face up to look at Arutha.

*Arutha* he said down their mental link *Kevla’s telepathic abilities are still closed off, I could open them but...* he stopped and considered how to explain further, he was pretty sure he could open Kevla’s mind as he had Arutha’s but how did he explain that by doing so they might antagonise the collar into making them pass out again , which he was fairly certain was what had happened before, the collar did not like the idea of him bonding with another; if it couldn’t bond with someone it sure as heck didn’t want Naoise doing it. Also he had to consider did the twins really want this, it was too late for Arutha, heck the poor guy didn’t really get a choice but that didn’t mean Kevla shouldn’t. Suddenlty thinking of a plan around the collar situation he battered his head against Arutha’s chest and continued the conversation.

*Ask kevla if she really wants this, I mean you will both be able to hear me and each other, but doing this could mean you will both be able to send and receive thoughts from other people. Also,  if she still wants to go through with it...I think it would be better if you did it rather than me, i can guide you through the procedure, it’s not overly difficult plus... she trusts you and would except the strangeness easier with you doing it rather than a very strange and disturbing cat yes?* he asked with a mental smile of amusement.
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Post by: MementoMori on February 16, 2012, 04:54:27 PM
Arutha continued to gently pet the feline as he felt him relax. He smiled down at him as he caught the cat with his paw in mid-air ready to snatch that bag full of fish.So he ended up taking the bag for him and opening it and pulling out a small piece for him. "Here kitty. I know that you're as hungry as I am if not more so." he said softly holding out said piece for him. It was before he couldn't help but frown at his sister and then glance back down at the cat at this strange situation that they all seemed to be now in. "To be honest, I've really no idea. All I can remember is that our little friend here linked with me and then next thing I knew it was lights out. I did hear him when the link was made through." he said with a small shrug.

It was only to look up as he watched the feline climb up onto his lap as he started to stare at Kevla. For a second he could of sworn that their strange new friend was going to try and do the same thing that he had done with him. Then all of the sudden he stopped and looked back up at him.

"Well that doesn't make any sense whatsoever." Kevla said with a small pout. "I know that he's more than the average cat and all but darn it...should it work with me since we're twins and all . The whole twin connection thing that I've read about on the net." she said with a small huff as her brother seemed to met the cat's eyes once more and look back at her.

"He says that it's because your telepathic abilities are still closed off for some reason. He could open them but....I think it might make us all pass out again if he did. He didn't say that, but that's the feeling that I'm getting." he explained as he gently pet the velvety black head battering up against his chest. "But if you really want to hear him too, he says that I could do it if you want, but you should know that we will bother be able to hear each other as well as others besides him." he said only to frown a little down at the feline and then smiled as he pet behind the cat's ears, " you're not that disturbing. Strange yes, but disturbing no."

Kevla blinked at that and nodded as she tried to wrap her brain around what was happening. Her brother wasn't going crazy that much she was sure about. Though this one sided conversation thing that he was seeming to have with the cat was a little on the freaky side. Still it wasn't any stranger than being able to move stuff at well. Now that was something that they had both grown up with and so gotten well used to by now. So she could get used to this.

"Well tell him that I really do want this. It isn't any freakier than what I can already do. So I say...what the hell." she said with a grin. "Now show me how it's done."

Arutha couldn't help but laugh a little at that. "If you heard that, that's one hell of a yes, Kit." he said with a small grin.
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Naoise went very still in startelment as he heard Arutha explain to Kevla why Naoise didn’t want to make the link with her. Had Naoise inadvertently awakened Arutha’s empathic ability? Or had he mayhaps passed on the ability when he made the link? He knew he could send impressions of his emotions via the link when he wanted to but this...this meant Arutha could potentially feel every emotion Naoise felt, and vice versa. Either way it meant he and Arutha had a deeper and stronger link then he had originally anticipated, it also meant Naoise had to be more careful about his emotions; for if the collar sensed or assumed Naoise was trying to give things away via empathy the consequences would be painful to say the least, for Naoise and now possibly for Arutha too.

Arching a mental brow at Arutha’s denial of his disturbing nature Naoise tried to hide his anxiety about this unepected ability as best he could as he sent an impression of a smile down the mental link between them.

*Okay then...* he sent a little nervously down the link to Arutha. * Opening your sisters mind should be easy, as you both share similar mental abilities anyway. Just place your fingers on her temples and brush your mind against hers. It should feel almost the same as it feels when you lift something with your mind, but instead of lifting something you’re pushing your thoughts into Kevla’s. * He stopped explaining long enough to see if Arutha was paying attention before continuing * But do it gently, don’t want to cleave her mind in two.*

Stopping the instructions for now he quickly looked to Kevla before once again touching Arutha’s mind.

*Tell your sister that she should feel a slight pressure in her mind when you touch it and that she should imagine a door or gate or a wall...what ever works for her really, and that once open she needs to welcome you in. This should create the link and afterwards she should feel a sense of vertigo or dizziness...maybe even a little nauseous.*

He turned his face up to Arutha’s and asked once more *Are you really sure she wants to do this Arutha?...It can be scary...and dangerous.* Fearing Arutha might think he meant the pychic link he quickly explained further. *Hearing other peoples thoughts I mean, not the procedure; as you both trust each other and it isn’t done under force, you will both be fine* he said in reassurance.

Sitting back to watch the procedure Naoise couldn’t help but wonder if doing this would also wake Kevla’s emthatic abilities, since both she and Arutha were twins the idea wasn’t completely out of the realm of possibility, actually given the fact they were twins doing this would most likely make their twin bond stronger. Unsure as to whether this would happen and not wanting to scare them or make them worry Naoise decided not to share his current speculations.
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As for why Arutha thought the way that he had. It was logical. The first time around when their new feline friend did this link with him, they had been out two whole days. And the cat didn't seem to want to make the link with Kevla. So he had to assume that it was probably for the risk of it happening once more. There was no other reason that he could think of or so he thought. Still he did pause for a second when he felt Kit go very still against him and reached out to soothingly pet him. Just what was wrong with him? He had to wonder. It couldn't been much for a second later the cat seemed like his old self., but he knew something had to have happened to freak him out like that. Maybe it had been a false alarm or maybe it was him reading too much into things.

"'re more than a little freaky but not disturbing, disturbing, Kit. That I reserve for killers and just evil people." he acqueised at the lookt hat the feline gave him before turning back towards his sister as the other explained the procedure to open his sister's mind.

"Wow....that's really easy. I know that you said that it was easy, but, Kit. I know that it's fast given what happened earlier minus the passing out part, but I expected some complex step by steps instead of this." he said, looking down Kit as he earned himself a slightly irritated look from his sister.

"Well....what did he say?" Kevla immediately asked, looking just a shade past her normal irritated. Honestly with this not being able to hear the cat crap going on, she was starting to feel a bit like a third wheel. And it was the last thing that she was going to be if she had any say about it.

"Sorry...Kevla. It's really quite easy sounding. How it is going to work is that I'm going to touch your temples and reach out with my mind and slowly push my thoughts into your mind.  Also he did say something about visualizing a door, gate or a wall when you feel me brush against your mind. Apparently, it makes things easier with you welcoming me inside of your head. Though I should warn you, he said that you will feel a little funky passing out but maybe dizzy or nauseous." he explained simply.

Kevla nodded and relaxed as her brother explained as much as he could get from the cat how things were going to work. "Hell...a little funky I can deal with afterall I've drunk you and Kieran under the table multiple times. So lets get this show on the road." she said firmly and then grinned as she put down what she had been holding to sit down on the bed in front of her brother.

Arutha snorted as he reached out his hands to touch her temples like how he had been instructed to as he caught Kit's last comment. He glanced down at the feline and then looked his sister once more in the eyes. "He also wanted me to ask you if you are really sure about this. Once it is done I don't know if there's any way of going back." he said offering her one last out.

"Quit being a pansy and just do it already!" Kevla said with a roll of her eyes and put her hands over her brother's fingers. "I trust you, my pansy-assed brother." she added with a grin.

"You asked for this, my dear witch of a sister." Arutha sing-songed as he reached out with his mind.

Kevla went still as she felt it and took a deep breath as she did the visual and then snap, like a rubber band breaking, it was done.

Can you hear me, Kevla? Arutha cautiously said in his mind.

Kevla blinked and looked at the both of them a little dazedly. "Yeah...I can. Wow...damn I feel guys didn't say that it would be like a three margarita dizzy. Whoa....when does it stop?"
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 Naoise laughed softly down the link to both Arutha and Kevla as he answered her question “Dizzy is dizzy and not too long I imagine, a minute or two mayhap. Oh, Welcome to the circus Kevla and ummm whats a margarita?.” He asked with a slightly baffled yet curious smile. Then feeling a sudden devilish need come over him, Naoise turned his head and studied Arutha’s ass.
“Pansy Assed?!, I dunno Kevla.  I don’t see anything soft or flower like about that ass, more like buns of steel if you ask me.” Then with perverse pleasure Naoise went about cleaning himself, licking his leg and paw  completely ignoring both humans, only to suddenly look at them mid lick, his leg stretched out and forgotten as he captured their gaze with his eyes; eyes that were bright, emerald green , intense, highly amused and unbeknown to him, extremely human looking.
“You two do realise what a strange, abnormal and totally weird city this is right?” he suddenly asked, amusement thick in his voice.
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Kevla blinked a little as the feeling slowly started to subside. seems like it is. And thanks for the welcome. As for the margarita, you haven't lived if you haven't had one, even with you being a cat. It's an awesome tequila and lime drink that is a one way ticket to smashedville. she explained with a grin.

As for Arutha, he had been almost ready to say something denouncing his sister's partying ways when cat suddenly stared at his ass for a few seconds. "Just what the hell do you think that you're doing, Kit?!" he asked embrassedly, face going red. Just as he spoke, he pulled up some of blanket to cover his sides so that the curve of his ass wasn't quite so visible.

Kevla couldn't help but snicker loudly and then clap at that. "Now that was awesome. Nice one, Kitty. As for his ass, I wouldn't know, but I do know that it has to be good considering that he's related to me. And I'm awesome." she said with a simple shrug and a grin earning her a dirty look from her twin.

"Don't freaking encourage him. I'm not a piece of meat to be ogled at." Arutha half protested just as Kevla stuck out her tongue at him.

"Fat chance of that. I know just what kind of sounds you can make Arutha Brooks when it comes to your boy toys." Kevla pointed out as Arutha reddened further and sputtered indignantly just as the cat seemed to ignore them for a moment and start to clean his paw. Though when he stopped, they both caugh a glimpse of his all too brightly green human-ish eyes and spoke to them. If either of them had had any doubts about him being just a special cat, it was erased in that moment.

Arutha nodded as his blush started to fade, "Yes, I have met a werewolf before here. So I've no doubts that this city is alot stranger and either of us have ever probably realised. Meeting the were and now you just seems to be the tip of the iceberg here."

"You can say that again." Kevla chimed in.
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*Me?* Naoise said with humour. *Please, I’m just your average yet extremely cute,  highly intelligent, domesticated house cat.* Then unable to hide his curiosity he turned his head and looked at Arutha. *This werewolf you didn’t bite you or anything like that right?* he asked then unable to stop himself, he stepped closer and sniffed him, making sure he hadn’t missed the distinctive scent of a lycanthrope.

*You need to be more careful Arutha, this city is dangerous* Turning his head he looked at Kevla *That goes for you too Kevla. * Trying to keep both humans in his gaze he backed up a little from Arutha  and sat on his haunces. *You said you weren’t a piece of meat to be ogled at Arutha, well in this city that pretty much exactly what you both are; meat, to be either eaten or played with or both.*
Deciding he was being way too overdramatic and boring he shook himself. *I’m hungry* he stopped as he considered his empty stomach *Actualy...I’m really famished, we were only knocked out for a couple of hours right?* he asked as he turned to the window to see how dark it was outside, it seemed to be just a few hours after sunset, which according to his memory was correct as he had met the twins on the boardwalk at sunset, then came here, were they had been for an hour or so before they had passed out. He shouldn’t be as hungry as he felt as he had eaten some of Arutha’s spaghetti earlier at the pier. Unable to ignore the sudden uneasy feeling in his stomach he turned back to face the twins. *It was only for a few hours yes?* he asked again a little anxiously.
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Arutha just rose an eyebrow at that. "Yeah...right and I'm a trained circus monkey." he said with a snort only to shake his head rapidly. "No, he didn't. Hey...what the heck are you doing?" he asked as the cat stepped closer and seemed to make a show out of sniffing him. "No...I'm not a were. Honestly Kit. The man was a exception to the main rule about this city. He helped me save a friend's life before the two of them moved on." he said with a touch of indignation.

"I'm not that stupid." he added as his twin picked her jaw up off of the floor.

"You didn't tell me that!" Kevla protested as she nodded at the feline's words."Just when? I remember. It had to have been when you decided to play hooky for a few days about four months ago." she said with a pout only to look back at their black furred friend. "This bozo here earned the yelling of lifetime for that one. And trust me I won't forget this little tidbit." she said.

Arutha sighed and nodded. "I know." he said quietly. The cat's warning run all too true. And in fact, it was likely what had happened to Micah that day that he disappeared. With those morose thoughts still lingering inside of his head, he couldn't help but be a little confused by what Kit said next.

Kevla frowned as well. " two have been out for two whole days, like how I said earlier. Don't you remember?" she asked a tad worriedly.

Arutha reached down to gently pet him. "She did say that, Kit. So we should both eat, right?" he said once more opening the bag full of breaded fish.
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*Two days? Two Days?! Daghdha’s Fiery Balls* Naoise swore softly in shock, he had never in 900 years of life been knocked out for two whole days. At Arutha’s assurance of being told this information earlier he settled down and quickly thought back, he remembered Kevla saying she had hoped they would get up today and so had bought them something hot and fried to eat but try as he might he couldn’t remember saying they had been out of it for two days, maybe she had said it when he had still been unconscious.

Over the shock and feeling a little embarrassed over it and for his blasphemous swearing Naoise once again quickly climbed into Arutha’s lap and rubbed his head against his chest in reassurance *Sorry guys and sorry for sniffing at you Arutha, I know you aren’t a were, its just that I’m not overly fond of weres and even less about vampires* he said softly down the link to both of them. *and you’re right Arutha lets eat* he said with an amused chuckle. *Two days wonder I’m so hungry* He then flicking his gaze between then quickly and continued. * And I have no doubt you two have a million questions you want to ask.* the idea of answering questions bothered him a little as there were things he couldn’t say, but if asked he swore he intended to answer as honestly as possible, Arutha and Kevla deserved at least that.

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"Daghdha's Fiery...what?" Arutha couldn't help but ask. Now he had heard some pretty strange curses used in his time, but he thought that this one took the cake. It was just too strange. Still it did sort of remind him of something that he had read about once in a textbook. Just what was it? Not to mention who was it? It did sound scottish or maybe irish to him, but then again he always got those two confused.

"Err....never mind. I don't think that I want to know at least that bit." he said, shaking his head a little out of amusement as the feline once again resumed his perch on his lap. "It's okay, Kit. Given your size, I can't really blame you. I'm not saying that you are entirely defenseless, but you must have had it hard in this city with both of them around more often than not." he said softly and smiled, gently petting his head.

Kevla leaned forwards with a grin. "Never mind him. I know that you were swearing, but who were you swearing about?" she asked a little too curiously.

Arutha rolled his eyes a little as he reached down and popped a piece of donut from the other bag into his mouth. He moved the fish closer to the cat as he tried to figure out his first question. "Umm...I guess the first one that I have that I'm certain is on my sister's mind is what are you? I know that you are definitely not your average domestic cat or even anything like any of the breeds that I know about. You're a little too special for that."
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Naoise went very still as both Arutha and Kevla asked their questions, he had promised himself to answer honestly but to do so completely and openly was impossible, the collar would kill him and keep killing him as soon as he tried to utter a word, a single syllable of the truth of his curse. Thinking quickly he smiled wryly to himself as a possible solution formed in his mind. The truth will set you free might be a good motto here after all.

*Daghdha is one of the Tuatha De Danan; an Irish God of fire and lightning Kevla, and I really shouldn’t blaspheme...One should try and not get on deities bad side. * he answered with a wry touch of humour * As for what I am* He stopped as he felt the collar come to life around his neck, the norse runes shimmering softly against his black coat as it slowly tightened around his throat in warning and preparation. Killing Naoise gave it great pleasure.

*I am a cat Arutha. * He said with conviction and smiled to himself as the collar regrettably released its grip around his neck. * I am just a very unique one. * He smiled as he battered his head against Arutha’s chest. * You must understand, there are questions I cannot answer, for reasons I cannot explain. *
He chuckled to himself as the collar once again came back to glittering life but since he had neither mentioned his personal past nor the secret of his entrapment; the collar could do nothing except shimmer, to do anything else would draw too much attention but Naoise smiled with satisfaction; shimmering was enough, shimmering was more then enough for those with sharp eyes and clever minds.
*But I can’t nor will I stop you from searching for answers on your own* He finished with a soft hiss as the collar suddenly tightened up, closing off his air way and sending a slight yet intense electric shock through his body in warning and in spite before releasing him again. Noise shuddered and collapsed slightly in Arutha’s lap as the electric shock shot painfully through him. Once it was over he shook himself slightly and sucked in some air and tried to pretend nothing unusual had happened.
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Both of Arutha's eyebrows lifted at the cat's response. "Okaaay, I guess that I will buy that." he said slowly as he tried to wrap his mind around the simple concept that it was of him believing in a Irish elemental God. Though still he had heard of weirder things happening. So who was to say that this Daghdha didn't exist after all?

At the same time Kevla's lips twitched with laughter. "So that's what you meant. Now I get it, but for a curse I'd say that it's the best one that I've heard yet."Kevla said with a grin, making her brother shake his head at how easily his sister was amused.

He then sighed at Kit's next words. He knew that he couldn't be just a cat, It didn't make sense. Neither did that bit about him saying that he was just 'unique'. In some ways he almost seemed a bit human while in others he seemed more feline. Damn it, it was hard to tell what was what. He reached down to gently pet his friend's head and shoulders as he battered his head against him. Still as he did so, he did notice a faint but odd shimmering coming from the silvery collar around his neck.

" don't be too disappointed, Arutha." Kevla said with a small smile as she saw the look on her brother's face at the cat's replies. It was almost like he had hoped that the answers would come easily. "He may be a cat, but he did say that he was a unique one. That means there is a reason for his uniqueness." she said just as the cat suddenly hissed and seemed to have a small attack of some kind before collapsing in her brother's lap.

Maybe this is just another puzzle that I just have to solve?Arutha wondered to himself, forgetting about the link between them as his sister did her best to try and cheer him up. still before he could say anything else his new friend seemed to have another strange fit and collapse against him. What was happening to him? This was the second time that it had happened. Was the cat sick? Or was there something else going on here?

"Hey Kit! You okay? What's wrong? You're not breathing?!" he rambled out worriedly, his hands searching for a pulse just before he felt the cat slowly regain his breath.

"Damn, now that was scary. You alrighty, Kitty?" Kevla asked as well.
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*I’m fine.* Naoise replied as he mentally shook off the recent attack from the collar. How he hated that damn thing, but after five hundred years of been trapped and tormented by it, he was rather use to it and its pettiness.

*Though I have to admit, I am a little tired...I guess sleeping for two days has worn me out* he said with wry amusement.
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Arutha frowned incredulously at how easily his new friend just shook off nearly dying in his lap like it was nothing. He didn't get it. How could he have shaken that off just like that? It wasn't his imagination. He really had had trouble breathing. "What....or better yet how?" he started to ask before letting out an exasperated sigh as he looked down at the feline. "Nevermind, I guess that this would fall under the unable to answer category, right Kit?"  he said.

Kevla rolled her eyes at her brother's behavior. "I'm sorry about him. He tends to get a little cranky when something happens to someone that he cares about." she said softly before grinning, "There was this one time that when we were about 6 or 7 that I fell and skinned both of my knees. One would expect me to be the one throwing a fit and crying right? Wrong it was this fussy goofball that threw the biggest fit so that the adults has to come and comfort us both."

"Hey! He doesn't need to know that." Arutha said with an embrassed blush.
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Naoise laughed softly, sending a smokey, silky caress across the psychic link as he pictured Arutha and Kevla as children. Yet Arutha’s earlier words still resonated within him and the concern for Naoise that was evedent in his voice after the recent attack from the collar. Had he become so immune to the torture and torment the collar often and frequently did to him that he no longer even noticed it? He cast his mind back and tried to pinpoint the last time he had actually reacted to the cruel punishment the collar often inflicted and was shocked when he could not find one. The torment and torture had become so common place that it had become meaningless to him, that pain had became meaningless to him.

Naoise jumped off Arutha’s lap and walked over  to the glass wall that looked out over the city. Once there he stopped and raised a paw to the dim reflection of himself that peered back at him from the glass. *What has happened to me?* he whispered softly, forgetting for the moment the link, forgetting that his spoken thoughts were no longer his alone as he gazed at the shadowy green eyes before him, at the indistinct shadow that was his reflection. *What have I become?* He watched as in the dim reflextion the collar started to shine, mirroring what it was doing in reality and he could no longer hide from the truth, he aggrivated the curse of the collar on purpose because the pain and torture had become meaningless, he did it because in truth he longed for death, longed for an end to his cursed existence and knew as well that no matter what he did it would never end, that pain and lonliness was all he would have, all he would know for all eternity. He stared at his reflextion till the view of the city dissolved it, absorbed it as if it never existed. He turned back to Arutha and Kevla, his collar like a silver flame around his neck as it sent electric fire throughout his body, his mind. *What am I?* he whispered softly * What Am I Arutha?* he asked plaintavily as he slowly tried to make his way back to the man and woman on the couch, his voice; like his steps. tortured and filled with desolation as he slowly slumped to the floor, his body no longer able to endure the current torture inflicted upon it from the blazing and angrily active collar. * I can no longer be this, will no longer be th... ... help me... Help Me* he whispered softly, imploringly as his consciousness once more fell into oblivion, his lifeless body smoking slightly on the floor where he had fallenl.

(After a few minutes his body shimmered and returned to normal, his breathing even, his heartbeat strong and steady though he remained unconscious)
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Arutha rolled his eyes at the laughter, but then they widened at the oh so silky feel of a touch echoing through the link. Just what the hell was that all about?

Unlike her brother, Kevla raised an eyebrow back at the feline. Now she knew what that was. It was a smokey silky caress that he had sent across the link. Now here was the problem. Just who was it aimed toward? Knowing her luck, it was highly likely that it was her brother, but still she was talking about a cat, right?

Arutha shook his head a little to clear it as Kit jumped off of his lap and walked over to the glass window on the otherside of the room. Almost as soon as the feline had left his lap, he knew that something was wrong. He could almost feel it in the air before he heard those desolate sounding words drift through the link, making him snap his head back over at him. "What the hell?" he whispered as he watched the collar begin to shine as he watched the despair grow in Kit's reflected all too human looking green eyes. It was almost like he had given up on everything in this world. But why? All of this had to be connected some how? He just couldn't put his finger on it, but he had a feeling that that the answer was likely staring at him in the face.

Though to both his sister's and his own shock, the shine increased until it was like a heart-beat of flame pulsing through the silver color around the poor cat's neck.

"Fuck...." Kevla swore as she watched in gobsmacked horror as the cat slowly tried to walk towards them. She looked over at her twin only to see a more horrified look than ever as together they heard what sounded like their friend's last request on earth.

Arutha looked like someone had hit him when his feline friend called him by name in such a state. Though when the poor feline had slumped to the floor, he was instantly by his side."Damn it! No....I'll help. I'll help! Just tell me how?! Don't die!" he said, tears falling down his face as his hand tentatively reached out to touch his still smoking body.

Kevla swallowed slowly and slowly joined her brother on the carpet beside the cat. "He's dead, Arutha. I don't know how but he is." she said quietly as her brother shook his head vehemently and carefully pulled the body closer to him.

"No he isn't!" he said, shoulders shaking with emotion. He couldn't be dead, no matter what his fingers were telling him. He had no pulse, but he had survived worse, right? "He'll be back. Somehow." he said determinedly.

Kevla sighed. There was no talking to her brother in such a state. So she helped him over to the bed in the bedroom while her brother kept a gentle protective grip on him. Though almost as soon as she had gotten Arutha situated in the bed and the cat beside him, her brother let out a small cry of joy as he felt him breathe again, his heart beating at it's normal rate."Well I'll be damned. The little bugger is more hearty than I thought." she said with a faint relieved smile and a shake of her head. "All I can say is that when he wakes up, he's got alot of explaining to do. This time hopefully without the frying. Will you be okay, Arutha? I'll be back. I'm going to go make you some hot chocolate to help calm your nerves while we wait until he wakes up."

Her twin nodded. "As long as he's alive, I should be okay." Arutha said tiredly. Even though he hadn't done anything, his body felt like it had been put through the ringer and in a sense he had. He couldn't get that sight out of his head of Kit's smoking body on the floor and his anguished eyes.  Kevla squeezed his shoulder before heading out of the room presumeably to get that hot chocolate.
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Naoise remained unconscious and was unaware of Arutha picking him up and putting him on his bed and unaware also of Arutha and Kevla’s concern for his wellbeing. He drifted from dreamscape to dreamscape, trapped as his mind replayed scenes from his past.

He played with his siblings as a child only to turn around and watch them die from the plague and decompose in front of his eyes, he once again walked through the woods with his grandmother as she taught him the ways of the shaman and druid, showed him the joys of being a shapeshifter only to be kidnapped and tortured by Alexendra the day after her death. But worse he relived the things he was forced to do whilst a slave to that evil sorcerer, the murders and kidnappings, the whoring and assassinations. Then the torture he suffered after Alexendra’s death and the long lonly years since, trapped in cat form, never to speak his name, to hear it, to be human and treated as such. Yet through each scene, each memory and dreamscape something chases him, unnamed and unseen, constantly stalking him, he runs but never escapes.

On the bed Noise whimpers and meows softly as he dreams, his paws twitching as if he is running and his body trembles ever so softly.

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Arutha looked back at the poor feline on the bed. What were they going to do with him? This was the third time that that collar had shocked the cat if his eyes weren't mistaken. They certainly weren't going to get rid of him, but how could they help him? He had no idea other than that strange collar around his neck as well as his odd reference to an old irish god. It was a start albit a slim one, but a start nonetheless. He could work with that.

Still it didn't help with riding his mind of that achingly painful image of Kit's smoking body. He sighed and reached out to gently pet him. Though he paused mid-reach as the cat started to whimper and meow softly as he dreamt. He knew that it was a nightmare right away, but he still had to wonder just what he was running away from as his little paws twitched. "Shh....I'm here, Kit." he whispered as he moved his hand down onto his fur to soothingly pet his back, "I'm here."
It was then that Kevla returned with the hot chocolate. "Everything okay over here?" she asked, seeing her brother soothe the whimpering cat.

"I think that he's having a nightmare on top of things." Arutha said, looking briefly up from Kit to his twin sister.

Kevla set down the mug on the bedside table. "Damn... poor guy can't seem to catch a break." she said with a small shake of her head. "There's your hot chocolate when you are up for it, Arutha." she said, gently squeezing his shoulder. "If you need me, I'll be in the other room trying to dig up some answers on my laptop."

Arutha made an effort to smile lightly and nod for his sister's sake. "I'll be okay. I am just going to rest with him and drink my hot chocolate." he said, curling up beside the cat and lightly resting a hand on his fur.
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Naoise felt Arutha’s hand on him even as he fought his way through shifting nightmares and dreamscapes. His Touch soothed and settled him, his breath evened out and his body stilled under Aruthas caring touch. Though Naoise’s physical body relaxed and was eased, his mind however was another matter.

Naoise ran through the darkened forest as thick mists obscured his view and his feet, causing him to almost stumble over hidden branches and secretive vines that seemed to slither and move under his paws, seeking him, trying to entangle and slow him. His breath wheezed out of his throat as the cursed collar once again restricted his air flow, even in dreams it wanted to kill him. Naoise cursed it as he continued to run, his main worry was the thing that panted and heaved behind him, its breath heavy and almost upon him as he desperately ran to escape it, one stumble, a slip and it would have him. He ran, his body exhausted and screaming for rest but stopping was unthinkable, he swore he would never be caught again, never be trapped, so he ran, he ran for his life and his freedom.

He swam towards the surface of the water, the surface a silver shimmer of hope above him, promising escape and freedom from the cold, dark depths he was trapped in. His collar grew heavy and pulled him down even as he struggled to swim upwards, his lungs burned, his body ached for air even as he continued to struggle, to swim, to reach that beckoning silver shimmer of hope, yet he sank further into the dark depths and beneath him the thing circled, closer and closer never leaving always present always chasing. The last of his air escaped him in a fit of bubbles as he screamed in frustration and rage.

He ran along the cliff path, his paws leaving bloody footprints behind him with every step, the volcanic glass he ran upon cutting him with every step. The thing was still only mere steps behind him as the wind howled angrily around him, deafening him as it tried to bowl him over, to press him into the volcanic rocks like cheese through a grater. He ran on, is mouth grimacing in a silent snarl of determination, hatred and rage as he strained to reach the clearing at the top of the mountain path. But he was tired, oh so very tired of running, of hurting, of being chased!

His feet touched grass, the feel cool and soft against his sore, cut, throbbing paws. He ran across the soft carpet of green, the grass healing and rejuvenating him with every step, by the time he reached the end of the clearing he was fully healed, strength and vitality pulsated through his every pore as he turned around and launched himself through the air towards the unknown tormentor that chased him.
He landed square on their chest, the force of his jump hard enough and strong enough that they fell to the ground with a loud grunt and groan as the air gets knocked out of them. Naoise snarled deep and menacingly as he raised a paw, his claws extended and ready to swipe across their throat when he looked into eyes as green as his own framed by hair as black as midnight on a moonless night. He slowly stepped back, one paw at a time as he stared into those oh so familiar green eyes. Once he was back on the ground he sat and just stared at his human self as it sat up and stared back at him with his own eyes.
“How by the grace of Danu is this possible?” Naoise asked his human self, unable to take his eyes from the face he hadn’t seen in nearly nine hundred years. To his eyes he hadn’t changed much yet at the same time the changes were profound. He looked the same, the long blue black hair with its single druidic warrior braid that fell to the middle of his back and chest, the same lean taught, muscled body, and the eyes, brilliant emerald green. Yet though he looked the same as he did all those years ago it was no teenager that sat before him, it was a man, a man who had seen all that he had seen, all that he had suffered, lived all that he had lived. It was in his eyes, his mouth, they way he moved his body. The suffering had taught him compassion and empathy and his entrapment as a cat had given him patience, all of which could be seen in his eyes and smile, yet the body portrayed the strength and endurance to destroy his enemies without mercy or hesitation. He was sensual and dangerous yet also kind and caring. He was all that Naoise was and wanted to be.
“How but by the grace of Danu can this not be possible?” he asked the cat back with an amused smile.
Naoise narrowed his eyes and growled.”It has been you chasing me! Why?”He asked his human self angrily ignoring the question thrown back at him.
The man smiled sadly as he sat up and kneeled before the cat spreading his hands in front of him as he did so. “I have not been chasing you for I am you.” he replied softly, sadly. “You however have been running away from me. Why?” he asked, a sad knowing look in his eyes as he looked at the enslaved cat.”You run from your humanity, of who and what you are. It’s time to wake up Naoise, in all ways, wake up and reclaim yourself, stop punishing yourself for the past and start living for the future, for what could be”
Naoise sighed softly and looked at his human image with sad eyes. “I no longer know how to hope, to be other then I am, a cursed cat.”
The human image smiled wryly. “But we are a cursed cat.”He said with a small laugh as Naoise looked at him with disgust. “But we are also human, a thing you try hard to forget, to deny. You must reclaim yourself.”
“And how in the name of Danu am I meant to do that?”Naoise asked angrily. “I’m a bloody cat if you haven’t noticed”
The man stood up and towering above the cat before him he smiled. “You are a man, a man trapped in cat form and you already know what to do, Arutha and Kevla will help to find your name and identify the collar that curses and entraps you, and when they do you can at least stop pretending to be a cat and reclaim your name, your life, your humanity.”
“No, I do not wish to involve them, they don’t deserve this mess.”Naoise said emphaticly
“They are already involved.” Replied the human Naoise. “And how did you plan to break even part of the curse, not to mention the full curse, without them?” he asked the cat.
"The full curse?”Naoise asked in surprise. “I am a bloody cat! The full curse can not be broken.”
The human Naoise scooped up the cat and holding him at eye level he growled softly at him.”You are a Man, trapped in cat form. But a man none the less! If you do not dare to love, to feel love as a man, as a human or more, accept another can love you as a man, as a human, then you are right. The curse will never be broken. But that is your choice, our choice. But if you make the wrong one, I will be pissed, cause I am bloody tired of being a cat. Now wake up! Arutha and Kevla are worrying over you. Again.” Shaking his head he threw Naoise up into the air.
Naoise sailed up through the sky and laughed as he realised he was no longer the cat, but a man flying through the sky.

In the room where Naoise lay unconscious on the bed, the clock struck midnight. The reflection in the mirror of Naoise wavered and was replaced by the image of his human self, laying naked and asleep beside Arutha on the bed. Naoise sighed softly and slowly opened his eyes, his human reflection doing the same.

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Sensing movement beneath his hand, Arutha murmured something intelligetable in his sleep and started to turn over to his other side. Then somewhere in the deep vistages of his mind, he remembered why he needed to be aware of such a motion. For his dreams, much unlike that of his feline companion were the dull and indestinct dreams of the exhausted, empherally engaging during and forgotten upon waking.  Eyes flickering open, he turned back to look at his side.

"Kit?" he blearily called out, blinking twice and rubbing at his eyes at the strange sight before him. He didn't know what to make of what he was seeing. On the one hand, it looked like the once unconscious cat at his side was awake. On the other just in the same space beside him in the mirror laid the most incredible looking man he'd ever seen. Honestly it looked like he had stepped out of a cover on a romance novel.

It was then that he realised just how naked this mystery man was. Instantly his face went red and he backed up as fast as he could, making him fall off the bed on the other side with a small thud and a pained curse.

"Shit...ow...ow...who the hell are you?" he quietly demanded. He didn't want to wake up his sister should this just be some strange nightmare of his. Still there was something eeerily familiar about the man laying on the bed, especially the very green of the eyes. Now that he thought about it, it looked like Kit's eyes.

"Kit? Is that you?" he asked, looking from the mirror to the bed and then back again. There had to be a connection there. He could feel it.
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Naoise blinked slowly not really comprehending what he was seeing or hearing not until Arutha fell off the bed with a loud thud. Not noticing the image in the mirror Naoise scooted over to Arutha’s side of the bed and peered down at him with emerald green eyes alight with humour.

*Arutha ...what are you doing? Are you okay?* He sent to the stunned looking man sprawled on the bedroom floor before him, unaware that behind him there was an image of a bare-assed man in the place of the actual cat on the bed.
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Arutha looked back at the cat with an incredulous expression as he slowly rose back up to his feet. "I'm...fine." he said. How could he not know what was going on here? Speaking of which what the hell was going in? He was massively confused as well as no small amount of curious about the man he was seeing. This was of course if he wasn't starting to lose his mind here.

"Kit, look in the mirror and please tell me that you are seeing what I see. Please tell me that I'm not going crazy and just imagining a naked guy in the mirror."
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Curiously bemused Naoise turned to look at the mirror and this naked apparition Arutha was talking about. He looked at the long haired, handsome man in the mirror and blinked slowly in shocked surprise, unaware of his fur standing up on end as the image in the mirror blinked as well, but unlike the cat, shock, surprise and a little fear could be plainly seen reflected on his face. Unbelieving Naoise took a slow step forward and the man did the same; crawling animal like, moving in a way that was plainly unnatural for a human body. Naoise and his human image took a few more steps forward only to stop as Naoise finally accepted what he was seeing before him. He looked at his image and ignoring the good looks and his blatant male nakedness instead he focused on the hands clenched in paw shape, the arched back and hunched, bent legs, unable to stand the image of himself in human form, trapped and forced into cat shape he closed his eyes and turned his head away. The image did the same but his sorrow and shame could once again be plainly seen.

*Please Arutha...Please just cover it up...I can’t...I just can’t...* He sent to Arutha, his mental voice filled for the first time with a slight yet definite Irish accent.
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Arutha watched as the cat and the apparition in the mirror faced each other. Now he knew he wasn't just seeing things because of how the two moved. It was as if they were true reflections of each other. Finally his earlier suspicion was confirmed. So he was indeed a man and one that somehow got cursed into the form of a cat most likely due to something with the collar.  This of course left him wondering that if it was a curse, how would one break it? And was it the person who was cursed or was it the object? Though if he could bet money, his odds would favor the later given all that he had seen. 

Just as those thoughts crossed his mind, he could plainly see the sorrow and shame upon both of their faces. So when he begged him to cover it up, he fumbled a bit but then did it. He had taken the topmost blanket from off the bed and throw it over the mirror.

"Are you okay?" he asked gently even though it was plainly otherwise.
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Naoise sighed is resignation and opened his green eyes to look at Arutha while blatantly ignoring the covered mirror for now. * Thank you...I’m okay, just a little...shocked.* Feeling a little embarrassed Naoise looked towards the mirror then back at Arutha. * That was kind of freaky huh? I’m sorry, I usually keep a better track of time and the moon cycle then that. I haven’t actually seen that image in....a very long time.* Feeling suddenly guilty for all the drama he was piling onto Arutha and because he couldn’t ignore what had just happened nor the message of his dream Naoise decided maybe it was time to face himself and allow Arutha to see the truth as well..

*Would you like to see me Arutha?* He asked tentatively unsure of Aruthas response. * if you laid down on the bed facing the mirror, I could lay down beside you and...* Naoise left the sent thought unfinished as he wouldn’t blame Arutha if he had had enough of all the weird and chose instead to just kick him out of the room and out of his life, but he didn’t think Arutha would and if he was willing to face and go through this crap then the least he could do was give the man as much of the truth as he could tell him, he deserved that at least.

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" could say that again. That's why I fell on the floor earlier." Arutha said a tad akwardly only to frown thoughtfully at that last part. Interesting, apparently part of the curse was linked in with the moon cycles. He would have to file that away for later. "For a second there I thought that someone had broke in and then I saw your eyes. Somehow...I knew it was you." he said softly, looking back down at Kit. It didn't seem right to call him cat or feline anymore in his mind in the light of what had happened. So he refered to him by the only name that he knew him by, Kit, the name he had made up.

Though when he had asked him so tentatively, he knew immediately what his answer to that would be. "Yes I would like that." he said gentle smile, reaching out a hand to lightly touch his head. He didn't want it to be like he was petting him but more of a simple gesture of comfort. "So how do we want to do this? Do we both lay down together and then I pull off the blanket?"
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Naoise laughed softly knowing Arutha would hear it as he pictured Arutha sprawled on the floor once more. It had been funny at the time he had to admit, then Naoise grinned emotionally and mentally as Arutha mentioned his telekinetic ability, in all the drama of his own weirdness he had forgotten Arutha and Kevla had some weird of their own

“Actually, that would work perfectly” he sent back in response to Arutha’s question. So saying he quickly moved on the bed and lay on the side closest to the mirror and positioned his body so that he had one arm tucked up under his head the other was placed along the length of his body and slightly curved down over his waist, it wasn’t perfectly posed as a cats body structure wasn’t quite able to  allow such flexibility but it was close, then figuring Arutha wouldn’t quite want an eyeful of his cock he rolled his upper leg down so that when he appeared in the mirror his leg would be covering his genitals, though offering a clear view of his shapely derriere.

“Now if you would lay down beside and behind me...”he suggested hesitantly. Maybe Arutha was unaware but he knew that once Arutha was behind him and the blanket was removed the image of them both laying together side by side and he being naked would be...intimate looking indeed. It wasn’t what Naoise intended though truth be known he wasn’t against it either but it was the only way he could do it and have his body appear as normal looking as possible.
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"Yeah, yeah. Go ahead and laugh your heart out." Aruth tried to grump out at his being laughed at, but then ending up chuckling himself. He had to admit that it had been pretty damned funny even for it being in reaction to something so different. 

"Alright then. let's do this." he said with a smile as Kit laid himself down on the side closest to the mirror. As he did so he noticed the human-like position he was putting him current cat body into. He supposed that it did make sense given the circumstances. Since he was about to see him in all of his glory. Oh...boy...that thought hadn't quite occured to him until then, but the reality was that he didn't want to stop this either. And he didn't know if the image would hold if he tried to cover him up. So when Kit suggested how to lay near him, he blushed a bit but then nodded laying himself down on the bed next to him on the bed, right behind him. "Okay...then on the count of three. 1....2...3..." he said and on three he tugged the blanket off the mirror with his mind.

Instantly his eyes went wide as they took in the scope of the man before him in the mirror. It was only thing to see him for just a second and a whole nother one to see him like this. "Wow....."he breathed.
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Naoise exhaled softly as he appeard in the mirror, he hadn’t exaggerated it had been a very long time since he saw his human image, closer to a century than not. He hadn’t changed much he decided as he looked over himself, his skin was still that lightly tanned colour, his body was still lean and if not gym buffed he was defiantly well defined with abs, pecs and all but he had a natural athletic build rather than the stocky body builder type. His hair was long, maybe too long as it fell past his shoulders, but it did bring attention to his thin warrior braid dangling from his temple and the druidic tribal tattoo on his left upper arm and shoulder, the stylised cat blatantly screaming his shifter form and then there was Loki’s gold and silver collar shining brightly in the reflection, the silver scroll work almost ablaze in the reflection looking almost like starfire, though its mundane counterpart was normal and ordinary looking. It was stunning and looked even more so against his tanned skin. It was beautiful and totally evil. He sighed a little sadly as he noticed the not quite human pose of his arms and legs but ignored it at Arutha soft exclamation. Smiling softly yet wickedly, his face alight with sensual innuendo, he captured Arutha’s dark green eyes with his own emerald ones.

“ Tá sé áthas chun freastal ar deireadh tú Arutha.” It is a pleasure to finally meet you Arutha, he said in gaelic telepathically to the man behind him before repeating it in English. “No doubt you have many question and I will do my best to answer them” He flicked his gaze to the nightsky outside the window before continueing. “We have an hour, less actually, maybe forty five minutes before this hours grace passes and my image returns to my daily visage.” He grins wickedly at Arutha before adding “You can if you wish cover my body with a sheet for modesty sake.”Still grinning he leans back slightly with his body so the reflection would show as if he was almost lounging against Arutha. “but only if you wish it” he finished as he once again catches Arutha’s green eyes with his own.
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"You're beautiful." Arutha added, dark green eyes taking in every little detail of the other man's body. From the top of his head down to his toes, Kit looked he had indeed stepped out from historical romance novel. It had to be a historical one given the length of his hair and that stylised tribal cat on his left shoulder and arm, but by God was he breathtaking. The only other man he had seen like this had been Micah and while he was handsome, Kit was extraordinary. His face grew red almost to his ears as the other locked eyes with his with that oh so wicked smile on his face and that softly familiar lilting language. Just what was it and why was it so familiar?

"It's nice to finally meet you too." he said softly as he struggled to remember all the questions that he had. The view was more than a little distracting, but he told himself to try to calm down and focus. "That's good to know. I knew you weren't just an ordinary cat no matter what you said earlier. Your eyes are what give you away. They were too human." he said with a small smile before blushing a darker shade of red at the look on Kit's face as he was almost leaned against. "Maybe...that would be best. You're kinda...driving all my questions all out of my head with looking like that." he said honestly. "If you were fully a man right now, I'd probably want to touch you to make certain that you were real."
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Naoise smiled softly back at Arutha’s reflection. “Thank you” he said telepathically in response to the compliment “You aren’t too bad on the eye either you know.” He continued softly. “As for my eyes well you know what they say, eyes can be windows to the can mirrors” he finished with a grin. Then taking pity on Arutha he used his own telekinesis to pull the bed cover up and over them both. "Well I may be covered but...”He grinned wickedly again as his reflection cocked an eyebrow at Arutha, reflecting the emotion and facial expressions his body could not. “now it looks like we have or are going to sleep together.” he finished with a wink and a grin, his emerald eyes filled with mirth and a teasing heat.

Though he was teasing Arutha and acting like he was the man in the mirror; free and alive in every sense of the word,  he couldn’t forget the truth either and couldn’t help but wonder why the collar wasn’t trying to stop this or ruin this moment with one of its spiteful attacks. At Arutha’s last comment he catches the mans eyes once more and replies seriously “I am real Arutha, you can touch my body and it will be reflected here, showing you what it is you are really touching. I am the man you see, but I am also the cat beside you. I am both, I always have been.” He smiled gently, the image reflecting it as human emotions, it was a teasingly, wicked smile, gentle yet a little sad all at the same time. He didn’t continue with that chain of conversation because he knew to do so would most likely rouse the collar and he didn’t want to spoil this reprieve. The collar couldn’t react to what he said simply because he was stating the plain truth,  a truth that was plain to see due to the effect of the new moon. Still smiling he gives Arutha a little shrug of his shoulder as if to say its a mystery, then smiling blissfully he fully leaned against Arutha and grinned at him and waited for the questions to begin.
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Arutha smiled a tad bashfully and nodded. "Thanks." he said softly. "Quite true. I guess you've proved that in both ways in your eyes and in the mirror. After this I don't think that I will ever look at another mirror the same way again." he said with a small chuckle. He would always be wondering if there was anything else that a mirror could do. "Hey!...You're not helping things." he said half protested shortly after Kit had used his own ability to cover them both up. His blush had renewed itself full force at that. "Remember I'm supposed to be asking questions right....not driven to distraction by your naughty ways." he reminded just as the tone of the conversation once more grew serious.

He nodded and found himself reaching out a tentative hand to lightly touch Kit's face on the cheek. " are indeed. I'm sorry...but I just had to do this to prove to myself that this isn't a dream." he said softly. "So what are you exactly? Or is that something you can't say without the collar acting up again?" he asked as more questions started to re-flood his brain. "I'm guessing that it is some kind of shifter otherwise this whole thing wouldn't be happening right now, but somehow you're stuck in that form. Right?"
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Naoise leaned into the touch and purred softly, enjoying the feel of Arutha ‘s hand softly touching his face before catching his dark green eyes with his own as Arutha started his questions.

He loved the fact Aruatha already seemed to guess the heart of the problem and so smiled encouragingly at him as he prepared to answer.

“Yes I am a shifter, a cat one obviously,” Here he stopped and considered how to continue. He couldn’t talk about the collar or anything from his past that involved the collar and its curse nor could he tell Arutha his real name, but maybe if he was careful he could talk about his family...maybe. “Amongst certain social circles my family was quite well known for its shifter abilities and other things.” he finished softly while at the same time hoping by not talking about the collar Arutha would pick up that he couldn’t talk about it.
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Feeling him lean into the touch, Arutha couldn't help but smile at the gentle sound of Kit's purr. This definitely was no dream even though it had elements of one. Now was the time to focus on his questions and how he might phrase them without the collar acting up again. He knew that it had to be the key to everything given all the times it had acted up. When he looked back, it had acted up every time Kit had mentioned something more specific about himself or the collar itself. He would just have to work around it.

"That also explains the tattoo. Gorgeous work by the way. A Celtic based design right?" he complimented with another smile as he waited for the other to continue. "Hmm....this probably means that there must be a record somewhere about them if I knew where to look." he said thoughtfully. Though he had no idea of where he would even start when it came to that. "So how old are you? You look a little older than me but looks in this city are a dime a dozen. You could be any age given what you are?"
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Naoise grinned broadly at Arutha’s reflection in the mirror, that was a brilliant line of questioning, but now he had to answer; giving Arutha his exact age could activate the collar. After thinking of a response he smiled again and prayed Arutha liked history. “I was born during the time the Danish King Canute was sole King of England. My Grandmother never thought much of the English Kings and we avoided mainstream authority as much as possible. “ here he grinned in memory. “We were one of the few surviving old Celtic families. My parents were what would now be called Bards and my Grandmother was known as the Aretha, she was the head of the Druidic Order, it was she who did my tattoo, as for me...well.” he smiled sadly before continuing. “ I was what would have been called a Maghivellwyn, “ here he shrugged nonchalantly though it was obvious remembering those times and his family was hard for him. “But now I guess you could call me a Llewellyn... a full druid. Seanmháthair would have been proud.” He frowned slightly as he looked at himself in the mirror and the collar around his neck then grinned wryly. “Sort of” He finished with another sad little shrug before catching Aruthas eyes again.

“What of yourself Arutha? I mean I know we only have a few more minutes before the hour passes, but that just means my human reflection disappears. I will still remain so this time doesn’t have to be all about me.”He finished with another small grin.
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Arutha smiled back at Kit. He was glad that they were on the same page when it came to dodging the collar's machinations. It was after all he didn't want to waste this previous time with accidently getting poor Kit fried again by the collar by something either of them said. At first he nodded as he listened, thinking back to some of his history classes. Then his eyes widened with shock as he did the math. "Holy Shit!  You've got to be at least 900 years old give or take about fifty if you were alive at the time of King Canute." he said only to make a odd face as a strange thought darted across his mind. "I don't know whether or not to be disturbed or even more curious about the fact that I was oggling you earlier." he said. "I'm sorry. There goes my brain off on a weird tangent. As you were saying." he added as the other caught his gaze.

"Okay fine. Well I'm twenty-three. I moved here with my sister over a year ago. I suppose that we got bored at home and decided to travel before we ended up here and we've never left. This place seems more like home I guess probably because of Micah, my old fiancee."
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Naoise chuckled sending the mental laughter down their mutual link, it was warm and soft and just a little husky. “ I maybe old in years but age wise I have been 23 for over 900 years. So in truth” he said with a small wry smirk “We are exactly the same feel free to ogle away.”He finished with a slow, saucy smile.

“Only a year and a half?” He asked with some surprise, as he had assumed Arutha had been in the city for awhile. At the mention of a fiancée Naoise looked at Arutha with some seriousness. Old Fiancée? Was it a recent break up, was it mutual, or was it...messy? “ He asked with some concern. He hoped for Arutha’s sake that it had been mutual and not messy but by the pain he had heard and felt when Arutha mentioned him he wasn’t holding out much hope.

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As his face reddened once more, Arutha couldn't help but smile back. "Now you are just encouragable." he said with a small chuckle, "Still that's good to know so I don't have to feel weird or anything."

He then shrugged at the other's surprised look. "Alot can happen during that time and I'm certain when it comes to this city alot has." he replied before looking down at his hands and at the ring he still wore. Even though Micah was dead for sometime by now, he still couldn't quite make himself take it off yet. He looked back up into Kit's eyes and sighed. "I suppose that you could call it none of those things. Everything had been fine...better than that even until one day while out on an errand, Micah just disappeared into thin air. That happened a few months after we had gotten here. We tried to get the police involved, but without a hint of foul play they thought he just had run off. Kevla and I even tried to do our own detective work and ask around the area where had had said he would be only to come up with nothing."
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Naoise didn’t miss the look at the ring and realised the significance off it. Arutha had been and might still be deeply in love with Michah and having someone so important to you just disappear without a trace, to never know what happened, worse to not be given the chance to say good bye made his heart ache for the man. He had been in the city a little longer then Arutha and had been around a lot longer then the 23 year old so knew exactly how someone could just disappear, he also knew how in a city so full of other worldly and supernatural beings finding answers could be nearly imposable, but then he was also an other worldly, supernatural being and Arutha had helped him so much already he couldn’t not offer his help, plus the guy was just so damn cute and he hated seeing that lost sad look in his eyes.

“Arutha unless the detective was a really good psychic and the police believed that vampires, demons, ghost and ghouls walked our streets then no..I doubt they could have helped in any capacity.”Wanting to impress his seriousness upon the young man he rolled over so that he was literally laying on top of Aruthas chest. He placed his left paw gently against Arutha’s check as he leaned his face in close to his, his bright emerald green eyes intense and serious, totally unaware that in the mirror it looked like his naked human self was laying on top of the man, the sheet now around his hips exposing his rippling muscles and sleek upper physique as he gently cupped the other mans cheek, his face mere inches from Arutha’s as his hair fell down around them almost shielding their right sides in a curtain of midnight. “I know for a fact vampires, ghosts and ghouls walk our streets and though I am no psychic I do have a bag full of pretty tricks” he said quietly yet intensely into Arutha’s mind “I can and will help you, if that is what you want, if you really want answers, we will find them Arutha. I promise”
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"I know that now, but back then I didn't. All I knew was that he was gone." Aruthas said with a small sad smile. "I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that he's most likely dead. I mean people go missing in this city all the time. You'd have to be stupid not to notice it but then when you factor in all the weird creatures here it is not that much surprise. Werewolf friend, remember." he reminded. "It's just the not knowing...that is the worst." he added with a small sigh just before Kit suddenly moved to lay on top of his chest. Once more he found himself draw into those bright eyes, mildly aware of their forms in the mirror. He didn't dare focus on that for it would be too distracting.

What seemed to matter the most at the moment was the seriousness and the compassion that he saw in Kit's eyes as he felt a paw gently touch his face.He smiled softly as he lifted up a hand to lightly touch the paw/hand that cradled his face. "Thank you, Kit. I appreciate it." he said quietly before smiling a little more. "You know a guy could really fall for you. You're quite the catch even with the whole collar situation. You're very sweet and kind."
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At Arutha’s gently spoken words Naoise went still. He hadn’t meant to push things so far, to have them come so far. Confused, worried and a little scared he turned his face away from Arutha’s for a second to clear his thoughts, only to see his human reflection and Aruthas in the mirror. The image was beautiful, breath takingly so, erotic, romantic and innocent all rolled into one. Unable to look at what he believed could never be he turned back to Arutha with closed eyes, yet he kept his paw where it was, even now awash with sorrow and regret he just couldn’t force himself to pull away from the man’s touch.

 “Do not fall for me Arutha, it can never work, can never be.  As much as i would have liked to think otherwise, to do so would to delve into madness...I can’t live on an impossible dream Arutha. “ he said as he opened his eyes, eyes that reflected his sorrow and regret, unaware that in the mirror his eyes shimmered with tears his cat form couldn’t form.

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Arutha frowned as he felt Kit go still. He hadn't meant to hurt him. He had meant it for a compliment. Though as he turned his head to look in the mirror, he felt his throat catch on a breath at the simplicity of their forms laying so. It was just so aching beautiful and yet once more it was his eyes that held the story as he watched him close them so sadly. It was almost as that small compliment had injured him. Damn it....he should have probably chosen his words better.

"Please don't cry, Kit." he said gently, lifting up the opposite hand to lightly touch his head. "The last thing that I want to do is hurt you. You've done more for me in these past few days that even my own sister has. I mean to say that I feel happier then I have in a long time because you are here." he said quietly. "I know that I wasn't looking to fall or anything of the kind because of my past, but I also can't deny that there is something.....a draw here between us. So who is to really say what is impossible or not? Stranger things have happened and do happen all the time especially in this City."
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Naoise shivered in pleasure as Aruther stroked his face, it had been so long since someone made him feel so human, so normal, to make him believe he could be more then the collar made him.

“You didn’t hurt me Arutha” He whispered softly, “you make me believe, you give me hope...after centuries of hopelessness.” he continued as he turned his head and looked at their reflections in the mirror. “You make me believe in dreams...and it scares me.”He said simply as his reflection smiled softly. “And i don’t cry.” he said blithely, ignoring the single tear that formed and rolled gently down his reflections cheek.
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Even though Arutha felt Kit shiver pleasantly beneath his fingertips, he knew that he had to watch, wait and then listen for Kit to continue. He didn't want to push or even risk damaging further this fragile thread that connected them by more bone-headed words. He was going to try and think things through before before he said them.

When Kit finally spoke, he felt himself relax more and smiled gently as he followed the other's gaze back to the mirror. The last thing that he wanted to do was hurt him and to hear that he hadn't was a significant relief. "I know that dreams can be taken away but sometimes they can come true, Kit. Otherwise no one would dream. Maybe you just needed to be reminded of that fact." he said gently. "Maybe I did too. That could be why we met so that we could each remind ourselves that it's not over and get that happy ending everyone always dreams about." he added.
"So I won't push or run away from what we've got now. All I can say about it is that let's just see where things go and who knows along the way my sister and I might find a way to free you from that collar in the process." he said warmly. "Sure, you don't, tough guy." he said with a small quiet chuckle, moving the hand nearest to the tear as if to gently brush it away.
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Naoise listened quietly to Arutha’s words and slowly allowed the fact that maybe it was okay to hope again, to believe in the promise that this wouldn’t be forever and maybe if he was careful he could aid the twins in finding clues to help free himself.

“I will do the same.” he said softly yet earnestly in response to Aruthas gentle spoken words as he smiled softly at the image of the two green eyed men together in the mirror. It spoke of a possible future, of impossible dreams come true. The image held, sharp, clear and undeniable for a few more seconds before reverting to that of a larger then normal cat standing on top of a mans chest, its face close to his with paws embracing his face and a sheet hanging off of his waist, trapping his tail beneath it .

“Daghdha Beard!” Naoise exclaimed softly into Arutha’s mind “That is just freaky.” He said emphatically as he quickly but gently moved himself off of Arutha and out from under the cover before curling up beside him on the bed. “Guess show time is over huh? “ he sent, amusement evident in his voice and in the green eyes reflected in the mirror.

Although the visual reprieve offered by the New Moon was over Naoise intended to keep his word, he would start thinking of himself as a man instead of a beast and he intended to be as open as possible with Arutha. Still he couldn’t help but think that being in this form sucked right now as he couldn’t get the image of the two of them together out of his mind.
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A warm smile settled itself over Arutha's features as he heard Kit's reply as he was once more drawn back to their reflections in the mirror. Just maybe this would work out for the best just like he hoped it would. And who knew maybe one day in the not to distant future that image could be a reality. In the meantime, he would just have to settle for just being with Kit and doing everything that he could to help free him from the collar. Though when the mirror changed Arutha couldn't help but blink and then laugh at the other's strange exclamation. It definitely disconcerting how fast it changed him back to his normal feline form.

"There you go again swearing in your weird way. Well at least this time it wasn't his balls." he said with a small amused grin, sitting up a little more after Kit had climbed off of him, "I guess it is for now. All I can say about that is to be continued and no...not in the perverted way. I already know that your mind just went there. What I mean to say is that you will be free. We just got to figure out the how first."

Even though their freaky escapade with the mirror was now over, Arutha would never forget it. While it had been weird at first, in the end it had brought them just that much closer.
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Naoise chuckled at Arutha’s dirty mind comment; he was right, he had gone there, but then with the images they had just seen who could blame him. He sighed contentedly as he snuggled in deeper into the bed.

 “Daghdha’s Balls and Beard” he said for Arutha's amusement “you are right, tomorrow is a new day” he continued sleepily, “but by Danu please let it have less drama then today. Magic mirrors, electrocutions, shocks, mystical revelations...I’m too old for all these shenanigans. Let’s just have a nice normal day hmmm?” he said with a touch or ironic humour, then with a wickedly teasing tone he said, “Hey...can you cook? I’d love some blueberry pancakes for breakfast.” he finished with a small chuckle as he started to dose off.
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Cheeks reddeing slightly at the other's laughter, Arutha just rolled his eyes at him. Though still he couldn't quite blame him given the circumstances. He was having a tough time himself getting that last image of the both of them in the mirror out of his head. Things definitely could head down that road once Kit was freed, but that was too far in the future to focus on just yet. And besides they had more than enough to do in the present.

He then couldn't help but laugh as Kit swore again in his weird way. "Amen to that, Kit. I think that we could all use a moderately normal day. One filled with good friends, good food and lots of answers." he said warmly only to raise an eyebrow at the last question.

"I can cook a little." he replied only to make a small exasperated noise as the other started to dose off. "Hey now, I didn't agree to make anything just yet, Kit." he half protested only to huff a second later. If he didn't make them he would probably feel bad, not to mention the fact that did indeed sound good for breakfast.  "Fine....I'll make the damn pancakes just because you asked." he softly relented. "You're just lucky that you're so cute in this form, Kit." he said with a small wry smile as he laid down beside him.
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As soon as his head hit the pillow next to Kit, Arutha was out like a light. Even though he had acted like he could probably stay up a few more hours, it turns out that his body had other plans for it's rest.

Though for as peacefully as he seemed on the outside, a dream of darkness seem to start inside of his mind. For it seemed to completely surround and yet he could hear a familiar voice calling in the distance.

"Arutha....Arutha." The voice beckoned from within the formless void.

Instantly the hairs on the back of his neck went up as he looked around warily. "Hello?...Hello? Who's there?" he called back just as a light formed out of the darkness. It was a person though not just anyone. It was Micah smiling at him just like how he used to. He felt his heart almost stop as he found himself running towards him and being embraced. "Micah! Oh my God, it's really you!" he said tearfully as he held him just as tightly. He was home. This was right.

"Oh Arutha. I've missed you so." Micah seemed to say as he nuzzled Arutha's hair.
Words halted in Arutha's throat. He didn't want this moment to end.

"Come on speak to me, love. Or have you forgotten me?" Micah gently cajoled before abruptly letting go of him with angry look."You have, haven't you?" he accused.

A stricken Arutha rapidly shook his head. He couldn't say no fast enough. "No I haven't. Every moment since you have been gone, I've been searching for you and with no sign. What was I supposed to do?" he asked shortly before this other Micah answered.

"Yes you have or else this wouldn't have happened." The other said, gesturing towards the right as a replay of the previous night's mirror activites projected itself there.It focused on the particular part where Kit and himself had both admitted that there was the possibility of something being between them.

Horrified, Arutha tried his best to deny it. "No I haven't. Please, please don't be angry. I haven't been unfaithful. I still love you, Micah. I still wear your ring. It's just that I needs my help. He's been cursed for so long." he said, trying to hold back the tears as he tried to hold onto the other's hands.

This other Micah paused and looked him square in the eyes. "Then why do you care about him so much?" he asked just before he vanished into thin air just as quickly as he appeared

With that question ringing in his head and tears falling freely, Arutha sank to the ground in despair. Oh god what had he done?

Though just as things seemed at their worst, lush grass appeared around him in a comforting cushion as the darkness lifted. He was in a beautiful forest, straight out of a children's storybook. Though instead of being scary, it was wonderous.

This time another person appeared it was himself. "You know you haven't done anything wrong." The other Arutha kindly said, handing him a handkerchief, "Now dry your eyes and rest a bit."

"Who are you? And why are you here?" The real Arutha had to ask as he dabbed at his face as he started to calm down a little.

"I suppose that you could call me the possible you that could happen if Kit's miracle happens." The other replied with an easy smile, "And as for why I am here is to answer that hard question you keep on asking yourself every time you look at Micah's ring or at Kit."

"What....?" Arutha had to ask.

This other him chuckled softly. "It's okay to fall in love again. You and I both know that the true Micah wouldn't begrudge you that. For as much as he loved us, he would rather us be happy, right? he asked.

Arutha found himself nodding. "Yes, he would." he answered quietly just as the other him gently took his hands.

"See now you have got your answer. Now do something with it!" The other Arutha encouraged as the dream seemed to end for him.

Though once the real Arutha was gone, this other looked back at a spot in the forest and shook his head amusedly.

"You know that you can come out now, Kit. I have something to say to you as well." he called out with a smile. He had know from the start that they were being watched and by who.

A happy smile spread iself over Arutha's features as he opened his eyes. It was morning and what a morning it was. He felt lighter than he had in quite awhile. He looked back at Kit's sleeping form and couldn't help but smile more. He mustn't forget those pancakes but first a shower was in order.
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Naoise dreamed and fell as he dreamed. The darkness spun and swirled around him, empty, cold and silent, he fell and his screams fell with him. He twisted and turned looking for a landing, to an end to the endless falling, to the nothingness that surrounded him. He swirled and the world swirled with him, frantic and confused he watched with a touch of joy as a light finally appeared beneath him. It enticed him as he fell, beckoning, teasing him with its shimmering offer of hope but it remained always beyond his grasp, beyond his reach. The darkness pulsated and images of his past appeared, his parents, his grandmother, weeping and forlorn as they searched and hoped for his return. He saw them die again; sick and wracked with pain and disease as the plague slowly took them as it took so many back then. He watched as once again he was tortured and abused, watched as Alexander once again turned him into what he was through a bloody, debauched and torturous ritual. He watched as decades passed and he lost all that he was, he watched as he lost himself. He fell and his screams fell with him

He hit the light and it shattered, sparkling around him, reflecting a million different hopes, his dreams, a million maybe’s and what ifs all shimmering around him like broken shards of a mirror. He tumbled no longer sure if he was still in cat form or man, if he was amongst the shattered images or was one of them. He fell and his dreams fell with him. He awoke still in darkness yet he sensed he was no longer alone. He watched as a strange man appeared in the black void surrounded by a dim light and watched still as it tormented and accused Arutha. He hissed and tried to surge forward but he was muted and stuck as if if was entombed in stone. He howled silently as this man seemed to beat Arutha with his harsh and unforgiving words and accusations. He seemed to break him, to crush him and he yowled in rage and frustration but could do nothing, not even let his friend now he was there. Feeling slightly broken himself he hung his head in defeat only to see green grass grow beneath him and the edge of a forest surround and hide him. Confused he watched as another Arutha appeared, one strong, confident and self assured. He watched as he comforted the other Arutha, gave him hope and sent him home.

Wary he stepped slowly out from beneath the cover of the plants around him and walked over to this new dream state future Arutha. He couldn’t help but feel the mystical vibrations permeating throughout the dreamscape and was instantly suspicious. He had learnt the hard way to trust no magic that wasn’t his own. He looked at this new Arutha with suspicion and wariness glinting brightly in his emerald eyes. “What game is this, who are you? Or do you really expect me to believe that you are a vision from the future?” he asked, his voice filled with scepticism.
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The other Arutha smiled back at the other as he warily stepped out from the cover of the plants around him."This is no game. I am possibility nothing more, Kit. Just like how that other man that looked like Micah was the manifestation of the real Arutha's fear, guilt and worry in this dream world. Anything can happen in here as I'm sure you well know from your own dreams" he stated pleasantly. For being a different Arutha, he still did have all of the real Arutha's memories and feelings just not still tangled up in the past.

"I'm no man from the future or anything like that. We're not in a science fiction story here, Kit. Though that would be an interesting one. I can just picture it now." he said with a small amused chuckle before his expression turned more serious, "I'm not here to harm you. All I am is here is to help the both of you and since you can see that his turn has ended it is now yours. So you can stop looking at me like I am going to try and murder you magically or something equally as strange."
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Naoise sat back on his haunches and looked at the spirit man before him with interest mixed with trepidation. “ Help me how?” he asked suspiciously though amusement was also in his tome. For some reason he trusted what he was seeing before him was real, wasn’t another trap or punishment so he smiled and purred, letting Arutha know he wasn’t overly aggravated. Suddenly he felt his body shiver then found himself crouching ass naked in human form staring up into Arutha’s dark green eyes. He looked down at his human body then back up to Arutha. “ Again? Really? “ he asked with heavy amusement his voice sounding  silky with a definite Irish accent. “ Didn’t we just do this? “ he said with a small chuckle.
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The other Arutha just smiled warmly at the other's suspicious tone. "That's easy. To help you remember that you are indeed a man with wants and needs just like everyone else." he answered as Kit started to purr. For someone who had been suspicious a second ago, he sure changed his mind fast. Still it wasn't like there was anything to fear. It was just them albit a slightly different version in Arutha's case. "Even though you are currently stuck in that form. It won't be forever. The collar will be defeated." he added firmly only to start laughing as Kit suddenly shifted into his human form.  "We definitely did." Arutha said with a small snort and a faint blush. It wasn't like he was going to complain either.

"That probably happened because you are in here. The collar has no effect over a dreamspace. The possibilities are endless in here." he explained, "If you would like some clothes, just imagine yourself wearing some."
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Naoise jerked slightly in surprise when Arutha mentioned Loki’s Collar. He reached up and wrapped his hand around his throat and feeling nothing but skin his eyes opened wide in shock. “How? ” He asked softly stunned  and a little confused, he sat back on his haunches, ignoring the tickling sensation of the grass as it tickled his ass cheeks as he took in and sorted the information and the situation he was in.

He was dreaming of that he was certain, just as he was certain that when he awoke he would still be in Arutha’s apartment with Arutha beside him…and yet he couldn’t help but feel that this was a pivotal; changing step for both himself and Arutha and the apparition before him was a sign of hope and a possibility of freedom for both Arutha and himself. He sighed deeply and shuddered as hope suddenly alighted within him. “ I will be free? “ he asked Arutha softly as he looked up at him with hope lit up his emerald eyes. “is that what you are trying to tell me”

At Arutha’s suggestion of clothes registered in his mind he looked down at himself, then back up and smiled wickedly as he unfurled his body, languidly stretching out, bracing himself with his arms behind him.

“Clothes? I have been effectively naked for over five hundred years Arutha….what are clothes to a cat? He smiled slowly wickedly as he suddenly ran his eyes down Arutha’s body with a suddenly heated considering look* “ A dreamscape where anything is possible…that is what you said right? What would happen if I imagined you naked?” he asked as he met Arutha’s gaze with a raised eyebrow.” And how long have we got before this dream ends?”
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This Arutha couldn't help but continue to smile as he watched Kit's reaction to his words and even felt the skin around his throat as proof. "Dreamspace, remember?" he gently reminded. "The collar can only reach your conscious mind. It can't reach beyond that no matter how hard it tries. So you don't have to worry about it's spitefulness here." he stated, crossing his legs as he sat down beside him on the grass. "You can finally relax a little and just talk with me in here." he told him softly.

So he grinned warmly as hope was kindled in those beautiful dark green eyes of him, so similiar and yet so different from his own. "Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying, Kit." he said. "If you stick on your current path and refuse to give up, it will happen. All it will take is time. So don't let go of this." he stated firmly. What he was was the strong possibility of it happening, but if things changed somehow he would vanish as well as the hope that seemed to kindle themselves inside both men. So he had to make it clear. "If you do let go, nothing will happen and we will all stay our pain-filled selves." he warned softly before laughing at the wicked look in the other's eyes as he slowly stretched himself out. Still there was no denying the slight blush that now tinged his cheeks.

"You do have a point. I can imagine that I will be having a hard time keeping you in them when the collar is defeated." he said with a small smirk of his own as his own eyes slowly took him in. It was only to gasp softly at Kit's words as he suddenly found himself naked as the day he was born. "You got it in one how things work here." he said with a darker blush as well as a small scowl as he tried to cover himself up with his hands. It was interesting to note that clothes weren't suddenly appearing on him for as much as he was trying to cover up.

"Oh well...I guess that I'm fighting a losing battle here, aren't I?" he asked with a small amused shake of his head as he gave in and laid down on his side, facing the other. It was after all he had already seen all of Kit twice. So one good turn deserved another. "If you are thinking of any perverted thoughts, you have as long as you wish that is if someone doesn't wake you up soon."
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Naoise arched an eyebrow as Arutha tried to cover his nakedness and genitals with his hands as his cheeks flushed with embarrassment, then smiled as the very attractive man lied down beside him. He turned slowly as well so that he lay facing the very attractive and very naked Arutha and for the moment he tuned Arutha’s words out as he slowly ran his gaze down and over Arutha’s body, his own body starting to stir and  react with approval of what he was seeing but as Arutha’s last sentence sunk in he looked up and caught Arutha’s eyes with his own. “Perverted?” he asked softly with a raised eyebrow. “ I am having some very sexual thoughts about you and me but I wouldn’t call them perverted.” He stated softly as he furrowed his brow. “ Is that how you truly think and see such things Arutha? And why do you try to cover yourself so when naked? Are you embarrassed of yourself or fear that the viewer of such a sight would find you lacking in some way or displeasing to the eye?” he asked with a hint of amused disbelief in his voice. ” Arutha allow me to tell you. I have been around for a very long time, you mo chara are beautiful and have nothing to hide, to be embarrassed over or feel self-conscious about.” He said softly as he raised a hand to trace his fingers along Arutha’s side, his ribs and hip, but stopped mere inches from his skin. “ I…I have not touched another person, skin to skin since…since I was a slave to the monster who trapped me in that collar.” He said softly, almost as if he were speaking to himself. He flicked his eyes to Arutha’s beautiful green ones as his own gleamed with hope and fear.

“ Do you…do you know my name” he asked softly, breathlessly.
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Arutha's face grew redder as he felt the other's eyes slowly take him in as he laid down beside him. It had been a long time since someone had looked at him like that, like he was precious and that they enjoyed what they saw. So of course he was going to be a little embrassed at the situation no matter which version of Arutha he was. His face reddened a bit further at Kit's gently uttered words and shook his head firmly. "No, that's not what I meant. I meant to just tease you by saying that you had perverted thoughts." he said softly, looking quite throughly embrassed. He raised up his eyes to look him right in the eyes. "To be honest, when I see you like this my own thoughts drift in the same direction as yours. It's more of thinking of what it might be like to touch you or even kiss you. Or even what it might be like to do more to actually be with you." he admitted softly. "So when you imagined my clothes away, you caught me off guard. Also the only other person who has seen me like was Micah. So my knee-jerk reaction is going to be to try and cover myself up a first, but as you can see now I'm not. I'm laying here right beside you like this." he said softly, watching Kit almost touched his side but then stopped himself.

Then at that question of all questions, he slowly nodded as he lifted up his right hand to ever so gently touch the other's face. "Yes...I do." he answered. "It is Naoise." he whispered. It didn't matter that the real Arutha didn't know what Kit's true name was yet. What mattered was soothing the man before him and giving him a taste of what was to come.
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Naoise’s eyes opened wide as Arutha whispered his name only to have them shutter close as Arutha gently laid his hand against his face. The warmth of it, the sensation of flesh touching flesh and the sound of his name echoing softly in the air almost had him crying out with sensory overload, instead his body shuddered, quivering beneath Arutha’s touch like a butterfly trying to escape its cocoon.

“Arutha…” He whispered softly, his breath alive with all the emotions he was suppressing as with eyes still closed he carefully traced his fingers over Arutha’s hip before laying his hand against the others flesh. He shuddered again at the feeling of actually touching someone, of being able to touch Arutha as a human, as a man.
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Arutha's dark green eyes studied Naoise's face as his eyes fluttered close. God he was so beautiful. Even though this version of Arutha was just a possiblity, he still had the same drives as well as was more than drawn to Naoise. Still he was gentle as the man before him trembled in response as to the simple touch of his hand against his cheek. His fingertips lightly traced the side of his face and slid down his neck.

"Naoise..." he repeated ever so softly, sighing lightly at the feel of his hand slidding over his hip. "You can touch me all you want. All that I am is yours."
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Naoise opened his emerald coloured eyes slowly as Arutha trailed his fingers down his check and neck and smiled softly at the man before him.

“I have not touched another person as a person in over four hundred years; I was a slave, someone’s plaything for half a century and a prisoner to a magical item for almost as long. I barely remember what it is to be free, to belong only to myself, but I know this…Arutha…” he whispered softly as he moved his body closer to the gorgeous man beside him, his hand sliding upwards from Arutha’s hip, caressing his silky smooth skin as he trailed his fingers to the cup of his neck where he rested his hand ever so gently against him.

“… I want this, I want the hope, the possibility of a life worth living, worth fighting for, the life that your presence here represents, and I want you.” He finished with a wicked smile as he leaned in and brushed his feverish lips against Arutha’s in a feather light teasing kiss.
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Arutha could not help but smile as those enchantingly bright eyes reopened to regard him so tenderly.

 "I know. That is why I am here." he said softly as his fingers slowly moved down towards his shoulder. It was as if they had a mind of their own in their regard for lightly tracing over his muscles "You more than deserve freedom, as well as a damned good life. I am here to remind you of those facts as well as to give you a taste of what will come should you stay on this path, Naoise." he told the man as he let himself scoot just a little closer, feeling Naoise's fever warm hand burn a distracting trail up his side to his neck.

Damn that more than felt good as he watched Naoise moved closer as well. Never once did he look away from the incredible man beside him. And who would have wanted to? It was as if his body as well as his own had awoken from a long slumber and so needed to draw it all in. So that neither of them would ever forget this. So when their lips finally met,  he eagerly responded, lips chasing the other's own.

"Then have me and keep fighting." he murmured against them as his opposite hand smoothed up over his silken hair.
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Naoise smiled against Arutha’s lips in response to his murmured response only to have his eyes shutter half closed as a sigh of pleasure escapes him as he feels Arutha's hand slide over his hair. He opens his emerald burning eyes and focuses once again on their kiss. He lightly nibbles and sips Arutha’s lips; teasing and exploring his mouth as his hands slowly did the same to his body. His hand slid down from his neck and glided over his chest, tenderly exploring and caressing his skin and firm pectoral muscle. As his fingers trailed over his nipple he growled softly against Arutha’s mouth, pressing his fingers against his nipple, teasing and caressing it before sliding his hand slowly down his stomach, he then teasingly trailed his fingers through that thin strip of hair that was like a road map to more exciting places. With another wicked grin and his eyes alight with heated desire he bites and sucks on Arutha’s bottom lip as he slides his hand away from that more intimate area, instead his fingers glide over his hip and cups his firm ass as he starts a hold that would pull him tighter against him.

“ I will have you and you me and I will fight” he says softly as he pulls away from Arutha’s intoxicating mouth so that he can look him firmly in the eyes, his swollen lips curling wickedly upwards in a self-satisfied grin.
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A smile curved his lips upwards at the sound of Naoise's pleasure as their lips continued to dance against each other's. It honestly made him wonder just what other sounds he could make him utter during their time together here. As this thought crossed his mind, he couldn't help but close his eyes at this bliss as his hands started to wander just a little further. One gently carded through Naoise's hair and moved down to his shoulders while the other slid over his strong chest to wind it's way over his side. Gods...he could not get enough of enough of touching him. All this strength wrapped in silken skin was too tempting. He just had to.

Still as his fingers moved, Naoise's own worked magic over his skin, drawing forth multiple sounds from his throat. The loudest of which was the moan he gave when his fingers teased his right nipple. His eyes fluttered back open at the feel of those talented fingers teasing their way over that small bit of hair acting as a treasure map, but then moved on. He then had to give a small laugh as his ass was cupped within those strong hands and he entangled his legs with Naoise's in response.

"Good." he said with a grin as he met those bright eyes steadily.  "Now let's finish what you started." he said with playful wink as he leaned in for another kiss.
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“With pleasure” Naoise said, his voice deepened by desire.

He moved into Arutha’s kiss with renewed passion and vigor as he moved his hand up and down the leg Arutha had curled and weaved around him exploring his body; his fingers roved, trailing over his upper thigh and ass with light teasing strokes. Tickling his butt cleft with a light slow swipe of his fingers he then slowly moved his hand up Arutha’s back, gliding over his muscles and silky skin, reveling in the strength and feel of the man beside him. As his hand slowly discovered the feel, the dips and curves, the secret pathways of Arutha’s glorious body, Noise drowned in the pleasure of his lips, the taste of him and the feel of him.  With a soft moan of pleasure he lightly sucked Arutha’s lips as he licked them with the barest touch of the tip of his tongue.
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Hearing the sexy roughness in Naoise's voice, Arutha had to grin further. Now this was going to fun. He hoped that some of what he did would start to make up for the time that the other had spent stuck in his feline form.

So he gave himself over to the passion and the feelings that this gorgeous man stirred inside of him. A shiver past through his body at the teasing feel of fingers sliding between cheeks and over his entrance. It was just enough to make him ache in the only way fulfillment would solve. His body felt so alive and so very warm. It made him crave and want oh so badly. So his hands worked to slowly map out Naoise, every wonderfully strong inch. Where Naoise touched he echoed them with a similar one.

As his tongue traced the seam of his lips, he easily opened his mouth to let his own tongue start to dance with Naoise's with a soft groan. He pressed himself closer as one hand moved ever so closer to the treasure between Naoise's legs.
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Naoise groaned hungrily as Arutha played his body like a master harper, it left him vibrating to his soul, starving for more as he shuddered with pleasure beneath his talented fingers especially when Arutha slowly started to move his hand between his legs causing him to twitch and throb with anticipation. As Arutha kissed him back he allowed himself to fall completely to the moment, letting go that he had been a cat for nearly half a century, a slave to pain and torment, letting go the fact he hadn’t touched or lain with anyone in more lifetimes then many could count. He let go and simply allowed himself to be as with a twist of his body he flipped his body on top of Arutha’s, pinning the man beneath him as he slid his hands up and against Aruthas arms, stretching and pinning them above his head.

He kissed Arutha once more with hungry abandon before he slowly made his way down his body with his mouth after assuring Arutha was willing to stay stretched and pinned beneath him. He kissed his way down Arutha’s throat, teasing and licking his adams apple, then the hollow of his throat before moving his feverish lips to his chest. With his hands still sliding down Arutha’s arms, his arse in the air and his cock brushing against Arutha’s he looks up at Arutha with a last lick and a teasing bite against his firm chest; searching for his dark green eyes and smiles at him like a cat with the cream.

“ I want to taste you, every heated inch of you, I want to drown in your scent” he smiled again as he breathed against his skin, then gently bit him once more stretching his skin ever so slightly with his teeth before letting him go and catching his eyes once more with his own. “I want to mark you as mine, claim you” he said as he scraped his fingernails teasingly, hungrily against Arutha’s arms. “I want you to mark me, claim me. You make me feel so alive…” he said breathlessly as he once again brushes his lips against Arutha’s skin. “…I am burning up inside”
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A surprised but pleased sound escaped his lips as Arutha suddenly found himself on his back with a very aroused Naoise atop him. He hadn't quite expected that but he very much liked the current situation as he let himself be pinned. He didn't realise quite how much giving up his control would wake up every sense and make him crave. A hunger filled moan reverberated against his lips as he gave himself over to this moment, this time with Naoise. So when the beautiful ravenette separated their lips, a breathless smile curved his own as he obeyed and kept his arms up as Naoise proceeded to torment him him in one of the most delightful ways possible.

God...His mouth felt like a plush brand brushing against his warm flesh.  He couldn't help but groan and try to arch his back in order to get more of his feeling as those lips ever so slowly worked their way down to his chest. "Ahhh... your mouth." he breathed, pupils blown wide as he met Naoise's own brighter ones.

"Please...I want all of that and more. I am yours and you are mine, Naoise." he said with another groan at the teasing nip to his chest. Though for as wonderful as this all felt, all he was was a possibility. There was no way this would last with this version of him, but he could help heal him as well as let the real Arutha feel an echo of the reality of their bond. And just maybe just maybe Naoise would be free sooner rather than later.

"Now may I move my arms? So that I might touch you."
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Naoise smiled, slowly, wickedly as he sat up making sure to tease the gorgeous man beneath him by running his fingers down and over his body before straddling Arutha’s legs.

“No my golden phoenix you may not” he replied “or is it golden dragon, draconic phoenix?” he asked with a small arch of an eyebrow before he once again stretched himself out atop Arutha and kissed him. In truth Naoise felt aflame, reckless and daring. The sounds Arutha had made earlier had served only to drive him further, he wanted to pleasure him till he couldn’t help but beg for more or until he was breathless and wordless, a quivering mass of desire.

“I want to explore, discover every inch of you and I plan to take my time” he whispered against his lips.

Yet for all his fervor and desire he couldn’t help but hear a small niggling voice that whispered something wasn’t right
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Arutha shivered and moaned needfully as Naoise played his body like a well tuned instrument with his very talented fingertips. Some of the sounds that this beautiful man atop him made him make he hadn't known he could make. Sure he had moaned and had made a variety of noises when he had been with Micah, but with Naoise it was different. There was an edge to it, almost a desperation, and he could not get enough of it.

"Okay...Fine. I'll be good." he said with an almost pout before chuckling into the kiss at mention of his being a phoenixy dragon. Still for all his pouting he obediently stayed with his arms above his head when Naoise stretched out once more on top of him.  "Mmm...I want all that and more." he murmured against his lips. "Still wait until it is my turn." he promised. He just hoped that he would have enough to make good on it.

Still for everything that was going on there was an major upside to it. For this gave Naoise the touch that he so craved and also would give him the chance to relive it a second and better time once the collar was off.
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Naoise smiled sinfully, acknowledging Arutha’s words as he nibbled on Arutha’s  lips with his own. He sucked and tasted those pouting lips as if they were a delicate flower; He couldn’t get enough, not the touch, the taste, the very feel of the man beneath him. To be human again for the first time in nearly half a century; he was drunk with the sensation of it and yet even as he sipped, licked and teased his way down Arutha’s neck, making sure to leave his mark there in the process, he couldn’t let go that this was merely a dream and the man beneath him was not the man sleeping beside a dreaming cat on a bed in reality.

He flicked his tongue over Arutha’s left nipple, teasing it into a small hard bud before capturing it with his mouth, he sucked and licked it before softly pulling on it with his teeth as he slowly ran his hand down Aruthas stomach and upper thigh, almost but not quit touching his genitalia with his fingertips.
He moved his mouth lower, kissing and tasting every inch of skin as he did so as his hand and fingers teased Arutha’s legs and hip, making sure to almost but never quite touching that hard throbbing need between his legs.

As his lips brushed Arutha’s navel he sighed, almost groaned in anger, regret as he stopped what he was doing and looked up at Arutha catching his eyes with his own.

“Is this right? Are we doing the right thing” he asked with a feverish whisper
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Oh it was so easy to get lost in this moment, this single perfect instant, with Naoise. Every kiss was like a drug, every touch a promise. It made him ache for more and more. And yet in spite of all that and how his body sang for the gorgeous man above him,  he again was reminded of the fact that he was only a possiblity not reality. Gods how he wished things were different, but they weren't. So he had to savor this and give Naoise what he needed, him.

So he couldn't help but keen as those sinful lips wrapped around a nipple and tugged ever so rightly into his mouth. The feel of his teeth and that tantalising hand wandering close but not quite to his aching erection served to quicken and heat his blood all the more.

Still it all came to a pause at that one question and their eyes meeting so seriously. "Probably not, but it is what you need." he whispered as he reached a hand out to lightly touch his face. "We can stop this if you want. You will still get your time with the real me if you stay this course. I just want to help heal you. Also you are simply amazing."
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Naoise eyes closed as he leaned into Arutha’s hand with a soft sigh. Arutha’s gently spoken word crashed upon him like eddies on the shore; they eased and soothed him whilst scourging him at the same time.

“Arutha…” the ushered words whispered past his lips, filled with bereft yearning. His eyes opened and he looked at Arutha with such tender sadness. He saw before him all that he yearned for yet he could no longer ignore that this was but a dream; a beautiful hope filled one but ultimately a lie. He rolled onto his side, but even moving off this false version of  Arutha he couldn’t help but gently drag his fingers across the beautiful man’s body beside him, feeling him for the last time; as a man.

The grass tickled his now hyper sensed skin, as soft as it was it wasn’t what he wanted to be pressed against and he resented it. He wanted to yowl and howl, to scratch and hiss, to scream and cry in despair and anger instead all he did was open his emerald green eyes and smiled sadly, the movement filled with regret as he looked to the naked man beside him.

“Hold me…please”
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Feeling the other lean against his hand, Arutha let out a small sigh at the heartbreakingly way that Naoise whispered his name. One moment they had been so hotly heavy and have now a second later they were so sad and melancholy. It was as if a switch had been thrown in the opposite direction. Still the fact remained that the beautiful man before him still needed him. So he would ignore the needs of his body and would comfort him.

It was no surprise when Naoise rolled off of him to lay beside him. Still those bright green eyes seemed to etch their pain in his heart as their eyes met. So instantly he granted his wish and ever so tenderly enfolded the man in his arms. "That I can do, Naoise. Just never forget this and always have hope" he whispered softly as he leaned close to lightly kiss his forehead as he held him.

As they laid there, the pleasant aroma of blueberry pancakes wafted into the dreamscape. It would seem that the true Arutha was living up to his promise to make pancakes for breakfast.
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Naoise relaxed into Arutha’s hold, soaking up the comfort offered as the dreamscape filled with the aroma of blueberry pancakes. Naoise’s eyes opened wide at the scent, almost with panic fearing this moment of freedom and opportunity was slipping away fast.

“Arutha you have offered hope and comfort when I thought all I had before me was an unwinnable battle and an eternity of pain” he said urgently as he desperately clutched Arutha to him.

 “I want what you have offered me, shown me. There must be a way…” he said slowly, softly as he worked the problem through his head. Dream magic was not part of his magical repertoire and he had no idea how this dreamscape had come into being let alone how to recreate it. He had basic dream message training taught to him by his grandmother but he lacked both the skill and training to pull and mingle the real Arutha’s dreaming subconscious into his own nor did he know how to put his into Aruthas; he was also damned sure the collar would block any attempt to learn it. Naoise clenched his jaw slightly in frustration, he knew, he just knew this was a real way to break the curse he was under. The curse was never meant to last this long, was never made to work this way. Always the collar had a master to answer to or if the master died the prisoner usually didn’t live much longer past their death. Naoise was immortal, truly immortal due to Alexanders mad meddling and delusional dreams of power and so the collar couldn’t kill him or cause his death, not real death that would release it from him. They were both cursed but surely there were cracks that could be manipulated, cracks that couldn’t under normal circumstance be acted on due to a masters constant watch or a quick death…but this, this was definitely a new and possibly quicker way to solve the problem besides searching through ancient tomes, piles of forgotten history and or searching down people who might offer maddening pieces to the jigsaw problem of this damned curse

“Arutha…” he said softly as his eyes searched the dark green ones in front of him. “Do you think…if you, if we were able to find someone to teach dream magic…someone who could teach you, the real you do this…” he emphasized by looking around the dreamscape, the very quickly fading landscape “Could you learn it…do you think you have the ability to learn it, to learn magic? Would you want to even?” he asked quickly, desperately as he started to feel himself start to fade, as the man before him faded away

“…ARUTHA…COULD YOU?...” He called out frantically as he stretched his hand out for the man who had but mere seconds before laid beside him.
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Arutha's arms gently tightened around Naoise as he caught the scent of blueberry pancakes. This was more than enough of a sign that this dream was approaching it's end and to be honest he didn't want it to. All he wanted was more of this simple feeling of Naoise with him, but it wasn't to be for he wasn't the real Arutha. Still he was glad to have given this simple experience to this beautiful man.

So he smiled so sweetly and yet so sadly as he met the other's brighter green eyes. A thoughtful look then crossed over his features at his desperate but very intriguing questions. What if the real Arutha could learn how to do this? To draw another into a dreamscape like this? To be honest it would explain quite a lot of what had happened here. All he knew with absolute sureness was who and what he was, a possibility with knowledge beyond him. The only problem was that it was only about certain things. Still there was the very real possibility that there was something back in their lineage that gave them their current abilities. So who was to say that there couldn't be more. So at first he did not know how to answer, but moments before Naoise's visage faded from his view he felt what the answer was deep within.

"Yes...yes...YES I COULD, NAOISE ..." he called out loudly hoping that the man heard him before he disappeared as he strained to touch his fingertips.

Meanwhile back in the waking world, the real Arutha had finished up piling up the pancakes that he had made using his hot plate and a pan onto a plastic plate. He then took the piping hot food over to the bed. Now it was time to wake up his friend to show that he had lived up to his promise to make him some pancakes and then maybe have a normal day for once.
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The mist of sleep swirled and danced around him in an inky sea of comforting nothingness as Arutha’s confirmation of his question crashed upon his consciousness like the the first rays of dawn breaking through the early morning gloom. His eyes opened as the scent of blueberries filled his senses and with a slow blink to help clear his eyes and his mind he looked at Arutha and was immediately  awash with the memory of the dreamscape, of Arutha laying naked beside him, the feel of his lips upon his own, the scent of him, the very feel of him beneath his fingers.

*Maidin mhaith mo ghrá* he said softly sleepily in Arutha’s mind before he started to stretch only to stop as he noticed that he once again had paws and black fur.

*An-áthas agus brón an aisling* he said cryptically in Gaelic forgetting that he was still connected mentally to Arutha
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A warm smile spread itself across Arutha's face as he watched Kit slowly open his luminous green eyes.  "Good morning, Kit. As promised I have made you pancakes." he said brightly as he set down the pancakes onto the bed within reach of his friend.  His eyebrows lifted briefly at the softly tender response. Even though he couldn't quite understand it, somehow he had the feeling that love was a part of it. He couldn't quite explain why he knew that but he did. Still that simple thought left him with a gently warm feeling in his chest.

"Err...what does all that mean?" he curiously had to ask. "I am sorry I don't understand Gaelic."
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Naoise sniffed at the pancakes, inhaling their warm, blueberry, sweet buttery scent into himself with a slow indrawn breath, pointedly ignoring Arutha’s question. He needed to sort his mind and emotions, calling Arutha my love had not been his intentions and yet he couldn’t deny his feelings and attraction to the man. It was just; they had met barely four days ago and yet even telling himself that, those four days seemed so long ago, almost a lifetime. Those four days had been an emotional and mental roller coaster not to mention the actions and revelations that happened within the dreamscape, how could he not feel drawn to this gorgeously intelligent, caring man?
He sniffed at the pancakes again before turning his emerald eyes to Arutha *Hmm” he sent down their telepathic link *was I speaking Gaelic? Most be because of the...interesting… dream I had last night* he continued, his mental voice heavy with amusement. * I greeted you with a good morning and since I was human in my dream and awoke still a cat I commented on the strangeness of dreams. The joys and sorrow that they tended to offer* he finished with wry amusement.

*These pancakes smell absolutely divine. Do you intend to torture me with them or are you going to tear one of them apart into itsy bitsy cat sized bite pieces?*He asked pointedly, his tone filled with the impression of a suggestive grin and raised eyebrow. *Did you sleep well Arutha?*
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Arutha watched and waited to see Naoise's reaction to the food that he had made. For he was certain that the man would enjoy them alot. Ever since the previous night he couldn't help but see Naoise more that way. For it was true that he had believed Naoise was a man trapped in his feline form when they first met but it was one thing to figure it out on your own and a whole nother to see his true self in person. As a result he was all the more drawn to the other and wanted to free him from his trapped form all the faster. He couldn't quite explain what the nature of this draw was. Though if he were honest with himself it was the sort that made he want to comfort Naoise as well as maybe one day kiss those plush lips he had seen the previous night.

He lifted his eyebrows once more when Naoise mentioned having an interesting dream. "A dream? What did you dream about that has you waxing so poetically about joy and sadness?" he asked curiously. The feline had his full attention as he looked back at him. "I understand the part about you being a human in it and the sadness you must feel makes sense but somehow I get the feeling that there is more to it." he added.

It was only to blink in surprise and laughed when the other mentioned torturing him with the food. "Oops, I'm so sorry about that, Kit. I was in such a rush to make them that I forgot to cut them up for you." he said as he then proceeded to quickly and carefully cut up one of the cakes into neat pieces. Then he offered him a piece. "Here you go. Now as for how I slept, I'd have to say really good but strangely. It would seem that you aren't the only one who had a funky dream.  At first it almost seemed like a nightmare with a different version of Micah and then I talked to another me. I know that it sounds weird but that is what happened."
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Naoise listened to Arutha describe his dream as he nibbled upon the delicious pancake that was being hand fed to him, as he came to the last sliver he slowly licked Arutha’s finger with his rough tongue adding a loud purr of approval as he sat back on his haunches. He wasn’t sure now was the time to bring up the dream and the revelations he had learned, what he wanted was to give the man before him a normal day before once again dropping him and his sister into the proverbial world of the weird and wacky. Yet he also didn’t want to keep things from Arutha, he deserved the truth especially as it would seem fate and entwine them both.

Taking a small step forward he buttered his head against Arutha’s hand which caused memories of Arutha running his hand through his hair, stroking his face. He wanted out of this damn collar and sooner rather then later so he sighed as he sent his thoughts into Arutha’s mind.

*I Know mo ghrá for I was there as well, I was in the shadows watching unable to reach you, then I was in the grass as the other you appeared. I saw it all and the dream continued when you left…*
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Arutha had to give a soft chuckle at the lick to his finger as well as the other's loud purr when he finished his piece. "I take it that it more than lives up to your expectations, Kit." he said happily. He was glad of it. For the man deserved that and more. So when Naoise butted his head against hand, he let his fingernails​ gently scratch it, moving up behind his ears.

He then paused seconds later at Naoise's words with a small confused frown. "What? were there?" he asked softly. Now that he was in this city, nothing was really out of the realm of possibility. So if Naoise said so, it had to have happened. Still it didn't explain the how. "Wow...I thought that I had heard of everything that could be in this city and now this. It is so strangely fantastic." he said with a small shrug but then smiled a little. "So what else happened after I left?"
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Naoise moved his head out from beneath Arutha’s talented fingers so that he could sit back and gaze up at this man with utter bewildered bemusement. From the very beginning Arutha had taken all the strange and supernatural things that had happened recently in stride, like a duck taking to water. He couldn’t help but feel impressed and a little in awe at the ease with which Arutha just accepted everything.

*Do you realize how wondrous I find you Arutha, you…you rekindle such hope in me and make me remember that the supernatural, the magic of life is a wonder and exciting instead of a curse.*

He sighed slightly before butting his head against Arutha’s hand again

*What else happened after you left? Well…things got interesting and lets just say that even though the dream you can kiss like a sex demon* He sent softly along their mind link, his voice almost purring with pleasure *All he did was make me think of you even more. We also discussed some interesting possibilities and hopes for the future*
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Arutha flushed a bit at the bemused look Naoise gave him. He didn't know what it was about this situation with him that made him so accepting. Under normal circumstances he would have likely been anything but. Maybe it was the bond that they now shared or maybe it was just Naoise being Naoise. Whatever the case was it didn't change the fact that he was very drawn to him.

"No, I.. didn't realise that, Kit. Though I am glad to give you hope. Out of anyone I have met, you deserve it the most. The same goes for being able to see the light side of life and this very magical world." he said with a small almost embrassed smile as he once more gently scratched behind his ears.

Still this was nothing compared to the look on his face a moment later at the 'sex demon' comment. For his face turned a brilliant red hue and his eyes widened at the purred mental tone of voice. " Kit. I honestly do not know what to say to that." he said softly. "Still I cannot deny that I haven't..thought about it. Kissing you I mean. To be honest it was one of the first things I thought about when I saw you last night." he said a little akwardly but it was the truth.

"But beyond that what might be these possibilities?"
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Naoise purred loader and leaned into Arutha’s touch as he listened to all the wonderful things this generous, gentle, warm man had to say.

*Well I am glad to hear I have a similar effect on you as you do on me. This connection we have, it…well it is blowing me away, upturning my world actually if I am being honest and it scares me a little. My world is dangerous, the world is dangerous and it has been awhile since I have feared it…I fear losing you to it, of it hurting you. Which is silly I know, yet it is how I feel, you are important to me, you and your sister both*

It had been a long time since anyone had showed him such genuine kindness and empathy. Was it any wonder he was falling for him, yet at the same time he wanted to protect Arutha as well and knew that even though learning magic might be terrific and exciting it can also draw unwanted attention. Power was drawn to power and so the more power Arutha came into the more chance of others noticing him as well. Naoise growled to himself, keeping secrets from Arutha about Arutha, it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel honest or honourable.

*Arutha….You might want to sit down for this…It is possible you and Kevla may very well have more supernatural abilities then you realize…
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As the sound of Kit's purrs grew louder, Arutha smiled softly. Just that simple noise had the power to comfort as well as make him feel warm inside. Honestly he should have been more wary or even scared. Most sane people would have been that way in these circumstances. Still he was the exact opposite. He wanted to know Kit all the better and finally know what his true name was and much more. The depths of which he was only beginning to understand.

Face still slightly red, he had to smile a little more at his words. "I would definitely have to agreed with you there, Kit. The part about being blown away I mean. This link between us is something that I could have never imagined. It is amazing and wonderful and I can't help but want to know more about you, Kit." he said honestly as his fingers gently pet the back of his head.

Though at his next words, a small frown crossed his features and he tilted his head in confusion. "Well...I am already sitting down, Kit." he said gently. "But what do you mean by that? I know just about anything's possible but more abilities? How?"
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*The how I can’t answer but my guess is you have more supernatural ancestry then you might be aware off and in fact investigating that is a very good idea and should offer some answers.* He answered moving closer to the man sitting beside him he curled his tail around him and rubbed himself against him offering comfort.

*As to the what…I think you have a natural talent with dream magic. That dream state was not created by me. I wouldn’t even know where to begin…well that’s not true beginning is easy, but something that complex and deep. That is way beyond what I know how to do and if you can do dream magic it is only logical that you have talent for other type of mysticism, ability whatever you wish to call it.* he said as he looked up at Arutha.

* I mean if you are interested in exploring it…well checking out your ancestry might give us a better understanding as to what you might have inherited and from there we could try and find someone who might be able to help more*.
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Arutha nodded thoughtfully at that. "I suppose that makes sense. I mean mine and Kevla's original ability of telekinesis had to come from somewhere, right?" he said softly, feeling Naoise curl closet and rub against him comfortingly. This simple action made him smile and gently trail a hand over the other's fur. "Thanks, Kit." he said warmly as Naoise described what might be one of his new abilities.

"That is another good point. I would have to somehow for that dream to have happened. There is too much about it that resonated as true both in the advice as well as what happened with you. I just wish that I knew how I did it. Though I am glad of it." he added with a small smile only to chuckle a second later.

"So I guess that means we will just be spending that much more time in the library today, Kit. Are you up for lots of studification?"
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* A trip to the library. I haven't been to one of those...well, lets just say in a long time. I'm guessing they still frown at animals entering their sacred space?* He asked, his voice rich with amusement. * You might have to smuggle me in somehow. I hope your sister will be joining us. i want to ask her how she went on her search last night.*

Naoise jumped off of the bed and ran towards the door in excitement, acting almost like a child going to the park

*Come on Arutha...we don't have all day...and bring snacks...yeah we are going to need lots of snacks*
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Arutha had to smile at that. It was no small surprise that Naoise had not been inside of a library in a very long time. For one he was stuck in his cat form and another such places frowned on cats in them both now and back then.

"You have guessed right, but I already have an idea as how to  smuggle you in, Kit. The only thing is that we just have to find a quiet area there are we will not be caught." he told him with a small grin. "Now as for Kevla I have no doubt about her coming along for once she hears about it, I would have to tie her up to keep her from coming."

It was only to laugh again at the other's infectious excitement and then quickly followed after him and opening the door to great the day.

((To be continued at the municipal library.))