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Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: April 27, 2018, 09:58:02 PM »
Psych smiled cheekily at Kevla “Interesting? Ha, things like this can get you killed, or hunted” he said with a teasing wink, although he said it jestingly he knew from harsh experience just how true his words were. As the group grew quiet then started talking almost disjointedly between themselves he sat back and followed the interesting conversation with his eyes, guessing the cat was asking questions he couldn’t hear.  At the mention of the siblings and Kieran’s abilities his jaw dropped slightly which he promptly shut with a snap.

“Ummm?” he said as he raised his hand with a little wave, his forefingers and thumbs sticking up and the last two fingers closed and curled downwards. “You guys have abilities too? And what do you mean listening ability?”
Felling a little unsettled for the first time since joining the interesting group his tail and wings twitched causing his glamour to shift slightly before settling tightly around him again.

Naoise was busy listening to Kieran when he caught the slight mystical ripple around Psyche out of the corner of his eyes. Turning his head and his full attention towards the irritating human he narrowed his eyes and really looked at him, magically as well as physically. 
At seeing Psych for the creature he was he yowled in surprise before arching his back and hissing loudly at him
*Beware! * he sent to the group *He is a pretender, He is not even human *

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: January 29, 2018, 11:06:06 AM »
“Hmmmmm” grunted Psych uncertainly as he flicked his gaze around the strange group he had stumbled into. He certainly didn’t think he would stumble into this kind of mess when he got out of bed this morning. Reaching his hand up he gave his face one more rub before sighing deeply. “Fine, it’s fine. Truth be told I have no one to blame but myself. I’m far too curious for my own good” he said before leaning over and picking up the offending candy bar.  With a wry smile he ripped the top of the wrapper off and bite into it with relish.

Naoise also sighed as he watched Psych pick up the candy bar and tear into it instead of getting up and stomping off as he had hoped he would. *Well I guess he isn’t going anywhere* he sent sardonically to Arutha, *and I am sorry for being such a drama diva* he continued as he fondly battered his head against Arutha petting hand. Ignoring the candy munching Psych for the moment he focused his attention on Kieran.

*So, Kieran* He sent out on a psychic thread that all three could hear. *Can you give us any answers about your family history that could explain yours and your cousin’s abilities? *

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: November 08, 2017, 06:04:08 PM »
Psych watched in amazement as items began to float in front of him, and at Aruthas words he quickly flicked his gaze at the growling, brisling cat.

Naoise shivered beneath Aruthas gentle touch and with each stroke his breathing became slower and slower until his mind cleared and his breathing returned to normal.

Psych opened his mouth to start asking more questions when all the levitating items fell back to the table with a small plonk of noise except one chocolate candy bar which, after a slight narrowing of Naoise’s eyes; flew across the table towards Psychs face at an almost alarming speed.

The candy bar hit with a loud slapping noise and with enough force to cause Psychs head to whip back slightly causing Naoise to purr with satisfaction. He hated being surprised and he hated even more for people he didn’t know to pry into his business.

“What the Fuck?!” exclaimed Psych loudly as he rubs the spot between his eyes before glaring incredulously at Naoise. “Did you just whack me upside the head with a fucking candy bar?” he asked as he carefully swabs his face with his fingers, his forehead farrowed with an agitated frown as he checks his fingers for any signs of blood.

Looking around the table Naoise's feelings of satisfaction quickly turns to shame and embarrassment. He had let his shock of both Kieran's abilities and Kevlas quick trust of this stranger rattle and overwhelm him.  * I am sorry * he said along the telepathic link * that should not have happened. I generally have better emotional control that that and I shouldn’t have exposed my abilities like that either. I certainly shouldn’t have used my abilities in a petty state of pique. If you could please apologize to our nosy newcomer for me I would appreciate it. And I apologize to you as well Kieran* he sent towards Arutha and Kevla's cousin incase he could still hear him. *This must be a total shock for you and extremely confusing to say the least.*

Naoise sighed slightly, this was not how he imagined this day to go. Still even though he was sorry for his outburst he couldn't help but feel more then a little amused either as he watched Psych continue to rub and dab at the spot the candy bar hit him

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: October 15, 2017, 10:13:20 PM »
Psych's eyes opened wide as he leaned back in shock at Kevlas sudden explanation before he turns his gaze towards kit and looks at him anew. “A guy you say? “Quickly overcoming his shock he leans forward and looks at Kit with interest “So you’re cursed?” he asked curiously. “Who by? “He then turns his eyes back to Kevla when an answer doesn’t come quick enough “Do you know who cursed him?” he asked with burgeoning excitement.

Psych couldn’t help but feel curious at the extraordinary situation he suddenly found himself in. Curses were not new to him; he knew many people from many different works of life had the ability to create and implement such acts of power, human and non-human both. Nor did he find the idea of sitting in front of a man cursed into a different form to be impossible. No if there was one thing he had learned from living in the city as long as he had it was that the extraordinary tended to just walk around the corner right in front of you. The impossible wasn’t the extraordinary occurrence, it was finding those with open eyes and minds to see and appreciate it that was the rare oddity, the miraculous, the truly extraordinary occurrence.

“Wait…” he turned his gaze between the four before him before focusing on Kieran and Arutha ” You two can hear him…as in like telepathically?”
He looks back at Kevla with amazement “ They meant telepathically right? Cause I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear him speak.”

Gripping the back of the chair with his hands he leaned and grins broadly, no longer able to suppress his excitement. “This is so damn cool! I gotta tell Shiobhan…or not” he finishes as his excited grin falls from his face and he sighs heavily in resignation.

Naoise looked at Kieran in utter shock and bewilderment as he admits to been able to hear him. He hesitantly starts to form a small telepathic probe to send to him to see if he could actually talk to Arutha and Kevlas cousin when he hears Kevla tell this stranger their secret causing him to whip his head around and look at this guy as he sits back in shock.

He tries to form coherent responses to his questions but the only thing that forms in his mind as answers are strange squeaking sounds or more like a softly whistling tea kettle, either way he was having a small mental meltdown at the sudden spot light that had been shone onto him and his life. In response his fur bristles as his ears turn and lay almost flat against his head and a low yowl issues from his mouth. In total shock and completely out of control, pens, paper and snack start to vibrate then levitate slightly above the tables surface as Psych finishes prattling on and sits there with a grin spreading across his nosy face.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: October 05, 2017, 01:14:03 PM »
*It’s not just about your ass,  I enjoy…* Naoise was saying in response to Arutha only to his his fur stand up in shock at Kierans confused response. *What? He can hear us?* he said in Kevla’s and Arutha’s mind * You can hear me? * he repeated tentatively towards Kieran.

Meanwhile whilst Naoise was having his mental heart attack Pysch strutted towards the table and pulling a chair our he turned it around “Nice to meet you all” he said as he straddle the chair. “I’m Psych" He stated with an air of casual simplicity. "So…”  he continued with curious amusement “What do you need a cats help with in a library? Unless you’re planning some kind of cat burglary” he asked with a sardonic grin "Althoug I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything worth stealing in this library.”

Psych flicked his sea coloured eyes around the group with curious amusement. What a strange group they seemed and he knew some people were mad about their pets but for the life of him he couldn’t think of why anyone one would go to such extremes as to smuggle a pet cat into a library, talk about separation anxiety. Not that he was one to overly judge eccentricity was the spice of life and these guys had certainly peeked his interest.

“I have to say tho” he continued as he settled his gaze on Naoise “That is an extremely large and cute cat” he said as he stretched his hand towards the animal. “Hey Kitty kitty . Whats its name” he asked as he continued to stretch his hand out to pet the creature only to raise an eyebrow and draw his hand back in startlement as Naoise's fur bristles and stands up on end.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: September 16, 2017, 03:00:34 PM »
“Rat you out?  For what…some tossed paper ?” asked Psych incredulously as he turned his storm tossed gaze to Kevla “I’ve tossed worse than that in church on a packed Sunday service. Those self-righteous, holier-than-though sermons will make you toss your breakfast and then some let me tell you.” He said with a playfully wicked grin “Although it wasn’t my breakfast I threw at the priest .“ He finished with a cheeky wink.

Naoise startled slightly as Arutha stepped around and in front of his chair, it was so naturally protective that Naoise couldn’t help but feel warmed by it although the action itself was totally unnecessary if anything the ones needing protecting were Arutha and Kevla.

*Arutha…* he sent along their telepathic link *I love looking at your ass and no doubt I could look at it all day, clothed or not but dearest could you please move slightly so I can see the new comers and did you call one of them Kierian? That’s your cousin isn’t it? You and Kevla were talking about him last night weren’t you? Does he often come to the library?* he asked as he tried to peer around Arutha’s hip so he could see the new comers and assess them

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: September 10, 2017, 05:14:29 PM »
*It’s not that unanswerable Arutha…* Naoise was saying just as Kevla threw a ball of scrunched up paper in the direction of some shelves barely missing the guys coming towards them from around the corner. Confused and feeling cornered he narrows his emerald green eyes as his hair stands up along his spine and he starts to emit a low feline hiss

Psych’s eyebrows rise slightly in surprise as the new guy enters the group only to jump back as the unseen scrunched up ball of paper hits the books he was peeping through. His lips twitch with amusement and figuring he was caught he walks around the bookshelf,  picks up the paper and brazenly swaggers over to the people at the table. He gives the newcomer the once over before turning his eyes to the trio he smiles broadly as he holds out the balled paper.

“ I believe this belongs to one of you. Littering is seriously frowned upon in the library” he said with a mock frown as his eyes land on the obviously agitated cat “Animals are totally fine tho, I’m sure” he finishes with a broad smile, his eyes dancing with amusement. This was a lot more fun than hanging out at the shop with Shiobhan.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: August 23, 2017, 06:08:23 PM »
At Kevla’s suggestion of him looking over the books, Naoise stopped his intense kneading of the cushion beneath him and tilted his head. *Actually yes that may well help move things along Kevla, its certainly a better idea then me curling up here and stuffing myself on snacks anyway…you did bring snacks right?* he asked worriedly before he popped his head over the table and looked at Arutha.

*Anything like the intricate control and manipulation of the dream last night or anything like the abilities you and Kevla are currently manifesting?* he answered in response to Arutha’s question *Either way the answer is yes* he finished with amusement *but everything comes down to personal ability and then training. What we need to find out is what training techniques resonate with you both and which path of teaching can best lead to a result like last night.*

Psych continued to watch the intriguing trio from the gap between the book on the bookshelf he was hiding behind. He had seen them come in but hadn’t shown any interest until he had seen the cat climb out of the bag. Who brings a cat to a library and why? Besides he could use the distraction and hopefully they could make him forget his own worries for now.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: August 12, 2017, 01:48:11 PM »
*We might also want to check out, shamanism, Native American mysticism, Tantric Healing and dream magic. See if they can shed some light on this* Naoise added as he slinked onto one of the padded chairs and made himself comfortable.

* I don’t know whether I will be much help in the actual searching of the library but I can make a good guardian for the table at least* he said as he stretched out his paws and kneaded the cushion beneath him with his claws.

In truth Naoise wasn’t quite sure what to make of Arutha and Kevla’s abilities but he leaned more towards that they had inherited it rather then it was a recent natural development. Still anything was possible and recent or inherited they needed to learn how to use and access what they had, books could help them explore what worked and what didn’t and then an actual teacher would be handy. One step at a time though was the best way forward in his opinion.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: August 04, 2017, 01:54:34 PM »
Naoise stuck his head out of the backpack and sneezed twice as he cleared his nose of the many conflicting scents that comprised of the myriad belongings that had called Kevla’s backpack home before his adventurous sojourn with in it.

*Nay Arutha, you did not harm me* he answered with wry amusement *Infact I think you could have carried a hen and her unhatched chicks within that well-padded cavernous bag and they would have arrived fine and hale. Using it was a brilliant idea*

With a final shake and sneeze he escaped from the backpack. Moving so that Arutha and Kevla gave him as much cover on the tabletop as possible he looked around the library with interest.

*Well…*He said as he studied the rows and rows of shelved books and the lines of computers around him *this looks nothing like the libraries I used to know.* he finished with just a touch of awe. *Where do we start and what are we looking for?*

Detour Hotel / Re: New Beginnings
« on: July 31, 2017, 08:32:25 PM »
* A trip to the library. I haven't been to one of those...well, lets just say in a long time. I'm guessing they still frown at animals entering their sacred space?* He asked, his voice rich with amusement. * You might have to smuggle me in somehow. I hope your sister will be joining us. i want to ask her how she went on her search last night.*

Naoise jumped off of the bed and ran towards the door in excitement, acting almost like a child going to the park

*Come on Arutha...we don't have all day...and bring snacks...yeah we are going to need lots of snacks*

Detour Hotel / Re: New Beginnings
« on: July 03, 2017, 04:04:55 PM »
*The how I can’t answer but my guess is you have more supernatural ancestry then you might be aware off and in fact investigating that is a very good idea and should offer some answers.* He answered moving closer to the man sitting beside him he curled his tail around him and rubbed himself against him offering comfort.

*As to the what…I think you have a natural talent with dream magic. That dream state was not created by me. I wouldn’t even know where to begin…well that’s not true beginning is easy, but something that complex and deep. That is way beyond what I know how to do and if you can do dream magic it is only logical that you have talent for other type of mysticism, ability whatever you wish to call it.* he said as he looked up at Arutha.

* I mean if you are interested in exploring it…well checking out your ancestry might give us a better understanding as to what you might have inherited and from there we could try and find someone who might be able to help more*.

Detour Hotel / Re: New Beginnings
« on: June 17, 2017, 10:42:36 PM »
Naoise purred loader and leaned into Arutha’s touch as he listened to all the wonderful things this generous, gentle, warm man had to say.

*Well I am glad to hear I have a similar effect on you as you do on me. This connection we have, it…well it is blowing me away, upturning my world actually if I am being honest and it scares me a little. My world is dangerous, the world is dangerous and it has been awhile since I have feared it…I fear losing you to it, of it hurting you. Which is silly I know, yet it is how I feel, you are important to me, you and your sister both*

It had been a long time since anyone had showed him such genuine kindness and empathy. Was it any wonder he was falling for him, yet at the same time he wanted to protect Arutha as well and knew that even though learning magic might be terrific and exciting it can also draw unwanted attention. Power was drawn to power and so the more power Arutha came into the more chance of others noticing him as well. Naoise growled to himself, keeping secrets from Arutha about Arutha, it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel honest or honourable.

*Arutha….You might want to sit down for this…It is possible you and Kevla may very well have more supernatural abilities then you realize…

Detour Hotel / Re: New Beginnings
« on: June 02, 2017, 08:36:06 PM »
Naoise moved his head out from beneath Arutha’s talented fingers so that he could sit back and gaze up at this man with utter bewildered bemusement. From the very beginning Arutha had taken all the strange and supernatural things that had happened recently in stride, like a duck taking to water. He couldn’t help but feel impressed and a little in awe at the ease with which Arutha just accepted everything.

*Do you realize how wondrous I find you Arutha, you…you rekindle such hope in me and make me remember that the supernatural, the magic of life is a wonder and exciting instead of a curse.*

He sighed slightly before butting his head against Arutha’s hand again

*What else happened after you left? Well…things got interesting and lets just say that even though the dream you can kiss like a sex demon* He sent softly along their mind link, his voice almost purring with pleasure *All he did was make me think of you even more. We also discussed some interesting possibilities and hopes for the future*

Detour Hotel / Re: New Beginnings
« on: May 20, 2017, 02:24:57 PM »
Naoise listened to Arutha describe his dream as he nibbled upon the delicious pancake that was being hand fed to him, as he came to the last sliver he slowly licked Arutha’s finger with his rough tongue adding a loud purr of approval as he sat back on his haunches. He wasn’t sure now was the time to bring up the dream and the revelations he had learned, what he wanted was to give the man before him a normal day before once again dropping him and his sister into the proverbial world of the weird and wacky. Yet he also didn’t want to keep things from Arutha, he deserved the truth especially as it would seem fate and entwine them both.

Taking a small step forward he buttered his head against Arutha’s hand which caused memories of Arutha running his hand through his hair, stroking his face. He wanted out of this damn collar and sooner rather then later so he sighed as he sent his thoughts into Arutha’s mind.

*I Know mo ghrá for I was there as well, I was in the shadows watching unable to reach you, then I was in the grass as the other you appeared. I saw it all and the dream continued when you left…*

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