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Title: Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
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For Billiam

It has been a week since Dreki had collapsed. It happened at the highschool that he taught at. A mixture of the recent procedure from the facility slowly destroying him from the inside and overworking himself proved to be a bit too harsh for his body to handle anymore, while taken to an actual hospital in an ambulance, Hofflan was quick to intercept after about an hour. He had been transferred to the facility, of which he stayed for a couple of days, and forced to take the rest of the week off from work. Hofflan had sent out an email on Dreki's behalf to his employers explaining without much detail that Dreki would be out sick due to a medical emergency, and so far, was on trajectory to be back Monday of next week. He was brought back home on Wednesday, with a fresh diagnosis of Graft vs Host disease which may or may not have caused an autoimmune disorder with his stomach. Given how the treatment for both would have been the same in the end, Hofflan decided it wasn't worth exploring it further unless Dreki took a turn for the worse at somepoint in the future.

Despite being home on Wednesday, he was told to not go anywhere the next day as Hofflan himself would be stopping by with a more well constructed treatment plan and expectations. While Dreki would be fine in the end, it was still going to be a lifelong issue, regardless of how long that may even mean. Day became night, and Dreki sighed, sitting in his kitchen reading a book, awaiting for whenever Hofflan made his way over.

In the car on the way over, Hofflan decided to explain more to Nox about what the current assignment for him would be, beyond he gets to become a roommate with a special asset that lives on the outside, to specifically watch for Dreki's health and any possible leaks about the facility that may or may not have come from Dreki.

"So, to bring you a bit more up to date on your new roommate, Dreki is a special asset for us at the Facility. Not only does he have the ability to heal others, but is otherwise quite powerful. Most of his power is locked away for the majority of the time. I'm sure you've heard rumors of the angel boy who flat out killed someone else?" Hofflan wasn't reading from a physical file or anything, it was clear that Dreki was beyond just another experiment for the facility, but even far enough to be a bit of a pet project for Hofflan, "Yeah, same kid. Too much violence brought against him and he'll lose control of himself. Not only will he be able to fly, but he is also incredibly fast, and will rebound and heal from wounds as if they are nothing. You will see ethereal wings that he can use to fly, and if really in a bad situation an ethereal sword as well. He also will attack back until whatever the original threat was, is killed, or at least thats what the current observable behavior is. He's recently been augmented to be physically stronger all around with the same DNA that his original procedure was done with, so that may have changed to be better or worse, thats not something thats been tested yet. Oh, and be careful about speaking Russian in front of him. There is a Russian phrase that will make him turn as well, but it's been not very well tested so if you turn him like that, we don't know what will bring him back to his senses. Unfortunately I cannot give you the phrase, сожалею."

Hofflan wasn't exactly fluent in Russian anymore, it's been so long since he last spoke the language, and even back then, it was functional enough to mainly speak to other soldiers and not really an everyday thing. He knew the phrase that would trigger Dreki, and a few other odds and ends, but not enough to speak a full conversation, although he understood it just fine. He had no reason to brush up on speaking it again, and part of the reason why Dreki never bothered to learn Russian to help hide his thoughts was because he knew Hofflan understood it.

"You are to watch him, make sure his health doesn't physically decline too far. If he does heal someone, he'll get sick for a time, but nothing life threatening, but he doesn't often do that, if at all anymore. He tries to limit his visits with me, or at least whats within his power to do so. His recent augmentation caused more problems than expected so he is going to be given a bottle full of steroids take take until they are up to at least help bridge the gap of time it will take for the infusion he was given yesterday to pick up and work. He'll need to come back every 6 weeks to get another infusion, and I cannot say how that will affect his ability to get sick or heal from wounds. Normally he doesn't get sick or stay injured for long, a broken bone might take a day or two of healing, but cuts and scrapes would leave within minutes or less depending on the size, that may have changed. Make sure he eats about 3 meals a day, he currently had a feeding tube in to give his stomach some time to heal itself, but he does have a habit of not eating very often. Also he does have a history of suicide attempts, he's never been successful, the angel DNA in him will keep him alive at the very least so don't worry about him too hard if he starts being melodramatic. There have also been times where I have not been able to mentally contact him, or when I do the events do fully line up with what has happening before hand, so also make sure you know where he is, but let him keep a belief that he has privacy."

The car stopped in front of a nice looking apartment building, they were finally there.

"Any questions before we go up?" He asked Nox, knowing Dreki was awaiting them.
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Nox didn't like this strange doctor. He'd been told to play nice from his CO, and Hofflan was told to stay out of Nox's mind, and so the soldier sat patiently as the case of this Dreki kid was told to him. He didn't know much about the doc, except he had fangs and kept a lot of his work separate from Nox's normal duties. However, Nox didn't need much more. Why Project Twilight would employ a filthy fanger was beyond Nox, but he had to trust that it was to help protect people from the monsters. This city was just so full of them. He did remember the case of a boy killing someone at the facility, but hadn't thought much of it. Nox and Luke had also had difficult transitions into being a special asset. What Nox didn't understand was why this one didn't work with the others. Weren't they all fighting for the same thing? He did like that he was finally allowed to move out of the facility. Facility life was great but had it's limits. He wondered how'd he'd decorate his room. Would he be able to bring dates over?

These were the questions he had as Dr. Frankenangel pulled up to the pad. The place looked pretty nice. He'd expected some cookie cutter piece of shit in the north. He could get used to this. He turned his head, and nodded no at any questions, but did speak before heading up.

"You know this is one of my assignments, right" he said, his deep base voice resonating in the car. "I have orders to track another special asset and learn how the mon-, how the supernaturals operate. He doesn't need me to lead him around right?"

It was more changeling than he would've been with his CO, but not insubordinate. He would watch the kid and report his movements, and intervene if needed, but Major Nox was not playing nurse maid. If his question was answered, he'd leave the car and follow Dr. Hofflan to Dreki's, and his, apartment.
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"He may be blind, but he prefers his independence," he says offhandedly, almost as if it didn't matter any that Dreki is blind, "plus one of his jobs is working at a college where he teaches supernaturals and works with other supernaturals, so you can probably learn a thing or two from him for at least one of your other assignments. All 3 of his jobs involve teaching, so it's not like you won't have time away from him, as you won't be able to follow him into his jobs. I actually want to convince him to drop the one where he teaches English to others on the weekend. It pays the least, it takes up only two days a week, and he needs a day off or two if he expects to recover." He spoke as he got out of the car and walked into the building, making sure Nox was following him inside.

Once they got to the door on the 3rd floor, Hofflan knocked on the door, and the tall blond answered after a couple of moments, the end of the feeding tube coming out of his nose, tapped to his cheek

"Who's this?" he asked, he sounded tired, he recognized Hofflan but not the other person.

"Your new roommate. Can we come in? We have things we need to discuss." Hofflan sounded mildly demanding, Dreki's face turned into one of confusion and like he wanted to say something, but decided against it.

"Uhhh, sure. Come in" Dreki sounded exhausted, like he didn't want to deal with this but had no fight left in him to protest. He walked away from the door, leaving it open, letting Hofflan and Nox in. The apartment was immaculately clean, he sat down at the kitchen table, in front of him lay a book face down. Braille was on the spine of the book, it was otherwise plain white. The apartment itself was nice, and comfortable enough for two people to exist inside of it.

Hofflan motioned for Nox to walk inside, as Hofflan wanted to make sure the door was closed and locked with all 3 of them inside.
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Nox entered without a word, making sure to scan the blonde man in front of him. He needed to learn everything about him; his habits, the ways he changed his appearance, the sound of his voice, everything. He avoided scanning the apartment for a moment. He stood totatly still, like a solider at attention, not a man who'd just entered his new home. At his feet was a beat up duffel bag. He dropped it to the ground, resulting in a boom noise. Once the door was closed he addressed Dreki.

"Major Nox, U.S. army, he introduced. He didn't remember his last name anymore, or his first name for that matter. Nox was all that was left. Project Twilight had taken the rest. Based on observation, it looked like Dreki didn't know they were coming, and while he'd been taught to show nothing, he couldn't help but look at Dr. Hofflan pensively.
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Dreki looked at Nox, there was an intense look emanating from his eyes, but it wasn't a bad look, just a really focused look. Mostly as if he had to concentrate to see anything. He was used to doing this by now but his eyes always had this look.

"Dreki Arach." Dreki simply responded back to Nox. He could tell Nox wasn't human, which didn't surprise him given how Hofflan was the one to introduce them. He had no reason to question that at all. "Feel free to take a seat."

"So given your recent collapse and failure to tell me that you were beyond unwell, I figured it's probably not a good idea for you to live alone right now," Hofflan started as he sat down, motioning Nox to do so as well. He took a pill bottle out of his pocket and put it on the table, "It's steroids, take two daily until you run out. It should give you enough of a buffer until the remicade kicks in."

"If I'm not supposed to eat food normally until Sunday night then how?" Dreki raised an eyebrow, not fighting now having a babysitter basically. He hadn't realized he was bleeding, and realized he probably should have gone to a hospital when Sam suggest he had.

"Crush it up and put it through your feeding tube. Take it with food." Hofflan mentioned without missing a beat. "Also, given the stress on your body, I would recommend quitting your ESL teaching job. It pays the least and you're going to need days off to heal up properly."

"And if I don't?"

"Would you like me to quit all your jobs on your behalf and take you back into the facility for good?" Hofflan had no problem threatening as such. "Or even Emma could get involved."

"...Fine." Dreki sighed, seemingly annoyed, but also defeated. He looked at Nox, them back at Hofflan. "Is that all or what?"

"All from me, Nox, anything you want to add before I leave you two be?" He asked, still sitting.
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Nox's distaste for the fanger deepened as he treated a human like shit. Of course he did. All of those supers were the same. He made note of the name, Emma, and the open and direct threat. This was no way to live. At least Nox had a command structure and was in the military. He had to follow orders. This kid seemed to have no such commitment, but rather being roped in via fear and intimidation. Nox had wanted this mission, once he knew what it was. This Dreki kid just wanted to teach ESL.

He turned his head to Dr. Hofflan. "Nope. I'm good. First report in two days. If you need to reach me, text the first number. If you need to reprogram me, contact HQ and ask for agent Waters. I believe you're familiar."

He turned to Dreki now, studying the kid. Maybe this was a good gig. He could act as a buffer between Dr. FrankenAngel and the kid here.
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"Good," Hofflan stood up and walked to the door, "you two have fun now." That last phrase was said in almost a mocking tone, as he left and closed the door behind him.

Dreki also stood up from the table and looked at Nox. "Follow me," he said, figuring he'd bring Nox to his room at least. He walked a little down the hall and stopped in front of the first door in the hallway and opened it. Inside was a plain, but fully furnished spare bedroom.

"Welcome home I suppose," he said, sounding exhausted, he looked fairly exhausted too, with his hair fully down and in comfortable clothing, "This is my only spare bedroom, I used to use it for AirBnB from time to time, but I've kept it clean. That being said, please keep everything outside of your room how you found it if you've used something. I am blind, so it's more out of me being able to easily find things. I can see the outline of 3D objects but I can't read text or anything so particularly for labels on food items, it's helpful if I can find it. Beyond that if you bring someone over or otherwise need privacy, just close your bedroom door and I'll leave you be. I'll be doing the same. My bedroom door is down the hall also on the right. Bathroom is the only door on the left." He pointed at the doors as he explained what was where.

"Do you want food or a drink or something while you settle in?" He then offered. Figured he might as well help Nox feel more at home to the best he could for now. "Any questions for me?"
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Nox followed Dreki as he showed him the room. It was a room, and for now lacked any personal touches. Nox would have to fix that, but it opened a new question for him. What were his tastes? What did he like and didn't like? He'd been in military housing for so long he'd never had to think about things like decorating. Now, he wondered if he should paint. Considering what he was here to do - basically be a live in parole officer - Nox found it amusing he was thinking about decor. He listened as Dreki explained about not moving things around. He'd try to be considerate, but Dreki would have to get used to him running the house, not the other way around.

"We can keep separate pantries," he answered. "I promise to leave your shit alone, but mine will be locked. I have to keep a special diet for my... body."

He'd almost said "for my alterations" but decided Dreki didn't need to know about anything he couldn't already tell. The tail was going to be hard to miss. Dreki was being accommodating, too accommodating.

"No, I'm fine," he answered. "You seem rather accepting of all this. I take it from both how Dr. Hofflan greeted you, and how you reacted, you didn't know I was coming today?"

He crossed his arms and waited for an answer.
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"I'm not in the habit of taking things that aren't mine, I can tell you're not human, but to be fair looking at myself, I don't register as human anymore either." Not like Dreki could use mirrors but when reference when he looks at his arms, legs, torso, or other body parts of his, "Not even sure if I register as an angel because I have yet to meet one. You sort of feel like someone I know, but I'm unaware of what they are, and even then it's not the same. Just a familiar hint." He half rambled, he was tried to rambles are a bit more common, but still awake enough to stop himself somewhat.

"Also you're correct on that. When Hofflan said he was going to visit today I expected him to be alone. He did ask if I was currently renting the room out and I told him I wasn't, but wasn't quite expecting, a roommate." The last word didn't have a bad inflection on it, but it did sound like he wanted to call Nox something else, like a babysitter perhaps. It sounded too harsh to call him that to his face though. In a way he wasn't surprised, given the medical issues that had befallen him, but he wasn't quite happy to know that Hofflan will know more about him than he already does.

"But there isn't much I can really do to go against him. I either play his game or get punished, as I'm sure you heard the threats he gave me. I can't imagine treating you poorly would do anything beyond make things worse for me in the end as well, not like I'm in the habit of being an asshole either, but I'm sure you can understand that I don't exactly trust you. You report to someone who already knows so much of my life, to someone who has so much control over me that if I don't ask how high when he tells me to jump then it's basically the end of any happiness I've had in my life. While I won't impede you purposefully, I also will likely not tell you anything that he doesn't already know." He said being rather up front about things. He wasn't harsh in his tone, if anything it was soft and polite, likely in part due to his tiredness. His distrust of Nox made sense given his distrust of Hofflan.

"Any other questions or is there anything you need for your room that I've somehow missed?" He then asked, figuring getting as much out of the way as possible would be for the best.
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Dreki didn't get to say much of what he had been planning, for the moment he dared accuse Nox of not being human, he would've been loudly interrupted!

"I am human," he yelled! He'd seen to change in a minute, but in all the things Dreki could've ever said, he uttered the worst possible thing. Nox hated the idea of being one the monster's he hunted. He couldn't even imagine being a filthy supernatural. The fact that had their DNA in him was bad enough, but to be thought of as one of them was a step too far. He knew the doctor wouldn't like him bloodying up what he'd been told to guard, but he wouldn't let that kind of thing go unchallenged by some punk.

"Don't ever fucking say that again," he barked, fists clenching and mouth twisting into something murderous. His eyes narrowed in on the boy. How had this little twerp killed someone in training? Maybe he did have power in him. However just looking at him, Nox felt he could snap him in two. He didn't though. It was unprofessional, and he heard the soft voice of Agent Waters whispering to him during a training session.

The supernaturals will try and convince you you're one of them, because you share their traits. Do not be deceived solider.

He relaxed his fist, and breathed out slowly. His tension ran off him like water. "House rule. We don't talk about our alterations, or what shit is inside us."

It was non negotiable, and he stood silently waiting for the affirmative answer he demanded.
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He jumped at the anger that Nox expressed to him. He backed away and bumped into the wall opposite the door. While not viewable, his wings could be sensible for those who could sense it. He looked mildly terrified at worst, but greatly concerned at best. The last thing he wanted to to start a fight, particularly when he still didn't feel 100%.

"Y-yeah, of course" he spoke quietly, didn't look at Nox, "I should, uhhh, let you get settled. I'm sorry" he said then started to head to his room, he didn't want to be in this situation anymore. He didn't want to be stuck with the facility, this babysitter, this life. He didn't quite want to piss off Nox again, and thus figured it better he leave him be for now, unless Nox decided to bother him. If he made it to his room, he'd close the door behind him.
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Nox watched as the boy practically ran from him. It made him feel guilty. He was here to protect and moniter this kid not terrify him. He debated moving to the door and knocking. He could just apologize and probably smooth over the moment. However, he decided against such a direct remedy. His training told him it was counterproductive to establish an understanding with someone he was here to guard. There was a conflict of interest in vulnerability, and his explosive reaction had been vulnerable enough. He grabbed his bag and moved into his room, shutting the door behind him.

The solider unpacked what little he had, a few changes of clothes mostly. There was a small Polaroid of him and a muscular blonde man, together in uniform. It had been a candid shot, from another special asset long dead. He'd managed to get Nox the photo though, and he'd kept it since. He had a watch, an appointment book, and a few small weapons. That was it.

He would get a proper gun safe tomorrow, but for now kept his fire arms disassembled and unloaded in his bag, which he placed under the bed. There was a 45. handgun, a sniper rifle, and something like a long gun, with ammunition for each. Tactical body armor also stayed in the bag. That was for his other assignments. Once unpacked, he went back to the bed, but couldn't shake the guilt of being so mean during his first few seconds here. How could he make it up?

He decided to sleep on it, and after a quick trip to the bathroom, he shut himself in for the night. He had a room all to himself. It was a start.
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When he got into his room, he put headphones into his phone and shot a text to Drew.

'I have a babysitter now. Not sure of my limits.' and he left it at that.

He fell asleep not long after, the exhaustion of his body healing finally took over for the rest of the night. He woke up the next day, still feeling like garbage. Not as bad as yesterday so he was indeed still getting better, but then he thought back on what happened yesterday, he was forced into a new roommate, and already managed to piss him off. He sat up and looked at the door of his bedroom, he didn't want to leave, but knew he'd have to eat something and take the medicine that Hofflan gave him to keep what little of his independence he had left. He sighed to himself as he got up and opened his door, and used the bathroom first and foremost, and ended up taking a shower.

He emerged from the bathroom, his hair in a low ponytail, still wearing what amounted to sweatpants and a t-shirt. He began to brew some Coffee and prep his breakfast smoothie, given the special food formula given to him by the facility. He crushed the medicine into powder thanks to a mortar and pestle and mixed that in with the formula as well as some of the coffee, and the rest of the liquid was water. While that wasn't fully recommended, it wouldn't hurt either, and Dreki felt that room temperature was a bit cold anyway feeling it move through the tube on his nose. It was a way of warming it up a bit and getting his caffeine fix. He decided to leave the rest of it for Nox, wondering if his special diet would allow for coffee.  He was afraid to ask given what happened the night before.

He really didn't want to deal with Nox at all anymore given what happened, but knew that he had no choice. He however, refused to feel terrified in his own home. He might not have felt safe anymore but he wasn't going to let what happen keep him holed up in his room or anything. He grabbed his book from the kitchen table on the night before and made it to the giant Yogibo he had in the living room. He angled his head just right as he used the syringe full of the food mixture slowly empty itself into his feeding tube, and read while it happened. He still felt pretty tired, and debated going back to bed after feeding himself, or to try and let the caffeine from the coffee kick in and see if he perked up a bit to be awake for a while.
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Nox entered the apartment shortly after Dreki made coffee. He entered carrying a few paper grocery bags, and regarded Dreki stiffly as he closed the door. He was holding what looked like a brand new set of keys, and he carefully placed Dreki's in the spot he'd found them. He was sure that his roommate would hear the setting down of the metal, and his ginger touch was not to be secretive, but more so respectful. He entered the kitchen and pulled out a pack of butter, a dozen eggs, an onion, two bell peppers, and some fresh ham.

"You like omelets," he asked, his whole demeanor as if they'd just met. "I make a pretty good omelet if you'd like one."

He quickly searched the kitchen and found a frying pan, and placed a small cut of butter on it. He was making himself one, and the kid was skin and bones. Nox could at least make sure he ate well. He didn't like the idea of a feeding tube. As he waited for an answer, he began to slice the onion meticulously.
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Dreki heard Nox enter, had looked towards Nox and watched him move towards the kitchen, a bit nervously. He hadn't even noticed his keys were missing, but at the same time, was glad that Nox did take them. He wasn't a fan of leaving his apartment unlocked, the fact that it looked like Nox got his own keys made, made him a bit relieved that Nox could now come and go as he pleased, also allowing Dreki the freedom to come and go as he needed to as well. When he heard Nox ask if he liked omelettes he wasn't sure how to respond. Nox was his babysitter, forced upon him by Hofflan who was not only his adoptive father, but doctor, and prison. He wasn't sure what to make of it, given how he technically wasn't supposed to be eating actual foods yet, and they both knew that.

"Is this a test?" He asked in response, then expanded upon it, "I know you're supposed to report to Hofflan in a day or so, and we both know that he doesn't want me to eat solid food quite yet." He seemed distrustful about the situation. "I do like omelettes, but I don't want one if its purpose is for you to tell Hofflan I disobeyed his medical orders." He mentioned, as it was clear that Nox might have more of a hurdle than just him having snapped at Dreki the night before. Dreki very much associated Nox with Hofflan, as far as he knew, Nox was likely to tell Hofflan of every little wrongdoing and force him to come back to the facility, which he already made clear he didn't want, given how compliant he became due to Hofflan's threats the previous day.
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Nox stopped taking groceries out of the bag, and looked at Dreki for a long time. He didn't know what to make of the guy, other than he looked seriously depressed. Then again, after meeting Dr. Dracula Nox could understand why. Within a few seconds he started unloading things again, and began searching for a frying pan.

"No test," he said evenly. "I'm just making some for myself, and it's an easy recipe to double."

He didn't address Dreki's other points, for the moment at least. He seemed intent on finishing this small beat before moving on to other things. They needed to meet and go over the rules, but it didn't have to be unpleasant.
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He decided to go out on a limb and give Nox a chance, if anything this would be a test for him, as he knew if he disobeyed one of Hofflan's medical orders that he would get scolded for it if Hofflan ever found out. Hell, once he woke up after being brought back to the facility after collapsing he had gotten quite the earful as it was.

"Sure, I'll take one then." He said as he sat down at the kitchen table with his book, and began to read. He payed attention to the noises of the cooking food as he let Nox make him a meal. He was clear by his tone he wasn't fully trusting but was trying to give Nox a chance. He wondered what kind of cook Nox was as he payed attention to his book. He knew himself to be a not bad cook when he actually made himself food, but he wondered if Nox was better, or worse, or about the same as him.
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Nox nodded slowly, not adding any other dialogue as he cooked. He kept a spare eye on Dreki, learning his posture, how he flipped a page of a book, where -if any place - his eyes went. As he did so, he chopped up peppers, onions, and the ham. It was the exact same size, almost cubed. Then six eggs were cracked into a cereal bowl he found, and he used a fork as a whisk. The unique sound of eggs swishing about as Nox scrambled them was the loudest noise in the apartment.

The soldier then poured the mixture into the frying pan, the deep sizzle making him smile. The smells that filled the room were rich, and aromatic. Nox added in pepper, a touch of salt, and cayenne. At the right time mark, Nox did something almost whimsical and flipped the omelet by tossing it in the air with the pan. It spun about before landing squarely back in the pan. Nox only cooked this side for a moment, before doing the classic omelet fold, and turning off the heat. He gave Dreki the first plate, but quickly fixed his own. Seeing the coffee left, he turned his head towards Dreki.

"This for me," he asked, before quickly remembering. "The coffee I mean."

Once he got his answer, he would join Dreki at the table with coffee or not. He was going to bring up the schedule stuff, but not until after they'd shared a meal.
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Dreki seemed to use mostly his right thumb and index finger for reading, his eyes seemingly unfocused and without the intense look they had when focusing. Of which happened when he turned a page, his eyes would look at the book to do that, then kind of stared ahead of him when just reading. He had a rather proper and polite posture, but then again he was a piano player and it mostly came from that. When given his plate, he put the book face down on the table, but waited to eat, mostly to wait for Nox to join him at the table.

"Oh, yeah feel free to have the rest. I just wanted the formula to be warmer the room temperature, so I'm not likely to finish it." He mentioned, figuring it was only polite to share his coffee since Nox is sharing his food with him. "Thanks for making me food." He said before he took a bite. He had mostly proper manners, but didn't go as far as putting his napkin on his lap. With how he held his fork and knife, it was clear he was left handed. He took a bite once he knew Nox was settled and it was pretty good. Something he could for sure eat, turned out Nox wasn't a horrible cook, but then again it did take effort to fuck up eggs. However at some point his eating slowed down a bit. He had felt a tinge of pain from his stomach, not anywhere near bad as it had been the past few weeks or so, but enough for him to remember his stomach was unhappy and healing. It wasn't enough to get him to stop eating.

"Thank you." He said when finished eating, he picked up his plate and utensils and offered to take Nox's. "Since you cooked, I should clean." He offered, holding out his scared left hand awaiting the plate.
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Nox sipped the coffee Dreki saved him, appreciate of the gesture. It made him all the happier he'd cooked breakfast for them both. Now, at the table and with full belies, Nox moved into the more official conversations that needed to happen. He decided to be as kind as possible, especially after his little outburst. However, he also needed to be firm, or risk earning Dr. Hofflan's ire.

He cleared his throat to grab Dreki's attention from his book, and his posture became rigid and tall. He folded his hands on the table quietly, almost delicately, while somehow still looking strong and intimidating.

"I need to see you at least once a day," he began. "I need a copy of your weekly schedule. If your plans change, text me your location. If you need an extraction due to your health or abilities call me. If you are in danger, call me. Do not take risks. Don't miss your appointments, and don't fuck with me. If you do what they're asking of you, then we can get along fine. I don't want you to feel like a prisoner, and I didn't like how he treated you when we came here. I shouldn't be telling you that. Just... don't give me a reason to come down on you, and I won't. Deal?"

He crossed his arms over his chest as he waited for a reply.
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He had finished cleaning the dishes, setting them off to dry, and had walked back to the table to read when Nox got his attention. He listened to what Nox had to say and it sounded reasonable for someone in their position. It did surprise him when Nox mentioned his displeasure at Hofflan treated him. He wasn't used to others really seeing their interactions, and that was Hofflan being nicer to him than other times. He was in a way surprised that Nox wasn't asking him to turn on locations on his phone and constantly share it with him, but it was a nice reprieve. It felt like Nox was trying to show Dreki some trust and allowing him to prove himself, realizing that Nox was trying to be true in allowing Dreki to not feel like a prisoner.

"Sure, I can put something together for you and have it for you later today." He thought for a moment, then let out "I actually didn't mind how he treated me this time around. It was one of his nicer days." He mentioned, hinting at possible abuse. "Sure this situation is far from ideal, and I would have liked to have a heads up on getting a roommate so I could have cleaned some, but really, he just doesn't want me to die so I can't really fault him for that." He got up from the table, walked into the living room, grabbed his laptop from the coffee table and brought it to the kitchen table. Made it easier work from, sitting wise at least. His apartment was very clean so any form of cleaning would seem probably overkill, at worst there was a pile of books near the big beanbag chair in his living room.

It was apparent that he was working on the schedule right then and there, making it was detailed as possible with names of places, addresses, and sometimes even contacts if needed. Mon-Wed and Friday held to the same schedule. He'd wake up at 6am, get ready and go to the highschool job, then come back home around 2pm, take a nap until 6pm, then get up and get ready for his college job. After he teaches, he goes to their library and read a bit before heading home no later than 2am, sometimes earlier, to sleep and continue the next day. Thursday was one of his days off from his college job. He noted that his nap lasted a bit longer, and errands would vary. Sometimes he'd go out to drink at a bar, go grocery shopping, go to a library which could either be the public one, or the one at his job, sometimes head to the music store to get things for his instruments. It was mentioned if he did leave, he'd be back before 2am, so he could sleep. He also mentioned he would text Nox letting him know as it could be situational.

For his weekends, he almost wasn't sure what to put other than run errands, same as what he could do on Thursday. He was forced to quit his weekend job after all. He made note that he normally woke up at 9am on his weekends, so he did sleep in a little, and that sometimes he'd come home as late as 5am depending on what he was doing that night. Also mentioned he took a nap sometime in the afternoon. He mentioned that in semi-rare occasions he will bring home someone to 'enjoy' and while he has mostly quit having one night stands, sometimes he can't help it and wants more companionship for a little while.

It took him maybe all of 10 minutes to explain all of this, and once typed up he printed it out to his only printer, that was in his room and would hand it to Nox. It looked like a page out of a planner, and was all laid out very cleanly and easy to read. It was clear that Dreki wouldn't be purposefully impeding Nox's job at the very least. In a way, Dreki hoped the more willing he was to give up info, would allow some laxness to the whole thing, and maybe allow Dreki to visit and speak with people without Nox concerned about it after some time has past. He still didn't feel up for talking to Nox about his wanting to be free.
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Nox didn't say anything, but clearly Dreki didn't know how badly he was being abused by this guy. Nox suddenly wondered if HQ had okayed this request so Nox could keep an eye on Dreki, or if it was so Nox could keep an eye on Dr. Hofflan. He'd be reporting his observations to Agent Waters, and while she lacked the clearance to reprimand the scientist, she could pass it along to someone who could. Nox didn't mind how they treated the animals they captured. However, Dreki was human. He deserved better than this. Nox kept all this in. He knew telling an abused person how abused they are wasn't helpful, and so instead was just polite.

"You know him better than I do," he said, saying something factual but that was otherwise devoid of context.

While Dreki worked up his schedule, Nox worked out! He did pushups, crunches, oblique twists, handstands, shoulder presses against a wall, and used a portable bar to do pullups. At this point Dreki would see the outline of Nox's tail. It was thick, and started at his natural tailbone, the flesh coloring changing  near the tale's base. It had a spade tip, and seemed to move naturally with him, like it was just another limb.

As Dreki handed over his schedule, Nox moved to standing position, and had a thin gleam of sweat. His eyes traveled over it quickly and seeing nothing out of the ordinary placed it in his room. He would copy it into a planner he had later. He only had a few more questions for now.

"Who do you see socially, and how much do they know about Project Twilight?"

His tone was even and open, but that deep voice made everything he said sound intimidating.
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Dreki had known already that Hofflan was abusive towards him, but was also aware that there wasn't much he could do about it, except hope that he was in one of his better moods when dealing with him. He was worried about Emma though, while he had never seen Hofflan act like shit towards Emma, he'd never know what happens behind the scenes. While he walked over to Nox was the first time he noticed the tail. He didn't comment on it after what happened the night before. When he was asked about his social life, he felt a little embarrassed, mostly because he didn't have much of one, but also because they knew quite a bit, one in particular more than the others.

"Well, there is two people I really see on a social level, both are aware I'm part Angel but not to what extent." He explained, telling the truth in his words, even if they could be taken to mean 'about project twilight' or 'how much of him is really Angel', "To be fair both times came out by accident. First one is a Vampire named Drew, he's fed from me and picked it up in my blood, it was, uhhh a consensual moment. He's a closer friend of mine, so much so that he plans to come over tonight to meet you. I referred to you as my roommate, and he just wants to make sure that you're ok." He looked kind of embarrassed at that, implying that there was more to it than just feeding. While it wasn't straight up sex, it was an intimate event. He used this in a to hope that Nox would rationalize any doubt about the event as embarrassment of talking to a stranger about intimate things, rather than it just being a half truth.

"The second is a human girl named Ash. A mugger approached us, but as a homeless beggar at first, we told him we didn't have anything on us to give him, and he went for her with a knife. She didn't get hurt at all because I jumped inbetween them, but I was stabbed twice. Caused my wings to show, and luckily no one else was on the street but us. Couldn't really hide it from her at that point." He was truthful in that last bit.

He didn't bother to bring up Sam at all since Sam had long ended that, not only by ignoring him for a couple of weeks, but then asking another man out. While he wasn't sure if he should know about Sam's date, so he would never mentioned to Sam he heard this first. He also didn't bring up Rohan, since he didn't hang out with the Bartender on a social level. He was answering Nox's questions and trying to give enough info for Nox to be satiated without putting anyone in danger. Drew's words rang out in his mind the entire time "keep it to yourself, otherwise you can cause trouble for others" and now really grasping the gravity of his situation, and that he really needs to escape from it all sooner rather than later. Not just for himself or Emma anymore, but for his friends, and to not fear making new ones.
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Nox didn't like the idea of Dreki being around a vampire. They were exploitative bastards, and this Drew was probably using him in one way or another. Nox almost told him that Drew was off the list of acceptable people, but then Dreki informed him Drew was coming over. Drew wanted to check out Nox. How fucking rich was that shit. The Fanger was going to make sure he was okay for Dreki? Well, Nox decided he'd love to meet him. He listened as Dreki explained the rest of his social life, the second person sounding less interesting and much more safe. He nodded his understanding. He would mention the wing incident to Dr. Hofflan, if he didn't already know.

Nox dismissed Dreki for now. They spent the rest of their days doing whatever they wished. Nox went out and bought a whole iron gym setup and some more clothes, returning and assembling the gym in his room. He also thought a little about decor, and ordered a new lamp and some posters online. It wasn't much, but it was a start. Then he worked out a bunch more, getting his needed reps and sets before showering and changing into fresh jeans and a tight T-shirt. At the appointed time, he moved back into the kitchen and waited for Drew to knock.

Dreki had a roommate now? I got the message midway through a movie with Zeph. We'd fed and fucked respectively earlier, and while we both wanted another bite before bed, I was currently feeding Zeph while he explained the film, head on my lap. He looked perfect. I replied I'd come tomorrow, and to be safe, before playing with Zeph's hair as he fell asleep. The next night, Zeph was gone. He'd had dance class, and knew I preferred to work the earlier part of the evening. Seeing Dreki wasn't work, but this was a development in his case. This new roomie might spill some secrets if I played my cards right.

I got to Dreki's with no issue; my bike was now parked outside, and covered with a drop cloth in case it rained. I was dressed as I always dress, jeans, boots, tank top, and beanie. In the pocket of my leather jacket was a pair of brass knuckles, just in case things got heated. As I got to the door, I checked my teeth real quick and then smiled, presenting two beautiful fangs for the bodyguard. I knocked loudly. 

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Dreki had noticed Nox's displeasure of the idea of Drew. It was very subtle, and the response Nox gave, almost seemed like Nox wanted to say 'No, I'll make sure Drew is ok for you.' type of emotion. This didn't surprise Dreki given how Nox reacted to the idea of not being human, but it definitely made him concerned. The general stoic nature of the two made them kind of feel similar to one another, and honestly Dreki was not looking forward to tonight. When Nox dismissed him, he went to his room. He sent Drew a text with two bits of info. First being, to not mention to Nox that he is anything but human, the second being that he told Nox, that he 'found out' that Dreki is Angel from feeding on him, and knows nothing else.

He laid in his bed and took a nap soon after, as his schedule had dictated he would. After he woke up he got to cleaning, there honestly wasn't much that needed to be done but somehow Dreki found plenty to do. He put the books away, vacuumed, dusted the entire place including his room, cleaned the entire bathroom and kitchen. The only room he didn't touch was Nox's room. After the mass cleaning, he took a shower. It had all tired him out sufficiently given how he was still recovering, but he knew he wasn't leaving home and thus should be fine. He dressed in his normal attire of a dress shirt, complete with undershirt, vest, slacks, and nice black socks. The only white pieces of clothing where his shirts, everything else was black. It was easier for him to match this way. He put his hair up in a low braid, then sat at the table awaiting for Drew to finally appear. Once he heard the knocking, he got up, put his book down, walked to the door, and opened it.

"Hello Drew, welcome to my home" he spoke with a warm smile, and backed away opening the door wide, allowing Drew inside. Dreki likely looked worse for ware. He couldn't see it himself, but he was paler than his usual pale self was, looked tired much like how he felt, and the feeding tube still showed it's end from his nose, taped to his cheek with medical grade fabric tape. It didn't occur to him that Drew had no idea what he had gone through this past week, but also realized that he should try to come up with an answer if Drew asked. That's when it occurred to him explaining that he had a medical emergency but would be fine by weeks end, and that he'd explain more later, would probably be the best answer for that for now. Once Drew was in, he shut the door behind him and wondered if Nox would appear on his own, or if he had to knock on the door.
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So this was Dreki's place? Well, it was better than mine, but then again who's wasn't. I moved into the room and quickly looked over this Nox. He wasn't a bad looking guy, but was too beefy for my taste. I liked them more like Zeph and Dreki. He was staring at me hard, definitely trying to promote strength. I wasn't impressed, and could handle him being around if he was really just a body guard. I'd need to talk to Dreki about him privately - and look into his background thoroughly - but this first visit was just for an initial feeling, and to let the facility know; someone is on to them.

"Hey Nox I'm Drew," I introduced, shooting gun fingers his direction and flashing a bit of fang. He tensed visibly, and for a moment I thought that would be all it took to get his blood going. However, he relaxed and extended a hand for me to shake. I reluctantly took it, and made the mistake of trying to show my strength. Mother fucker practically crushed my hand. I felt my face twitch in pain, but I said nothing. I'm no little bitch.

"Nice to meet a friend of Dreki's," was the toy solider's reply. "Should we all sit," he added. I found a chair, taking off my leather jacket and placing it over the back. I waited for Dreki to sit down before moving forward with the conversation. I turned my head to Dreki.

"Mind if I have one cigarette," I begged. "The cops made me put mine out on the train," I explained.

"He can't have smoke in the apartment," Nox interrupted. He looked offended somehow that I'd want to smoke. He was probably straight edge or some shit.

I turned my head slowly, locking eyes with a changeling gaze. "I didn't ask you," I explained, turning back to hear Dreki's answer. I could feel Rambo's fury from here.
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Dreki had payed close attention to how they interacted with one another, finding amusement in Drew's display with the finger guns, however concern in Nox's reaction to that, it was a rather awkward moment, mostly made that way by Nox's tensing. He kept a rather neutral look on his face as he paid attention to them introducing themselves. The handshake seemed awkward in it's own right, noticing Drew's pointer finger being forced upwards by the smallest bit by the force Nox used. He wondered if Nox went at it a little too hard or if Drew's finger tendons were that short. After all in most normal handshakes, such a thing wouldn't be noticeable.

Dreki followed them and sat down with them with Nox suggesting that they all do so, wondering what Nox's or even Drew's gameplans were. Dreki was about to allow Drew to smoke, until Nox interrupted. He closed his eyes, for a moment there was a furrow on his brow, and the corners of his mouth almost like a smirk, but the expression came off as annoyed in that small moment. He didn't want to cause trouble with Nox first and foremost, as it would likely get back to Hofflan. At the same time he didn't want Drew to have to go without his vices either, as weird as it was for a vampire to want a smoke. They didn't really need to breathe, although everything tasting like ash to them anyway probably wouldn't make a difference on how the cigarette tasted, or at least he assumed as such given how he wasn't a smoker and had no idea of it's taste beyond ash. He decided on something that would play well into at least Drew talking to him alone, so he hoped anyway, and a good enough of an excuse as to why to not smoke indoors.

"I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease," He started, which technically wasn't a lie. Sure it was brought on by Graft versus Host disease, the treatment for both was the same with suppressing the immune system, and also explained the feeding tube, even though Drew hadn't pointed it out publicly between them all.  He also did not sound annoyed, but if anything was trying to be polite. "Nox has a point in that cigarette smoke is bad for me healthwise right now, so in an enclosed space, probably not a good idea. That being said, if you want to go outside to enjoy a smoke, I'll go with you and keep you company." He said in hopes that it would allow for moments of him and Drew to be alone, away from Nox, unless Nox decided to go with them. He then looked at Nox, "Don't worry, I'm not a smoker, you would have found out by now if I was, and outside is more than well ventilated." He was trying reassure him that it would be fine. Hopefully enough to allow him to speak with Drew alone, but if Nox decided to follow, he really wouldn't be able to stop him either.
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Dreki was learning that we shouldn't talk openly in front of Rambo, or others. It was almost like he took my advice from An Tsi to heart. Imagine that, a person who hears sound advice and follows it. I wasn't prepared to hear about Crohn's Disease and can't pretend I know what it is. I think it's something about bloody poop, but honestly I got that from a TV commercial for some medication. Sometimes I felt like Dreki talked about the details of his health so much because these people had taken away his ability to form opinions about anything else. His whole life had been waiting for the next doctor's appointment.

I did take the comment it as a polite no, and also liked the idea of getting away from the pig. As a former cop I can tell you, cops are fucking pigs! It's why I went Private Eye instead of working for the Black Prince. Official power is officially corrupting.

"No," Rambo interjected. He turned to look at Dreki. "I'm supposed to be keeping you healthy and I can't let you be around smoke, or a supernatural, unsupervised." Now Rambo turned to me. "You can go smoke outside. It's not going to kill you, right?"

Well, well, well; Rambo had balls. I don't like to be talked down to, or have it implied I don't care about Dreki's health. I do.

"Or maybe he's so unhealthy because your pet scientist's keep doing all those experiments on him, pig." He looked dumbstruck for the moment. Good. It was nice to shut up a uniform. Dreki wouldn't find himself as a person as long as the government was poking him, and this guy was their current face. Did I really just write 'find himself as a person?' I need to get drunk.

"What did you call -." I cut him off.

"I think I'll take that smoke now," I interrupted. "Dreki, you coming?"

Nox's head looked ready to explode. His eyes were very easy to stare at though. Despite the hostile nature of our conversation, I couldn't help but feel at ease when I looked into them. It was a clue.
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Well this had certainty taken a turn. Dreki did remember telling Drew that he specifically told Nox that Drew knew he was an angel, but not how he came to be. He also remembered Hofflan saying that due to his current health he should have a roommate. He took that to mean that Nox was to watch him, and Nox having asked for his schedule and that if plans change to let him know asap, he took it to mean that if he had another medical emergency, that Nox could grab him instead of having a stranger call for an ambulance if he was in public and if he was at home that it wouldn't go unnoticed and him potentially die from it. He had no idea of what else Hofflan had asked of Nox but keeping away from supernaturals didn't quite seem to be on that list either. He felt a dull pain start in his stomach.

"Nox, when I start going back to work in a couple of days, you're aware I take public transportation or ride-sharing services right? Legally I'm not allowed a driver's licence, I'm blind. If someone at the bus stop, or my driver, decides to have a smoke, I'm not going to tell a complete stranger or someone who is nice enough to give me a ride in their car, to not smoke. I can however move further away from them at the bus stop or ask the driver to roll down a window if they haven't. Drew isn't going to blow smoke directly in my face, otherwise I'd get mad at him. He knows that. I also don't expect you to chauffeur me around, as I can get around on my own." In that last phrase, Dreki did assert some from of dominance. He disliked not having some form of independence, he disliked being treated as if he was incapable of doing things that he could normally do. He hated being underestimated.

"Plus one of my jobs is exclusively for those who are supernatural or in the know about them. You can't follow me to class every single day, I'm sure you're going to end up being an emergency contact of mine and if something happens they would call you, but you can't just roam around in there all of the time without being part of the school. I'd have to be around them 4 days a week unsupervised anyway. If one of Hofflan's requests really was to have you make sure I wasn't around supernaturals unsupervised then he would have had me quit that job and not the one where I teach English to foreigners. I get you don't like supernaturals, that's fine, but do not impose your own feelings about them upon my life as if your word is law, because it isn't." He name dropped Hofflan since Drew already gave up any hiding of him knowing a bit anyway. He certainly sounded annoyed in most of this, instead of being polite. He knew he had valid points, and really felt as if Nox was overstepping what he was there to do, despite understanding that there is a good chance he doesn't know Nox's full instructions, but he knew well enough that Nox's feelings were getting in the way just based on what he had just explained.

"I'm going to outside with Drew. I'd be a rude host and terrible friend if I didn't. Go ahead and tell Hofflan, I'm sure at most he'll have issue with is me being defiant towards you, but at the same time, I refuse to be treated as a child, or that I can't do anything on my own." He then look towards Drew. "Let's go" he simply said as he stood up and went for his jacket and keys, knowing that if Nox stopped him from grabbing either of those he'd just leave without them. The dull pain in his stomach was now more noticeable and his annoyance with the whole situation that just happened for sure showed on his face. Even he had his buttons to not be pressed, even if he wasn't as explosive in his tone as Nox could be when one of those buttons were pressed.
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There was something close to simmering rage building up in Rambo. He didn't appear to enjoy being talked down to like that, and I relished in his discomfort. Dreki really needed to learn saying less was more, and I earmarked like five things I wish he hadn't told Nox, but I wasn't about to interrupt Dreki standing up for himself. It was nice to see something from him other than pain. I can fuck with rage on a personal level, and I will happily watch it thrown at someone who isn't me. Surprisingly, it calmed my own. I didn't need to get in Rambo's face if Dreki was capable. After all, I didn't live here.

I followed quietly, winking at Rambo as I exited the apartment, closing the door behind us. I pulled out a fresh sin stick and lit it, letting the warm smoke fill my lungs. Ignited, artificial heat was still better than the room temperature feeling I had most of the time. Now alone, although I suspected Rambo was listening somehow, Dreki and I could talk.

"You did good kid," I complimented, because he needed to be encouraged to be his own person. "You gave him too much information though."

I mean, for me it was pretty nice. I took a quick drag, and let the smoke billow around my head. "He's going to be a big problem," I hypothesized.

We didn't have to wait very long before the door flew open, and Nox exited the apartment swearing and cursing.

"I'm going out," he told Dreki. "I'll be putting all this in my initial report. I'm just trying to keep you safe, but fuck me right?" He turned to me now, eyes full of venom despite how disarming they were.

"Fuck you fanger," he yelled, before stomping off into the night. He ignored any words Dreki might say to him as he stormed off.

"He's got a temper," I informed my friend. "Can't hate him for that." The pure rage and fuck you attitude reminded me of someone.... me. Maybe he should take up drinking.
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Dreki had a bit of a sour look on his face even hanging with Drew outside. It was the first time he was actually mad in a long time. He himself didn't liked being talked down to or treated like a child. He hadn't minded Nox at all up until this point, even having been yelled at for a verbal misstep was better than this.

"If I didn't explain anything, I doubt he would have let me go outside. I didn't want him to stop me with physical force because that's something I know I can't really compete with him with," He explained, "Anything I did mention he should have already known. He forced me to give him a schedule and told me that I needed to let him know if anything changes, that in itself is a big enough of a problem. I was going to try and play nice for a while to get him to trust me and not have him worry about my location every second of the day, but if he keeps treating me like I'm helpless I doubt that's going to be anytime soon." He sounded as annoyed as he looked. When the door flew open and Nox said his bits, Dreki only had a short response.

"I'm not a child, there are worse things in the world than a friend." Was all it was. Anger in his voice and face and when perceived that Nox had likely ignored him, Dreki had looked super pissed. He didn't quite take that very well. Sure Nox and Drew very clearly did not get along, and had basically been hostile towards each other the entire time, but being treated as if he wasn't allowed to make his own choices, no matter how minor, wasn't going to fly. He wanted a way to take out his anger, but had nothing, hell, he barely ever got angry to really have any healthy way of managing it. He just stood there, in silence, staring in the direction that Nox left in, with a look like he wanted to chase after Nox and attack him, but clearly knew better against doing so.
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Dreki was finally mad about something. It was a welcome change. To all his defensive gibber gabber about having to tell Nox shit, I merely shrugged.

"Not how I see it, but you do you." The cherry of my cigarette lit up the night as I went puff, puff, puff. God I love smoking.

I can't relate to sadness, or pity, or understand the complexities of the human condition. My field teaches you to see the worst in people. What is the pile of shit buried under a man's white picket fence? I need to know! My line of work also discourages emotion. It's just the fact's mam, or sir, or whatever pronoun you use.

Anger, however, now that I could relate with, and had a fair amount of it present in my own life. Fuck, anger was the only motivator in me stronger than booze! I didn't move to Dreki, or put a hand on his shoulder, or any of that social worker crap. Instead, I leaned off the wall, and went to grab his hand.

"I can track him," I said, a dark suggestion behind my brown eyes. "Let's see where Rambo goes to blow off a little steam. Perhaps it'll give you an edge the next time he plans on acting like your nanny. Fuck, worst case we lose him and get a drink. We were supposed to hang out tonight."

Tracking Rambo was my preferred option. Dreki needed more fun, and it was about time I show him the PI life. Besides, I had a hunch already about Rambo, and I needed confirmation. 
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He almost seemed to be in a trance until he felt his hand was grabbed, and his focus in that one direction was broken. He listened to Drew's suggestion of tracking him and if it didn't work out then drinks. Normally, Dreki would have given Nox his space to calm down and come back with a clearer head, but also normally, Dreki usually wasn't angry either. He remembered some of his training at the facility and how he knew everyone was taught to handle their emotions so at least their opponent couldn't read them while they fought. He had wondered if the facility used Nox's hatred towards the supernatural as an asset and allowed him to come off that aggressively towards them in battle, or if they had attempted to teach him to suppress it at all.

"I have leverage in the fact that he is shit at his job. He shouldn't be letting his emotions getting in the way like that." Dreki stated but then a small smirk appeared on his face, "That being said, I'm feeling especially petty tonight. I'm not a solider like he is, so really, who cares if my emotions are fueling this, lead the way, lets track him." There was a cold callousness to his voice, and while Dreki didn't know exactly what the facility considered him as, he knew for sure it wasn't a solider or a scientist. He was never on the front lines, he was never told to go and attack anyone and he never preformed experiments. His best guess is that he was some kind of a medic given his powers, and given other's powers, he figured it was pretty common for people to being able to heal themselves without his help most of the time.

He would follow Drew and whatever basic orders he would give while Tracking Nox. He knew Drew to be the expert and wouldn't want to get caught by Nox at all. The stress of the situation had caused his stomach to hurt, which stress was another thing Hofflan told him to avoid as much of as possible, but Dreki simply didn't care that it hurt right now. He was too angry to really be bothered by it, and hadn't even noticed it so far. He wondered how Nox blew off steam, his honest guess was that Nox likely found a 24 hour gym and would exercise until dawn. Such an answer would bore him, and he hoped that this would be more intertaining than his guess.
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I wasn't swayed by Dreki's assurance he already had leverage. Plenty of people who are shit at their jobs keep staying employed. Hell, think of the DMV. I didn't say that though. Dreki was too defensive for advice, and I could do him one better by getting him actual leverage. Besides, I'm sure the assholes who put Nox there knew all about his temper. It was likely intentional. I told Dreki to change, striking a balance between professional and casual. I didn't know where Nox would be going but didn't want to be denied entry because Dreki wasn't wearing a shirt with buttons. I had a nifty vampire trick to take care of my problem. Once the proper threads were adorned, I walked us to my bike, handing Dreki a helmet.

"Here," I said. "I don't need one, but don't let anybody tell you I don't care about your health." Once Dreki's helmet was on, and he'd wrapped his hands around my waist, I started the engine. "Okay, I've been working on this one for months."

With that I closed my eyes and started to concentrate. First, I made us vanish from view, including my bike, but then I deafened us to the world. We were now invisible and silent and I started driving us towards the direction Nox had stormed off. Within a few minutes, I spotted him heading east and south. Dreki and I couldn't really talk, as he heard the bike's engine just fine, but talking wasn't needed at this earlier juncture. Eventually, I figured out where he was going.

Venture was one of two big vampire clubs in the city, the other of course being the White Rabbit. This institution was known for pretty humans, sober as priests, waiting to be picked up by pretty, boring vampires. My rage from what happened to Zeph surfaced and my grip on the bike's handles threatened to break them. I stopped about a block away. I could see Nox approaching the barrier that kept out the rabble. Surely, he'd be repelled from entering. However, he just walked right in, even said hi to a staff person outside smoking. He'd been here before.

"We're going in to a vampire bar," I told Dreki. I took off the helmet, revealing flattened hair. "Just trust me," I said, before fixing it with my hands.

"There, you look just like the kind of bait that does well in these bars. Go in before me. I'm not sure if I can cloak in here, so I'm not going to try it. We'll meet up once I have a good view of Nox. Find a table, and look yummy. I'll intervene if you need."

Once I knew Dreki was on board with the plan, I'd send him on in. If Nox saw him the jig was up, but I had a feeling I'd have to stroll the booths to find Dreki's new friend.
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Dreki had gone back up. He had removed his vest, and unbuttoned two buttons on his shirt. He then did somethi g he felt would help out a bit more with everything and removed his feeding tube. If they were going to tail Nox, it might be for the best that he doesn't allow himself to be obvious. It was a very uncomfortable feeling but left it on the bathroom floor near the toilet. Knowing he can just explain that the stress of how Nox and Drew handled each other and how Nox had treated him made him sick and vomiting made it loose or come out was a realistic situation. Leaving it on the floor isn't something he'd normally do except to push the whole 'I really wasn't feeling well' narrative on Nox, after all, if one was really not feeling well, they tended to do things they didn't normally do. He removed his ponytail and left his hair down for this.

When he came back down, he mounted himself on Drew's bike and held on kind of tightly. It was his first time being on such a thing that it was kind of nerve-racking at first. He was surprised that Drew had a helmet if he didn't need it, but the comment of caring made by Drew, made him smile, and he nodded at it. He also cared about his health, and had been doing research to better understand what was going on with him. He could understand Nox's concern, but also understood it was a bit on the extreme end, and that it wasn't a fully informed decision. He watched them passby Nox and even Nox enter the bar. It was in a way interesting to him, because honestly he figured that Nox would just go to a gym, and not a vampire bar.

He felt Drew remove the helmet, the intrigue in what was happening and the whole excitement of riding on a motorcycle had been distracting. He hadn't quite expected Drew to tousle his hair, but didn't really mind it, when Drew explained using him kind of as bait he smiled.

"I'll do what I can" he smiled knowing that acting like he's looking for something like a one night stand would be pretty easy, after all, he used to do that all the time anyway. He was confident in this as he walked to the bar, going inside. While making his way in and to a table he thought about what other drinks look clear, particularly in regards to alcohol. He figured if he was going to look the part, he might as well get a cup of water, but pretend it wasn't. He was told his blood tasted as if it was always kind of alcoholic in nature so he could easily pass that off anyway. He got a cup of sparkling water, but had it made to look like a gin and tonic, giving the bartender a good tip for doing so, making sure to keep away from Nox. He sat at a table, looking the part, waiting for Drew.