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The Majester / Re: Quiet Night In
« on: January 14, 2014, 01:50:48 PM »
"Thomas King, right?" David asked with a grin that began to spread slowly across his face.  It likely looked a little predatory, since he was fairly certain he'd found some prey that his lover had been hunting a long time.  He couldn't believe this fucker had been practically next door.  What were the odds?

Even as he listened to Bill's lookalike's answer, he glanced down at his phone, thumbing his way to calling Bill and lifting it to his ear as he looked back at his neighbour.  His focus was on Thomas, so all he was listening for was his call to be picked up and then he would say, "Get out here.  Now," before he hung up again immediately.  He also briefly eyed the other guy - he wished he could remember what Bill had said the vampire boyfriend's name was but right then he was happy just to keep him in his sights - wondering if there was going to be some sort of trouble coming from him.

There had to be a reason this pair had been dodging Bill all this time, right?  They likely wouldn't be too happy to be discovered now, at random, but David couldn't help that.  He could be ready for some sort of retaliation, though.

The Majester / Re: Quiet Night In
« on: December 21, 2013, 08:00:16 PM »
Once he was sure he was out of Bill's sight, David slid under the slow-moving garage roller door and got to the car in a blink.  The phone was in his hand in next to no time, with a text message to Cain on the screen waiting for his input.  The cursor blinked tauntingly at him as he did his best to wade through the tangle of emotions clogged up inside him and think about what he would say.  What he should say was absolutely nothing - he should be heading back inside with his phone and putting it on to charge, rather than contemplating communicating with his ex lover.  He needed to resolve his awkward feelings with Bill, tend to his relationship as any dedicated lover would.

But he had no intention of doing that.  Cain was still in his heart and heavy on his thoughts and despite the pain he was courting, he needed to make contact with him just one more time.  To say he was sorry, to ask for forgiveness, to beg for some time, to... he didn't really know what to say or how best to put it succinctly, but he was as aware of every second passing like he was aware of hairs prickling on his skin.  He didn't have time to weigh the consequences if he wanted to keep this from Bill, he had to accept that it was something he had to do and just do it.  His fingers flew over the letters and he sent a swift and partly thought-out missive.

'I'm sorry you think painful reminders are appropriate, I don't.  I miss you, I miss what we had.  Hope you're okay, you deserve to be treated like a prince xoxo'

Once it was done, he exited out of the messages section, closed everything down and sauntered out of the garage.  He paused to lock the car once he was back in the cool night air, his gaze flicking around the neighbourhood as he listened to the chirp of the alarm setting followed by the familiar rumble of the garage door starting to come back down (almost as soon as it had reached its apex, so quickly had he acted).  Funnily enough, the neighbours had arrived home while he was in the garage and they were just getting out of their car while he stood there in his underwear locking his vehicle up.  He wasn't really paying them much attention but there was something about the guy that got out of the passenger's side that had him looking twice.

They weren't that far away and his eyesight was supernatural, but still, he doubted what he was seeing.  It didn't make any sense and his brain stuttered as it tried to rationalise and explain what he was looking at.  Instinct drew him closer to the couple, the cold grass crackling beneath his bare feet as he walked, frowning and staring.  His approach was likely faster than it felt to David, for both the men stopped and looked warily at him instead of heading inside immediately, and he got a good look at both of their faces.  That convinced him that he wasn't imagining it, but how could that be?

"Bill?" he called out, addressing the passenger without any real conviction in his voice.  The guy looked almost exactly like his boyfriend.  As soon as it was out of his mouth though, he realised his mistake and a certain photo he'd viewed a few weeks ago swam into his memory, correcting him.  "Wait, no, Thomas?" he asked instead.  Could that be the case?  All this time with his lover prattling on about searching for his long-lost brother and the guy was living right next door the whole time?  What were the odds on that shit?  He'd have said it was completly impossible, if it were't for the fact he was staring at his love's replica randomly standing right in front of him at that very moment.

Out Of The City / Re: Kerr's Return
« on: December 21, 2013, 06:06:29 PM »
Kerr's thoughts were reeling all over the place, delving into suppositions about Ben and Ichabod before being hauled back to a plane where he could control them, so he didn't notice Hesiod's expressions shifting.  The stranger's words, however, struck him metaphorically between the eyes.

"You want to reinstate the Oligarchy?" he demanded, his chin pulling back to press into his throat and a frown of confusion lowering his eyebrows as his surprise was exclaimed in a louder voice than was warranted - a side-effect of his shock, no doubt.  With his mind caterwauling all over the place, he was very much reacting instinctively and discretion was beyond him.

He got the distinct impression that Hesiod was... smooth talking him as he failed to acknowledge Kerr's query about the Oligarchy, yet still referred to their 'mutual problems'.  This ruffled Kerr in such a manner that now his face poked forward and he squinted at the shorter man opposite him.  "Look, I don't know what your game is," the Irishman said, raising his hands as if in surrender and creating another distance between them by dropping the Gaelic and speaking in accented English, "but I don't have any interest in reinstating the former government!"

Kerr's expression became wry as he took a step back and dropped his left hand, leaving his right suspended between he and Hesiod to wave dismissively at the man who'd offered him help.  He also shook his head, negating the offers he'd received.  "That's the last thing I care about right now!  All I want is a flight back to the States to my family to tell them that my being gone all this time was purely accidental.  I don't give a shit about your agenda and I'm not interested in enduring your political ranting in order to get your help.  I can get back there myself," he said firmly, turning to look at the foyer around him.

Even if his feet didn't immediately move, his mind was gallivanting away, convoluting a plan to accomplish his goal without his usual financial resources or interference.  A flight to America... with no money and no jet.  It wasn't that he couldn't call his pilots and get the plane here - he was sure he could talk them around, even after this long - it was the matter of waiting.  Urgency was blossoming inside him like an infectious disease, he had to get to Ben as soon as possible.  The quickest and safest way would be the next flight leaving Austria but the only way he could be certain to avoid sunlight would be if he was closed away somehow... he had it!  He needed to find a funeral home and book himself in a coffin back to the States.  He might also need to feed to properly Dominate all the people he'd need to convince-

Hesiod distracted him from his thoughts and drew his attention once more.

Out Of The City / Re: Kerr's Return
« on: October 29, 2013, 09:16:16 PM »
Kerr's expression brightened, though his eyes narrowed intently at the offer.  "Oh, yes, I'd much rather get back home," he agreed.  "Do you have means to get there?  My... things don't seem to be working," he confessed, looking down at the useless phone he was somehow still holding but thinking about his credit cards as well.  He'd been gone a year and a half, this stranger had confirmed it.  By rights, all his worldly possessions would have been divvied up by his lawyers by now; that was the way he'd specified it happen.  He likely didn't have two cents to his name, let alone have a working communications device.  Best to just get home as quickly as he could, chase nightfall and arrive as his fledglings were waking up... his heart fluttered in his chest even as he thought about it.

How would he approach them?  How could he just walk into his home and announce he wasn't dead?  Worse still, what if they'd moved on without him?  What if Ben had found... it didn't bear thinking on but it prompted another question.  "Who do you represent?" he asked Hesiod, wondering which faction this man was tied to.  The Oligarchy cards had been scattering to the wind when he'd left


so it was possible this man was connected in a way he wouldn't immediately understand.  It would still be someone he knew, surely, and he was hoping it was Ben.  Hesiod might therefore know what sort of situation his fledglings were in.  Looking the robust vampire over, he sensed age not too far from his own, so it was possible he'd met Ben and was here on his behest.  Just waiting for Kerr to emerge and return to him.  If he'd lost his love again... well, he'd cross that bridge when he came to it, lest his sanity desert him.

Out Of The City / Re: Kerr's Return
« on: October 01, 2013, 11:46:50 PM »
Kerr was so startled by the expulsion of his name that he did indeed stop laughing almost immediately.  Hearing his mother tongue spoken had him tilting his head straight back; it rested on the back of the couch as an upside-down man he didn't recognise approached.  He finished speaking as Kerr cocked his head and then rolled his body around in order to turn and face the stranger.  The manouevre was inelegant and largely ineffective so Kerr stood and turned, feeling gawky and strange to be addressed so.

"Who are you and why are you waiting for me?" he asked, amazed by the fact that he'd been gone so long yet someone was still waiting for him?  Sent by who and why?  Surely things with the Oligarchy were fully resolved by now and he had no place of importance among them, given his unexpectedly extended absence?  It wasn't with any sense of suspicion of impropriety that he asked his questions, it was merely with fascination that someone could still find him important enough to wait for him - someone that wasn't Ben or Ichabod.  They were still far away, their blood connected to his but so distant it was hard to focus on.

"Do you know how long I've been gone?" he wondered, his eyes opening with a dazzled enthusiasm generally reserved for young and easily-impressed children.  He wasn't testing the stranger, he was simply looking for a friendly face and some sympathy for the truly stunning awareness he'd so recently gained.

Out Of The City / Kerr's Return
« on: September 29, 2013, 12:02:21 AM »
Follows The Lacuna Coil

Kerr stepped back through the portal and into the hotel room he'd exited from under twenty minutes ago, smiling broadly.  He'd had an enlightening experience with the guardian inside the dimensional vault and now he was eager to get back to Ben and Ichabod to share it with them... only he wasn't alone, as he'd expected to be.  His smile faded as he encountered people, mortals in the room he'd so recently rented.  A couple of mortals, no less, because there was a male in the bed ahead of him and a female walking towards it.  She was about to brush past his left arm, in fact, heading past him to the bed with her book.

Things seemed to slow down oddly for the vampire in that moment because he had time to assess the situation and acknowledge that something had gone quite wrong, somehow.  How could there be people in this room, that had been empty less than twenty minutes ago?  Decent hotels like this place never double-booked rooms and even if it did happen, they couldn't have forgotten he'd rented it in the middle of the night!  The couple were older, probably in their fifties or sixties and they looked settled in here.  Like they'd been here longer than the time it had taken Kerr to even step into the portal.  The gentleman was in bed for a start, back towards Kerr, covered to his armpits with the bed covers, his sparse grey hair and an off-colour white singlet visible above it, as was his wrinkled, sun-kissed arm atop the quilt.  Older people didn't just invade a hotel room in the middle of the night, nor did they just climb into bed without a qualm.  Besides, Kerr had left the room key atop the bed - even if they'd come in mistakenly, surely that little card had alerted them to something odd going on?

Kerr turned to look at the woman passing him.  She had some sort of cream rubbed into her face, for her loose flesh was glistening in the light cast by the bedside lamps (Kerr hadn't even turned any lights on, for he hadn't needed them).  She looked tired, like she'd had a big day of exploring the city and would be glad to get into her bed; she was wearing a well-worn nightdress over her sagging breasts and wobbly little belly.  It almost reached her knees, he noted, before things started to feel more real and she reacted.  When he suddenly appeared at her side, the woman threw the book at him in reflex, stumbled backwards and screamed.  Kerr could only stare at her, not stopping the book from hitting him in the chest, as the man in the bed stopped dozing and rolled over to see what his wife was shrieking about.  Chaos suddenly erupted as the gentleman decided he needed to defend his partner and he began to make caterpillar movements across the bed in order to get out and throttle Kerr.  He yelled loudly as he came.

It was surreal and nightmarish and Kerr reacted on instinct, Dominating the woman first and the man second.  It didn't work wonderfully, for his concentration seemed somewhat off and he only got her quiet and staring at him before the man was on him, punching and kicking out at him.  He was quelled soon enough and Kerr instructed them both to move to the bed and sit on the edge of it.  Knowing he didn't have a lot of time before someone reacted to all the noise suddenly being broadcast from this little room, Kerr wiped their memories of the last minute or so and then disappeared before them.  As he backed towards the door, they blinked at each other and the woman asked her husband how she got there in German.  He repeated her question just as a pounding began at the door.

"Is everything alright in there?" someone from the other side asked and the couple began scrambling to pull bathrobes on over their bedwear.

"Ye-es, why?" the woman warbled back as she shoved her arms into her robe and belted it.

"We had reports of terrified screaming in the room!"

"Screaming?" the man echoed to his wife and she stared at him instead of hastening to open the door.  Kerr felt like a rat in a cage, because he couldn't open it for the mortals and he needed it opened.  He mentally prompted the woman to shuffle over to it, seeing as she was more or less dressed now.

"Screaming?" she repeated as her husband had, opening the door far too wide (especially considering her husband was a bit slower than she at getting his robe done up) because Kerr had made her want to.  He hadn't been in a situation this sticky for years and found he was on the balls of his feet, ready to react to everything.  He rounded the woman and the door, mentally influencing the hotel worker on the other side to not see him, to step back and not to worry.

Without being aware of it, both people allowed Kerr to pass between them and into the freedom of the hallway.  As he raced away, he heard the employee double checking that everything was alright.  He moved his influence from those behind him to the people standing in their doorways (similarly belted into robes as the old couple had been), clutching their lapels worriedly and staring down the hall towards the room he'd come from.  None of them saw him because he was being 'invisible' but he saw them and was aware of the impact he'd had.

It shouldn't have been this way, though!  He rounded the corner towards the lobby and leaned against a wall to gather his wits about him, a frown marring his forehead.  Nothing could explain to him how he'd gone into a portal in an empty hotel room just a short while ago, then come out to find it was occupied and scare the life out of two innocent bystanders (not to mention the occupants of the rooms around them and the hotel staff called to take care of the drama).  He pulled his phone out of his back pocket in order to text his fledglings he was on his way home - for he could feel them again now, and he was consciously attending to his bloodline even though they were asleep on the other side of the world and wouldn't know he'd been cut off from them (he hoped) - but he stopped.  His phone wasn't working properly.  It was still on, but it was displaying 'No service' in the corner of the screen.  When he went to contacts and tried to send a message to Ben, it told him the message couldn't be sent.  It came back to the main screen and he glanced at the time.

A curious lightness entered into him and a little laugh bubbled out as he saw that the time was almost exactly what it had been when he'd gone into the portal.  Just a few minutes had passed?  He shook his head, grinning queerly at the screen as if a joke was being played on him somehow (and he'd been suspecting that oddity ever since he'd stepped into a hotel room holding two strangers), and then his gaze slid to the date displayed on the screen and he froze.  That grin on his face was a leer of contempt, of uncertainty, of confusion.  Utter confusion.  It was... the wrong year.  It should've said 2012 but it didn't.

He looked up, sightlessly, finding that lightness in him was swaying his vision somehow and the wall sporting a fancy artwork across from him wouldn't come into proper focus.

How could that be?
You know how
She kept counting the time...
The time, the time
It wasn't important
It was over a year
Minutes there, months here
Oh my fucking God I've been gone months
I told them I'd be right back and I am
But you're not
It's been more than a year
Eighteen minutes/eighteen months
Oh, god please don't say this is right, it could be a technical glitch-
But the people, the people had been there for hours
And your phone's out of service even though your account is fully paid for

He sucked in a breath, ready to talk, and held it as he stumbled onward, approaching the reception desk at an odd shamble that drew startled looks from the woman - alone and obviously already on edge - behind it.

"What's the date?" he asked her urgently, automatically speaking English.

To her credit, she responded smoothly, perhaps hoping her prompt response might make him go away.

"Are you sure?" Kerr asked her through gritted teeth, finding himself clinging to the reception desk like a drunkard.  That odd swaying had become a ball of panic in his gut and it was so heavy he felt like it was difficult to hold himself upright.

"I'm sure, sir," she repeated in German-accented English, her tight shoulders telling him that her hand would stray just a few centimetres to the right and call security - or the police - if he didn't get himself together.  "Are you a guest of the hotel?  What room are you staying in?"

"No, I... was just visiting someone.  Thank you," he said with a smile that felt like an open slash upon his face and he turned away.  He more or less fell into the nearest plush lounge - and they'd changed the decor, now that he thought about it, while he'd been gone. Gone.  He'd been gone.  He huffed another laugh out again and suddenly found tears welling in his eyes.  It didn't feel real, didn't seem possible, and his loves were expecting him home in a few hours.  He wouldn't have a plane waiting for him any more.  The cabbie would definitely not be circling now... the thought had him barking another laugh as he sat there, his hands casually grasping the chair between his thighs, near his crotch, like hanging onto it while he sat on it might stop the wild, freewheeling ride of confusion cavorting gaily inside him.  He supposed he just needed some time.

The thought sent him into peels of unstoppable laughter.

Out Of The City / The Lacuna Coil
« on: September 29, 2013, 12:00:12 AM »
Just a little bump to reveal this topic so you all can know what Kerr got up to when he left the city with that infamous book...

To the start of the thread!

Capital Building / Re: Gaining Momentum
« on: July 20, 2013, 12:20:13 AM »
When Ichabod looked towards the bed, James realised how he'd sounded and blushed profusely, the vampire's words only contributing to his embarrassment.  Yes, he should have realised that, he was an idiot at times!  Still, those fingers touching his cheek were lovely and he felt like he was some sort of pathetic blushing dog as he stared at Ichabod with huge, whimpering eyes.  It was startling to realise how smitten and compliant he truly was, evidenced by his next words.

"Yes, that's a lovely idea, wonderful!" he babbled, unable to ignore the pull of lust he felt when he met Ichabod's lash-shadowed gaze.  He was a puppet.  It was pitiful and thrilling at the same time, because he'd previously been the one dictating how his relationships - such as they were, 'interludes' was probably a better description - would go (or not, as the cases actually ended up being).  This time, he'd let himself get caught up in something that he was completely out of his depth with and a tiny, rebellious part of him buried deep down inside was glad of it.

He walked out to the living room compliantly, aware of every place his body contacted Ichabod's (and every place he wanted it to contact it) and when they got near the couch he suddenly found the courage to speak.  "I'd like to kiss you some more," he declared breathlessly, facing Ichabod hopefully and not daring to move until he got a response one way or the other.  He'd agree to any course of action from here on out, he now realised, but he was also proud of himself for coming right out and saying what he wanted.  Well, if asking permission and requesting Ichabod's co-operation was pro-active, anyway.

Capital Building / Re: Gaining Momentum
« on: July 16, 2013, 09:03:18 PM »
James shivered involuntarily again and didn't waste any time following Ichabod's lead.  "That sounds like a great idea," he laughed as they stepped back into the apartment and the door to the cold night was closed behind them.  He watched as Ichabod attended to the drapes and sought his opportunity to snatch his companion's hands up in his own and pull him close as soon as he could.  "I'm sure you could help me warm up," he said boldly, tingles of excitement and from the sudden change in temperature coursing across his skin.  He smiled at Ichabod (going for wanton but knowing it probably wasn't as sensual as he hoped) and shimmied close to him again, unaware that it wasn't really possible for vampires to warm people up.  He also hadn't given a great deal of thought to the fact that they were standing in Ichabod's bedroom.

Capital Building / Re: Gaining Momentum
« on: July 10, 2013, 07:49:22 AM »
James' pulse leapt, his heart hammering tingles of excitement through his body as he realised what Ichabod was going to do.  He grinned as Ichabod's face loomed, causing the kiss to feel unsatisfyingly limited as far as contact went but thrilling on a romantic scale.  This night, these surroundings were heady and to have the dreamiest and most mysterious man he'd ever met lean in to kiss him just because he wanted to was a powerful aphrodisiac.  He wanted more and the smile quickly faded as he boldly sought it, turning his body and shuffling into Ichabod's tentative hold so that he could return the kiss with one of his own.

He was never greatly assured at this sort of thing so he knew it was important to trust his instincts and not let his head interfere - he had a habit of overthinking and second-guessing that had stalled him from acting more than once in the past and he was determined not to fall to that tonight.  He'd hoped for a signal, wished to know if what he was feeling was genuine attraction or simply a fascination for the bizarre and unknown and this kiss told him.  Ichabod was a creature he couldn't fathom but James knew that wasn't preventing him from developing feelings for him, nor was it the reason he was.  Their phone conversations had been so intimate, with Ichabod sharing so much of himself that James couldn't help but develop a true sense of the man beyond the vampire.  He liked him a great deal for who he was, even though what he was freaked him out quite a bit.

The kiss wasn't overly deep or wet, James kept it at a tentative tasting of lips and left his tongue out of it.  His eyes fell closed and he tilted his head slightly as he caught Ichabod's lips between his, lower and upper in turn, liking the feel and flavour of the beautiful vampire.  His pulse didn't slow the entire time, it was all exciting and it was hard to tell whether the shivers he was feeling shuddering through his body were due to the cold air whipping around them on the balcony or from the thrill of the kiss humming through him.  Either way, he wasn't about to stop this lovely, delicate kiss tasting any time soon.

Capital Building / Re: Gaining Momentum
« on: July 01, 2013, 02:09:08 PM »
"Not overly... but being this high up would make anyone a bit nervous," James laughed, glancing at Ichabod as he stopped beside him.  His gaze didn't stay on his companion for long, though; it was soon drawn back to the view.  "It's spectacular out here - has to be just about the best view in the city," he grinned, glancing upward in a manner that indicated he was talking about the penthouse's balcony on the floor above them.  "Almost, right?" he hinted cheekily, staring at Ichabod's mouth.

Capital Building / Re: Gaining Momentum
« on: June 17, 2013, 06:00:40 PM »
Ichabod was right in that James wasn't yet comfortable discussing all things vampire but the only thing that might've given away his discomfort was the suddenly elevated pace of his heart and the fact that his eyelashes fluttered a couple of extra times as he thought about playing it as cool as he could.  Ichabod had entrusted him with a very great secret and his curiosity about all aspects of the life had been indulged during their phone calls, but that suddenly didn't seem to matter because - James rationalised the problem to be - Ichabod still seemed so normal.  Slightly paler than others but not freakishly so; hell, he knew an albino girl at school that was paler than Ichabod and that didn't bother him at all.  Being with him tonight had lulled him into a false sense of security, made him feel like he was on a quasi-date with a guy he liked and that was it.

To be reminded that this guy he really liked was actually a supernatural, alternate species was almost a slap in the face because he'd forgotten it.  Was that a good thing or a bad thing?  Bad when he couldn't stop himself from figuratively flinching when reminded of it, he supposed, but also good because he was learning to accept Ichabod for who he was, not what he was... right?  It was a confusing situation and, to stop himself from blushing or reacting in a manner that would certainly be interpreted as less than suave, James looked for the first distraction to hand.  His gaze fell on the sliding door barely visible behind the luxurious drapes and latched onto that, rather than insisting they move on to the study, doing his best to laugh idly with Ichabod before he spoke.

"Yeah, it's a good thing you were looked after.  This apartment is fantastic alright; could we go out on the balcony for a look at the view?" he queried.  No doubt it would be windy as hell out there (though there had to be a reason the designers had chosen to put the balcony outside the master bedroom rather than the main living area, right?  To James, that logically meant they'd be relatively safe by being on the least wind-buffetted side of the Capital) but it would be worth it, for the view.

Capital Building / Re: Gaining Momentum
« on: May 01, 2013, 04:28:16 PM »
James laughed good-naturedly.  "Yes, I ate just before I left home," he assured Ichabod, holding his hand out towards the vampire in a calm-down type gesture before it dropped casually back to his knee.

He began telling Ichabod about his lectures in a cursory fashion but soon found his companion was interested enough that he had to elaborate and give details.  He talked about the courses he was studying, the lecturers, his marks previously (all were sterling, of course) and how the study of law was segregated.  It would be obvious to Ichabod that James enjoyed the presentation parts of his course, the interactions with his tutors and peers, but was not particularly passionate about the dry facts of the law or the amount of study that went with his learning.

When there was a lull in conversation, James realised that he'd been talking - prompted by questions and insights from Ichabod - for over half an hour.  His coffee was long gone and his throat was dry so he decided it was time to change the subject.  "I feel like I've talked too much," he demurred.  "Would it be possible for me to get some water?  And perhaps a tour of the apartment?" he suggested, thinking it would be nice to listen to Ichabod speak instead, especially while he satisfied his curiosity about their surroundings.

Capital Building / Re: Gaining Momentum
« on: April 29, 2013, 11:24:00 PM »
James took his coffee and headed for the sofa they'd sat on last time, the one that faced the lovely view of the city.  He walked to the far end before he sat, leaving Ichabod plenty of room to sit on his left.  He sipped his coffee as he settled, trying not to notice what was in Ichabod's mug - even though he knew what it had to be.  He wasn't sure he was ready to see a blood moustache on that handsome upper lip but he was trying to tell himself he would not freak out if he did.  That would be very uncool.

"Well, I recall a conversation where chess was mentioned," he told Ichabod airily, belatedly reaching down to undo his sneakers so that he could pull his sock-covered feet up onto the couch, his coffee mug placed on the table ahead of him just in case he spilled some.  He tucked his empty shoes to the side, at the end of the couch, even though he doubted either of them would be stepping towards the fireplace.  It wasn't in him to be messy.  Curling his legs behind him, he retrieved his coffee and settled against the back of the couch, smiling at Ichabod.  "We could play it - assuming you have a board," he hinted playfully.

Cypress Shoppingtown / Re: Forgotten Family
« on: April 28, 2013, 09:27:42 PM »
Mick squinted thoughtfully at Ben, weighing his words carefully.  He did this mainly because he didn't want to speak hastily or too harshly and throw his brother offside, he'd snapped a response at people without thinking before and it had never ended well; this needed to be done right, with uncharacteristic finesse, if he wanted to keep hope of receiving the reward he sought alive.  Resentment burned in him that Ben was trying to make his situation sound so bad, but a minute or so ago he'd told Mick that being a vampire was everything he'd ever dreamed and more, so he couldn't be too badly off, even if the politics of his kind saw him facing death rather than legal ramifications.  He was sure his uptight brother never set a foot wrong to run any risks in the first place, so what problems could he have?

"Is that what really happened to your boyfriend?" he guessed, having been suspicious about the whole 'travelling accident' story from the beginning.  That was before he'd figured out the guy was a vampire and had no doubt made Ben one too.  'Travelling accident' sounded like a cotton candy cover story for 'got his head cut off medieval style because he did shit wrong' to Mick; he was okay with being told the truth, though.  He was marginally interested in what a vampire had to do in order to get punished and it seemed his clean-cut, pretty-boy brother had a thing for bad boys who ran afoul of the law.  He'd been there himself, though putting Ben in place of the girls who'd found his juvie record titillating was weird on too many levels to give it much brain power.

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