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Alternate Realities / Re: ALTERNATE: Venture
« on: Yesterday at 08:11:37 PM »
Kerr did his best to play it cool and act like vampires floated stuff towards him every night but the truth was that they didn't and he was internally freaking out as a mask drifted at him from on the wall!! He swallowed trepidatiously as he reached out to catch it, plucking it away from the air as if it were a bomb about to explode in his hands.

When Sonya arrived at his side, it was yet another moment of disconcertion and he blinked at her in shock, taking far too long to react to her instruction to put the mask on. He stared at it in his hands, hefting it like he was imagining the weight of wearing it (when, really, he was just trying to be sure that there were no air strings or her control attached to it somehow, and that he had full control of the thing). It was, incidentally, much heavier than he'd expected, because the horns weren't made from plastic. They felt genuine.

He turned it over and loosened the ribbons knotted into a bow at its back, lifting it onto his face with a supporting hand either side. He struggled to hold it in place and tie the ribbons, embarrassed to appear inept in front of Sonya. Best to admit defeat and ask for help, he decided swiftly. "Would you mind?" he enquired, carefully holding the mask in place while presenting her with his back, the ribbons dangling. He arched backwards in an unnecessary effort to assist her reaching his head. He wasn't that much taller than her but he was being polite.

And rather stupid. He'd leant into her personal space, his head close to her shoulder and his throat nearby, at eye level, vulnerable in his awkward pose.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: Finding a Nest
« on: Yesterday at 07:48:54 PM »
Jeanne was compelled to reply, at the mention of training. To throw her hat in, as it were. She approached Murphy and took one of his hands between both of hers to get his attention, smiling into his golden eyes when they were directed at her.

We will inform Hugh and Royce, yes, she confirmed, reaching up to brush the tips of her fingers across the front of his hair because a small section had become flattened and it looked a tad uneven, to her. She thought he was even more handsome as a vampire. As for training, that is another question entirely. Not one that must be answered right away. You should wait and see whom you connect with. It may be someone from our family, it may not. You must be comfortable with them, for it can be an intimate process.

Of course, it was usually a more organically intimate process because it was generally shared between a blood-bonded pairing, but she didn't feel it worth pointing that out. It would sound like a condemnation for something entirely beyond Murphy's control. Besides, he could probably deduce as much for himself.

If you wish, it could be me. I will inform everyone in the family to avail themselves to you, if they are willing to take you on, also. Would that suit you? Your choice would be far greater, then, she informed, a twinkle in her own eyes.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: Finding a Nest
« on: June 18, 2019, 10:36:13 PM »
Jeanne smiled, giving a soft chuckle as she finished the last of her blood and rose to go to Charon's side. Softness, she mentally chided, buoyed by his love and approval and not at all discouraged by his rejection of her proposal. He was right. You'll spoil the childe, she murmured indulgently, linking her arm with Charon's. She expected nothing less, really. Everyone deserved a little pampering when they'd experienced trauma such as Murphy had.

As they moved out of the Autumnal room, Jeanne also tamped down her own mixed feelings. They had no place here and now. Just because Murphy had stirred this restlessness and self-flagellation to life in her didn't mean that he was in any way responsible for bearing the repercussions of it. Nor was Charon. Such pendulous decisions about her life connections, desires and future happiness were for her alone to work through. Their time had come and she would be ready to face them, soon.

But first, Murphy needed a little coddling. She wondered if he liked the violin.

Warwick Hotel / Re: Here We Are in the Present
« on: June 18, 2019, 09:43:32 PM »
When asked if he'd always been a total perv, Harm giggled appreciatively then quipped, "Yep!" He opened his mouth when Luke continued, to explain that that wasn't what he'd been thinking at all, but then the muscular blond settled back down and Harm chose not to interrupt.

Instead, he listened as he stretched out on the bed to Luke's right, so that he could be close to the 'monster' arm. He thought it was a stupid name to call it (he also thought its owner was crazy for not wanting that inside him, but he wouldn't address that straight away) because it was just an arm - Luke's arm - but it wasn't his place to say so.

"I'm just gonna catch my breath and cool down a minute before I massage your front - I always run hot. It's not my most attractive feature. Come to my place in any season and you're pretty unlikely to find me in clothes," he laughed offhandedly, cosying up to Luke. "But look, I know you're a top, believe me - Trevor liked taunting me with details, remember? - that wasn't what I was getting at. See, it's still your hand," he murmured, reaching over to grasp the appendage in question.

Harm wriggled closer, tucking his left arm beneath Luke's right so that it could burrow up from the inside, while his right arm enclosed it from the outside. With his right hand, he manipulated Luke's grey hand into a loose fist and wrapped it around two protruding fingers from his left hand, mimicking using the grey hand to masturbate with.

"See, I figured you'd still use it like this," he murmured, his flushed face pressed close to Luke's and creating an intimate, sexy lack of space between them while he used Luke's fist to stroke his index and middle fingers, "but you'd shape it. Just a little. Close it up, maybe. Make it like a living, breathing Fleshlight." He released an unsteady breath while he watched his fingers get stroked and thought about it what that lovely smooth grey hand would feel like around his cock.

Of course, his pervy imagination didn't stop there. In no time at all it had progressed to being wrapped around his dick while Luke fucked him from behind and then it became the most amazingly soft and realistic ass-shaped toy in his life and he was practically having a threesome with the one guy...

Harm stopped moving Luke's hand up and down his fingers and looked into the hazel eyes of his companion. Shit. His cheeks were still flushed, his pupils dilated with desire and his lips were open to accommodate his faster breathing. Oh, and he was hard, up against Luke's hip, in an unmistakeable kind of way. He held his breath, thinking of a whole lot of stupid things to say but keeping them to himself. Slowly, he started to release Luke's hand and attempt to extricate himself from his entwined position.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: Finding a Nest
« on: June 18, 2019, 09:17:14 PM »
Charon's questions were all so loaded and Jeanne was freshly tortured by the thoughts she hadn't been able to let go of since they'd arrived home. Murphy made her wonder, too; wonder at her own mistakes, at her lack of wisdom and her own connections. She'd never have that again, though Charon was being deliberately polite in not saying so, if only to keep the peace between them. That he offered her Murphy at all was a great compliment and also, she hoped, another step towards forgiveness.

Did she deserve that, though? She'd let Charon down, betrayed him, destroyed his trust. How infantile she felt to only now begin to understand the true depths of her own arrogance and stupidity, when she was offered an inadequate substitute. Oh, Murphy would be lovely and she'd grow attached to him, she was sure, but it would never be the same as having her own true fledge. Could she be content with the status quo, when it was within her grasp to have it all? Did she dare?

It was a difficult decision to make in haste, yet that was where she stood; she had to decide what she wanted, and fast.

If he wants me, I will take him on. I am honoured you would consider me for the task, she sent Charon a sense of love and humility, blowing him a gentle kiss with the hand not holding her glass for good measure. I am content to let him choose, and if it is me he wants, I shall happily answer the call.

She paused, considering how best to phrase her answer to Charon's final prompts. Care was needed in the wording, lest her grand-sire take her thoughts as condemnation of his kindness.

I... do not think he should keep himself apart from those he is closest to. Not for any length of time. Certainly, he is traumatised tonight but what of their reactions if he hides here, knowing he has kept this from them? He might as well deliberately sever ties with them as take that cowardly path. His making was a slight against them and the sooner that gambit is played out, the swifter the healing for everyone will be. I think it is also worth considering your feelings on the matter. Lazarus has moved away but he has few resources at his disposal and we have many. If I took Murphy now, we have the means to travel in the daylight and catch up to this lone wolf. By the time a new night falls, I could have him in my grasp and kill him, if you wish it.

She bowed her head, knowing it was no small offering, proposing to deliberately hunt and kill one of their kind. Retribution for retribution. It wasn't Sacramentum's style but justice always had been and if Charon thought the scales were tipped against Murphy and this would help balance them, now was the time to act. They wouldn't have another opportunity like this, when the sire was not so far away and likely to feel himself safe.

Alternate Realities / Re: ALTERNATE: Venture
« on: June 18, 2019, 08:19:20 PM »
Her touch was cold, yet it left his skin hotter than anywhere else on his body. He was towed along behind her when she beckoned, connected by an invisible string that somehow seemed made of indestructible iron. He had no idea how he'd stayed so far away from her while looking at the deck because he followed directly in her footsteps now, step for step - to the point that he almost stumbled into her in his eagerness to not let her get away, on the stairs. He paused to take a calming breath at the top, knowing he was being ridiculous but unable to quell his desire to be close to her.

The dressing room was yet another amazing aspect of her home and his mouth fell open in wonder as he beheld all the finery. His pace slowed as he struggled to take it all in, the magnitude of the clothing overwhelming. Sonya's segue to the masks felt appropriately dramatic, with Herself draped along the pretty chaise. Kerr boggled at both sides of the wall, barely able to decide where to look or how to process what he was seeing. Half masks, full face masks, eye masks depicting foxes, cats, rabbits. Masks in lace, swathed with ribbons, bedecked with curling fronds and bells to look like jesters, pirates, soldiers, dancers. Each was more detailed and beautiful than the last but his eyes were continually drawn back to one in particular.

It was a top-half mask, because, even though he was drawn to the full masks, he supposed he'd have to speak to the partygoers, to explain what he was serving them. Nothing without a mouth, in that case. The one he was drawn to looked somewhat like an owl mask, with a bottom layer of black feathers and a top layer of gold and brown ones around the eyes. It also had a set of black horns, the kind found on a bull, that curled above the head. It seemed strong and mysterious and he pointed to it after walking across the floor, back and forth, examining the riches upon the wall for over five minutes.

"That one," he nominated simply, feeling it wouldn't be his place to take it down without her agreement. She'd said to take his pick, but what if she just wanted to see which way his tastes ran, only to deny him if what he chose was too old or special or expensive? She seemed the kind of lioness who liked to play with her sources of amusement, after all. He wouldn't put it past her to laugh at him and refuse to give him what he wanted; she enjoyed dangling his desire in front of him.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: Finding a Nest
« on: June 18, 2019, 05:57:34 PM »
Jeanne smiled speculatively at Murphy as he gathered his bag and obediently left the room. She didn't think it was a fantastic idea for him to cut himself off from his friendship support network for too long but that conversation could wait. Once he was gone, she turned her attention to Charon.

After sending a polite greeting of warmth and acknowledgement to establish a connection, she showed Charon everything from Murphy's memory. Once she got to the part when she arrived, she shared from her own vantage point. All things considered, he did well, she summarised with a soft smile.

Alternate Realities / Re: ALTERNATE: Venture
« on: June 17, 2019, 08:03:47 PM »
Kerr wasn't quite able to take in all the nuances of her sultry voice because she'd brought her face closer to his. She was breathtaking, her head tilted up towards him, her tide-pool eyes glinting in such a way as promised the revelation of endless secrets - but no answers. He licked his lips when she looked at them, hoping...

Then her message penetrated his foggy brain and he frowned. "A masquerade? Masks?" he asked, feeling thick and slow in the wake of her hypnotic beauty. He blushed, feeling she likely thought him an idiot and not wishing to be thought of as stupid but he honestly couldn't think very far past her and the thought of pressing his lips to hers. She was so close and the way she was looking at him made his balls tighten with a confusing mixture of fear and desire.

"Uh, I've never been to a masquerade party before. I definitely don't have a mask," he added with a bashful laugh, scratching at the back of his head self-consciously. "I don't mind wearing one but, yeah, I'll need to borrow one."

The mask proposal still didn't answer his question about what to wear. It would be cool out here on the deck so he likely wouldn't be able to get away with just a dress shirt and pants but he also didn't have any stylish overcoats. Perhaps a full suit? He had an expensive navy one and a black one - the navy one was three piece. Sonya seemed the type to appreciate a sophisticated dresser, so the navy was probably the best idea.

Of course, looking down at her as he was, he was struck by his own arrogance. She was hosting a party with seventy-five of her closest friends. Why would she even care what he was wearing? She'd be too busy circulating and talking, she'd likely speak to him once and that was it. He was a fool for even worrying about impressing her.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: Finding a Nest
« on: June 17, 2019, 07:09:07 PM »
Jeanne sat in one of the sofas gathered around the fire, her left elbow on the arm of the chair, fingers ruminatively stroking the leather as she gazed into the fire. She let Murphy prowl about the room as he would, grateful for a moment to just be, drinking her blood, her legs crossed elegantly. Taking stock of the situation caused an unexpected pang within her. Acting as Murphy's sire-by-proxy made her nostalgic for her years with Leo... and summoned bitterness and anxiety when she thought of Taylor.

She was contemplating the unwelcome taint of her feelings when the buzz of mental communication drew her attention to Charon's presence, and her gaze away from the fire. She gave her grand-sire a half-smile of acknowledgement then blinked at Murphy's statements regarding Lazarus. He had no idea how to modulate his mental voice and he was trying hard to be heard, so he was. Clearly. When she was complimented, she made a noise of humility along the lines of, "Pish!" but raised her glass to the newling sitting by her and smiled her thanks at him.

Her actions were no less than Charon would've expected and therefore not worth discussing.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: Finding a Nest
« on: June 16, 2019, 10:25:07 PM »
The door opened as they approached and they were greeted in the foyer of the Estate by one of the house staff bearing a tray. It held a wine glass and two very large steel travel mugs, the thermos kind designed to hold coffee. All of the beverage containers held warm blood. Jeanne had texted the house in time to have the blood heated and ready for their arrival, though she didn't think Murphy, lost in his thoughts, had noticed.

By now, she was feeling quite fatigued and knew Murphy's hunger would be unrelenting. She took the two mugs and held them out towards the youngling with a smile. "Both are for you," she murmured. "It's quicker and easier than donors and will allow you to drink and speak freely. Try to savour them," she advised, aware that he would likely gulp the first and nurse the second - that's why there were two, after all - but curious about his self control.

Once he took his containers, she lifted the wine glass off the tray, pausing long enough to take a deep, restorative swallow for herself. Her eyes fell closed as the warm, rich liquid ran down her throat, rejuvenating her from within. Opening her eyes, she inclined her head at the staff member with the tray. "My thanks, I deeply appreciate your promptness," she told the man, who dipped his head in return and left.

As Jeanne turned to face Murphy, she sought her grand-sire mentally, able to tell from where she met his mind where in the house he was - but that was no indication of where he'd wish to meet.

I have a surprise visitor; a visitor with a surprise. Murphy is here. Where would you like to receive him? she queried playfully, even as she spoke to Murphy.

"Please. Come with me," she bade, walking beside the youngling as she led him in the direction Charon dictated.

Out Of The City / Re: Hot Tip
« on: June 16, 2019, 09:01:09 PM »
The driver blushed also and nodded, a bashful smile lighting up her face as she was acknowledged. She shook his hand firmly, once, then let it go. "You're welcome," she answered gruffly.

Jeanne was smiling properly now, enjoying the driver's humility. "It was magnificent driving," she agreed huskily, drawing the driver's gaze and another blush. "Merci beaucoup. Please take us home," she instructed then slid liquidly into the car, moving across the seat so that Murphy had room to get in beside her.

She picked up her phone as she did, pondering sending a warning text - Hugh or Ari were likely to be at home and most likely near their phones - but deciding against it. Charon was likely to have felt her impact because she'd used her presence to get the car safely and swiftly out of the city; a sudden burst of power use like that would have snared his attention. He didn't need any more warning than that.

Jeanne watched Murphy get into the car, noting that he pulled the door closed behind him. The driver watched him do it and then got into the front, putting her belt on, starting the car and driving them away from this anonymous pocket of significant change. Jeanne gazed at Murphy speculatively, crossing her left leg over her right and turning slightly towards the newly-made vampire, hands clasped elegantly in her lap. "Do you wish to talk or would you rather silence?" she enquired.

There would be plenty of time for talking when they arrived at Penbrook. Murphy might like to speak now, to get his thoughts in order before he spoke with Charon, or he might prefer to be alone with them. Jeanne had no preference and neither choice would offend her.

Out Of The City / Re: Hot Tip
« on: June 16, 2019, 08:23:21 PM »
Jeanne quirked an eyebrow at Murphy's presumptuous question, a smile playing around her lips but not landing as she regarded him, holding the door for her. She didn't move from her relaxed position, her head canted to look up at him.

"Oui, mon petit oiseau," she agreed, for he was a little bird, who had been delivered unto the care of the Sacramentum... one way or another. Still, that didn't give him the right to dictate to any of them and it was now her role to remind him of such. "But first, are you not forgetting something? I did not arrive here, to answer your desperate plea for help, alone, therefore I am not the only one deserving of your gratitude," she hinted, glancing beyond his shoulder at the driver, who was standing silently by her door, hands clasped politely in front of her body.

She'd been about to open the rear door for both of them; not only had Murphy slighted her by doing her job, he'd completely ignored her presence in the process. It was understandable, given his momentous preoccupation with his life-shift but Jeanne would not allow disrespect in any form. Everyone in their household mattered and no-one was beneath acknowledgement. If Murphy was going to spend any time with them - and she suspected it was going to be a significant amount, now - he needed to understand that.

Sticks & Stakes Pool Hall / Re: First-Time Outing
« on: June 16, 2019, 07:47:33 PM »
"I love drawing! I draw all the time, too!" Dom blurted out to no-one in particular.

The tension of the game almost finishing was getting to him and he'd been holding onto the comment since Ash had mentioned she wanted to be a full-time artist - it was going around and around and around inside his head.

He hadn't wanted to interrupt her concentration but, since she'd paused, he couldn't hold it in any longer. Sighing with relief, he went back to drinking his beer and watching.

Alternate Realities / Re: ALTERNATE: Venture
« on: June 16, 2019, 07:26:35 PM »
Kerr was greatly relieved she'd supply the blood. When she turned to face him, he was compelled to partially mirror her pose; he dropped his left leg so that his foot rested behind him and swivelled so that his hip was resting against the railing, looking at her mouth as she spoke.

It occurred to him that the lights were only on so that he could see what was going on and he wondered what it might be like at a party exclusively for vampires, where they wouldn't need lights and everything could happen secretively, in the darkness. It sounded hot. No wonder they gave the impression humans were tolerable annoyances a lot of the time.

"Cash would probably be best. All up, I don't expect to spend much more than two hundred dollars - it should be less and I'll give you back the change. That hardly seems to warrant the hassle of a card," he demurred, finding the responsibility of handling her card an imposing prospect. He cocked his head, a new concern striking him. "What would you like me to wear?"

It was Halloween, which meant a costume party, he assumed. Did that mean he needed to be in a costume?

Out Of The City / Re: Hot Tip
« on: June 16, 2019, 05:10:08 PM »
"He'll be fine," Jeanne soothed, surveying Murphy's handiwork critically. It was crude but far more effective than most fledgelings, for which she was thankful; she hadn't been looking forward to cleaning up a murder. The human was pale and low on blood but his condition wasn't gong to be fatal. This was a surprisingly successful first feeding, indeed.

Remaining crouched by the mortal, she reverted to communicating with Murphy mentally, wanting to get a feel for how malleable his mind was, how receptive and communicative he would be. His sire had no mental skills worth mentioning; the childe had possibly already outdone its maker in his first hour and Jeanne had no intention of hobbling that learning trajectory. She intended to accelerate it as much as she could, and see how far Murphy could be pushed.

She shuffled quickly through Murphy's working memory, observing his arrival at the motel and subsequent siring through his eyes. The rebellion against Lazarus was brief and then the ancient was gone, heralding the phone call to her and Murphy's ensuing feeding attempts.

Once she was all caught up, she implanted an image of Murphy gathering up the dog corpse and disposing of it in the nearby rubbish receptacle, followed by him returning to the motel to collect his belongings. She tweaked his amygdala while she was at it - not enough to cause outright fear, but enough to encourage a sense of urgency in Murphy's actions - and also to sever his lingering connection with the mortal. It was easier and faster than talking him through it and she wasn't in the mood to prevaricate any longer.

While Murphy moved away, she attended to young Andy. The poor thing began to panic once Murphy left him, his eyes widening as he looked around. She quieted him quickly, touching his leg to gain his attention and smiling at him. He watched her inquiringly as she backed through his memory as well, seeing his work night become quite eventful once he found Murphy feasting upon a dog at the rear of his workplace.

Jeanne took all his memories of Murphy, stitching together Andy's reality of fear and a torn rubbish bag into a false one whereby the bag was torn by an angry dog that attacked him, biting at his neck before he shoved it off and it ran away. She reached over and calmly gouged his neck with two of her nails to support this memory and explain the blood on his clothing. She then flicked the skin she'd gathered out from under them with a look of distaste.

Glancing around the area, she saw a need for a clean up to completely wipe away the traces of what had conspired here, so she compelled Andy to go into his place of work and return with some buckets of hot water and a mop, to wash away the blood stains on the cement. She followed that with an image of him cleaning up the split garbage bag and its contents, before he went back into work and got himself a milkshake and a slice of pie (the sugar would get him through to the end of his shift, she reasoned).

As Andy got to his feet and moved off silently to do her bidding, Jeanne rolled her head in a tight circle and stood up. She rolled her shoulders for good measure as she headed back to the car, enjoying the sensation of the tension in them dispersing. It had been an eventful night and there were still at least three hours until dawn. Enough time to get back home and share this revelation with Charon. She amused herself by predicting his reaction while she stood beside the car, hands casually ensconced in her pants pockets, waiting for Murphy to return.

Hopefully he'd got a look at himself in a mirror and decided to clean up a little before he did. Merde, she should've thought of that and built it into her instructions, too. His sticky, bloody hands and face in her lovely car could make an awful mess. She spun around at the sound of Andy's first bucket of steaming water being dumped onto the pool of dog's blood, settling back against the car to observe him cleaning avidly while she waited for Murphy.

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