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City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: June 18, 2019, 01:02:27 PM »
Mitri had to smile at the adorable blush that spread over Aislin's face at his wink. Honestly she was so cute. Still he didn't want to overwhelm her. So he decided not to push her too much further. For they had only just met and he didn't want to creep her out. He wanted to come across as pleasant and maybe get the chance to know her better in the process.

He gently shook his head at Ethan's inquiry. "No, thank you." he said politely before focusing back on Aislin as the man left.

Mitri's lips then had to twitch in happy amusement when he saw her pulling out her cell to take a pic of her food.
"Wouldn't dream of it." he said a bit teasingly as he pulled out a small plastic tube like container from his bag. He twisted it and it popped open. What laid inside was a sturdy looking plastic fork and knife. "For it would be like me being the pot calling you black." he explained, "I know that this looks a bit odd but I'm allergic to most metals."

It was the easiest way to explain why he was doing this that wouldn't look too weird. Or so he hoped.

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: June 16, 2019, 03:19:20 AM »
Mitri had to beam back at Aislin as his sentiment was returned. "I hear you there. Too many times in this day in age we get so busy with our lives and jobs that we forget to savor the small things. So thank you for this dinner and reminding me how good it is to enjoy such things." he said with smile before he smoothly brought up his glass to his lips for another sip.

The smile turned to that of a mischevious grin at the sound of her unexpected snort. "That is fashionable with quotation marks around it." he said playfully, lifting his right hand up to make said motion with his index finger and middle. "Every few years what is on that list changes, no matter if it actually does look good or not. Still I like to go for what I think looks good on me no matter what they say." he added with a small shrug.

His grin widened further at her last question. "I think that I would be your partner, Ash. For we have already proven that we work wonderfully together." he answered with a small wink.

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: June 14, 2019, 11:16:31 AM »
Mitri's eyebrows lifted with gentle amusement as Ethan requested to see Aislin's ID and he hadn't his own. Though it was no big surprise. For his companion's features were on the sweetly youthful side. It made her seem like she was 18 at the oldest but if he were to hazard a guess he'd place her mannerisms at early twenties.

"No worries. I appreciate the company as well as the sentiment, Ash." he said with a sincere smile. For it had been a long time since he had the chance to relax and just enjoy a meal with someone. And he had to luck to share it with a very cute girl. "Food maybe good but having great company at the same time is even better." he added.

Mitri then grinned at her next statement before thanking the server Ethan as he set both of their drinks before them on the table. "Yup, but at least I'm not all pocket protectors and thick-rimmed glasses." he said smoothly picking up the glass to take a sip of the ale. The flavor was cool and crisp on his tastebuds, bringing a happy smile to his lips. It would be the perfect compliment to the chicken he had ordered. "One would think that it would easy given this day and age, but it is more than a little saturated. Hence my fresh start. I'll see what I can find here and if worst comes to worse I'll choose a different career. Who knows I might up alongside you as a wonderful artist." he said, lightly teasing at that last part.

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: June 09, 2019, 01:35:23 PM »
The date-likeness of this scenario was not lost on Mitri. In fact under other circumstances, he could quite easily picture somehow sweeping her on her feet for a fancier date complete with champagne. For Aislin was a beautiful woman and adorably quirky. It was a combination that he loved and also found quite attractive. Though before he let himself wander too far down that path, he had to remind himself that Ash was anything paying him back for his help earlier. So he shouldn't get his hopes up. Still this didn't mean that he he couldn't enjoy himself. As she peered at her menu, he did likewise. Mm..maybe he would go for the chicken dinner special? He mused to himself as he shut the menu and put it down on the table.

"I'll grant that it is deeper, but you seem like the type that knows how to adapt. So don't knock yourself too much, Ash." he told her a bit encouragingly. His smile then grew when he heard her specialty. "That is fine with me. Nerdy is cool, not to mention more than a little bit fun. I have to admit I am a sucker for any kind of comics myself. I also have dabbled in loving Star Trek as well as many other things." he told her with a small playful grin. "I'd love to see some of your work sometime." he added.

His head tilted slightly at her next question. "I was a start up company's tech guy. Anytime anything went wrong they would call me. I was good at what I did, but when it went under I had to search for something else." he said with a small shrug.

This was closest to the truth that he dare tell her at least right now. For he had been the mobster's right hand tech/Jack of all trades until he got involved with Jeremiah, the mobster's son. Then everything went pear-shaped when the Don found out. Before he thought back on those regrets and how much trouble he was in with them, he made himself focus back on Aislin and his present. After all it wouldn't do to think on things that couldn't be changed.

When Aislin spoke again telling him to order, his heart lifted at the prospect of a warm meal and good companionship. "Thank you, Ash." he said sincerely. So he looked back at Ethan, their server, and politely ordered. What he choose was the fried chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and a pale ale to go along with it.

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: June 07, 2019, 07:09:22 AM »
Mitri found himself chuckling at that and nodded. Of course she needed to clean them before they ate. The same went for him. After all it was his gadget that had snatched it from the deep. Still a tiny cleansing spell would take care of that when others weren't looking."Will do." he agreed softly before heading off to find the right seat.

When she had reappeared, he had found what looked like the perfect spot by the window, an comfortable looking table towards the back of the restaurant. It was a place where one could see all of the rest of the restaurant as well as still see outside.

He offered Ash another smile as she sat down. Gentle amusement warmed his blue eyes when she started to speak to tell him about herself. Her slightly akward tone of voice and laughter were quite cute. Dating application information or not, it was still adorable.

"Ah, I get it. It's sort of like feeling like you are a big fish in a little pond. You want see more and do more beyond what everyone else is comfortable with. Now that you're the ocean as it were, it must feel quite different." he said with another smile as he picked up his menu in his gloved hands. His eyebrows lifted interestedly at her chosen career. For it seemed to fit Aislin's personality to a t. "That is awesome. What is your speciality?" he had to ask, their eyes locking briefly as she peered over her own menu.

"As for me, I came here for a new start." he said honestly. Mitri didn't want to lie to Ash completely, but he had to tell her something that she would believe as for his story, "My previous job went under. So I decided to try my hand elsewhere."

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: June 04, 2019, 07:19:00 AM »
Mitri shrugged at that, glad for the shift to a different subject. His name meaning was a odd one but he chalked it up as a decision that his parents had made after a little too much wine at the temple. Still it could have been worse. He had had some friends named after more embrassing things. So he definitely could relate to children of ex-Hippies. For the circumstances around their names weren't all that different.

"Yes it is. It is a huge place with many layers. As for here, it feels very similar so far. No less as beautiful." he said with a smile. It turned into a playful grin at the sound of her laughter. For it was very true. They had met each other when Aislin had needed somebody the most.

His blue eyes widened with delight at her exclamation, following her finger to the sign at the source of that delicious smell. Mm..fried chicken sounded like just the thing he needed after his long trip. "You've got a great nose, Ash." he complimented her with a happy smile as together they moved towards the restaurant.

"Thank you." he said as she opened the door for him and he stepped inside. Mitri then move to the side to wait for her to enter so that they could find a place to sit together.

"So tell me about yourself. What made you come to the big city, Ash?" he curiously asked.

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: June 02, 2019, 12:51:25 PM »
A light flush then tinged his cheeks but then he had to laugh at Aislin's amendment to it. "That's good to know. I'll be on my best behavior then." Mitri said with a teasing wink as he slung his bag back on his shoulder. He couldn't resist playing lightly with her. For it seemed like they were on a similar wavelength so far.

He inclined his head at that and smiled warmly. It was almost as good as an idea of following one's nose to find something good to eat. It was an old game that he had played with his previous paramour in order to find those little hole in the wall restaurants that had the best particular dish of some kind. "It sounds like a plan to me. This way we can find something good to satisfy my beast of a stomach and get something nice for you at the same time." he agreed softly.

As Aislin started off, he smoothly fell into pace beside her. Mitri did his best not to appear to unusual in his gait. For Aislin might see through his guise and guess at what he was. It was a habit that he usually adopted when around a human who he didn't entirely know yet. It was sort of of the stance of better to be safe than sorry.

"Well it does suit you Ash and it is an adorable story. As for my name, it is alot stranger. For it means lover. Yeah I know cheesy, but what can I say my parents were odd." he said with a small self deprecating shrug. Half of this was the truth and half was reality. For his parents were indeed strange. Though he didn't like talking about them because of what had happened so long ago.

"As it so happens, I am new to the city as well. I literally just got off a bus here from New York when I saw you having your issue with the grate." he said with a smile. Answering where he was from should have been easy but he didn't want to entirely lie to her after she had been so kind to him so far. Also New York was the latest in the cities that he had been to, not the original small town he had first come through in Europe from his realm. In essence he was hedging around the truth, but it helped him to feel better and just focus on enjoying the night with Aislin.

He then lifted his nose slightly as he caught the whiff of something that was fried and absolutely delicious on the wind. " you smell that? If I'm not mistaken that is fried chicken." he asked, his stomach once more giving an demanding rumble. His blue eyes glanced around to see where it might be coming from.

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: June 01, 2019, 11:53:39 AM »
Mitri grinned at her humored comment as he packed away his things in his pack. "I thought that it fit the silly strangeness of our current situation." he explained with a smile and a shrug. His eyebrows when he finally got her name. It was a slightly unusual one, but pretty nonetheless. "Ah...Ashlin. It means dream if I remember correctly. Anyhow it is a pleasure to meet you, Ash." he said pleasantly. He hoped that he wasn't coming across too akwardly, but it was hard not to when it comes to meeting someone new. Part of him wanted to extend out a hand for her to shake but he wasn't certain how well that would go down. "I'm sorry I tend to babble a little when it comes to being around a pretty lady." he said sincerely.

His lips twitched a little in amusement at the extra care that she used when it came to opening up her car. It was not that he could blame her. For she had been through enough when it came to her keys for one night. Also he could not blame her for rinsing them off afterwards. After gods only knew what they had been in.

"As for dinner, thank you, Ash. I appreciate it. I am new to the city and haven't eaten in sometime." he said softly, watching as she locked up her car and stepped back out, "To be honest I'm game for pretty much anything. I am not that picky."

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: May 31, 2019, 07:11:00 AM »
((OOC: Haha, whatever works. :) ))

As their eyes met again, Mitri could not help but notice how pale green hers were. Though pale green wasn't quite the word for it. The shade reminded him of absinthe after a cube of sugar had been lit a flame and mixed within, just barely green and sweetly mysterious at the same time. It intrigued him. For in his long life not many had eyes like this.
It made him wonder if an ancestor of hers was of his kind. Though before he let himself think more on that he focused back on the task at hand.

So as she shown the light higher, he carefully reeled what he had caught. At her exclamation, he allowed a small grin to cross his features as he pulled them and his contraption out of the grate. He had hoped that he had gotten it on the first try without the use of magic. Luck apparently was on their side tonight. The sound of her laughter brought a smile to his features as he rose to his feet.

"Your keys, my lady." he announced just a little debonairly as he carefully handed them back to her. Yes they were a little mucky but muck could be washed off and it was better than a night on the street or worse. It was one thing for him to do it but completely another for an innocent human to.

"You're welcome. I am glad to be of service. My name is Mitri." he said warmly. Then at her mention of food, his stomach gave a demanding rumble, making Mitri flush slightly as he accepted the flashlight, "I apologize about my noisy stomach but dinner would be wonderful."

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: May 29, 2019, 12:26:12 PM »
Mitri glanced up at her anxious but hopeful words and offered her a small smile. "I think I just might have seen them. I saw something metallic down there when I shown my light on it." he explained before he sat back to build his small snare. The poor lady was more than a obviously nervous about this. Still he couldn't blame her. For one's life tended to revolve around one's keys and without them a person was up you know creek without a paddle.

At her comment, he shrugged a little and said. "I find that it doesn't hurt to be prepared. So I like to carry a small stash of knickknacks that can be made into other things as a just in case." he said softly as he dropped the the snare past the grate. "Yes please. That will help alot." he said sincerely as he smoothly held out the flashlight for her to take.

Once she accepted it, he went back to the task at hand and focused on trying to fish out her keys. He carefully wiggled it over to where he saw the metal and slowly caught something. "I think that I've got it." he announced as he began to pull it up. "Can you please aim the light a little higher up?" he requested.

((OOC:You decide if he managed to grab her keys or if he snagged something else. :) ))

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: May 28, 2019, 12:22:40 PM »
Mitri lifted up an eyebrow slightly at her grateful/cynical smile. For it was easy to see elements of both in it. Though he couldn't blame her for feeling that way. For she was having a hell of a night already. So he would help her and see where the rest of this night went. Still for her dejected words, he cracked a small smile and shook his head lightly. "I doubt that yet, but I'll try. Call it my good deed for the day." he said softly as he knelt down beside the grate.

Next he opened up his bag to snag his handheld flashlight in order to try to peer into the gloom of the grate. Hmm, at first he didn't see anything but then there was something that looked like almost like a small piece of buried metal. This had to be it. "I think that I see it. Now I'll I need to do is get it for you." he said softly before rummaging in his bag again. Next he pulled out a long piece of string, the duct tape and the jar lid.

Yes he knew that the combination was odd but he already pictured how to use it in his mind as the lure he needed for the keys. First he tied the string around the jar lid itself twice, first around the front and then next crisscrossing around the back. Then he tore off pieces of duct tape to apply to the jar lid in a cross with the pieces just long enough to meet on the other side. This was to secure the jar lid in place. He wrapped one last piece around the middle where the string now sat in the middle to secure that part.

He then went to try to slip said contraption in the grate and slowly unwound the string with one hand, lowering it into the muck."Now let's see if we can get a little lucky." he told her as he wiggled it around, centering around that spot where he had just seen her keys.

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: May 27, 2019, 01:03:50 PM »
Mitri was a few feet away when he saw the oddest thing out of the corner out of his eyes. It was a lady who was trying to stand up after dropping what seemed like keys. almost looked like she was going going to fall over there in a second or two more but then she seemed to straighten. The problem with that there then was an ominous sounding plunk into the grate below at the exact same time. There went the keys. He had to wince lightly in sympathy.

It both sounded and looked like he wasn't the only one who was having a bad night. He had been only going to pass her by at first, but he felt a sort of kinship and a need to help after what he had just witnessed. Also she did look quite sad crouching with her head against the car door.

So when he was asked about her car, he had to shake his head. "I'm sorry. I don't know if it is or not." he started to say. "But I think that I might be able to get your keys before they fall down much further." he offered softly.

It was granted that he couldn't use obvious magic to draw them back, but he could use string, duct tape, a small jar cap and a flash light to fish out. If anything this would hopefully net what they were looking for. And if not he might be able to nudge them the way he wanted with just a little magic. The key was to make it look like luck. Too much and humans tended to either fear or ask questions that he wasn't ready to answer.

City Streets / A Fresh Start
« on: May 24, 2019, 10:59:28 AM »
This was a new city and it held new hopes for Mitri as he got off the bus that brought him here. He hated having to ride in such contraptions, but they were much faster than horses. So it was a necessary evil that he would make himself endure. It never failed he already had a low grade headache from his exposure to it. Still it could have been worse if he had not been wearing his customary skintight black leather gloves. For if he touched any bare skin to such metal, it would be burn him as well as make him deathly ill.

All he had to his name was in the old worn dusty grey knapsack over his left shoulder. He hated having to run like this to yet another city but at the time he hadn't had a choice. His troublemaking ways had him a deadly enemy in the form of a nonhuman mob boss. Though that was a different story. Still he would deal like he had always had and restart. Though he hoped that he might finally find a home here and maybe a purpose. A long life was well and good when one didn't keeping on making the same mistakes over and over.

Mitri inwardly shook his head in an attempt to quell those depressing thoughts and focused on the task at hand. First thing was on the docket was finding a place to stay at least for the night. And the second was finding a job.

He would definitely need to clean up before the whole job thing could happen. For he had been wearing the same worn set of gray hoodie, plain white t-shirt, black jeans and worn sneakers two days now. Yes it was gross but again he had valued his life more over cleanliness. So he had had no choice at the time. Running for one's life would do that to a person.

Detour Motel / Re: Moon Dreaming
« on: May 08, 2019, 12:11:12 PM »
Arutha couldn't help but lean into Naoise's touch. For it both warmed his heart and body. The latter of which craved oh so much more and wished that this dream would never end. As for the first, it was realizing that he was head over heels for this man. He had been so afraid to say it. For he had feared that he was going to lose it just when he had found it again. Those thoughts were then pushed to the background as said gorgeous man rolled on top of him. Arutha blinked and he was melting into his kiss as he realised that Naoise had pinned his arms above his head.

He had to laugh at the whisper as he got the joke. " am I the mouse, my dear mister pussycat?" he asked with a playful grin, the feeling of Naoise's lips against his skin casting a spell over his body. Arutha could only crave more and made another soft noise of pleasure at the tease of his ear. For it was one of his weak spots.

When their lips met again, he couldn't help but hungrily kiss him back.

Detour Motel / Re: Love, Actually
« on: May 08, 2019, 12:25:51 AM »
Arutha smiled amusedly at the sound of Naoise's stomach and set the fillet in front of him so he could get at it. It was cute, but it wasn't like he could say much. For he was just as hungry. His own stomach let out a protesting rumble just before he took a bite of his own burger.

When his own love decided to pester his sister, he turned interested eyes her way. For it had been a long time since she had been with anyone. This was not to say that she hadn't had her flings which Arutha had heard more than enough about. Ear and eye bleach seemed to spring to mind.

Kevla blushed hotly at Naoise's comment but then grinned "He's good. I went and met him back at the cafe where he works. For I kinda forgot to get his phone number that first time around." she admitted a bit embrassedly. "Then we want back to his place and had...lots of fun." she said with a playful wink. Yes she knew she was being silly but Psych just seemed to fit in a place where she had always seemed to need someone like him. He understood her and the sex was phenomenal. It was just them and she liked having someone to lean on a little.

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