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Old Roleplays / Re: False Directions
« on: January 14, 2009, 10:28:06 AM »
It took Raphael quite a few moments just to process what Rhythm had said. Even after all the thought, his only reaction was a mental What? The shock took the edge off of his indignation, though it didn\'t much lessen it. His expression was a mix of cross and confused when he spoke again.

"...What?" he began, shaking his head expressively. Okay, maybe not the most eloquent of beginnings, but Raphael wasn\'t much of a speaker, usually. "Simpler existence? High breeds? Low breeds? What is this, supernatural Eugenics?" he demanded, crossing his arms and beginning to walk again. It wasn\'t the friendly amble he\'d adopted before, but made up of many small, stabbing steps. The dark look he was giving Rhythm confirmed that he was most certainly not at peace with the other\'s explanation just yet.

"So they\'re lower than you because they\'re not as powerful, is that the idea? There aren\'t \'high breeds\' or \'low breeds\' - gods, where\'d you even learn that! There\'re just people, supernatural or otherwise, some stronger than others and some not, trying to make their way in the world," Raphael snapped, not giving Rhythm time to respond to his last question before he began his small tirade.

Then again, thinking about it... vamp-shifter. So Rhythm was, potentially, very old. Hell, maybe he\'d been part of the whole Eugenics movement. It still didn\'t make it okay to the redhead, but it would certainly explain it a little better, especially since vampires were solitary and shifters weren\'t particularly known for being racists. Still, the whole thing was weird to Raphael. Weird... but at least he wasn\'t promoting the idea that they kill all the humans or anything.

The Grounds / Re: Anger turned Outward
« on: January 14, 2009, 10:16:26 AM »
The one thing November took comfort in was the look of horror on the girl\'s face. That really did cheer him quite a bit. In fact, the more he thought about it, the better it seemed. She\'ll be mine for the next two weeks... And she\'ll have to do anything I tell her to, the white-haired boy thought, his mind already coming up with tasks for her. December\'s hand moved lightly on his head in the barest hint of a scratch, making November wonder yet again whether his brother was psychic and hiding it from him.

December listened carefully to the girl when she spoke her name, his face impassive. Pitch-dark ears caught the subtle inflections of pride as she spoke, and the master smiled. "Proud, aren\'t you... or arrogant," he said, his lips rising into another one of those bone-chilling smiles. November felt a proprietary pride for his brother in that moment, as he had a feeling he knew what was coming.

"Perhaps this will help you learn humility... Or at least to hide such foolish pride around your betters. I expect you to practice that when you report to November after your classes every evening. You\'ll be attending him until you are dismissed or until two candlemarks after the midnight call. Keeping up with your classes is, of course, your responsibility. I\'m sure you\'ll find a way," December added, examining one of his delicate hands as he did. After a moment spent in concentration, his eyes flicked back to the elven girl before him. "Do you have any questions?"

November was feeling wickedly pleased at this outcome, as much as he hadn\'t thought he would. So! Not only a servant, but a servant for a long time! December had even given her to him for the majority of his day, since November, being largely nocturnal by nature, was usually late to bed and late to rise. He said nothing, though - just smiled for the moment. This would be, in its own way, a whole new kind of fun.

Old Roleplays / Re: Night Music
« on: January 14, 2009, 10:05:04 AM »
He really is slow to speak, Jazz thought, though there was no real opinion hinted in his mental voice. Jazz didn\'t mind the wait - in fact, he rather liked this blue-haired teen\'s method of communication. It was surely better than some who spoke without a moment\'s thought to their words. Jazz wasn\'t always sure he was actually speaking with those kinds of people - it sometimes felt as though there was a chance they were just making sounds that so happened to form coherent words.

The mysteriousness Jazz could do more without, but damned if he was going to have his wish answered... Especially in the short time they had left on the ride. The car just three ahead of theirs was already emptying, and Jazz knew it wouldn\'t be long before it was their turn. He considered pushing the question anyway, but... No point now. Too little time, he thought, eyes flicking to the end of the ride and then back to the boy before him.

It was interesting... People almost never came to the amusement park alone. It had, at some point, become labeled a "group activity" by the American subconscious, which made loners like Jazz an oddity. Not that this bothered the halfbreed, but... what about this teen? What had brought him out, alone, to an area designed for groups? Or maybe he wasn\'t alone after all.

"Didja come here alone?" Jazz asked, voice devoid of the subtle inflections that made the question sexual. He sounded curious, yes, but that was all he sounded. As he spoke, he moved to tuck his sax safely back into its case. If he would be disembarking soon, he didn\'t want it to come to harm.

Old Roleplays / Re: Our Demons Within...
« on: January 05, 2009, 05:08:42 PM »
Reave ignored Devon\'s counter to the full-moon thing. What did he know about vampires anyway? And if he did know about vampires... Then hell, actually, it wouldn\'t be so bad if he knew his houseguest was a half-werewolf. But there was no way of knowing, so Reave stuck with his first reaction and pretended Devon hadn\'t said anything at all.

Blood under your nails? Reave thought, eyebrows crawling upwards. At least Devon didn\'t sound comfortable with it. Anyone who could be comfortable with that probably wouldn\'t sit well with Reave, and certainly wouldn\'t be someone he wanted to be sleeping around. "So yeah, violent stuff happening that you don\'t remember. Nothing new. Now, about that bed...?" Reave said, lolling his head to the side. He didn\'t have to wait long for Devon to confirm his statement of "bed." Small blessings, the halfbreed thought wryly, watching as the other tried to recompose himself.

"That was a quick turnaround," Reave laughed. Devon really was fun to be around, in his own insane, pain-in-the-ass, pretty little flower boy way. Maybe it was just because cracking that mask of his was so goddamn satisfying, or maybe it was because he had such weird reactions to some things... Reave didn\'t really know. Just that this was enjoyable.

Catching the clothes wasn\'t a problem. The halfbreed opened his mouth to make some kind of "sleeping nude" joke, but quickly bit it off at Devon\'s exclamation. "Did more of a number on you, I see," Reave said instead. He rose quickly, gracefully, and moved over to the other man. After a moment\'s examination, Reave reached up and grabbed the collar of the shirt with both hands, then grit his teeth and pulled in opposite direction. Devon wouldn\'t have had more than a moment to think before his T-shit was ripped halfway down the middle.

"This\'ll make it easy on you," Reave muttered, not knowing why he\'d bothered to help when he could have watched the other squirm. Even as he thought that, though, he finished the tear so that the shirt was ripped completely down the middle. Reave dropped his hands and stood there a moment before he gave himself a mental shake and turned his back to the other. He didn\'t speak as he pulled off his shirt and pants, then boxers, and pulled on the pants part of whatever Devon had given him. For once, he didn\'t really know what to say, so for the moment he settled on nothing.

Old Roleplays / Re: Our Demons Within...
« on: December 29, 2008, 04:53:49 AM »
Anger flare, anger die, Reave thought, amused at the mercurial temperament of his host. Reave just watched as he exploded, then deflated just as quickly, noting the wince he gave as he did. We look like hell, Reave thought, fingering the gashes in his own clothing. Bloody, too... But he healed faster than Devon did, and was in considerably less bad shape overall.

Reave snorted when Devon brought up the werewolf thing again. "You keep harping on that. Don\'t werewolves only come out on the full moon?" he asked, letting his head loll to the side to get a better look at Devon\'s face. Not that he was looking at it straight on. He just had a feeling it would further rile the other and Devon\'s buttons were more fun to press than anyone else\'s.

So he could go with that theory... Probably not the first time something like this has happened, though I\'m willing to bet this is the worst it\'s ever been, the redhead thought, considering the other\'s shoulder with pensive amber eyes.

"I\'ll just tell you the story," Reave said, moving nothing but his mouth. The realisation of the depth of his fatigue was slowly dawning on him, and it occurred to him that maybe going wolf and fighting twice in a night wasn\'t the best of ideas. Especially that last battle, which had been... something else. Reave stifled a yawn, then began.

"You kept getting this weird light purple look to your eye and warning me away, except it wasn\'t really you. Different voice, and it talked about you in the third person... ad it just looked different. Felt different too. I asked if it was a psychopath or a demon... said both. Then it threatened to skin me and we fought until it got tired or something and left. You know the story from there," the halfbreed said, speaking slowly but precisely and with precious little emotion. More and more, he was just wanting to go to sleep. Couldn\'t they deal with this in the morning?

Probably not, Reave thought grumpily, eying Devon again. Besides, it wouldn\'t be bad to get this all cleared up now. Especially if Reave was to sleep here, which he was wanting more and more. "So, given all that, I think you\'re sharing that pretty-boy body of yours with a demon or something. Some kind of spirit, and he doesn\'t like me," the redhead continued with a lazy shrug. He looked upwards, face pensive, for a moment, then spoke again. "Ever had blackouts before? Hear voices? If you have, it\'s probably that spirit thing I just mentioned. Now can we go to bed?" On that last one Reave brought his head down to look at Devon again, a twisted smile "gracing" his face.

Old Roleplays / Re: False Directions
« on: December 29, 2008, 04:41:00 AM »
Raphael glanced down at the pavement, smiling grimly - though it would only show up as a duck of  the head to Rhythm, since he was ahead of the other man. I make everyone nervous, why\'s that special? Raphael thought, imagining the words coming out of the mouth. He kind of wanted to say it, but... no. It would be a little bit tactless.

Tactless like Rhythm\'s next remark. Raphael stopped in his tracks, giving the other an incredulous look. "Excuse me?" he asked hotly, drawing his head back in anger. "Low-breeds? Do you mean humans? You know, the perfectly respectable race who made the society we\'re so happily enjoying at the moment?" the halfbreed asked. Okay, so maybe he didn\'t need to take it so personally. After all, he didn\'t have a drop of human blood in his veins.

But it was that racism against humans that really drove Raphael up the wall when it came to other supernaturals. The attitude of being so much better than them really ticked him off. After all, who was to say they were better? Had any of their races moved from one corner of the world to the other, then populated the whole thing? And their inventions were incredible! Raphael loved humans and their society, and he likewise hated it when other people belittled them.

That was why the moment found him glaring at Rhythm for all he was worth, daring the other to try to talk his way out of this one. Ignorance he could understand, but blatant racism was a different story entirely.

The Grounds / Re: Anger turned Outward
« on: December 19, 2008, 04:22:00 AM »
December watched the girl impassively, noting the carefully concealed flickers of hatred, anger and... perhaps uncertainty? that flicked across the backs of her eyes. None of it bothered him much, and it was nothing he wasn\'t used to. The only hatreds he considered threats were those that came from other Masters, or occasionally from apprentices. All the others didn\'t concern the cait sidhe in the slightest. By the time they were good enough to pose any kind of threat, he would be back in the unseelie courts and anyone foolhardy enough to come after him there was destined for a quick end.

November watched her a little less impassively, but he wasn\'t yet schooled enough in the arts of reading people to discern the different emotions. No... to November, she was just hiding something, but the only reason he suspected it was anger was because he\'d seen her beforehand. And seeing that anger directed towards December was raising the hairs on the back of his neck. His tail was slowly poofing up as well, though it stopped when his brother tightened his fingers in his hair.

"I\'m glad we have an understanding. You\'ll be serving November in your evenings for the next.... oh, two weeks," December proclaimed softly, his eyes still trained on the younger girl. November looked up at his brother sharply, then glared at the 7th level as though it were somehow her fault - or his punishment. "Perhaps that will teach you to think about your actions," the master continued, either oblivious to or ignoring his sibling\'s reaction.

December\'s eyes flicked to both of them, once each, before he smiled. It was almost terrifying. "I don\'t recommend trying to dodge this - either of you," the black-haired man added. Apparently he hadn\'t been oblivious to November\'s feelings on the subject. November, knowing his brother was right, just sighed. At least I\'ll have a personal servant, he thought, though he was still somewhat glum. "Now. What\'s your name, girl? And please... do not insult me by lying," December asked, though it was more of a demand. He wanted to know her name just in case she did try to dodge out of her punishment.

Student Quarters / Knocking on -someone\'s- door
« on: December 16, 2008, 06:39:28 AM »
It had been an easy day for Blue, since, for some reason, most of his usual duties just hadn\'t needed doing today. For the most part, the students and masters he usually served had been occupied with other things and hadn\'t needed his help. Oh, he\'d brought up a couple trays of food and mended one student\'s robes, but that was all he\'d done, really.

That was why, when a messenger-boy had informed him of a summons to one of the student\'s chambers, he hadn\'t resented it in the slightest. "Who\'d you say it wa-" Blue began to ask the boy, for he hadn\'t quite caught the name the first time, but he was already off. The pixie sighed through a smile, then began to tidy himself up. Blue made it a priority to always look neat while on the job, and now was no exception.

Humming as he did so, Blue combed out his hair, straightened his sash, cleaned his face and hands and tied the string at his throat. When he left the servants quarters, he looked every inch the professional servant. The image might even have held, if not for the fact that he shortly began practicing a well-paced waltz down the hall.

Blue was quick to cease his frivolities if anyone approached him, but he didn\'t always realise they were there in time. He got caught twice, both times by students, before he finally danced up to the door he was supposed to be at - he thought. His memory was normally very good, but the boy had spoken very quickly and left no note... Oh well. I\'m pretty sure this is the right place... he thought. The pixie did one last check-over of himself, then put a smile on his face and knocked solidly on the door.

It occurred to Blue just as he did that the boy hadn\'t told him why this student - it wasn\'t one Blue had served before, he knew that much - had wanted him either. Dismayed, Blue looked down at his hand, then quickly clasped both behind his back. I hope this wasn\'t a prank, he thought, eyes betraying a little of his worry as someone on the other side approached the door. An angry student could be very dangerous, as Blue well knew. I\'ll just have to hope for the best! the pixie concluded as the door began to open.

Old Roleplays / Re: Afternoon Sushi-Break
« on: December 16, 2008, 06:26:14 AM »
The way Red\'s eyes lingered on him as he stretched didn\'t exactly make Ariel uncomfortable so much as self-conscious. This wouldn\'t be the first time a boy had checked him out, but it wasn\'t exactly common, and Ariel wasn\'t exactly used to it. That was why, after a moment spent settled, he reached up to adjust his glasses. Under Red\'s scrutiny, he wanted them to be properly aligned...

Ariel was somewhat relieved when Red expressed a preference for walking. Somehow, the behemoth had the feeling he might have just gotten in over his head, however interesting Red was. Still, he was in now, and he planned on swimming.

Ariel smiled as he watched Red stretch. He didn\'t do it shyly, but again, a little bit self-consciously and more out of the corner of his eye than not. Another thing he wasn\'t used to was checking out guys, or even particularly wanting to. Oh, he\'d dabbled in homosexuality before, but he\'d never done anything particularly risque and it hadn\'t been because of any real interest so much as an insistent curiosity. Red wasn\'t the first half-incubus he\'d met, but he was the first male half-incubus he\'d met, and the more he let himself think about it the odder it seemed to him.
Enough of that, Ariel thought, chiding himself lightly. Red couldn\'t help his nature, and Ariel wasn\'t about to hold it against him. Furthermore, he\'d invited him out for icecream, and now Ariel was going to follow through, nervous or no. "I\'m glad to hear you say that," Ariel said over his shoulder as he began walking. He was sure Red wouldn\'t have any trouble whatsoever catching up.

"It\'s a nice day for a walk. We\'re about 10 blocks from the first place I was thinking. Sound good to you?" the silver-haired man continued, removing his iPhone as he did. While he spoke, he typed away a message to his secretary, letting her know that he wouldn\'t be in for another hour at least. She would be irritated, but there wasn\'t much she could do about it. After all, Ariel thought with a possessive grin, it is my company.

Old Roleplays / Re: False Directions
« on: December 16, 2008, 06:13:00 AM »
Cadence? Raphael thought with a pang of sympathy. He\'d probably had the kind of parents who thought it was horribly hip to give their boy-child a girl\'s name. No wonder the guy started using "Rhythm" instead. If it was weird, at least he wouldn\'t get teased for being a girl over it. At least my mom gave me a boy\'s name, the redhead thought. It was one of the few kindnesses she\'d afforded him.

"Nice to meet you, Rhythm. And how do I do what?" Raphael asked with an easy smile. Now that the guy wasn\'t talking straight into his head, he actually seemed pretty nervous! Then again... Raphael thought ruefully. It was the rare person he met who could spend any time in his presence without turning the clocks back to middle school levels of nervousness, at least the first time they met. Anyone who spent a great deal of time around Raphael got used to the pheromones and stopped stammering and blushing each time he looked at them.

Not that Raphael minded. He actually found it kind of flattering, and endearing besides. It also gave him a good measure of people... The ones who could act like it was nothing were the ones who gave the halfbreed pause. Usually, it meant they either weren\'t human or had so practiced the art of seduction that they could do it no matter the circumstance. Raphael was always a little suspicious of supernaturals until he knew what they were, and as for the people who could play those kinds of games in their sleep... Well, they didn\'t really suit the redhead\'s tastes.

While they walked, Raphael wondered what Rhythm was. Though he\'d heard of telepathic humans before, Raphael had never met one. Besides, telepathic humans were probably rarer around this city than just plain supernaturals, so chances were Rhythm was like Raph in that regard. Now all that was left to discover was what kind of supernatural he was, anyway...

Old Roleplays / Re: Our Demons Within...
« on: December 15, 2008, 06:28:20 AM »
Reave considered his now-irate host\'s shoulder with calm curiosity. At least he\'s not in shock anymore, the halfbreed thought wryly, the emotion giving his eyes an amused gleam. He let Devon vent without fussing over it - what was the point? Clearly the guy had no idea what was going on with his own head, and clearly he thought Reave had just tried to eat him.

That last one he kind of resented. It wasn\'t like he didn\'t have opportunity before this, right? The redhead\'s look grew affronted, and he glared coldly at a spot somewhere just to the left of Devon\'s face. "Actually, I\'m not a werewolf, and if I\'d wanted to hurt you I then please enlighten me as to why I chased off a merry little band of thugs for you?" Reave asked, his voice as cold as his look. He continued after shifting his glare to the other side of Devon\'s face, giving them one instant of eye contact.

"Or hell, if I get off on both helping people out and tearing them to fucking pieces, why wouldn\'t I have done so in a dark alleyway? I mean come on - like this is a better place to get into it? Yeah right. Someone\'s probably called the cops already," the halfbreed said, ending in a somewhat pensive mutter. Actually, given how long that had gone on, he was surprised cops hadn\'t shown up in the middle. Then again, maybe the neighbors are used to a ruckus here, the redhead thought, tilting his head to the side as he contemplated the details of Devon\'s profession. Shortly after, he decided he didn\'t want to.

"So no, I didn\'t try to kill you. You tried to kill me, which since you clearly don\'t remember probably means you\'re fucked in the mind. Somehow. Want to hear what I think about it, or are you still going to accuse me of attacking you?" Reave asked acidly. He actually did have some ideas about the thing in Devon, helped by what he\'d seen and what it had said. Now it just depended on whether or not Devon wanted to hear it...

The Grounds / Re: Anger turned Outward
« on: December 14, 2008, 09:32:17 AM »
((Sorry for just kind of steam-rollering through that, but I didn\'t want to kill her off and this was the only way I could think not too. Hope you didn\'t mind))

December considered this girl impassively, gently stroking November\'s hair as he did. His younger brother had moved to lean on his side, purring with pleasure in seeing him again. Sweet, December thought as he glanced down at his sibling, his inner tone approaching something like affection. November, eyes half-closed and face pressed into December\'s side, seemed oblivious.

"It is, in fact," December began, slowly bringing his eyes up from his brother, "the only thing I would believe." When he finished speaking, his eyes were on the girl again, and so was the full force of his gaze. She had sounded uncertain, but December was well used to that. His kind were more than uncommon out here, and December never made any effort to disguise himself or dull the ambient power of his eyes. That she\'s unsettled shows she has any sense at all, the master thought coldly, his tail flicking back and forth and he considered what to do with her.

December was sure she was an emotional idiot already. November, heated though he might be, could control his emotion well enough to keep him out of trouble, but not this girl - and she had injured November. December knew, for beyond the sight of it he could smell the faint tang of his brother\'s blood. Clearly, this girl had gotten the worse end of the stick, but December found himself smoldering at the thought of her injuring his brother. Not that such a thing was unusual.

"You\'ll be punished, of course," December stated after a moment, his eyes flicking over her from head to toe. In that gaze, he seemed to pick her apart - as though each little personal detail of her was pulled apart, analysed, then tucked away into the master\'s mind for future reference and, perhaps, exploitation.

November, for his part, just looked at the girl as impassively as he would a chair. Now that his anger was gone, he couldn\'t bring himself to care much about her, as much as the small wound on his arm would remind him of her insolence. Carelessly, November stroked the still-bleeding cut. No... no, he wouldn\'t forget her, but right now, he wouldn\'t fret over it.

The Grounds / Re: Anger turned Outward
« on: December 12, 2008, 01:05:29 PM »
There! November thought, his mind savage, as the girl before him opened herself up unintentionally. He drew his hand back, preparing to gut her like the dog she was, when a sudden wash of subtle power came over him. November froze, moving only to counter the last of her attacks, if she gave them.

"Well, November," drawled a voice like black silk, coming from the forest just behind the white-haired boy, "I hadn\'t expected to find you fighting so below your level." As the voice continued to flow, its owner stepped closer to the two of them and into the realm of the readily visible. He was tall and lean, with pale skin and ink-dark hair that matched the flowing black robes he wore. The only similarity between November and this newcomer was the presence of feline ears and a lithe tail, though both were the polar opposite of November\'s own in hue.

November\'s eyes changed as soon as he heard the voice, going from cold, savage fury to something almost subservient. His face, too, did a complete 180 - no longer was it the death mask it had been, but much softer and now, even, graced with a real smile. "December! I was... teaching her a lesson," November said, straightening. Only the first word was spoke with the warmth his face now shone - the rest he said increasingly icily, and he cast a look at the girl about as warm as an arctic breeze.

The man - December - just laughed. It was a breathy, smoky sound, again like silk, but again with an edge that suggested something more. "Meaning you were to kill here. Come here, November," he said, holding out a hand. The white haired boy didn\'t need a second invitation. In moments he was there, his brother\'s hand on his head as he gave November a gentle pet. As he did, his pale orange eyes turned to the girl.

"Now then... just what were you thinking?" December asked the girl, his lips barely moving as he spoke but his eyes boring directly into hers. He looked as though all of his focus was on her, as though she were the most important thing in his world, and suddenly everything boiled down to him. With a sudden shock, the girl would realise just how attractive he was, realise just how much she wanted him...

Old Roleplays / Re: Our Demons Within...
« on: December 12, 2008, 06:20:13 AM »
Reave looked around the living room, taking it in the way Devon must have. The redhead was going to assume Devon wasn\'t used to finding his place in this state, based off of his reactions, or that he had had it happen before and hated it. Either way, his reaction of shock was understandable. And kind of funny.

Geeze, he really is still out of it, Reave thought as Devon gave the very well thought-out, verbally stimulating response of "What?" The I-don\'t-recognise-you expression he wore was a perfect compliment to the zinger; very vogue. The redhead\'s lips made a quick quirk upwards in self-amusement as he thought before settling back down to an almost neutral half-smirk. At least the maybe not-so-human was present enough to take them both somewhere he would be able to focus.

"But we haven\'t even had dinner yet!" Reave gasped, batting his eyelashes mockingly. Even as he teased the blond, he stood and followed, coffee in hand. Coffee was a surprisingly refreshing return to normalcy after the events of the evening. Which Conall will kill me for, if he finds out, the halfbreed thought, somewhere between resigned and irritated. The leash his alpha made him wear was really starting to chafe... But those were thoughts for another time.

Once inside the separate room, Reave actually found himself looking around the same way Devon had in the living room. Beyond the fact that it was, perhaps, the most... plush place he\'d ever been in, it provided such a striking contrast to the chaos and blood outside that it almost seemed out of place in the house now. The idea that something as sensual and finely crafted as this could exist a doorway away from a warzone would certainly give Reave some food for thought later - in a philosophical sense.

Whatever else the room was, it was comfortable. Reave wasted no time in setting himself up propped against the Ottoman, one leg bent upwards and the other sprawled lazily to the side. He balanced his tea on the knee of the upturned leg, then looked to Devon to make sure he sat. The blond looked like he needed to sit, and Reave wasn\'t about to burst upwards to catch him if he passed out from shock. Or something.

"So now that we\'re all comfy and couched back in normalcy, what the fuck have you got in you that attacked me?" Reave asked bluntly. "Violet eyes, sadistic, territorial as Khan, fetish for you - ring any bells?" Delicacy would probably earn him only more "what?"s in this situation, and Reave didn\'t want to bother with them. The redhead wanted to know what was going on and he wanted to know it as soon as possible, because if that thing came back out...

They\'d only been lucky they\'d both ended their respective altered states at the same time the first time around. If Reave had stayed in just a little longer, or Devon had, likely one of them would be dead, and if there was one thing Reave didn\'t like it was the paperwork that accompanied death.

Old Roleplays / Re: False Directions
« on: December 11, 2008, 03:21:40 PM »
Nothing, huh? Raphael thought with amusement, one eyebrow rising a fraction of an inch. Right. Nothing. The redhead had some ideas about what he\'d muttered to himself, and they were all sexual and all directed towards him. It would have been arrogant, perhaps, if it wasn\'t born of experience. Still, that was normal enough, and so he dismissed the muttering as his own pheromones having an effect on the guy.

Raphael let out a heavy chuckle when the guy admitted that coffee might have been the wrong suggestion. He couldn\'t argue, though - it wasn\'t like he knew any good coffee places around here. Apparently there was one on the West side that Raphael hadn\'t heard of... And a walk might be nice. Isn\'t that the one Cry was raving about a while ago? the redhead wondered, thinking back to what the imp had said. Then again, his tastes run a little different from mine... If Cry liked it, chances were it was one of those fancy places that Raphael never quite felt like he fit into.

"Woody\'s might be nice," Raphael said by way of reply, beginning to walk forward. He was just heading towards the diner, though he didn\'t know what it looked like from the other guy\'s point of view. "I\'m Raphael, by the way," the halfbreed added with a casual smile. "And you are...?" After all, the guy had asked him out on what was basically a date - Raphael figured he should at least give his name.

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