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Title: In Search of Answers
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"I am still trying to wrap my mind around this, Arutha. All of that happened just last night? It just boggles my mind." Kevla said with a small shake of her head. Upon waking her brother had told her an edited version of what had happened the previous night. "Still it makes sense that we are now here and yet what made you think of disguising Kit in a backpack?" She asked amusedly as she sat across from her twin in a corner of the library. Said twin was apologetically letting out said cat out of his bag so that he could sit at the table with the rest of them.

This morning had started out quite bizarrely but she couldn't begrudge the look on her twins face when he had come to her door all exhilarated and with an equally excited Naoise in tow. So then there of course had been the rush to get ready and then a quick run to the corner store for snacks before carefully putting Naoise inside of one of her larger backpacks.

Arutha shot his twin a small scowl before concernedly looking back at Naoise as he let him out of the bag. "It was the only way that I thought that we could be all in here together." he said half grumbled out at her amusement. Still for all his grumbles it turned to worry when he looked back at Naoise. "Are you okay, Kit? I accidentally didn't hurt you, did I?"
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Naoise stuck his head out of the backpack and sneezed twice as he cleared his nose of the many conflicting scents that comprised of the myriad belongings that had called Kevla’s backpack home before his adventurous sojourn with in it.

*Nay Arutha, you did not harm me* he answered with wry amusement *Infact I think you could have carried a hen and her unhatched chicks within that well-padded cavernous bag and they would have arrived fine and hale. Using it was a brilliant idea*

With a final shake and sneeze he escaped from the backpack. Moving so that Arutha and Kevla gave him as much cover on the tabletop as possible he looked around the library with interest.

*Well…*He said as he studied the rows and rows of shelved books and the lines of computers around him *this looks nothing like the libraries I used to know.* he finished with just a touch of awe. *Where do we start and what are we looking for?*
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Arutha visibly brightened at Naoise's words. He had tried be as careful as he could carried the other in the bag without arising any suspicion. An from the looks of it, it had paid off. "Thank goodness." he said relievedly. "I know that I was taking a chance when I came up with that idea, but I am glad you are okay, Kit." he said warmly as the other escaped from the backpack and he set it nearby.

Kevla had to raise an eyebrow at her brother's reaction. Hmm..this was interesting. She hadn't seen anything quite like this look on his face since Micah was with them. Maybe there truely the start of something there? Only time would tell but she had to hope for her brother's sake.

" Well I think that maybe we should start with the metaphysical books and then go to folklore. For there might be legends about similar accounts to what happened last night." Arutha suggested thoughtfully after a moment or two.

"Sounds like a plan. I'll snoop around in local history while you two are working on that." Kevla said softly.
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*We might also want to check out, shamanism, Native American mysticism, Tantric Healing and dream magic. See if they can shed some light on this* Naoise added as he slinked onto one of the padded chairs and made himself comfortable.

* I don’t know whether I will be much help in the actual searching of the library but I can make a good guardian for the table at least* he said as he stretched out his paws and kneaded the cushion beneath him with his claws.

In truth Naoise wasn’t quite sure what to make of Arutha and Kevla’s abilities but he leaned more towards that they had inherited it rather then it was a recent natural development. Still anything was possible and recent or inherited they needed to learn how to use and access what they had, books could help them explore what worked and what didn’t and then an actual teacher would be handy. One step at a time though was the best way forward in his opinion.
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"All of those sound like good ideas." Arutha said with a small nod before smiling as he looked over at Naoise. "I mean we have to start somewhere right?" he said a little playfully, watching as the other made himself home on one of the padded chairs. This simple but slightly strange sight made him want to smile. He couldn't quite place the exact reason why but he liked it.

Kevla had to chuckle at Naoise's comment. "That might be true but you have to know more about this stuff than we do. So when we bring the books back to the table, you can help look them over. And then maybe with a little luck we will be able to figure out what this all is." she said with a small smile.

"Speaking of which, have you seen anything like this in all your years happening?" Arutha had to ask. It had been something he had been wondering about ever since he had woken up that morning.

Meanwhile off in a nearby corner, Kieran paused in his own studies when he thought thast he had heard Arutha's voice. This alone made him get up from his chair. For last he had heard, his cousins had been in England for some reason or another.
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At Kevla’s suggestion of him looking over the books, Naoise stopped his intense kneading of the cushion beneath him and tilted his head. *Actually yes that may well help move things along Kevla, its certainly a better idea then me curling up here and stuffing myself on snacks anyway…you did bring snacks right?* he asked worriedly before he popped his head over the table and looked at Arutha.

*Anything like the intricate control and manipulation of the dream last night or anything like the abilities you and Kevla are currently manifesting?* he answered in response to Arutha’s question *Either way the answer is yes* he finished with amusement *but everything comes down to personal ability and then training. What we need to find out is what training techniques resonate with you both and which path of teaching can best lead to a result like last night.*

Psych continued to watch the intriguing trio from the gap between the book on the bookshelf he was hiding behind. He had seen them come in but hadn’t shown any interest until he had seen the cat climb out of the bag. Who brings a cat to a library and why? Besides he could use the distraction and hopefully they could make him forget his own worries for now.

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Kevla had to give a small laugh at the worried look on Naoise's feline face. "Wow, Kit. Now I know what you are really concerned about, your cute furry stomach." she said a bit teasingly.

Arutha stuck his tongue out lightly to his sister before looking back at Naoise. "Don't listen to her, Kit. I've got you your snacks and plenty of them." he said brightly as he lifted up the bag that he had gotten at the corner store and put it up on the table. It was only to nod a little at his answer. "Basically yes to all the above. Though I have to wonder when and where you have seen such things. I guess that I will have to file that under the unanswerable category as of yet." he said with a small shrug.

Kevla had to snort at their banter before frowning as she could have sworn that someone was watching them. So she scrunched up a piece of paper and tossed in the direction of the eyes. If anything it might scare off whoever it was and make her feel better at the same time.

Kieran was just swinging around the corner as he saw the paper zoom over head. Okaaay? Now this was interesting. He smiled as he approached his cousins. "Hey guys. I thought that I heard familiar voices."
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*It’s not that unanswerable Arutha…* Naoise was saying just as Kevla threw a ball of scrunched up paper in the direction of some shelves barely missing the guys coming towards them from around the corner. Confused and feeling cornered he narrows his emerald green eyes as his hair stands up along his spine and he starts to emit a low feline hiss

Psych’s eyebrows rise slightly in surprise as the new guy enters the group only to jump back as the unseen scrunched up ball of paper hits the books he was peeping through. His lips twitch with amusement and figuring he was caught he walks around the bookshelf,  picks up the paper and brazenly swaggers over to the people at the table. He gives the newcomer the once over before turning his eyes to the trio he smiles broadly as he holds out the balled paper.

“ I believe this belongs to one of you. Littering is seriously frowned upon in the library” he said with a mock frown as his eyes land on the obviously agitated cat “Animals are totally fine tho, I’m sure” he finishes with a broad smile, his eyes dancing with amusement. This was a lot more fun than hanging out at the shop with Shiobhan.
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Arutha was just about ready to say something else, but this disappeared out of his mind as Kevla all of the sudden threw a was of paper. What the hell? He had to wonder as it hit a nearby set of shelves. Though at Naoise's low hiss, he instinctively moved almost in front of him as if to protect.

Then weird of all words, their cousin Kieran came around the corner with a smile. So he could calm down but he didn't. Naoise wouldn't just hiss at nothing. "Hey...Kieran." he said distractedly as his cousin jumped out the way.

"Hey, what the hell was all that about?" Kieran asked looking at both of his cousins in askance just as a very confident looking guy comes swaggering around the corner.

Flushing a little embarrassment , Kevla looked back at the other's. "Hey Kieran. I'm sorry guys I threw that because..." she trailed off just as she saw this man swagger his way around the corner holding said was. Ah ha! She knew it. She had felt eyes and now there was this man.

"That would be mine." she told him firmly. as she held out a hand for the paper ball. "I though that I felt someone watching us but wasn't entirely sure. So I had to throw it." she added only to look back at Naoise and wince. They were caught too, shit.

"No, but please don't rat us out." Kevla made herself ask, even though she don't want to. After all who was this guy? Could he eve be trusted?
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“Rat you out?  For what…some tossed paper ?” asked Psych incredulously as he turned his storm tossed gaze to Kevla “I’ve tossed worse than that in church on a packed Sunday service. Those self-righteous, holier-than-though sermons will make you toss your breakfast and then some let me tell you.” He said with a playfully wicked grin “Although it wasn’t my breakfast I threw at the priest .“ He finished with a cheeky wink.

Naoise startled slightly as Arutha stepped around and in front of his chair, it was so naturally protective that Naoise couldn’t help but feel warmed by it although the action itself was totally unnecessary if anything the ones needing protecting were Arutha and Kevla.

*Arutha…* he sent along their telepathic link *I love looking at your ass and no doubt I could look at it all day, clothed or not but dearest could you please move slightly so I can see the new comers and did you call one of them Kierian? That’s your cousin isn’t it? You and Kevla were talking about him last night weren’t you? Does he often come to the library?* he asked as he tried to peer around Arutha’s hip so he could see the new comers and assess them

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Kevla let out a breath and shook her head at the man's question. "No, not for that." she started to say only to try not to laugh at his description of what he had thrown at church. Well this was quite interesting as well as funny. For a second it made her wonder just what kind of adventures this newcomer has gotten into. "I meant for our feline friend here. We wouldn't have brought him if we didn't need him." she explained. "I apologise for the introduction but my name is Kevla. This is my brother Arutha and our feline friend Kit. Then that's our cousin Kieran." she said lightly gesturing to each person.

Arutha's face lit up slightly in a blush as the compliment. "Kit!" he half protested. "Why must it always be about my ass?" he asked in a embrassed mumble as he reluctantly moved aside. He then nodded at his question. "Yes he is. He is a columnist for a magazine." he told him before inclining his head at his sister's greeting.

Kieran couldn't help but look extremely confused as he could have sworn that he had heard another voice just before Arutha spoke back. It couldn't have been that cat. Could it? "Dearest...ass..just what the heck have you two gotten yourselves into?"

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*It’s not just about your ass,  I enjoy…* Naoise was saying in response to Arutha only to his his fur stand up in shock at Kierans confused response. *What? He can hear us?* he said in Kevla’s and Arutha’s mind * You can hear me? * he repeated tentatively towards Kieran.

Meanwhile whilst Naoise was having his mental heart attack Pysch strutted towards the table and pulling a chair our he turned it around “Nice to meet you all” he said as he straddle the chair. “I’m Psych" He stated with an air of casual simplicity. "So…”  he continued with curious amusement “What do you need a cats help with in a library? Unless you’re planning some kind of cat burglary” he asked with a sardonic grin "Althoug I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything worth stealing in this library.”

Psych flicked his sea coloured eyes around the group with curious amusement. What a strange group they seemed and he knew some people were mad about their pets but for the life of him he couldn’t think of why anyone one would go to such extremes as to smuggle a pet cat into a library, talk about separation anxiety. Not that he was one to overly judge eccentricity was the spice of life and these guys had certainly peeked his interest.

“I have to say tho” he continued as he settled his gaze on Naoise “That is an extremely large and cute cat” he said as he stretched his hand towards the animal. “Hey Kitty kitty . Whats its name” he asked as he continued to stretch his hand out to pet the creature only to raise an eyebrow and draw his hand back in startlement as Naoise's fur bristles and stands up on end.
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Arutha's blush brightened a fraction at Naoise's comment. Then his jaw dropped at Kieran's confused question.  "Holy hell! You can hear, Kit. Can't you?" he asked him. His cousin had always a certain knack for cats as snakes. Up until now, he had written it off as just that, but maybe with their current abilities it was more.

Kieran nodded, eyes wide. "Yes...I just don't know why. I've never heard animal thoughts before. I've only gotten feelings off of cats before." he said with a thoroughly baffled look. Just what on earth had they gotten themselves into?

Kevla's eyes widened a fraction at the scene between Kieran and Arutha. Holy crap! It looked like things just got that much more complicated. Still there was this newcomer to deal with. She just hoped that he turned out to be someone they could trust in spite of his seemingly cocky nature.

So she turned her head to look back at Psych with an akward smile at the question. "It's nice to meet you, Psych." she said
softly. "As for your question, the answer is more than a little crazy sounding. Our cat is not a cat even though he currently looks it. He is a man trapped in that form by a spell. The name we call him is Kit." she explained while trying not to wince at how bad it sounded.

Then of course the man tried to pet him. "I'm sorry about that. He doesn't like being pet by anyone other than my brother."
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Psych's eyes opened wide as he leaned back in shock at Kevlas sudden explanation before he turns his gaze towards kit and looks at him anew. “A guy you say? “Quickly overcoming his shock he leans forward and looks at Kit with interest “So you’re cursed?” he asked curiously. “Who by? “He then turns his eyes back to Kevla when an answer doesn’t come quick enough “Do you know who cursed him?” he asked with burgeoning excitement.

Psych couldn’t help but feel curious at the extraordinary situation he suddenly found himself in. Curses were not new to him; he knew many people from many different works of life had the ability to create and implement such acts of power, human and non-human both. Nor did he find the idea of sitting in front of a man cursed into a different form to be impossible. No if there was one thing he had learned from living in the city as long as he had it was that the extraordinary tended to just walk around the corner right in front of you. The impossible wasn’t the extraordinary occurrence, it was finding those with open eyes and minds to see and appreciate it that was the rare oddity, the miraculous, the truly extraordinary occurrence.

“Wait…” he turned his gaze between the four before him before focusing on Kieran and Arutha ” You two can hear him…as in like telepathically?”
He looks back at Kevla with amazement “ They meant telepathically right? Cause I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear him speak.”

Gripping the back of the chair with his hands he leaned and grins broadly, no longer able to suppress his excitement. “This is so damn cool! I gotta tell Shiobhan…or not” he finishes as his excited grin falls from his face and he sighs heavily in resignation.

Naoise looked at Kieran in utter shock and bewilderment as he admits to been able to hear him. He hesitantly starts to form a small telepathic probe to send to him to see if he could actually talk to Arutha and Kevlas cousin when he hears Kevla tell this stranger their secret causing him to whip his head around and look at this guy as he sits back in shock.

He tries to form coherent responses to his questions but the only thing that forms in his mind as answers are strange squeaking sounds or more like a softly whistling tea kettle, either way he was having a small mental meltdown at the sudden spot light that had been shone onto him and his life. In response his fur bristles as his ears turn and lay almost flat against his head and a low yowl issues from his mouth. In total shock and completely out of control, pens, paper and snack start to vibrate then levitate slightly above the tables surface as Psych finishes prattling on and sits there with a grin spreading across his nosy face.
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Kevla had originally said what she said in order to maybe make Psych go away. Her thought was that he would think that they were crazy and just move on. Now in hindsight she should have known better. Everyone and everything in this city was not what it seemed to be. So the odds were against her from the get go. Still this might work out for the best. For they might get some help in their search for answers regarding their own abilities as well as to be able to help Kit.

"That part is complicated. Hence our need to come here to do some research to get more answers." she explained just as her twin looked at her with a 'what the fuck?' look. She shrugged back at him. What was done was done. Now was the time to deal with the fall out. Still she was curious as someone called Siobhan was mentioned. "Though who's Siobhan?"

With huge eyes, Kieran nodded at the question. "Yes I can hear him in my head." He didn't know quite what to make of the situation but he was interested on finding out why.  His eyes got bigger as he heard the strangest sound as everything nearby started to vibrate and levitate.

Arutha angrily looked at his twin as she blurted out their secret. Honestly what the fuck? What the hell was she thinking? She didn't know that they could trust this overly confident man. Experience told him that there was always more to a pretty face be it for good or ill. 

So at Psych's question he shortly nodded just before his jaw dropped at Kit's reaction. Shit! It wasn't that he could blame him for being like this after his sister was an idiot. So he acted quickly and reached out a hand to try and soothe Kit. "Breathe Kit. Just breathe. I'm sorry Kevla's an idiot. Come back to me." he murmured gently as he lightly tried to touch his face.

Kevla's face filled with guilt as she saw Kit's reaction to her blurting.
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Psych watched in amazement as items began to float in front of him, and at Aruthas words he quickly flicked his gaze at the growling, brisling cat.

Naoise shivered beneath Aruthas gentle touch and with each stroke his breathing became slower and slower until his mind cleared and his breathing returned to normal.

Psych opened his mouth to start asking more questions when all the levitating items fell back to the table with a small plonk of noise except one chocolate candy bar which, after a slight narrowing of Naoise’s eyes; flew across the table towards Psychs face at an almost alarming speed.

The candy bar hit with a loud slapping noise and with enough force to cause Psychs head to whip back slightly causing Naoise to purr with satisfaction. He hated being surprised and he hated even more for people he didn’t know to pry into his business.

“What the Fuck?!” exclaimed Psych loudly as he rubs the spot between his eyes before glaring incredulously at Naoise. “Did you just whack me upside the head with a fucking candy bar?” he asked as he carefully swabs his face with his fingers, his forehead farrowed with an agitated frown as he checks his fingers for any signs of blood.

Looking around the table Naoise's feelings of satisfaction quickly turns to shame and embarrassment. He had let his shock of both Kieran's abilities and Kevlas quick trust of this stranger rattle and overwhelm him.  * I am sorry * he said along the telepathic link * that should not have happened. I generally have better emotional control that that and I shouldn’t have exposed my abilities like that either. I certainly shouldn’t have used my abilities in a petty state of pique. If you could please apologize to our nosy newcomer for me I would appreciate it. And I apologize to you as well Kieran* he sent towards Arutha and Kevla's cousin incase he could still hear him. *This must be a total shock for you and extremely confusing to say the least.*

Naoise sighed slightly, this was not how he imagined this day to go. Still even though he was sorry for his outburst he couldn't help but feel more then a little amused either as he watched Psych continue to rub and dab at the spot the candy bar hit him
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Kevla’s guilt grew as she saw the items around them rise higher with every growl that escaped Naoise. She didn’t know what to say as she met Psych’s amazed gaze. For this was too strange and honestly too crazy of a sight to be able to deny. Now she hoped that her risk would pay off.

Arutha ever so gently pet Naoise, his hand soothingly moving over his face and then his back. His own was a mask of worried concern as he slowly felt the man calm back down and the telepathic sound to dissipate. Even though he was still pissed at his twin, his main concern was the man before him. “Yes that’s it. Good.” he whispered to him.

A second later he had to have an involuntary laugh when Naoise purposely flung the small candy bar at Psycho’s head. “I’m sorry to laugh but Kit is a very private person and he wasn’t expecting my twin to reveal all our secrets to a stranger. To be honest neither was I.” he told Psych before shooting a half glare to Kevla. Even though he didn't quite like the man or know him, he didn't want to get off on the wrong foot.

When Naoise apologized, he reached out to try to gently pet him once more. “I would but I think that Kevla has got it. As for you just try and rest. I want to make certain that you are okay.” he said softly but protectively.

Kevla contritely frowned but then nodded at Arutha's words and Naoise's subsequent apology. “I’m sorry about that Psych. So is Kit. I was the one that stirred the pot. I know how Kit is and yet I did it anyway. I thought that maybe somehow you might be able to help, even though it was quite risky.” she said.

Kieran had to stifle a giggle at the candy incident. Even though his mind was still a whirl. This was quite funny, especially the look on Psych’s face when it smacked into his head. Still he had to shrug at the apology. “No worries. It just goes to show that anytime that I’m with my cousins. It is never boring. I’m just still amazed that I can hear you. I've always had a certain knack with cats but for this...juat simply wow."
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“Hmmmmm” grunted Psych uncertainly as he flicked his gaze around the strange group he had stumbled into. He certainly didn’t think he would stumble into this kind of mess when he got out of bed this morning. Reaching his hand up he gave his face one more rub before sighing deeply. “Fine, it’s fine. Truth be told I have no one to blame but myself. I’m far too curious for my own good” he said before leaning over and picking up the offending candy bar.  With a wry smile he ripped the top of the wrapper off and bite into it with relish.

Naoise also sighed as he watched Psych pick up the candy bar and tear into it instead of getting up and stomping off as he had hoped he would. *Well I guess he isn’t going anywhere* he sent sardonically to Arutha, *and I am sorry for being such a drama diva* he continued as he fondly battered his head against Arutha petting hand. Ignoring the candy munching Psych for the moment he focused his attention on Kieran.

*So, Kieran* He sent out on a psychic thread that all three could hear. *Can you give us any answers about your family history that could explain yours and your cousin’s abilities? *
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Kevla had to smile at the ease of Psych's reaction. For all this strangeness that she had helped to heap on him, he acted more interested than put off. It was something that she was grateful for. For maybe they finally had another ally in this bizarre city and world they had now found themselves in. "True but it is stuff like this that makes life interesting as well as worth living." she said before chuckling at how heartedly he started to eat the candy bar.

Arutha shrugged a bit at Naoise's words. "It would seem so, but maybe this could be a blessing in disguise. For he might know someone who could help us." he gently pointed out as his fingers continued to pet him. He understood the danger of trusting a stranger especially in this city, but maybe this would work. What could he say? He was an optimist about this but he wasnt sure as to the why exactly. "As for being a drama queen, it's okay.  It's not your fault. You were taken by surprise by Kevla's big mouth. I'm just glad that you're better now."  he said sincerely before focusing his attention on his cousin at Naoise's question.

At the question Kevla turned her head to look at Kieran as well.

Kieran lifted his eyebrows as he suddenly had the attention of the majority of the table. "Well, I don't have much. When first presented with my listening ability and these two their ability to move things, I dug into what I could for our history. What I was able to dig up was that five generations ago a female ancestor of ours had an affair, but there was no information as to the who. Though it wasn't a normal one. There was an article that I found detailing her disappearing as a young girl and then reappearing 3 years later with a child in tow, looking  like hardly any time had past. There isn't much more than that. For there was a fire. So a lot of the records were missing."
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Psych smiled cheekily at Kevla “Interesting? Ha, things like this can get you killed, or hunted” he said with a teasing wink, although he said it jestingly he knew from harsh experience just how true his words were. As the group grew quiet then started talking almost disjointedly between themselves he sat back and followed the interesting conversation with his eyes, guessing the cat was asking questions he couldn’t hear.  At the mention of the siblings and Kieran’s abilities his jaw dropped slightly which he promptly shut with a snap.

“Ummm?” he said as he raised his hand with a little wave, his forefingers and thumbs sticking up and the last two fingers closed and curled downwards. “You guys have abilities too? And what do you mean listening ability?”
Felling a little unsettled for the first time since joining the interesting group his tail and wings twitched causing his glamour to shift slightly before settling tightly around him again.

Naoise was busy listening to Kieran when he caught the slight mystical ripple around Psyche out of the corner of his eyes. Turning his head and his full attention towards the irritating human he narrowed his eyes and really looked at him, magically as well as physically. 
At seeing Psych for the creature he was he yowled in surprise before arching his back and hissing loudly at him
*Beware! * he sent to the group *He is a pretender, He is not even human *
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Kevla inevitably shrugged a bit at that. Psych had a definitely good point and they had paid the price in the form of Arutha's fiance, Micah. Or this is what she had suspected, but she wouldn’t say it. For Arutha needed the closer that would come with finding out what happened to him. “That is sadly true enough she said softly.

Kieran flushed a bit embrassedly at Psych's question. He had thought that the man was aware of what they were. He didn’t know why he had thought so. For they just met the man, but there was just something about him that made you want to try to trust. “Yes we do.” He admitted. “My gift is an affinity for cats and snakes. In essence I can hear their thoughts.” he began to explain before looking at his cousins in askance. Though just as he did he saw the strangest of flickers in the man's appearance.

“Yes we do.” Kevla started to confirm then the alarm filled yowl filled her mind.

Jumping in surprise at the sudden hiss, Arutha's eyes went wide and he frowned deeply as the need to protect his family rose in his veins. There was no question that Naoise was apart of it now  As a result, the table started to rattle a little. “What are you?” he demanded, looking quite ready to rumble.
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Psych stiffened in his seat and tried not to let his breath escape in a soft sigh as he felt everyone’s eyes turn on him, their sudden suspicion beat against his psyche like a dove’s wing made of steel, sharp, scratching and unforgiving.

“Umm” he said as he watched the table start to rattle and move. “Will a dashingly good looking, cute, nonthreatening, world wise, brilliant, dreamy eyed male, suffice as an answer?” he asked sheepishly, his lips twitching as he tries to suppress his natural tendency to ease or escalate tense situations with humour and witticisms. Arutha’s question was a serious one, to reveal oneself was an act of trust, especially in this city where ignorance was a sort of safety blanket…. well the ignorant were also fodder but still. Knowledge was power in this city and currency more oft than not.

He flicked his gaze around the group and released his pent-up sigh. They had told him some of their secrets, fair was fair and he kind of liked this motley group he had stumbled into, maybe, just maybe they could become friends. Time will tell he though as he looked around the room assessing their privacy and once he was assured they were alone he let his elemental weaving drop around him, his long white hair lifted and floated around him as if in a gentle breeze as he revealed his black and purple bat-like wings with a soft flap and ripple. His long-pointed tail curving up over his arm and down the back of the chair like a serpent.

With a saucy wink he wrapped himself in illusion once again making himself look like an ordinary, good looking 26-year-old. With a small smile playing over his lips he folds his hands under his chin as he looks at everyone from the top of the back of the chair with a raised brow.

“ Ta Da”
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At Psych’s sheepish question, the table rattled a little further threateningly. Arutha would get his answers no matter what. Or so he thought. He wasn’t about to let anything happen to any of his family for trusting someone they shouldn't.. There was no question about Naoise being part of that.

Kevla's jaw dropped as Psych's disguise dropped for just an instant. She had heard of other creatures in the city, but nothing quite like him. “Oh wow.” she breathed as she took him in. For whatever he has, there was no denying the beauty that she saw there, but the problem was more times than not in this city beauty wore a cruel face. Still to his benefit, he showed them when asked, a level of trust seldom seen in people only known this long.

Kieran’s jaw was right on the floor with Kevla's when Psych finally revealed himself. “Holy shit.” he said just before the illusion that had been on Psych before resumed.

Arutha's eyes widened at the same sight the others saw and stepped once more in front of them to try and protect them. “I’ll ask again. What are you?” he asked once more. There was certainly protectiveness in his voice but also there was a sort of curiosity. It was the curiosity that came with being faced with something new.

“Easy guys. I know that this is a bit of a shock but he hasn’t hurt us and I don’t think that he will.” Kevla tried to say calmingly before focusing back on Psych. “You won’t right?” she asked softly. "I know that it sounds silly based on what we've already told you but I have to ask." she said softly.
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Naoise narrowed his emerald coloured eyes as Psych dropped his magical defenses and “revealed” himself to the group. The creature did it with aplomb and a look of ease yet Naoise suspected how hard it must have been for him, in truth Naoise almost admired the annoying bat-winged brat. In every situation Psych had taken things calmly and treated everyone with respect. In fact if anyone had acted brat like it had been himself. He watched as everyone around him turned their gaze towards Psych and decided instead of reacting maybe he should act like the nearly 1000-year-old creature he was, and so studied Psych with his own metaphysical skills and ascertain for himself if Psych had any nefarious intentions towards them. After a mere moment he relaxed and sent a psychic message to those that could hear him.

* He is fine, he means us no harm, although I suspect he could bedevil the devil himself. Dagda safe us* he finished with a resigned sigh.

Psych raised his brow again as Arutha stepped protectively to the forefront of everyone as if he were a danger or a monster come to ravage the innocent village folk. The thought made him smile slightly as it invoked an old memory of when he was about 90 years old. He hadn’t long been summoned to this plane and as such had not learned to weave the shadows. He was traveling with his mistress at the time and they had stopped for a few days at a small village for rest and provisions. The last night of their stay was a full moon and so he skipped out on his mistress and went skinny dipping in the river. Naturally he was spotted, and the villages thought he was a witches’ familiar summoned straight out of hell. How right and wrong they were. Mass fear and hysteria had ensued and the massacre of all those innocent girls that followed in its wake still rankled and as such he had never returned to Salem to this day,

Sighing sadly, he turned his face, so his cheek was laying on his hands and with a smile filled with regret and sorrow he looked at Arutha with his storm coloured eyes.

“I am an imp” he said simply and quietly before looking at Kevla. He really liked this one, her fire and spirit blazed bright and underneath he felt was a person who wanted to laugh and have fun and he really thought Shiobhan could help them. It sounded from what he could gather from their conversation like what they needed was a knowledgeable practitioner of the arcane, a reliable one, one that could be trusted. Still Shiobhan liked strangers as much as this group seemed to and trusted them maybe even less…and with reason.

Still he suspected what was to come and so readied his legs to stand up so when they asked him to leave, he could simply move and walk out.
He smiled at her albeit with sadness. “No, I mean you no harm

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Arutha felt like he was mere moments from fighting when Naoise had uttered his warning. Now when faced with something all together new, he felt unsure of his earlier determination, but he still wanted to protect them. Psych's revelation had been more than a shock and yet now looking at the man he didn’t get the feeling of a threat. To be honest, he found himself agreeing with Naoise as he heard him. He had a feeling that if he truly was they wouldn’t be there talking like this.

When his sister intervened on Psych’s behalf, it sealed the deal. So he bit his lower lip. “It would seem like I owe you an apology, Psych.” he said a bit awkwardly. “Its just this city. It puts you on guard, you know?” he asked, glancing down at his hands for a second before looking up at Psych again. As he did, he tried to lightly pet Naoise’s back. It was a comforting gesture for him as well as his feline friend.

Kieran unlike his cousins was less wary but more curious as all hell. “An imp as in from hell?” he asked, leaning forwards excitedly. He wanted to know more and to be honest this was the most fun that he had had in days. And besides this would give him just that much more to write about even if no one would believe him.

Kevla smiled and nodded, the tension draining out of her as Arutha calmed down. She didn’t like to fight and somehow she felt like he could somehow help them. Though when Psych rose to his feet, she shook her head slightly. “Thank for easing everyone's fears, but you don’t have to go.” She said gently.
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Naoise stretched and arched his back, pressing his fur into Arutha’s hand as he petted him, a low purr of contentment rumbled gently from his mouth as he butted his head against his hand, forgetting Psych for just a moment he turned his head and rubbed his check tenderly against his stroking palm as flashbacks of the dream entered his mind, images of kissing his way down Arutha’s body, of the feel of him pressed naked against him, as memories of the dreamscape flashed through his mind his purr become louder and louder.

So lost in the memory was he that for an instant he lost control on the psychic link, letting loose flashes of what he was remembering.

Psych stopped short from taking that first step away from the table and turning his head slightly he looks at Kevla, his eyes searching her hunter green ones “If you are sure.” he says softly in response to her invitation to stay, before smiling slightly and retaking his seat.

Acceptance of himself was not something he was exactly use to. Sure, people tended to smile and be polite but ultimately there was usually a catch in his experience. Still Shiobhan had helped to be less jaded, there were good people in the world, maybe, just maybe this could be an extraordinary day and he had found a group of them.

Still smiling slightly at Kevla he turns and looks at Kieran

“An Imp yes but not from hell” he said with a slight bite to his words. Bloody demons, how he hated being associated with those brainless cretins “We reside on a totally different plane of existence from your local hellish residents. Imps are fae not demonic” he finished for clarification.
He was about to open his mouth and say more when a flash of a naked Arutha and a black haired, equally naked man entered his mind.
“What the?” he said softly as he blinked in shock, unsure as to why he was suddenly having fantasies of Arutha and an unknown guy.

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A soft smile spread itself across Arutha's face as Naoise stretched and pressed his soft feline body against his hand. He could never get enough of this simple feeling. The silken fur beneath his fingertips reminded him of how he thought his companion's raven hair might feel like. His own mind drifted to when he first saw the gorgeousness  that was Naoise's human form. Damn…now that was a breathtaking sight he thought as Naoise's purrs both comforted and enchanted. As a result his own fingers traced their way back to his face, taking care to search beneath the chin.

As the other's mind drifted, so did his own. And for second, he thought he thought that the fantasy was his own.

Kevla couldn't help but smile more as Psych resumed his seat and nodded again. “Yes, I’m sure.” She said sincerely. “Also it's not as if you meet an imp everyday, let alone our silly group.” she said a bit playfully. Now that their immediate concerns had been seemingly dealt with, they could truly get the answers they were looking for. Also she could get to maybe know their new found friend.

Kieran's eyes widened at the slight bit to Psych's words. “I’m sorry to I offend. I am a writer by nature and I love to research new things “ he said apologetically. He hadn’t meant to come across the way that he had, but sometimes he was just a little to curious for his own good. “Wow…a fae.” he started to say just as the strangest images popped in his head. “What…the fuck.” he said, glancing at the others in askance.

As the images popped in her own mind, Kevla shook her head as she tried to figure out what was going on. “Oh…oh….” she started to say, looking at the others before settling on Naoise. Something in her gut said that this had to do with him.“Kit….is this you?” she asked a bit awkwardly.
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.“Kit….is this you?”Kevla’s question reverberated throughout Naoise’s trek down erotica lane as Arutha’s skilled fingers stroked and teased the sensitive skin beneath his chin. Confused and feeling trapped between two places he peered at the room through a sliver of sight as he cracked an eye open, a flash of emerald the only sign he was even paying the room and the people in it any attention.

As the room slowly came into focus and the memories of his and Arutha’s dream-scape slowly faded, he became embarrassingly aware that his psychic link was also open. Overcome with self-anger and embarrassment he slips into his native Gaelic and hisses at himself yet broadcasts around the room

“Is mhallacht é mo shaol agus na déithe gortaithe dom i gcónaí.”

Taking a deep breath he stills and steadies himself and yet where once he would have pulled away and into himself when he found himself in uncomfortable or dangerous situations he found himself leaning harder against Arutha’s hand

Unsure as to apologize or just ignore the situation he decides to try for a little of both

*Ummm yes well...* he sent to everyone, his mental voice suddenly thick with an Irish brogue as it tends to get when he is unsettled. *Shall we just get on with the matter at hand?* he finished looking down at his paws.

Psych sat back with sudden amusement as he realized by Kieran and Kevla’s reaction that wasn’t the only having sudden images of naked men flashing through his mind. At kevla’s question he turns and looks at the miniature panther like house cat purring madly beneath Arutha’s attentive hand and grins broadly.

“Not that I don’t mind a little hot love scene now and then, I think that was slightly oversharing” he said jokingly before his eyes opened in sudden realization. “Wait that was you and Arutha? When….” He asked Kit before he tilted his head slightly and looked at them both. “I thought you were cursed, when then were you human? Is this curse thing like recent or something? “ he asked suddenly all focused once more on the metaphysical rather than the ( to him anyway) insignificant romantic physical he just had a glimpse of.

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Kevla's words filtered through Arutha's mind and he found himself glancing at the others, seeing their reactions. His face reddened with embarrassment as he looked back at Naoise. “I thought that was my own… fantasy, Kit.” he admitted with a small shy smile. It was flattering to see just a little of what his companion wanted to do to him and at the same time it made him wonder just how it would be in real life once the collar was gone.

“But that was the other part of the dream…wasn’t it?” he guessed softly, fingers moving back up atop Naoise's head.

Kieran's eyes widened at that and he flushed a bit. If there was one thing he hadn’t expected to see today was one of his cousin's going at it with an extremely hot guy. “Damn…I think that might be for the best.” he agreed with Naoise's attempt to move on from the embarrassment.

Kevla swallowed and nodded. “I would definitely concur with that. I think that we've all seen just a little too much today.” she said looking back at Psych. Yup, she definitely wanted to get that sight of her head, no matter how pretty it was. There was something's that one just didn’t need to know about one's own sibling.

Arutha blushed a little brighter at the others extra attention and shook his head at Psych's question. “No, from what little I have been able to gather it's been a lot longer than that since the curse was enacted.” he answered softly. “As for what you saw, I think it…might be part of the shared dream we had last night.”
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At Arutha’s words Naoise lifted his head and looked at him, his emerald eyes filled with a wry mirth. * it was after you “left” Mo grá, it was to give me hope I think, to remind me that I am more then just this form, more then what this curse would make me into. The dream became ... extremely interesting* he sent to Arutha privately before turning to look at the group as Arutha addressed them.

*I ... I cannot help with this discussion Arutha* he sent with a sad sigh *If you all want to go down that track you will have to talk as if I am not here*

“Well it certainly seems like you two had a very interesting dream” Psych said with a cheeky grin “but I think I can talk for the rest of us when I saw there are some things that you should keep to yourself if you don’t want to scar everyone around you” he finished with a small chuckle. He then turned and looked at Kieran.

“Before we continue please allow me to apologize” he said with a smile. “I didn’t mean to snap when you asked me if I came from Hell, it’s just that we Imps are often mistaken as demons and or called demons. It... it is a sore point with us” he said with an apologetic shrug, “but I am happy to answer whatever questions you wish” he offered with a friendly smile.

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Arutha lifted his eyebrows as he met Naoise's emerald orbs. There was surprise, temptation and a deep yearning for what he had just glimpsed, but not just for the reasons why one would think. Sex with him once freed would be incredible, but as he looked back at him he wanted more. He wanted to love and be loved in return. So he focused to try to keep his initial response private between them. *I can tell that it was and it makes me wonder how it would be like just…us. Dream or not.*he admitted with a light blush.

He then nodded a little, remembering all too keenly how the collar had punished Naoise when he had barely even mentioned it. *If you hear anything that you can say something about, please speak up, Kit. And in the mean time I’ll just keep on petting you.*
Arutha couldn’t help but blush a little further at Psych's cheeky words and nodded as his fingers continued their gentle path over Naoise's coat. “That's true enough but that is also why we are here now looking for answers.” He said softly.

Kieran’s eyes widened with surprise at the apology. To be honest, he hadn’t been expecting that, but it made it smile nonetheless. “It's okay. To be honest sometimes I am a little too curious for my own good. So I apologize for being a little too nosy.” he said warmly. ‘Though as for questions, I could ask you a million, but first where is fae or faerie? “ he curiously asked.

As for Kevla, she couldn’t help but amusedly smile at the others interactions. “Before we get off track, don’t forget guys we are here to do some research.” She gently reminded.
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*Petting is a marvelous idea* Naoise sent privetly back to Arutha and butted his head against his hand. *I too yearn for the day I can be myself fully, and not just because I want to be free of my cursed jewelry. I want to be able to live a full life with you. * he said simply

Psych smiled widely at Kevla, his storm-tossed eyes alight with bemused amusement. “What exactly are you guys trying to find here?” he asked as he gestured at the surrounding books before looking at Kieran and grinning again. “ Faery is everywhere, it is the closest dimension to this plane and therefore your world has a large effect upon it. Faery is made up of many different planes and dimensions, the sidhe live the closest to yours which is why there are so many ways to enter their realm and for them to enter yours. Mine is further away so consequently it is a lot harder for my kind to enter here and almost impossible not to mention extremely deadly for you to enter ours.” Due to kevla’s words he refrained from mentioning the only way his kind were able to enter this plane was to be summoned and ergo become indentured to the summoner if they wished or were made to stay.
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Arutha couldn't help but smile at that and slide his hand behind Naoise's ears to gently scratch before moving to his cheek. *Then I shall keep on doing it until your heart is content.*he said with a small wink on their private channel. He couldn't help but feel his own lift with joy as he then listened to Naoise's sweetly honest words. For they made him feel so warm inside. *We will get there, Kit. We just have to wait a little while longer, but in the mean time we can get to know each other better.* he promised.

"Well answers as to why we are how we are. Also any answers as to why Arutha and Kit had their dream that they had." Kevla honestly replied, lifting an eyebrow at her twin and Kit's sudden silence. "I know that it is a long shot, but we thought that anything could help. Finding Kieran here, did help, but it is only scratching the surface." she added.

Kieran nodded slightly at his cousin's words. His eyes widened with curiousity as he listened to Psych's explanation of Faery. "That makes sense given all that I've read about legends. Also it does chime with the multiple world theory." he said, shrugging slightly at Kevla's attempt to redirect the conversation back to why they were there in the first place. "Still how did you get here? Is it something about this city?" he asked, "I'm sorry I'm such a nerd for mysteries."
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*Yes I would like that too Arutha* Naoise sent back as a feeling of contentment settled over him. He looked up at the man petting him and felt something he hadn’t felt in a very, very long time, hope.

Psych smiled as Kieran continued to fire questions at him but he was also aware that Kevla at least wanted to get back to her original task so he answered as best he could without getting into too many details.
“ I like was summoned here by a spell, it is how most of my kind get to come to this plane and yes I believe the woman who summoned me decided to settle here because of the area if not the city itself.” With a smile because he could already tell Kieran was just going to fire more questions at him, so he raised his hand indicating to wait and to stop. “The woman who summoned me died a few centuries ago, I have been here ever since.” He finished before turning to look at Kevla.” I suggest you look into your family history rather then the library to help point you into the direction of why you have more than basic human abilities, maybe find out where this ancestor disappeared and reappeared. It might help give a clue as too who or what was in the area at the time. As for the dream…” he turned and looked at the man and cat who seemed lost in themselves at the moment, his eyes appraising and questioning. “I think they know the why, don’t you?”
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Kieran raptly listened to Psych's answer. His fingers itched to take alot of notes, but he himself back for the sake of politeness.

Kevla glanced over at her brother and Kit at Psych's comment. Seeing them interact made her wistful and sort of oddly sad. Still there was no denying what laid between them, cursed collar or not. "Point taken on both points, Psych." she said softly. Damn he was right on both points. Though for as annoying as that was she found herself enjoying his company as strange as he was. Still it wasn't like she was one to talk.

"We'll check out those angles probably after we leave here. Still this trip isn't a total loss. I mean we met you and we ran into Kieran. So I guess we can shift our focus a bit back to Kit's curse. I mean there's all sorts of things we might learn here about that sort of thing." she said with a small smile.

Arutha paused in his petting as he felt the other's eyes on them and he reddened lightly. He hadn't meant to get so carried away with Naoise but looking back into the emerald eyes it was honestly hard not to. "Hey Kit I think we have a bit of an audience." he said gently before looking back at the others, "Sorry guys."
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Psych watched Kevla’s lips move as she spoke and couldn’t help smiling as he continued to admire her. As Arutha spoke he blinked a few times and acting as if he hadn’t just started day dreaming about the man’s sister, he got down to the business at hand.

“What do you know about this curse?” he asked before looking at Naoise “Well it’s your curse what can you tell us? Who did it, is it a spell or an item or both?” he shot out rapidly before continuing “A curse usually ends with the caster, so you know, why not just…” and pantomimed someone having their throat cut.

As Psych spoke and started asking his questions at both Arutha and himself, Naoise quickly blanked his mind and filled it with white noise, effectively cutting himself off from the conversation at hand in the hopes of not waking and activating the collars predictive reaction to the current happenings going on around him.
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Kevla blinked a bit as she finally noticed Psych's extra attention. Did she have something on her face? She couldn't help but wonder with a bit of embrassment. She inwardly shook her head as a thought dawned on her and her face reddened.

At the mention of the curse again, Kieran leaned forward, excited to hear what was next in this mystery that he found himself in.

Arutha restarted up his lightly petting as he listened to Psych's questions. He glanced at Kit and bit his lower lip. He had to be careful how he answered him. For he too easily remembered how vindictive how the collar could be. "I'm sorry but he can't talk about it. It's an aspect of the curse itself." he began to explain. "You see it lies within his collar itself and it is in a way sentient. It will respond angrily to any active attempt to remove it." he wanted to say more, but wasn't certain how much the collar would allow. So he grabbed a piece of paper and wrote on it before pushing it over to Psych.

It read, 'Kit isn't even his real name. When we first met, both my sister and called him Kitty. As for the collar it is capable of electrocuting him quite violently if it thinks that he is trying to get around it. From what little I can gather if I somehow find out what his true name is, I can take it off of him.'
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His fingers tapped the back of the chair as he listened to Arutha, his eyes opening wide a little in surprise. The type of curse afflicting the cat-guy was more intricate and complex then had assumed. He picked up the piece of paper Arutha slid towards him and after he read it he turned and looked at the cat with shocked soft horror.

“That … this. How truly twisted an evil” he said for he could relate to the horror of being bound and entrapped. He had been lucky for the woman that had summoned him had been a kind and caring mistress, but he knew so many who had that type of power over others tended not to be.

“So does the curse also force him into this animal form and if so why that of a cat. Mayhaps the form of the beast is a clue to the curse?’ If it was then maybe the curse was related to one of the many cat deities or feline related creatures, he thought to himself. The Sidhe he knew could be very creative and vindictive with their curses

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Arutha slowly nodded at Psych's words. "That it is. I suspect that the collar is more than just a cursed object. It's too smart not to be." he said solemnly, remembering all too clearly how much it had tortured Naoise for the hell of it. He couldn't let it happen again. His fingers paused as he thought before moving over the soft fur of his head.

"The choice of cat is due to him some variation of feline shifter." he started to say before once again writing on another piece of paper. He had to otherwise the collar might perceive it as Naoise undermining it and causing him more pain. He then pushed the paper back to Psych to read. It said 'There have been other clues. He swears by referring to Daghda's beard or balls. I know it's strange but telling. He is approximately 900 years old give or take. He was apart of a druid family. Also he speaks another language that sounds like it should be apart of it.'

Kevla watched this interplay and opened up small box of crackers as she watched. She went to try to offer Naoise one and then the others. "Would you like one?" she softly asked.

Oh God what he wouldn't give to read those papers. Kieran thought as he watched them. His cell phone went off and he swore. "I'm sorry guys. I've got to take this." he said before he went to get up.
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Naoise kept his mind as blank and neutral as possible yet he wasn’t completely unaware of what was happening around the table, as Arutha’s gentle fingers helped to keep him grounded to the here and now and comforted him all at once, so when Kevla kindly offered him a cracker he stuck his head in the box and dragged a large mouthful of them out. *Thank you beag deirfiúr* he sent distractedly to Kevla as he slowly munched on the small pile of cracker in front of him and continued to lose himself to the enthralling feel of Arutha’s attentive fingers.

Psych listened thoughtfully  to Arutha and once again went to take the offered piece of paper but was momentarily distracted as Kevla stretched across the table to offer the cat a box of crackers, her outfit was simple but it highlighted her feminine body in all the right places as she stretched across and moved and he couldn’t help but think what she would look like if her hair was down and allowed to fall around her free and untamed.

Kierans ringing phone brought him back to the here and now and he quickly snatched up the sheet of paper and read it, a blush blooming across his check. “Err no probs man, but hurry back, I’d like to know what you and Kevla think on all of this” he addressed him as he waved the papers back and forth in his direction.

“but going by these clues your cat is most likely an ancient Irish druid or has ties to them and probably descended from; if not one of the last of a ancient tribe of shifters, if he really is as old as you say that is”.

At Psychs words, Naoise stilled and lifts his head. His eyes are bright and filled with shock and intense interest as he looks at the creature across from him
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Arutha's fingers continued to gently trace their way over Naoise's head and swept over his back before repeating the motion. As the action grounded his companion, it comforted as well linked them together. It was this feeling of solidarity that spurred him on. He couldn't wait until the day when he could touch his face for real.

Kevla had to snort at the look on Naoise's face as he carefully accepted his own large mouthful of the crackers she'd brought. As she did, she again noticed Psych's eyes on her, appraising and dare she say think it enjoying. She flushed lightly. "You're welcome, Kit." she said a bit distractedly, lifting her eyes thoughtfully to look back at the man. Hmm...he was just her type, no matter what race he was. She had to wonder just how mad Arutha would be if she asked Psych out for coffee.

Kieran quickly nodded at Psych's words before he dashed off to take the call. This was the annoying part about being on call for his magazine. Still he was excited to come back no matter what his magazine said.

Arutha's eyes widened as he listened to Psych's response. "I kind of already guessed the part of him being druid. I mean it fits for the time period as well as for Kit's magicalness." he started to say before glancing down at Naoise amazedly. "Though I never would have guessed that he could be the last of a shifter line. Wow." he breathed.
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Feeling Kevla’s  eyes on him he raised his eyes and caught her gaze with his own, they were warm and filled with appreciative admiration as a playful smile danced across his lips.

At Arutha’s words he turned his attention back to the matter at hand. “ I only say that because these days due to nearly a millennium of prosecution and hunting drifters are mainly one offs and loners, and who follows their genealogy these days?. It was different back then. That’s what my mistress told me anyway.” He hesitated as a sudden thought popped into his head. “Although …there are a …few…shifters who can trace their family line back to ancient times… that may still …live…around here.” He trailed off, a worried look in his eyes. Shae Nicfahgen, an immortal shifter who dabbled in the dark arts. Shit, he hadn’t thought of her in centuries. She used to be a friend of his mistress but once she died and he had his freedom he had made sure to never cross her path again, that woman scared the shit out of him. She was a woman with few moral boundaries and vindictively ruthless when crossed. However, she claimed her family line was ancient and, he flicked his worried eyes around the group, assessing them. She would find this motley crew fascinating.

“No.” he said with a shake of his head. “That might not be a good idea, best we stick with the books” he sighed with brief sharp smile before sitting back in his chair.

Naoise continued to purr softly as Aruthas fingers petted and played with his fur. What would it feel like to have those same fingers play along his skin? to feel those arms wrapped around his body? To cuddle up to and walk beside this kind and gentle man? To laugh, to cry to love with him?

As Psych kept talking however his attention became more and more focused upon him. His words invoked memories of his earliest years with his family before Alexander but even back then he couldn’t help but remember that he and his people were becoming more secular and separate from everyday society. They lived on the outskirts of towns and more oft then not in distant rural areas and the wilderness itself. People still treated them with acceptance, reverence and a little awe but there was also a touch of fear and distrust. After the black plague hit the madness of Christianity swept across Europe with a fervor more virulent and deadlier then the plague. His people and anyone who was thought of as different died in the thousands, the witch hunts, the purges, the decimation of culture and knowledge. Black Age indeed.

But as Psych shook his head and suggested that they potentially look elsewhere then the people he knew he took a step forward in denial. *Arutha!* he sent sharply to the man petting him.

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As her eyes met Psych's own, Kevla couldn't help but blush some more at the naked appreciation of her form that she saw there. that cinched it. She had to ask him out even it was just for coffee. She was curious and more than a just a little bit intrigued by what she saw there in those grey eyes.

All thoughts of a possible date got temporarily pushed to the background as Psych kept on talking about possible remnant shifters that might be in the city. It was an interesting possibility. And it was one that could bring more hope for her twin and Naoise. For if they could find more information about these other shifters, then they could free Naoise sooner and give her brother the happily ever after he deserved. So she had to lift a curious eyebrow at the worry that slid into Psych's eyes as he shot down that idea. "Dare I ask why not? From the look on your face Psych it's like someone is going to jump out and go oogy boogy." she asked softly, jumping slightly as she saw Naoise step forwards all of the sudden.

Arutha loved the sound of Naoise's purrs as well as the feel of his soft fur beneath his fingers. Though for as much as he loved them, he knew that touching Naoise's human form would be just that much better. His mind flashed back to the beauty that he had seen in the mirror and the swathes of smooth skin.

Though before he could dwell on that aspect for long, his mind shifted focus to the possibility of other shifters being in the city as Psych spoke. He then jumped as well at Naoise's sharp call of his name. "Whoa...I get it, Kit." he said gently before looking back at Psych and the others,"Kit says no. He thinks that the people you know are the best option instead of the books."
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Psych sat back and rubbed his hands over his face as everyone looked at him

“It’s complicated” he said around his hands before lowering them and looking at everyone. “ I haven’t seen or spoken to this person in a …long…time” Like nearly two centuries he thought to himself. “and well they are old and powerful and not exactly law abiding or society minded.”

He looked around the table again and sighed “And truth be told they will most likely find you all absolutely fascinating, which means you could all end up in a specimen jar or locked in her treasury”

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Both of Kevla's eyebrows lifted as she listened to Psych. From the tone of his voice, she guessed that the word complicated didn't entirely sum up his relationship with said person. "Okay, shall we say scary beyond all reason. Just how you put that gave me the heebie jeebies, Psych." she said honestly.

As for Arutha, he stilled as he listened, his eyes widened and he glanced down at Naoise in askance. At first it sounded like a great idea heading down that path, but now it sounded a hell of alot more frightening. "Is there anyone else that you know that could help without possibly dissecting us or worse?" he asked softly.
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Psych sat back with relief. He really didn’t want to hunt down Shae and yet he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt, yes, he didn’t like her and yes, she scared him but she wasn’t exactly twisted or evil just, single minded, persistent, privileged, powerful and liked to collect power. No was not a word she understood or cared about. She also loved the idea of having an imp to serve her.
“Ummm, well yes and no. I have a friend who I think could possibly help but…she is so far in denial about the world around her that she cripples and blinds herself with it.So can she help right now? Probably not but eventually maybe,” he offered hopefully

Naoise sighed with the taste of bitter defeat on his tongue. Every time he found a ray of hope it shattered. Of course this shifter had to be dangerous and by the sound of it cruel and twisted as well. He couldn’t risk Arutha and Kevla, their powers though interesting were not strong enough yet to be able to protect them but still this was the best lead he had in centuries.

*You are right, this person sound too dangerous for us all to meet. However, I could meet them on my own?* he sent to the group at large *Could you ask Psych if it is possible?* as much as he hated the idea of leaving Arutha he felt the danger was more to them then to him. It’s not like this shifter could kill him or even hold him long if they tried to take him prisoner.

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After the previous person was mentioned, Kevla wasn't certain what else could come out of Psych's mouth at her brother's question. Still when he finally answered she was felt herself grow more baffled than anything else. "Okaay." she said slowly, tilting her head slightly as she looked back at Psych. "Do we know when that might be? I apologize to sound so impatient but it sort of sounds like we are going around in circles here." she said thoughtfully. "May one of us visit her to maybe gently give her the kick in the pants she needs to snap out of it?" she offered as well as asked at the same time.

Her jaw then dropped as she heard Naoise's idea. She hadn't expect this. Still it was a risky move. It was one that if it worked could pay off in the end, but at the same time could end so tragically.

A small frown crossed Arutha's features as he listened to Naoise's idea. He didn't like the idea even in the slightest, but it was the only one that seemed half way plausible to at least more information to free Naoise. So he reluctantly nodded, petting fingers slowing slightly as he gazed back at the other's furry face. *I don't like at all Kit, but for your freedom and a chance to explore this bond between us I'll do anything.* he admitted privately before turning to Psych to ask. "Kit just asked if there was a way for him to meet with your shifter acquaintance alone." he said softly.
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At Arutha’s request Psych sighed and hung his head in defeat. Guess he was going to have to track her down after all. “I will see if I can find her and we can go from there I suppose. As for Shiobhán … Actually Kevla that might not be a bad idea. I could go find Shae and you three or four” he said as he looked in Kierans direction “could go meet her. She just brought a café in the cities west end. It used to be called the Painted Bean but she has renovated it and now its called Sanctuary Café. Apparently I have a job there too” he offered with a small shrug of his shoulder

Naoise felt a thrill of anticipation at Psychs words and the fact he didn’t have to go and leave Arutha and Kevla as they meet this café owner was a blessing *Arutha can you ask him why he thinks this Shiobhan can help us?*

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Arutha slowly nodded at Psych's initial answer about meeting his shifter acquaintance. Psych's expression of dread didn't make him feel any better about the idea in the slightest. Still it wasn't like they had many choices give the circumstances. "Thank you, Psych. Just try your best." he said softly. So he was exceptionally grateful when Kevla came up with this alternate idea.

Kevla's eyes widened at that. She hadn't expected her suggestion to go this far but still the idea seemed to be the best one they had. "That sounds like a plan to me, but what time is it best to pester her? I know that our arrival and request is likely to annoy. So I'd like to get off on a good foot if we can." she asked thoughtfully, tilting her head further at the mention his job,"Just out of curiosity, what do you do there, Psych?"

Arutha nodded once again at Naoise's request, fingers still against his fur. "Kit would like to know why you think Shiobhan can help us? Or more or less how?" he softly requested. This is something that he was curious about himself.

Kieran finally finished his call and returned to the table. "I'm sorry about that. When my publisher calls I kinda have to answer." he softly apologized. "So what did I miss?" he asked curiously.
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At Arutha’s question Psych raised his hands and rubbed his face as guilt racked his conscience, Shiobhán was practically his only friend and it had taken her a long time to confide in him, being a witch and having the power and abilities she possessed made her feel so removed from the normalcy she perceived the world to be that she refused to see how truly magical and extraordinary everything truly was. Her disbelief and denial were also the reason he hadn’t revealed what he truly was to her, a fact that seriously bothered him, but he felt she just wasn’t ready to face the truth yet, which was why taking these people to her was a break in trust but he had no choice, not really, they needed help and Shae was a wild card, a tempest, at least with Shiobhán the potential body count should be low although sending this group to her could very well destroy the friendship between them,

He lowered his hands and sighed. “Shiobhán can help you because she is a witch.” He said as he raised his eyes and looked at the group. “She leaks power like a sieve leaks water, she practically radiates with it, yet she is so tightly bound by her denial of the world around her she has blinded and crippled herself, I think” he offered with a shrug of his shoulder. “I don’t know how she can help you or if she even can but at the very least maybe she can sense what kind of mystic energy is used to maintain this curse or help with your abilities and your weird dreams. Maybe. I dunno.”

By the Darkness what was he doing? He was fucking up his life that’s what he was doing and for a bunch of strangers. Shaking his head slightly at his own stupidity he lifted his gaze and looked at Kevla

“I am a barista, I guess, not that I know anything about coffee. I think Shiobhán felt sorry for me and gave me the job. She is still looking for people though” he offered in response to her question “She opens tomorrow, and I start tomorrow night so…. maybe then? I can close the shop or something.” And pack my bags while I’m at it I suppose he thought to himself.

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Recognizing the guilt in the other's eyes, Kevla's heart went out to Psych. It was an odd thing but the fact was that Psych didn't have to do this for them. In fact so far he had gone out of his way to be honest with them and do his best to help. The guilt that she saw there had to be one based in the betrayal of a friend. There was no mistaking the look on those steel gray eyes or so she thought.

So in the end, she found herself reaching out to try and touch one of his hands. "Thank you." she said sincerely as she looked back at him. "I promise we'll be very gentle and try not to upset her too much when we meet her. Really thank you." she said warmly, her earlier bravado gone,"As for potentially helping out as another barista or period, I wouldn't mind it. It would give me something to do instead of getting into trouble, aka my usual mo. So I might try to apply there."

She wanted to say more but wasn't sure what their companions might say let alone Psych himself.

Arutha's eyes widened as he listened to Psych's words. "Wow, every time I thought that I heard the last of something new and weirdly fantastic in this city I am proven wrong." he said amazedly, glancing back down at Kit to see his reaction. "Thank you." he said brightly, rising an eyebrow at his sister's interesting behavior. Everyday he met a new race or heard of something he never thought possible. It was to be honest awesome even with knowing its dark side. Though before his thoughts drifted too far to dwell back on Micah, he focused more on the present and possibility of a great future.

When Kieran reappeared, he quickly gave him the lowdown on the situation.

Kieran's eyes echoed that of his cousin's as he took in the change of situation in the short time since he had been gone. "Holy shit would be putting things lightly." he said shockedly. "Still if I can be of any help, I will. The same goes for you, Psych. If you need anything. Please let me know." he said honestly. It meant alot for this stranger to have helped his cousins so far even with the potential dangers. And so he felt like he owed the man.
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Naoise’s back legs collapsed under him in shock, amazement and bewilderment. This guy, this imp had just possibly given him the keys to his freedom. Well at least put him on a path towards it anyway. A witch and a shifter with an ancient lineage. Maybe just maybe there was some real hope after all. *Arutha, if he is going to find this shifter do you want me to come with you to meet this witch?* he sent *Plus if I come there might be less chance of you guys getting trapped or hexed if I am there. I could warn you at least* Druidry wasn’t the same as witchcraft, nor was the working of sorcery but they all had similar methods and one can easily be worked and interwoven into the other. He would know if this witch meant them harm.

Psych took and accepted Kevlas hand within his own, one because he accepted her compassion and he needed a little support but mainly he took it simply because he wanted to hold her hand, to feel her skin against his. He lifted his face and smiled at her with traces of wicked and nefarious thoughts clearly seen in his storm-tossed eyes.

Tearing his eyes away from Kevla he turned and looked at Arutha “Your welcome” he said simple as he slowly stood up and with a slight squeeze of thanks he gently and very reluctantly let go of Kevla’s hand too. “ Well if I am going to go tell Shiobhan that she is about to get a job application and request tomorrow night, then I better go and try to catch her now and then I will see if I can find…that other person” He smiled wryly at the thought of hunting for Shae “ I shall hopefully see you all tomorrow night. Ummm I won’t tell Shiobhan the real reason your coming. I will leave it with you guys. I will be with you though and we can make it a group, supernatural creatures are real intervention, and a help request all at the same time” Grinning wickedly he starts walking towards the exit but stops and turns back to the group as he reaches the first rack of bookshelves.

“Can’t wait to see you again tomorrow night Kevla” he finished with a broad grin and wink before turning and sauntering off.
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Arutha's lips twitched with gentle amusement as Naoise's back legs fell beneath him, forcing him into a sit. It was cute on one hand and on another he felt exactly the same, happy excitement pulsed in his veins. For they were just that much closer to a future so tantalizingly close. "Yes please I think that would be best, Kit." he said softly. "You are our resident magic expert. My sister, cousin and I are all novices. Though getting you in there might take a little more creativity." he said thoughtfully.

Kevla's face went bright red as her eyes locked with Psych's own. For those stormy eyes held so many wonderfully bad ideas. Damn...if they hadn't already made their current plans, she was sorely tempted to take him up on some of them. Yes it was quick and yes she hardly knew him, but sometimes one had to take a chance and live life.

Arutha's and Kieran's jaws both dropped at the seductive interplay between Kevla and Psych. Where Kieran was shocked Arutha was more wary. Even though Psych was helping them now, Kevla was his sister. He had a certain brotherly privilege to care and protect her. Still he wasn't about to ruin things for Naoise or Kevla. So he'd keep a careful eye on him.

So instead he nodded at his next words and allowed a small smile to cross his features. "Thanks again. We'll see you tomorrow night." he said softly.

Kevla couldn't help but redden again at Psych's farewell. "See you then." she called back with a smile. that was one way to say goodbye.
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Naoise watched the imp leave with mixed feeling, the strange fae had helped them without asking for any money or compensation of any kind ye he still wasn’t sure if he liked him let alone trusted him. As psych stopped and called back to Kevla he was going to hiss and send a snarky comment but stopped at Kevlas response. Who was he to take offense or intervere really? How had he become so entangled with these twins’ lives, how had he allowed them to become so entangled in his. He lifted his head and gazed at Arutha, was it luck or fate that had led him to the little bistro where Arutha and Kevla were eating their lunch that day. It seemed like a lifetime ago and yet it had been what? Months? Weeks? A mere handful of days ago? He couldn’t image his life without them now and maybe, just maybe he would get to live a life with them.

*Arutha* he sent gently to the man beside him. *Let’s go home. This day has turned into an emotional rollercoaster* his mental voice was thick with wry amusement, *Have we even had a normal day since the moment we met? I am suddenly feeling exhausted, let’s go home Mo grá*