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Title: Back to Business
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The feeling of flying had always brought her a quiet comfort that she didn't like to admit. She would never be able to reach that Plane again where levity was easy, freeing, and natural. There were times where she missed being able to soar openly by her own accord, without worry of who would see her or other beings in the skies. It was times like this that she took to planes.

The duties to her people had kept her busy for the first few months after the dissolution of the Oligarchy. She had established firm rule of her district, her team reaching out to every resident and business owner with stakes in the North-West part of the city. She had even made it clear that people of the Western district could look to her for guidance in this troublesome time. Zoheret had no qualms discussing why the government of the people had dissolved overnight, former Oligarchs running from rumors of destruction with their tails between their legs. But she had stayed, she assured them. Zoheret would be here to protect, serve, and care for all her constituents. She promised to raise their standards of living and provide them with true justice when the need arose. Above all else she promised protection from any dangers that would arise due to the arrogance of her former colleagues.

And she had delivered on those promises with surprising results. Crime in her district, while spiking briefly for a few months after the disbandment of the Oligarchy, settled into an all-time low. There were a few immortals who reared heads and challenged her rule in the most pathetic of ways, but all had been crushed by the sheer force of Zoheret's will. Those had been bloody, satisfying days in the beginning. Of course, they were kept under wraps - after greasing the proper hands of the mortal powers that be - and her subjects were none the wiser. And all of the mess had made her head hurt and her wings ache.

Once the dust had settled and her meetings slowed for a few days, Zoheret had begun to dream of Greece again. How long had it been since she had dreamt of the beautiful isles and sharp mountains? Warm, dry air, blue waters, and the smell of lemons. Clean and ancient, just as she remembered it to be. After more than a year of chaos and bullshit, Zoheret began to plan her escape.

Her want had started with a weekend trip - something to clear her head - which then turned into a week. A month passed before she dreamed again of leaving this wretched, dirty city. Again she left for Greece, hoping to stay for a week and to shake off all of the negative associations with the city on her vacation, only to stay for double the intended time. If she hadn't had such a wonderful time, she could have scolded herself for such endeavors.

Now the plane was landing on the runway, bouncing indelicately and coming to a final stop with a loud grinding sound which took precedence over the entire cabin - first class, of course. At the captain's instruction she took her purse and descended the aircraft into the deep night air.

The air here was cold and damp, unpleasant to her exposed skin. She had remembered to bring a blazer with her this time, knowing that she would need it now as her feet touched the ground in the dark winter's night. Before she had left her hotel room in London, Zoheret had chosen the chic blue blazer and white silk blouse with the intention of impressing her mortal handlers and her client for the evening, the first of many she had scheduled that night. High-waisted black slacks which fit snugly around her hips and thighs tapered down her legs until her ankles. Tonight her gray suede heels would click on any stone commandingly, though not as sharply as her pumps did. She looked good and she knew it, pride filling every step as mortals filled their gaze of her. At least there was her own perfection that she could count upon. She gathered her suitcase, strode through the airport to the white limousine that awaited her, ignoring much else around her.

Nearly an hour had passed before the driver opened the door and helped her out into her own private drive at Attica Villa. She had missed this house dearly and smirked as she looked upon it. With her clutch in hand, she let the chauffeur get her luggage and she headed into the open entry way of the house.

A human servant - a new one, by the look of things - stood waiting for her as she approached, trying not to make eye contact with the District Leader. He seemed nervous, brown eyes lowered and a mist of perspiration on his cheekbones. It made Zoheret curious.

"Is my guest already here, boy?" She demanded in her kindest tone, one she reserved usually for pillowtalk. The Dark Angel smiled at the boy something disingenuous, but the silly mortal couldn't tell. Lightly she put her hand upon his forearm, something the boy was smart enough to tense up at. So he had been trained well. BUt Zoheret had no interest in causing harm to the lad - he hadn't even proven himself worth it.

"Y-yes, m-madam," he stammered. According to his name tag, he was named Caesar. Zoheret thought he looked more like a Henry, but pushed the thought aside at this new knowledge. So her guest had been waiting upon her arrival, how kind. Hopefully her staff had been wise enough to offer this guest refreshment - after all, she was the District Leader.

"Caesar," she purred softly, looking up into his eyes with all the command of a queen looking for a suitor to seduce her. "Take me to my guest, please. I don't like keeping anyone waiting." The boy nodded nervously and broke contact with Zoheret, leading the way up the stairs to the main floor of the house, down the foyer, and into a larger lounge where her guest was waiting.
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Saraekiel was dressed in Saint Laurent; from his black, Wyatt, western-buckle leather shoes, which matched the black leather biker jacket (which in turn had been discarded to hang over one of the rooms sofas), to the black, flared, woolen jacquard trousers and the cream coloured Jacquard, crepe, long sleeved shirt, which he had unbuttoned to his chest. The colour looked good against his dusky skin and his thick, dark brown hair fell tumbling around his shoulders, framing his face and eyes. He looked spectacular and new it, the sophisticated rebel, seductively dangerous and comfortable in his own skin.

He had been here for a little while now and had taken the opportunity to look around without disrespectfully snooping. The room was nice if a little on the nose, he prefered modern and streamlined, however, he did like the wall to wall bookshelves on the far wall, therefore, he had sipped the expensive whiskey the staff had offered him, removed his jacket and perused the collection while he waited

Now, the abandoned and empty glass rested on a coffee table and he stood, leaning his shoulder against the wall in front of a window, which he had just opened. The cool, soft, evening breeze ruffled his hair slightly as he looked out over Zoherets impressive villa while slowly pulling a dyed feather across his palm, repeatedly stroking it with his thumb; separating the barbs from the vane, enjoying the way it caught and rubbed against his skin. It was a normal bird feather, eagle maybe but dyed a deep, dark red. He recognized it for what it was the instant he received it the day before, with its matching note containing nothing but the time, date and an address. The note was nothing, the feather on the other hand, the feather was an invitation to meet with Zoheret herself.

He had tried to meet with her many a time before, but he was always told that she was busy, unavailable or out of town. The last person who had told him that had been left slightly broken, screaming and blind, so he was also feeling slightly trepidatious as he run the feather across his palm once again. Was that the reason she had finally invited him to a meeting? He thought invitation, but as the feather tugged and caught on his skin, he knew it for the command that it was; better for them both if he thought of it as an invitation though. No body commanded him, not any more.

Or maybe she wanted to meet him because of the bistro he set alight on the boardwalks in the hope of gaining her attention, albeit that was many months ago now or maybe it was because he had started making noises about her absence and lack of visibility and therefore he should be seen as her second in command if not the outright District Leader, not that he really wanted that kind of power or her position. Leadership looked like too much work and not enough fun, no; he chased personal power, he craved personal and absolute freedom, not the trappings of power, he wasn’t interested in being adored or worshiped. However, he really didn’t like the current power balance in the city and if he had to take a position of power to break it, to challenge it, to preserve his freedom then so be it.

How the fuck did so much control end up in the hands of a pack of degenerate, mutated undead monkeys in the first place? Now that was something he was worried about, to think that these fucked up, diseased, bloodsucking, human leeches thought they had power over him, could command him, were better than him! Were better than or equal to Angels in general! Not to mention those flea bitten, mongrel, angel hating wolf shifters. Who the fuck did they think they were? They though he and his kind were the abominations?! Those filthy mutts were nothing but shit scrapped off of the foot of the creator!  Just thinking about it and them and the whole situation made him angry, made him rage; it burned and smoldered within him causing his eyes to glow with his power.

At the sound of footstep and the sharp, rhythmic clack of heels in the hallway he turned and watched the door, his eyes alight, daring and unafraid as he dragged the red feather across his palm.

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"My dear Saraekiel!" Zoheret announced grandly, as if greeting an old friend. A courteous smile spread over her beautiful face and she strolled past the mortal to greet her guest. "I'm so pleased that you've received my invitation. Has my staff offered you proper respect and kindness?" The District Leader deposited her purse upon a chair nearby before outstretching a delicate - but firm - hand out to the other in greeting.

It had taken her weeks to figure out what had happened with the bistro by the boardwalk. A small fire that had grown to intense proportions before any mortal fire patrol could reach it. At first, she hadn't thought much about the event - some human settling a score with a business owner, surely. It wasn't until the staff had heard it slip that Saraekiel was searching for Zoheret that they had all began to wonder. There never was any confirmation that Zoheret's team had found, though the other Dark Angel had made it abundantly clear that it was time they speak.

So after catching wind of his displeasure, Zoheret had made it a point to send a feather to the other. As expected, the Dark Angel had shown. Zoheret wasn't expecting politeness from the other originally - surely he would have to won over somehow. As such, his glowing eyes didn't startle her. She was the sister of Lucifer. She would never be so easily intimidated if indeed they were for her. The gracious smile remained stiffly in place as her guest spoke.
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He had heard tales of Zoheret of course, who of their ilk hadn’t? but the stories were nothing compared to the reality of the Dark Angel that walked through the door. Stunning didn’t do her justice nor beautiful, mesmerizingly gorgeous maybe? No not even that. She walked in like the Queen she was. Elegant, graceful, commanding, radiating with power. Deadly, yes definitely deadly.

He smiled warmly as he reached for Zoherets offered hand, for in truth he could do nothing else, regardless of any games, it was simply nice to be in the company of his own kind. As he took her hand in his and offered a firm shake in return to hers, but then instead of releasing her hand he turned it slightly and laid a feather light kiss on the top of her wrist.

“Sarai Zoheret, the poets do you no justice, you truly are the most exquisite being the Creator has ever made” He released her hand, a playful smile tugging at his lips, his eyes now calm and filled with nothing more then his normal angelic splendor. He had no real problem with Zoheret or how she ran her district. No, he wanted to meet Zoheret not to challenge her but because he thought they would make great allies. Two Dark Angels working together could halt the spreading vampiric rot and cleanse the city of mongrel riffraff. That was his hope anyway, it all came down to whether they could work together as allies and equals for as powerful as Zoheret was, he would not serve.

“Thank you for your invitation to visit you, your home is spectacular, and your staff have been most gracious and attentive with my care”
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She was not the type to blush; in fact his comment on her beauty was expected, welcomed warmly with a gracious smile. Long years she had spent with humans and the like fawning over her beauty and she was pleased that it had never waned. "You're too kind, my dazzling friend. Too kind by far! And I'm glad to hear that you were properly taken care of. My staff knows that I have certain expectations when a guest arrives.

"Now," she said seating herself gracefully in a comfortable seat, back enough to look up at the other Angel. She found that the male gender tended to like this kind of positioning, even if her voice and questions made it clear who was really in control. Zoheret could never fault a beautiful creature for finding pleasure in another. Truth be told, she greatly enjoyed looking upon him, his golden skin and wide shoulders. That tease of chest. "Tell me of your... situation. I've heard rumors that you've been looking quite thoroughly for me. Tell me what it is I can help you with, now that you have my undivided attention."

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He smiled broadly, warmly at her as Zoheret sat herself so regal like in the seat, her words were kind, even friendly and her eyes appreciative of the view he provided but he read between the lines quite nicely.

Your gorgeous, I’m gorgeous, we both have silver tongues. Now, you went to a lot of effort to make a big enough fracas in the hope of getting my attention. You now have it, get to the point and stop wasting my time.

However if Zoheret thought he was going to wait to be invited to sit in her presence like some servant or retainer, she had another thing coming. As a Dark Angel her reputation was legendary and even appreciated the fact she had gained a foothold of land and power in a city practically owned by vampires, but he had only one master and she wasn't it. So after she took her seat he followed suit and sat on the lounge he had discarded his jacket over earlier.

"Let there be truth between us then" he said as he pulled the jacket onto his lap and started ruffling through its pockets. "Firstly, I originally wanted to meet you because I was sick and tired of being surrounded by all these lesser creatures all the time" Finding what he was looking for he pulled them out of the jacket and held them resting in his hands. One was a fancy looking invitation and the other a bulletin sheet. "And, as far as I could tell you and I were and still are the only ones of our kind currently inhabiting this fine, sin filled, debauched city, and so I thought Birds of a Feather and all that. You were busy however so I settled for just letting you know I was around and available if you were interested. After awhile i assumed you weren't." He shrugged nonchalantly at her supposed disinterest before placing the two items on the table before her and slid them towards her with his fingers.

"Then these happened" He indicated the bulletin "A declaration by one Jake McCloud of his intentions of eventually claiming dominion and absolute lordship over the entire city and every creature in it.  Then this." He then indicated the fancy invitation "arrived by courier a couple days after. Its an invitation to attend some sort of gala to be hosted by Charon and his family." he leaned back and smiled wickedly at Zoheret

" I smell possibilities and a whole lot of chaos brewing in the wind. I thought we could  fly the currents together and have a little fun. What do you think?"

This was too good of an opportunity to pass up and he had every intention of taking full advantage. If he had to do it solo he then fine, but as another dark angel and as one who would be more effected by the political power structure of the city then he was, he thought he would make the offer to play together.

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As he procured the items from his coat, Zoheret stayed quiet with the same look of poised interest on her face. There was no difference as he presented his case, stepping cautiously around the issues presented. She had been told of the recent events of the city while away in Greece. Diplomacy was never one of Jake McCloud's strong suits, Zoheret knew, and she wasn't the least bit surprised when the youngling had made the decision to invade the Western District under some false pretenses. Apparently the Anarch didn't appreciate the anarchy. The entire idea of it was ludicrous and had made her laugh bitterly while looking out of her island paradise.

Now, however, here was a specimen of a man who sat before her with a similar worldview and disgust of all things undead. She, too, was tired of living in an immortal city run by undead beasts who knew nothing about how best to treat anyone else but their own kin. Sires and fledges and familiars, all separated by familiar lines, yet incestuous in their quests for fulfillment.

"What did you have in mind?" She smirked and looked up dangerously at her companion.
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He wasn't sure if Zoheret was interested or even listening to what he was saying, her facial expression and body language gave nothing away. Playing cards against her would be a total bitch, but when her smile and the glitter in her eyes told him she had an axe to grind as well, he answered her smile with one that was just as dark and dangerous as her own. With Zoheret onside it was finally time to show these undead monkeys that nobody ruled the angels, especially not them. The vampires might have the numbers but they will learn what true power was when just two of his kind managed to bring the city and their lot to their knees..

" I suggest we divide and conquer. We need to break Jake McCloud's grasp on the city before it becomes a stranglehold." He leaned forward and tapped Charon's invitation "We go and we get a feel for the lay of the land. You use your position and ties to the other leaders and see if there are any we could turn and use against Emperor Jake and I will see if there are any chinks in his armor to exploit. We mingle, network, then regroup, so that we can pick the best possible routes to get these parasitical corpses to start fighting amongst themselves" He leaned back into the chair until it pressed up against his wings and suddenly he felt trapped. He wondered how Zoheret could stand it, to be forced to sit on her wings and have them trapped by the chair.Maybe pretending to be human for so long had conditioned her to be able to ignore the discomfort. He had no intentions of ever having to play human so deeply as that.

He leaned forwards again and gave Zoheret a considering look. "Jake McCloud has overreached i think and many feathers will be ruffled by his greeedy grasp for territory and power. maybe we should try and set up a meeting with the demon clans? They certainly wouldn't be pleased by Jakes slaughter of their people. Also I have sent out my people to track down reputable Vampire Hunters, both here in the States and in Europe." He grinned darkly again. " I don't intend on bringing them here, not yet, but they are a back up for plan B"

He tapped his fingers on the armchair and considered saying more but decided to wait to see how Zoheret responded to his plans before continuing, he had no doubt a Grigori of Zoherets caliber had many ideas and plans of her own on how to bring the vampires and the city to heel.
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Zoheret said absolutely nothing for the entirety of his speech, mental gears working quickly through one scenario after another. Finally, as he finished with his discussions, his suggestions, she responded simply. "That is a very serious accusation you've made against District Leader McCloud tonight, my friend." Her eyes remained hard on his, but her words were a little too poised. "If you have a qualm with District Leader McCloud, I highly suggest you make an appointment with his people. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do."

The Dark Angel rose and crossed to her desk and sat in the chair regally. She pressed three buttons on the phone to reach her secretary Michelle. As she spoke her eyes stayed on her companion's. "Michelle, please reschedule my other appointments for the evening. It seems that Lord Saraekiel needs to vent some more grievances. And can you also please take in the flags from outside for evening?"

"At once, Madam."

There was a click and Zoheret, who still held the other's gaze, a commanding finger up to silence Saraekiel should he try to speak. Her staff could be heard shifting, closing doors, and emptying themselves from the house. The humans would stand guard in various positions outside the building for as long as they desired, knowing that to enter the house after the "flags" were called in would mean scalding, nearly crippling pain from the sister of Lucifer herself. Among other treatments.

After several long moments in which she allowed all of her staff to leave the building, she put her finger down and began again.

"We are alone now," she said, her voice less polite now, and serious. "You cannot come into my headquarters and openly discuss bringing war upon the city!" There was anger in her voice, though not a terrifying amount. Surely, it wouldn't send Saraekiel running. "I am you District Leader. How am I supposed to react when a citizen brings me such a plan so publicly? Have you no tact?"

She breathed deeply, calming her anger, nostrils flaring. "Jake McCloud is nothing more than an insolent whelp who leads an army of moronic creatures more stupid than he is. If he asked them to charge off a cliff, certainly they would. His move into the West was something I should have been better prepared for. But he has made just as many bonds as I, but the powerful names in this city are aligned with him presently. You know how these vampires are. Always supporting one another before someone outside their race." Zoheret folded her arms in front of herself, turning towards the windows at her back to think. She suddenly missed Greece terribly.

"There is merit in the plan to divide and conquer. There are still territories opening up - the North especially, now that the Lycanthrope has given up his claim." She paused, longer this time, watching the humans mulling about on her lawns. "What we need is to play their game as it stands now. I need Jack McCloud gone, but not before he is discredited and shunned. We need to disempower him and his cause. Killing him and his kind will only create martyrs."
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He sat in silence as Zoheret spoke, the look she gave him told a different tale then her carefully chosen, politically correct words and vocal tone portrayed, and so he assumed she was playing the role of aloof District Leader for some reason. He watched with curious dispassion as she made her phone call to what he assumed was her human secretary and cocked an eyebrow with wry amusement in response to her commandingly raised finger after she ended the call.

It was only as her staff retreated and a stillness settled over her villa that he realized her earlier tone wasn’t for him but for her staff and whoever she thought might be listening. At this realization he narrowed his eyes anew in speculation. His tone when he spoke was filled with shocked sympathy, but his eyes were alight with sardonic amusement

“My dear Zoheret, firstly, you have my deepest sympathy; I had no idea your headquarters were so compromised! “His eyebrows furrowed with theatrical concern. “The fact you have to empty your own home of all residents to ensure your privacy must be belittling indeed. I assure you, had I known your people were untrustworthy and your residence no more secure than a fish stall at market I would have been more circumspect with my words.” He shook his head in disbelief. “How audaciously disrespectful these lesser creatures are. Where is their respect, their loyalty? How kind and magnanimous you are to tolerate and let slide such behavior, and in your own house too. “ He crossed his ankle over his knee, placed his hands on the arm rests of the chair and smiled benignly at Zoheret. “When next we meet I suggest we do so at my residence. Rest assured, No one dares spy on me; our privacy is guaranteed there, and our activities will unequivocally remain our business.”

He placed his hands in his lap, weaved his fingers together and tapped his thumb pads together a couple of times as he contemplated his next words before stilling once more. His grey eyes hard and serious as he looked at Zoheret.

“Secondly, I came here as a courtesy, dark angel to dark angel to see if you were interested in bringing these undead upstarts down a peg or two. I am not a subordinate brining my troubles to a superior, and I am not your citizen anything and you may dear are most definitely not my Leader in any way shape or form; so please, save your berating, lecturous tone for your servants, your sycophants and whatever lesser creatures you claim to rule over. I answer and belong to no one but myself.”

He stretched towards the small table beside him and picked up his empty glass and raised it in Zohert’s direction.

“And thirdly, I would like another scotch with three ice cubes if you please.”

He placed it back on the table before making himself as comfortable as possibly on her uncomfortable chairs before smiling pleasantly once more.

“As for my war, I specifically said it was a plan B, to be initiated if there was no other recourse, as I am a great believer in hoping for the best, but planning for the worst.”

 He took a deep breath and exhaled in a drawn-out sigh, he understood the little game of dominance that this conversation had turned into and he had nether the time nor the patience for it. Zoheret had been too long in the company of humans, beating heart or not. She seemed a fallen creature, a mere shadow of the legendary sister of Lucifer he had heard so much of. Still, she was one of his kind and he was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

“However, I do agree with you. Jake McCloud needs to be discredited and his power and influence reduced back to a manageable level, hence why I said this gala would make for the perfect opportunity to network and gather information. As a political figure head in this city and your time spent within that abysmal failure of an organization that was the Oligarchy, do you have any insight into who might make the best target? Who are Jake McCloud’s closest confidants, is there any weakness that might be exploited there? Who are his rivals and his enemies? Can we use them? Would it be worth while trying to ally with them?”

He lifted and tilted his head slightly so that he might look as directly as possible into his hosts eyes.

“Are you of use to me? Or am I just wasting my time? For make no mistake Zoheret, Jake might be a belligerent whelp, and his forces might be nothing but mindless carrion a slight grade up from zombies, but, they out number you, and I believe you and your lands will be his next target. Playing their game, waiting for their next move is a fools gambit. Now is the time to play a bold game”

He watched her carefully, his eyes slightly narrowed in speculatation, waiting to see how she would react as he added.

“Be my ally, join with me and let’s work together to end this vampiric dominion”
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She took his comments about her staff in stride, knowing her staff better than he ever possibly could. It was not so much that she didn't trust them, but more that there were no chances to be taken when no one was listening. She could trust her staff with most issues, but they were humans after all, with human connections and human weaknesses. This was an immortal city and she had no doubts that they would run with vampires when the need pulled them. Weak things, these humans. Best to curb any information leaks where she could. Zoheret responded only with a smirk.

But as his tone turned, so did her strategy. She had forgotten how prideful her kind was. Her expression hardened as he scolded her. Who was doing the berating now? These men and their sensitivities. It was laughable. But then Saraekiel had the audacity to command her, in her own home!

With a stiffness in her motion and a purposeful click of her heels, Zoheret turned towards the mini bar at other end of the room, leaving the empty glass where it was. Her mind turned and she had half the mind to throw the bottle of scotch at the other and tell him to get out. No, that wouldn't do - she would still be in the same position with the undead, just with fewer allies on her side. She had forgotten how to play war with others. Sometimes allies were more important than pride. Sometimes bridging the gap took a bit of legwork. The District Leader calmed herself and thought about her next move.

"I also believe that he will try to come after the North West next," she said evenly as she uncapped the glass decanter, poured the amber liquid over the ice in the crystal glass. The scent of the alcohol struck her nostrils - when was the last time she had fixed herself a drink? She took out another glass and poured an equal amount into the second glass, without ice. "And I know that he had an affinity for the ex-Luminary, Kerr Galvin, before he died. Though I've heard rumors that Galvin is returned from the dead a second time." She turned and took a sip from her drink, approaching Saraekiel at a slow and even pace. Her anger had melted away into something more sensual, for now, the liquor warming the back of her throat. "I know that he, like many of us, has an entourage of people he trusts. I know there is a red-haired vampire woman, Lisa, who is fiercely protective of him."

Zoheret stood next to him, a little too close, and handed him his drink. "Now about this allyship of ours." She moved his hands gently out of his lap and proceeded to place herself on his knees as if it were the most obvious of places to be. Her wings twittered themselves comfortably and she now looked down at him from the side. If he proved polite, she may even decide to give him more of herself, but for now, just a small tease.

"You are one of my charge according to city law," she said, stroking his hair behind his ear like a lover. "From the time that you exist within this city to the time you leave, I am responsible for your actions amongst other species. When the vampires catch wind of any plans you make, I am the one who they turn to for answers. So no, you are not my servant or my subordinate, but you are, in fact, safer in this city with me on your side." She smiled at him and draped her free hand to place on his chest, feeling the heat through his clothing. Her eyes lingered a moment on the tufts of hair peeking through his shirt, before finding his powerful silver gaze again. "So in order to be your ally, I need to know that I have your trust."
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Zoherets anger was evident with every strike of her heels as she marched over to the cabinet to presumably make his drink and was mildly surprised when she actually made two drinks instead of throwing the bottle, which is what he would have done after setting it alight first. Her self-control was admirable, he tended to be more impulsive. Yet it was her slow sensual glide back towards him that caused a shiver of unease to run down his spine and made him sit up and prepare for an attack. She wasn’t angry now, this was something colder, something deadlier and he trusted her not at all.

He went completely still as she sat in his lap and brushed his hair behind his ear,  his hands remaining quiescent upon the armrests, but, his eyes were as sharp and neutral as a leopard’s as he looked up at her. As beautiful and seductive as she was, he was no fool. His kind were at their deadliest when they could touch you.

“Laws? What are Laws to us? We are what we are because we refused to follow any.”

He resisted the urge to look down at her hand as she placed it on his chest, instead he narrowed his eyes slightly in speculation. If she continued to play nice so would he but if she intended to bring pain, then that too was a game they both could play.

“Blind trust is for fools and simpletons Zoheret and true trust must be earned. However, I am willing to try and trust you.” His offered her a smile that was small, sharp and wryly amused. His trust would be slight but there, till she proved she was worthy of more or not
He tilted his head slightly as he continued to watch her, yet he was also highly aware of her hand still on his chest, his heart beating away but a few inches beneath her fingertips.

“What do you want?”

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Zoheret bit her bottom lip coyly, thinking. Part of her enjoyed his mistrust of her, knowing she could play more with this. She liked the ones that were a bit harder to get. Still another part knew that she was vulnerable alone here, now that McCloud had so easily taken her neighboring district. "Since you're so adamant about bringing these plans to fruition," she began, drawing out her thought as long as she could. She took a sip of her scotch, allowing the alcohol to sit on her palate before finishing, "I want to know your plans of giving Jake McCloud exactly what he deserves."

Zoheret put her Scotch down on the coffee table nearby. Changing positions, she straddled his legs now, bringing her sex ever closer to her companion. There was something arousing about the game here tonight, and despite the conversation not going to plan, she found herself enjoying this little particular political move. There was something dangerous in her eye as she looked at him, closer now, her face only inches from hers. "I want to know everything. And I want to be a part of it. And every move you make, I want to know. That will keep me as an ally of yours. I'll even give you access to the ACF and human police who patrol the district when the time comes. In exchange, when the time comes, I get to stick the knife in that little abomination's eye."
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Her words sounded co-operative, even conspiratory, but he saw them for the honeyed trap they were. If he accepted those terms, he would be nothing but a mere puppet, a tool to be used and cast aside when done with; or used as a sacrificial goat if things went awry. He leaned in slightly towards her and turned his face so that they were almost cheek to cheek. He was going to whisper no before pushing her off of him and leave, when he suddenly looked at it from her point of view. He was a nobody, a dark angel she had never met who sat in her parlor and talked about over turning the apple cart that was the power structure she was a part of. He would have thrown his conceited ass out the window.

And he liked her passion, he liked it a lot, her hatred of Jake McCloud washed over him like a hot bath on a cold winter’s night. Passion was exciting, passion was fun, passion was a tool. He took his hands and slowly slid them up and over her snugly fitted slacks, following the line of her thighs as she straddled him, his eyes never leaving hers, till his fingers curved over her hips and his thumbs rested on her inner thighs. The perfect position to shove her off of him or pull her closer, depending on what direction this little game took.

He realized he needed to bring more to the table before she would work with him, before she was willing to risk more. He needed to prove he was also worth some of her trust. He wasn’t sure how she would react, especially once he told shared how he was achieving this particular goal, so he maneuvered his hands slightly for an even better grip; his thumbs inadvertently brushing over that spot where thigh meets groin and he suddenly found himself wondering if Zoheret liked pain with her pleasure as much as he did. At the thought; and with Zoheret so very close to him, his cock twitched and thickened. No doubt Zoheret would sense, if not smell, the chemical change in his aura from his sudden arousal, but he was no slave, not even to that and so kept his mind on track

“I will work with you Zoheret, not for you. We work as equals.” He leaned back from her slightly so he could watch her face. “I’m taking the North”
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She was aware of all things in that very moment. Those hands on her thighs made her lips tingle with arousal, a feeling that she adored, chills dotting her hips near his fingers. He would probably be an excellent lover in time, one she wouldn't have to compromise herself with. It had been a very long time since she had bedded one of her own kind. The thought amused and distracted her lightly. She could see him stirring over her and felt smug over her power. Men.

As he leaned into her, she was convinced that he was going to agree. It wasn't much that she was asking after all - just knowledge of his plans to dethrone the Brat Prince in return for use of her resources to do it, and for her to strike the final blow when the time was right. Who wouldn't take that offer? Especially someone who had never been hip deep into the politics of the city before. Her groin stirred on top of him, enjoying the warmth of his body and the tension between them. How erotic to discuss battle plans this close, his hands on her thighs, their bodies reacting to one another. She listened closely, enjoying this little dance as he almost pressed his cheek to hers.

His words seized her breath in her throat. Zoheret tried to contain herself at this revelation, but a flare of anger slipped out into her aura without her consent. Her expression slipped out of place very briefly as the words processed. She felt like laughing. She felt like digging her fingers deep into the man's chest and ripping out each rib. She felt relief like a breath of fresh air. It was a comfort to have one of her kind in power so close to her land, of course. And at least he wasn't here to try to take her district. It would take more power from the hands of vampires long as it took more power from the vampires, and that was something she would always support.

"Splendid," she said with a cautious smirk that held much of her hesitation at trusting Saraekiel. He was, for all intents and purposes, a wild card. "And how exactly do you plan on taking the North?" There were too many variables at play, too many questions that needed answered - the werewolf packs, the werewolf leader - wherever he happened to be, why the North and not the West? Too much to risk.
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“The North has no current leader. Its people have been abandoned, and that part of the city has been left to rot. The supernatural community of the north is scattered and segregated, along with the remaining members of the former leader’s pack of lunatic mutts. The people of the north have become anyone’s meat to do with as they please, they clamor for a Leader and are ripe for the picking.” He disliked the idea of having to work with the werewolves, but they were the largest of the supernatural group in the north and they were just laying around waiting to be scooped up. “The mutts are worse than the undead, but I will make them mine…for now, and use them to support my claim.”

Not sure that was enough to convince her, he leaned back in. his lips almost brushing against her nape as he whispered conspiratorially near her ear

“I also have a long and distinguished relationship with the very elusive Clan Leader of the Morrigu Bird Shifters, and they have already agreed to give me their full backing and support.”

Bird shifters weren’t worth shit in a physical fight generally, but, Shae Nicfahgaen’s clan of shifters were famous for their spying abilities and were very sought after but rarely found. Their bird form and their psychic energy once shapeshifted was indistinguishable from that of an ordinary animal, plus they had a natural and unassailable defense against any type of mind reading, control and manipulation, and their loyalty once given, bordered on the fanatical. Thet entire clan now belonged to him.

He had other associates arriving from overseas as well, but they would remain a secret, for now.

The flaring of anger and arousal in her aura plus their combined emotional tension caused him to become even more aroused. His hands slid around her hips, his fingers sliding over the top of her pants and under the hem of her blouse, his fingertips gliding ever so lightly over her perfect, smooth, satin soft skin. The caress of his touch was hot and teasingly fleeting before his fingers were once again resting on the fabric of her pants as he tugged her ever so slightly closer towards the center of him.

He paused there, his body becoming still, taught, thrumming with suppressed power and eagerness, then with a delicate brushing of his lips, he laid a kiss upon her nape, it was the merest, lightest, physical touch possible and with that smallest, most delicate of touches he sent a thrill of power to dance across her skin. It was a tester, a prelude to what kind of pleasure...and pain he was capable of giving. It was a tickle, a mere sting; like sticking your tongue on a 9v battery, causing small spiderwebs of electricity to spread, tease, tantalize and shock her delicate flesh, with the feel of his warm lips delicately brushing against her as its center point.

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Her skin prickled with his lips so close - a daring creature! She liked that, and would indulge in this simple moment of pleasure and plotting so long as it didn't become a challenge to keep him in line. His words so close and like silk near her ear caused a stir in her, the slightest of shift in her weight on him. How she loved this game! Warm hands slipping boldly under her clothes for a brief moment before retreating back to a safe distance, the tug of his hands on her thighs as he pulled her closer to his manhood. She loved it all. Zoheret allowed a small, almost girlish gasp to escape her and a smile as he pulled her closer - a planned sound, but her partner would never know. She did love his words, love his expression, love his body now that she was so close to it. Hell, she even loved his command, his temperament. But she would never give up her position so easily.

"And what makes you think they will open their arms up to a Dark Angel and not try to push one of their own to the forefront the moment you seek them out?"

Seduction was one of her specialties and one way or another, she always got what she wanted. Saraekiel could have access to whatever he wanted from her - her flesh, her sex, her thoughts - but her submission to him, her power was her own. She had taken her position as the Oligarch by force and sheer will. She would have taken the entire city had the Oligarchy been smart enough to trust her. But men were weak, especially the power-hungry. 

As he placed his lips upon her, praising her like the goddess she was, she bit her lower lip softly, turning her neck to allow for easier praise. But that sharp bite of pleasurable electricity he sent through her made her jolt in surprise, her hand on his chest clasping his collar and her body jerking uncontrollably towards him. It lasted only a moment, dancing across her skin, down to the tips of her wings. Zoheret let out an unplanned gasp that came from her core, deeper and more sensual than before. Her wings fluttered and opened half way, an instinctual reaction to alarm she hadn't suppressed yet. She pulled away from those lips forcefully, unprepared. Her control of the situation wavered for that brief moment as she glowered at Saraekiel, now close enough to kiss.

"You've not convinced me how you're going to persuade these werewolf clans to support your usurpation of their territory." Colder now, more like a queen, but still with a subtle taste of her runaway desire. "What makes this plan different than McCloud's in the West?"
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He smiled with satisfaction as she jerked away from him, there and quickly gone. Her fluted wings, the shocked gasp filled with honest and gut deep pleasure, the sudden uncontrolled jerk towards him, and the involuntary clutching at his chest and collar, proved her first and obviously orchestrated gasp for what it was, a lie. He didn’t mind, not at all, it was all part of the game, and he had just won the first round. She obviously wasn’t finished playing this particular game though as she was still straddling him, still so very close, still pinning him to the chair. Her lips were just a breath away, as red, inviting and as dangerous as an apple in Eden. He wanted to taste them, to nibble and taste that forbidden fruit but doing so now would only give the lead in this little side game of theirs back to her. If she wanted to continue the game, he would play; most assuredly as his arousal was real; as was hers but, if she wanted it to progress further than she would have to come to him.

He pulled away from her slightly, leaning back in the chair, his eyes filled with desire but fully away of the game they played and where they stood in it.

He was also aware he was doing exactly what she demanded. Telling her the how’s, the when’s, the why’s. It irked him, this feeling as if he needed to answer to someone, to seek their approval, their permission as if he belonged to them, submissive to them. he understood she needed to know whether he was worth backing, worth working with but what exactly did she want?  Was she looking for a guarantee? A sure bet? Eternity and life held no guarantees. There was him or there was her, alone, holding onto her position by kissing vampire ass, by kneeling at their feet, waiting for them to allow her to keep her power or take it away as they chose. Surely she must see that they were stronger together then apart, but he understood…she needed more if she was to risk what she already had.

He picked up his scotch and took a sip, his grey eyes watching her from over the rim. They were narrowed slightly as he thought on how best to answer, but they also gleamed with challenge, a knowing, self-satisfied awareness that he had caused her to respond so sensually, so uncontrollably so genuinely to his touch.

“I’m not going to kill them or force them. Doing so would only make them rebel, make me no better than that filthy undead upstart, nor do I have any leverage or information to use as a leash” He shook his head slightly, his hair shifting around his face with the movement. He really wanted to get up off of his wings, to ruffle them, open then, stretch them. He hated been trapped in the chair but that too was part of the game, the forced discomfort, the restraining of him. It added another flavor to his arousal, another edge to this mild, sensual, battle of wills.

“I have nothing but the reality of the situation. I will simply point out the truth. The city is in turmoil and the territories are obviously up for grabs proven by Jake’s murderous land grab. They have no-one to stand up to him if he decides to take the north and as Jake as their District leader they were most likely as good as dead, that, or neutered, collared and caged.".

He placed the drink back on the table beside him and continued

“I will point out that their former leader has betrayed them by abandoning them, left them weak, too weak to take their territory back. If they weren’t, they would have done it already. Their former leaders’ abandonment has allowed them to be slowly hunted down and killed.” He smiled sharply

“ I will make it clear, their choices ere simple; Jake, demons…or me. I at least will let them live in peace, let them regroup, grow strong. I am not interested in running or taking over their pack, but I will offer them and the northern territory community security, and all they need do to get it is support my claim as their District Leader, to stand behind me and answer my call if and when I need them.”

In a way it was the same deal he was making with her. Work with him, work together. Who else did she have to watch her back? To guard her flank? Who else could she trust…be herself with?

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She twittered and closed her wings close to her body as Saraekiel spoke, listening and moving pieces. He sounded convinced of himself, but Zoheret wasn't as sure of his words. There was a bit too much confidence there. His kiss - or rather, her reaction to said kiss - had unsettled her. Once again his daring had gone farther than she had anticipated, but this time he coaxed her pleasure while telling her of his own power. His initiation of the act of intimacy and then trying to take advantage of her position. She would not be seduced. Either their agreement would result in a mutual benefit of pleasure and power, or there would be all-out war between them. She would compromise as was necessary to exist in politics. She would trust. But she had no hand out for Saraekiel to fill. She would fill her own.

Instead of following him deeper into position, she placed her feet firmly on the ground and stood up in one graceful motion. She lingered there for a long moment, her perfect waist at his eye level as she looked down upon him.

"And what assurances do I have that you won't betray me when I openly support your decision as District Leader of the North?" She put her hand in his locks and brushed them to the side of his face with attentive care and an icy gaze. She had chosen her words purposely. Open support. When, not if. She would step off the ledge of peace with this creature because she was being promised the ability to fly. But of course, there were no guarantees in immortality.
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Saraekiel felt regret and disappointment as Zoheret stood up, their game had been fun, and he had hoped Zoheret would have chosen to take it further, and maybe she would, but he doubted it would progress any further tonight.

At her words he visibly relaxed. He had hoped Zoheret would stand with him but he hadn't expected it. Zoheret was a power onto herself and one that should never be taken for granted or underestimated. She was right, he was better with her then against her and he knew there was no one else he could trust, was worthy of his trust.

He stared at her perfect waist before slowly raising his eyes to hers as she looked down upon him and as she pushed his hair back from his face he leaned into her touch before standing up also. Their bodies were no more than a breath away from each other and he could feel the warmth of her pressing against him as he raised his right hand and caressed her face from temple, down across her perfect cheekbone, her cheek and down to her neck before dropping his hand back to his side. There was no power in his touch, it was just a simple and honest caress of appreciation, an acknowledgement of her beauty, her power, both as a female of his race and of herself, for she deserved respect and was worthy of it.

“Assurances? Words are cheap Zoheret, but they are all I have right now. I give you my loyalty” he smiled wryly. Loyalty to him was of utmost importance, he neither offered it lightly or very often and was unbreakable unless they betrayed him, then may the Creator forgive them because he would not. “and my oath to never betray that loyalty. I will stand beside you and behind you. I will watch your back and protect your flank.”

He smiled again though in amusement this time as he continued “I am not swearing obedience, but I will give you my honesty. No more power games between us…unless they are mutually fun ones.” He tilted his head slightly and gave her a considering look. Trusting one of his kind was hard since no one had ever betrayed him as badly or as completely like his own kind had. “However, I expect the same in return. Your loyalty and honesty; argue with me as much as you like, disagree, tell me no, but just be honest and don’t betray me and I will be your best and most loyal ally…and friend, if that is something of worth to you”
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She allowed him to touch her face and neck, but her gaze remained cold and unfriendly. The part of her that enjoyed their tension, his proximity to her, was shoved away to be explored at a different time - perhaps during self-pleasuring moments - and she offered him nothing but an icy business exterior. Zoheret refused to allow herself to be so swayed again by his pretty words and handsome face until he made progress on ending the reign of Jake McCloud. 

"You have both my loyalty and honesty, District Leader." Her hazel eyes flicked onto his lips lingering for a very brief moment before finding those haunting eyes again. "And my resources, should the need arise." She moved away from him with one final stinging glance, retracing her way back to her desk where her attention was captured by the papers and notes she had left for herself earlier, as if he were not there and that tension didn't linger thickly in the air.

"One question before you leave, however." She flicked through her papers on her desk, looking for a page on which to write. Finding a proper one, she lifted a fountain pen and jotted down a thought to get it out of her head, her script neat and narrow. "What sin caused your Fall?"
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He watched her walk away with nothing but admiration and regret. Tonight could have gone so differently, and a part of him admitted giving into Zoheret wouldn't have been so bad, in fact it could have been mind blowingly, soul rippingly great, but, he knew if it had gone down that route then that's all it would have been between them. Sex, and Zoheret would never see him as anything else but a toy and a tool to be used.

Instead he had gained an ally and had earned a modicum of her trust and loyalty, which was of far more value. The tension and the attraction he felt for her was real however and so maybe one day, who knew.

He picked up his coat and started to put it on as he headed to the door when she asked her parting question. it stopped him in his tracks and he looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Now, that was daring and presumptuous in the extreme. There was nothing more personal, more intimate or revealing for their kind than sharing that, except for what made them choose to become dark. She had him in a bind and they both knew it. He had offered honesty and there was no better way to prove it. There was no anger in him however at being maneuvered into revealing so much of himself, in fact he found himself admiring her all the more.

He slowly slipped his arms into his biker jacket and straightened it around him before he answered.

"The worst and most unforgivable sin of all." he finally said before walking to the door. Once there he turned his head and looked at her, waiting till she lifted her honey coloured eyes and met his gaze. They were cold, demanding and impatient as his lips curled upwards in a slow and wicked smile.

Honesty between them then.

"Love, Zoheret. I fell for Love." he admitted with a wink before slipping out the door. Let her think of that as she willed.