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Title: Lovebite Profile Template
Post by: Trillian on April 04, 2019, 01:05:57 PM


Category: Lovebiter or Sweet

Sweet Sub-Category: Zen / Spicy / Surprise

Preference: A Simple Bite / Bit Of Sizzle / Hot Hookup

Looking To Be A: Lovebite Only / Scholar / Mentor / Pet


Title: Re: Lovebite Profile Template
Post by: Trillian on June 08, 2019, 10:39:44 AM
PICTURE Self Explanatory

Username:  The name your character assigns to themselves. Maybe their first name. Maybe a nickname.

Category: If your character is a vampire, they are a 'Lovebiter'. If they are human (or any species able to be drunk from and wanting that, then they are a 'Sweet'.

Sweet Sub-Category: A 'Zen Sweet' is a person who glosses over during the bite - no reaction, just meditation. A 'Spicy Sweet' is someone who behaves erotically during the bite. A 'Surprise Sweet' means someone who either doesn't want to divulge how they react, or they don't yet know.

Preference: 'A Simple Bite' means that's all they're willing to do. 'Bit Of Sizzle' means they might play around depending on how they feel at the time. 'Hot Hookup' means they want sex either before, during or after the bite.

Looking To Be A: 'Lovebite Only (or Lovebiter Only)' means you want no long-term committment. 'Scholar' means you want to learn about vampires and likely even want to be one, 'Mentor' means you're a vampire looking for a fledge, and 'Pet' means you're a sweet looking for a long-term relationship with a single vampire. Note, the term 'pet' does not necessarily mean a subservient role.

Introduction: A small box that allows a message the size of a tweet.

SEND ME A MESSAGE You can send Direct Messages in the app. Use the forum's Personal Message system to RP this.