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Title: Answers Take Two
Post by: MementoMori on December 27, 2019, 08:31:42 AM
For Seragil.

Months had past by since the zombie incident. And with it many a change had happened. Arutha and Kevla had moved from the Detour motel into Siobhan's place, Sanctuary, briefly at Psych's insistence. Then they gotten set up at a new apartment in the Westward Apartment Complex. It was both a safer choice to live at than their previous abode and it had bedrooms for both of them. They both still had dreams of a permanent home that had a yard but it would come with time.

His sister's Kevla's relationship with Psych had only deepened during that time. She had started going to school at the Kerr Galvin Academy. She had figured that it would give her the chance to figure out the limits of her own abilities and get more clues into his own gifts. Then maybe they could finally free Kit from the collar. It was their biggest problem now that they had a better place to stay.

As for Naoise and himself, they had worked on their bond. Arutha had gotten much better with his dream walker skills. They now could spent a full night together in the dreamscape with some limitations. Intense emotion could still shatter it but up until then they could enjoy each other's company. There had been no further clues as to his love's true name, but when he looked at him he had a feeling that the first letter had to be an 'N.'

This absence of clues led him to return with Naoise to Sanctuary to see if they could consult some of Siobhan's books to help find the answer.

"Damn it. I can't help but feel like we are so close, Kit." Arutha said frustratedly after about a couple hour's worth of study as he sat back at their table. Said table had at two good sized stacks of old books resting on it.
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Post by: Seragil on January 14, 2020, 01:47:29 AM
Naoise weaved around the table and Arutha's legs, rubbing his face against the material of Arutha's pants, marking him with his scent. He should be helping to search through the books, maybe Siobhan had a spell in one of these ancient tomes of hers that held the key to his release from the cursed collar; he doubted it though. It was knowledge and not a spell that was needed, knowledge of names to be precise, his and the collars and he knew his real name was not contained in any of the witches books.

How simple it would be if someone could just enter his mind and retrieve the information, but no, the collar's magic prevented that. if he ever met the God Loki he would cut the godlings balls off for creating this cursed piece of jewellery that was forever fastened around his fucking neck.

Frustration was eating away at him, frustration and doubt in their ability to hunt down the required information. Not that he would convey this to Arutha, Arutha who refused to give up, refused to relinquish hope, Arutha, who filled his days with purpose and joy.

He wished Siobhan was here to lend a hand, but she was off somewhere on a witch quest of her own, it was nice of her to give them a key to the back of the cafe and access to her books in her absence. Such trust was a rare and priceless gift and one that he would never take for granted.

Feeling suddenly like he was acting like an ungrateful brat, he padded out from under the table and leaped into the chair beside Arutha, his black cat head just high enough to see over the top and at the books scattered there.

*We are close I think, in the right place anyway, just not sure we are looking for the right answers in Siobhan's books.* He sent to Arutha as he looked at the books with doubt glinting in his emerald green eyes. "Maybe we should go talk to that witch Siobhan mentioned, the one that makes magical items. They might have heard of the collar or have books on ancient magical jewellery."

He was tempted to suggest they also hunt down the druid Wren, maybe he could send them in the right direction to hunt down ancient druid lineages which could lead to the discovery of his grandmother, which in turn could lead to him. However that would be too easy and he knew even thinking about it loudly could activate the fucking curse of the collar. Arutha would have to come up with that idea on his own.
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Post by: MementoMori on January 15, 2020, 01:20:01 AM
Though for as frustrated as he was, what could always bring a smile to his face was Naoise. And this time was no exception as the other twined around his legs and rubbed his face against him. So he reached down a hand to try to gently caress said soft feline head.

They had really lucked out with Siobhan and getting her permission and key to the back room so they could even do this research. Still it felt like something was missing. No matter the case, he couldn't give up, not when they had come so far. He would free Naoise no matter what. His love deserved nothing less. Naoise had spent so long being tortured by that damned collar. It was high time that he got his happily ever after and got to walk on two legs again in the real world.

"I know what you mean. My brain keeps on saying that I should dig deeper into these books and your history. And yet without all that when I look at you Kit, I get this feeling. Your name, it's like it is on the tip of my tongue but it won't come out." he said sincerely as his companion hopped up onto the chair next to him. "We are stupid close. I can feel it in my bones. We can do this, Kit." he added determinedly, nodding at his next idea. It couldn't hurt checking with the other witch that specialized in magical jewelry.

Then an idea popped inside of his head. "It can't be that easy." he murmured as he pulled out his phone from his pocket. What it was, was to do a internet search for Gaelic names and seeing which one he was drawn to that began with the letter 'N'. It was granted that it wasn't all of Naoise's name nor did it address what the collar was. Still he would take what he could get. If it helped Naoise he was willing do do anything.
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Post by: Seragil on February 12, 2020, 03:19:35 PM
Naoise watched in wonderment as Arutha suddenly brimmed with excitement, his sense of optimism was seemingly endless and was a continuous source of wonderment for the jaded Cait Sidhe.

*What can not be that easy Mo grĂ¡?* He sent curiously as he watched Arutha pull out his phone and start tapping and swiping at it with his clever fingers. Modern technology was fascinating yet totally baffling for the trapped cat shidhe; bookes and ancient tomes was more his style, computers, phones and the internet was beyond him and not something he had nor could access with his paws.
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Post by: MementoMori on February 14, 2020, 01:39:27 PM
Arutha flicked up his hunter green eyes from his phone to grin excitedly back at Naoise. "I was just thinking about what your name might be. I keep on getting this feeling when I look at you as to what letter it might begin with. So I thought that what if I do a search on the internet and try to guess which gaelic one it is based on what feels right. That's why I was saying that it can't be that easy, but what if? Anything is possible. Our relationship is proof of that." he said sincerely with a warm look as his fingers danced across the screen. He brought up a name meanings website and told it to search for said gaelic names.

He knew that it might not entirely work to get the collar off but if he got Naoise's true name out of this they would be one step closer. Arutha focused his eyes back on the screen and paused as he came across the 'n' page. His eyes scanned down the page until they hit approximately the middle. Then they stopped again as he hit the name 'Naoise', feeling like something had hit him like lightening.

"Holy shit! It's Naoise. It's got to be." he said, holding out his phone for his beloved to see.
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Post by: Seragil on March 02, 2020, 06:48:47 PM
He didn't see, he fell off the chair in shock at hearing his name spoken aloud and addressed to him. It was like a flash of lightning zipping through him, but painless, more energy and light as he felt fetters long locked within him, crack and loosen. It wasn't his fullname but it was something. It was hope, real hope and light in a tunnel long held in darkness.

He shook his head in an attempt to clear it, doubt settling right back in as he pushed himself into a sitting position on the floor. Maybe he had misheard and Arutha had said something different.  After nearly a thousand years answers couldn't be as simple as looking at Irish names on a phone , surely.

He slowly lifted his head and looked up, hope, doubt and fear clear as a summers day on his face and in his emerald coloured eyes.
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Post by: MementoMori on March 03, 2020, 02:36:50 PM
Naoise's reaction made it all worth it. It confirmed his earlier thought. He had had a bunch that it started with the letter 'n' and now to it see it proven true. It was amazing. It was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes his love wasn't in human form yet, but he'd be damned it he let this success go to waste. He would get that blasted collar off no matter what. Arutha loved him too much for him not to. Still he knew that he would have to be extra careful now. The bitch that was the collar's magic would have been alerted to how close they had gotten.

So Arutha threw all propriety out the window as he knelt down in the middle of the cafe before Naoise. Then he repeated his name as he went to try to touch one doubting fury cheek, "Naoise...I finally know what to call you, love." he breathed amazedly and smiled. "You're not human yet but damn...I think that we've finally caught a break."