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Title: Vai
Post by: The Cedar Witch on July 30, 2019, 06:57:12 AM
Name: Vai  (pronounced like the word EYE)
Alias/Nicknames: V
Gender: Female
Species: Sidhe ( (with the werewolf curse)
Age [actual]: 1105
Age [appearance]: 40-50 these days, but she can change this at will

Domicile:  Deep in the wood near(ish) Mirror Lake in the North District, at an old abandoned campground.  The entire pack ( lives here.

Magical Objects:  A necklace comprised of the claws from the right forepaw of a wolf.  It grants her control during transformations (not control OVER the transformation, but DURING) and some healing magic abilities that were recently unlocked by Saraekiel.  There is a sister-necklace from the other forepaw that lacks the healing ability but it otherwise identical.

Hair: Long brown luscious curls, meticulously cared for.
Eyes: Dark brown and sultry.
Frame: 5' 9" tall, 140lb.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:  Right calf has a nasty mangled scar that looks like a shark bite.
As a Wolf:  Tall, brown fur and brown eyes.  The scar on her leg is silvery and hairless.

Talents/Skills:  Shapeshifting, charm, flight, teleportation (very taxing, for emergencies only), warding/concealment spells, curses, can converse with ravens
Weaknesses:  Deathly allergic to silver and iron

Current Occupation:  Pack leader of a group of werewolves and shifters in charge of the Club Zero Arena.  The pack is also Saraekiel's police force.  They only answer to her.

Awareness of Supernaturals:  Lycanthropes, Shifters, Vampires (aware of the clans and their lore), Demons (knows there are a variety but cannot distinguish immediately), Dark/Fallen/Angels, Fae

Hobbies/Pastimes:  Astrology, Tarot, other methods of divination, researching ancient spells and rituals
Likes: Apples, berries, baked goods, milk, cream, butter, cheese, honey, sweet wines, gifts/offerings of her favorite foods and non-silver jewelry
Dislikes:  Vampires, iron, silver

Character Strengths: Discerning, stong willed, cunning
Character Flaws:  Manipulative, cold, impatient, vain, vindictive

Philosophy of Life: 
Quirks:  Superstitious
Sense of Humor:  Dry
Temper:  Cold


Not much is known of her history before coming to the city--she refuses to talk about it.  Some individuals in the pack know of how she became cursed, but they are forbidden from speaking of it.

Vai was cast out of her Sidhe tribe for falling in love with a human from a local village cursed with lycanthropy.  Intent on finding a cure for her lover, she spent a great deal of time researching werewolf lore and tracking down ancient spells.  Thinking she had found the answer, she guided her human lover through the astral to complete a ritual that was supposed to remove the curse.  This failed, triggering a transformation and Vai was viciously attacked before teleporting back to her tribe.  The attack left her cursed, the act of teleportation left her exhausted and near dead--this triggered her own transformation.  Catching them by surprise, Vai killed the majority of her tribe leaving others to flee.  She passed out after the rampage and awoke to her human lover waiting.  No sooner did she awake that the pair were ambushed by the remaining Sidhe from the tribe that had fled.  With them was a vampiric werewolf hunter armed with silver-tipped arrows.  When the attack began, the threat caused the pair to transform.  The lover was brought down by an arrow to the back before Vai could kill the archer, but when she did this sent the Sidhe fleeing again. 

It is rumored that Vai crafted the wolf bone necklaces from the corpse of her lover.  Others insist it came from a wolf that attempted to devour the corpse while she was in mourning.  Still, others claim she plucked the necklaces from the astral itself, fully-formed.

Recent History: 

After the death of her lover, she left Ireland, seeking places of magical significance to put out roots.  During her travels throughout the globe, she picked up stray wolves along the way who needed guidance and together they formed the pack that exists still today. 

The pack has existed in the city since the 90s and has been steadily growing in size.  Vai had a history with the mother of Club Zero's owner and began the Arena fights shortly after the club was built.  By the time Saraekiel set his sights on the North District, Vai's pack had garnered something of a reputation for its strength and fearlessness in the face of death.  He struck a bargain with her, and she agreed to have her sizable pack make up the dark angel's police force.

Roleplay Consent:
Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: No
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