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Title: Academic Pursuits
Post by: Malkavian Riddler on January 21, 2019, 10:27:24 AM
Continued from Nighttime Markets (

Digital walked alongside Flick on a path the Gangrel likely knew, because it led to the woods. After running through the woods together for another energetic game of tag (and hide and seek behind thick tree-trunks or perched on branches), the Malkavian led his new friend to the concreted area carved into the woods itself. It still smelt of the many mortals who'd come by day to work on the large building, but their scent faded as the Meadowcrest breeze swept it away.

Over his shoulder he grinned broadly - proudly, even - at Flick, slightly behind him. He didn't miss the curious look in the other vampire's eyes. Nobody had really paid attention to this place - it was fairly new, and the underground construction had only just finished, but Digital had been waiting for his voices to tell him it was done. He'd wanted a tour of the place and now he didn't have to be alone in his exploration.

"This place is named after my friend," Digital declared grandly, walking Flick around the circular garden so they could both stare at the words 'Kerr Galvin Academy' on a bit of wood and brushed metal. He suppsed it was a fancy kind of modern sign, but it didn't feel big enough to him. Kerr had a heart of gold, so the sign should be made out of that, instead. "This isn't what I wanted to show you," Digital shook his head and jogged over to the metal plate bolted on the concrete of the foundation itself. "Under here. This is where the best kept secret it." He leapt at one of the bolts and started working it loose, intending to peel the metal cover up like a sardine can, so he and Flick could wriggle inside and enjoy the spoils of academic living.
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Flick did know the path, and along the way stopped to show Digital interesting stuff. There was  the oldest tree in the woods, the raccoon dens, and a few pot plants mortals were growing. He snickered at his secret places, happy to have someone to show them too. As they approached the exit of the woods, the beast frowned. He didn't like construction sights. They took away all the nature. Man's averse and greed knew no bounds. Digital seemed nice though and if he liked this place maybe it wasn't so bad.

He read the sign. "Who's Kerr," Flick asked, innocently. As they reached the underground Flick sniffed it, looking for signs of trouble. He didn't find any and raised his head to meet Digital's goggle eyes. "What's down here," he asked, keeping an eye peeled for other trespassers.
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Post by: Malkavian Riddler on January 24, 2019, 03:12:48 PM
Digital was pleased to share the news of Kerr's greatness. His voice dropped to a whisper and he moved his hands about mystically as he described the man that Flick didn't know.

"He is a vampire, like us, but so much more. He has carved up time and taken pieces of it for viewing in his many homes. He had an affair with Mother Earth herself, in the form of an angelic boy with sharp teeth. He defeated a dragon slayer with fragments of reflections. He has moved into a different universe and returned from it, unscathed. He has negotiated peace with ancient demons. He is the King of Forgiveness and overseer of lost boys." Digital nodded and blinked, watching as Flick processed all of this. Digital straightened up and spoke in a regular voice: "And he was leader of the city for a couple of years."

Flick's second question was a lot more straightforward to answer. "Come look for yourself."

Once Digital pulled back the metal sheet enough to wriggled through, he entered the basement with a short drop at the bottom of a grand staircase. Motion lights had been built into the walls and even Digital was impressed as the wall panels closest to him lit up with a soft glow. Kerr's childe hadn't held back with the cash.
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Flick was completely enamored as Digital spun his tale of the titan known as Kerr. He looked like a child sitting for story time, jaw dropped, eyes wide with amazement and focus entirely on the storyteller. He had to admit, Digital had a nice body. He was very muscular, and his hugs looked like they would feel very nice. They would need to do something about the hair, and he wished he could see the eyes behind the goggles, but overall he'd decided he liked the strange man in front of him.

Flick had very little experience with boys despite liking them. He'd stolen a pair of nice clothes and braved Risk once, but instantly hated it. All the humans running around begging to get bit, and the lazy city Kindred, feeling so lofty and proud of their sin den didn't care for a dirty wolf boy like Flick. They'd forgotten what it was like to catch their own food, and that their prey was worth loving and respecting. He also hadn't enjoyed how quickly men wanted to have sex. It wasn't that he was opposed to sex, but he just really wanted to like someone first. His only real sexual experience to date had been with a tricky dark angel, and Flick had sworn off the whole race as a result of the encounter.

"This Kerr guy sounds really important," Flick said, one hundred percent believing the statement as he uttered it. He made a mental note to not piss that guy off. He didn't want to be broken into pieces like time was! This Kerr must be some kind of wizard, and Flick knew enough to fear a powerful wizard. That's why he was training supernaturals! It all made sense. The wizard planned to teach magic!

Flick wiggled on in and dropped down next to Digital. Digital would notice that as Flick fell he looked as light as a feather dropping. He made no noise as he landed. When he saw the motion sensors he hugged Digital out of instinct and a little fear. His own eyes glowed red, and he snarled at the device before realizing it was just technology and not a threat.
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Digital put an arm around Flick, squeezing his shoulder in a way he hoped was comforting and not restrictive. He hummed a lullaby, because they could make babies fall asleep so they weren't threatening at all, until he was sure that Flick wouldn't throw himself at the wall panels and rip them out.

"These lights have eyes, but not fingers like the sun," he explained, sweeping his hand out. One of the wall panels sensed movement and lit up. Digital giggled for he loved all manner of technology. "There is a control room somewhere around here. I can smell its wires and monitors and tippety-typey keyboards." He wiggled his fingers in the air to demonstrate, unsure if Flick knew about security rooms and hacking. "Lets see if the rooms have their clothes on." He gestured with his head before turning to go exploring.
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He didn't mind the squeeze, and actually smiled when it happened. He laughed nervously again as he watched Digital play with the weird lights. He didn't know much about tech. He knew what a computer was, that everyone had a Facebook, and that robots had put humans out of work. He also had an MP3 player that was about ten years old. It was in the infamous backpack that Digital had taken.

Flick's eyes stayed red, but he didn't put his glasses back on. If Digital asked about them, Flick would explain they help him see in the dark but otherwise would walk through the underground wizard school. He had difficulty taking it all in. It was the biggest building he'd been in for a while. He stared mostly at Digital and hoped he'd explain more things. He liked the way he talked.

"How long can we stay here," Flick asked, eyes darting hither and thither. 
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Post by: Malkavian Riddler on January 30, 2019, 11:56:15 AM
Digital stole glances at Flick's red eyes, wondering why he would keep them like that since it was obvious he had a choice. Unless he didn't have a choice, but at least he had some normal eyes sometimes. Digital also had red eyes, but he didn't like looking at them in the mirror, and didn't want people looking at him with his red eyes on, so he covered them with yellow goggles. It made them look orange, and that was okay. Amber eyes were a thing. Or maybe hazel.

"My eyes are either a traffic light or a girl's name," he confided in Flick. Wall panels lit the way - not that either vampire needed them, but they'd obviously been hardwired to do it. "We can stay here until the building is built!" he cried, offering as straight an answer as possible. "Ants will scurry but they won't climb into our pants. We can climb into theirs, though!" Digital peered into a darkened room. Empty. Hmn. That was no good.
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"Which girls name," Flick asked, for the first time really asking Digital to clarify. He wanted to see his eyes, but dared not ask him to take off his goggles. He didn't want to offend you see. Realizing there was enough light, Flick let his eyes fade back to normal, a doppy but pleased smile on his face as he walked along the hallway peering in rooms.

Flick giggled as Digital said they could stay till the building was built, assuming that must've been obvious. To the comment about ants, he wasn't worried. He could make them be nice or go away if Digital didn't like them. He liked almost all animals though, except for Garou.

Digital was right that this place would be excellent for Hide and Seek and Chasey, and he already made note of a few good hiding spots as they walked. A few more rooms were empty until they came along a nice door that "Dormitories" above it. Flick stopped, sniffing the door.

"There are rats in there," he said happily, pointing towards the furry pets. "Can I keep one while I'm down here? Would you mind? I won't if you'll mind!"

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"Both of them," Digital replied, for both Amber and Hazel were girls names, but only one of them were part of traffic lights. "I know everybody pushes Amber, but if she wants me to stop, I'll stop." Digital was a gentleman driver. Or a driving gentleman. In that case, Digital was neither, because he didn't have a licence.

"Rats?" Digital repeated with a grin. "They make good drinking buddies."

While he knew that Flick wouldn't consider using the rodents for their blood, he couldn't help himself from saying what was on his mind.
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Flick was confused about Digital's friends Amber, but figured he'd meet her eventually. As Digital talked about rats being drinking buddies he frowned slightly. Flick fed from bigger animals, as he could take only a little from them without hurting them. Rats were so small though. He knew his connection to beats was different than most vampires and tried not to judge.

"Let's go meet them," Flick said, opening the door and heading inside.

Flick would wait for Digital to enter though. He was unsure of this wizard school, and found exploring it easier with his fortune teller companion.
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Digital followed Flick into the room and heard the pattering of tiny feet immediately.

Don't eat us, the King Rat said, and Digital huffed his surprise. He grabbed Flick's arm and boggled at him. "These rats are royal! Do you think they drive Cadillacs?"

He wondered if it was the rats telling him about the traffic lights before.

You must make us a shrine and give us names

Digital laughed in Flick's face, delighted to have found a new hobby for himself.
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Flick looked scared for a moment, the intensity and closeness of the laughter slightly threatening. He backed away a bit but his eyes stayed mortal in hue. He laughed nervously at Digital's proclamation and decided to roll with it, also showcasing what he could really do.

"Well if the rats are royal then call me the rat king!" He cut a flashy pose, but the moon child would see a fair amount of vitae at work. Flick closed his eyes for a moment and then he'd hear them. The rats all came, about twenty or so and lined up in front of them like toy soldiers. They chipped and squealed and cried in greeting, excited to see the real animal among them. The front row even bowed, an erie sort of Disney movie, as Flick Doolittleed the furry fiends.

They were in his sway, a charmed band of followers eager to please. The biggest rat among them crawled on Flick's shoulder and licked his ear.

"I'll name you... Pinky."
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Flick's desire to call his rat Pinky earned himself a gleeful laugh from Digital, who plucked another rat from the line and showed him off in his palm. "This is Vein! Or Vane, or maybe Vain. I'm not sure yet. But look! They make a cute couple. Pinky and the Vein!"

Almost all of his voices started laughing at him, and Digital hesitated, unsure why. Then the whispering started up again and he did his best to ignore its incessant noise and focussed on Flick.

"Shall we keep looking? I don't mind the floor but it can be hard on the knees." He put his new pet on his shoulder, where it clung to his clothes. "I think I'll go with Vane, instead."
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That rat now known at Pinky continued his work of cleaning Flick’s ear, and the wet sensation made the Gangrel shiver, like he had gooseflesh.The other rats looked sad that just two among them had been chosen by the gods and squealed with protest. Flick released the others from his thrall, and casually they all scurried away leaving just Flick, Digital, Pinky and Vane. Flick might even turn Pink into a proper Familus. It would be nice to have an animal companion again, and it would mean that Flick had made two friends today. Flick looked approvingly at how Digital handled Vane, and smiled broadly when Digital mentioned that Vane and Pinky were a couple.

What could they be the couple of? Why was Flick jealous that two rats might be in a couple before him? Flick looked at Digital and wondered if he’d ever been in a couple. He should ask him that soon. When the child of Malkav suggested they look elsewhere, Flick locked arms with him. He wasn’t afraid anymore, and besides now he had Pinky to keep him safe.

“Lead the way cutie,” he said, hoping he wouldn’t regret telling Digital he thought he was cute.     
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Post by: Malkavian Riddler on February 05, 2019, 10:53:14 AM
Digital didn't mind being called 'cutie' though didn't take it as anything beyond a term of endearment. Endearment. Endear. Dear. Dare.

"Truth or dare?" he asked as they moved back into the corridor and went exploring some more. His voices had told him there were dressed rooms down here. He didn't want to see any more naked rooms! Naked rooms weren't as fun as naked people.
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Flick thought about the latest question and answered quickly and excitedly!

"Dare of course," he chirped. Pinky chirped too, excited Flick was excited. "But you can also ask me a truth because it's more fun if it's both."

He would follow Digital to the dressed rooms, curious to see the inner core of this wizard school.
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Digital had hoped for dare and was surprised Flick chose truth as well. Hadn't he been truthful all along?

"I dare you to dance! Get up, get down, get all around," Digital clapped his hands together and twirled, almost launching Vane off his shoulder, but the rat clung onto his clothes.

Digital continued to move, squeaking his feet on the tiled floor, pop and locking, crumping, flossing - everything he'd ever picked up was attempted.

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Flick laughed at the idea of a dance off. It was such a random thing to do, and he was excited to participate. Flick had long ago studied ballet and so he gracefully began twirling and jumping down the halls. His technique was far from perfect, but his natural grace and coordination helped him fake it well, that and his joyful smile. Pinky hung on for dear life, not nearly as happy with the dance dare. Digital's moves were silly and fun, and altogether different than his own. He enjoyed his pops and krunks and flossing, whatever any of those things were. For an impressive finish, he leaped into a grand shatay, landing in a front split and posing.

"Truth or dare," he yelled back at Digital as he hopped to his feet. Pinky looked at Flick severely, before seeking refuge inside his hoodie pocket.
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Digital's eyes widened behind his goggles at the acrobatic feat. He couldn't scissor open his legs that far and was impressed that Flick could. How was he not splitting open? A question for the ages.

"Both!" Digital replied, repeating Flick's answer. Truth might be a touch more difficult for Digital, as he knew some of his voices lied to him. He would have to stick with what he personally knew - if only they would let him.

A nibble at his lobe attracted his attention. Vane was hungry. They would have to find something for the rats to feast on besides them.
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Flick thought about it for a moment. What was a good dare, or was it better to be a seeker of truth? He placed his right hand on his chin, contemplative and impish. Suddenly he tapped Digital on the shoulder and yelled, "I dare you to chase me this time!"

With that Flick shot off like a bullet, slowly stripping off his clothes as he ran. His bones began to crack. His organs shifted and his eyes glared red. Pink skin was replaced by white fur and hands and feet gave way to large paws. Flick the wolf darted off through the hallways of the underground wizard school, hopefully leading Digital on a merry chase. Pinky would wait in the discarded hoodie, unsure if his new friend was coming back.

Flick found another staircase leading down and hooked it, going deeper into the basement part of the complex.
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Digital was told to chase the wolf, and chase the wolf he did. Watching the transformation was wonderous and he slowed to take it all in. The wolf was getting away so he sped up again, powering down the corridor and almost overshooting the lower basement stairs. For a moment, he stood waiting, waiting for the voices to tell him what was down there.

Computers. Security. Storage for equipment. Nothing else. Only way in or out was this staircase.

Good. He slowly moved down the stairs, which remained dark, but the wall panels at the bottom had lit up when Flick had gone past them, giving away the opportunity for hide and go seek.

"Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum! Hide Mr Wolf for here I come!"
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Flick's speed made him crash into a sound cart of some kind, sending it skittering across the bottom floor and crashing into a wall. Flick made wolf cries, a paw damaged in the crash. The wolf then heard Digital coming down the stairs. Flick lowered himself to the floor and slunk along, until he found a room full of TV monitors. The wolf looked and saw a jungle of wires that fed into some major TV. Flick had never actually seen a computer, and so he didn't recognize this as the security room and the wires he was hiding in were feeds from cameras all along the basement. They weren't on yet. That was good.

Flick didn't need to breath and so hidden among the wires he waited for Digital in silence. He wanted to tease him via mental communication, but he wasn't sure if that would give away his hiding spot. He looked to his hurt paw, and closed his eyes. The blood moved in his body and the paw healed, leaving behind only a bit of soreness.   
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Digital cried out BOO with delight behind an executive chair. No Mr Wolf here. He snuck over to where some monitors curved around, lending a bit of space for someone to stand there. BOO! Not there either.

Hrm. He turned and saw Flick amongst the cables but continued turning, looking past.

"Fee," he said, heading in a slightly different direction. "Fi," turning a bit so he was angled a bit closer to Flick. "Fo," he turned again, hands on hips. "FUM!" he cried with glee, pointing. "Here is a wolf that makes me go YUM!"
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On cue Flick leaped out from the wires and cords and landed right in front of Digital. He let out a celebratory howl, and hoped Digital and Vane did the same, before shifting back into his Homid form. The transformation back took longer than the original one. Flick had spent much more time as a wolf in the last couple hundred years, and sometimes his human self seemed like the transformation. He now stood unashamed of his naked body, Digital getting to see all that there.

"You win," he said with mock disappointment. He turned and began to explore the place they found, finding all the equipment confusing and unnerving. "What is this place," he asked, his eyes being the last piece to change back. He looked to Digital for answer, an almost forest nymph quality about him. 
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Digital indeed howled with the wolf and Vane did whatever Flick's connection with him wanted.

When asked about the place they were in, Digital moved to the computer monitors and keyboards, running a loving hand over them whilst looking at Flick standing amongst the cables. "My history lies in theoe arteries, pumping these hearts. I would inject myself into their silver blood and swim alongside bacteria." He held up his hands and whispered: "My fingers ripped apart old wounds and punched holes. These things... these things sleep now. We will go before they spring to life!" Digital roared at the end, attempting to scare the wolf and then laugh at the reaction.
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((OOC: Oh my. Sorry for missing reply turn. *Bows))

Flick jumped back in fear as Digital predicted, finding he didn't want to see the strange things come to life, remembering why he hated technology.  He pouted and kept a quick pace as he skadooed up the stairs and found his clothes. Pinky was not pleased, and had begun to go feral again. He didn't want his new friend to think he didn't like him, so he bit into his wrist and held it near Pinky's mouth. The rat lapped up the blood, and started to change. It became calm, and it regarded Flick differently. His intelligence had been raised, for a rat anyway. With ease he crawled onto Flick's shoulder, obedient and happy. 

"Best stuff in the world little guy," Flick told him, scratching Pinky's little rat belly. He put his bottoms back on, but stayed shirtless. He picked up the hoodie, and the all important bag. He hoped Digital had followed, and wondered if he'd say sorry for scaring him!
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Digital followed his friend upstairs and watched the blood transform the rat. Vane hadn't yet jumped off his shoulder or tried to eat him.

"Should I do that, too?" he asked, sounding anxious. "My pet might be confused."

He didn't want a confused pet. He didn't want to pass that on. Maybe both rats could be Flick's pets and he would just look after Vane.

At the same time, he wanted to keep Vane for himself. What to do?
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Flick felt bad that Digital didn't know the gift of a Familus. Flick had not taken one for so long, so his spur of the moment decision to ghoul Pinky only now struck him. Vane could just take Flick's blood, but then he wouldn't be Digital's anymore, and he certainly felt Digital should have his own rat. He would let Digital play with Pinky of course, but it was hard to bond with more than one beast at once. He didn't want Vain to be confused either, and so he thought of a way.

"Well I'll bond him for now, and tell him to obey you and love you, and then I'll teach you how to bond him yourself. Does that sound okay?"

That was a good compromise. It kept the family together, and what would Pinky be without the Vain? What would Flick be without the Digital? He decided he liked the strange wizard school that was their home now. Maybe it was time for Flick to have one of those. Too bad the pesky wizards would want their school back eventually.