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Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 19, 2019, 10:29:41 PM »
"In realtà, parlo italiano," Kerr said quickly - apparently not quickly enough, as Jenella's companion turned to move away. Perhaps she compelled him to go, so Kerr chose not to make a grand deal of the situation (though if he returned to them, Kerr would continue speaking in Italian for the mortal's benefit).

"I hadn't intended on pledging anything to anyone," he admitted, wondering if he was being naive. There were no doubt numerous political affiliations being formed and broken here tonight and he had no idea with whom Jenella was associated. She might be connected to Jake (though he doubted it, she was far too discerning) so he thought his best response was something neutral. "I feel a position I held a couple of years ago has no relevance in the current political climate, therefore my current role is merely that of a law-abiding supernatural citizen. As such, it's my duty to support all those in power and abide by their, er, doctrines now - so long as I'm not morally opposed," he smiled without showing his teeth.

Yes, it was an answer without substance but until he knew more about his audience, he wasn't about to reveal his true thoughts. Sabrina's hand at his back was a comfort so when she crouched to speak with Ichabod, its absence was almost as noteworthy as his family's presence. He stepped and pivoted smoothly, turning his body so that he was closer to Jenella and able to observe his loves meeting his old friend. "Might I introduce you to my fledglings?" he asked the glittery-hooded beauty conspiratorially, gaze remaining on her as Ichabod's words about house hunting in the south registered and caused him to blink in surprise. Whether they should what now?

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 18, 2019, 10:29:54 PM »
Kerr's buoyant emotions from being close to Sabrina were quelled by Charon's sharp reminder that he owed him a favour. A thanks-for-fucking-my-boyfriend-when-he-was-sad-and-thought-I-was-dead favour that he should be grateful to be paying back, no less. The price of some allies was much higher than he'd have voluntarily paid, if he'd had the choice, but it wouldn't do to complain.

He pressed his lips together, the physical embodiment of his mental suppression; he merely sent back a wave of acquiescent gratitude... moments before his mind was invaded with a welcome announcement. His eyes widened as he realised his position relative to the woman that everyone was about to be looking at. Luckily for him, she was as fast-thinking as she was gracious and loving - he swiftly found himself by her side, her strong arm around his shoulders as the after-effects of a deliberately-potent ancient voice turned his body into rippling pond-wake.

"Me too," he agreed with her assessment of Jake being worrying, before she requested he introduce her to Ichabod (and, really, she hadn't properly met Ben, either). "It would be my pleasure, District Leader. Congratulations, by the way," Kerr grinned, clapping as Sabrina waved regally at the crowd.

Unfortunately, before he could leave to collect his fledglings, admirers and congratulaters closed in. Kerr tried to sidle away inconspicuously to no avail. When Jenella addressed him directly, he was both surprised and resigned to remaining at Sabrina's side.

Darlings, please come over so you can speak with Sabrina, she wants to meet you, Kerr pressed into Ben's and Ichabod's minds, unable to linger and gauge their reactions to his request when he had a conversation to attend to.

"Pleased to meet you, Ms. Vadim," Kerr responded, grasping her extended hand and kissing the back of it before releasing it gently. He spared her companion a smile and a nod, noting that he was mortal and scanning his surface thoughts reflexively, before he looked back at the gorgeous woman who'd approached him. She was breathtaking... and she'd heard he'd just returned? From the 'dead'? He couldn't decide how he felt about that. "Unusual news obviously travels fast, if you've only just returned to the city and already heard about my, er, absence. Where did your travels take you?" he enquired politely.

He quirked an eyebrow and smiled uncertainly as he was winked at by a passing being that made him feel...awed in the most fearful way, before he refocussed his gaze on Jenella and her handsome companion.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 17, 2019, 03:31:13 PM »
Kerr's lips twisted coyly as Sabrina pressed against his chest and referenced the change in him (instantly! He should have known - she probably smelt it on him as he raced across the grass towards her) but that twist became bitter as she asked about his family. Did she know? She might've meant just Ben and Ichabod but he credited this particular sulfur-infused being with a softer heart than even his own; she was nothing if not kind. She meant all of them, because she cared about everyone. Then again, perhaps she didn't know, otherwise she wouldn't have asked and risked dredging up his pain.

He curled his hands around her hand now and brought it up to his cheek, tilting his head to rest upon the cluster of digits and smile sadly at her. When his knees threatened to buckle suddenly, he knew an ancient must have walked close by and Kerr performed an odd little dip, gripping Sabrina's hands involuntarily tighter, before he straightened. Thankfully, his response to her was largely unaffected.

"I only have Ben and Ichabod now, since Digital killed my sire and our fledges. And Ben is currently under some ridiculous punishment-house arrest, spending his nights with Jake McCloud and Lazarus, of all people! You know better than anyone that things have been worse - apparently Ben will be back in a week - but the family thing's not great for me right now - hopefully it's better for you?" he asked with a wry laugh.

Charon had moved away but Kerr cast a sly glance in his direction, rather hoping his pointed words would indirectly register his disgust with the situation. He was very disappointed to see Charon's attention held by an ancient with a wolf. Oh well, it was probably for the best. He gazed up into Sabrina's dichotomously soulless eyes once more.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 16, 2019, 02:00:34 PM »
“Another week?” Kerr muttered in disgust, releasing Ben and turning his body to include Ichabod into the conversation. He reached out for his younger fledge’s hand while his other arm remained around Ben, feeling guilty about the anger he’d directed at Cub (now that he’d been reunited with Ben and was more stable). Kerr followed Ben’s gaze instinctively and when he saw Sabrina, all thoughts of ill-will towards Charon and Jake ceased.

“Sabrina!” he exclaimed excitedly, noting that she was with Charon and another beautiful being but they seemed to be turning away from her. She was watching them, like she was debating remaining in their company and Kerr sensed the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the witch he owed his relationship - and Ben’s life - to. “Excuse me, darlings, I’ll be right back,” he told his fledglings distractedly and gave each a negligent squeeze before he raced away, tapping into his celerity to appear at Sabrina’s feet before her attention was snatched by someone else.

“My lady!” he declared rather too boisterously to sound truly worshipful, grinning at her as he bowed low over a comically thrust out leg and then straightened, leaning back to gaze adoringly up at the giantess. “How the hell are you, lass?!” He wondered how long it would take her to notice his increased level of magical potency, thanks to the planar acces rune his demon friend had buried in his chest.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 16, 2019, 01:54:01 AM »
Jeanne arrived after Ari did but he appeared hesitant to make initial contact (his darting eyes travelling from the giantess to the nudist gave him away) so Jeanne stepped swiftly into the fray, as delighted by the evening's bohemian intrusion as Charon was. There was something so wildly incorrigible and creative about an unexpected party guest! Smiling up at the tall, goggled interloper (though if he was tall compared to her diminutive frame, Sabrina was a veritable tower), she crooked her elbow towards him. His scent was a cocktail of earth and beasts, of moonlight and freedom and she found the redolence intoxicating.

"Come with me, my little ball of yarn, and we shall see what there is to hold you altogether," she invited smokily, her eyes twinkling at Digital. She could physically tug him away from Sabrina if it seemed necessary but she hoped he would come willingly. She thought boldly of the bulging closets upstairs, filled with frilled and dazzling finery, from which their spontaneous guest might choose anything he wished to clothe himself in - even one of her decadently expensive frocks if he liked - hoping to bait the hook further.

Before a decision could be made, howling erupted from the shadows of the garden, its mournful tone stirring Digital's attention from her lure. Ari was dispatched with a mere press of her will that he investigate who or what the howler wanted, and Jeanne refocussed her desire for Digital to accompany her, once more.


Kerr held Ben to him with his long fingers cupping his lover's head, woven through his hair, cheek to cheek and eyes closed while he inhaled his scent. His lips were close to Ben's ear, moving in an incessant litany of gratitude that Ben appeared unharmed and happy to see him.

Pressing words of caution into his mind was all well and good for his fledglings, but they hadn't endured weeks of inexplicably growing apart from the man he loved, feeling like a returned-from-the-dead inconvenience, only to have him taken away completely in some barbaric form of forced fealty and punishment. He'd known just enough to understand that Ben was safe, who he was surrounded by and therefore just enough to go out of his mind with worry. Diplomacy was going to be very difficult after that... but at least it no longer seemed beyond the scope of possibility, with Ben in his arms.

After his initial contact, Kerr pulled back and kissed Ben - really kissed him, needing to drown momentarily in his taste, his familiar texture, to express through trembling lips and a savouring tongue what his heart felt; that being forcibly separated had hurt and, though he was furious at Ben, he'd missed him and loved him. He broke the kiss when it was necessary and finally, finally looked into his beloved's beautiful silver eyes to speak to him.

"You and getting mixed up with politics and ancients... you're going to be the fucking actual death of me, you know that, don't you?" he murmured wryly, not entirely exaggerating. "Can it be over now? Can I just take you home with me tonight? Have you served your penance or is there some fucking reason that that wankstain won't let you go?" As he spoke his harsh words, a smile still flitted around his mouth because he was looking at his darling, his fingers softly brushing his nape and his ears and his throat, feeling the substantial and soul-satisfying presence of him. Of Ben.

It was hard to stay entirely angry when they were this close. It helped him ignore Digital and the complicated tornado of emotions roused by him, too.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 14, 2019, 11:04:53 PM »
Coming, love, Kerr replied to Ben, his impatience travelling with the thought. He and Ichabod had arrived at the party in a timely manner (on the early side, even) only to be detained in an anteroom off the foyer of the expansive mansion. It had been close to half an hour and he was ready to bolt, decorum be damned.

It wasn't that he and his fledgling were guilty of any great transgression - Kerr was dressed formally as stipulated, wearing black pants, shiny black dress shoes and a charming teal-coloured formal Nehru shirt and jacket, holding the invitation that clearly stated he could bring anyone he wished, with Ichabod looking equally dashing and contrite by his side - it was just that they'd piqued the interest of the Sacramentum member greeting everyone at the door. She seemed wholly too intent on getting to know them for Kerr's liking.

"Ah, the infant tugs at the heartstrings," Jeanne murmured in husky French, grinning meaningfully at Kerr. His mental communication might as well have been spoken aloud, for all its clarity to her ancient sensibilities.

Kerr scowled at the flash of her dimples, still not trusting their apparent innocence. The woman looked like a mobile flower in her elegant dress, her every move sophisticated and calculated. Through the course of their conversation, he'd learnt that she was responsible for the entire party; she'd taken great pride in explaining her role as the Sacramentum's social director and organiser. She was often to be found at Venture (an establishment Kerr was forced to admit he'd yet to visit) but had been unfazed by Kerr's lack of knowledge on the subject and smoothly redirected the conversation to arts and antiquities, drawing him out of his infuriated mental state and onto captivating topics that he was interested in.

Damn her. She was too charming, her accent and mannerisms too alluring, her genuine interest in his family and his feelings too sincere. She wanted to know everything there was to know about Ben and Ichabod, openly admitting that she was glad of Charon's inappropriate dalliance with Ben, even though most of the family hadn't liked it. It made her own mistakes - which she didn't elaborate on - less awful and Charon seem closer to human again.

Despite Jeanne's warmth and wit, her genuine manner and her deliberate inclusion of Ichabod in the conversation, Kerr did his best to resist her. She no doubt read his thoughts and emotions as easily as Ben read a book, but he did his best to stay off his knees, to fight her charm, to tell himself that she was untrustworthy. All of them probably were. Plus, they followed an asshole that was seriously fucking with his family and his already-unstable mental state.

"Yes. I really must be going," Kerr announced firmly, also in French, yet he didn't move anywhere. He couldn't, without permission. The woman had a thousand years on him and it was her party; he had frustratingly little power in this situation.

Thankfully, Jeanne seemed ready to let him go at last. "But of course you must!" she declared in sultry English, opening her arms and tilting her head to take one more delighted gaze at him before she clasped his forearms and leant forward to kiss each of his cheeks in turn. "Find your love, your brother," she enthused, holding Ichabod's arms and kissing his cheeks also, before pulling back to bestow a twinkling smile upon him, "and enjoy the party!" A sweeping gesture towards the door was everything they needed to confidently take their leave at last.

Kerr didn't have to be told twice. He strode out into the party, pausing briefly to tuck his invitation away in a pocket and be sure Ichabod was keeping up with him, before he followed his instincts to Ben. He scanned the crowds without registering a great deal, doing his best not to make eye contact and accidentally invite another conversation he didn't want as they began to make their way out to the garden.

"That was a nightmare," he growled at Ichabod, taking advantage of his fledgling's proximity by leaning a hand on his shoulder. It helped keep him upright and stop his knees from buckling every time he got within spitting distance of an ancient. The fuckers were everywhere, it felt like.

Truthfully, the chat with Jeanne had been pleasantly interesting but Kerr needed to regain the mood he'd had before that little dalliance. Ichabod would no doubt be disheartened to witness the return of the angry, frustrated and bombastic sire he'd been forced to endure while they got ready and rode here in the car but Kerr needed to embrace that state of mind again. He was pissed off with everyone; Charon for this ridiculous arrangement, Jake for going along with it and Ben for opening his mouth and putting himself at the mercy of yet another fucking ancient. He'd been forced to spend the last three nights exchanging maddeningly infrequent texts with Ben - live in his cell in Jake McCloud's incarceration centre! - and he'd had enough.

He was only at this stupid party to find his fledgling and take him home and if anyone was going to change his mind, he was ready to fight. Fuck them and their stupid rules. His dark scowl returned in full force as they made their way through the throng and out to Ben.

Haven Crest / Re: Tour Guide
« on: February 12, 2019, 10:39:21 PM »
Kerr’s expression didn’t abate but he also had no more questions - well, none that could be answered with anything but hypothesis and hope, anyway.

He was mildly annoyed that Ichabod had changed the subject but he supposed he should be grateful; what joy was there in an autopsy, after all? The city he’d known was dead and the people he’d circulated with were gone. Analysing it wouldn’t bring joy and it wouldn’t bring his friends back.

Gnawing ruminatively on his tongue stud, he tilted his head and made a gesture with his hand that silently invited Ben to guide them onward. He stepped back down to rejoin his fledglings, trying to ignore the sadness and confusion being eighteen months out of step with the world had dropped in his gut.

Haven Crest / Re: Tour Guide
« on: February 11, 2019, 10:59:06 PM »
Kerr didn’t allow Ichabod to answer, he sprang to his feet and interrupted before his younger fledge could respond, scowling at Ben.

“Hang on. Last night, you said everybody had left. You made it sound like they’d scattered when it all got too hard. But you think it’s far more sinister than that for Conner? He might be... dead?”

Truthfully, they hadn’t gone into detail and Kerr hadn’t been able to fully process all the facets of how the city’s political structure had fallen apart in his absence - and then there’d been Charon’s interruption, followed by reacquainting themselves on an intimate level.

It had been a tumultuous reunion; now Kerr sought clarity.

General Announcements / Re: Welcome followthesun!
« on: February 11, 2019, 06:54:12 PM »
Welcome, followthesun!  ;D

Haven Crest / Re: Tour Guide
« on: February 10, 2019, 10:32:33 PM »
Kerr had stepped up another level and settled into one of the seats, legs splayed and hands clasped in his lap. The room was interesting but it didn't compare to the interplay between his fledglings; he admired them silently, feeling the gentle thrum of their mental communication without the desire to investigate what they were saying. It was enough that the tension between them had dialled right down and that they were treating each other civilly. It was unlikely to last, so he was loathe to intervene but he had questions that needed to be asked.

"Isn't that Conner's clan?  Won't he do it for you?" he asked Ben.

Capital Building / Re: Sire 2.0
« on: February 05, 2019, 11:19:04 PM »
“Or we could drive with Ichabod?” Kerr intervened helpfully. There didn’t seem a point in summoning another car if Ichabod was willing to chauffeur. He raised his eyebrows encouragingly at his younger fledgling, hoping he’d be amenable. Kerr didn’t feel like being separated from either of his darlings, even if their company came with the notion that the pair of them were cling-wrapped in clone suits, playing a much older version of themselves beneath unfamiliar, glossy exteriors.

Just a few nights ago all three of them had clung together in one bed, united in their horror at almost losing Ben to Themba. Now they were circling each other like testy cats, waiting for a sign of vulnerability and Kerr was... bewildered. He wondered if he would run into Connor at this Academy of Ben’s. That might help cement reality for him a little more.

Capital Building / Re: Sire 2.0
« on: January 26, 2019, 11:29:40 PM »
Kerr watched Ichabod pull away and quailed in the wake of his... dismissiveness? Impatience? No, his assertiveness. It seemed to Kerr that he was becoming an afterthought, caught in between his fledglings, as Ichabod antagonised Ben (somehow).

“Sure,” he agreed to seeing the Academy. “That’d be-“ he trailed off as Ben invited Ichabod to accompany them. The challenge in his tone was clear, despite his pleasant words, and the air crackled with tension as they squared off.

Kerr closed his mouth and frowned, deciding to watch and see what unfolded; the road to peace was likely to be rough but he wouldn’t intervene unless it was absolutely necessary.

General Announcements / Re: Test
« on: January 25, 2019, 06:38:20 PM »
I didn’t study!!  :wacko: :blink: :ohmy:

Capital Building / Re: Sire 2.0
« on: January 24, 2019, 10:08:23 PM »
Ichabod was clearly out of sorts and although he knew some mental interplay was afoot, Kerr didn’t think Ichabod’s unease was all to do with Ben. He was probably angry that Kerr was alive; oh, not in the sense he wished him dead, Kerr knew, but certainly because everything was upside down again and he’d probably been going along quite well in his own life without this whole dramatic intrusion.

The fact that he avoided talking about the mortal belonging to the scented apartment might mean they were insignificant but Kerr thought it likely the opposite. It was in Cub’s uncharacteristically crisp tone, the way he coveted his privacy by offering to put himself out rather than share details about his routine; he’d probably just got things the way he liked them and now it was ruined.

Well, too bad. It was what it was and if Ichabod had issues with it, Kerr would welcome him opening up and airing his opinions, rather than retreating behind polite defenses, leaving him guessing. He reached over and cupped Ichabod’s face, smiling lovingly at him despite his stern thoughts. Just because he wanted Ichabod to stand up for himself didn’t mean he loved him less.

“I owe you an enormous debt of gratitude, don’t I? You protected Ben and me by not discussing Themba and you persevered with Ben when you were both upset. And now, you’re willing to put yourself out for meetings, just because I’ve asked you to, without asking anything for yourself in return. You can tell me if it’s too much, you know,” he hinted.

Capital Building / Re: Sire 2.0
« on: January 19, 2019, 05:01:49 PM »
Guilt rose as Kerr realised he hadn’t given enough consideration to Ichabod’s feelings. He’d been so focussed on their reunion, he hadn’t thought bringing Ben would be a problem but, really... he was an idiot. Having a year to brew bad blood didn’t augur a pleasant time for his fledglings - or any of them, really. Feeling Ichabod’s muted anger mixed with Ben’s bubbling happiness only upset him; Cub was doing his best to hold his negativity in check but Kerr couldn’t tell exactly what had Ben’s spirits up. Kerr could only hope it wasn’t superiority in one form or another.

He regretted bringing Ben because it upset Ichabod but he also couldn’t bear to be away from his love - Ichabod didn’t need to hear that said so bluntly, though - so he chose not to acknowledge the snippy questions from his younger fledgling. He also chose not to send Ben down to the lobby to wait because he selfishly didn’t want to encourage drama.

“He told me how poorly he treated you, yes. I’m sorry you two couldn’t... well, support each other, I suppose. I feel I’m mostly to blame because the situation should never have arisen. I’d planned to divvy up my assets better but there didn’t seem any rush. Now I know better. I have some interesting legal meetings in my future - not the least of which is convincing my lawyers that I’m not gone after all,” he said with a conspiratorial smile. “I expect you’ll be involved but I don’t want to put any pressure on you with regard to availability just yet. You haven’t even had a chance to tell me what’s new with you?”

Kerr could smell the ‘new’ but that wasn’t the same as being told about him. He rolled his hand beneath Cub’s so that their fingers could intertwine and raised his eyebrows encouragingly.

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