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Wyatt Hill Cemetary / Re: Damage Control
« on: Today at 10:17:52 AM »
Muzzily Arutha heard Naoise's warning as he woke up, the echoes of guns shots and the feeling of wrongness filling his awareness. What the fuck was going on? He blinked open his eyes just as the door shut behind Naoise. He glanced around the room as he sat up, worry and fear crossing his features even he saw that his sister Kevla wasn't there. He was alone and from the sound of things the apocalypse was just outside their doorstep.

Instantly he rolled out of bed and started tugging on his shoes and jacket. He couldn't stand around waiting for the answers and do nothing. He had to figure out what was going on, find his sister as well as Naoise. He couldn't let anything happen to either one. They were his family.

So he went low and grabbed his sister's baseball bat as well as his bike's keys and helmet. So he cracked open the door and his eyes went wide at the carnage before him as well as the sheer fact there were honest to God zombies everywhere.

"Holy shit." he swore as he quickly made his way to his motorcycle, eyes on the look out for Naoise as well as Kevla. Just where were they? He reached out through the connection they shared. *Kit where are you?"* he called as he started up his bike.

He then saw an image in his mind as a response to show him where Naoise was going as well as a motley crew of others as well as the warning to stay inside. Screw that noise, he wasn't about to let Naoise face this alone and besides there was his sister to worry about. So he decided to follow instead. Both of them could tell at him later, provided that there was one.

Detour Motel / Re: Moon Dreaming
« on: Yesterday at 01:40:40 PM »
Arutha ever so gently cradled Naoise close as the other let out a weak purr. The sound both worried him as well as lifted his heart a little. He couldn't help it. He cared for him more than he thought he ever do again. After Micah had disappeared, his heart had broken and had shut down. And now during the short time that he had known Naoise, it had more than awoken. He even dared to think about the "l word" again. Yes it was quick and yes it was strange, but it felt real.

At the tender brush of Naoise's mind against his own, his face reddened as his ears rang with those honest words. They echoed his own feelings and amazement as well as flattery filled his hunter green eyes.

"Neither have I. The last time I felt anything close to this was with Micah. And now I care and I don't know what to say or do." Arutha said equally as honestly, letting his fingers carefully pet him as the other rested on his lap. "All I know for certain is that I wouldn't change a thing, Kit. I know that things are so crazy now with all of this, but I feel alive again. You did that." he added. He couldn't help but close his eyes briefly as the tender touch against his thoughts turned to a caress. For it felt good and again reaffirmed this feeling of rightness that he had.

He then had to gently smile at Naoise's last words and shake his head. "You're not selfish, Kit. You are the least selfish person I know. You want what we all do, to not be alone. And it is something that you'll never be again because I'm here." Arutha found himself saying earnestly.

Detour Motel / Re: Moon Dreaming
« on: February 16, 2019, 01:48:20 PM »
Arutha's heart ached as he saw those tears as he carefully cradled the other close. This poor, poor man, he couldn't dream of all that Naoise has been through during his long life. He couldn't deny all the pain and anguish in those emerald green eyes as they locked eyes. It made him want to soothe his every hurt, his every pain as well as fiercely protect him. The depth of this feeling surprised him. He hadn't thought that he could feel anything like love again but with every moment they were together the man ever so surely became a part of him.

Emotions flickered through those tired eyes and he found himself feeling sort of angry at what he saw. "There's nothing to be sorry for, Kit. It's not your fault. It's that bloody collar." he said firmly as he ever so gently tried to pet him. "I would say more about it but I think it knows and they would include several choice swear words." he added before letting out a breath.

"I won't deny that you scared the hell out of me when it did that. Still there is one thing that I will say, I will free you Kit." he said determinedly. "I know that we've only known each other a short time but you matter to me, Kit."

Detour Motel / Re: Moon Dreaming
« on: February 16, 2019, 11:54:18 AM »
Arutha started to nod at that. He was just about ready to say something else when he saw the tell-tale shimmer of the runes on Naoise's collar. "Oh shit." he breathed just as the blasted collar reacted so vindictively. " no! Leave him be! It's my fault! You son of a bitch! Let him go!" he cussed out, addressing the collar as he carefully cradled Naoise's convulsing body in his arms. There wasn't anything more he could do. He had to wait it out but this wouldn't be forever. Soon he would take that off his companion and stomp it into the ground. Or so he vowed to himself.

When the shocks stopped and he heard Naoise take a shuttering breath, his eyes teared up a little with relief at the same time his heart hurt at those frantic words. "I've got you, Kit. Just breathe." he worriedly murmured.

Detour Motel / Re: Moon Dreaming
« on: February 13, 2019, 05:14:01 AM »
Ever since Micah had gone missing, Arutha had felt the opposite when it came to touch. It was too hard for it brought up so many memories, but ever since he had met Naoise he was different. It wasn't about sex, but this connection that he never expected to have with someone again. So he couldn't help but try to take advantage of every opportunity to touch Naoise and pet his soft fur. For it grounded him, soothed nerves and made him feel just that much closer to the man. It was strange to say let alone think, but sometimes one had to take a leap of faith. So he couldn't help but smile as he listened to the other's contented purring.

When Naoise flicked open an emerald green eye, he paused in his petting as their eyes locked. He could see the emotion and worry there. It made him want to wrap Naoise in his arms and never let him go, feline form or not. "I know, Kit." he started to stay as he tenderly resumed his petting as the other butted his head against his torso. "You have been through so much. So it is natural to fear the unknown and possibility of this being taken away." he said gently. Even though they had talked about this before it was a real concern. "But the thing is we are that much closer now and don't forget our dream last night. So lean on me and I'll help you to hope because I'm not giving up on it or you, Kit." he told him sincerely.

When Naoise changed the subject, he made a small face at the question. "Kevla getting hurt. I know that she is a big girl and can make her own decisions, but it's my job as her brother to protect her. So it feels a little fast and I don't want anything to backfire on her." he admitted softly with a small sigh. His twin had always been more carefree when it came to her sexuality. And yet on the other hand when Kevla fell for someone she fell hard. This was the risk that he worried about.

Detour Motel / Re: Moon Dreaming
« on: February 10, 2019, 06:16:15 AM »
Arutha smiled a little as he saw Naoise float the bowl up to set it next to his glass. From the looks of things, his instincts had been right about the other's thirst. The thought made him happy. Now the only concern was their dinner, but that was coming with Kevla when she returned. His lips then twitched with soft amusement when the other decided to hop onto his lap. And so he moved a hand down to try and run his fingers gently over Naoise's silken fur.

"I know what you mean there. Psych almost seems too good to be true. And I definitely don't like how he looks at Kevla. Still on the other hand there was no maliciousness in what he told us. In fact he has gone out of his way so far to help even possibly to his own detriment." Arutha agreed with a small nod as he thoughtfully pet the other. "As for this witch, she is more of a potential wildcard than Psych himself is. I don't know how she might react to our showing up. She could get mad or she could react well. Either way we will have be extra careful in how we proceed." he said softly, glancing back down in his lap at Naoise.

"Still in spite of all this, I think that it is worth the risk." he added sincerely.

Detour Motel / Re: Moon Dreaming
« on: February 09, 2019, 01:12:06 PM »
Arutha couldn't help but second Naoise's thought as they left the library. This day had been so exhausting but at the same time liberating. For all in one afternoon, they had meet a new friend, gained an ally and found a real lead in freeing Naoise wrapping into one. It was granted that he didn't like how Psych looked at Kevla but he could sort of overlook it for the sake of the bigger picture. Still if the man hurt her, all bets would be off. Though for everyone's sake he didn't want it to come to that.

Kevla on the other hand was a little too focused on remembering her encounter with one of the more fascinating men she had ever met. To be honest she couldn't wait for the next time to come so she could see him again. Though before heading back to the motel room, she had managed to talk Kieran into going out on a grocery run with her. So she went there first. This time apart gave Arutha and her some time to decompress and think about all that had happened in such a short time.

Hearing the other's request, Arutha stepped out from the bathroom with a glass of water in his hand and a small bowl. The glass was for him while the bowl was for Naoise. He hadn't realised quite how thirsty he was until they had gotten back. And so thought that if he was, Naoise might be too. Glancing over the mirror, he went to use a small burst of power to try to tug the same blanket from the other night over it.

"There we are. All better." he said softly, setting down his glass on the table before setting the bowl near Naoise. He remembered all too clearly how the other night had gone. So this request was no surprise to him. "What a day, Kit You know? I never thought that we would run into someone like Psych there, but I feel quite hopeful." he said honestly as he slowly sat himself down on the bed.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: February 07, 2019, 01:43:47 PM »
Arutha's lips twitched with gentle amusement as Naoise's back legs fell beneath him, forcing him into a sit. It was cute on one hand and on another he felt exactly the same, happy excitement pulsed in his veins. For they were just that much closer to a future so tantalizingly close. "Yes please I think that would be best, Kit." he said softly. "You are our resident magic expert. My sister, cousin and I are all novices. Though getting you in there might take a little more creativity." he said thoughtfully.

Kevla's face went bright red as her eyes locked with Psych's own. For those stormy eyes held so many wonderfully bad ideas. Damn...if they hadn't already made their current plans, she was sorely tempted to take him up on some of them. Yes it was quick and yes she hardly knew him, but sometimes one had to take a chance and live life.

Arutha's and Kieran's jaws both dropped at the seductive interplay between Kevla and Psych. Where Kieran was shocked Arutha was more wary. Even though Psych was helping them now, Kevla was his sister. He had a certain brotherly privilege to care and protect her. Still he wasn't about to ruin things for Naoise or Kevla. So he'd keep a careful eye on him.

So instead he nodded at his next words and allowed a small smile to cross his features. "Thanks again. We'll see you tomorrow night." he said softly.

Kevla couldn't help but redden again at Psych's farewell. "See you then." she called back with a smile. that was one way to say goodbye.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: February 03, 2019, 12:27:30 PM »
Recognizing the guilt in the other's eyes, Kevla's heart went out to Psych. It was an odd thing but the fact was that Psych didn't have to do this for them. In fact so far he had gone out of his way to be honest with them and do his best to help. The guilt that she saw there had to be one based in the betrayal of a friend. There was no mistaking the look on those steel gray eyes or so she thought.

So in the end, she found herself reaching out to try and touch one of his hands. "Thank you." she said sincerely as she looked back at him. "I promise we'll be very gentle and try not to upset her too much when we meet her. Really thank you." she said warmly, her earlier bravado gone,"As for potentially helping out as another barista or period, I wouldn't mind it. It would give me something to do instead of getting into trouble, aka my usual mo. So I might try to apply there."

She wanted to say more but wasn't sure what their companions might say let alone Psych himself.

Arutha's eyes widened as he listened to Psych's words. "Wow, every time I thought that I heard the last of something new and weirdly fantastic in this city I am proven wrong." he said amazedly, glancing back down at Kit to see his reaction. "Thank you." he said brightly, rising an eyebrow at his sister's interesting behavior. Everyday he met a new race or heard of something he never thought possible. It was to be honest awesome even with knowing its dark side. Though before his thoughts drifted too far to dwell back on Micah, he focused more on the present and possibility of a great future.

When Kieran reappeared, he quickly gave him the lowdown on the situation.

Kieran's eyes echoed that of his cousin's as he took in the change of situation in the short time since he had been gone. "Holy shit would be putting things lightly." he said shockedly. "Still if I can be of any help, I will. The same goes for you, Psych. If you need anything. Please let me know." he said honestly. It meant alot for this stranger to have helped his cousins so far even with the potential dangers. And so he felt like he owed the man.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: January 28, 2019, 01:05:03 PM »
Arutha slowly nodded at Psych's initial answer about meeting his shifter acquaintance. Psych's expression of dread didn't make him feel any better about the idea in the slightest. Still it wasn't like they had many choices give the circumstances. "Thank you, Psych. Just try your best." he said softly. So he was exceptionally grateful when Kevla came up with this alternate idea.

Kevla's eyes widened at that. She hadn't expected her suggestion to go this far but still the idea seemed to be the best one they had. "That sounds like a plan to me, but what time is it best to pester her? I know that our arrival and request is likely to annoy. So I'd like to get off on a good foot if we can." she asked thoughtfully, tilting her head further at the mention his job,"Just out of curiosity, what do you do there, Psych?"

Arutha nodded once again at Naoise's request, fingers still against his fur. "Kit would like to know why you think Shiobhan can help us? Or more or less how?" he softly requested. This is something that he was curious about himself.

Kieran finally finished his call and returned to the table. "I'm sorry about that. When my publisher calls I kinda have to answer." he softly apologized. "So what did I miss?" he asked curiously.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: January 26, 2019, 01:19:32 PM »
After the previous person was mentioned, Kevla wasn't certain what else could come out of Psych's mouth at her brother's question. Still when he finally answered she was felt herself grow more baffled than anything else. "Okaay." she said slowly, tilting her head slightly as she looked back at Psych. "Do we know when that might be? I apologize to sound so impatient but it sort of sounds like we are going around in circles here." she said thoughtfully. "May one of us visit her to maybe gently give her the kick in the pants she needs to snap out of it?" she offered as well as asked at the same time.

Her jaw then dropped as she heard Naoise's idea. She hadn't expect this. Still it was a risky move. It was one that if it worked could pay off in the end, but at the same time could end so tragically.

A small frown crossed Arutha's features as he listened to Naoise's idea. He didn't like the idea even in the slightest, but it was the only one that seemed half way plausible to at least more information to free Naoise. So he reluctantly nodded, petting fingers slowing slightly as he gazed back at the other's furry face. *I don't like at all Kit, but for your freedom and a chance to explore this bond between us I'll do anything.* he admitted privately before turning to Psych to ask. "Kit just asked if there was a way for him to meet with your shifter acquaintance alone." he said softly.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: January 22, 2019, 12:56:32 PM »
Both of Kevla's eyebrows lifted as she listened to Psych. From the tone of his voice, she guessed that the word complicated didn't entirely sum up his relationship with said person. "Okay, shall we say scary beyond all reason. Just how you put that gave me the heebie jeebies, Psych." she said honestly.

As for Arutha, he stilled as he listened, his eyes widened and he glanced down at Naoise in askance. At first it sounded like a great idea heading down that path, but now it sounded a hell of alot more frightening. "Is there anyone else that you know that could help without possibly dissecting us or worse?" he asked softly.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: January 21, 2019, 05:09:51 AM »
As her eyes met Psych's own, Kevla couldn't help but blush some more at the naked appreciation of her form that she saw there. that cinched it. She had to ask him out even it was just for coffee. She was curious and more than a just a little bit intrigued by what she saw there in those grey eyes.

All thoughts of a possible date got temporarily pushed to the background as Psych kept on talking about possible remnant shifters that might be in the city. It was an interesting possibility. And it was one that could bring more hope for her twin and Naoise. For if they could find more information about these other shifters, then they could free Naoise sooner and give her brother the happily ever after he deserved. So she had to lift a curious eyebrow at the worry that slid into Psych's eyes as he shot down that idea. "Dare I ask why not? From the look on your face Psych it's like someone is going to jump out and go oogy boogy." she asked softly, jumping slightly as she saw Naoise step forwards all of the sudden.

Arutha loved the sound of Naoise's purrs as well as the feel of his soft fur beneath his fingers. Though for as much as he loved them, he knew that touching Naoise's human form would be just that much better. His mind flashed back to the beauty that he had seen in the mirror and the swathes of smooth skin.

Though before he could dwell on that aspect for long, his mind shifted focus to the possibility of other shifters being in the city as Psych spoke. He then jumped as well at Naoise's sharp call of his name. "Whoa...I get it, Kit." he said gently before looking back at Psych and the others,"Kit says no. He thinks that the people you know are the best option instead of the books."

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: January 20, 2019, 05:27:27 AM »
Arutha's fingers continued to gently trace their way over Naoise's head and swept over his back before repeating the motion. As the action grounded his companion, it comforted as well linked them together. It was this feeling of solidarity that spurred him on. He couldn't wait until the day when he could touch his face for real.

Kevla had to snort at the look on Naoise's face as he carefully accepted his own large mouthful of the crackers she'd brought. As she did, she again noticed Psych's eyes on her, appraising and dare she say think it enjoying. She flushed lightly. "You're welcome, Kit." she said a bit distractedly, lifting her eyes thoughtfully to look back at the man. Hmm...he was just her type, no matter what race he was. She had to wonder just how mad Arutha would be if she asked Psych out for coffee.

Kieran quickly nodded at Psych's words before he dashed off to take the call. This was the annoying part about being on call for his magazine. Still he was excited to come back no matter what his magazine said.

Arutha's eyes widened as he listened to Psych's response. "I kind of already guessed the part of him being druid. I mean it fits for the time period as well as for Kit's magicalness." he started to say before glancing down at Naoise amazedly. "Though I never would have guessed that he could be the last of a shifter line. Wow." he breathed.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« on: January 18, 2019, 12:54:17 PM »
Arutha slowly nodded at Psych's words. "That it is. I suspect that the collar is more than just a cursed object. It's too smart not to be." he said solemnly, remembering all too clearly how much it had tortured Naoise for the hell of it. He couldn't let it happen again. His fingers paused as he thought before moving over the soft fur of his head.

"The choice of cat is due to him some variation of feline shifter." he started to say before once again writing on another piece of paper. He had to otherwise the collar might perceive it as Naoise undermining it and causing him more pain. He then pushed the paper back to Psych to read. It said 'There have been other clues. He swears by referring to Daghda's beard or balls. I know it's strange but telling. He is approximately 900 years old give or take. He was apart of a druid family. Also he speaks another language that sounds like it should be apart of it.'

Kevla watched this interplay and opened up small box of crackers as she watched. She went to try to offer Naoise one and then the others. "Would you like one?" she softly asked.

Oh God what he wouldn't give to read those papers. Kieran thought as he watched them. His cell phone went off and he swore. "I'm sorry guys. I've got to take this." he said before he went to get up.

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