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Title: Bad Moon Rising
Post by: Idrial on August 07, 2012, 11:53:23 AM
(Reserved for Saiketsu)

Samantha had a wonderful time with Jake but it had quickly ended when he had been called into work. She had been instructed to go home before he left Sam in the park by herself, but she couldn't go home. For the first time in her life she felt like she had a connection with her sire, how could she go home and be cooped up when she was feeling so alive. He hadn't commanded her to go home so she was free to do what she wanted and she wanted to go to Risk. A few months ago she had a talk with the people upstairs to have an open mic night at the club on Wednesday night. It was slow on a Wednesday and it was a way of bringing some variety into the club as well as some more cash. Ari and George thought it was a good idea and gave her permission to run it for a few weeks. Well few weeks turned into a few months and the idea thrived bringing in more bushiness than on a Friday night. Plus the staff seemed pretty stoked and they were even in singing their hearts out.

She thought of sweet Levinia, she was a new bartender that Sam had hired three months ago to replace someone that was stealing funds from the club. Not only that Levinia had come in to play a gig and Sam was blown away with her skills and offered her a job. She was amazing with customers and got along very well with the staff. The two had bonded over the last three months finding out that the two were more alike than they thought. They both enjoyed music and while Levinia had played in gigs and bands Sam herself had played and conducted in major concrete halls around the city. They both could play instruments and they even played night tennis a few times which was very fun for Sam as she had never played before Levinia came along. She wanted some enjoyable company with Levinia. Sam was sure that she would be at open mic night, she never missed it.

The drive in the taxi was very lonely, she didn't seemed dressed at all for the club but she didn't care. She was looking forward to enjoying her good mood with terrific people. As the taxi inched it way towards the club she arrived a little after eleven. Open mic was until last call which was at two thirty in the morning she had lots of time to get back home. She was sure that Jake would be home late and hopefully he wouldn't mind that she skipped out on going home. She would be safe at the club but as soon as the cab pulled up she could see that something was defiantly wrong.

Where were the demons, she thought. Young George , although he wasn't all that young was standing guard at the door, letting in and turning away people who were ignorant of the vampires existence. Sam walked on by the line and as to be excepted she was waved through with a warm smile letting Sam into the club that echoed with the sounds of singing and people playing instruments. As she entered the doors the club was packed with people and there was already a band on stage. Then an unnerving feeling crossed her mind. Did the Demons have the night off or something as she could see none in sight. She stopped for a moment to get a feel for their presence and she could feel none. It was odd and strange but she put it to the back of her mind to look for Levinia.

She was stunned too see the ancients inside the club serving as security, she caught Ari coming from the public area and Sam had asked if she by chance had seen Levinia. She had told her yes but she were unsure of where she could be in the club now. Sam gave her thanks before Ari walked off towards the VIP section. Sam searched the crowded club for a small while before coming across her dear friend and amazing co-worker, "LEVINIA !" She yelled over the music waving her arm as she dashed through the crowd of people. "How are you ?" She beamed her a bright white smile at her good friend. Excited to be in her company.     
Title: Re: Bad Moon Rising
Post by: Saiketsu on August 09, 2012, 09:58:59 AM
With her eyes glued to the stage and a shot of Jägermeister already warming her stomach, Levinia sat at one of the tall tables close to the bar. There was a little rock that she was doing in rhythm with the band on stage, and if there were any eyes on her, she was completely oblivious to all of them - like usual. She had one hand on the table holding onto her half-full Long Island Iced Tea which was sweating a puddle on the wooden table top and the other tapping her leg to the rhythm. Her acoustic guitar, which she had nicknamed Bella, sat in the bar back so as not to get stolen if she got too drunk or unexpectedly went home with someone. Working at Risk had more perks than just watching gorgeous vampires do their thing - free booze and free Bella storage!

She had prepared for the night with a bit more casual flare than she usually did for going to an open mic night. Tonight, she wore a cut-off black Ramones t-shirt that had only one shoulder and was cut off just above her navel. She had squeezed herself into the tightest pair of Skinny jeans she had and topped it off with a crooked stud belt off her hips. To break up the outfit and give herself some much needed height, Levvy dug her black pumps out of the bottom of her closet and dusted them off and struggled into them. Standing three inches higher, she did her makeup and hair in the mirror, deciding that it would look best in a nice tight pony tail. After so many years of fighting with her feminine identity, it felt so great to just embrace her nature femininity and doll herself up for the night. She genuinely liked the way she looked when she left the house that night.

It was her last night off before a straight week and a half of working. She loved Risk, though, and the hours meant nothing more than sexy vampires, free drinks, and of course great tips. It was the latter that kept her coming back to work on time, but it was definitely the formers that made her sit her ass down in that chair and watch the show on her night off. When she walked in that night, all the staff waved their heys and hellos and she shot the shit with them until the band began warming up. From that point on, her eyes had been flickering between the lead singer who's luscuious voice made her want to come and the drummer who probably knew how to hit it hard. It wasn't the liquor for once that made her admit these things to herself. Instead it was the acceptance that she looked and felt good. And that was a confidence booster better than any drink could be. Besides, with all of the beautiful bodies in here pressing against each other, who wouldn't want a piece of the action.

The ice in her "Iced Tea" was half melted, but the liquor was as strong as it was when she had first gotten it nearly a half-hour ago. She liked the way that Brett had made her drinks and was perfectly ok with letting him make her liquor from now until the end of time. He was a sweetheart, though a bit to close-minded for much more than a date or two, which he had already gotten from her.

By the time she heard her name being called, Sam was basically already approaching the table where Levvy sat alone. A huge smile spread across her face and her eyes brightened immediately as her boss-turned-friend came sauntering up to her table looking like she had been out grocery shopping or something. It was so unlike Sam to show up to Risk looking so... casual. And here Levvy was thinking that she had been the one to be underdressed.

"Hey, Sam!" Levvy said, pushing out a spot at the table for her with her foot, hoping that the vampire would take a seat next to her. "What are you doing back here? You're supposed to be off today, too!"
Title: Re: Bad Moon Rising
Post by: Idrial on August 09, 2012, 01:03:22 PM
Sam plunked her little butt down triumphantly on the chair next to her friend, “I was off and I was with Jake. We’re finally getting along!” She un-zipped her red hoodie, revealing a pure white tank top, “He got called into work and I didn’t want to go home so early tonight.” She placed her hoodie on the back of the chair; her tank top was picking up the neon lights in the club like crazy. Making her upper half look like a constant changing glow stick, her face was beaming with excitement. It was rare to see Sam so energized after spending some time with her sire. 

Levinia knew of her somewhat troubles with Jake, she knew the circumstances that lead up to her embrace and it put a lot of tension on the two vampires. Now it seemed that for once they could move forward and it warmed Sam to the very bone. “I’m in such a good mood and I’ve come to spend it with you my dear!” Her voice was an octave higher than usual sounding like something out of a cartoon. Sam realized what just came sound came out before bursting into giggle’s; boy was she in a good mood.

“Girl you look fantastic!” Her eye’s lit with amazement as they scanned Levinia’s body up and down, now paying attention to what she really was wearing. "The shirt I love, shows off those nice shoulders of yours. The belt I defiantly want and the pumps are fabulous but those things would hurt my feet." Sam never had much practice with high heels. There wasn't much use to such things on the farm.

As the band ended with a the lead singer holding a very long appeasing note with a drum solo in the background. Sam gave them a well earned whistle, “How long have you been here ?” She had to lean towards Levinia’s ear as to make sure she heard Sam over the cheering crowd in the club.   
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Post by: Saiketsu on August 11, 2012, 02:09:31 PM
"Well, that's good, right? You and Jake?" Levvy asked, taking a sip of her drink and wiping the condensation from her hand onto her pant leg. She felt good and she accepted Sam's news with a smile. Her newfound joy was refreshing too and Levvy figured she'd let it linger for as long as she could make it - she'd never seen Sam in this good of a mood before. Good moods for Sam was never a horrible thing.

"Thanks!" Levvy said, looking down at herself and keeping the same smile on as before. She liked the way she looked and she was glad to see that it was approved by her friend too. "But yeah, the shoes are fucking killer. That's why I'm sitting right now. I cut the shirt this morning and the belt I've had since I was, like fifteen or something? I wanted something a bit more fun and not as traditional. If you wanna borrow them sometime, feel free. They're fun for like the first half hour."

The band finished with a flare and the crowd cheered. Levvy was right there with Sam in her hooting and howling, laughed and then took another sip. Damn, was that lead singer bangin'! "I've been here for like an hour or so. Brett made me a drink," she said, signalling vaguely in the direction behind her at the bar, "and I'm not on for another hour or so. You know me, I like to catch the show beforehand anyway. Especially not with scenery this nice," she said and pointed at the stage at the lead singer moving around the stage, talking to the drummer.
Title: Re: Bad Moon Rising
Post by: Idrial on August 13, 2012, 06:16:00 AM
Sam nodded her head furiously about her getting along with Jake as Levinia took a sip of her 'Iced Tea' while wiping the condensation off on her pants. A small dark, mark was now left on her pants which would soon go away with all the body heat that was being given off from the mortals. Sam didn't realize it at the time but it seemed to be somewhat hotter in the club than usual from all the lights, bodies pressing against each other and probably from the sex that usually went on in the VIP rooms in the club. Being dead for two years she would of welcomed the heat that washed over her body but she didn't, in fact it felt quite odd. She almost felt like a reptile absorbing the heat through her skin rather than her body making her own. 

"Thanks Levinia I'll take you up on your offer sometime," her voice was warm and inviting. She dipped her head in acknowledge as to how long Levinia had been at Risk. Brett was good at making drinks and Sam knew that her 'Iced Tea' would be strong, just the way Levinia liked her drinks. When Sam was a mortal she could drink most people under the table, now being a vampire she couldn't consume alcohol. Unless she drank from someone who had already consumed a significant amount of booze. Then she could drink but their was always risks to drinking from people with whose blood had been thinned the drink; she would have to be careful if she tried anything tonight. Now the question became who could she drink from ?

Her attention from her thoughts were interrupted when Levinia pointed to the to the lead singer who was now talking to the drummer, "Oh my god I'd love to sink my fangs in the drummer." Sam always had a thing for drummers, "You should defiantly take that lead singer home." She gave her a wink, Sam only had a problem with sluts and bite junkies. Levinia wasn't a slut in the strictest definition and Sam understood that people had sexual needs to deal with sometimes, casual sex wasn't a problem for Sam at all.

Now coming up in her club and fucking everything that moved or being a sleazy buffet for every vampire in here not only pissed her off it made her feel like her place of work was going down the tubes. She hated that feeling because no matter what anyone said, this was her first home after her parents were killed by a drunk driver. A sad thought was quickly placed back in her mind before she turned around in her chair, "BRETT !" She yelled getting his attention right away, "Another drink for the fair lady and some blood please. !" He knew who she was talking about and she turned back around to face Levinia.

"It's nice to see the club is actually busy on a Wednesday night. I hate it when it's dead." Brett had brought over their drinks, Sam took a small swig of her blood. After she had a taste of fresh, hot blood in Pisky Park from a human this seemed very disappointing in comparison but she said nothing and placed the glass on the table. For some reason she wasn't hungry but her lust for blood seemed to be a lingering in her mind, she was sure it was because of the fresh blood and she would do her best to contain the beast that resided in all vampires.

"Oh I almost forgot," she exclaimed jumping off her chair and in a burst of speed she raced towards her small office behind the bar and just beyond the break room. Grabbing an envelope off her desk before racing out towards the table the two had been sitting at, "Here is your official Pro-serve and your ID badge finally came in since your have finished your probation period. I was going to give them to you when I got back but this seems like a good time." Levinia only had a temporary Pro-Serve and she had been using the probationary ID number, now she had her own.

"Welcome to the family." She gave her a toothy flash of a smile, Sam was glad to an an employee like Levinia. It was so hard to find hardworking and trustworthy people these days.
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Post by: Saiketsu on August 14, 2012, 06:38:55 AM
She shrugged at Sam's comment on taking the lead singer home. There wasn't yet enough confidence in her little vagina yet to want something like that. There'd be a lot of explaining to do for one night, for one fuck and she didn't know if tonight was the night for something like that. She certainly wasn't going to be sober enough to explain everything the way she wanted to. But she fantisized nonetheless, wondering things that she normally wouldn't have if that drink wasn't in her hand.

And then Sam ordered her another. "You must be crazy!" she said as Brett brought over the second Iced Tea. Levvy wasn't even fully done with the first one and here Sam was giving her another. "I know you don't drink anymore, but don't you know how much liquor is in this? Jesus!" She was smiling though and drinks for free were still drinks she was happy to take. Not to mention how awesome of a boss Sam was.

Levvy was about to agree with Sam about the Wednesday comment - even though she had never seen the club empty on a Wednesday night - when Sam disappeared. She should have been used to it by now, but her vampire friends were just too fast for her to keep up with. So by the time she came back, Levvy had only just acknowledged that she had left and had time to turn her head back to watch the next act. When Sam made herself visable again and handed over the license for dishing out booze, Levinia could have squealed with delight. She had been waiting for nearly three months for this damn thing.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" She threw her arms around Sam's neck before she left her side of the table, managing to almost fall out of her chair in the effort. When she caught Sam's shoulders, she had to stop herself from asking the vampire if she was too cold. "I don't think you have any idea how excited I am to have this and be official here!" Like a moron, she clapped for herself in excitement and didn't care, pulling herself back into her chair.  
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This was the second hug that Sam had gotten tonight and she welcomed it while giving Levinia a hug back before she exited Sam's side. Not before grabbing her shoulders, her hands felt very warm and they were certainly welcome to stay their for a while. She looked like a little kid in a candy shop, her eye's were wide in amazement as she finally became an official member of the club. Sam was very picky in whom she hired and usually the people she hired we're a good fit; until they start thinking they can get away with stealing or funneling drugs through the club. They would for a while until Sam caught on which was usually pretty quick, the last girl before Levinia just had to go. Sam had no time for thieves, lairs or bullshitters, she was here to run a business; not to take illegal side cuts from a very prosperous club.

"I can see how excited your are," she said with pride. " I am so glad to have you as my employee. Now since your official you can start making your own clientele. Customers are great but clientele is we're the big money is my dear." Soon Levinia would be making more tips than she was use too and that wasn't a bad thing. Sam took another sip of her blood, it still wasn't all that appealing to her taste buds. The next band was just making a sound check for the moment, a lot of banging on the drums and the strumming of the guitar's made Sam's body shiver. Oh how she loved music, it was her passion in life along with reading books and using her hands. She was glad to share her passion of music with Levinia, she was a god sent both personality and staff wise.

She watched carefully as she pulled herself back into her chair making sure that she wasn't going to fall out. "Careful girl. Do I have to be your designated sitter ?" She gave a laugh after as she just tuned in into how silly that statement seemed but she stood with it.

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"Maybe," she chuckled jokingly and took another sip. The alcohol burned a bit going down but it was nothing she couldn't handle.

"Speaking of employees," she asked, talking above the band tuning, totally forgetting that Sam's sensitive ears could pick up her voice even if she whispered, "where are the demons who usually guard the front door? I haven't seen them in like two or three days!" When she had first started working here, there were many things she had to be made aware of - how much blood to give as a drink, how to handle spilt blood, how to order more blood from the back. One of the biggest things that was impressed upon her was the importance of the bouncers who weren't human or vampire. At first she shrugged, but when she had gotten a rowdy group of vampires who were threatening some of the humans at the bar, a demon had showed up and taken them outside as if they were children. It was something that, at the time she couldn't understand but went along with with a secret fright. Now it was something that she had simply come to expect - there was something in this city stronger than a five hundred year old vampire and it protected her from them on the worst of nights.

Now, they all were simply gone, replaced by vampires or something. She usually considered herself sort of free-spirited and relaxed but for some reason the absense of the demons was weighing heavily in the back of her mind, trying to keep her sober.  
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Utter shock was on her face and she couldn’t help but shouting, “Two or three days. Are you serious? They were here before I took off.” They must have left right after she had taken time off for her and Jake to do some bonding. That explained the owners who were now taking charge in securing the club, George at the front door and Ari in VIP section most of the night. She had only scene him once tonight and that was when she entered, she wasn’t about to chase him down to ask her what happened in the few days she was gone. She would have to wait till the end of the night or until he made another appearance. 

Right now she felt somewhat safe but she was worried about someone messing with Levinia just because she was sitting at the same table as Sam. Not every customer that came in the club liked Sam and that was cause for concern, the demons kept everything in check and basically ran the show. Now with them gone doubts began to creep into her mind, she didn’t doubt that the owners couldn’t handle the security around this place. She had her own doubts that if someone took the advantage to cause harm to Sam she couldn’t handle whoever long enough for help to arrive, she maybe a vampire but she knew she was just a fledgling. She could still get seriously hurt if someone had the courage to lay a hand on her in the club. 

“I don’t like this Levinia.” Her voice sounded grave, she somewhat got a serious look on her face. “Something is going on the demons wouldn’t just pick up and go unless it was for a viable reason.” She wanted to text Jake, he would know by now what was going on but that guilty feeling of not going home was creeping into her chest. Maybe she should have listened to him but it was too late to change anything now. She couldn’t just leave Levinia here by herself, she could try and convince her to come home with Sam but she felt as if that was over the line.

“It seems so empty without them,” she was a little sad. “I walked in and it was odd not being about too feel their presence and it felt very odd. It seemed like I wasn’t walking into the place I call home. I hope their okay.” Sam had grown very close to the demons that kept them safe over the years that she had worked in the club. She wondered where her dear friends had gone.     
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"Wait, so you had no idea that they weren't here? Like, at all?" Levvy was a bit surprised - usually Sam had more of a clue as to what was going on with the immortal movements inside the club than most of the other staff - even if they weren't her people. "So what are we going to do if we get a rowdy crowd of vampires? George gonna handle it all by his lonesome?" That didn't sound like a great idea even to her. There was some powerful creatures in this place and she would have hated to see one of them start trouble when the demons weren't here.

"I figured they just had a night off, but this is the third day they haven't been in," Levvy said with a worried tone. "Like, all of them at the same time. That seems a bit too strange to me, don't you think? And you don't know anything?"
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"No I had my phone turned off so anything I got I haven't scene in the last three days," it seemed like every time she turned off her phone something went terribly wrong. Even when she had her phone on something on a daily bases went out of whack but nothing like the demons up and leaving. "I'm thinking Ari would help out if the vampires got out of line. I think Royce is some where's here too." She looked around too see who else was on the floor, at the moment she couldn't see anyone. It made her sit on the edge of her seat just a little, she couldn't help it any longer she had to text Jake.

"I don't know anything but I'm sure Jake would know something. If I don't hear back from him I can ask Ari when I see him again." Her phone was on her at all times but just not actually on at the moment. She pulled her Samsung Galaxy SX2 turned it on and the messages started to pour in through her phone. She had a grimace on her face, never again was she turning off her phone for any reason. All of the sudden she got a text that didn't sit well with Sam at all, something was definitely wrong. 

Run my children. Leave now.

She furiously texted him back. She wanted to know what was going on with the Oligarchy, him being called into work and the demons just mysteriously gone was no coincidence.   

Jake I'm at Risk. Don't be Mad. What the hell is going on ? The demons are gone.

She would await for his reply, "When I first walked in I thought they had the night off too." She hoped nothing would happen tonight. She had confidence in her staff that they would be a little more careful now that the demons were gone. She didn't want anyone getting hurt tonight, Sam would come unglued if anyone touched her staff. Only problem was she didn't have the demons to back her up on the spot anymore and that made her wary of anyone in the club now.
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She saw the worry start to well up in Sam, threatening to kill their mood and for Levinia there was nothing worse than a killed buzz. Before things got any worse, Levvy shrugged her shoulders casually and searched for her words. "I'm sure everything's fine. Maybe it's just a blip in the system?"

In all honesty she wasn't hugely concerned about it all. So the demons weren't there? So what! It wasn't like they were never coming back. And if they were, it wasn't like things were changing so drastically that anyone in the club was in any real danger. After all, no one would keep an immortal club open when shit was hitting the fan and everyone was at, well, risk. The owners, though mysterious to her and nothing more than vampires wouldn't let all hell break loose in a club this popular. No, the absense of the demons was just unnerving. She didn't feel like she was in danger and it was probably just Sam over reacting because she was high on her Jake fix or something. Things were fine, she was sure.

When she noticed that her companion wasn't biting, she nudged her verbally, humoring her worry for a little bit. "Did you tell Jake about it?"
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She was about to answer Levinia about it being a blip in the system when her phone once again went off, it was once again Jake the news was very grim. Fuck this, she was not going to be a buzz kill tonight, so what if they had really gone and as to where and why she would find out soon enough. She really did not want to go home even if he had given her permission to bring a friend she couldn`t just leave, she decided not to text him back right away.

Sam`s eyes focused on Levinia when she gave Sam a bit of a nudge and she nodded, "Ya Jake just sent me a reply he says their gone for good and he wants me to go home." She shook her head, she was not allowing this to happen.

"Nothing has changed," she stated. "I am still the bar manger and I have a responsibility to my employee's to stay by their side whether the demons are here or not. I will not run just because of some rowdy vampires." She wasn't going to let things get to her, they were both safe and fine and Sam relaxed for a bit. She didn't want Levinia to be nervous and she hoped her words would instill some calm, she wouldn't abandon her position just because the demons left as it was the right thing to do.    
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"Wait, what do you mean by 'they're gone for good'?" Levinia wasn't great at all this supernatural stuff, and especially not tonight when she could feel her ability to form a great idea start to diminish. What she did know is that there was something in Sam's voice that wasn't the same as it always was when they were having a good time. "Why would Jake want you to head home if the demons are gone? Are you in danger or something?"

Levvy knew enough about this city to know its structure. Immortals were present, vampires drank blood, and there was some kind of relationship between Sam and Jake that she couldn't really put into words. She knew that Jake was in some kind of influential position of power and obviously, she knew that he was an Oligarch and part of the Oligarchy, the immortal governing body. But there seemed to be a piece of the puzzle that she, with her human mind and lack of in-depth knowledge - and second Long Island Iced Tea of the night - couldn't understand. Why the absence of some demons who watched over the club would put Sam, the same Same who ran the damn nightclub, in harm's way enough for Jake, whom Levvy heard very little about and had never actually met, to be all concernicus via text.

Something was down-right fishy and she was determined to get to the bottom of it before she had to get up on stage.
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Sam shook her head, "I'm not in danger, Jake can just be extremely over-protective at times since I've only been a vampire for two years. Plus I do work at Risk and  I'm his progeny he keeps on saying." He'd also called her his daughter a few times but she really didn't want to be viewed as his daughter because she couldn't see him as a father; Jake was only her sire and at this point, nothing else. It seemed like a harsh thought but their relationship just started to get better and in time maybe Sam could one day would be able to call him father. Although her relationship with Jake was a high priority at the moment that seemed to be on the back burner as the words 'they are gone' burned into her mind like a hot poker. Her hand curled around her bottom chin with her index finger stocking her jaw line. she was thinking and there was only one thing she could come up with at the moment.

"They must have gone back too their own dimensional plane that has to be what Jake mean by 'gone for good.' By why ? No one can defeat a Mimic Demon once they absorb your essence you're fucked so they wouldn't be scared of anyone." Her eye's got wide but it wasn't with horror it was a bright look and she took off leaving Levinia by herself for a few moments, they recycled the newspapers for the supernaturals too read and they wouldn't have been taken to the recycling depot as of yet. She rummaged through the papers till she found what she wanted; a spell to summon demons although having a doctrine in literature she could see what had sent them back home. 

She came racing back out with the page as she laid it out on the table for Levinia too see, "Look here see this says in English that this is a spell to summon a demon at the time of a full moon. It was published a few days ago by a guy named Murphy." She screwed up her face just a little, "See these inscriptions that were published as well they're Latin. They weren't translated properly this is a spell to bind a demon -" she stopped. This is why they had gone, it would be a mimic demons worst nightmare if this happened to her dear friends. She was once gone again as she needed to find Ari and she had a good idea as to where the man would be at the moment.

She had found him and exchanged a few serious words with him, yes it was true someone had given the information to Murphy but as to who was responsible he was pretty sure it was his pal Ben; the luminary's fledgling. She thanked him for his time before returning to her seat with Levinia, " I talked to Ari and the news is grim. The demons won't be with us anymore." Sam somewhat hung her head but she had no time to be a buzz kill. She lifted her head with a smile and beckoned Brett to grab her a drink and a shot for Levinia, as soon as they came she raised her own glass to Levinia, "A time for change. A time to make new friends and memories." She would have a talk with Jake later so that she would be able to find out more about what had happened. For now she would enjoy the company that sat across from her; Sam's own worries wouldn't crash this party tonight.
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Sam was rushing around a bit too much for Levvy to be able to focus on her. As Sam did her rushing teh first time, Levvy tried to shout back at her to ask where she was going, but gave up and watched the band instead. When the vampire returned, Levvy turned back towards her and tried to focus again on what she was saying with very little success. And of course when Levvy wanted clarification, Sam was gone again. Levvy sighed and kept her eyes on the stage and took another unnecessary sip of her drink, now almost half-gone and lingering in her head.

Her head was starting to feel a little heavy and her body felt lazier, but without that awkward slur and sway that she got when she was wasted. The music got a bit better, and her body moved a bit more freely to it as she sat in the chair waiting for Sam. Levvy paid no attention to her verbal musings, figuring that Sam would tell her when there was something important that she should know.

And she did. Apparently the mimic demons weren't coming back? Oh well! Risk would have to continue on without them one way or another. They had before, hadn't they? "I still don't know what the big deal is," she said loudly with a small grin on her face. "It's not like we're gonna be out a job, right? That's all I care about. You guys are always gonna need blood and there's always someone who wants to party! I call that 'job security', with or without demons." She still didn't understand the legistics of why the demons left and what was so bad, but she guessed it didn't really matter after all.

Besides, she was going on stage in three acts and that was why she was here. Not some bullshit issue with demons.
Title: Re: Bad Moon Rising
Post by: Idrial on December 06, 2012, 07:37:21 PM
Sam nodded her head towards her friend, she was sure that her job wouldn't be threatened at all by the change of power. Little did Sam know that within a few weeks she would be out of a job, although her firing would be a nice letting go from the club. She decided to let the subject go as she shouldn't be worrying about things that could be happening in the future. Right now the only thing that she should be focused on is the beautiful human that lay before Sam's eyes. She couldn't wait to hear Levinia sing her heart out.

"You know what I was thinking. We should get together for a girls night out. What do ya think ?" Sam was trying to discreetly change the subject, she hoped that Levinia would take the bait.