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Title: The Longest Time
Post by: Maxpphire on April 01, 2019, 12:15:01 PM
It had been a gloomy day, raining on and off, puddles everywhere, and dark for 3pm. On a very busy street corner stood Dreki, looking rather dishelveled, as if he's been through some kind of harsh event. His blond hair, some of it in a ponytail, some not, missing his shoes and one of his socks. One of his sleeves rolled up to show gauze wrapped around his inner elbow, as if he donated blood or had an iv in or something and the other itself looked like it may have rolled down on its own as the cuff was unbuttoned. His vest was unbuttoned, but his shirt fully buttoned up. Clothes he didn't often wear or in a style he naturally didn't wear. He looked like he dressed up for an event. His eyes had a dead look to them and not the usual intense look that people who knew him, knew he always had.

'Walk forward. Do it. Emma doesn't need you. It's safe to to go forward. Walk. It's ok. You'll be ok.' a voice not his rang out in his head over and over and had overlapped to sound like a mess in his mind. Traffic was moderate, cars whizzed by on the in total 4 lane road. After a few moments he began to walk forward. People would stop their cars short, honked and made their way around him. After some cars had weaved around him, a truck in a lane by the middle of the road with a small trailer behind it stopped short and honked at him to avoid hitting him, the cvan behind that truck had to swerve in the right lane to avoid hitting the truck but didn't slow down much as there was an opening in the traffic. Dreki had entered the right lane by that point when the van who didn't have enough to stop from behind a truck, for sure didn't have enough time to stop for Dreki either, and the two connected. The car that hit him was going roughly 45-50mph on this multi-lane road, enough force to kill a man. Dreki was thrown several feet from the van based on how they hit.

He didn't move for a bit, not even the truck started to move again having witnessed this. The Driver of the van stayed in their car, crying and freaking out, meanwhile the truck driver got out and started to run over to the him. After Dreki had fallen golden wings started to instantly grow from his back, roughly about 7 foot each in length. After they finished he nearly instantly got up, flew to the van that hit him and cleaved the engine in half with a now golden sword he held. He had moved so fast that a shockwave of wind seemed to shoot out from him in all directions, knocking over the truck driver and shaking several cars driving by and behind the truck and van. The van now started to hiss and leak liquids onto road, with the driver having screamed at the sudden destruction of his van, ran out of his van and began to run away from it all, Dreki did not follow, in fact he stood there looking at the van with a dead sort of look in his eye, floating a bit. He landed back down on his feet onto the pavement, his injuries from the car accident now have fully healed. The sword disappeared but the wings, they had not. He stood there for a moment with that dead stare on his look, only for the intense look to finally come back to him.

He collapsed to his hands and knees as he felt some of the most intense pain he had ever felt, he felt physically sick and the last time he remembered feeling this much like garbage was when he first had dealt with being experimented on. He felt like he was in a 120 degree room with how hot he physically felt due to a fever high enough to kill a normal mortal, but his back felt the worst heat wise. It felt like it was legitimately shooting flames out the back of it. He grabbed his chest with his right hand as it seemed to hurt less than his left for some reason he wasn't aware of, his heart beating fast enough that it felt like it was expanding getting ready to explode, as a result his breathing ran ragged as he was having a hard time even doing that among all this pain.

'Good. You're doing good. Keep it up. It will pass soon. Don't worry. This is normal. Keep going.' Kept ringing throughout his head, thoughts that were not his own, he recognized the voice as Dr. Hofflan. He didn't know where he was, what was going on, or what even was happening. He screamed out in pain as his legs buckled a bit more and he moved to be sitting on his shins, leaning all the way forward, his head resting on top of his hand touching the road as his other hand gripped his chest. It was quite the spectacle for the now stopped traffic on one side and the very slowed traffic on the other, people seeing these large golden wings somewhere ahead of them. Some people on the stopped side got out of their cars and walked forward to look at the spectical ahead. The truck driver just sat where he fell over having looked on at Dreki.

"W-what did you do to me?" He asked himself out loud, mumbling, and sounded like he was in a great deal of pain. He was having a hard time gathering his bearings, he could barely even tell that he was outside, and he for sure didn't realize he was in the middle of the road. The van now caught on fire due to the damage done to the engine. Was that Sirens he heard in the background? He couldn't tell, the pain and the overlapping words of Dr. Hofflan in his mind made it hard for him to concentrate on his surroundings.
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Post by: Black Philip on April 06, 2019, 03:07:11 AM
What. The. Fuck?

She’d been driving down the highway, a cigarette precariously hanging from her lips so both hands could be on the wheel. Her partner, an Irish guy named O’Riley, was eating a doughnut as their squad car hummed along. On the radio was latin pop, a mashup of Shakira and Ricky Martin. Detective-Sergeant Lacy Velez wasn’t the biggest fan of either performer, but it was nice to hear lyrics in Spanish, and while O’Riley would be dead if he told any of the boys back at the precinct, she actually hummed along. The cigarette made that a little difficult, but it also looked like this wasn’t the first time she’d balanced driving, smoking, and humming.

“Hey Velez, you going to put on a little show for us later? Maybe a little shakey shakey?”

Men were such pigs. She took a hand off the wheel and tossed the butt of her cigarette onto his lap. “Woah, what the fuck Velez?” he scarmeled to put it out, moving quite liquidly in the car. Lacy smiled.

“First off, it’s Sergeant, Sarge, or Detective Velez,” Lacy scolded. “Second off, make a comment like that again and I’ll have you assigned to desk duty.”

She liked that she could boss this little shit around. He wasn’t used to having a woman as his superior. Well, trial by fire was often the best education for fragile male egos, and he’d been lucky enough to not get lit up.

“You know, Sarge, a joke or two wouldn’t kill you,” the young Irish cop rebutted. She turned to face him. She was going to scold him, educate him about respecting the chain of command, even gave him a dressing down about his uniform, but then the world exploded. Two cars ahead of them a truck with a trailer attached came to a sudden stop. The chasie was too large to look around, so the detective had no idea what caused it. The van behind them swerved, and Lacy had to react fast. She drove the squad car into the shoulder and crashed into it. Airbags were deployed, and a whip lash damaged her neck. O’Riley’s nose was broken from the airbag. She got out her siren and placed it on top of the car. A loud sound and flashing red light let drivers know to stop. Lacy and O'Reilly got out of the car.

She’d been determined to go to the truck and scold him for causing the wreck, but then she saw an angel flying across the sky and attacking the truck with a sword! Sabrina and Wren had told her that angels were real, and after the events of the witches Lacy was able to see this as what it was, a… masquerade disruption? Yeah, that’s what Sabrina had called it. Then the angel cried out in pain and dropped to the ground. She knew she had to contain this quick, and got on the radio.
“I need backup on the cross central expressway,” she yelled. O'Reilly was useless holding his nose. She moved to the angel boy. “Hands up, don’t move.”

She felt guilty arresting an angel, but he’d just shown himself to a ton of mortals, clogged up traffic, and had given her a ton of paperwork to do. She kept her gun stowed as she didn’t want to further antagonize him. She suddenly wished she and Wren had their magic lessons earlier. She wore a policewoman’s uniform, blue and badged. Her hair was in a ponytail and her expression was severe. She hoped Jesus wouldn’t be angry with her for arresting one of her angels. 
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Post by: Maxpphire on April 06, 2019, 07:50:13 AM
His wings had started to dissipate which at least made it no longer feel like flames were shooting out of his back. He had no idea whats going on, where he was, or that he even had wings just then and thats why his back felt like someone lit him on fire. He still felt incredibly warm and like his heart didn't know how to function properly with it beating super fast and erratically. He felt the pavement with his left hand, the coolness felt nice against the burn injury now on his left hand. The roughness didn't feel the best, but it felt better than having it off the pavement. However he felt like he was not in a good spot to be laying down and began to crawl elsewhere, out of the road. He wasn't even sure if this was a road or a parking lot, but he didn't want to risk getting hurt. When he started to move forward he heard a set of words that caused him to stop. "Hands up, don't move" it was said with an air of authority. He had no reason to believe she wasn't a police officer despite her not exactly calling it out.

'You're the victim, don't listen, you just got hit by a car, if anything she should be chasing after the driver of the van who hit you then physically ran away' Rang out in his head as he complied with her request, he had stopped moving and feebly raised his hands in the air, his elbows resting on the pavement, laying on his chest, he could feel his heart beat against the pavement and it felt very uncomfortable. He faced left as he layed his head on the pavement, not only scared about his physical well-being and whatever Dr. Hofflan did to him earlier, but now scared at whatever what about to happen for the rest of the day.

"Shut up, I don't want to get shot." He muttered to himself, basically trying to tell Dr. Hofflan off. When trying to think it, his own thoughts were drowned out by being told that he was the victim and not the perpetrator repeating over and over again. He was physically shaking, he would feel warm to the touch as he did have a high fever, but he would be as compliant as possible with this police officer. His pockets would have his keys all looked to have a series of punched out holes in the big part of the key, his wallet with his ID, his bank cards, and some paper money, all folded up in certain ways based on their denomination, as well as his insurance cards, and his work ID at the local mortal high school.

The final thing in his pocket would be a plastic bag, with a few prescriptions papers yet to be handed into a pharmacy with the Dr. Signature looking like chicken scratch, and a note from Dr. Hofflan in regards on how to take care of Dreki. Explaining that Dreki is blind and just had a procedure done on him to help with that blindness but didn't go into detail about that procedure beyond that. Also it explained to not bring him to a hospital as they would likely accidentally kill him and a detailed table as to what medications and how much he should take when feeling certain symptoms. None of the medications were known for being abusable. The final thing on the piece of paper would be a 'Thank you for taking care of him, Dr. C' as if this doctor expected someone to find Dreki in the aftermath of whatever happened.
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Post by: Black Philip on April 07, 2019, 03:00:45 AM
Lacy didn't discover the contents of Dreki's pockets or touch him. She didn't know how to approach this conversation, or deal with the chaos this wreck had caused. She cautiously moved in with handcuffs and put the boy in them. She had no car to move him though, and so she directed O'Riley to stop being useless and check on the van driver. She kept one hand on her gun belt. This angel seemed disoriented and was talking to someone who wasn't really there. Was he just crazy? Did he hear the voice of God? She crouched down into a shortstop stance, and showed her badge.

"Detective Sargent Lacy Velez," she identified. "Do you need to go to a hospital?"

If not, she'd be taking him to the station for questioning. She'd search him then.
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When she asked if he needed a hospital he almost said yes, but the voice in his head kept saying no so quickly and so loudly that it nearly sounded like gunshots going off in his head. He winced as it was giving him a very quick and fast headache.

"N-no" He feebly spoke to Lacy, his hands now secured behind his back, as soon as he spoke, the voice in his head stopped telling him no. He felt like he probably needed to, his upper back hurt really bad, and so did his left hand. He also felt incredibly sick, for the first time in years he just wanted to curl up in his bed and rest, but he would hate to see what happened if he had said yes, on what Dr. Hofflan would do to him if he disobeyed. Emma would probably get involved, thats the last thing he wanted. He didn't seem to really acknowledge her badge, but more her words.

"What do you need from me? I'll be compliant." He mentioned, with a tired and slightly scared tone of voice, figuring the sooner he could get this all over with the sooner he could sleep. No point in fighting it, would just make things last longer and cops were known for being assholes if you were one back to them first, and he didn't want that.
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Post by: Black Philip on April 08, 2019, 08:29:19 AM
Lacy had seen many criminal masterminds, and this kid wasn't it. He also looked like shit. He was obviously not well, and there might be some pysch stuff happening too. She pulled out her phone and then realized Sabrina and Wren didn't have cellphones. Fucking witches, she thought, realizing for now she was on her own. She'd run back to the Parlor later to ask Sabrina for information on angels, but for now she had to get this kid off the highway. Another set of squad cars had forced their way though the growing pile up. O'Riley and the van's driver, who was having a panic attack, were placed in an ambulance.

"I need you to come with me to the station to answer some questions," she explained. She'd help him up and lead him to a squad car. She pulled rank, and told the officers in question to help clean up the wreck and get traffic moving. She put Dreki in the back, helping him to mind his tall head. Once inside she closed the door and lit a smoke. There weren't enough of these glorious little tobacco sticks to get through the day. She got into the car, and turned on the radio. More Latin pop played and she started driving towards her home station. It was located in the Brazilian Quarter and had a few special cells for super strong types.

"So what's your story kid," she asked back to Dreki. Perhaps she could get most of her info before they got there. 
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He physically complied and moved with her, and once in the car he just kind of layed on his side in back to the best of his ability and closed his eyes, to at least relax a little on the ride. Taking in the Latin Pop music playing, wondering if she spoke Spanish or was some form of Latinx.

"Story?" He asked back, a little dazed. He wasn't exactly sure what she meant by that. Like his life story? The story of how he ended up in the middle of the road in Pain? He wasn't sure how detailed she wanted so he decided to stick to what he knew of the days events anyway.

"If you mean for just today," 'Be careful on what you say, don't tell her about the facility, don't cause us trouble.' He winced hearing the thought enter his head, being talked to like this gave him a bit of a headache, "I don't remember much, just a doctor's appointment, being on my way home, then all of a sudden being in pain on the ground and you telling me to raise my hands." He explained, figuring he would do his best to answer her questions while not allowing the facility rally know whats going on. He could tell that Dr. Hofflan either had eyes on him, had him bugged, or something. He also had no idea how he was being fed these messages in his mind because he knew he wasn't wearing any ear pieces, but he wanted them to stop.
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Lacy watched the road mostly, but spared a look in the rearview mirror to inspect her little angel. She’d asked the story question so open ended because she was always amazed what perps would confess to when they didn’t think they were being interrogated. His interpretation that she meant for today was fine for now. She did want to know how he’d ended up where he was. The doctor’s appointment made sense considering how sick he was, but what kind of doctor treated angels? She flicked her ash out the driver’s side window.

“Who’s your doctor,” she asked. “I should call them and tell them what happened and that you’re still looking pretty sick.”

She took the exit for the Brazilian Quarter. They’d be at the station soon.
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"Don't worry about that, he's aware already. He mentioned to get what rest I can and that I need to ride it out." He sounded almost annoyed with that word aware, almost as if he was annoyed with his doctor. In a way keeping anything facility related out of the conversation, half to protect him and half to protect her. She was a normal mortal, he'd hate to see her get mixed up with the facility like he had. He had no idea of the facility had the police in their pocket or not, but it wouldn't surprise him.

He started to focus on the Latin Pop music that was playing during the ride when she wasn't asking questions, translating the lyrics in his head, giving himself something to do while he waited for this car ride to be over. He just wanted this day to be over with at this point, he wanted to rest, not talk. And to particularly not talk to the police, but he figured whatever came next, the Facility brought it upon themselves for making a public spectacle of him. Dr. Hofflan was quick to remind him otherwise however, 'Oh don't think like that, what would Emma have to say to those thoughts hrm? I swear she is better behaved than you are, sometimes I wonder if we should have experimented on her instead and have just let you age out of the foster system.'
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Lacy may not have had special powers, crazy abilities, or sacred purpose but she was an excellent cop, and knew when she was getting the run around. He hadn't answered her original question about who the doctor was, and while the second half of his answer might make sense under a different context, this kid was supernatural. Was he protecting more of his own people? She pulled into the parking lot, and put the butt of her cigarette in the ash tray. A Shakira song in Spanish was playing as she turned off the engine. The detective turned her head towards the back seat.

"I'm going to take you in for questioning. You caused a major wreck and attacked people. If you cooperate I won't charge you, but I will be turning you over to the supernaturals in charge of this part of town if you don't."

She didn't bother to be nice about it. She needed answers, and he was being cagey at best.

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"I, don't remember the accident or attacking anyone." He mentioned still laying back there. "But I'll answer what I can." He spoke the truth, mostly worried about Emma if he answered the wrong thing. He was worried knowing that the facility was somehow listening. Then it hit him, Dr. Hofflan didn't seem like a vampire, he didn't feel different from mortals. Sure he could mentally talk to Dreki, likely something to do with the procedure as it never happened before it either. He wondered if a listening device was on him. He hoped if there was they would find it before the interrogation.

'Don't say anything that would harm us' Dr. Hofflan kept repeating in his mind, as he sat up ready to try and be ready for when Lacy opens the door for him.
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Lacy didn't care about his memory. She had enough evidence to convict him twelve times. There were dozens of witnesses, camera footage from the highway, the actual damaged vehicle - which was obviously not from a wreck, etc. If this kid wanted to help himself he needed to give more than I don't remember.

"Let's go inside," she said, getting out the car and helping the angel-boy out. She led him peacefully into the station, going back a massive front counter. Beat cops, other detectives, and criminals were all moving around like a well oiled machine. Dreki would hear a million phones ringing, printers printing, and voices a plenty. He would be sat in a plastic chair, catty corner to a desk. "Wait here," she instructed, moving to the main desk to get a room. The desk clerk on duty assigned her one, and within five minutes she was back at the desk, and moving Dreki once more. If he'd tried to go through her desk, a beat cop would've stopped. She ran her unit tight as a drum.

"Follow me," she said, once more, guiding the blind boy along to an interrogation room. He'd be put in another plastic chair, with a table in front of him. Lacy sat and lit another cigarette. She was a pack a day kind of smoker.

"So, we're alone, unobserved. Tell me about the wings and sword, angel."

Let's see what he makes of that, she thought smugly.
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He followed her willingly, the noise of office made his headache worse. He sat in the plastic chair and leaned forward to rest his head on the table, closing his eyes waiting for her to question him. When she called him out for being an angel, he opened his eyes.

"I'm not sure what you mean by wings or sword." He explained speaking the truth. "Very perceptive of you to notice I'm part angel, you seem like a normal mortal however. I've only ever had other supernatural beings comment on that and even so, they never assumed and only asked what I was. What tipped you off?"

He let a few things known there. That he was only part angel and not full, that he's met supernatural beings before, and that apparently it was hard to outright guess he was part angel. He wasn't good at keeping things like that hidden, at the same time didn't acknowledge a sword or wings.
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"The wings and sword," Lacy replied bluntly to Dreki's question about what tipped her off. This kid was playing dumb really well, although now she knew he was only part angel as opposed to a gift from god on high. She also didn't like that "normal mortal" talk, and scowled in his direction. It was about time someone stood up for the normal mortals of this city. She was still learning about the things who controlled the city by night. She knew about witches now, and now thanks to Dreki here, angels. Vampires she had a large theoretical knowledge base. She'd cleaned up their messes, seen them from a far, and had heard stories of mortal becoming obsessed with and worshiping them like gods. Sabrina had also mentioned demons. The mortal police woman's knowledge was growing by the day.

"Well us normal mortals aren't stupid," she chastised, letting him know he could keep his condescending praise to himself. "What made you part angel? I assume you weren't born like that."

She was taking a stab in the dark. Her assumption could easily have been wrong. However, he didn't say half angel, as in one of my parents is and the other isn't, and therefore part angel made her think that someone made him that way.
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"I didn't mean to have the phrase Normal Mortals to mean stupid or bad or anything. I mean that in a way of I used to be a normal mortal too, but now I'm not. If I could do it over again I clearly wouldn't and would have liked to stay as a normal mortal. What happened to me wasn't worth it." He explained his phrasing a bit more.

"That being said I was altered with a medical procedure. I was really sick throughout most of it so I don't quite remember much of my time there except they didn't expect me to live through the procedure's after effects. I was 16 years old when I decided I wanted to try it, with the procedure taking place not long after I turned 18. I did it because I wanted to be able to see, I still might as well be blind because at best I can see outlines of objects and people. I don't need a seeing cane anymore, but really, I don't think anyone would have given as much of a shit about it as an adult, compared to how I was bullied as a child for it." He said trying to explain as much as he could to satisfy her thirst for knowledge without giving too much away. At the same time he wasn't lying, he wasn't lying about any of it. Then a thought hit him. The feeling of flames shooting out of his back and how it felt like he burned his left hand yet again, maybe that was what she meant by wings and sword?

"Although it seems as if I have powers I'm still not fully aware of. You mentioned a sword and wings, I have no memory of that, unless the feeling of fire shooting out of my back right before you talked was the wings?" He asked in a curious tone. "Was I holding this sword with my right or left hand? If it was my left, it would explain why it currently feels like I've placed it on a turned on stovetop or something."
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Lacy started taking notes, as the kid had cracked a lot faster than she thought he would. It was almost disappointing. She didn't even get to play bad cop. Still, she scribbled as he spoke of medical procedures and blindness. It explained the odd juxtaposition between where his eyes scanned and how he navigated, and it was all very interesting. However, it also sounded massively illegal. Human genetics testing and splicing with angels had to be unethical, and eighteen or not there was no way this guy could've fully consented, especially if he truly didn't know about the wings and swords. Was this all to really just make him not blind?

"It was the left," she confirmed, watching his reaction for authenticity.

"Okay kid," She began, leaning back in her seat and stretching her arms. "I need to know the name of the place that did this to you. I believe you're not responsible for what happened today, but someone is and I need to know who to charge. If you help in my investigation I'll get the DA to press no charges and let you go free. I'll also not give you to the vampires who run this part of town even though I'm supposed to. They will not be as reasonable as me I promise you that."

She crossed her arms over her chest and waited for an answer. She didn't comment on any of the bullying talk, or express empathy over his blindness. It wasn't that she didn't feel those things. It was that she needed to know he'd cooperate before she showed him any humanity. It was tough being a bitch, but somebody had to do it.
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He curiously flexed his left hand, having winced a little in the process. He looked angry, after all under the fresh burn was what? A 10 year old burn scar. They knew. They had to have known. They purposefully kept it from him, that and the person who he was supposed to train with died in an accident. Was he that accident? Why didn't they tell him? He couldn't even figure out what the point of keeping that a secret from him was, but I suppose it made sense why they stopped teaching him how to fight. Guess they didn't want him killing any more of their projects. Also he began to believe maybe he wasn't bad at fighting as much as they wanted him to believe.

"I, actually don't know the name of the place." He fully admitted. "They tend to pick me up at various points in the city that they ask me to wait at. They mostly communicate with me via phone but they spoof their number. All the numbers in my phone the first 6 digits are all either 0s or 5s and the last 4 all being different." He then thought of something, something that might help Lacy out better, but he could still feel Dr. Hofflan's or at least someones presence in his mind.

"Can you get me a pen and paper please?" He asked, "My handwriting isn't the best, but I promise you, it should be readable." He was really hoping that Lacy was picking up on what he was trying to put down. He figured that if they were looking through his eyes, then they too wouldn't be able to read what he writes down, provided he doesn't look so they can't see how the pen moves, then he's hoping this should be his golden ticket so to speak.
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Lacy's eyes narrowed and her mouth hung open just a tad. This whole thing was DEFINITELY illegal. Strange cars picking him up at various points sounded sketchy, and blocking out a phone number suggested criminal activity. She then heard his request for a pen and paper and tore a page out of her book and slid it over with her pen. She'd seen prisoners turn them into shanks before, but she was armed, and if he was going to attack her it would be with that sword and not her pen.

"Sure thing kid," she said in answer. "After you're done writing empty your pockets."

She wasn't sure what angle he was working, but she was clever enough to know he was working one. She would wait and play cool. If he was bullshitting it would be clear soon enough.
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He closed his eyes and faced away from from the paper, as he gripped the pen in his left and used his right as almost like a guide so the letters wouldn't overlap one another at least, it was crooked but when he was done he slid them both back over to her. The lines were shaky but readable and clearly the penmanship was that of someone who couldn't really see what they were doing.

'They adopted me at 16 along with a 7 year old girl, after a newsstory caught their attention. 14 years ago I saved that girl from her dad. News stories would mention my blindness, that she was mentally disabled, and that her dad was a pedophile. I want there to be a papertrail. I want us to be free.' The note simply said, he was hoping it would lead Lacy to better answers than what he could give her.

After he slid that over he emptied his pockets, starting with his left pocket on his pants to pull out his phone and wallet. When he went for his keys in his right pocket, he also found a ziplock bag that he wasn't expecting. He was fairly confused by it as it felt like it had something soft inside of it to him. Either way he put it on the table for Lacy, he had no idea what it was but hoped that whatever it was, that it would help, not hurt, his situation.
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Lacy read the account, and it brought so many more questions than answers.Dreki seemed to want to keep these people from knowing what was going on, which begged the question. Were they watching? She needed to get Dreki to Sabrina. She might have magic that would let Dreki speak more freely. She pocketed the account, not trusting the other officers in the office to know what was going on. She wanted to ask so many questions, but now she was unsure what to say or who to trust. She examined Dreki's belongings as a way to stall while she thought about what to do.

The items were fairly common except the bag. She had no idea what was in it, and so avoided touching it. She figured this would be a safe route to question. Meanwhile she pulled out her phone and texted the front desk help line, requesting a new car. This party needed to move. She would take him to the Parlor.

"What's in the bag," she asked, as she typed. She wanted to tell him that she was going to help him, that he and the girl would be safe. However, with them listening, or watching, or whatever they were doing, it wasn't the right moment to make those kinds of assurances.
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"Honestly I'm not sure." He mentioned, "I didn't have it when I went into my doctor's appointment today." He unziped it with shaking hands, not out of fear, but out of physical pain. He reached in and pulled out a bunch of paper. In particular one normal sized piece of paper, with about 8 smaller squares of paper. He looked confused as he couldn't tell what was all on it, but it was basically 7 prescriptions and notes on how to use them. None of the prescriptions were anything that people could form habits on or abuse, and by the note in the bag it was clear they expected someone to find Dreki. He felt the papers, trying to see if there was any from of bumps or holes he could read but there was none. The note mentioned the prescriptions would help specifically with Headaches, Seizures, GI Distress, Extreme changes in heartrate/bloodpressure, Fever, Pain, Breathing difficulties, and Muscle Weakness. The note mentioned that he might not even experience some of these.

He sighed and layed his head back down on the table, figuring that Lacy could read just fine. He felt nauseous, a mix from him being sick to nervousness as to whats going to happen. He closed his eyes in attempts to mild relaxation, but the look on his face did indicate he was in a bit of pain. He breathed through his mouth and it was a bit haggard as if it was a bit of a struggle trying to breathe. He was trying to relax the best he could while in the police department, but it was difficult, particularly with being questioned about all of this stuff, sitting down, the cold hardness that was the plastics and metals of the table and chairs. His vision and ability to see was certainly suffering for it, and he wasn't even sick before the appointment. He knew that Dr. Hofflan did something to him during that appointment, he just wasn't sure what.
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Clack clack clack clack.

You could set your watch to the report of her sensible heels on the way through the station. Her advance on the hapless desk jockies drew the attention of the assorted junkies and police personnel engaged in the cycle of justice in the precinct waiting area. Her lips, pressed into an impassive dash, bore a faint nude shade. Her eyes, implacably focused, were only faintly outlined. Her hair, auburn brown, was worn in a pixie that seemed more utilitarian than whimsical. She stood just over five-and-a-half feet in those heels, a far cry from a figure that most would consider intimidating, but she was intimidating all the same. Her garb was unremarkable save for its spotlessness and paucity of wrinkles- navy skirt, white blouse, navy jacket, probably off the rack. What she truly wore was authority. She was not a beautiful woman, but her compact, athletic form and severity blended (perhaps too soft a word) into something as it was untouchable.

She halted in front of the desk and waited to be addressed, holding a slim briefcase in unremarkable brown leather at her side.

"Ma'am...?" The green officer behind the desk glanced nervously to his right at a colleague who was suddenly paying very keen attention to the log book in front of him.

She withdrew a passport-sized folio from her briefcase and slid it toward him, all the while pinning him in place with her dull brown eyes.

"Agent Waters of the DHHS." Her tone was clipped, but mostly bored. Inside the folio was a slim badge and identification that would verify her identity under any degree of scrutiny. "Your captain should already have gotten a call." The officer was still looking over her credentials. He nodded egregiously.

"Umm, yes, ma'am, I mean, Agent Waters. If you'd like to have a se-" She cut him off with a glare. "Right. I'll just get my sergeant." He backed away slowly before quick-stepping off to find someone of a sufficient pay-grade. She reclaimed possession of her documentation, but kept it close in hand. The officer returned with a slightly older man who seemed decidedly less deferential- at least until he laid eyes on Agent Waters. He waved off his subordinate and approached her, keeping the desk between them.

"Captain Pask is occupied, but I've been instructed to assist you in any way I can." There was a grudging note to his tone. In his ample experience, the appearance of federal agents seldom meant less paperwork. "Would you like to come to the office? Coffee? Wa-" Again, a single glare. Her features weren't particularly expressive- it was just a hardening of the eyes, but it was undeniably effective.

"That won't be necessary. I'm here about a Caucasian male, mid-twenties, shoulder-length blond hair, involved in a recent traffic incident and disturbance report. He was taken here from the scene by one of your detectives, I understand."

The sergeant and officer shared a glance. "You work quick," the sergeant offered mildly. "Velez has him in Room 4." He smirked.

She stared at him. He had nearly a foot of height on her, but she managed to appear condescending all the same.

"Let me show you to her," he grunted, peeling away from the desk to do just that. A general sense of ease settled over the area as she departed.

"Gotta say, been on the job a while and never had a call from Health."

She didn't seem to have heard him. Clack clack clack clack clack.

The sergeant knocked heavily at the door to Room 4, eager to make Waters someone else's problem. For her part, the presumed agent of the Department of Health and Human Services waited at near-attention, her briefcase held with both hands against her hips.
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Lacy looked at the various papers, and quickly transferred the name of the pharmacy the medications were prescribed to into her journal. She didn't touch the evidence directly but would be bagging it soon. This whole case was getting big. She had to move Dreki. If he was being watched then only Sabrina, Wren and Siobhan could protect him.

"Listen kid, I want to take you to a safe place. You have to trust I'm not with them."

She kept her voice free of attitude for once, even relaxing her stone cold eyes to try and show the kid a bit of heart. She was about to tell him to move, but then a knock came at the door.


"Stay seated," she instructed, getting up and moving to the door cautiously. She cracked it open, and looked at the suit and bad haircut on the other side. She had a slick edge Lacy didn't like, and her eyes narrowed.

"Yeah," she said bluntly, clearly giving the signal she wasn't needed or wanted here.
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"Thanks" Dreki spoke in a genuine appreciative tone, despite sounding tired. He  was taking a leap trusting her, but he felt this was currently his best option. He winced as the door was knocked upon, as the noise bombarded his already debilitating headache. He did as Lacy asked and generally didn't move. He didn't want to move anyway, already feeling as sick as he did. Either he was going to vomit or collapse if he stood up right now anyway and just stayed in his seat, but would listen to the conversation. Thankful his ears were still as sensitive as ever thanks to his blindness, and the headache made things feel more sensitive than the usual. He was silently focusing on their interaction, he didn't like the fact that they were interrupted, and was concerned that this meant something bad.
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The sergeant glanced between Lacy and Waters, measuring something. It was hard to tell exactly what he was wondering- maybe what they looked like without clothes on, maybe who could take whom in a fight, or maybe just which was the bigger bitch.

"This is Agent Waters. Captain says we should play nice." The words had a slight edge to them, and a note of commiseration. He wouldn't wish federal jurisdictional interference on his worst enemy. He offered both of them a nod before moving off.

Waters met Lacy's annoyed gaze evenly. "Thank you, sergeant," she imparted flatly without looking away from the detective who was partially visible through the slim gap between door and frame.

"I represent the Department of Health and Human Services." She remained still and unsmiling as she regarded Lacy. "If you could secure your suspect so we can speak privately, I'd appreciate your cooperation. This won't take long, I promise." She was brusque and commanding, but polite, and not unkind. Her gaze didn't drift from Lacy for an instant- no sneaked peeks through the door, no glances down the corridor. Her focus was intense, and possibly impressive.
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Lacy didn't enjoy the way the woman spoke, so neutral and unnerving.  The stare was impressive, as it was usually Lacy who gave them. Still, she'd stared down the major, the chief of police and the men who lived in her building, so she felt she could handle Miss Federal on the other side of the door. She weighed her options. The department was weird, Health and Human Services, and it concerned her that this facility may be legal. Then again, this bitch could be lying. She decided she could check her credentials while they spoke.

"Give me a minute," she barked, slamming the door in the other woman's face, a gush of hair puffing through the crack. She turned back to Dreki, and moved towards him, whispering quietly. "I'm going to lock you in and post one of my guys outside. Nobody will come in. Let me get rid of her." She reached out and grabbed the boy's hand. "I won't let her take you anywhere."

With that she stood up, and moved back to the door, opening it and pushing her body out quickly and slamming the door behind her. Despite the speed, her moments seemed still and in control. Her face read as hard bitch, and she definitely let this Fed know she wasn't here to make friends.

"We can speak in my office," she relented. "Officer Murphy," she called out to the rookie nearby. "Please get Officer Vasquez and post him in front of this door. Nobody in or out without my authorization. My authorization. Understand?"

The rookie nodded with the right amounts of fear and respect and scampered off. Lacy turned back to the pixie cut woman and crossed her arms, silent as she waited. The requested officer came and regarded Lacy with the respect given her rank, standing mute outside the door. Now satisfied her prisoner was well guarded, she barked, "follow me" to the other woman and took her into a private office a few meters down the hall.

It was nothing impressive. It looked worked in. Papers were in various states of organizations. There were no personal affects, or sense of being lived in. She had a single picture frame facing the inner side of her desk, invisible to the person sitting in the guest's chair. The furniture was wood with fake leather upholstery. "Sit down," the said,  doing so herself and lighting a cigarette. An ashy tray sat within her arms length. It was the first indication a single occupant used this space. "Well," she said expectantly, wanting this chat to be over quickly so she could move Dreki to the Parlor.     
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She remained impassive, giving the officer who would be guarding the door to the interview room a succinct appraisal before falling into step behind Lacy.

Clack clack clack clack.

She quartered the office neatly in a quick appraisal before easing into the seat on the outside of the desk. Once seated, she opened her briefcase and withdrew her identification. She leaned forward just enough to slide it halfway across the desk and then righted herself. Her posture was, probably unsurprisingly, impeccable.

She paused only long enough for Lacy to inspect her credentials. "I'd appreciate it if you could bring me up to speed regarding your suspect, Detective. I understand there was an automobile accident?" She let the briefcase rest on her lap, with her hands folded atop it neatly.
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He listened carefully to this Agent Waters and Lacy quickly converse. It worried him that this person from the Department of Heath and Human services was here, and that Dr. Hofflan was incredibly quiet. He heard Lacy close the door and come back to him. He let her lock him down again without issue, not like he was going to go anywhere on his own anyway given how much like shit he felt. When she grabbed his hand, he lightly gripped hers to let her know he was indeed still listening.

"Thank you." He weakly said as he closed his eyes and rested his head on the table. He made note of her words that no one else would come in here nor that Lacy would let this person take him away from the police department. He would do his best to relax, chained to the table, and attempt to get some sleep in before she came back. It would be a very light sleep if at all so he would wake up again easily if bothered. He wondered what they were going to talk about. He declined his trip to a hospital after all, Dr. Hofflan even told him very harshly to decline it. He had an idea if for whatever reason Lacy's hand was forced. He was thinking in several ways to keep himself with Lacy for now until things got sorted out. He thought in Japanese in some attempts to keep Dr. Hofflan out of what he was planning.
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Lacy took her time looking over the federal i.d. It had all the things it was supposed to have; the watermarks in the right places, the seal of the federal government appearing in direct light, even the cut of the badge was regulation. Agent Waters sounded like a fake ass name, but with nothing to base that on, other than the name sounding stupid, she relented that perhaps she was just being paranoid. She'd tell this woman the parts she'd tell any mortal officer, the stuff that would be going in her report.

"He was involved in a multi car pile up not far from here," Lacy began, keeping all emotion out of her voice. Well, she did let in her annoyance, but that had been present since she opened the door. "No deaths thankfully. He walked directly into the middle of traffic. One car stopped dead, another swerved into the shoulder. After that it was pile up for about an eighth of a mile back. My car was first on the scene."

She waited until the woman asked more specific questions. No use giving her more than was needed.
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She listened, quiet and still. Her chin dipped once, a minimal nod, when Lacy seemed to be finished speaking. For the first time, her features held a readable expression: thoughtfulness.

"I'll level with you, Detective. Please understand that there are things that I can't tell you." Was that a note of sympathy in her voice? She leaned forward to retrieve her credentials and tucked them away before continuing.

"I have reason to believe that Dreki is in danger, and may pose a danger to others as well." She paused, and her lips pressed together. Lacy might get the impression that she was filtering through the information available, deciding what was and wasn't safe to share with a plain-clothes. "He spent some time at a facility run by individuals that the DHHS has been actively investigating for... well, I can't tell you how long. While there, it's probable that he was subjected to procedures that are decidedly not FDA approved." Was that a wry smile? It was gone as soon as it appeared, if it had ever been there at all. "I believe there's a high likelihood that they will attempt to locate him, and an equally high likelihood that he could help us finally get our hands on them." A slight edge entered her voice toward the end.

"They are not nice people, Detective. We've done the best we can for other... patients... but none have been coherent enough to give us anything tangible. He could be the key to all of it."

She'd been looking at Lacy all the while, making eye-contact, if it was available. Agent Waters was hard to read, but there were tinges of disgust, annoyance, and even a few shreds of hope sprinkled throughout her explanation. If Lacy noticed nothing else, it would be hard to miss the woman's defining quality: conviction.
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So the feds were investigating these creeps. That was a good thing and a bad thing in Lacy's eyes. It meant that these assholes were not the government, and that made her feel relief. However, it also meant that the investigation was clearly outside CPD jurisdiction, and Agent Waters had more or less told her this case was out of her hands without actually saying it. Slick bitch. Of course, there was another possibility. This woman could be from the facility and this whole thing could be a cover up, and if she transferred Dreki it would be to his death. She chose her next move carefully.

"If I give him to you," she began, making it sound like she was well within her right to refuse. "I'll need him to report back here in three days time to give me written testimony concerning the wreck. Otherwise, I'll have to hold him and charge him for reckless endangerment among a few other minor offenses."

Local cops could sometimes stay involved by clawing into a particular witness. Then again, she had yet another offer. "Also, my department is interested in bringing these people down, and you'll find our level of expertise useful. Perhaps you could speak to your superior about a joint effort?"

Now she was faking polite, although not with the same degree of success as her guest.

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Waters' intense focus shifted slightly, as if she were appraising Lacy in a new light in the wake of her stipulation. She didn't respond for a count of five. Finally her chin dipped in a nod. "That can be arranged. 72 hours. I'll bring him back myself." She tapped the edge of her briefcase, still weighing the woman across the desk from her, considering the rest of her proposal.

A faint smile played out on her lips. "We aren't even sure if they're operating directly in this municipality yet, Detective. Rest assured, though, that we will make use of local law enforcement resources... should it become necessary." She rose to her feet. Once standing she reached into her briefcase again. She withdrew a small silver case and used her thumbnail to pry it open. She offered Lacy a business card before stowing the case once more.

"My direct line... if you think of anything that might help my investigation, of course." The smile was still there, like the flame of an almost-spent candle, somehow persisting. She shifted the briefcase under one arm and smoothed her garments. "Now, let's get our suspect into protective custody, shall we?"
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It was a don't call us, we'll call you, unless you have stuff for our investigation type response. Typical fed pricks, leaving out the actual folks on the ground who knew the city.  Lacy stood, taking the offered card with a quick snatch. She didn't expect to get a rise out of agent stone face, but she hoped for a fraction of a millisecond, she worried her. She started walking them back to the interrogation room, and relieved Officer Vasquez.

"Let me talk to him first. Two minutes."

It wasn't a request, and her body blocked the door. She wasn't planning anything too crazy, but she did have an idea how to help Dreki, even if she couldn't be near him.
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Waters nodded slightly. "I have a call to make. Keep him here, please. I might be a few minutes."

She extracted a slim phone from her jacket pocket as she walked further down the corridor. Apparently whatever she was attending to didn't require more privacy than that.
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He had his eyes closed and was resting on the table, he was still very much awake given how the position he was in wasn't exactly comfortable, but he couldn't wait for this all to be over. He would have moved into a more comfortable position if he could but being handcuffed to the desk prevent that, and he didn't really move much after Lacy had left the room. He waited patiently and was unaware that Lacy and Waters were just right outside the door.
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Lacy went into the room once Waters was on her call. She closed the door and moved to grab her chair pulling it close to Dreki. She took his hand again, and started to explain that this woman was going to place him in protective custody, but that she'd have to bring him back in seventy-two hours so that she could make sure he was okay, and even promised to file a missing persons report if Waters didn't come through. She told him what Waters knew about the facility, and that since it was the feds calling she had to give him up.

"I don't like it kid, but the laws the law. I do have something for you though."

She took off her cross necklace. It had been given to her by her Aunt Daphne. Now in her free hand she blew on it, closing her eyes and praying. She thought about all that Wren had shown her the other day, and that she had to believe in her own power if anything was to work.

Protect him from harm.

She felt a small rush, and for the tiniest of moments the cross glowed. She placed it around his neck.

"This will hopefully keep you safe," she said, unsure if the spell worked or if she had the power to do something like a protection charm. However, it made her feel a bit better about sending him off with this agent Waters. "Any questions?"
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He held her hand back as he listened to her explain the situation, and her thoughts. A sad smile appeared on his face as he knew, he had an idea anyway. A small chuckle left his mouth.

"I appreciate the charm." He spoke genuinely and gave her whatever insight he could. "If it is them, he won't kill me. I'm not fully sure what he will have done to me, but he's stopped me from killing myself more than what should be worth it for him. He wants me alive. I can't promise I'll remember you, so please don't hold that against me. You know where I live, I'm.not a hard man to find. I can't promise you I can give you much beyond that." He explained to her in hopes that she would find him again, and if she does, to not be too hard on him. He would for sure keep the necklace safe.

"If it isn't them, hopefully I'll feel better in the next few days and maybe we can chat better then." He said with a hopeful smile but at the same time knew it was highly unlikely. That if such a department existed and was investigating this, they would have contacted him ages ago by now. After all, his adoption had to have some legal footprint behind, didn't it? He was convinced that it must have.
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Lacy listened as Dreki explained the possibilities of what might happen to him.. This wasn’t a perfect fit. She knew it, but this was the best one she had. A final idea popped into her head, but she didn’t have the piece of gear she needed in the room. She rose. “See you soon kid,” she hummed, before uncuffing him from the table and helping him stand up. She’d need to be quick. After opening the door, she waited for agent Waters to finish her call.

“Agent Waters this is the suspect, Dreki. Dreki meet Agent Waters from the Department of Health and Human Services. I’ll see you in seventy-two hours.”

She said all this as publicly as possible, and Officer Vasquez in particular seemed surprised his CO was speaking in this way. Lacy was known as Officer Tight Lips - one of many demeaning names made for her by Ben - and so they wouldn’t be used to the way she was currently speaking.

“Officer, please take Agent Waters to the front desk and have her fill out and sign the discharge paperwork. Dreki go with her. I’ll be right back.”

She smiled and seemed much more pleasant than before. It pained her to paint a grin, but it couldn’t be helped. Once Waters was knee deep in unneeded paperwork, something she’d likely notice as a Fed, Lacy slipped a pen into Dreki’s right pant pocket. She tried for subtlety, and didn’t see the agent look, but was well aware she might’ve noticed. Once the pen was in place she nodded at the group and went back to her office. She could track him now, the pen really being a cover for a GPS device. It wasn’t legal technically, but none of this was normal, and if Dreki’s mind was really going to be wiped, tracking his location in the next few hours might be the only way to find him again.
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He had gotten up with Lacy's help, but instantly felt dizzy. After a moment of regaining his bearings, he followed her out the door to meet Agent Waters. Something about her had felt familiar and he already knew that was a bad sign. It could have also just him currently being sick and throwing his senses all out of wack, he would wait for her to speak before trusting his gut.

"Hello" He respectfully said with a feeble tone when Lacy introduced the two of them, and when she spoke back, he did recognize her voice. Not as someone he really interacted with, but as someone he had heard around the facility. Thats when he heart sank to his stomach, he knew he was about to be in for a not good time, and had no way of relaying this to Lacy. The look on his face could easily be taken out of the context that he was sick rather than he heard the voice. He followed her to the front and leaned against the front desk. He didn't even feel the pen enter his pocket, but thats what happens when your clothes are about a size too big for you. He had noticed that Lacy had come by again. He wanted a way to kind of let her know what was going on but had no idea what happened between Lacy and Waters and wasn't sure what would be considered safe, lest whatever punishment he gets grows tenfold.

He stayed quiet while waiting for her to fill out the paperwork, and would continue to unless spoken to. Otherwise he would just move with whomever was asking him to move.
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Waters was already finished with her phone call, walking back toward the interview room when Lacy emerged.

One eyebrow arched perfectly as the detective made a public show of the hand-off, but she otherwise remained as poised and nonplussed as ever.

"Thank you, Detective."

Her features remained placid as she regarded Dreki. "We're going to find a safe place to put you until we come back to help the detective close the books on her investigation. That should give us time to find a more permanent arrangement for you."

Her gaze slipped to meet Lacy's. If she was irritated by the power-move of tying her up in one last bit of red tape, it didn't show.

Clack clack clack clack. She moved with sure strides to the desk and dispatched the paperwork with brutal efficiency. It seemed to absorb her focus entirely for the duration, and when she was finally finished, she tucked the pen she'd withdrawn to complete it back into her brief case.

She reached out, laying her hand gently on Dreki's shoulder. "Come with me." Her tone was not unkind, but it was a command rather than a request. She shot one more look to Lacy. "See you in seventy-two hours."

With that she urged Dreki along with her toward the exit.
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Lacy watched Dreki leave with Agent Waters. She wondered if she'd ever see him again. She hoped her tracker would work, and that her spell would protect him. It was her first attempt at magic without Wren's help. Once the pair was gone, Lacy returned to her office and slammed it shut. The rest of the unit knew now was not the time to disturb her. She started to chain smoke and went over the events of the day. A traffic accident caused by a blind angel who was both not really blind, or at least not in a traditional way, and actually wasn't an angel. This shit was starting to pile up, and now she had the witch to investigate and this facility. Screw Waters. She'd do her own investigation, and she bet she could solve it faster than the feds anyway. She fired up her computer, and used her secure login to the program that managed the GPS trackers. She turned it on.

Show me where to look for you Dreki, she thought, drinking the stale, black coffee that had been sitting on her desk since morning. It was cold and tasted like shit.

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He had tensed up everytime she had touched him, but followed her lead, knowing that the rest of his day was likely going to be filled with a not great time. When they got outside, he got into the backseat of her car without issue and layed down the whole ride, refusing to speak much like how he was at while at the police station, already knowing where they were headed. Once they got there, he got out without much fuss and followed her in. Once in they had to pass through security, which was much like an airport's but tighter. He removed everything from his pockets, not expecting the pen but also figured he might have accidentally lifted it from the station when told to put everything back into his pockets by Lacy. Afterwards he stepped through the metal detector to no beeps. They fiddled with his phone making sure location wasn't turned on and if it was, deleted any form of location back data before handing it back to him. Everything else they allowed him to have except for the Pen, one of the guards took it to the back room of their station and started to talk on their walkie.

He was curious as to what that was about but continued forward with Agent Waters until they got to an exam room that Hofflan normally ran out of. He was already in there, expecting them.

"Thanks, I'll take it from here. I'm not worried about the whole 72 hours bit, I already have people working on it all. By the time all is said and done, the only evidence that will exist is that detective's memory. I'll make her feel like she is going crazy, so she won't get further involved." He said with a sly smile. "Now leave us. I have a very sick patient to take of." He said not wanting a response from Waters. Once she left he looked over to Dreki, walked over to him and put a hand on Dreki's shoulder. He felt a low but constant burning sensation, and his smarmy smile turned into a frown. He removed his hand.

"Strip naked, put on the patient gown on the bed and lay down on the bed." He said in a command voice and Dreki followed his instructions. With the cross Lacy having gave him in his pants pocket, when Hofflan put his hands on Dreki, this time trying to find a good spot on where to place an IV. He didn't feel that burning sensation in his hands like he did before.

"Good now we can begin." He said as he hooked up a saline bag to the IV and grabbed some syringes to put medicine in the other opening on the tube. As the medicine flowed in, Dreki began to feel even weaker than he did just by being sick. He felt heavy, and after Hofflan pushed medicine into the IV line, he began to strap Dreki down onto the bed. Hofflan seeing the discomfort on Dreki's face explained.

"Just some setatives to relax you, plus medicine to help you get better faster. The straps are for everyone's safety, now rest a little will you?" As he spoke a few nurses entered the room. "Monitor him. If he needs any meds, you know where to inject. Once his fever goes down, I need 3 workable sperm samples." Dreki heard that last bit, as the nurses began  doing their general checkover on him and writing things down in a chart.

"Excuse me, what?" Dreki managed to say as Hofflan was going for the doors. He turned around to face Dreki and in a very Smarmy and slightly condescending tone, spoke with a smirk.

"Remember how you weren't sure if you wanted to be a dad and how we weren't sure if you'd he made sterile by the procedure or not? Honestly I want something to compare to your old sperm, wonder if that changed at all. Plus there are other things I need it for. I know you're a little slut on the outside so just sit back and enjoy it. You won't remember this or any of today really. Well, unless I decide it's time for you to remember again of course." Hofflan started to laugh as he walked out of the room. Dreki felt uncomfortable not wanting any of this and feeling like Hofflan wasn't telling the full truth with that. Even if he wasn't strapped in, he felt too heavy to move, and hoped his fever would last him to hold that part off as long as possible.

After a few days, Dreki woke up in his room in his apartment at home and not at the facility. He remembered being sick the past few days but that's about it. He checked his email and sure enough, he, or someone for him, called him off of work for the week. He sighed, thankfully, as he got up and started to prepare his clothes and bedding for laundry. After all if he was sick, he wanted to get the sick germs off of them. While emptying out pants pockets, in one of his pants he came across a golden cross necklace that he had never felt or seen before. He wondered where it came from, and guessed it must have come from one of his many partners he had before he got sick, he decided to put it on top of his desk in his room in case they came back for it. After he threw a load in the wash, he decided it was time to go to the library, pick up some new material, and relax for the rest of the night. He felt fine, but didn't want to chance it, particularly since he doesn't remember really being sick other than what it felt like. He assumed he slept it all off.