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Title: ALTERNATE: The Serving Boy
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100 AD - Mykonos, Greece

The Aegean Sea in the distance sparkled a bright turquoise in the mid-morning sun as Zoheret descended the carriage. The day promised to be hot and dry, skies an irresistible blue without a cloud in sight that made her want to fly. She strolled down the stone thoroughfare, her hand resting comfortably on the arm of her lover, her cream chiton catching the breeze from the cliffs. Her blonde hair remained twisted in a dazzling chignon, held together with a white-gold ribbon, which allowed a few strands free around her face. Mingling with the humans of the city forced her to hide her wings beneath an invisible layer of glamour. Passing through town was simply more comfortable this way.

The agora was filled with humans of all walks of life today, their pockets jingling with coin to purchase their desperately needed cattle. The chatter was high as Zoheret led the other dark angel through the throng of bodies carefully, doing her best to not allow their dirt and sweat to stain her or touch her folded wings. There were men selling their livestock, Persians with their intricate rugs, grubby children with dirty hands asking for fruit. She ignored them all, her excitement saved for the beauties that had been brought in from Izmir. The slaver, a thin, ugly man from Alexandria, was known from bringing the prettiest, tamest stock and when she had heard that he would be bringing his goods to market.

True enough, as Zoheret stood gazing up at the six young men on the auction block, she could not have been more pleased. Each of them were young and with a good physique, though a bit dirty for her liking. Their chests and shoulders were being rubbed with oil as they were prepared to be sold to their new owners, members hard and erect beneath their blushing, nervous  faces. It was a beauty to behold.

She wanted the prettiest one for their new boy and getting there early with enough money was key to their success. The last serving boy that inhabited their villa had proven himself too untrustworthy to stay. On top of allowing the other men of the house to use him as practice, he smuggled food and some of Zoheret's jewelry out to some street urchin. Upon discovery, they learned that he had found the young urchin was some silly girl who became with child by him. Preposterous. As punishment, he was whipped twenty five times and had three fingers removed. His weak constitution left him vulnerable to sickness and after a mere four days, he succumbed to the festering wounds on his back.

A pity, really. He had such a lovely way to please her. The praise he paid her with his tongue and his cock had been exceptional, often leaving her in such rapturous states that had made her companion jealous. As a result, she had doted on him, allowing him to spend the night in her bed next to her, giving him extra food and opportunity to laze about. When it was her companion's turn to take his pleasure from the boy, she would kiss his soft lips and dry his crying eyes with the tenderest of care. But his indiscretions were too much to ignore, especially when she learned he was to father a child.

She turned to her companion and pressed herself to him, a hand on the exposed skin of his chest. An extraordinary creature he was, skin golden and firm, his hair dark and voluminous. Zoheret leaned her head against his shoulder and bit her lip gently, the excitement and arousal growing as she gazed upon her lover. "Here they are. Do you see one you want?"
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He followed behind Zoheret as they made their way down the cobbled street. the sun glinted in her hair, their golden light fighting for supremacy withing her coiled and restrained tresses. The day was glorious, as all days in Greece tended to be with it's ocean filled breezes and clear sky's.

The filth of humanity pressed in around them, their stink crawling up and into his nostrils. he glared at the grabby brats reaching out to touch his lover and himself as they made their way to the slaver's block. Zoheret had insisted that the slaver they were going to see offered the best stock and had been very excited when she received the news about his new chattel. Saraekiel would have been happy just to snatch some random from a field somewhere to replace their little bedroom toy but she wanted to shop so here they were.

His fingers trailed down Zoherets arm as she pressed into him and he perused the livestock being prepared for sale. His eyes flicked between the exotic looking red head and the blond that refused to look at them. both of them attractive and well made and perfect for the games that would once again ensue soon enough.

" I like the red head, or should we go with the blond?"

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Ben was livid. He'd been the favourite of the master in his grand estate for two years, enjoying the pampered lifestyle that came with sleeping in his bed. A month ago the master had taken on a new slave, a dark-haired waif of a thing, eager to get on his knees. The shiny new thing had Ben being discarded and when he'd made too many complaints he'd been sold to a slaver. He hadn't even been gifted to one of his master's friends! Apparently Ben wasn't wanted in his immediate circle.

Now his future was left to chance. He hoped someone would pick him up for their household and that he wouldn't have to work on a ship or in a quarry. He didn't want to be worked hard until he died, the idea terrified him. He could sense the other boys around him making eye contact with people in the crowd, reacting to the jeers and whistles thrown their way. He ignored them all, too scared for his eyes to fall on the wrong person.
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Saraekiel's fingers along her skin only pulled at her more, encouraged her as she gazed up at the block. The red-haired boy in question was strong, his shoulders square packed with muscle and stained red from continual sun. There was something confident in him as he looked around at the audience gathered. She pursed her lips and debated. Certainly being held by that one would be satisfying, digging nails into solid flesh, but it wasn't a lover she was looking for; it was a serving boy.

Her gaze fell on the blonde who refused to look at the crowd and her interest was immediately piqued. A well-structured face with large pouting lips. There was no roughness to this one from what she could see. His skin was a warm ivory, kissed by sun without too much burn. He was a serving boy before, no doubt. His face was too pretty and his skin too soft. Zoheret smiled and hooked her hand around Saraekiel's neck.

"We could get both..." She looked up at him deviously, not bothering to hide her desire for them. The two slaves together would be expensive, but oh the games they could play together. Would he acquiesce? Zoheret couldn't be sure. "Though if I had to chose, I want the submissive one. He looks... practiced."
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The press of Zoherets fingers against his flesh as she cupped his neck sent thrills of pleasure to shoot down his spine; he better then most knew the perfect mix of pleasure and pain her touch could bring. Her desire was contagious and he leaned down, closing the few inches that separated them and captured her lips with his own, his tongue flicking between and past them as he drank her in. He bit her slightly before smiling against her captivating and wicked mouth.

"You're right of course. Why chose" he said quietly as he turned his face enough so that he may gaze upon the two choices again. "When toys can be so easily replaced."

He clicked his fingers in the direction of the red head, indicating that they would take him and that it needed to be prepared for travel. This ones deviance and exotic looks excited him, his glare as he raked the crowd was just begging for someone to buy him, and break him. His eyes then turned to the blond, he seemed meek and scared, and yet, under that his rage and frustration burned the very air.

He gently uncurled himself from under Zoheret's touch and embrace and slowly approached the very pretty creature, the slaves sharp facial angles and perfect body becoming more pronounced the closer he came. He mounted the slave block, his sandaled feet stopping in front of the slave as he looked down at him. His gold and red chiton was wrapped around his hips and fell to mid calf, the rest of the light fabric was draped up and over his left shoulder, leaving the rest of his chest exposed. The entirety of the outfit was held together at the back and side of his hip with the use of hidden pins and clips .

"Mine" he said quietly as he looked into the robin egg blue eyes of his soon to be newest acquisition. He slowly stepped around and behind the naked thing, his fingers trailing over his oiled shoulder, up his neck and along his jawbone, tilting his face and therefore his eyes downwards so that he may gaze upon the perfection that now stood before him. He rested his face next to his so that he might watch the crowd from over the slaves right shoulder, his body pressed in hard behind him as they both looked upon Zoheret.

"Ours." His eyes and smile were only for her and filled with the dark knowledge of the fun they both would soon be having.
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Ben didn't shift his eyes from the sky until someone joined him on the raised platform that wasn't a slave. A buyer, then. He didn't want to look but his curiosity overwhelmed him and his gaze shifted to him just a moment before the master-to-be stepped around behind him. His body had responded instantly to the other in a way that confused him. Nobody was that beautiful. All masters-to-be were ugly and old, certainly cruel. He'd been lucky to have gained favour early on at his past household. He certainly couldn't be so lucky as to attract someone lovely to look at. He remembered words whispered among the slaves; 'the pretty ones are cruel'.

If that was the case, then this man must be the cruellest man around. Ben's gaze lowered to the floor as he was touched from behind, shoulder, neck then jaw. His eyes found the woman, impossibly beautiful as well. A sister or a wife? He had no idea but she looked cold and dangerous. He was concerned by the way his master-to-be whispered 'ours' in his ear. Ben wasn't interested in being the meat in their sandwich - not that he had a choice either way.
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She drew a sharp breath as he bit her bottom lip, the pleasure turning briefly to pain that asked her to submit. A flare of anger washed through her and Zoheret glared up at the other dark angel. Had they not been in public, she might have made some retaliatory move against him - Cursed him, pushed him away, dug her nails into his chest. Instead she kept smoldering hazel eyes on him as he left for the slaver's block. She crossed her arms over her chest and watched as the humans made way for him, murmuring amongst themselves about his figure. It brought a smirk to her lips.

As soon as Saraekiel ascended the block and examined the herd up close, Zoheret could see the crowd make his fuss, waving arms and gesturing at the slaves angrily. They were waiting for their chance to bid for field hands, for warriors, for builders, waiting until the slaver was ready and the last of them had been oiled and primed for selling. Saraekiel, it seems, stepped on their toes by not following the rules of the market, demanding what he wanted.

She watched him circle their new prizes with a heat growing between her legs, imagining those two bodies pressed together in their chambers, grunting and moaning together as she watched. Scenarios raced through her mind involving them all together. Zoheret bit her lip, slightly tender from where Saraekiel had bitten her, and watched as he pointed the pretty one's head in her direction. She made no attempt to acknowledge the boy's gaze other than to raise an eyebrow. There was something bold in those eyes that made her question whether he'd have to be broken in first - a high strung thing. And oh, did she enjoy the breaking process.

She would wait for her lover to return to her side before she made her way back to the carriage, slipping a hand over his arm. He would feel her excitement radiating into her aura. She would have to give him proper praise later as her thanks.
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The jeering and angry hisses made him smile as he raked the crowd before him with arrogant eyes, they could squabble over the rejects and the scraps. He would take only the best. His hands slid over his new toy, enjoying the feel of its firm, oil slicked body beneath his fingers. It's heartbeat racing faster, beating louder as it reacted to his caress. He breathed in its stink, its natural odour mixed with the sweet scented oil the slave master had rubbed into its flesh. "You will do very well, slave" he said softly into his ear, a cruel smile dancing across his lips. He stepped away and approached the slave master. his words were few before he removed a small sack of denari from withing the pleats of chiton around his hips and dropped it into the mans hands.

The slaves were removed from the block and the red head was taken away in the direction of their carriage. the blond however was given to Saraekiel directly by way of a thin but sturdy metal chain lead that was attached to a metal collar clasped around the slaves neck

He cleansed his hands fastidiously before returning to Zoheret's side, their new toy a few steps behind, the chain clinking lightly with each footfall and the sun glinting brightly off of his oiled and naked body. He smiled wickedly as he presented the lead and their new pet to Zoheret.

"Shall we take them home and see if they are an acceptable replacement for your most recent broken toy love?"

He was glad her favourite bed slave was dead, planting the items in his quarters after arranging to have his mercy feedings exposed had been a genius move. Zoheret had become far to attached to it in his opinion.

After escorting Zoheret back to the carriage the slaves would be tied to the back of it and forced to walk and stagger behind, paraded naked and staggering all they way back to their villa.
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Ben's gaze hardened when the collar was placed around his neck and the chain handed to the master-to-be. It looked like he was now new-master, and there was a new-mistress to go with. They showed their hand as to what type of owners they would be immediately, by tying him and the other slave to the back of their carriage.

Ben kept his eyes down and his pace quick. He didn't fancy being dragged behind the carriage. His feet were sore by the time they arrived at their destination, having been used to the luxury of sandals and wrapped in fine cloth. He doubted his new-master and new-mistress would bother clothing him.

He thought back to the way he'd been touched on the slaver's block. There was no doubt in his mind that he would be used, but he didn't think he'd be a favourite. The language they spoke here was different to his own because he'd been traded to a traveller. He'd only learnt a few words in passing; the extent of his vocabulary so far was yes, no, here, yours, mine, ours, sorry, please and thank you. Whatever they were planning on doing to him, he wouldn't get a chance to beguile them with his silver tongue. It had saved him from many beatings in the past but here, he had no chance.
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"Our broken toy," she corrected with a smile, remembering well how fond her lover had been of using the boy as well. "Unless you're gifting him to me entirely..."

Their villa on the cliffs was expansive, overlooking the small city on the north side of the island, complete with a small private beach that was accessible by a steep path that lead up to the back of the property. It was a beautiful piece of land dotted with mastics and pines, small orchard groves, and a large, stately home. The house was made of  white stone with clay brick tiles to deflect the rain, all of the archways, windows, and doors (of which there were a lot) open to the air of the sea. Air moved freely through the house, keeping the inhabitants cool year round.

The grounds and vineyard were used to grow a few different kinds of fruits - figs, lemons, olives, and, of course grapes. The wines produced by Villa Vassilikos were a rich, sweet red sold all over their little corner of the Aegean. When Zoheret had come by the property nearly ten years ago, they had been owned by an old man who was on his deathbed and childless. She had assured him that the lands and vineyards would be tended by the same servant staff - whom the old man had come to regard as family. Now, the staff kept up the maintenance and routines as she and Saraekiel managed them all. All told, there was about a dozen servants who relied upon the success of the property for their livelihood.

The carriage climbed the hill slow enough for the slaves to keep pace, much of the journey shaded by the grooves of olive and lemon trees growing over the path. They came to a stop in front of the gate and Zoheret descended the carriage with help from one of the two servants who were awaiting their arrival. "Untie them and see to it that they are washed, clothed, and fed." She looked at her two house servants commandingly. They kept their heads down and nodded their understanding at her. Zoheret circled around to the back of the carriage to get her first glance of her new property up close.

The orange haired human was nearly a foot taller than she was, his greased muscles gleaming redly in the sun, sweat beading on his upper lip and shoulders, streaking down his face. His arms were scratched with old scars and odd little brown marks dotted his skin in no specific pattern, and looked strong. Perhaps she would let Saraekiel take this one into the vineyards. She paid no attention to the look of awe that followed her as she moved, turning his face with her hand beneath his chin. The other one was a bit smaller, though still taller than she was, his features much softer and his skin tender. The walk had begun to put the faintest of burns on his shoulders and chest. She looked both of them up and down, lingering on the parts of them that made them men, slackened now that the physical exhaustion of following the carriage. She found their eyes with an icy smile and licked her lips. "Welcome to your new home."


The day had simply dragged on, her duties as the Lady of the house - managing the kitchen, ensuring the cleanliness of the villa - failing to keep her truly occupied. Around early evening, while dinner was being prepared, she leaned into the kitchen and interrupted production to talk with her cook about the two new additions. She was informed that the two of them had baths drawn and were scrubbed clean, fed, and stationed in one of the spare rooms on the east end of the house. Pleased, she thanked her cook and informed her to have the blonde one sent to her chambers after dinner was cleaned up. She gave her permission to use either slave as necessary. With a nod from the human, Zoheret wandered back to her chambers upstairs alone.

As dark fell, she had summoned Saraekiel to her chambers. She had changed into a lighter chiton, a rich purple that draped over her beautiful body in a clinging way, and lounged on her side on the bed. It was large enough for two couples, covered in cream colored linens with pillows of dyed reds and purples. Outside the sun was below the horizon, staining the sky the color of fresh bruises, the water dark and quiet. A fresh, cool breeze drifted in from her open windows as she waited for her lover to arrive, her body warmed and primed with her own fingers. She squeezed her legs together, anticipation of trying their new bedroom addition driving her mad. She wore her golden curls long, flipped over onto one shoulder, her wings open and unglamoured - not that it would matter much to him, the only creature on this island that could see them regardless. In her free hand, she held a chalice of deep red wine and sipped from it as her chamber door opened.
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The rest of the day had been uneventful after the return trip to the market, upon his return he had tended to business. They made their wealth through import and export, mainly agricultural products but they also owned copper and silver mines and owed their public standing and prestigue to their substantial and continious liturgy to the naval forces. Such monatary donations allowed them to do as they pleased (Like at the market earlier that day) and kept them out of most political schemes. Money was their power and they both worked hard at maintaining and building it, regardless of what role they played to appease the dictates of society.

After their arrival home he had ordered for the new acquisitions to be given quarters in the east end of the house, where they were to be bathed, clothed, fed and tended to medicaly, it was not a quick trip from market to villa after all, and the day had been long and hot.

His thoughts had turned to Zoheret throughout the day, and to the newest members of their household. The blonde in particual filled his thoughts more so then the red head, the memory of the look in his eyes as he was chained to the back of the carriage had him wanting to call a servant to ease his hard and throbbing cock but he resisted, knowing that he would get the chance to express his desire in a more satisfying way soon enough.

He had just finished his own bath and a massage when he had recieved Zoherets invitation to her chambers.

He was dressed simply in a white linen chiton wrapped, pinned and belted around his hips, its borders dyed a deep red, his skin and body gleaming like burnished gold as he stepped through her door, the evening breeze from her open windows playing through his hair.

She was the picture of perfection as always, her purple chiton emphasising and hiding her body in a madening way, drawing the eye and imagination to what lay beneath it, her hair an endless wave of silken gold spilling over her shoulder as she lounged upon the exquisite linens of her bed, it was no wonder humans worshipped her like a goddess. Aphrodite they would whisper and call her behind her back. If only they knew.

Her wings, it was the sight of her wings, so gloriously and proudly displayed that had his member thickening as he moved towards her. When he reached her side he slid to his knees knowing it would please and amuse her; every fibre of his being screamed defiance however. If he was to play sub to her this night then it would be as the brat. His smile when it came was dark and amused as he lay his face against her palm and placed a kiss upon her wrist, his lips light as a feather.

"Is this the face that launch'd a thousand ships
And burnt the topless towers of Ilium?
O, thou art fairer than the evening air
Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars;
Sweet Zoheret, make me immortal with a kiss."

It was pure gibberish, but it rolled off his tongue well enough.
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Zoheret laughed heartily, loving his gilded tongue. She cupped his face and pulled him in for a deep kiss, her mirth keeping the edges of her mouth turned up. "So I'm Helen of Troy now, is that it?" She appreciated the comparison and the poetry of his words. Seeing him was enough to make her muscles clench in anticipation of feeling him enter her and her lips swelled. But his poetic words pulled at her pride.

She took another sip of her wine and put the cup down on small table nearby. She took his face and pulled at him to join her. "Come to me, you beautiful fool."
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Her lips tasted like honey and wine as he followed her upwards and pulled himself onto the bed. He slid his hands to the back of her head, his hands deep in the softness of her hair, as he continued to kiss her, first lightly, then more urgently, his tongue in her mouth as her breasts pressed against his chest, her whole body sending a message that was undeniable.

He pulled away and smiled wickedly at her as his fingers trailed down her body, till he stroked her breast and then her nipple, his thumb teasing it to a stiff peak through the fabric of her chiton.

"Helen of Who?" he asked as he continued to tease her through the thin fabric adorning her body. "You're wearing too many clothes, lets remove them so that I may worship you properly, you who makes even Aphrodite scream and cry with envy of your perfection."
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She could feel his eagerness in his lips and wondered how long he had been left wanting - all day, perhaps? She smirked at the idea. With expert hands he held her, his firm body pressing against her in a delicious way while she ran one hand up his chest. As he leaned his hips against her, she leaned into him, his manhood pressed against the fabrics between them. With a wicked grin against his lips, she gave him a soft moan and twist of her hips to tempt him. She dropped her hand from his chest to push the chiton aside the breast he had worked to peak, guiding his hand back to her bare skin for his pleasure and encouraging him to squeeze her gently.

"I've got a surprise for you," she cooed against his lips with a distracted smile. Her hand left his and she instead shifted herself to allow her hand to snake down low between their navels, lovingly stroking the fabric protecting his cock from her grasp to tease him further. Zoheret felt her lover react and bit her lower lip, never being satisfied with only a tease of him.

With a practiced motion, she inched closer into his embrace and slid her hand beneath his clothes. Tenderly she wrapped her hand around the base of his erection and began to stroke him in earnest, focusing her delicate fingers underneath the head of his cock, her paced measured to build him slowly. Zoheret smiled into her kiss and squeezed her legs together. Did he know that she had just explored herself with that same hand? If it weren't for her plan, she would have wrapped her legs around his hips and told him to take her however he wanted.

"I've had the new serving boy prepared for us tonight." Her voice was sultry and thick with her own arousal, expecting him to want to play for a little while. "If you were still interested, that is."
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His breath caught in his throat at her touch, his cock jerking with eagerness as she rubbed him with her fingertips, the friction of cloth and touch turning their kiss from something gentle into something hungrier. He kissed and ate at her mouth, gently biting and stretching her lower lip, sucking and licking her tender flesh.

She knew how to play him oh so very well. He moaned his pleasure against her mouth as he gently rolled and squeezed her nipple between his fingers and thumb, his hand cupping and caressing her breast. He released her mouth and laid feverish lips against her throat, her perfumed skin like delicate silk, tasting of vanilla and honeysuckle and her own subtle musk. She was made of sex, of lust and of power and he was addicted. If he were capable of love, he would have well and truly loved her.

He looked up at her with a raised eyebrow and swollen lips, his storm kissed eyes darkened with arousal. “What surprise would that be?” he asked with a voice deepened by lust and desire as he freed her other breast from her robe and teased and caressed it with his other hand before he laid a trail of kisses from her nape to where he was playing with her nipple, his lips and tongue sucking and licking at her flesh, savoring her before his mouth took over from his fingers.
He positioned his body so as to give them better access to each other as he lowered his hand to her thighs and slowly slid it beneath her robes as she gripped the base of his cock and started to work him. He gasped deep in the back of his throat, her grip was firm and sure as she stroked him, causing his muscles to tighten with the sensation of it and his hips to thrust in time with the movements of her hand.

His pressed his fingers along her skin as he made his way to her center, his touch tender yet teasing as he worked his fingers against her slickened seam. He smiled against her breast, his tongue pressing and rolling her nipple within his mouth, first one then the other as his thumb did the same to her clit, his fingers sliding inside her. She was so wet already, so hot; she had been playing before he got here and the thought of it had him growling in the back of his throat with pleasure.
He lifted his face and smiled wickedly as his fingers continued to work her, thrusting and stroking as his thumb circled and pressed that bud over and over again, light then firm then light again. His cock throbbing within her grip, yearning to be inside of her.
His smile was slow and wicked as he thought of the blonde.

“How shall we greet him them my love?” he asked as he extracted himself from her grip, a clear pearlescent drop forming on the tip of his cock and rolled onto her hand as he did so. He was close, too close and he didn’t want to go anytime soon

“Shall we have him join us straight away?” he stopped working her pussy and slowly rolled her robes upwards as he lowered himself down. He smiled then like a cat before a bowl of cream. “Or shall we make him stand and watch as we pleasure each other first?” he flicked his tongue against her, teasing and tasting her and chuckled as she shivered and quivered above him.

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With his soft skins pulled taut and his ridges pronounced warmly against her palm and fingers, he left her hand with the beginnings of his seed to worship her with that silver tongue of his. She brought her hand up to drag his flavor across her tongue, savoring his briny offering. Her skin was on fire and his hands on her thighs, spreading her legs and lips apart for his tasting pleasure drove her wild before they connected. Zoheret moaned his name and wove her hands in those handsome locks she loved so much, gripping at his roots as the electric current of his movement on her center made her tense and quiver. Her hips, alive with her arousal, lifted to coax his sultry tongue deeper inside of her, the softness unmatched in pleasurable build.

His adoration was a distraction and she loved every moment of it - every time she meant to respond to him, he would flick over her sensitive nub, replacing the words in her throat with a wanton moan instead. Zoheret smiled, looking down past her exposed breasts and hoisted skirts to see the top of her lover's face buried deep in her. It sent a pulse of want through her again accompanied with a sensual giggle and a roll of her hips.

"If you keep doing that... mmnnha ... I'm going to have to... send him away and keep you all for myself." She put her hand under his chin and pulled his face away from her lips with some internal difficulty, looking down into those stormy eyes as she squeezed his head between her thighs. "What will the poor boy think if you're buried in my skirts when he walks in, I wonder?" She bit her lower lip gently, tender after his former passion upon them. Zoheret sat up, pulling her sex farther away from his mouth with some reluctance. She leaned forward and caught his mouth with hers, enjoying her flavor tanging his lips and tongue and she kissed him deeply. With a darkening gaze she parted from him and gave him a devious look. "I want you standing tall when he walks in so he can see who he belongs to." She dipped her eyes suggestively down on Saraekiel as he knelt, before returning her seductive gaze back to those dark eyes.
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Saraekiel watched her as she pulled herself away from him and moved back further onto the bed, his eyes smoldering with unquenched desire as her legs closed on the prize he still hungered for.

He arched up to claim her kiss, his wet questing lips meeting hers hungrily, darting his tongue between her lips so she could taste her own heat on his tongue. His hands rose to her cheek and neck as his mouth explored hers, pulling her so deep into the kiss that they could almost slid into each other’s skin. He pulled her so hard against him that he could feel the buds of her chest against his as his hands slowly wondered over her shoulders and back, before snaking back around and catching and cupping her breasts, his mouth trailing kisses down her throat then to his hands so that he could recapture her nipples once more. He pulled them into his mouth and sucked them hard, wanting to pull her to the edge of pleasure and pain. He released her nipple for a minute so that he could snare her areola with his fingers, squeezing and pulling her pink taut peaks then licked them gently so as to give her a hint of his mercy before releasing them again.

He raised his eyes and looked at her as she spoke, his mouth curving into an amused smile at her words.

“I would think that if he found me buried beneath your skirts” he replied silkily as he dropped small kisses over her shoulders and neck between his words, his hands slowly trailing, circling whirls over her skin as they made their way down to her hips. “That his first thought would be that he wished it were him instead of me. However, I see your point and I would prefer the new toy learnt his place from the beginning." he raised his face and looked at her with an eyebrow raised questioningly. "Still, what’s the hurry? He’s the serving boy, he can wait”. His voice deepened and his eyes smoldered with mischief and desire as he slid his hands along her legs and grabbed her from behind her knees, suddenly pulling her down the bed and spreading her legs wide as he did so. “I’m not finished with you yet”

His head dived between her thighs again, letting go of her knees as he slid his hands up along the soft skin of her inner thighs and used his fingers to spread her womanhood. With a huff of pleasure, his lips tingled as they encountered her soft flesh again. He sealed his mouth over her sex and licked along the entire length of her, pushing the soft lips apart with a broad hard lick, his mouth moving up to ensnare her clitoris. He could feel the hard-little bead against his tongue, and he was not going to be satisfied until he took her to the very peak of ecstasy. He gentled his tongue and rubbed the taught hard pea with well placed regular strokes, keeping up the pressure and rhythm perfectly as he felt the heat building up within himself again, he gave a low deep moan against her lips, his hand massaging his hard, aching, length as he pleasured her; only stopping when he felt himself reach the point of orgasm. Unsteadily he pulled away from her, pushing her knees closed as he did so and sat back on his haunches a moment as he used a slightly shaking hand to push his long-tangled locks from his face.

After taking a moment to compose himself and steady his breathing, his eyes racked along the long naked length of her as she lay reclining along the bed. She really was exquisitely beautiful. He then raised his smoky grey eyes to her face and locked his gaze onto hers, and smiled with wicked satisfaction as he wiped his thumb along his bottom lip and chin, then sucked her glistening juices of of it.

“Very well then, Let us test our new pet and see if it is worth keeping.”