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Title: Pursuant of Desire
Post by: Trillian on March 04, 2020, 09:56:38 PM
Win had a showing at the gallery one Saturday night - an opening event for his debut. He'd invited Gable to it, giving him a card with the gallery's address on it and showed the time and date for the event - it was the Saturday directly after that Friday night romp. Gable seemed vaguely interested and Win had scanned his mind for a read on whether or not he'd show up. Gable was genuinely curious and had intention to come look at Win's paintings, thinking it 'harmless'. Win hadn't liked that particular sentiment but he'd been buoyed at the thought of meeting Gable outside of their sexual tryst.

He hadn't shown up.

Win knew where he worked; at the town hall. He knew Gable was involved with the mayor somehow, that his boss was very anti-supernatural. He wasn't going to jeopardise his job. He just wanted to see him, maybe be seen by him and be run into. Of course he couldn't bump into Gable too close to the most obvious building in the city.

It was Thursday night when Gable finally went out after work, allowing Win the chance to bump into him. Gable and a couple of his workmates walked down a couple of different streets and entered a bar. It was a normal, run-of-the-mill bar with nothing special about it. There was a lot of car paraphernalia decorating the walls though, and unlike old bars that had been around for eons, this one didn't smell like mould and old beer. It smelled like hops and wood and slightly too much male cologne. Win entered the bar, liking that the storm lanterns gave off dull light. A clack in the far corner alerted him there was a pool table back there and he could see someone in a dart-throwing position before they let fly. The bar was along one wall and curved around, while tables were smattered around the room. A jukebox played music on a low volume and some kind of sport game on television was turned up enough that the announcer's commentary could be heard.

He selected a table where he could see Gable and his friends as well as the bar. There was an odd questioning sensation following him as surely as he followed Gable, but he didn't have an answer just yet other than he 'wanted to know what Gable was like outside the bedroom'.
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Post by: Existentially Odd on March 07, 2020, 03:52:54 AM
"Come on, Gabe!" Monica wheedled, throwing him puppy eyes like they'd make a difference.

"Don't call me that," Gable snapped, irritated because she frequently insisted on shortening his name by one fucking syllable when she knew he hated it. His gaze drifted off her and over the rest of their group, falling automatically on Baxter. Fucking pretentious cockhead. He was the only thing Gable found more frustrating than his name being abbreviated... and it totally sucked that the guy was smirking knowingly back at him, already eye fucking him. Fuck him. Gable didn't need him and his pouty mouth anymore; he'd see Win the next night.

"Gable, then," Monica huffed, shoving the karaoke song catalogue across the table towards him. "Come on, you know you want to sing with me! We make such beautiful music together," she purred huskily, drawing his attention back to her.

It wasn't that Gable didn't want to sing so much as it was a different crowd on a Thursday night, not the usual boisterous, welcoming Friday crew. On Thursday, there was still a day left in the working week and people were here to gird themselves into powering through to that hallowed finish line, rather than relax and openly enjoy themselves. The whole bar was pretty uptight and shifty-eyed, not to mention Baxter was here. Gable wasn't giving that asshole any more ammunition against him than he already had.

"Nah, not tonight," he shook his head at Monica and got up from where the town council group had pushed together three tables for them all to be able to sit together. He wandered over to the bar, trying to decide what he wanted food-wise once he got there. Just as he finished paying for his order of a scotch on the rocks with a beer chaser, a large plate of buffalo wings and a serve of waffle fries, Baxter slithered up beside him. "What the fuck do you want?" Gable sighed impatiently, looking down his nose at his pretty, blue-eyed, fair-haired co-worker. Considering the guy had a few inches of height and easily as much muscle mass as him, it was a feat to look down on him.

Baxter smirked. "Just coming to see what you ordered," he replied innocently.

"Uh huh," Gable grunted.

"No. Really. What will you be putting in your mouth tonight?" he grinned, striking a flirty pose.

"Not your dick," Gable deadpanned, taking the scotch he was served and pushing off the bar to go sit back down and wait for his food to be delivered. He didn't need to be encouraging Baxter, he always regretted their sojourns (he'd got wasted and fucked his pretty mouth way too many times for their relationship to just be enemies at work anymore. It sucked, because Baxter was a fuckwit).

Gable strolled back to his seat, oblivious to the eyes on him and making small talk with his colleagues. He ignored Baxter trying to worm his way onto a seat closer to him and also Monica's repeated pouts and bribes to sing with her. When his buffalo wings came, he didn't bother sharing them out but huddled over them with one hand shielding them like someone was about to take his food. The conversation continued without his input but he didn't care. The wings tasted amazing.
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Post by: Trillian on March 07, 2020, 08:57:02 AM
Win remained at his table, unable to approach Gable at the bar even if he'd wanted to because of the blond guy and now Gable was back with the group. He kept his gaze fixed on them, watching.
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The conversation slowed when others started getting their food orders and Gable didn't care. His mind wandered. He thought idly about meeting up with Win the next night, looked at the sports displayed on silent television screens over the top of the bar and listened intently whenever anyone got up to sing. Nobody was drunk enough to make a complete fool of themselves so most of them were at least halfway decent.

Monica had convinced Blake from the federal liaison department to get up and sing with her and Gable was captivated. He had a delicious voice, raspy and powerful. Monica's wide-eyed stare snapping to him when she heard the first note out of Blake's mouth was probably the funniest part of the whole thing and Gable laughed so hard at her expression that he just about choked on his beer.

"Are you alright?" Baxter cooed, grabbing a napkin and making a show of wiping Gable's chest, even though the farthest the beer had gone had been his chin.

"I'm fine," Gable growled, snatching the napkin off him and wiping his chin. He slapped Baxter's hand away when he continued petting his pec and told him to fuck off. Baxter was unfazed by the rejection, snickering as he withdrew into his own space. Gable's humour wasn't as close to the surface after that but his attention quickly returned to Blake, enjoying his singing immensely.

The table erupted into wild cheers as Monica and Blake descended the stage, the loudest whistle coming from Gable. He listened intently as the pair sat down again and Blake began to recount his history with community theatre groups and a broken dream of Broadway. Gable's wings and then his waffle fries were consumed while he listened in, his scotch and beer done even before the food. He was thirsty but too interested in getting to know more about Blake to head for the bar - until the newly-revealed singer headed for the bathroom, anyway. Baxter, having observed Gable's blossoming interest in Blake, declared he'd head off to relieve himself, too.

Gable was glad to walk to the bar on his own, finding it was busier than it had been earlier. He had to line up behind a row of waiting patrons. He decided it'd be wise to get two beers, since he had to wait so long, and that would do him for the night. He'd head home after those beers were done. He didn't want to be too tired for work tomorrow - he'd learnt from experience that if he went to work on diminished capacity, his night with Win wouldn't go as long as he liked. He didn't want to sabotage his fun tomorrow night with mediocre entertainment tonight.

He shuffled around, thinking about Win's mouth while he studied the line of people getting served ahead of him, looking for a place to wedge himself in when the opportunity arose.
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Post by: Trillian on March 07, 2020, 08:21:12 PM
Win saw everything unfold; mostly curious about the way the other guy fawned over Gable even though it was obvious that Gable didn't want the attention. If he hadn't seen that he would've approached Gable at the bar. Doing so would just be a mistake.

So then why was he getting up and going over there? Tension and excitement mounted in unison and twice Win hesitated and looked over at Gable's workmates, what few were still sitting at the table. They weren't looking over. He continued onward to a bar that wouldn't give him anything he could drink or eat, and stood beside his

lover? no, we're less that that. fuckbuddy? we're more than that. maybe.

He wanted to be more than that. What was he doing? He was the blond guy pawing at a man who didn't want him. Perhaps they'd consummated some kind of sexual deed and the other guy couldn't take the hint. Oh fuck, no. He was about to turn away but peripherally he saw Gable look right at him and he couldn't help himself - he looked back... and then he gave a tiny smile because to look at Gable brought out the joy in him.
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Gable glanced beside him, mainly because he felt another presence there and he didn't want competition for moving in to order. When he saw who it was, he froze, his eyes widening to the point where his eyeballs were burning from being exposed to the air. Win was right there. Had he conjured him through his thoughts? How the fuck had that even... surprise from seeing the vampire manifest beside him quickly turned to horror as he realised he was here. A vampire. Near his colleagues.

He swung around to look behind him at where everyone was, only to find them paying him no mind whatsoever. His heart rate slowed slightly but he was still a little wild-eyed as he looked back at Win. "What are you doing here?" he hissed, glancing furtively towards the bar. No openings yet. He looked back at Win.

As much as he was terrified of being found with a vampire, he couldn't help that his body reacted to him being so close. His mouth flooded with saliva, his fingertips tingled and his cock throbbed just at the sight of him. It was torturous to be so close to him and not be able to reach out and touch... but there was a thrill in that, too. Win would probably know his smell so well he'd be able to smell how turned on he was and that made his cheeks heat even while the thrill of potentially being caught washed him with adrenaline.

Gah, he was so fucking conflicted! And his night had been almost boring up until now.
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The look Gable was giving him contradicted the physical signs of attraction and excitement, though there was a pungent undertone of fear as well. Gable's heart launched into a rapid beat and Win's eyelids fluttered in response to the adrenalin that coursed through Gable's body. He was so close he could smell it all.

He felt oddly guilty when Gable asked him the question of why he was here. He didn't say 'why' but that was what the question boiled down to, really. Win's smile broadened in spite of himself and he glanced down quickly before looking back up at the mortal, wanting to touch him, to kiss him. He pressed his lips together a moment, thinking about it, then replied.

"I was just curious," he said, admitting to the truth.
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Post by: Existentially Odd on March 07, 2020, 09:50:40 PM
Gable licked his lips and cleared his throat, responding instinctively to the look in Win's eye as his gaze dropped. Was he checking him out? Gable's heart fluttered. It wasn't like he needed to, Win knew exactly what was to be found beneath his grey suit, there was no mystery for him... but he still looked like he wanted to see it again. Sooner than tomorrow night.

Crazy thoughts began to fly through his head; meeting Win in the bathroom, sending Win outside to meet up with him, taking him home to his place because it wasn't far at all and the Detour was deliberately out of the way. It was so tempting to tell him to go outside and hail them a cab. The thought of spending a short ride back to his place with the vampire was liberating and terrifying.

He couldn't do it. His colleagues were blatant reminders of why he couldn't. His whole life was structured around piety and the appearance of doing the right thing. Of staying the fuck away from supernatural creatures. If the wrong person saw him with the vampire, he'd be ruined. Baxter would take great delight in blackmailing him, threatening to tell Eddy if Gable didn't do what he wanted.

Yep, that'd be the end of everything. He'd be ruined. Like some sixteenth century damsel having a child out of wedlock. The idea of it made him feel just about that giddy, too. Still... he had to know what Win was doing here (was he picking up? Looking for a drink and a fuck with another human? Why did that make him feel jealous?) and no-one had noticed them. He didn't need to completely freak out just yet.

"Curious about what?" he asked quietly, his response furtive and soft but it was loud enough for a vampire to hear even in the din of the pub, he knew. He glanced around but his gaze always returned to Win, to those beautiful curls that he just wanted to tangle his fingers in and tug him close enough to kiss. Fuck.
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"About what you do when you're not with me," Win said, remaining on the honesty vein. His gaze felt heated when he looked at Gable, unable to pull his stare away. He was locked onto the human and would have to be told, in no uncertain terms, to leave - much like that blond guy. "You don't look like you're enjoying yourself so much," he said, then, "I could help with that."

It would be so easy for Gable to sneak away with him. Nobody was looking. They could have an extra night, couldn't they? He'd wanted to hang out with Gable but if this was how the human was looking at him then he would take whatever Gable was ready to give him. Or give to him.

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Hearing that Win was here specifically for him had Gable's eyebrows raising. He was flattered, even though he should probably have been worried or freaked out that he was being stalked. He couldn't think about that right now, not with Win so close to him, offering things they should only explore in secret.

"I come here mostly because it's expected," he admitted, "and I have to keep up appearances. I'm having an okay time," he insisted, wishing he could tell Win how he had to stifle himself for these people, how he hated denying his true interests and feelings. It was like being stuffed in the closet, except he didn't want to come out as gay but as a supernatural lover. "I know you could help with it but... not here. Not like this."

He frowned, wishing Win would just go away (while also hoping he wouldn't, that he'd insist on them stealing something extra). "I'll see you tomorrow night," he said uncertainly, his voice still soft so that no-one but Win would hear him. He glanced around again, seeing that they weren't under scrutiny. He reached over and brushed the back of his hand across the back of Win's, delighting in the sensation of cool softness, as brief as it was. He gave the vampire a small smile and then turned to look ahead, pleased when a gap to the bar opened up.

Stepping into it, he still had to wait to get a bartender's attention so he was intently focussed on the vampire he'd left behind. Imagining him stepping in behind him, pressing his body up against his and using the crowd as an excuse to get close enough to feel his erection rubbing against his ass... Jesus, he needed to stop. He was getting hard and he didn't need that sort of embarrassment. Win being here roused such intense, mixed feelings in him. He longed to throw caution to the wind and leave with him... but he didn't dare risk it and it was already eating at him.

He cast a glance over his shoulder to see what Win was doing anyway.
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Win listened to Gable defend his night out even though he'd mostly kept to himself, eating food and only laughing when he was watching the others sing. He seemed uptight, angry even, as the night had gone on, but he was still choosing it over Win. It made him feel like shit but he kept his smile plastered on his face anyway and nodded.

Then he was dismissed. Tomorrow. He and Gable would fuck tomorrow.

At the brush of Gable's warm hand against his, Win's smile broadened and he nodded again but Gable had already turned away to face the bar. He scanned Gable's mind because he didn't know what to do and found a matching conflict. He knew what the mortal wanted; that he could press up against him and Gable would be pleased. Win stepped forward to fulfil that wish even though he knew that Gable also wanted him to just leave so there would be no complications.

Win was a complication. He'd known that going into this setup with Gable, hadn't he? But he hadn't realised how fixated he would be on the other. He wanted more and couldn't have it. Why was he torturing himself? He was doing it right now, as he pressed against Gable in a way he wouldn't have another man in line at the bar. But everyone was close to everyone else so it wasn't obvious. Gable would feel him though, for Win had mentally linked with him to share the sensations of his arousal so that his own would form. It was uncomfortable in his pants but Gable would feel the distinct shape of his rod at his back.

He gave a few gentle thrusts just after Gable spoke his order of two beers. And soon enough the mortal was gone and Win was against the bar, surrounded by people he didn't care about. He paid for a beer of his own and worked his way out of the crowd, his erection almost dead. His table was lost to two women sitting at it and the only spare table was close to Gable's rowdy group. It was a high table and only had one barstool at it. Win could set the beer down and walk out but he didn't want to.

He went to that table and positioned the barstool where he could pretend he was watching the sport game on the television past where Gable and his colleagues were at. When he hopped on the stool and held his beer in place in front of him, he noticed that he'd attracted the stare of the blond guy. He pointedly ignored him and kept his gaze fixed to the television screen above all their heads.

But he scanned Gable and his lecherous friend.
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Gable's resolve weakened almost to the point of submission when Win pressed against him. He wondered if his mind had been read and the tendril of annoyance that the thought roused was something for him to latch onto instead of wavering and desperate desire. Holy shit did he want to succumb to the vampire, though. He was here for him, had ignored his entreaty to just leave him alone and still came onto him, pressing his delicious dick against his ass and making him leak so much his underwear felt slippery. His voice shook as he ordered his beers.

It was frustrating and brattish behaviour but damn if Gable didn't admire Win's tenacity. He knew he shouldn't. Gable had deliberately chosen not to go to his art thing at the last minute because he was getting confused about their relationship and he didn't want to blur the lines. Now Win was doing it for him and he was just as conflicted as he'd predicted he would be. In a perfect world, he'd be free to hang out with and fuck whomever he wanted. He wouldn't be judged for being with a vampire. This wasn't a perfect world and he didn't have that luxury, though. He couldn't afford to fuck his entire life up just to get laid.

When Win thrust into him, Gable sagged against the bar, his blood throbbing through his system so hard he grew lightheaded and his vision blurred. The temptation was greater than anything he'd ever felt in his life. He buttoned his suit jacket up before he turned away from the bar in an effort to conceal his arousal and deliberately ignored Win as he shoved past him. The vampire was all he could think about, his concentration shot to hell and his body thrumming distractedly. When he finally got back to his table, he fell into the first seat available and downed one of his beers in successive, hasty gulps.

"Fuck I love it when you swallow," Baxter said admiringly, making him aware that he'd inadvertently sat next to the guy he'd been trying to avoid.

"Fuck off," Gable growled, slamming his empty glass down on the table with a loud bang that attracted more attention than he wanted. Especially when he glanced up and saw Win slide onto a stool across from him. He cursed internally, his gaze roving against his will and his mind preoccupied with their past dalliances. Christ, he wished Win would just fuck off and leave him alone.

"Who's that?" Baxter asked, drawing Gable's attention to the fact that he'd been staring at the vampire.

"Dunno, but I think I'd like to know," Gable smirked, hoping the blood hadn't completely drained from his face like it felt like it had. Was he being obvious? Would Baxter figure it out? Gah! This was torture! He dragged his haze away from Win, hoping for something - anything! - else to steal his attention. He noticed Baxter still eyeing up Win and said the first dumb thing that came to mind as he lowered his last beer. "You wanna' get out of here?"

Why the FUCK had he said THAT?!

Baxter's head swivelled towards him like it was situated on a well-oiled stick and his expression brightened. "Sure. Your place or mine?"

"U-uhm," Gable hedged while he drank some more of his beer. What the fuck was he going to do now?
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He watched it all play out, the fact Gable was prepared to have sex with someone he despised just to get away from Win. Already feeling low, this was the kick he needed to finally reclaim the last shred of his dignity. After only just getting on the barstool, Win slid off it.

This was a mistake. A big mistake. He was only setting himself up for heartache if he pursued Gable. He'd known that going in and it hadn't mattered but now he had a sneak preview of how terrible he was going to feel when this fantasy came to a crashing halt.

He had to not see Gable any more. He had to find someone else.

With one final glance at the table to look at Gable one last time (and punish himself further), Win left his beer and headed for the exit.
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The look Win threw him before he turned and walked out of the bar went all the way through Gable, being sure to twist his heart on its way to doing the same to his gut. The sensation of wrongness was pervasive and exploded through his veins like evil fireworks, making his blood itch and forcing him to swivel towards Baxter.

"Actually, I changed my mind," he said hastily and slid his second beer across the table towards his workmate. "Here. This one's on me, I'll... uh, see you at work tomorrow, okay?" he asked, slapping a hand down on Baxter's shoulder and using it to lever himself to his feet. Gable noticed the sour look on his face as he was told his mind was changed, and the way Baxter sneered at the beer and then looked pointedly up at where Win had been sitting. Gable could tell by the way his eyes widened that he was surprised to see the stool empty; he hadn't noticed Win leave, which worked in Gable's favour.

"I'm calling it early. Night, everyone," Gable announced loudly, removing his hand from Baxter's shoulder and lifting it into a general wave towards the rest of the table. Murmurs of farewell and raised fingers followed him as he patted his pockets and rounded the table, ensuring he had his wallet and scooping up his bag. He headed towards the door with deliberate casualness, measuring his strides despite his every instinct screaming at him to RUN!! Once he'd passed through the doorway, his head swivelled in both directions, his heart leaping into his throat when he spied Win a short distance away.

He sprinted after him, finding him much easier to catch than he'd expected either because Win was walking slowly or because panic lent Gable greater speed. He certainly wasn't running slowly. When he got closer, he called out Win's name and grabbed his shoulder in an effort to stop him. The burst of cardio and the heightened emotions running through him hastened his breathing, leaving him panting so that his words spilt out of his mouth in a hasty manner. "Win! Wait! Can I... talk... to you?" he panted hopefully.
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The reply he should've said came easily to mind: I don't think so, Gable. It's better we stop hooking up. But his heart quailed at the thought and the sentiment was shoved so far down that it became a hard lump in his gut. He could feel his face revealing his thoughts; a frown, sorrow, his gaze sidling away and lowering. He'd never been good at keeping a straight face. His expressions would always reveal what he was truly thinking and feeling. Certainly it had been a reason why his non-mind-reading sire liked him so much. Lazarus had even said so in as many words.

"I'm a sucker for punishment so why not?" Win said with a soft laugh. He'd been going for funny but it fell flat because of the delivery. He'd kept his voice light but his eyes had lifted at the last word and when he stared into the depths of Gable's dark eyes he could feel the expectation of an ending coming from the other; because he couldn't get away clean, he had to be dumped.

And of course that idea was reflected in his face.
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"This is insane. I'm insane," Gable whispered to himself, huffing a breathy laugh as he glanced around them. His theatrical pursuit of the vampire had earnt him some second looks from people but only one couple approaching from the opposite direction was paying him much mind. Seeing the pursuer and the pursued come together had been resolution enough for most of the street's occupants and they were hurrying on with their nights.

None of the people looked familiar. Though there was definite tension in Gable's shoulders, the rest of him was relaxed enough to still be primarily focussed on the way Win had made him feel in the bar. Hunted. Desired. Tormented. It was a ridiculous but heady cocktail that he wanted to throw back in one hard, frantic swallow. He met Win's eyes at last, taking in his sorrowful expression. He wanted to think that it made no difference but it did. It really fucking did. He couldn't bear to see him like that.

"I was wondering... d'you wanna come back to my place?" he asked huskily, his gaze sliding sideways as that couple levelled out and then passed them, strangers passing in the night. Once, he and Win had been strangers but not anymore. He was as conflicted about that as he was grateful but fuck it. Win had played a good game and now he just wanted to get laid. Yeah, fuck it.
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He read the uneasiness in Gable's body, the tension in his shoulders. Win could almost feel it coming, like the windup of a serious punch. A haymaker, it was called, and it was about to knock the wind out of him. It would leave a bruise on his ego and leave him suffering the after-effects for days.

How dramatic, love. He could hear the sneer in his sire's voice at his thoughts. Whenever Win spoke his tragic thoughts, Lazarus would either laugh, make fun of him or show his impatience. Right now his imagination had chosen for him. Perhaps he was being impatient with himself.

The way Gable's eyes darted from person to person around them. Yeah, he didn't want to be out here, potentially identified with some piece of blood vermin. Gable was looking at him with an expression so pained that it twisted in Win's gut.

Here it comes, he thought as Gable opened his mouth to finally punch it out. When what came next was not a breakup but an invitation to see Gable's private residence, Win was struck dumb. He stared at Win, his mind unable to process the words because they weren't anything like how they were supposed to sound. Gable might as well have said: 'Engine tall boneyard, frame glue?' for all the sense it made to Win's mind.

What? Win almost asked, except his brain finally caught up to what his ears had really heard and he responded with an answer that worked with the question.

"Yeah." But what was he thinking? He'd been on the verge of walking away from Gable, knowing that it would only end badly. How else could it end when Gable worked for supernatural-hating politicians and his career meant everything to him?

But... later. Right now he was wanted, and the invitation caused his suffering heart to soar.
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Gable let out a breathy sigh of relief when Win accepted and he beamed at the vampire, a new excitement travelling through him. "Okay. Cool," he said as calmly as he could manage. He spun around and made eye contact with the front cab driver sitting in his cab up the street, waving his arm to signal him to come closer. The rank was cleverly positioned just outside the bar and near the club next door but Gable still didn't want to walk back in that direction with Win. He didn't want to risk anyone he knew seeing them together.

Thankfully, the cabbie noticed him and rolled down to the two of them almost immediately. They slid in and Gable gave his home address, relaxing back into his seat and putting his belt on when the car pulled away from the kerb. He looked over at Win, aching to touch him but also enjoying the tease of him being so close and them remaining apart. Normally, he'd get home using public transport but that hadn't seemed sexy or polite when he'd invited Win to come with him. A cab was far more gallant and he was going to enjoy being in it.

"All good?" he asked quietly, succumbing to temptation and reaching across to entangle his hand with Win's while he gave the vampire a smile that was a little bit shy and a lot bit lusty. He thought about pulling Win's hand over to press it to the firmness between his legs, wishing he dared pull down his zipper too. It only made him harder, contemplating it.
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If Win's heart had a beat it would've been thumping hard. He felt out of his depth quite suddenly, riding in the cab with the man who he'd almost walked away from. He was still reeling from the fact they were still in each other's presence, that Gable had actually followed him out of the bar and collected him off the street. That counted for something, right?

The question came at the same time as fingers entwined easily with his own. He stared at their connected hands before raising his eyes to Gable and staring at him like he'd never seen him before. All good. Was it all good? No, not really.


Consent, then. Consent to give all of himself to Gable and see where this went. It wasn't good but he wanted it anyway. He would be Gable's dirty secret until Gable was done with him. Honestly, he should be ashamed of himself for not preserving his dignity, but he wanted to be with this man and if that was the cost then so be it.
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Despite his deviant thoughts, Gable managed to control himself for the rest of the cab ride, settling for holding Win's hand the whole way. Once he had Win over the threshold of his apartment, however, all bets were off. The vampire barely got a glimpse of the tastefully-furnished, open plan living area - filled with sleek, expensive furniture, a huge television and a mini jungle of live potted plants - before Gable was grinding into him, his chest pressed hard against the front door as Gable's elbow dug between his shoulder blades and he returned the favour of the treatment he'd received at the bar.

It was frantic and rough and over in next to no time, their clothes wrenched aside to accommodate their desperate coupling. Once the burning lust was out of his system, Gable found the sense to draw Win into his bedroom, depositing his work bag on the dining table on the way and undressing Win tenderly, trailing kisses on every bit of skin he revealed. His room was slanted with moon and streetlight because he hadn't turned any lights on or closed the curtains. When they were naked, he laid Win down upon his huge, king-sized bed on his silken linen sheets and made love to him in a way he never had before. Perhaps it was an apology for their first union, he wasn't sure, but he didn't let thinking about it slow him down.

When he finally collapsed in a panting, sticky heap on the mattress beside Win, Gable realised he hadn't let the vampire top either time and he was surprised with himself. There was something about inviting the predator into his own domain that struck a domineering, territorial note inside him, he guessed. Like he wanted to piss on everything and claim it as his, even though Win was a fucking person, not a possession. He wondered if he should apologise and turned his head on the pillow to gaze at the vampire, trying to gauge his feelings. Just because he hadn't protested throughout didn't mean he'd loved Gable's eagerness.

"You're quiet," he murmured, because Win usually had plenty to say at the motel but Gable couldn't remember him saying more than maybe two words since the cab.
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Win, normally easygoing and chatty, happy to converse about any old thing, could only look at Gable and smile. He knew it wasn't going to be enough to satisfy Gable - although God willing surely the human was plenty satisfied in other ways by now - so he hunted around for something to say.

"Speechless," he said through his smile, gazing at Gable like he was some kind of new beast. "Enjoy it while it lasts," he joked. Win turned in bed, bending his leg so he could use his foot to brace himself as he lifted his hips and twisted around, facing Gable. A quick scan showed him that Gable was concerned about how forceful the sex had been.

"I like..." he hesitated, looking at the sheet between them for courage to say something so simple and oddly vulnerable. "I like what we did." He lifted his gaze. "Both times," he said, ensuring that Gable wouldn't think that Win didn't appreciate both styles; the hard and the tender... although the latter had been exactly what his soul had needed. Well, the physical culmination of it.
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Gable chuckled at Win's joke about his quietness but he didn't fully relax until he was told that Win had liked what they'd done. Both times. It was a quiet sort of appreciation, though, nothing flashy or overly enthusiastic. Nothing like he usually was. Even after all these weeks meeting up with the vampire, Gable didn't know him well enough to know if he was telling the truth or not. If it was a lie, it was clearly to appease him, though, so he probably shouldn't worry, it was just...

Was it his fault things had changed? Because he'd invited Win back to his place? Was Win regretting it, thinking he was going to want more now, because he'd made it personal? Shit. Frowning lightly, Gable cleared his throat to be sure his voice came out alright. He'd mostly got his breath back now. "Look, I... I hope I haven't made it weird? Bringing you here? I was surprised to see you and I just... " he shrugged, searching for the right words, "I wanted you. I had to have you. And here was closer."

He hated that he sounded tentative and apologetic, uncertain of where things stood. It was his own stupid fault. He shouldn't have blurred the lines but he hadn't been able to resist Win. Maybe it was his fault for being so fucking hot.
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I was surprised to see you and I just...

The hope Gable voiced, addressing the shift in their connection, made Win feel oddly validated that he wasn't the only one emotionally slipping. It made him happy and strangely smug. It went away when Gable made it all about the sex. Boo.

Win knew he was making it harder on himself, letting a few words in the right direction play with his heart so rapidly but he couldn't help it. That was who he was. Lazarus had been delighted by the discovery that Win would always fall for his mind games. He thought that in the end his sire had eventually grown to love him and that was why he'd been dumped so callously - because Lazarus prided himself on not needing or loving anyone. Win figured if he could just hold onto Gable long enough, once they reached that point where Gable would have to decide between Win or his career that Win would have some chance of being the one selected.

He doubted it but it didn't stop him from hoping.

"I don't feel weird being here," Win said after a moment's pause, his thoughts and realisations moving through his head in an instant. "I like all the plants. It makes your place look and smell fresh and alive. Could use some paintings, though. Or a mural, right there." He pointed at a large blank wall begging to be Win's canvas.
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The reference to Gable's lack of art on his walls caused him to flinch a little as he recalled Win's hopeful invitation to his show. Was he making a dig that Gable hadn't turn up? Guilt clenched his gut, not for the first time. He'd said he'd go but... when he'd started getting ready, he'd felt weird about it. It wasn't their relationship. In fact, attending something like that for someone else was something a guy in a relationship did. Surely Win got that?

Still. There was the guilt eating at him and it was persistent.

He scoffed. "I wouldn't know about that, I dunno anything about art. It's... part of the reason why... I didn't come to... your show," he admitted, finding the usual conviction in his voice deserting him and leaving nothing but a weak whisper in its wake. It was a lot easier to look at that blank wall than at Win's face, too. "That and... it felt like I'd be crossing a line. I want to see your art, I really do," he said, his voice strengthening as truth lent him conviction, "but, I mean, we're regular and all but are we ready to move away from just hooking up? It seemed... too soon," he mumbled his admission.

It had seemed too soon to cross their lives in ways that didn't involve just sex but then he'd gone and brought Win back to his place tonight, so now who was blurring the lines? Fuck. Besides, it was one gallery showing, not a wedding. Maybe he'd been a little too dramatic about it all. He liked Win. Maybe that didn't have to be such a big deal, either. And maybe he was just feeling a little reckless after his work life and his private life had mildly intersected tonight with no immediate negative repercussions. Maybe he should lighten the fuck up.

Gable looked Win in the eye. "Is it too late? Is your show over?"
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It was startling how positively Gable was responding to Win's sadness. He'd thought the other would be more attracted to his positivity and enthusiasm but he'd held Win at bay until he'd thrown puppy-eyes Gable's way and run off. Now that they'd come here to Gable's place (a miracle), Win still wasn't his characteristically upbeat self and Gable was offering to come to his gallery.

How strange.

The question gave him pause even though his heart felt like it was in his mouth. If he opened it, all kinds of emotional things would come spilling out. He had to squash that down and be cool about it. After a long look at Gable, Win finally answered.

"The best pieces have already sold but there's still paintings you can look at," he said with little emotion.
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Gable tried not to show how hard he was thinking about the situation but his lips pooched slightly, in lieu of gnawing on the inside of his lip. He nodded slowly, surprised that Win was implying that some of his artworks were gone. Didn't all the art stay in the gallery until a show was officially over? He obviously had no idea how this worked.

"Okay. I was thinking... since we met up tonight, maybe tomorrow night I should swing by and check your stuff out? Might find something to fill up my place that isn't a plant," Gable smirked, his words warily spoken as he glanced at Win.
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"I'd like that," Win said because he couldn't help himself. Unable to remain stoic, he beamed at Gable before thinking that maybe he'd be stood up again. It had been a sour note to a stellar night. While most of his best works had been sold, a few of them hadn't yet been picked up and there was a good chance that Gable would be able to see his favourite one... the one he'd painted for Ichabod, unfortunately. At least he could be sure that Gable wouldn't buy that one. Awkward.

What was that last round of sex about? he wanted to ask but didn't dare. Can we do that again?

Win got up onto his hands and knees beside Gable, seeing how his body depressed the mattress and rolled Gable slightly towards him and the dent he made. Win took Gable's hand in both of his and lifted it to his mouth where he brushed his lips gently over the mortal's knuckles, his heat making him heady.

"I want to paint you," he said, keeping Gable's hand at his mouth but reaching out with one other to stroke lightly down Gable's chest. "You have such a good body."

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Gable's cheeks heated at Win's compliment and he was surprised at himself. He didn't have a six pack and a ripped chest with double D pecs but he was proud of his body. It was a little curvier than most but put together with good proportions, attractive body hair and coloured a light brown due to his heritage. It didn't really make sense that him receiving a compliment he agreed with made him embarrassed but here was something alluringly intense about the way Win spoke and looked at him in that moment. Like his body wasn't just good, it was desirable.

"Yeah?" he asked airily, grinning so broadly his dimples showed. "How would that work? You get me to pose naked and try not to move for however many hours it takes while you paint me on a canvas?" He felt like everything he said was suddenly overly elaborate, like his disconcertion would be humiliatingly obvious if he didn't just stop talking... he just couldn't, though. He was too flattered. "How long does it take you to finish a painting? And where we would we do it? At the Detour?" he giggled. The moment the noise registered, he clamped his mouth shut and hoped Win didn't notice that slip up, either.
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Win smiled back at Gable's enthusiasm for becoming art. He'd prepared himself for receiving a flat no but this was something that bloomed his heart in his chest like a rose. Full and sensuous and delicate, without protection. There were no thorns here. He'd shown his thorns at the bar and on the street and Gable had barely seen them. It was his sadness that had yielded positive results. Perhaps Gable enjoyed 'making up' to someone. If letting Win draw and paint him was making up, then Win would take it.

Win lowered Gable's hand away from his lips, assessing the man before him. "There are a few ways to do it, the easiest for you is for you to pose naked and I sketch you. Maybe a few sketches, different poses, five to ten minutes each. Then I'll take the sketches back to the studio and paint from memory, using one of the sketches as a guide." He smiled. "Or, if you think you could lie still for an hour, I could paint directly. That would take me half an hour to an hour, depending on the style or level of detail."

With a shine in his eyes, he answered one of Gable's other questions. "We could do that at the Detour if you want, which will offer a certain tone to the painting. Or your place, which will add another. Or we could do it at the studio. I have a bed there that you could lie on. I would paint you if you choose the studio. No sketches."

He moved onto his hands and knees and crawled over Gable's body, inserting his leg between Gable's before lowering himself down, pressing himself in all the right places because he knew Gable's body by feel and also well enough to paint it from memory - not that he would share this knowledge. His lips perfectly met Gable's and he pecked at them gently before lingering and then sucking on his lower lip, recreating a sensuous kiss they'd both had during the second time they'd had sex. Made love? Whatever it was, Win was hungry for it.
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Gable was intrigued by the options Win had for him, curious about seeing him sketch as well as paint. He wondered if all artists took such a short amount of time to create their art or whether that was something unique to Win. Maybe he was especially quick because he was a vampire and had been doing it for a very long time?

The idea of the venue shaping the type of art produced was also appealing and Gable's mind - slowly winding down after a long day at work and the eventful evening that followed - wandered as he considered all his options. He kind of wanted to try them all, just to see what would happen but he wondered if that was weird. Was it too intimate? Was he being ridiculous to consider his likeness recorded on a canvas a greater intimacy than what they did in bed?

Before he gave an answer, Win crawled on top of him and began kissing on him, causing him to smile lethargically. "I'm up for trying any of them. All of them, even," he murmured, pooching his lips and kissing Win back lightly. "I doubt I'll get up for another round tonight, though," he chuckled huskily, aware that Win was trying to coax his flagging body back to life he didn't believe it had. "I have to be up for work in... " he turned his head to look at his alarm clock, wincing when he saw the time, "about five hours. A little less."

He turned back to look at Win, trailing his hands soothingly up and down the vampire's sides as he waited for the gorgeous brunette to take the hint that he should be leaving his place now, so that he could get some sleep.
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Win, scanning Gable's mind and uplifted by his interest in being Win's muse, wasn't fazed by the hint to leave. He took it, making sure he kissed Gable deeply and hungrily first before he rolled away and moved off the bed, seeking out his clothes.

"Come by the studio tomorrow night, after work. It won't be open to the public but I can unlock the door for you," Win said, pulling up his underwear and stepping into his pants next. He watched Gable as he zipped himself up and buckled his belt, talking all the while. "We can do the first sitting there if you're keen. Or we can just use the bed if not. I'll show you some of what I've been working on. It's different from the current showing. I'm going back to a style I used to paint a long time ago. I miss it, so I figured why not, you know?" Win hunted down socks and put them on his feet, his spine revealing beneath his skin as he bent forward to shove the socks onto his feet as speedily as possible and he stood to push feet into shoes. "I haven't had a model in decades," he said, thinking back to the last one he'd had which was in the eighties he was pretty sure. Certainly he'd had a number of them in the seventies.

He hunted down his shirt and threw it on, beaming at Gable. "See you tomorrow," he said, and disappeared before Gable could change his mind.