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Title: Bleary Eyed
Post by: Saiketsu on February 29, 2012, 06:37:25 AM
When the first streak of sunlight had awoken him, it brought with it an aggravating pulse in his brain. He turned away from the sun and tried to return to the chaos of his dreams, back to the delicious women he had been chasing. But like the three naked women, sleep also seemed to flee from his grasp. Instead of sleep, the only thing that filled his head was a very nagging ache and the familiar image of his room as if remained burned into the insides of his eyelids.

With a deep groan from the very depths of him, Kendrick stood up, naked above the waist. His limbs were heavy with grogginess and the aches that remained of his drunken adventure from the night before. He didn't feel very wakeful, despite the fact that it was nearing noon. The nagging of his hangover kept him, nonetheless, stumbling over (yet on) his feet, even though he swayed dangerously this way and that before taking a few steps.

Kendrick found his way to the wash basin, which was littered with bits of hair from his last shave - weeks ago now - and stains of dirty water. Ignoring this, he splashed clean water onto his grizzled face to try to scare off the look like sleep in his eyes. A few handfuls of water later, the man looked at himself in the dusty, film-covered mirror above the skin. Brown eyes told him that yes, indeed he was awake, but the light bruising on the wrinkled skin made him look older than he ever wanted to be. There was a dazed look on his face, one he couldn't really shake even when he tried, one that reminded him of just how barbaric he was actually feeling. He took the towel off the rack nearby and patted his face dry, a few lonesome drop trickling onto his bare chest.

Last night hadn't been very clear to him. Right now it existed as a series of blurred images of faces and bodies and drink. There was something pressing on his mind, something that he had scheduled for today, something he had scheduled yesterday before he had taken a bottle to his face and he simply couldn't figure out what that had been. While he tried to sort through the mass of sloppy memories, he rolled his shoulders backwards until they cracked in their sockets satisfyingly. He took his head in his hands and turned it to crack his spine, one way and then the other. With the satisfactory crunch of bone in his ears, that bitch of a headache returned full force and almost drove him back into his bed with a thud.

That was, until there was a knock at his chamber door. He paused briefly, figuring that it was just a student looking to get some extra credit for sucking him off again. He was tempted to ignore it but he turned the handle and yanked the door open until he was face to face with someone who looked vaguely familiar.
Title: Re: Bleary Eyed
Post by: Existentially Odd on March 03, 2012, 12:08:21 AM
The smell that assaulted Aarik's sensitive, lupine olfactory senses had his lip curling and his upper body swaying back slightly as that door was flung open and, instinctively, his left hand twitched as if he wanted to bring his sleeve-covered wrist up to shield his nose but didn't.  He looked Kendrick - a man he'd often trained with, in order to better his skills with blades of all shapes, sizes and hefts - over and the look of disgust didn't abate.

"By the Gods," he breathed, aware that the man reeked of alcohol, sex and (seemingly impossibly) a little water and soap.  Not enough, though.  "What does the other guy look like?"  To make his point, his blue-eyed gaze raked the older man, taking in his lack of clothing.  Aarik could forgive such a thing, for this was his home and he deserved to sleep as he wished... just not while someone was expecting him on the training range over an hour beforehand, preferably.

Aarik had, of course, been up since dawn so he was rather well presented by comparison.  He was wearing a black tunic, long enough to reach mid-thigh and belted at his trim waist with his sash (which, today, he'd twisted like a knotted rope).  Upon his muscular legs he wore fitted black tights and a pair of soft-soled boots best for training in, as well as all his blade sheaths.  They glinted upon each thigh and from his upper arms, as well as from the shortsword and dagger in their scabbards at his hips.  Discretion appeared unnecessary when he was travelling through the halls towards the quarters of a tutor he'd arranged a friendly training meeting with.

Although he'd made a jest, as he waited for his question to be properly answered, he looked mildly disapproving and impatient to get on with the training he'd been expecting to be involved in.
Title: Re: Bleary Eyed
Post by: Saiketsu on March 12, 2012, 08:28:41 AM
He grunted at the man standing in his doorway, something that had signified that at least part of his memory had returned and Kendrick remembered that he had indeed had something to do with Aarik. He didn't exactly feel quite up to sparring with some whelp this morning, even if it had been their routine for some time now. He looked at the man and gestured with his head for him to follow him inside his chamber. Kendrick left the door open for the man, oblivious of his own sense of modesty, and whether or not Aarik came inside, the door would remain open until Kendrick himself had closed it.

"You're humourous, my friend," he said as he hunted around for his shirt. He had already been wearing his trousers from the day before and, since they were in proper working order and there were only a few light stains upon them, he had had no problem continuing to wear them. "Last night was a little too much for me to handle, I suppose!" He gave a roll of deep laughter which didn't seem as if it was felt by his partner. Kendrick shrugged to himself and picked up his black tunic with the Cruori insignia on it, which sat crumpled in a corner of the room. "Anyway, how interested in continuing this little date of ours are you?" He crossed his arms over his chest and waited for his response.
Title: Re: Bleary Eyed
Post by: Existentially Odd on March 17, 2012, 07:13:17 PM
Aarik quirked an eyebrow and looked Kendrick over, a wry and disappointed twist to his lips advertising his thoughts long before his voice was employed.  "Well, now that I've had a good look at you, I hardly think it'll be a fair fight," he smirked.  "We can postpone it until you're... feeling more up to it, if you wish?"

He wondered, though, if his words were anything close to accurate.  The man before him - dishevelled and ungainly as he appeared - was a master bladesman.  Aarik always learned something new from this genius and he had a sneaking suspicion that, even in this condition, if he insisted they went ahead with their sparring match, today would be no different (but he wasn't going to say that out loud!).

"I'll just pretend that I enjoy the feeling of walking the hallways fully armed," he joked, wanting to make light of the situation and dispel his own annoyance.  He lifted his arms as he laughed, indicating the blades lined upon them - certainly not a casual, around-the-academy look he usually sported.
Title: Re: Bleary Eyed
Post by: Saiketsu on March 20, 2012, 05:59:35 AM
Kendrick gave another low grunt of laughter after the kid had finished speaking. "You keep thinking that, my young friend. Maybe you'll be where I am when you're sixty -- if you're lucky." Of course he was being entirely facetious. Aarik was one of the most dedicated students he had ever seen in his twenty-five years at the Academy - much more dedicated than Kendrick had ever been, in fact. His relentless attempts at training himself were almost sickening to watch from any distance. The elder man had no doubts in his mind that Aarik would be going much farther than Kendrick had ever gone -- if he could keep himself alive for long enough. His bladework was impressive to say the least and that was why he put up with the whelp and his apparent lack of personality, because while Kendrick had never had the desire to buy the kid a drink and get to know him better, he would have been happy to call him a partner in any mission. The kid was deadly and if Kendrick had always said that he belonged to the house of Cruori. It was a sad day indeed when he went into Erudito.

The elder man said nothing of this, of course, preferring not to give the boy an ego boost at the exact moment; Kendrick didn't want him thinking he was special or something and get a fat head. "You should always enjoy walking through these halls in full arms!" Kendrick said, grabbing an apple from the bedside table, though he couldn't figure out for the life of him why there was one there of all places. "Especially within an Academy of people who are learning how to kill you. You'd better be prepared."

He said nothing of the postponement of their little rendezvous, but grabbed his usual length of rope and slung it around his left shoulder like usual. His blades, of course, still remained within his trousers that he had slept with last night. Hopefully the boy would know him well enough not to confuse him for a drunk whom had forgotten his blades on his way to a knife fight, though if he did, it would only make the morning a bit more interesting. He left his quarters before Aarik, expecting the young man to follow him and turning around to wait for him expectantly if the boy didn't get the message to leave after him. There was a grin on his face and he didn't bother to shut the door after him, wondering if Aarik would think of it. Oh, how he loved to watch the boy think.
Title: Re: Bleary Eyed
Post by: Existentially Odd on March 20, 2012, 10:23:15 PM
"I am," Aarik assured the trainer mildly, watching him pick up an apple and considering how he should extricate himself from this situation.  Suddenly... Kendrick walked out of his room?  A frown marred the student's otherwise smooth forehead as he watched it happen, realising after he was pointedly looked at that he was supposed to follow and that they seemed to be going to go ahead with their spar after all.  His expression cleared and he followed after the expert bladesman, pulling his door closed behind him.

"So," he said as he pulled up alongside Kendrick, his gaze remaining focussed on the halls and stairs and whatnot ahead of them, negoatiating it all calmly.  His tone was questioning, leading, though he said nothing else, managing to convey his pleased surprise with just that one word, as well as inviting his trainer to confirm his suspicions (failing actual speech, he supposed they were bound for a destination that would reveal the master's intent regardless, so at the very least all he had to do was keep up and watch, but he found the man's mannerisms amusing and was interested in hearing him speak).