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Title: Day at the Beach
Post by: Black Philip on September 11, 2019, 02:51:33 PM

Jake needed a day off, but realized that would never happen at night. It turned out running a district, a business, a campaign and still having time for Sam left little room for anything else. Even his recent socializing had been work related. Jake hated his job. He'd come to realize this as he was running for the seat, and for the first time he hoped Ben actually won. It would make his life so much simpler. There would be embarrassment, probably rage, but after that, nothing. Jake had already decided to return to the south if Ben won. He missed his roof, his luxury apartment building, and the culture of the south district. He even looked forward to Sabrina being his district leader. He would stay out of her way but help when asked, and wondered what he'd do with himself. He'd have more time for Sam, and he already knew as soon as he and Murphy talked that he'd be looking for a new person to embrace. He could be the city's Tony Stark, a playboy millionaire philanthropist. It had a nice ring to it, and worked with his existing image. It all felt so tempting for a moment, he considered just texting Ben that he conceded. He doubted his opposite would ask, "are you sure?"

Jake did no such thing, for despite how much he hated every single thing he had to do, there was really no other alternative. The Anarchs needed him. The Brujah needed him, and all the people who wanted to vote for him needed him as well. Even the people voting for Ben needed him. Jake feared what District Leader Ben would do, and saw a future where someday he was Luminary. The White Rabbit would be shut down, the Anarchs chased out of town, along with anyone else who didn't agree with Emperor Ben. Jake hoped Kerr would prove a calming influence, but Jake had never seen that in action. He also feared people like Zoheret and Zeus, and now Charon; people only concerned with their own power and own agendas. No. Jake couldn't drop out. It wasn't his destiny. Jake no longer called himself the Black Prince but very much felt like it was his place to lead. He tended to wind up in charge wherever he went, and he considered that all of this strife was just Cain testing him.

Jake rarely talked about his religious beliefs. Most vampires in this city didn't even know Jake had a sense of religion, but he held it close to him. Cain had decreed it was the Ventrue who would rule, and while Jake thought most of his clansmen failed he felt it was his duty to correct this fact. He could use his clan's gifts to be a good ruler, a just ruler. Loving being in charge, or hating it, had no bearing on the young leader's decision. He had to stay in the race, and he had to win. To lose was to fail the gods themselves, and Jake couldn't do that. Jake felt like only his family really believed in him, but that was fine. He was determined to make up the difference by believing in himself. If he didn't, then why should anyone else?

He rolled over onto his back, enjoying the feeling of the sun on his skin. It was a new sensation, and one he couldn't get enough of. He'd kept his daytime trips to the south so far, but he'd craved a day at the beach since finding out he could now day walk. He wore tight brief swimwear, with a pronounced pouch, and blue green coloring. The logo was some trashy human clothing line, and Jake had several more pairs in his underwear drawer. Sunglasses obscured his grey eyes, and sneakers lay neatly stacked on the side. The dragon ring, charged with Tansy's blood, kept him alive.

He'd formalized a deal with her, five hundred bucks a week, plus gifts! He'd already sent her the Bachelorette on Blue Ray. It was an earlier season then the one why were both currently watching, but he suspected based on their limited talks it was her favorite show. He figured he could also slip gifts to Sabrina this way too. Because of Tess, Jake felt the need to take better care of his old friend, and if he ever got that witch alone he'd roast her. Now, weekly, he picked up a few small mason jars filled with fresh nymph blood. It was a beautifully fair trade. It had allowed him to soak up all this sun in Zoheret's district. He figured she might show, and how funny would that be? He wasn't in the mood for a fight though, and so he hoped she wouldn't. He didn't have the stamina right now.

Jake wondered if he'd even get a tan. He'd longed to be golden brown for centuries, and thought how mysterious it would make him look with his dark hair. Blondes always looked like porn stars when they tanned. Black hair however, had more possibilities. The beach was still pretty empty, although now more and more people were claiming spots of sand. A kid set up a kite with his dad, and Jake looked on approvingly. He had no plans for the day, just wanted no work. He'd go indoors in another hour or so, as not to push his luck, but for now he merely rested. Maybe there was a spa in the area he could go to. The day was his, and nobody else's, at least for now.
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Post by: Malkavian Riddler on September 11, 2019, 09:02:22 PM
Shan had been invited to the beach with some acquaintance-friends. They didn't know him too well but he was pretty sure one in the group of four was attracted to him which was why he'd been asked out. He'd agreed but didn't have his own board so he'd had to double on theirs. Two of them had longboards so it had been easy, and one of them - Adam - had been particularly eager to teach him how to surf. He'd been pretty handsy and Shan had let him. It felt good, though Adam wasn't much to look at.

From the last wipe-out, Shan was closer to the beach than usual and someone caught his eye... but it was impossible! Distracted, he'd not really done well for the next two goes afterward and excused himself from the group. They were done for the day and wanted to grab a bite to eat. Shan left them to it and approached the dark-haired guy lying on the sand, sun-baking. If he was who Shan thought it was

but it couldn't possibly be!

then his skin would heal any sun damage it tried to tan him with. He looked pretty pale, but he wasn't burning. Shan kept walking over, his heart beating faster with every step closer as it looked more and more like the guy who'd rejected him not so long ago. The one Lan Bao had given him disappointed face over but not punished him or anything. She'd made a comment that had humiliated him and hadn't sent him on any more errands since.

And vampires didn't walk in the sun. But here he was, and Shan was looking down at him, casting a shadow over his face.

he is so fucking powerful
what a shame he doesn't want me
because I want him so bad

Nobody rejected Shan, especially after something so sexy, and it had been the start of his doubts. Of course, blocking Jake's sun wasn't the polite thing to do, but he wanted to be noticed. He wanted to be wanted. But he doubted he'd get anywhere with this guy. Why, though? Didn't he like the look of Asians? Shan was a good looking one. Handsome was handsome in any race, right?

"How are you doing that?" he asked, impatient for attention. He'd waited all of five seconds before speaking.
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Post by: Black Philip on September 12, 2019, 01:09:21 AM
Jake noticed the shadow standing over him from behind his sunglasses, and raised his body up on to his elbows to get a better look. He pulled the shades down on his nose revealing none other than Shan! He smiled widely at seeing the sexy messenger of Lan Bao. They'd parted so awkwardly, and Jake had never had the chance to explain why he'd rejected him. It hadn't been because of his race or ethnicity. Jake found all people of the world sexy. He'd just been spoken for at the time, and whatever else he felt about Murphy, he deserved better than garden variety cheating. Maybe it was proof that impulsive Jake had grown up, even if it was just a bit. He ignored Shan's question, not wanting to lie, but honestly feeling like the less people who knew about the ring's specifics the better. That didn't mean he didn't want Shan's company though. That he wanted very much.

"It's just a gift I posses," he said, towing the line between lying and just being vague. "Care to join me? I was hoping I'd run into you eventually. I'm just soaking up the sun. Do people still say that? I know it was a big song a few years ago."

Jake's sun related pop culture references were out of date. He smiled cutely and tapped the beach side next to him. He had a spare towel if Shan needed one.
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Post by: Malkavian Riddler on September 12, 2019, 08:20:53 AM
The smile on Jake's face was encouraging and the display of his daywalking powers was inspiring and overwhelming. Shan felt humbled in his presence, wondering if he should bow down or something. He'd always thought the Kuei Jin were far superior in their abilities but no Kuei Jin could live in the sun and Jake was powerful enough to have mastered something to allow him to do that... or powerful enough to get his hands on something that others would no doubt want. Either way, he was amazing.

Humbled by his earlier rejection, Shan accepted the invitation to join without his usual bravado. "Yeah, people still say it," he replied, given a towel because the only thing he'd brought with him to the beach was his swimsuit and a little bag that had underwear and a change of shorts. He hadn't bothered bringing a shirt.

Shan laid out the towel Jake offered beside the vampire and knelt on it before laying down on his side, facing Jake, a wondrous smile on his face.

"How long have you been enjoying the sun?" he asked, meaning one specific thing but his question could be taken one of two ways.
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Post by: Black Philip on September 13, 2019, 05:51:59 AM
Jake felt comforted his pop culture wasn't out of date. It was a serious concern. Culture changed more rapidly than in earlier centuries of his life. Jake was determined to stay current. He only recently learned what YOLO meant from Riley and Amy. He watched as Shan laid down next to him, the boy practically humming with his excitement. Jake felt in his element. Finally, someone who was just impressed without needing perfection from him. He also appreciated the cleverness of Shan's question, picking up on the possible multiple meanings. He decided to answer the simplest version, not wanting to create a time line for his day walking. He didn't think Shan was some spy, or that Lan Bao knew anything about the ring at all, but it didn't hurt to be careful.

"Since sunrise," he said. "I watched it on my roof before coming here. It was partially obscured by overcast, but as you can see that burned away."

Unlike me

He rolled to face Shan's face, their lips now inches from one another. Shan was as handsome as the last time, but their was something more... humble about him. Jake liked that.

"And what brought you here today. I doubt your mistress sent me another gift."

But you'll do nicely, he thought wickedly.
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Post by: Malkavian Riddler on September 13, 2019, 07:13:22 AM
Shan, initially smiling when Jake turned to face him, felt his stomach do a little flip because of how close they were getting, his heart picking up the pace as well. Before the rejection, Shan would've said some blasé sexy comment and moved in for a kiss, but he didn't have the confidence to do it because he suspected he might be rejected again. It was frustrating.

And then, quite suddenly, it was embarrassing. Jake's words reminded him of the rejection by putting it at the front of their conversation. Shan's cheeks pinked and he tensed, breaking eye contact and wishing he hadn't come here after all. He didn't think Jake liked him very much, or he was the kind of guy that used negging a lot.

He wanted to make a smart-mouthed comment but it was too close to the bone for his sass to surface.

"I didn't get into trouble but she hasn't taken me back, either. I'm fucked." He didn't dare look at Jake even though it was the vampire who'd fucked him by not accepting him into his ranks. Now he was in this weird limbo of being gifted but not accepted.
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Jake watched with confusion as Shan's energy changed. He'd only been teasing. He sat up onto his elbow, his body now twisting at the oblique and scanned the boy in front of him. What had Lan Bao exactly intended? Was she offended Jake hadn't fucked this boy? It was an odd thing to be upset about. Jake loved the fans, and had made a nice display for them in the Dante's Inferno apartment. Her gift had been well received. He'd also made that point to her when they'd spared.

"I can speak with her if you like," he offered gently. "I feel as though there's a misunderstanding here I'm not getting."

He looked open, thoughtful and slightly concerned.
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"What misunderstanding?" Shan asked, confused, not liking the idea of Jake speaking to Lan Bao about him. That could end up really badly for him. "You sent me back to her."
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Jake was now certain there was a misunderstanding. The fans had been the gift. Shan had been a bonus, or so he thought. Lan Bao didn't scold Jake for rejecting Shan, or that he was meant for Jake in the grander sense. Shan seemed to think that staying was a sign of his own success, but Jake was tired of working off assumptions. It had hurt him in the District Leader meeting - which Damien had reamed him for - and it was driving him fucking mad in regards to Charon. No. No more assumptions would do, and so Jake sat up and motioned for Shan to do the same.

"Shan, what was supposed to happen that night? I mean, I was, and am, very attracted to you, but surely Lan Bao isn't mad at you because we didn't have sex. That would be..."

Here he stopped. He was very close to criticizing his one ally in the city. He hated how fragile his current position was, but since all Charon had given him were opaque warnings about betrayal - but provided no hard information to back up his claims - Jake felt he had no choice but to trust what he knew. All of his information out of Chinatown said Lan Bao was tough but fair as a leader. Toughness and fairness were things Jake liked. She was a warrior, who understood honor and respect. Perhaps she was playing him, perhaps not. However, Jake refused to abandon someone on the claims of another who'd shown himself to be untrustworthy in the past. He course corrected his comment.

"That would be unexpected," he said, instead of something more pointed. "Do you want to know why I sent you away?"

Hopefully, this explanation would go a long way towards healing this rift. Jake wanted Shan to be around, although in what role he was still unsure.
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And now it was Shan's turn to come clean. Ergh. He pulled a face when Jake mentioned that he thought it was freaky Lan Bao had gifted him sex. Yes, that would've been freaky, and also why she'd snarked at him about misreading the situation and thinking himself worthy of Jake's attentions. He remembered how she'd put it: 'I thought I had sent Jake McCloud a valuable gift, but now I see what he sees - plastic in place of gold.'

Her assistants tittered and she'd sent him away to 'find his rightful place'. He understood what that meant. He was a gift without a recipient. He'd been discarded.

"She didn't send me for sex," Shan confessed. "I was to demonstrate the fans and offer myself into your service. It was supposed to be the same kind of service I provide her. Dance. Sparring. But you were sexy and I figured I could show you what else I was good at," he grinned, his flirty side finally coming out when explaining his intentions. The smile faded when Jake offered to explain why he'd been sent away and his tone shifted into sadness.

"Not really. I already know I turn you on. I don't want to know why you refused me. If it's something I can't change, then there's no point."
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Jake had no doubt that Shan was very skilled at the activity he was alluding too, and images from that night reentered the Black Prince's mind. He smiled at the thought of Shan in various positions, working hard to please him. It was so distracting he almost missed the second part of what Shan said. He was relieved he wouldn't have to talk about Murphy directly, but felt like he needed to make one correction to what Shan had said.

"Well it is changing," he threw out. "It's not quite changed just yet, but... if you'd like to be a donor at the White Rabbit I'd like that. When it does finish changing, the reason I sent you away that is, I'll let you know, and then we can pick up where we left off."

He wouldn't make the mistake of letting Shan live in his chambers, or treating him to ANY district knowledge like he'd done with Ben, but it might be a good idea to have a messenger to Lan Bao on call, and Shan would be a big money maker if he danced upstairs and was a donor. He would need to send Lan Bao an envoy of his own. If she wished to install someone in Jake's circle, surely she'd be alright with him placing someone in her's. But who? That was a thought for another time.

He laid back down on his towel and motioned for Shan to lay down with him.
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Shan lay back down, not really understanding what Jake was talking about with things changing and not changing but would be changed soon? He focussed on the best part of that sentence.

"I want to be at the White Rabbit, thanks," Shan replied. "Have you danced with the fans yet? I can show you some of my moves and how to keep them sharp."

He rolled onto his side on the towel, getting very close to Jake's body. His hand snuck onto Jake's bare chest, fingers trailing along his skin, moving downward.

"You're so warm," he marvelled.
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Jake felt weirdly turned on at the idea he felt warm. Vampires were always cool, but the sun had risen his body temperature higher than coldness of night. He liked the feeling of Shan on him, and pulled his arm all the way round so they could properly cuddle. He could've drifted off like this if he were human, but he was not and so he closed his eyes,  the sun making him see reds, blues, yellows, and oranges all behind his eyelids. He didn't know much about Shan. There time together before was so brief, and if he was going to have him live as a donor, then he wanted to know what made him tick.

"How did you learn to dance," he said, thinking of the fans. "I've tried a few moves, but I'm afraid I still move like a swordsman."

He let his free hand play with Shan's hair, and tried not to focus on the electricity of their bodies touching. It was very hard to ignore.
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"I've danced ever since I was little. I did acrobatics too, I'm very flexible," he said, smiling to himself as his palm swept over Jake's navel and then across the band of his shorts before he brushed a path back up Jake's warmed torso to where his heart lay. No heartbeat to feel but Shan pressed more firmly there anyway, snuggling against Jake's side now that he had an arm around his shoulders. He shifted his leg slightly, bumping against Jake's legs, not daring to capture one of his between his own for fear he would be told that the change hadn't happened yet and therefore he'd be rejected. It was maddening, teasing himself with Jake's body even as he gently explored it.

"I begged my mother to take me to a dance academy on the weekends and gymnastics after school. I'm lucky I'm the third son and that my brothers were old enough to look after the shop for her to run me around everywhere. Everyone thought I was wasting my time until Lan Bao saw me goofing off with the weapon my dad was delivering to her. It was this knife thing on the end of a rope and I was swinging it around. People were freaking out," he said, laughing at the memory of their wide eyes and open mouths, cringing as he'd jumped around with the swirling blade. His hand returned to gently stroking Jake's chest. The sun was warming them both up now.
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Jake listened with interest to the story, and found himself endeared to the idea of a young Shan that just wanted to dance. He a million other questions about his early life, finding humans had often a greater connection to their origins then vampires. For the later, they had the sire connection then. Everything before just felt so unimportant. He also smiled at the idea Lan Bao saw potential in him, and seemingly she had invested. Jake liked the idea of commitment to good people, people with promise and raw skill. Shan seemed to have all those qualities.

"And then Lan Bao asked you into her service," Jake asked for clarification. He wanted more of the boy, but knew he had to deal with Murphy first. Otherwise, what was the point of rejecting him the first time? They would have there hot, sweaty time, but for now Jake just wanted to feel this human's warmth and hear about his life. It was nice to not be the main subject for a change. He wondered if he should tell Shan more about himself, but then again, Shan hadn't asked him those kinds of questions, yet.
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There were others on the beach, Shan could hear them squealing in the water, splashing around, calling out to one another. There were dogs barking and children laughing. Other than this assault on his ears he might as well be in a bubble, because he only had eyes for Jake.

"When she sent me to you I was super excited," Shan confessed readily. "I'd heard these rumours about the White Rabbit. I even drove past a couple times."

Shan moved his hand up Jake's chest to his face and then into his hair, tugging at the strands behind his ear and pulling gently at the ones at his nape. He longed to turn Jake's head towards him so they could kiss but... once again, threat of rejection. He huffed his frustration.
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Jake loved the way his ego was being stroked, and imagined Shan stroking something else on his body. However, he'd learned that ego, even when it was being respected was a weakness, and so while it felt good, and warm, and all the right things, he knew to be cautious with it now. He'd also forgotten how taboo the White Rabbit was for many humans, and even supernaturals.

The bar was truly his Wonderland, and for many humans who'd entered out of the know, they reported back really feeling like they'd fallen through the looking glass; vampires moving about, magic defenses, African witches, super soldiers, drugs, sex, drag and every other convention of goth, darkness, and monsters were dressed up in bright and pretty colors and put on display. While much of it had been Lisa-Joe's expertise, Sam had given it new life as well. The bars acceptance and success in the community was his proudest achievement in the city, even more than any titles he held or battles he'd fought.

"You should've come right in," Jake said encouragingly, looking over at Shan's eyes. "I would've scooped you up pretty quick."

It was true that if Jake had just seen Shan moving about, he would've done all in his power to get him there as a dancer. It added to the confusion he felt about their current status, and he sighed. "Hold on," he said, sitting up and pulling out his phone. He jotted a quick text to Murphy. It was time.

Hey. Can we meet soon. I'd like to talk about some stuff.

His phone was put away, and he resumed his laying position, bringing Shan back to his chest, unless the mortal didn't wish it. "Sorry about that," he said attention returning to the interesting boy beside him. He felt a flutter of guilt, but it was currently dwarfed by something like excitement.
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Shan opened his mouth, about to reveal why he hadn't when Jake asked him to hold and he sat up away from him. Shan rolled onto his back, throwing a hand over his forehead, shielding his eyes as he watched Jake text a message on his phone. He couldn't see what the message was but he wasn't interested in snooping.

He returned to Jake's hold when it was offered him but he couldn't settle like he had before. He'd forgotten what he was going to say, too. What had they been talking about before the interruption? Never mind, he sensed that there was no longer joy to be had right now so he wanted to pick up the mood.

"Hey, can you eat and drink as well?" Shan asked spritely. When told Jake couldn't, he shrugged it off. "Come swim, then. Play with me in the waves."

His smile lit up his face as he got to his knees, pulling on Jake's hand to get him up faster as Shan worked himself to his feet.
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Jake hadn't done anything like Shan was suggesting in over sixty years. The last time had been on a beach in California it had been night, of course. Jake had been with a wonderful guy that night, and he'd imagined the sky was purple, orange, red, and all the colors of the morning and evening. He could see those colors now; sometimes, and while his day trips were few and far between he loved the simple joys of being in the sun. Now, much like the last time he was asked to go into the water, he rose slowly and carefully. He wore a curious, but slightly nervous, smile.

Jake's only other consideration was the ring. If it came off in the water he would die, and no trip in the drink was worth that. However, he'd tested wetting his hand at home and pulling it off. This ring seemed to know when he wanted it off, or wanted it to stay. Unlike Lazarus, he wasn't cursed, but he was hopeful the ring wouldn't choose this moment to betray him.

Jake took Shan's hand, finding himself more at ease as he was led to the water by the enthusiastic human. Jake did know how to swim, but just barely, and so seemed like a doe sticking their toe in at first. Eventually, with Shan's encouragement, he went in deeper, and started splashing about, even directing a few at the interesting and sexy human before him.

Jake wanted to get to know him better, and was honestly thankful they hadn't just shagged. Jake would enjoy him as a donor, and if now were any indication, he'd enjoy him as a person too. Jake wrapped his arms around Shan's shoulders, and the two floated in embrace.