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Approved Characters / Re: Wren Maddoc
« on: Yesterday at 11:13:31 AM »

1. The First Night ~ ~ Zombie horde
2. Damage Control ~ ~ Seven witches

Detour Motel / Re: The First Night
« on: Yesterday at 11:07:07 AM »
This thread continued at Damage Control

Wyatt Hill Cemetary / Damage Control
« on: Yesterday at 11:06:36 AM »
Continued from The First Night

Wren held on as tightly as he could but was thrown around in the back of the police vehicle as it slammed into and travelled over dead bodies. With each impact he felt saddened that he was unable to make their bodies sleep, but justified it was only their decayed vessels, not their souls, that were being abused in this way. There were too many to create a gentle culling.

He'd chosen not to ride in front, instead letting the electrically-powerful witch go there instead. He helped the others climb into the back, sitting beside the blonde - Tess. He bounced into her accidentally and gaver her an apologetic look. She had an angelic face that seemed to hide the power of her fireballs. Did she use all the elements in her magic or just specialise in the one? He opened his mouth first to apologise for bumping into her and then maybe asking about her specialty, when the police van screeched to a halt, causing everyone in the back to slide closer to the front - and into Wren. He helped the blonde woman get to her feet before the back doors were opened and they hopped out.

When his feet touched cool, smooth tarmac, he realised he'd forgotten his sandals. They were somewhere in the Detour's parking lot. Never mind. Fingering the beaded protective necklace upon his chest, he took a firmer grip on his staff and moved around the vehicle, seeing the broken chain hanging from one side of the gate. Instead of multiple walking dead, there were only puddles of ash and bone, and then spying a giant woman walking towards them.

Like the other dark-skinned witch, he also saw power in her, but instead of crackling energy, hers was like swirling black lava. Beyond that, he had no idea of who she was or what her intentions could be. It was reasonable to assume she the one that had raised these creatures! Wren lifted his staff and spoke words that would root the giant woman to the ground - but mother earth did not obey and his words fell flat.

Alarmed, he turned to look at the others for help and noticed the lovely blonde woman closest to him was also staring at Sabrina.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: Yesterday at 08:34:27 AM »

Kerr's quick Italian impressed her, and she felt almost sorry that she'd made Ricardo believe he was unwelcome to stay. Though even without the language barrier, she doubted he would've understood their conversation.

Jenella didn't believe Kerr had no allegiance. She believed he didn't want to make waves. He seemed in the thick of political crossings, having had a previous working relationship with Jake McCloud - handing him position as Vampire Oligarch for instance - and he knew this Sabrina woman, who Jenella had only heard rumours about and never met, and the ancient clan had considered him important enough to invite. Plus wasn't one of his fledglings responsible for the supernatural academy in the city? Did that not mean he was allied with McCloud? Just because she'd been away didn't mean she didn't remember what had been going on before she left. A little over two months had been enough to secure Ricardo's loyalty, but certainly it would be nothing for an immortal.

"It is wiser to have many powerful acquaintances than one powerful enemy," she commended before he suggested she meet his fledglings. She was curious as to their relationships - if Damien or Pierre disappeared, thought dead, for almost two years and then returned, she considered nothing much would change. They mostly had separate interests, and though she could not imagine being apart from her sire for longer than a brief holiday, they weren't dependant on one another either.

"I would be delighted," she said. It was amusing, therefore, to hear one of his fledges speak about moving South. The fledge had no qualms about sharing his preferences. She gave Kerr a brief look, wondering if he would try and cover up the faux pas.


She was seeing him again, Sabrina said, though she'd actually met and seen Jakra. After spending many nights watching the movie-memories in his head and seeing how he'd become crueller and more depraved, repeating the abuse he'd suffered at Declan's and Lazarus' hands and aiming it at Ichabod, he was grateful that those three years of memories had been wiped away. It was like pressing reset on a course his life had taken, and this version was so much better. He could still identify his own cruelty, usually in the form of sniping comments, but nothing like what he'd used to do. Ichabod got on his nerves because he was a constant reminder that Ben had fallen that far, had become someone he'd thought he never would be; a bully, a monster. It was in every look Ichabod had cast his way, with eyes that had seen what he could be, what he might become.

He had little to say when Sabrina turned her attention next to Ichabod, and his brother complimented her with the suggestion they would become her constituents. Because Kerr had moved to one side, Ben saw the way his eyes widened and the peculiar look the fashionable woman was giving him. Was there something wrong in moving south?


Charon listened to Zohoret's response.

Detour Motel / Re: The First Night
« on: February 19, 2019, 05:36:46 PM »
The charge in the second woman faded from his eyes, leaving behind an afterglow. His grip on the policewoman's hand released now that he'd been freed from the vision of the newcomer's power. He struck out again with his words, and because of the woman's touch he continued to enjoy a broader range on the passing dead, though he was concerned at the numbers still coming, and growing!

Half a mile away. If the walking dead had gone in all directions, then they would be in a radius from that point. There was a limit to how many of the dead would be able to rise, for many would be too far decayed to burst out, but a large city cemetary would hold tens of thousands of bodies able to attack.

Another helper! Naoise's offer caught Wren's attention even as they thinned the zombies in their radius. The hotel's property was no longer overrun but the street still had bodies moving along it. A little girl, freshly dead and not even starting to decay, walked with them. Somewhere during her walk she'd picked up a knife and was heading for the police car. She would slash the tyres, probably. Havoc. They were doing nothing but causing destruction. Who would want that?

He spoke the words softly in her direction and watched her fall.

"We will all go to this Wyatt Hill Cemetary and make a ring to combine our power. If they are too far I will not be able to make them fall where they stand, but I can summon them back." He didn't mention that summoning them back would bring the walking dead back from all over the city, even those who hadn't walked in the first place. They would deal with that if it came to that.

He turned at Tess' cry, watching a beautiful blonde woman hurl a ball of fire. She was a powerful witch, then. They would need her. He turned to the policewoman and dropped her hand. "Will you take us all in your car?"

With him riding with the policewoman in front, and the woman with the unfamiliar spiritual power, the other transformed man (cat?) and the blonde witch in the back, the five of them could create a ring to stop the dead before too much trouble could be caused.

He had yet to notice Siobhan.

Detour Motel / Re: The First Night
« on: February 19, 2019, 01:50:54 PM »
Her words about her aunt pleased him - she was Knowing. He would be able to use her to enhance his words. His smile was grateful yet tight due to the stress of their battle as he took her hand and clasped it in his. He kicked off his sandals to connect himself better with the Earth, and pointed his staff at the creatures instead - aiming for a group instead of an individual.

This time he felt the energy thrumming into him; coming up his legs from the earth itself which had been abused and now wished to fight back, and also from the woman, his hand and arm tingling with her energy. He combined them and put them into his staff before speaking the old tongue.

"Codlata leis an talamh!"

As a half-dozen of the dead fell to the ground, lifeless and listless, he wished them rest. Sleep with the earth, go back to where you belong, your souls have already left this plane, be still.

Wren turned to face the policewoman, wanting to thank her and suggest a better way to hold these things back before they moved too far into the city... but his eyes widened and he stiffened instead, his hand clutching hers a little too tightly from the shock of what he saw. A second woman, this one crackling with something Wren didn't understand and had never dealt with. She spoke, her voice soft yet loud, full of life and death, silence and noise combined. He didn't just hear her, he heard her. He was momentarily stunned before looking at the policewoman when he started talking but finishing with the new woman.

"We have to find where they're coming from. We should travel there and stop more from joining this horde. I can feel they are from the earth - is there a cemetery around here?"

He could smell the earth on them as well, for they'd dug their way out, or lifted heavy tombs. Those walking dead from watery graves looked and behaved differently. Spirits were even more difficult to deal with; fast moving and powerful. It could've been so much worse.

Detour Motel / Re: The First Night
« on: February 19, 2019, 12:44:38 PM »
Wren moved against the tide of the dead, heading for their origin point. Perhaps whoever had awoken them were still there, or run away somewhere else to watch. He didn't know who he could call for help; local police were the furthest possibility from his mind, and he didn't know about the existence of the supernatural police - the Ward, for he was too new.

He heard the gunfire but didn't follow it, knowing it would do him more harm than the creatures he fought and while running in their midst didn't fancy any stray bullets finding his chest. They might think this uprising had to do with him. Still, the decision was taken out of his hands when two police cars screeched to a halt nearby and three uniforms and a woman in plain clothes jumped out of it, with her yelling orders to bash instead of shoot.

Wren ducked the grasping reach of a walking dead as it attacked him, albeit slowly and without skill.

"Codlata leis an talamh." He faced another, nearby, and held out his hand to them. "Codlata leis an talamh."

They fell, one at a time, and his frustration grew with the amount of creatures still shambling deeper into the city. He needed a larger radius, but he couldn't do it without a coven. He needed someone, anyone, who understood magic and who could enhance their reach so they could put all the dead to sleep with a single chant.

The statement caught his attention and he gave the woman a wary look. She was all that he had right now.

"Do you know magic of any kind? Crystals, tarot... have you had your palm read?" He needed to know if she had an open mind towards the spiritual plane. She didn't even have to be attuned with nature - she just had to be connected to her zen.

Detour Motel / The First Night
« on: February 19, 2019, 11:42:06 AM »
Wren was struggling with the temperature of his shower - minutely turning the cold tap to receive icy water but then being blasted by fiery temperatures if he turned it point one of a degree the other way - when he sensed the unnatural event. Somebody was changing What Should Be and twisting it for their own desires.

And this was his first night in this city.

He shut off the icy shower and towelled himself dry as quickly as possible, stomach churning and senses flaring as nature screamed her torment. He was sensitive to her, and her 'voice' was loud in this city with its overlapping leylines and trees that spanned milennia, roots connecting with the earth and spreading time underground. It brought with it the sensation of death. Nausea threatened to overwhelm him; whatever was happening was close by. Stumbling, Wren grabbed the topmost pair of pants from his drawers - they happened to be white linen - and pulled them on. The material clung to his legs wherever he didn't properly dry them and after slipping his feet into sandals and hurriedly placing his protective beads around his neck, he opened the door to a terrible sight.

He should've prepared himself by peeking out the window first.

He was on the ground floor so he saw the walking dead from quite close. One figure of skeletal remains was trying to push over a garbage can but didn't have the bodyweight to manage until joined by a meatier friend. It crashed to the ground and those who still had voice-boxes groaned their pleasure. Another grotesque was throwing rocks towards the windows of the Detour but hadn't managed to make the distance just yet - muscles having decayed along with the rest of their form. The crashing can had brought out some hotel guests though, and instead of staring like Wren, they glanced out, saw one of the zombies, shrieked and slammed the door.

He'd have to fix this, and find out who was responsible.

Wren went back inside his room to get his staff - a long measure of wood from a holy cedar tree. If his incantations didn't work, he would have to use it to club them into submission. He hoped he wouldn't have to - some of those undead looked squelchy.

The closest creature was the bony one who'd needed help with the garbage can; it was less zombie and more skeleton. Clutching his staff in one hand, he raised his palm towards the creature who turned towards him.

"Codlata leis an talamh"

Wren was relieved when it fell into a pile of bones and dust. He moved onto the next, going from one to the other and ordering them to go back to sleep with the earth, before he realised that he wasn't alone.

Approved Characters / Wren Maddoc
« on: February 19, 2019, 11:06:40 AM »
Praemonitus praemunitus : Forewarned is forearmed
Wren Ewan Maddoc

Age [actual]: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Druid)
Hair: Warm black, shaved close to the head but not entirely bald.
Eyes: Medium grey with flecks of olive green
Frame: 6'3" athletic frame
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: On his nape is a small but obvious tattoo of the Borromean cross, in black.
When watching him you will observe:
Confident body language without contempt or hostility, open and approachable body language paired with an intense expression that can be intimidating to the insecure, Charismatic due to beauty and posture

Almost always wears a thick jacket over a shirt. Often wears necklaces or bracelets, either beads or rough minerals on a leather thong or set in a leather cuff, always natural. The materials he wears are always cotton, hemp, wool, leather, etc - nothing synthetic.

Domicile: Temporarily at the Detour Motel.

More will be added as he interacts with character on the boards.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 19, 2019, 09:56:21 AM »

"I have spent the last few months in Genoa. There is L'Oligarchia there, too. They have a human Oligarch, to represent." The curve of her lips became more pronounced. "Will you be pledging support to any of the District Leaders tonight? In your role of ex-Luminary?" She was curious about whether Kerr would support the Sacramentum or the giantess that he seemed very friendly with. Ricardo at her side tipped his head towards her and she blinked but didn't look away from Kerr.

"C'รจ qualcuno in questa festa che parla italiano?" he asked, wanting to know if anyone else at the party would be able to converse with him. Jenella answered quickly and softly, to not interrupt Kerr's response to her question.

"Si, vai e cercali," she dismissed, still not looking his way yet peripherally aware of the hurt she'd caused before he gave her and Kerr a small bow and left them. She kept her silence afterward, not wanting to interrupt Kerr's response with apologies.


Ben received the mental message Kerr sent him (and Ichabod, he presumed) to meet Sabrina. Instead of going straight there, he gestured a waiter with freshly filled martini glasses to come over. Ben noticed very few vampires had gone into the donor tent to drink from live donors. He'd glanced in there in passing, to see if Cain was inside, but he hadn't been able to see him. Ben was curious if Kerr would still find the mortal irresistible. "Get a drink, first," Ben said, taking two glasses off the tray and passing one to Ichabod. "It's hot," he warned, holding it from the stem. They were both young, so drinking something would help bolster them for the rest of the night.

Ben drank his quickly and a young woman on the wait-staff appeared at his side to relieve him of his glass, and taking any other empty glasses that she could see. The staff were moving efficiently through the people gathered at the party, and Ben picked them out hustling between small groups and clusters of people. He couldn't immediately see Jake or Murphy, and a knot formed in his stomach about it.

He gestured for Ichabod to join him and they moved towards Sabrina together. Ben was glad that she wasn't surrounded by too many people. Only a few who came over to give congratulations and then hurriedly moved on, perhaps intimidated by her size. As Ben and Ichabod drew closer, it became more obvious just how tall Sabrina truly was as he had to look up, and up, to see her smiling face. Because she stood at the bottom of the stairs that led from the garden to the back-doors into the mansion's foyer, Ben stepped up a few of them so he could look at her more comfortably.

"Hello, Sabrina, congratulations on your leadership." Ben's gaze quickly flicked to her other side, where he could see a bit of his sire (with his back mostly turned to him) and the fashionable lady whose date had left her side. His eyes returned to make contact with Sabrina.


"Ten sharp would be wonderful," Charon suggested, and bid Saraekiel farewell. Then he turned to face Zohoret and regarded her with interest. Her questions were direct and intelligent. He found himself respecting her quickly and wondered why she'd had such trouble as an Oligarch? Perhaps she'd worked alongside beings who weren't interested in her kind? Well, now she had a variety of constituents within her boundaries... not that this was the only reason to be respectful.

"We have hired Sabrina in the past to cast protective spells upon our business in this city, Venture, to ensure nobody within the building is hurt, and to assist our security with dispelling hostile guests. Sabrina's craft is the type that she could use to empower herself but instead, she uses it to protect others and has done so for many years. She has a longstanding reputation as a protector. Quite honourable tasks." He watched Zohoret take in his words. "Perhaps the greatest reason was that she extended an interest to me about becoming a District Leader, and spoke of her intentions to address you and Mr McCloud as well. Unfortunately you were not easy to find and before she approached Jake, I mentioned I needed help holding the South, for my resources - as grand as they are - were stretched too thin. She was willing to work alongside the people already in power instead of forcing herself upon them." He was sure Zohoret would understand the dig at Jake McCloud. "I find those qualities best in a leader I would like to work with."

And of course, he thought to himself, this is more likely to make her loyalty greater me now, than to you.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
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When Damien reminded her about the woman, she felt momentarily foolish but forgave herself quickly for she'd never directly met the dark angel, only ever seeing her from behind, or just her profile, or in glimpses. Given the creature she was, it explained her ethereal beauty which entranced Jenella as surely as if the Mona Lisa herself had stood before her. Mild conversation was made and then Zohoret excused herself, touched her arm and turned away. Jenella also half-turned, only to watch her bloodline abandon her on the garden stairs. She was incensed by everyone's disappearing act. People rarely turned their backs on her or left her to her own devices. The Italians had been much more polite.

As if summoned, Ricardo returned with a glass of white wine for himself and a martini glass of freshly poured hot blood for her. She took it and sipped, eyeing the party and wondering if anyone here was worth talking to. The announcement made her flinch and Ricardo openly exclaimed in surprise at her side, instinctively reaching for her. She noticed that Charon's voice in her head was different to what she'd heard when he'd been speaking nearby using his voicebox. He had a rich baritone that would sound wonderful in song. She'd never thought to change her mental voice, and considered what other tricks he might have learnt in his long time on the earth. He was certainly powerful.

There was another vampire nearby, older than her but not stiflingly so. She recognised him as the ex-Luminary, Kerr Galvin, and thought to pay her respects. She approached him, Ricardo trailing after her, standing at her side and smiling politely, unable to participate in any conversations due to his lack of English language skill.

"Mr Galvin, I don't believe I have had the pleasure," she said in Russian-accented English once she drew close enough. The applause and cheers had died down. "I am Jenella Vadim," she said, offering her hand to either be shaken, held or kissed, whatever the gentleman preferred. "I heard you have only just returned to the city after an absence. I have as well, but not quite so dramatically." She smiled.


Ben's interest plummeted once he discovered Ichabod's relationship with James was a normal one. He heard Ichabod out until the end, following the gesture to Kerr with his eyes. His sire looked just about ready to propose. With impeccably bad timing, the announcement sounded in his head. Ben's reaction was a couple of rapid blinks but as the commentary continued, he accustomed to it. He'd never heard Charon speak so loudly before, though.

He didn't miss his sire's adoring gaze and growing awareness of everyone staring at both him and Sabrina. She faced the crowd in an elegant pose, her stature making it easy for everyone to see her. Ben clapped for Sabrina while chuckling at Kerr's awkward stance; too funny to be embarrassed over (or perhaps it was because Ben was separate from it, who know?). Nobody else was laughing - just applauding. Jake screaming cheers from behind him had Ben's eyes rolling skyward. Jake McCloud might put on airs and call himself royalty but he behaved too much like a peasant for the appearance to properly stick. Actions spoke louder than words.

Unless you're Charon, in which case the words were so loud they became an action unto themselves. He looked towards the ancient now, standing not too far away from Sabrina herself, touching shoulders with the golden godlike being and a gorgeous blonde woman Ben recognised as Zohoret. He looked back at Ichabod but his brother still looked like he was recovering from the mental shout. Even though he didn't want to, Ben glanced quickly over his shoulder to see what was happening with Murphy. Standing close to but slightly apart from Jake, looking at the soldier-guy that Jake now had in his presence. Ben mostly ignored him, for his girth and attitude were intimidating and neither of them had anything to discuss with one another. Only speaking when necessary.

If he didn't have to go back to Jake's home, Ben would wish this party over and done with.

"I think Kerr and I might be moving south as well, at this news," Ben commented. He noticed Kerr speaking with a fashionably dressed couple, now. Guess he wasn't coming back anytime soon.


After his announcement and the emptying of the blood glass, he ensured it was taken away as promptly as possible, to not offend these pretty yet corrupt souls. He had not learnt the secret behind what turned a fallen angel into a dark one, and knowing these two improved his success at finding out. What manner of ritual needed to be performed to return their powers to them? Still, he would not insult them by asking. He needed them on side and he didn't know either of them well enough to count them as allies.

He would test their resolve tomorrow, he thought, with a few potent comments thrown their way. Since they were friends, he thought it would be better to talk to both at once, rather than have one potentially twist his words to the other. There was no guarantee they wouldn't band together against him, but he saw no motive or reward for them in doing so, and their goal was the same.

"Saraekiel and I have just arranged a meeting tomorrow about the future of the West District. If you would like to join us, consider the invitation extended."

He'd only heard rumours of the lofty Zohoret; his spies informed him that she'd been ill-respected when she'd been Oligarch and had often been spoken over or disregarded. He would treat her much better; he would listen to whatever she had to say, would fulfill her desires if they were in his power and of no consequence to him, and make himself of use to her. He didn't know if she disliked all vampires or just those she'd been forced to work with at the Oligarchy. He doubted her bias was so widely extended, she didn't seem disturbed by his visage (which he would've forgiven her for, as he did everyone), and had no trouble speaking to him. Either she could hide her true feelings very well or she judged people individually rather than as a group. Either way, he could work with her, he thought.

Mentally he reached out to Ben: Find out more about the large man Jake has in his circle.
And then he extended mental fingers to Ari: Include yourself in the conversation with these two.

To Ari he sent a vision of Damien and Pierre, so that Ari would be able to identify them once he returned to the party. Charon wondered if his grandchilde had actually sent the wolf away or hidden him away somewhere to visit later. He was taking his time.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
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Charon, even whilst listening to Saraekiel's responses, also didn't miss the slightly-louder-than-normal comment from Kerr nearby. He was barely two metres away. He didn't flinch or turn his head, instead focussing on the inane responses from the dark angel to the inane questions he'd asked, and threw a mental retort Kerr's way.

As you recall, you agreed that a favour is owed me, and this is what Ben is paying back. I believe he is capable of handling himself and the situation he is in. Once he completes his task, neither of you will be beholden to me, yet I will consider you allies. Is this not worth a few weeks?

Unfortunately Charon hadn't paid heed to 'a week' and had used the same phrase he'd used with Ben.

His attention shifted back and his eyes sparked interest when Saraekiel made the most confronting and delicious statement.

"I completely agree it was in poor form. We had only recently made a fresh alliance and I only learnt of his plans when everyone else did, in the newspaper and after his people had judged and executed Ward-protected beings. If this is what an alliance with Jake McCloud is like, I wonder what differences, if any, are extended to his enemies?" Charon knew it was a risk to speak aloud, when word might reach the District Leader from some of his lackeys if they were close enough to overhear, but he wasn't interested in keeping his opinion to himself. Jake should have come looking for him the moment he stepped foot in Charon's house, considering he'd snatched up the West like a greedy little boy. "I would be honoured to meet with you tomorrow night to discuss this matter and to review options. In fact... I believe I've wasted enough time waiting to speak with others. Everyone is here."

He mentally touched each of his family's minds, letting them know the announcement was coming. He included Sabrina with an advanced notice prickling so she could brace herself for the intrusion.

And, like a foghorn that emitted sound to everyone within a certain range of hearing, so did Charon send his message into every mind at the party, whether they were closed off or not. He could draw on some of the mental touch from his family, but didn't bother, for nobody was locked up that tightly - everyone was rather receptive, in fact. But there were three minds that he left alone because there was something incomplete about them; the Malkavian upstairs, and in the garden, a human and a fellow vampire. Whther they heard or not would depend on how receptive they were to telepathic noise.


Charon gestured at the giantess nearby and, as applause began to sound, he took one of the martini glasses off the tray as one of the wait-staff hurried over to him. Replenishment.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 17, 2019, 09:43:15 AM »

When Kerr left him so suddenly after finding out that Ben was still lost to him for a week (and likely more), he was devastated. Perhaps Kerr was running to Sabrina to ask for her help, for she'd helped Ben once before, with the ritual that had given him his existence back. If not for her, he would not be here now. But still, could Kerr not discuss things with him first?

Then Ichabod spoke and Ben, without thinking about the deeper reasons why, turned his rejection into aggression and aimed it at his brother.

At first Ichabod confirmed that Ben was right. Good, at least Ichabod had managed to understand that Ben's current position in the middle of the shit meant he could hear and see things that were currently happening. Point in his favour.

Ichabod pointing out the obvious danger Ben had been forced to put Murphy in, brought up feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Thanks for that Ichabod, like I couldn't fucking work that out myself. The thought was neatly locked away and only sent a spike of irritation through him. He kept it pressed down though, because at least Ichabod was looking out for Ben's friend. That was another point in his favour, even if it came with the accusation: 'why did you put him in danger'.

And then the clincher, the reveal of how obtuse he was. Why did he have to question things that he didn't know anything about? How did he think he would understand the answer? He didn't really want to stand here for an hour listening to how everything had unfolded in order to fully grasp what was happening. There were multiple players and multiple pieces and Ichabod was a pawn and Ben was a rook... or rookie, perhaps. Slightly useful because of the Academy, but still a piece that would be sacrificed in order to win the battle. Murphy... he wasn't sure about his friend, who had been tight-lipped about his relationships with the Sacramentum. The only thing Ben knew was that the whole family adored Murphy but only Charon liked Ben. (He didn't know about Jeanne's indirect gratitude). Ben couldn't save Murphy from Jake, but the ancient family could... if they wanted to.

He averted his gaze from Ichabod and pressed his lips firmly together, lest any foul words escape that he couldn't take back. He shoved his fists into his pants pockets and mentally counted to ten. When he laid eyes on Kerr bowing and grinning at Sabrina, he found he needed to count much higher. He needed more than a hug and a passionate kiss. Even though Kerr might be asking for Sabrina's help, he still felt lost. And he'd been left behind with, of all people, his brother to talk to.

"Just time," he finally managed to say after too long a pause. His silvery-blue eyes flicked back to Ichabod. "Are you in a relationship or is that guy in your apartment a pet?"

He was, in spite of himself, interested in the pet/vampire relationship. He'd considered it for half a second around the time of the masquerade party, but then everything had gone pear-shaped and Cain dropped off the map.


Rather than interrupt Zohoret's conversation with those she was with, Charon came to a stop nearby and plied Saraekiel with more questions once his first one was answered; mostly questions about his opinion of the city, how long he'd been here, which district he lived in, and other not-so-personal questions that would help Charon learn about him without being too intrusive.

In the middle of his conversation with Saraekiel, Ari surprised him by bringing the wolf-creature over to him. What had possessed him to interrupt? Or to bring an uninvited guest directly to Charon himself? The Malkavian had made an amusing entrance, but this was something else. He flashed anger and irritation into Ari's mind to go along with his mental words.

Why did you not ask my permission with your mind? Are you trying to force my hand by bringing this creature physically to my face? How dare you take any option away from me! Get rid of it!

But in front of his guests, Charon politely replied: "Do as you please, Ari." Then he turned his back to his grandchilde and listened to Saraekiel's responses.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 16, 2019, 04:35:50 PM »

Ben remained with Ichabod as Kerr surprised them both by whisking himself away at impossible speed. What was going on, now? Left with his fledge-brother, he regarded Ichabod with some curiosity before speaking. Giving him a warning would be completely out of line with what Charon wanted and also potentially causing himself trouble with Jake, if he was overheard.

Turning his back more obviously to Jake and his entourage, Ben dropped his voice, figuring speaking softly out loud would attract less attention than a mental buzz. Jake was more likely to be suspicious and listen-in, if he felt Ben trying to hide something.

"Kerr told me you got strong-armed by Lazarus. He's cosied up with Jake now, and for the three of us -" he glanced at Kerr, so Ichabod knew he meant their nuclear family, "- it's not great. Jake suggested I keep a portion of the Academy central, in his jurisdiction. I wasn't planning on it but he might ask Lazarus to go heavy on you to convince me. He's making moves, Ichabod," Ben said as if his brother had argued already. "Maybe do some house-hunting?"

The beach house where Kerr waited for Ben to come home was in Zohoret's district. East or South were safest, under the Sacramentum's watchful eye.


Charon accepted Saraekiel's offer and moved with him towards the statuesque blonde, dressed in a fashion that Charon approved, and he wondered if she would care or be respectful of his attention and approval. He heard Ben's sire call out to Sabrina before he displayed a masterful touch of celerity. Charon didn't see Kerr's greeting to Sabrina - but he was intrigued at the amount of contacts the giantess had. She was friends with everyone. How marvellous! He didn't miss how Kerr's speed caused tension in Charon's golden companion. The flicker in his palm was so quick that Charon wasn't sure if he'd seen it - but he gave Saraekiel the benefit of doubt when it came to a display of strength. He wasn't a showy one, this one, and Charon liked that about him. There were too many peacocks at this party.

"And what do you do to pass the time?" Charon asked Saraekiel. "I'm always keen for ideas," he said dryly.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
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At the warmly spoken compliment, Jenella turned towards the speaker, as did Ricardo. As her sire admired the blonde's breathtaking body, Jenella was momentarily speechless by the woman's face. After surrounding herself with art for months, submerging herself into a lifestyle of paintings, sculptures and elaborate and indulgent creative celebration, she found herself admiring this woman as though she were a piece of art, her eyes feasting on every perfect detail. She had a sense of the unnatural, of the impossibly flawless, but it wasn't enough to break the spell. When Versace's name was guessed, she nodded.

"Versace, si," Ricardo replied. Jenella grew mutely angry, having forgotten he was there and annoyed that he had dared to speak on her behalf when the question had come to her.

"Jenella Vadim," she introduced smoothly, finally finding her voice. She reclaimed her hands to sweep them needlessly down her body, accentuating her own curves. "You are wearing someone original? A fantastic find," she said. The only thing to betray her nervousness was more than a tinge of her Russian accent coming through. She turned to Ricardo, smiling pleasantly and ignorantly to the spoken words - his only language being his native Italian. "Portami dello vino," she instructed him. Ricardo looked at her startled, having knowledge of the creature she was, and only slowly occurred to him that he was being dismissed. "Ovviamente." He moved down the stairs and towards the buffet tent, where there were only a few people picking at the delicious display.


He closed his eyes and absorbed the kiss into his heart and soul, missing the feel of someone who properly loved him, guilty of all the things he'd put him through and shame that he couldn't be a better and more deserving man. He knew the words Kerr spoke were supposed to be lightly admonishing but Ben felt a sharper edge.

Ben would've stayed out of it, but he'd felt the city's eyes on him after his sire's death and he'd felt vulnerable. The Academy had shone a positive spotlight on him, and while he'd felt safer organising it all with Conner in the background, it had also given him a lot more attention than he'd expected. It had been a gesture for Kerr's memory, but had risen in importance for him. It had kept Jake and Charon at bay, giving him some political clout. And now with Kerr alive, the Academy took on a different meaning and was now a prize, not just a memorial.

He'd shared with Kerr how this had all played out, in a series of texts. Penance, indeed.

"He's not like Themba, or Declan," he said, the latter being a moment in time he had no emotion over since he only had his movie-memories of that time and hadn't watched it all. "I'm not being harrassed, or abused." He remembered the slap but he'd gone out of his way to earn it, to see how far he could push Jake. He'd backed off after that. "It's temporary. It's until Jake gets bored of me hanging around." He looked around and spied Charon, but the ancient was too absorbed in conversation with someone Ben didn't recognise, and was with Sabrina, who he hadn't had much contact with but knew. "Charon wants me to stay another week," he said, at least, he thought to himself, remembering the ancient's words. Until Ben could prove himself, anyway. "Maybe ask Jake if you can visit?" he cringed inside, wondering how that was going to go over.

He wanted to ask Ichabod how the Academy was going in his absence, but didn't want to risk Kerr feeling second to it.


Instead of shaking it, Charon took Sarakiel's hand between both of his and held it for a moment before releasing. "This is my home that I share with my family. Thank you for coming," Charon replied evenly, grateful that some of the other species of the city had acknowledged him.

He heard the thought but chose not to address it directly, instead watching the interplay between Jeanne, Ari and the naked vampire before the latter was taken away. The howl hadn't bothered Charon, for the madman had answered it, which he correctly guessed to mean they were friends. "Some invitations must have been lost in the mail."

His gaze swept to Sabrina and back to Sarakiel. "There will be an important announcement later on in the night, but it might have to happen soon, before our function becomes too chaotic." So far the naked man had caused a few gasps but mostly laughter and a burst of conversation. The wolf might make things more unpleasant and he didn't want anyone to leave before hearing the news.

He glanced over at Jake, wanting to meet with him before the announcement was made but his circle had only grown. Charon felt a spike of annoyance. He spied Zohoret not too far away, and she was another who he wished to meet with. The Shifter District Leader hadn't come yet. Perhaps that meant the north was unprotected as well. He looked at Jake again, wondering if he had the courage and the means to expand once again. The north was small enough to be gobbled up easily, but would Jake even want it?

Charon decided yes, he would. He had an inkling that Jake considered himself a benevolent ruler.

Dictator, more like.

"Have either of you met the woman at my back? Ms Zohoret?" Charon hadn't discussed the missing dark angel with Sabrina, and there was a possibility that both of the people with him knew more about her than he did. Information had been surprisingly absent about her.

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