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Title: The Hunt
Post by: Black Philip on July 01, 2019, 01:20:13 PM
Continued from Coming Home (
For Royce

Ari had just stripped naked, and now, in a bolt too fast for a normal human to see, ran off into the Meadowcrest Woods. His intended prey, his fledge Royce, had already ran into those tangled woods, and so Ari focused on finding his fledge's energy. He thought back to a moment from just a few moments before.

I want this to last a while.

Royce was really home, and for the first time in a while Ari felt connected to the world; alive! Surely Charon had to see how much good Royce brought to the family. The Huntsman decided now was not the time to think about his grandsire, and instead searched the woods for Royce's aura. A thin hum to the north told Ari where Royce had headed and so Ari headed north too, making sure not to go so fast as to end this early. He wanted to see what tricks Royce would bring.
Title: Re: The Hunt
Post by: sully on July 10, 2019, 10:48:30 AM
Royce had already stripped nude before Ari joined him on the ground. He then begun to stretch, bending down to touch his toes and showing Ari his eventual prize. After taking a quick look back at Ari's muscular form and his large, hard cock pointing directly at him, Royce took off with supernatural speed, running towards the closest tree. Just before he reached the trunk, he leaped in the air and landed feet first onto the tree. Less than a second later, he pushed up with his feet and ran effortlessly up the smooth wood. As he reached the top, Royce grabbed a sturdy branch and flipped up and landed softly on the awaiting appendage. He paused for a moment, looking for another suitable landing. As he spotted his target, Royce heard a deep growl from below. He risked a look back and saw that Ari had taken off, the growl a warning to him that the game had truly begun.

Wasting only a moment to rub his fingers across his exposed nipples and shudder at the intensity of the primal emotions he felt beginning another hunt, Royce jumped over to the waiting branch and landed with the grace of a trained acrobat. This time he did not pause, but rather continued to run and jump farther into the forest, dodging other branches and landing perfectly on those that could support his weight. Owls screeched and flew away as he rushed past them. Wolves gazed up at him, snarling and barking at the darting shadow. Royce was never sure how, but it always appeared that the hunt effected the animals in the forest around them. Perhaps it was Ari's deep connection to the earth or simply the recognition of the primal desires between the two lovers. Regardless, as Royce traveled further and further into the awaiting darkness, the forest seemed to come alive with every step of his foot, causing his own desires to grow even stronger.
Title: Re: The Hunt
Post by: Black Philip on July 22, 2019, 09:16:14 AM
The smell of earth, beasts, rot, life and mist all entered Ari's nostrils as he moved fluidly through the narrow paths and tangled branches. He could both smell Royce, and sense him, and used both to keep track of his fledge's journey through the trees. Royce had a natural grace since his mortal years that made him a protege for vampire speed and balance. It was yet another trait that attracted Ari, and for all of Royce's grace, Ari made up for it in strength and power. He didn't go out of his way to disrespect nature, but problematic branches were swatted away like the smoke clouds Royce loved to blow, and the boom of his steps would let Royce know exactly how close his sire was getting.

It was a wonderful night for a hunt. Clear skies let moonbeams seep through the foliage, lighting up deer, wolves, raccoons and fireflies. Ari was able to take it all in with his vampire eyes, and made the chase as much about catching Royce as pursing him. He thought he heard Royce's laughter taunting and guiding him, a sweeter sound than the boy would ever admit. Ari had over 1,000 years on his fledge, and could've caught him well before now, but there was no fun in that, and so Ari only let himself run as fast as he knew Royce could run. It let several minutes turn into an hour, all the while Ari staying just out of reach. Royce would let him know when he was ready to be caught, and that would only come when Ari was so pent up he was ready to burst.
Title: Re: The Hunt
Post by: sully on July 26, 2019, 09:46:22 AM
The smile had yet to leave Royce’s face since he’d taken off and heard Ari give chase.  It had been a long five years, a fact worth repeating over and over. Five years without the touch of his sire, the smell of his body, the feeling of Ari inside him, and the unbridled joy of simply being wrapped in his arms. Royce hadn’t sworn himself to celibacy and, on the contrary, had fucked more people and supernatural creatures than he could count. But all of those experiences combined didn’t add up to the feeling Royce was having now, even before the carnal act had begun.

Flipping gracefully through the air, Royce landed softly on a thick branch of an old oak tree. He pressed his naked back against the trunk, feeling the cold, damp bark caress his skin as he listened out through the forest. The forest was a hum of actively. Animals of all shapes and sizes went about their nocturnal business, their actions thrown into a slight frenzy by the two vampires hunt. Even the plants seemed to creak and sway though there was no wind. Royce pushed aside these sounds and tried to focus on Ari. He could have easily sensed him through their bond, but he always found it more of a thrill to try and locate him by skill alone.

After a few moments, he heard the distinct sound of Ari’s muscular form barreling his way through some branches a little while off. Royce knew that Ari was only toying with him and that he’d be caught when his sire chose to go in for the “kill”. Deciding to add a little more mischief to the evening, called out with his voice to the area he heard Ari moving through; “you’re getting slow old man. Can’t even catch a scrawny guy 600 years your youth!”