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Title: Hot Tip
Post by: Satyr on June 10, 2019, 05:05:22 PM
THERE WAS A SMALL district that wasn't quite attached to the city he'd twice ruled. It had its own mayor and a population of a thousand people - the size of a large school. He stood out because he was gorgeous, tall, blonde and only had one hand. The other had turned to dust.

Fucking Jake. Fucking Ben. They'd got exactly what they wanted from him and then buried him. Ben's rebellion wasn't unpredictable. Jake's betrayal was.

He seethed, he planned, he thought about how to hurt them when he couldn't even get close. He didn't have the stomach to hang around this dumbass town either. They were full of dope-addled teens who weren't even that pretty and weren't impressed by him. The missing hand was what was fucking up his ambience. It would take time for him to learn how to work it so it made him more mysterious. Right now he was too fucking angry.

He read about his trial in the paper. Another vampire had passed through this bullshit on-the-cusp town and ditched his copy in the trash. Lazarus fished it out and read it, keeping the clipping and staring at the picture of the journalist who'd written it. Murphy Hilton. He knew that name, remembered that face. It was who Jake had replaced him with.

Lazarus hatched a plan and seduced one of the not-quite-pretty dope-addled teens to let him come back to his place. Once Lazarus had drunk from and fucked him, he used his phone to google the newspaper's number. He found a website and searched through it, puffing laughter when he saw that Hilton's mobile was on their webpage directly, seeking tips for stories.

Well. He had a fucking hot tip. The hottest tip.

His jaw clenched, Lazarus thumbed a message to the number and hit send. The phone said it was delivered. He looked down at the snoring mortal beside him and decided he would keep this phone. Pocketing it, he left for the motel he was staying in, hoping to draw Murphy Hilton to him for his plan to carry out.

The message he sent was:

I have evidence of corruption by the District Leaders. Come alone to Harrow's Motel at midnight, room six.
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Post by: pinkroses on June 11, 2019, 07:14:54 AM

Jake had some sort of event on tonight at the White Rabbit, so after spending the day curled up in Jake’s bed, Murphy had woken up a couple of hours before daylight, showered there (since Jake’s bathroom and plumbing was much nicer than his own) before taking himself home to catch up on a few things he’d been neglecting in the heady flurry of a new romance.

Murphy hadn’t seen Ben since the night the blonde had told him he wouldn’t be siring him, or even really heard from him. It still felt too raw, so Murphy didn’t want to initiate contact, not just yet. Hopefully he assumed Ben was just giving him a bit of space to get over it, not that he’d just forgotten about his human friend since making his decision. At least he’d had Jake to distract him from that disappointment.

Murphy rifled through his small pile of post, made sure his bills were all up-to-date, checked his bank account to make sure that bonus from the paper had gone in following his last article and by then the sun had set. He dropped Jake a quick text:

Have fun tonight, looking forward to seeing you later. X

Murphy had just started browsing through the latest news article when his work phone vibrated and let off a jaunty little set of tones to indicate a text. Murphy jumped slightly at the sound – he wasn’t used to actually getting messages on that number – people preferred to email or call – texting didn’t usually get enough information across when it came to his line of work.

His hazel eyes skimmed over the message after he’d dug it out from an inside pocket of his bag and a frown flickered over his face. The subject itself was disturbing – he really hoped someone wasn’t going to try to tell him a story about Jake or Charon. He also had no idea where the location mentioned was.

Murphy spun his chair back to the computer and typed the address into the search bar, discovering it wasn’t too far away. He’d have to drive since it was outside the city limits, but he’d have plenty of time to get there. His fingers itched to reply, but the tone of the message, telling him to come alone, gave him the impression the author might be a little jumpy, so it would probably be best just to follow the instructions rather than firing questions before meeting.

The human had a quick dinner (currently spending most of his time being on night shifts with Jake was playing havoc with his body clock) before grabbing his bag (complete with notepad, a pen and spares, tablet and some cash in case his lead needed his wheels greasing before he’d give up the story) before heading for his car. Given the subject of the message, Murphy didn’t want to tell Jake about it before he had any more information and he guessed there would be plenty of time beforehand. If the story was true, the texter should have evidence as he’d said, which Murphy could see and review in his own time. If it was bullshit there would be no evidence and he would just have a wasted journey.

Murphy arrived five minutes early, relieved that his satnav had taken him to the right place. The human had a final rummage through his bag before stepping out of the car. He was wearing dark jeans which fitted nicely, teamed with a white t-shift under a red plaid shirt which hung open, his sleeves rolled up to just under the elbows. His gaze drifted over the motel as he quietly shut the car door, aware that as it was late there would probably be humans sleeping. He felt a thrill of excitement run through him – this feeling never got old. Even thought there was the potential this might be a story he didn’t want to hear, it could lead to something good, or something which might even help Jake and/or Ben.

He ran a hand through his hair as he approached the motel, eyeing up the numbers on the doors before finding the right one and knocking quietly just before midnight.
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The sixth door was positioned as the end room, the motel having only twelve rooms in total. A narrow walkway above took other residents to rooms seven to twelve upstairs. Lazarus knew only rooms three and seven were occupied, closest to the office, farthest from him. It was off peak and the place was a shitty place to stop. People who’d come this far would spend the extra 30 minutes driving into the city proper to stay in something better while at their destination.

He’d seen the car pull up as the headlights washed past his window, and positioned himself close to the door. He waited, wondering what was taking so fucking long for the journalist to reach the room. He could hear him out there; footsteps crunching on the gravel car park, the swish of things being put away up or brushing against other things, the gentle shutting of the car door.

Lazarus stopped himself from bouncing from foot to foot in anticipation. He was rubbing the stump of his arm with his free hand, a white sock had been pulled over it to hide it away. He wore a blue long sleeved baseball shirt, the only thing he could find in this dump that fit him. With difficulty he’d rolled the sleeve up until the end of his stump peeked out, so the sleeve wouldn’t flap and get in his way. He would have to find himself a follower that wasn’t doped to the eyeballs to look after him until he got his bearings.

There was a knock. He blinked a long, slow blink of relief and reached for the doorknob. He opened the door, keeping himself hidden until it was open wide enough to pull the mortal through. With celerity, he grabbed Murphy by the head and pulled him in, smooshing his face to his hard chest and turning so that his shoulders gently closed the door behind him. He didn’t want it slamming and waking up the few assholes that were staying here.

He lowered his head to speak into Murphy’s ear as the young man struggled and protested with muffled words.

“If you struggle any more I will snap your neck then bleed you dry while you lie paralysed,” he warned. “You remember me. It’s Lazarus.”

He didn’t want to kill Murphy because he had something else for him, but if the other didn’t have survival instincts, then it was no great loss too Lazarus. Both Ben and Jake would be upset, though it would be a short term thing. Lazarus has something much better in mind.
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“Fuck!” The expletive wasn’t especially loud, since he didn’t have a chance to get much air in his lungs before he was suddenly inside the room and he was pressed against a very solid body. His eyes were wide, but in his position he couldn’t see much of anything other than a closing door behind him as he pressed his hands against his attacker, trying to push his body away.

His struggles stopped at the softly spoken words and the cutting threat behind them; his hands stayed pressed against Lazarus but he desperately fought the urge to wriggle and fight against him. His heart was pounding with adrenaline.

How the fuck had he been so stupid? Jake didn’t know where he was, no one did. His work phone was on him so no one would see the message until they found him dead, if that was what Lazarus ended up doing. Maybe being paralysed from the off would be the better option, but if there was a way out of this Murphy wanted it. He knew anything he said right now would be muffled, so Murphy stayed quiet, willing his heart to slow down a touch.
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“Much better,” Lazarus commended as Murphy stilled. “Let’s talk and maybe you can walk out of here.” He released the mortal and stepped away.

Murphy would see Lazarus without his usual pristine hair, instead it was messy and straggly like it hadn’t been washed in a while. The missing hand was obvious as Lazarus stood idly watching him, arms at his side but he was slightly hunched over like an animal about to pounce.

“I can smell him on you,” Lazarus said, then laughed. It didn’t sound like a well regulated laugh. It was a little shrill.
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Murphy didn’t take a lot of comfort from Lazarus’s praise, or the briefest mention that he might be allowed to walk out of here.

He took a quick step back as Lazarus released him and glanced quickly around the shabby looking motel room to get his bearings before his gaze returned to the ancient. Lazarus looked like a completely different person to the sleek, powerful creature who had been on trial. Seeing him missing a hand was a jolt – Murphy knew it had happened, but actually seeing it, seeing a vampire, an ancient vampire, so disfigured, it was shocking. Vampires could heal, but apparently not whole limbs.

The manic laugh brought Murphy out of his thoughts and he looked up at Lazarus’ face, wetting his lips nervously.

“He knows I’m here,” he said, hoping his voice came out more confidently than it sounded to his ear, but in fact it had a definitely wobble to it. There was no way he could get to the door without Lazarus catching him – that celerity had been scary. Murphy had been around Charon plenty of times, but this was a different set of skills. Charon was more subtle, used his mental powers with good effect. Murphy had no doubt that Lazarus could and would rip him limb from limb in half a second if he said the wrong thing.

“What can I do for you?” he asked, trying to keep his tone respectful. Maybe Lazarus wanted information, or just for Jake to come here so he could fight him again, Murphy desperately tried to keep his focus on those ideas rather than the image of Lazarus snapping his neck.
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Lazarus hadn't meant to talk. He'd meant to just get on with his plan. But he had Jake's new paramour here and he wanted

he didn't want

to know the details.

"How did it start? Did Jake drink from you? Did he fuck you when he was still with me? We had an open relationship," Lazarus adjusted, reminding himself that they were both sleeping with others, but replacement was never supposed to be on the cards. "Did he mention me to you? What did he say?"

The questions came hard and fast, and he was looking over the journalist now with a critical eye. He was hot. He didn't blame Jake for tapping that. But he was just some silly mortal. Had he been dumped for a mortal?

"You're friends with Ben as well. Have you two fucked also? In the past, if not current?"
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Murphy was surprised by the sudden string of questions thrown at him by Lazarus. This was suddenly feeling a lot more personal than he’d expected - since Lazarus had contacted his work phone he assumed he knew about the article, but he must have spotted him with Jake and Ben at the trial too. When he questioned about he and Jake fucking Murphy’s lips twisted slightly, unsure on whether Lazarus was just guessing or that was the smell he’d referred to previously.

Murphy wanted to lie, to tell Lazarus it had just been the bite before everything had kicked off, but he didn’t know how much Jake had told him. The blonde might just be testing him, to see how truthful he’d be.

“Yes, Jake drank from me, once before you... did what you did. We kissed, but that’s it, nothing else. He didn’t mention you.” Maybe that would hurt Lazarus’ pride, but it was the truth.”

He took a deep breath at the mention of Ben. Ben and Lazarus had a history, more than just the rape and trial. Did he want payback for more than just those things?

“No, Ben and I haven’t, it’s not like that, we’re just friends.” Nothing else. And they never would be now, despite their previous plans which Murphy definitely wasn’t going to bring up. “I’ve hardly seen him since Kerr came back,” Murphy added, hoping to downplay their relationship so Lazarus might think again and maybe be more willing to release him.
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Lazarus shifted, his muscles coiled and his expression changing to one of calculation. His gaze raked down and back up Murphy's body in a way that was purely sexual, but unlike his usual self, he wasn't interested in sex. He wouldn't mind a bit of humiliation, though. He'd suffered humiliation because of Jake. His new fuckbuddy could suffer humiliation because of Lazarus. It would even things up a bit more, that was for sure.

"On your knees," he hissed.
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Murphy wasn’t sure what bit of what he’d said made Lazarus tense up, but he saw it happen and took half a step backwards, especially when he caught that look in the vampire’s eyes. After hearing and reporting on what Lazarus had done to Ben and Jake, that look definitely felt dangerous. It wasn’t the worst thing Lazarus could do to him though.

His eyes narrowed at Lazarus’ command. Murphy opened his mouth to protest, but there was no doubt in his mind that Lazarus wouldn’t hesitate to carry out that initial threat, so after a moment he slowly lowered himself to his knees, letting his bag drop from his shoulder to the floor. He raised his chin as he moved, keeping his eyes on Lazarus’, looking for a hint of what was to come.

“What do you think you’re going to get out of this?” he asked, keeping his body high rather than resting back on his heels which would have been comfier. He wished his initial lie, that Jake knew exactly where he was, was true. Why the Hell hadn’t he told him?
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"You're a pawn," Lazarus said, skulking forward until there was half a metre of space between them. "A playing piece to be used for amusement or sacrificed for the greater... good," he smirked, for there was nothing good about this. "So what kind of piece are you? Amusement or sacrifice?"

A small step forward and Lazarus closed the gap so that Murphy was looking all the way up at him. Being so high on his knees meant he wasn't quite right for the crotch of Lazarus' jeans, but the insinuation was there. Still, his sexual response wasn't even stirring, while usually he was at the ready in situations like this. He had a pretty thing on his knees in front of him - someone he could extort to use his mouth. Someone who he could manipulate out of fear and intimidation. He should be rock fucking hard.

But he wasn't. It made him angrier, that regardless of what Murphy was willing to do, he wasn't being turned on by it. His hand twitched, wanting to strike out.
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Murphy kept looking up at Lazarus, even though it became increasingly uncomfortable as the tall man before him moved closer. He wasn’t going to give this rapist the satisfaction of dropping his gaze to stare at his crotch now it was so close unless he had to.

His shoulders raised slightly at Lazarus’ words. A pawn? It depended on how you looked at it. Not in his own life, but maybe in others – ones who had perhaps had plans for him then moved on. Ben. The Sacramentum. Not Jake though, and that thought was reassuring. If Lazarus killed him here, someone would care.

“Bit of a big, pointless risk you’re taking then, for a pawn. Haven’t you already sacrificed quite a bit?” he said, nodding towards Lazarus’ stump of an arm and giving it a quick, pointed glance before lifting his hazel eyes again. Lazarus had lost a hand, been banished from the city he cleared wanted for his own, but worse could have been done to him and still could.
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It was the perfect retort for Lazarus to do what he wanted.

He swept his hand in a quick slap - though to Murphy it would feel like getting slapped by a shovel. The mortal managed to catch himself on the carpet enough that he was on his hands and knees. Lazarus kicked him, his foot and shin feeling like a steel bar. When Murphy hit the floor Lazarus strode up to him and pummelled him, breaking ribs, fracturing his collarbone and his cheekbone - just missing the nose.


He didn't know if the journalist was pleading (because he couldn't hear anything beyond the ringing of rage in his ears) or something inside him that had him pulling back, looking down at the mess he'd made. Fuck. He didn't want to kill this asshole. He wanted Jake and Ben to suffer.

To be constantly reminded of Lazarus.

Giving Murphy his blood would heal him - but first he would take it from him. Grabbing the mortal by the arm, he hoisted him up awkwardly and ignored the blood that seeped out of him from a cut on his eyebrow. Lazarus embraced him, his stumpy arm wrapped tight around Murphy's middle, his hand gripping Murphy's hair, forcing him to bare his neck.

He bit, and he drank.

And drank.
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Murphy didn’t see Lazarus’ first blow coming, all he knew was that suddenly there were stars dancing across his vision and a searing pain across his face. He found his hands pressed against the grimy carpet of the motel, curling against it but finding no purchase. Murphy barely registered roughness itching against his palms before there was another jolt of pain shooting through his body (accompanied by a crunch he’d not heard for years) and the human crumpled to the floor, gasping for air as the kick had forced the breath out of him.

He managed to let out a wordless cry of pain before Lazarus was on him, seeming to be attacking him from all angles – Murphy could hardly recognise where one blow had struck before there was another. It wasn’t Murphy’s plea for the vampire to stop which Lazarus heard, he was more focused on getting breath and curling up to try to protect himself (and failing miserably) to think about forming any kind of words.

Murphy didn’t realise when Lazarus’s attack halted. His body was shaking and there was an unpleasant gurgling in his breaths making him cough, sending a spray of blood across the filthy carpet.

Just as he began to think it might be over, Lazarus grabbed him again, lifting him upwards and Murphy let out a pained groan as the movement increased the agony he felt throughout his body. He tried to struggle, but Lazarus’ grip was too tight, the energy had been knocked out of him and his attempts to move his left arm to hit at the blonde, where his collarbone had snapped, failed. Every breath sent a sharp pain through his chest where his ribs had broken, one digging into his lung and pressed in more awkwardly as Lazarus pinned Murphy against him.

“Stop, no,” Murphy managed to gasp out as Lazarus wrenched his head to the side, realising what Lazarus was about to do just before his teeth sank into his throat. There was none of the pleasure and bliss which came with other bites he’d had, with Ben, with Jake, with any other vampire who had drunk from him in years gone by. Normally the bite was a method of relaxing – instead of weed to chill him out, the bite did it, but not now. Adrenaline shot through his body and he struggled in terror against Lazarus’ firm body, but not managing to move very much in that iron grip.

Lazarus would be able to feel as Murphy’s struggles began to fade. The stars in front of his eyes had dissipated to be replaced with darkness creeping in from the edges and Murphy’s body began to slump. The pain stopped him from falling unconscious and Murphy grasped for that, fearing that if he slipped into that abyss he wouldn’t wake up again.
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He couldn't let the mortal pass out or he would die. Death was not for this one. He should consider himself lucky that Lazarus had more in mind for him - otherwise he would be dead on this anonymous motel floor.

Finally gentle, Lazarus took the young man with him to the bed and sat him on the edge before laying him down. Lazarus had a knee up on the bed beside him, crouching over him as he did it.

"Hush now, little pawn, the king will have mercy on you, so you can go back and show yourself to your bitch queens," he soothed, stroking Murphy's hair and looking at the wounds he'd caused on his face. Woops. They'd go away, at least.

Lazarus ripped a wide gash in his right wrist, not wanting to deal with the sock that started just above the (missing) wrist of his left. The blood that poured out was a vibrant burgundy, like wine. He pressed it against Murphy's mouth.

"Drink, or die," he said, a little louder than normal to get past the focus of the other's wound likely had on the journalist. Blood was pouring between the the mortals parted lips anyway, and initially it might taste like more coppery blood, but Lazarus had made enough fledglings to know that vampire blood tasted fucking good enough to clamp on and suckle from.

Devil's milk.
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Murphy didn’t struggle as Lazarus transported him to the bed, all resistance had seeped out of him with his blood as Lazarus had drunk. He wanted to curl up and roll onto his side to try to ease the pain, but with Lazarus beside and above him he couldn’t figure it out in his hazy state, confused by the sudden soft touches.

Lazarus’ words made their way through and Murphy frowned, blinking against the blood which had dribbled from his eyebrow into his eye. Show yourself? He could hardly move, he was pretty sure he’d punctured a lung, he wasn’t going to survive to get to show off anything to Ben or Jake. The only mercy now would be snapping his neck like he’d threatened at first.


Was this his mercy?

Murphy couldn’t stop the first gush of blood pouring into his mouth and he swallowed it with another cough – it was either that or choke. He wanted to turn his face away, but he found himself unable to.

“Should… Ben should…” Murphy mumbled against Lazarus’ wound, but he couldn’t get out anything else or even finish forming the thoughts. Fuck, that tasted good. His whole body ached, but that delicious blood was a relief, a point of light in the darkness. Murphy drank eagerly, lifting his right hand to clasp at Lazarus’ arm, urging him to keep that source of nourishment close (although he wouldn’t be able to stop Lazarus if the blonde chose to move).
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"That's right little bird, heal your broken wings," Lazarus said, then the sourness of the metaphor behind his words twisted his mouth into a grimace as Murphy drank. This little idiot would be a powerful fledge and fucking hard to control. He might even be as powerful as Ben, who wasn't even yet ten. That would fix that little fuckface and his ambition. Make him jealous.

And Jake, this would ruin it for Jake, who wouldn't be able to keep this boy, who would smell of Lazarus and have his blood. Fledges sired by Ancients usually creeped out other vampires - they would feel both young and old at the same time. If Jake kept Murphy in his bed, he would feel that. Feel Lazarus between them. He would have to end things between them eventually, to keep his sanity.

Last. Fucking. Laugh.

He grunted as Murphy started taking more back from him than what was given. He looked at the youth - the fledgling, now, because he could feel him - at his rosy cheeked pallour, at his healthy hold, at his face without wounds and no longer needing breath (except for talking) but that lung and rib would be healed anyway.

He waited until Murphy's grip on him was iron and then he swatted the fledgling away (with some difficulty) and moved back. He would want to drink more blood soon, blood that didn't belong to a sire, to support his change. He would do that alone. Lazarus moved to where Murphy had dropped his stuff. He was looking for the journalists carkeys, so he could take his car and drive the fuck out of here. Murphy was now a brand new GPS, and Lazarus only had six hours of driving to get somewhere fast. His celerity wouldn't last for that long.
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His pain faded away as he drank, breathing became easier, until he stopped without realising he had. All of his aches disappeared gradually, but the focus of the blood he was drinking took away from any relief he would have felt from the pain seeping away.

When Lazarus batted him away Murphy grunted in protest, trying to grab again at that hand, that source of blood, which was already healing up and disappearing. He sat up quickly as Lazarus moved back and stood, stepping towards his sire, brushing the back of his hand against his mouth as he could feel blood drying there. The skin on his face felt stiff, but from dirt and blood, not pain any more.

He felt fucking amazing physically, but his gut twisted as he stared at Lazarus, rooting through his bag. His keys would be found before long, but Murphy didn’t stop to wonder what Lazarus was looking for as he felt a swell of rage. Yes, he'd wanted to be sired, but not by this monster. He was supposed to be connected to Ben, not Ben's tormentor.

“You shit, you absolute fucking son of a bitch!” Murphy said, starting low but ending in a yell as he moved quickly towards Lazarus, reaching out to shove him with all his strength.
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Lazarus wasn't ready for the attack, but as an afterthought he should've been. He stumbled sideways and then laughed hollowly even as he gripped Murphy by the throat, the fledgling still slow like a human, still able to be broken.

"Yes, I am a piece of shit, and you belong to me now, even when I'm not around, which I won't be. You take your pretty self," he had to stop talking in order to hold Murphy all the way out, extending his arm, because the bastard was still struggling and kicking and the blows were annoying. He shook his fledgling and his fingers bit into his neck painfully. "Do you feel that need in your body? That strange empty feeling? You'll have a full blown desire soon to fill that emptiness with blood. You'll be a mindless beast without it. So stop fighting me and look for someone or something to feed from, then you take your pretty self to Ben and Jake, and let them help you, and let them be angry for you, and let them know I fucking had the last word."

He threw Murphy across the room, making sure he would bounce on the bed first before he went tumbling over. No point making more loud noise. The shout might've woken some people up. He searched the bag again and found the keys. Good.

He headed for Murphy's car.
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Murphy struggled against Lazarus’ grasp, panicking at the tight grip on his throat and being lifted by it, even though he didn’t need to breathe – that hadn’t quite registered in his mind yet. The pain was there, not as bad as when his bone had been breaking but the hold was still making his eyes widen. Murphy’s legs stopped kicking and he clawed at Lazarus’ hand as his sire spoke of that need growing inside him, still trying to gasp and getting no air. He could already feel it building, Murphy had obviously known that would be a part of it, but he was supposed to be prepared.

The names Lazarus spoke, Jake and Ben, got through and stilled him – all of this was because of them. Lazarus had bonded them together forever because of revenge, over something he had fucking done.

Murphy couldn’t make any response though, so Lazarus did get the last word before Murphy found himself flying across the room, bouncing on the bed then falling off the other side and hitting into the wall, all with a distinct lack of grace. He lay for a moment, one leg still half on the bed, clutching at his throat. Any bruises were already starting to fade and he quickly realised that the breathing wasn’t necessary.

He stared at the ceiling, recognising the growing feeling of loss as Lazarus moved away, which increased as the car door slammed, the engine turned on and Lazarus headed off down the highway. A wave of loneliness swept over the fledgling and Murphy rolled over onto his hands and knees, trying to wrap his head around it all. He knew exactly what had happened, but that didn’t make it easier to believe.

Lazarus had been right, the desire was growing, he needed to feed, and soon. Murphy knew the basics, but being bitten, hearing about it, reading about it… he was intelligent enough to know actually doing it would be completely different to all of that.

He stumbled towards his bag by the door, trying to ignore the sounds of the building around him, trying to ignore the parts of his mind that were seeking out a heartbeat, and the part which was reaching out for Lazarus.

“Please, please, please,” he mumbled to himself, rummaging through until he found his phone, feeling a wave of relief that Lazarus hadn’t stolen or smashed it. Murphy rocked back on his heels, quickly flicking through the numbers as he rubbed his hand through his hair.

His first instinct was to call Ben. They had discussed siring, Kerr was experienced with fledglings, hell, he had two relatively young ones still. But Ben’s words echoed in his mind – Ben didn’t need a little bird to look after.

Jake? Lazarus had smelt Jake on him instantly, now he had the ancient’s blood flowing through his veins. Jake wasn’t properly recovered from what Lazarus had done to him – Murphy didn’t want to see him right now, they both had enough to deal with, without adding each other's problems on top.

His's attention was caught as he heard another car door slam and Murphy crept closer to the motel room door, still on his knees, the hand holding his phone dropping to his side as he pressed the other to the thin material of the door. It was one person, heavy footed. Murphy stood and moved to the window, peering through the blinds. Lazarus was definitely long gone, replaced by a man who was carrying a paper bag which clinked slightly to show there were bottles inside. He was big, maybe… maybe he would be ok. But he looked strong and Murphy doubted he’d be strong enough to force him, and he had no idea how to use any sort of mental powers on him. Maybe he could wait til he was sleeping… or find someone already sleeping. That would be faster, he could find one of those easily here at this time. He could just break in (putting no thought into how he’d suddenly get these master robber skills), bite gently, drink a little, then stop. Right? Oh, and heal them. And not bleed them dry. Simple.

His mouth was starting to water just thinking about it and he’d stopped focusing on the man in the parking lot, who had just shut and locked his motel door behind him. Murphy blinked, trying to focus on what he needed to do again and glanced down at the phone in his hand. Anyone who would come to his aid was too far to get there before he’d have to feed.


He lit up the screen again, blinking at the birghtness until he stopped at a number and instinctively pressed to call it, pacing across the room as he did so.

"Please pick up," he whispered, surprised at the croakiness in his voice after Lazarus's squeeze - but it was better than it had been and would be back to normal in next to no time. As soon as they picked up the phone Murphy sat on the edge of the bed, his body tense.

"Hey, it's Murphy. I need help, please."
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Luck was finally going Murphy's way because Jeanne re-entered her office just as her phone started ringing. She raised an eyebrow when she picked it up from her desk, not recognising the number. "Bonsoir, Jeanne speaking."

"Hey, it's Murphy. I need help, please."

Jeanne frowned, detecting a queer quality in the reporter's voice that had nothing to do with the panic he appeared to be fighting off. At his first words, she was held immobile, unable to process what she heard.

"Lazarus attacked me. He turned me and now... I'm so thirsty and I... it's, he left me. He, he's gone, how do I... ? I don't know what to do!" he implored.

As his story unfolded, she moved. She grabbed her bag and keys and hastened through the club in a blur undetectable by the security cameras and unnoticed by the mortal population. Her fellow kindred would sense her imposing presence as she passed but they might also find it challenging to hold her fifteen hundred year old figure in sight. She reached her car in a blink, surprising her driver when she appeared at the rear passenger door and rapped gently on the window. The driver put her book down on the seat beside her and leapt out of the front to open Jeanne's door just as she asked her first question.

"Where are you?" she demanded, pulling the phone away from her ear and putting it on speaker long enough for the driver to hear 'Harrow's Motel' and some garbled directions about how Murphy had left the city and reached his current location. The driver nodded, opened her door and closed it behind her once she'd slid onto the back seat. The car moved with impressive conviction, even though Jeanne could see the driver still looking up an exact location on her phone. She paid little attention as she tapped the phone off speaker and held it to her ear once more.

"Murphy?" she crooned, her voice gentle in an attempt to comfort him. If he truly had been fledged, he'd hear the sincerity in her tone, the vibrato of her concern for his welfare. "Listen to me. Focus on my voice," she told him, hoping the rhythm of her accent would help bewitch him, as many had claimed she'd done to them in the past. The throaty quality of the French tongue had beguiled countless foreigners throughout history, surely it could work for her on one terrified newling vampire when she needed it to? "You will be alright," she purred. "I'm coming to you, Murphy. My car is on its way. I'll be there very soon. Maintenant, you said Lazarus left you? Are you in a motel room? Where are you exactement?"
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Murphy wanted to sob with joy as Jeanne picked up. He’d been terrified that if she hadn’t that he wouldn’t have bothered calling anyone else, he’d just have gone to find sustenance. He could trust Jeanne, the Sacramentum, they’d know what to do. They had taken in fledgling’s before, they had resources, they had looked after enough fledgling’s. She would know what to do.

He pulled his legs up onto the bed, wrapping one arm around his knees as the other clutched his phone to his ear and he tried to explain as succinctly as possible what had happened. Murphy could hear down the phone the car starting to move within a few seconds and that was a relief, but he knew vaguely how long it had taken him to get to the motel and it felt like he couldn’t wait that long.

“Ok,” he said quietly, the despair audible in his voice as she told him to focus on her voice. God, he was trying so hard, but Lazarus’ words about that hollowness inside needing filling were still echoing in his mind and proving themselves true.

“Yes, he’s gone, I can feel he’s, yeah, gone,” he said, stumbling over his words and trying not to think about that connection with Lazarus.

“I’m… uh, I’m in room 6, just sitting here, but I need to find something to eat. There’s people here, I can feel them, hear them.” Murphy hardly noticed he’d moved to the door of the motel again until his hand was on the doorknob, squeezing it tightly.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone. Jeanne, there’s someone by themselves just two doors down. I don’t know if I can wait.”
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Jeanne hadn't been new for millennia but she recalled the thirst of which Murphy spoke. She'd felt it somewhat recently, vicariously, when she'd made Taylor (and didn't the thought of him still cause a twinge of deep, bitter regret?). It was unquenchable and would seem insurmountable to this youngling, left alone and traumatised as he wa.

In such a state, feeding would soothe him but if he truly didn't want to hurt anyone, it would be dangerous.

"If you begin drinking from a mortal, you're going to find it nearly impossible to stop. You will very likely hurt them and probably kill them. It's risky. People are not your only choice, however. There will be animals around; a stray dog or cat would provide you with some relief, until I get there to supervise you. What do you think of that idea?" she suggested.

Personally, she'd never been averse to animal blood. She preferred sheep but there would be none of those where Murphy was. The fur would be a hindrance, as would finding a vein but he surely wouldn't be as concerned about killing a dog as a human? He could rip it apart and pour its blood down his throat, if need be. She licked her lips, her mouth watering at the thought.
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 “Mm,” Murphy murmured non-committedly. Her words made sense, but he was finding it difficult to focus on them.

“An animal, yeah, ok, I… I can try that, I guess,” Murphy said, forcing himself to pick out a few of her words and cling to them. Killing an animal that he’d find around here didn’t sound too enjoyable either, but it would be better than a human.

He began to open the door, then hesitated before dropping down to rummage through his bag. Murphy pulled out a pair of wireless headphones, slipping them into his ears and turning them on so he’d be able to hear Jeanne without needing to hold his phone, then pulled his bag over his shoulder again. If Jeanne arrived he wanted to just be able to leave here without needing to come back and simple things like fastening the catch gave him something to think about for the tiniest fraction of time before the gnawing hunger tugged at him again. 

Murphy slowly opened the door and slipped out into the parking lot.

“I shouldn’t go far,” he said quietly into the mouthpiece attached to the headphones, really speaking out loud more than to Jeanne. If he went far she wouldn’t be able to find him so easily, but he couldn’t see or hear any animals nearby. “Oh, there’s a diner down there, maybe there’ll be something around there,” he said hopefully, beginning to jog in the direction of the faded sign.

If no animal then someone shutting up, someone alone.

Avoiding the front door and windows (partly so he’d find it harder to know if there was anyone inside) Murphy headed for the back of the diner where the bins would be.

“There’s a dog,” he whispered, feeling like he should be repelled at the thought but seeing the dog there, rooting through a bag of garbage which hadn’t quite made it into the bin. Murphy stepped quietly, the predator inside keeping him as quiet as possible – which wasn’t all that necessary at the dog was pretty focused on chewing on a disguarded burger.

With Jeanne’s guidance in his ear, Murphy grabbed the animal with a growl, trying to find a vein in its neck then giving up and ripping viciously to let the hot blood flow. The dog gave a small, single yelp of surprise, but was quickly silenced. Having never had human blood, he had nothing to compare it to, so didn’t turn his nose up at it like some vampires would. After the first initial attempted bites Murphy made no attempt to be tidy and he guzzled at the blood, drinking deeply. It wasn’t a big animal, so it wouldn’t last long, but the instant relief it granted felt like heaven.

“What the fuck?!”

Murphy froze at the exclamation from the human who had left the diner through the backdoor, another bag of rubbish in one hand and a big selection of keys in the other. How had he not heard him approaching?

Without standing up Murphy laid down the recently departed dog and swivelled on the balls of his feet, not wanting to look too scary despite what he’d just been doing. Unfortunately he’d forgotten that there was sticky blood still remaining from the cut that had been on his eyebrow, and the blood around his mouth which had escaped when Lazarus has been feeding him and from feeding on the dog. In the dim light the human wouldn’t be able to see that his previously hazel eyes were now a glinting golden colour, but there was plenty else to let him know that the scene in front of him was fucked up.

The human’s heart was pounding as they stared at each other. The dog blood had quietened him enough that Murphy didn’t want to instantly leap at him, but his mouth watered at the scent of the human.

“Jeanne?” he breathed, his mouth hardly moving and unsure of whether she’d heard the sound of the human down the phone. Before she was able to respond though, the human moved, hurling the bag of rubbish towards the fledgling. Murphy snarled and shoved the bag aside, splitting it in the process as he ran towards the young man, barely out of his teens. The kid had been reached for the door handle when Murphy slammed into him, lacking control as he pressed his face against the metal door with one hand and pinning him with his body.

“What do I do with him?” Murphy asked Jeanne, although to the wriggling human he would sound like he was talking to himself. He wasn’t talking about whether or not to let him go, right now that didn’t seem like an option. His hunger was back, as though the dog had just been an appetiser.
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Jeanne was relieved when the dog was found but that feeling was short-lived. She heard the human's exclamation travel clearly along the phone signal and knew that Murphy was about to face his greatest challenge.

Drive faster, she bade her driver mentally, knowing the instruction was futile without her intervention. I'll get us through and hide us. It would tax her, but she had the ability to mentally scan the minds of the drivers on the road ahead of them, seeking thoughts of notice and patterns distinctive to Police officers for up to two kilometre ahead. She linked in with her driver's mind, allowing her to see the way Jeanne was influencing drivers travelling in their direction to pull over and let them pass. The one speed trap they passed ignored them completely as they sped by.

Of course, that all made it quite difficult to think and give cohesive advice. She wished Charon was with her; not only was he Murphy's biggest fan, his range of influence was far greater than hers. It would've given them a larger buffer from danger. Ah well, if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. It was all on her to help and, as she heard bangs and the thump of bodies colliding against each other and a door, she began to calculate faster.

Murphy would drink. It would be excruciating for him to stop. He was brand new. His sire was decidedly not. Time to experiment.

"Are you facing him?" she asked, only to be told that he was behind the mortal, pinning him to a door. "It is a shame you can't look into his eyes but this position is fine. You will be able to bite him on the neck from behind but not yet. First, I want you to think of a song. It can be any song - a nursery rhyme, a ballad, a pop song - as long as it is soothing. It must be a quiet song, Murphy. Next... are you listening carefully? Good, next, I need you to project that song into his mind. This is a rudimentary skill and you should be able to do it. Your goal has to be to calm him and if you overpower him with a song you're singing in your head, I believe it will achieve this same principle. Now, go. Think your song - and your desire for him to be calm and quiet - at him," she instructed, her voice raised in a triumph she didn't feel, just yet.

She needed to sound convincing, though. Any lack of belief she displayed would undermine her conviction and his ability to do what she wanted. Theoretically, an Ancient's childe was extra powerful. She was wagering that it was enough to be able to Dominate in a minor way and an obfuscatory song should be crude but effective... she hoped. At the very least, it would allow Murphy to concentrate on something other than his worries about feeding, to get out of his own head enough for his slightly advanced vampire skills to kick in instinctively and have the necessary influence on the situation. "Tell me when he's subdued." If it worked, the next step was the bite... and letting go, after that.
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Murphy winced as Jeanne told him not to bite, but at least she wasn’t telling him to back off. He really didn’t think he’d be able to for anything in the world at that moment.

“What?” he tried to interrupt when she began to speak about thinking of a song, not seeing where she was going with it, but her French tone was commanding and he fell silent, more willing to listen properly now he had a live body ripe for taking in his arms.

A song, a song, any song, a quiet song. Murphy felt a surge of panic, suddenly unable to think of any quiet songs. Something calming, peaceful, soothing. But she was starting to move onto other instructions, fuck.

Suddenly he remembered a song one of his friends at college had told him off for playing whilst she drove as it was one of her ‘sleeping’ songs and he gave a smile, dropping his head forward in relief, meaning he got a stronger scent of the young man pinned in front of him. Murphy hissed at him to shut up, sensing that he was probably going to start shouting once the surprise of being attacked wore off. To be honest, he was surprised that he was still able to hold him, but put it down to adrenaline. What was he doing? Feeding? Oh, no, that song, the first line:

You’re not worth it babe,

Fitting for the pawn. Maybe the words weren’t that soothing, but he could just think of the tune maybe.

“Got it,” Murphy said with a nod she wouldn’t be able to see, but her next words did nothing to calm him.

“What?” He repeated with a frown. “It’s been, like, twenty minutes, that’s not a rudimentary skill,” Murphy said, the disbelief obvious in his voice. He’d not heard anything about fledges being turned by ancients having greater powers initially so her confidence seemed misplaced.

Jeanne was insistent though, and he’d not actually been trained or learned which skills came first or most easily, so what choice did he have? He had to trust her.

Murphy bit down on his own lip to distract his mouth from wanting to bite on the throbbing, hot neck in front of him as he began to run through the tune of Kelly Clarkson’s Chivas ( in his mind, whilst willing him to quieten and stop wriggling. Jeanne would hear the occasional couple of notes escape in a hum from the back of his throat.

Please be quiet, please be still. He found himself  thinking those words over and over in tune with the song, rather than the right words.

He was nearing the end of the song by the time the youngster stilled in his arms and his pleas to be let go quietened to nothing. He didn’t droop like he’d lost consciousness, he was just… peaceful. Calm. Like he was sleeping, but able to hold himself up.

“It… it worked. I think it’s worked,” Murphy said, a note of glee and definite triumph in his voice, matching the fake tone Jeanne had been putting on. He glanced around, half expecting to see someone there he could celebrate with, but there was no one there. This was not how it was supposed to be.

But at least there wasn’t anyone else in sight to interrupt them.

Murphy turned his golden eyes back to the boy in front of him and he dropped the hand which was pressing the human’s face against the door to stroke at his throat. He could feel the throbbing artery under his fingertips and wet his lips. Murphy turned the human around and leant against him. There was still heat in his own body so it wasn’t that he was craving, but now they were face to face Murphy could feel his heart beating in his chest

“Can I bite now?” he pleaded, “I can feel his heart. I’m facing him now.” He could feel his excitement rising and tried to remind himself to think of the song and those calming words so that he wouldn’t lose the affect.
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"Not yet!" she told the fledgling urgently - if only to force him to wait a little longer. The car was well past halfway but there was still too much road between her and this youngling who didn't wish to murder his first drink; any advantage or delay she could eke out of him would benefit him in the long run.

"You said you could see him now. I want you to look at his face. You are hungry but he is a person. He was going about his life just as you were tonight. Neither of you expected to die. This has changed for you, we cannot do anything about that now," she admitted mournfully, "but this... this is in your power to control. Look at him. Look at his face. He listens to you sing your song and he is quiet for you. He trusts you. You must remember this. You don't want to hurt him, you just want to drink and let him go. Think your song. Look at his face. Drink and let him go. This is what you will do, when I tell you," she said sternly, doing her best to exert any influence she could muster and send it down the line to the childe.

Her talents weren't as effective at a distance and she couldn't say she'd ever tried to persuade over a phone line but her voice vibrated with a command that all kindred understood. It was the tenor of great age and power, a form of dominance exerted through willpower and timbre, a thunderous roar of command hidden in a velveteen whisper. Every word she spoke to him was designed to drop straight into the suggestible parts of his brain and bend him to her will. Since she wasn't trying to get him to do anything against his will and desire, she anticipated that it would work - unless the phone sapped all the nuance from her voice and delivered nothing but a two dimensional sound equivalent to that of a mortal. She wouldn't really know until it was time for Murphy to disengage.

"First. Are you holding him firmly? Is he still and secure? If he resists you, he will tear away, you will open his throat, he will die. You do not wish him to die, so hold him firmly. Second. Put your lips to his throat and feel his pulse in them. DO NOT BITE, YET. You must slide your lips back, behind the pulse, because when you bite, your fangs will naturally move forward and find the right place. You may not do it correctly the first time. He may cry out in pain, be prepared for this. Third. When I tell you, you will stop drinking, do you understand? D'accord, feel for his pulse and bite him carefully," she instructed. It was very difficult to know what was going on and she wasn't sure she'd know when to tell him to stop. The best she could do was mime the act and time it herself, hoping he'd tell her if any delays occurred.

She could feel his eagerness, even over the phone.
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Murphy gave a frustrated groan as she told him to wait, but he followed her instructions. His face had got close to the young man’s throat, so when she told him to look at his face Murphy had to straighten up and take half a step backwards to look at him properly. His green eyes looked calm now, his chin had the lightest brush of a five‘o’clock shadow, a fuzz which couldn’t quite be called stubble. His blonde hair looked messy and sweaty, he’d probably been wearing a hat whilst he worked. He was probably younger than Murphy had been when he’d discovered vampires existed. Murphy’s own stubble was covered in blood currently, giving him a suitably terrifying look for what he’d become.

“What’s your name?” Murphy asked, willing the human to stay calm as he answered.

“Andy,” the youth replied and Murphy gave a small nod. Andy. Just a kid doing his job, who found a monster outside as he was trying to close up the diner. He smelt of grease and burgers, fries and a hint of coffee. She was right, there was trust in his eyes now, not that fear that had been there when he’d first seen Murphy.

Andy, you’re going to be ok. He added the extra thought into the mental repetition and praying he wasn’t lying.

Murphy let Jeanne’s commanding tone seep into his mind. He desperately wanted to follow her orders, but it was still distracting, knowing that in a moment he would have his first taste of human blood, the thing his body was craving most in this world.

As Jeanne told him to hold tight, Murphy first rearranged his earbuds, making sure they were in securely so they wouldn’t be dislodged. Fuck, her words were terrifying. Yes, he’d just killed that dog by ripping out his throat, but this was a person, this was Andy. Green eyes, blonde hair, a couple of acne scars on his cheek and that fuzz that in later years would become proper stubble.

As long as he didn’t kill him tonight.

“Yes, I’m holding him,” Murphy said, stepping close again to pin Andy to the door, copying Lazarus by gripping Andy’s hair and urging him to tilt his head to one side as his other arm wrapped around his body, pinning Andy’s arm to his side. He gently kissed Andy’s neck, in a gentle manner learnt from Ben and Jake, feeling for that pulse he’d felt with his fingertips moments earlier.

Stay quiet,  stay calm, you’re ok, you’ll be ok, stay quiet, stay calm, you’re ok, you’ll be ok. He repeated it over and over in his mind.

“OK, I’m going to do it,” Murphy told Jeanne. He was excited, but also terrified. He wanted to bite and feed, but knowing when to stop… fuck.

Timidly, Murphy bit down, tightening his grip on Andy’s hair. Although he was holding on and thought he was prepared, he could still feel him flinch and it only took a second to realise he wasn’t quite in the right spot. There was just a tiny bit of blood from the puncture which Murphy eagerly lapped up, but it wasn’t enough. He felt a rush a panic, and it was audible in his voice.

“It wasn’t right, I didn’t get it right,” Murphy said, a higher pitch to his voice which Andy obviously picked up on as he suddenly gave a struggle. Luckily Murphy’s teeth weren’t still in his neck. “Stop, no, calm, quiet,” the fledgling pleaded, holding Andy as still as he could and thinking through the song again, trying to repeat the calming mantra along with it. As Andy tried to push away from the door Murphy shoved him heavily back into it, his hands trembling  as he projected the song into Andy’s mind, gazing into those green eyes as he did so. That seemed to help and Andy stilled more quickly this time.

“Fuck, okay, I’m going to try again,” Murphy said, but he hesitated for a moment. “Are you close?” he asked, waiting for Jeanne’s response before he leant in again, running his lips across Andy’s throat. He could feel where he’d bitten before, just a scratch, not hitting any proper blood vessels, but it helped him work out a little better where he needed to bite to do it properly.

This time Andy let out a quiet whimper and tensed up in Murphy’s arms, but he wasn’t able to flinch. Murphy gave a happy sounding groan as the hot blood hit his mouth and he drank eagerly, gulping it down. Andy’s sound of pain had faded now and Murphy felt him relax in his arms. He hadn’t even considered the different reactions human had to feeding, but he was pleased Andy seemed to be similar to how he reacted when he was fed from. Calm, peaceful, relaxed.

It tasted amazing, better than anything he’d tasted as a human. He hadn’t even finished with Andy and he was already taking delight in thinking that there would be more of this in the future. He could fill that hollowness inside gradually lessening. He couldn’t imagine it ever being full though, how could anyone get enough of this?
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As it turned out, it was easier for Jeanne to judge what was going on than she'd anticipated, because when Murphy pressed close to the mortal - Andy - the cord of his headphones swung forward. The microphone hanging closer to his heart allowed her to hear the mortal respond. Unfortunately, the first effort at biting and drinking was a failure.

"Yes. I am close. I will be there very soon," she assured Murphy, peering through the windscreen of the car to be certain she was right. There were far fewer cars on the road where they were, she was having to do much less work to clear the way for them. They'd been travelling faster for a long while. They'd left the main roads out of the city and crossed over to... wherever this was, an outer suburb or the next city. Whichever. It did seem close enough for her to risk a question.

How long? she asked the driver mentally, her ears attending to Murphy attempting his second bite while her mind continued to scan ahead. She was going to need a drink herself, after all this.

"Three minutes," came the verbal response. The driver sounded as tense as Jeanne felt.

Closing her eyes to boost her concentration, Jeanne listened to Andy's heart beating. Incidentally, she could also hear Murphy's throat working as it swallowed and the rhythm between the two allowed her to immerse herself in the experience. It was a race between the drinking and how fast the car was driving. She knew the drinking would win, so she really hoped this next part went alright.

"Murphy. You must stop drinking, now. Do you hear how his heart has changed? It is speeding up. That is because there is less blood in his system and his heart is trying to compensate for the lower volume. Soon it will slow - you do not want that to happen. Murphy. Stop drinking now," she ordered, her command vibrating sternly through the phone line. She could only hope the suggestion she'd already implanted was triggered by the aggression of her tone, because if Murphy continued drinking... she believed she'd arrived just in time to watch Andy die.
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Murphy was reassured by Jeanne confirming she was nearby, although once the blood started flowing he wasn’t worrying about when she would arrive any more.

He heard her first command to stop, but it was followed by a lot of explanation which lost his focus again as Murphy swallowed again. Her second command came through more strongly and the ferocity behind her voice made Murphy flinch. She’d had centuries to practise that commanding tone and it worked. Murphy drew back, licking his lips hungrily, making sure no drops had escaped.

“Ok, oh, shit,” Murphy said, exclaiming as blood kept seeping out. Fuck. He quickly lifted a hand to press against the wound, going with his human instinct to try to stop it rather than thinking about how he could heal Andy.

“I stopped, I stopped, Jeanne, he’s still bleeding, I need to stop it,” Murphy said, swallowing hard and trying to focus on how to stop Andy bleeding, not how much delicious blood was being wasted. He pressed tightly on the wound and gradually lowered Andy to the floor. His heart was still going, but Murphy didn’t want to have to think about holding him up whilst he tried to tend to him. He curled his legs up underneath him and let Andy lean against him. It wasn’t an artery he’d bitten, so the blood wasn’t gushing out, but it felt like he’d drunk a lot (not enough) so he was worried about what was still escaping.

Calm, quiet, calm, quiet, you’re ok, Andy, you’re ok.

Suddenly there was a car behind him and Murphy let out a sob. It was either Jeanne or he was even more fucked. His fingers felt slippery from blood and he wanted to drink again, but he had her to focus on now.

You’re here, thank you, thank you, please help, he pleaded as he lay eyes on the beautiful French woman who looked to him like a ray of sunshine. Andy wasn’t going to die now, she would know what to do.
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The instant Jeanne opened her door, the scent of blood enveloped her, hijacking her olfactory senses. Her mouth watered as she exited the vehicle, arriving at Murphy's side almost before the brisk clip of her stilettos striking the concrete could sound and announce her arrival.

Murphy was a morbid sight; face and clothes covered in blood, hands drenched in it as he attempted to stopper the flow with his fingers. She crouched beside him, her hand upon the newling's shoulder. She was trying not to get too close. Of course she was wearing white, her wide-legged, flowing silk pants topped with a delicate spaghetti-strapped camisole made from the same shiny ivory fabric. There was a matching jacket that she hadn't taken the time to grab back in her office but it wasn't important now.

She scanned the mental connection between fledgeling and mortal, suffused with pride when she saw that Murphy was, indeed, exerting influence over the human, subduing him. Of course, he was also stupidly holding his bleeding throat in his hands, rather than his mouth, but she couldn't ask for everything in one go. All things considered, this odd experiment had been a success.

Resisting the urge to take over, she spoke instead - this time, live, as her phone had been abandoned in the car. "Murphy, I am here," she soothed, squeezing his shoulder so that he didn't feel alone. If he hadn't been maintaining such an excellent presence with the mortal, she might've considered speaking into his mind but she didn't dare interrupt their established connection now.

"You must heal his wounds. The easiest way is to bite the tip of your tongue so that you can press your healing blood into the holes and close them up. The flash of your pain will be momentary. Now, lift your hands and lick away some of the blood from his throat so you can better see what you are doing," she advised, tempted to help him do it - she didn't, of course. Her meal would come later. "Never waste blood; you are too much its slave to be so casual about it."
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Murrphy’s golden eyes slid shut as she touched his shoulder, savouring that relief for just half a second. She was here, he was no longer alone. At that thought he instinctively reached out for Lazarus and could still feel his sire moving further away. Every minute was more than a mile, going, going… gone.

“I know,” he breathed as Jeanne told him he needed to heal Andy. He’d been healed himself by Ben, by Jake, by numerous other vampires. He knew the technical details, but the thought of doing it by himself, without someone there? He would have had to taste his blood again.

“If I hadn’t stopped there I wouldn’t have, I had to stop tasting him,” he explained as he tugged the headphones from his ears, feeling terrible at the thought of it. If not for her voice he would have kept drinking until there was nothing left.  He now had her permission to taste him again though, which excited him greatly. His own pain didn’t concern him right now – in the past hour and a half he’d felt more pain that he thought he’d be able to survive, but he had. Well, kind of. Not really.

Murphy twisted to face Andy more, and slowly lifted his hand to check the bleeding before moving faster to lick to blood from his fingers in a manner Jeanne would probably turn her nose up at. Once that was done - it only took seconds - he focused on the human’s throat, to lap at the blood on Andy’s skin, cleaning him carefully.

Calm, quiet, delicious, yes, calm, quiet, you’re ok. The mantra went around his mind into Andy’s (with the accidental addition) as he licked, savouring that taste again. Murphy could see the main wounds, and the first, smaller ones, and perhaps took a little more tome over it than was necessary, reluctant to stop getting that taste he craved.

But he could feel Jeanne right there, and her presence was enough to remind him of the task at hand before too long. Murphy bit at his tongue, making a small noise of surprise at himself and the sudden pain, then swiped his tongue over Andy’s throat, smearing the blood over Andy’s skin.

Murphy lifted his hand to cup the human’s cheek as he pulled back to watch his blood heal the abused neck. His thumb ran gently over Andy’s skin, reassuring him physically now, as well as mentally. A wave of relief came over him as he watched the wound’s heal and he glanced towards Jeanne with a satisfied, handsome grin (despite the blood cover his features), pleased with himself. Yes, given the right permission he would happy drink more deeply, but he’d had enough that he wasn’t quite as consumed by the need for it as he was earlier. He could think about Andy as a person, not just as a meal.

His focus turned back to Andy and he pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek.

You need to take it easy. You’re ok, but don’t push yourself. Call someone for a lift home. Call in sick tomorrow. He sent the final mental instructions without knowing whether they would really have any affect, before sliding himself out from under the weight of Andy’s body, leaning the human more towards the wall.

“Thank you,” he repeated, turning his golden eyes towards Jeanne. He knew very well that if she hadn’t picked up the phone that this could all have turned out a lot worse.

“Is that… is there anything I need to do? Will he be ok?” There was blood on Andy’s collar, but not too much. “Will you help him forget this?” He added as as after thought. There was the dog out there as well, would they get rid of that? There was so much to think about, it was overwhelming. And he knew he’d want more blood before the night was over as well.
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"He'll be fine," Jeanne soothed, surveying Murphy's handiwork critically. It was crude but far more effective than most fledgelings, for which she was thankful; she hadn't been looking forward to cleaning up a murder. The human was pale and low on blood but his condition wasn't gong to be fatal. This was a surprisingly successful first feeding, indeed.

Remaining crouched by the mortal, she reverted to communicating with Murphy mentally, wanting to get a feel for how malleable his mind was, how receptive and communicative he would be. His sire had no mental skills worth mentioning; the childe had possibly already outdone its maker in his first hour and Jeanne had no intention of hobbling that learning trajectory. She intended to accelerate it as much as she could, and see how far Murphy could be pushed.

She shuffled quickly through Murphy's working memory, observing his arrival at the motel and subsequent siring through his eyes. The rebellion against Lazarus was brief and then the ancient was gone, heralding the phone call to her and Murphy's ensuing feeding attempts.

Once she was all caught up, she implanted an image of Murphy gathering up the dog corpse and disposing of it in the nearby rubbish receptacle, followed by him returning to the motel to collect his belongings. She tweaked his amygdala while she was at it - not enough to cause outright fear, but enough to encourage a sense of urgency in Murphy's actions - and also to sever his lingering connection with the mortal. It was easier and faster than talking him through it and she wasn't in the mood to prevaricate any longer.

While Murphy moved away, she attended to young Andy. The poor thing began to panic once Murphy left him, his eyes widening as he looked around. She quieted him quickly, touching his leg to gain his attention and smiling at him. He watched her inquiringly as she backed through his memory as well, seeing his work night become quite eventful once he found Murphy feasting upon a dog at the rear of his workplace.

Jeanne took all his memories of Murphy, stitching together Andy's reality of fear and a torn rubbish bag into a false one whereby the bag was torn by an angry dog that attacked him, biting at his neck before he shoved it off and it ran away. She reached over and calmly gouged his neck with two of her nails to support this memory and explain the blood on his clothing. She then flicked the skin she'd gathered out from under them with a look of distaste.

Glancing around the area, she saw a need for a clean up to completely wipe away the traces of what had conspired here, so she compelled Andy to go into his place of work and return with some buckets of hot water and a mop, to wash away the blood stains on the cement. She followed that with an image of him cleaning up the split garbage bag and its contents, before he went back into work and got himself a milkshake and a slice of pie (the sugar would get him through to the end of his shift, she reasoned).

As Andy got to his feet and moved off silently to do her bidding, Jeanne rolled her head in a tight circle and stood up. She rolled her shoulders for good measure as she headed back to the car, enjoying the sensation of the tension in them dispersing. It had been an eventful night and there were still at least three hours until dawn. Enough time to get back home and share this revelation with Charon. She amused herself by predicting his reaction while she stood beside the car, hands casually ensconced in her pants pockets, waiting for Murphy to return.

Hopefully he'd got a look at himself in a mirror and decided to clean up a little before he did. Merde, she should've thought of that and built it into her instructions, too. His sticky, bloody hands and face in her lovely car could make an awful mess. She spun around at the sound of Andy's first bucket of steaming water being dumped onto the pool of dog's blood, settling back against the car to observe him cleaning avidly while she waited for Murphy.
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Murphy met Jeanne’s gaze as she began to search through his memory, making no attempt to stop her (even if he’d known how). It was easier than trying to put it into words, or worrying about missing out important bits.

He gave a nod at the imagine she sent to him, not quite understanding how she gave him that urgency, but recognising she must have done something. He stood up smoothly and headed straight to the dog, scooping it up gently and placing it into the huge dustbin the diner used. He felt bad for killing it, but there was no point lingering on that.

Although he already had his bag, Murphy followed Jeanne’s guidance to head back to the motel. Luckily the door hadn’t automatically locked on the motel room. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too much of a mess – the bed was messed up, there were a few drops of blood on the floor, but with the gaudy pattern they were hardly visible. Most of the blood seemed to have stayed on him.

Remembering that he must look like a bit of a state, Murphy headed through into the bathroom, stripping off his button up shirt and leaving the t-shirt underneath, which was in a better state. The fledgling scrubbed at his face and hands with the small bar of soap, making the water in the sink run pink with his and Andy’s blood combined. He splashed water through his hair as well for good measure, and wished he had time for a proper shower. The mirror in the bathroom was small, but did the job as Murphy made sure there was no more blood on his face and hands.

Once he knew he was clean Murphy took a second to just stare at himself in the mirror. He looked the same, apart from the expression of fear and those golden eyes. He’d always had flecks of gold in his hazel eyes, but they had spread to take over the whole iris. Anyone who knew him would be able to see there was something different and he didn’t want to deal with them. Jeanne, Charon, he dealt with them and liked them, but they weren’t exactly friends. Ben and Jake… this was going to hurt them, just like Lazarus had planned. They’d blame themselves…

as they should

…and might want to go after Lazarus.

Murphy pressed his lips together, trying to resist the urge to try to reach out to see where Lazarus was. He couldn’t spend every five minutes mentally searching for that prick.

After grabbing his button up shirt and shoving it into his bag, Murphy headed back outside. He glanced towards Andy who was diligently scrubbing the yard, but made a beeline straight for the car. He gave Jeanne a wry smile, shoving his own hands into his jeans pockets.

“Sorry,” he said simply, before glancing to the car she was leaning on. “We’ll go to Penbrook, right?” he added, pulling open the car door and holding it open for Jeanne to enter. Even if he’d wanted to go home, Lazarus had taken his keys so he wouldn’t be able to get in. Ben had a spare but there was no way Murphy was going there tonight. And Charon would no doubt want to hear about all of this.
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Jeanne quirked an eyebrow at Murphy's presumptuous question, a smile playing around her lips but not landing as she regarded him, holding the door for her. She didn't move from her relaxed position, her head canted to look up at him.

"Oui, mon petit oiseau," she agreed, for he was a little bird, who had been delivered unto the care of the Sacramentum... one way or another. Still, that didn't give him the right to dictate to any of them and it was now her role to remind him of such. "But first, are you not forgetting something? I did not arrive here, to answer your desperate plea for help, alone, therefore I am not the only one deserving of your gratitude," she hinted, glancing beyond his shoulder at the driver, who was standing silently by her door, hands clasped politely in front of her body.

She'd been about to open the rear door for both of them; not only had Murphy slighted her by doing her job, he'd completely ignored her presence in the process. It was understandable, given his momentous preoccupation with his life-shift but Jeanne would not allow disrespect in any form. Everyone in their household mattered and no-one was beneath acknowledgement. If Murphy was going to spend any time with them - and she suspected it was going to be a significant amount, now - he needed to understand that.
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Murphy’s cheeks coloured with the blood he’d just drunk, both with embarrassment at having forgotten Jeanne’s driver and appearing rude, but also at the reference to him as a ‘little bird’. Had she picked up on Lazarus calling him that in his memories, or was that just how everyone saw him? Ben, Lazarus, now Jeanne?

He thought he’d been being helpful by opening the door, but in his focus on Andy he’d forgotten the other.

“I’m sorry,” Murphy said genuinely as he turned to Jeanne’s driver. “I didn’t think. Thank you, especially for getting here so quickly, or I would have… thank you,” he repeated, hesitating for a moment before holding out a (now clean) hand to her. The hesitation hadn’t been from a lack of respect on his part, but after what she’d just seen of him Murphy didn’t know if she’d want to shake his hand.
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The driver blushed also and nodded, a bashful smile lighting up her face as she was acknowledged. She shook his hand firmly, once, then let it go. "You're welcome," she answered gruffly.

Jeanne was smiling properly now, enjoying the driver's humility. "It was magnificent driving," she agreed huskily, drawing the driver's gaze and another blush. "Merci beaucoup. Please take us home," she instructed then slid liquidly into the car, moving across the seat so that Murphy had room to get in beside her.

She picked up her phone as she did, pondering sending a warning text - Hugh or Ari were likely to be at home and most likely near their phones - but deciding against it. Charon was likely to have felt her impact because she'd used her presence to get the car safely and swiftly out of the city; a sudden burst of power use like that would have snared his attention. He didn't need any more warning than that.

Jeanne watched Murphy get into the car, noting that he pulled the door closed behind him. The driver watched him do it and then got into the front, putting her belt on, starting the car and driving them away from this anonymous pocket of significant change. Jeanne gazed at Murphy speculatively, crossing her left leg over her right and turning slightly towards the newly-made vampire, hands clasped elegantly in her lap. "Do you wish to talk or would you rather silence?" she enquired.

There would be plenty of time for talking when they arrived at Penbrook. Murphy might like to speak now, to get his thoughts in order before he spoke with Charon, or he might prefer to be alone with them. Jeanne had no preference and neither choice would offend her.
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Murphy was relieved Jeanne didn’t string out his embarrassment, and it looked like the driver was too. He slid into the car after her, clutching his bag in his lap once his seatbelt was on, gripping it for reassurance. He glanced towards her as she picked up her phone, wondering whether she was telling anyone else, but she seemed to dismiss that idea. She might have already contacted them mentally for all he knew.

“I think, I just need to just… be quiet for now,” Murphy said softly, hoping she wouldn’t be offended by his choice. She already knew everything that had happened, so there was little point going over it again. He was tired as well, and that gnawing inside, whilst lessened, was still there, so he wanted to just focus on getting to Penbrook. There were donors there and no doubt Charon would want to see him tonight. There were only a few hours before sunrise – something he’d never experience again.

Murphy turned to look out of the window as the scenery shot past – not as quickly as on Jeanne’s journey here, but considerably faster than on Murphy’s trip out. He’d never have a hamburger again. Never lie on the beach enjoying the sunshine. Never get that bliss from being drunk from. Never be able to see a rainbow. Yes, he’d planned on being sired one day, but all of those ‘last times’ had been stolen from him. Lazarus taken all that in the mad rush when he’d turned him – the word siring didn’t seem to fit what Lazarus had done. He was not what a sire should be, but he was what Murphy had.

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