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Kerr Galvin Academy / Re: The Academy's Opening Fete
« on: May 23, 2019, 02:54:23 PM »
Ben smiled at Astrid's reaction, nodding his understanding at her desire not to jump into having a forge created for her. She hadn’t even got her feet wet with classes yet, but Ben wanted the Academy to offer as much as it could for whoever needed it. He doubted that many magic-users would have access to a forge and he had no idea how to design one.

“I was hoping to put one in for future classes, or to make one available to hire perhaps. My ignorance about magic means one will have to be inserted after the fact. It would be easiest to add it onto the side of the moon garden. What do you think? Is an outside forge okay or should I add a small building like a smithy?”

He hoped she would readily offer her opinion. If she was willing, he meant to wrangle her into overseeing the building of the Academy forge, since she knew more about such things than anyone else on the staff.

He stood straighter when he was touched, looking up at Kerr beside him and giving him a quick smile before looking back at Astrid for her reply.

Alternate Realities / Re: ALTERNATE: No Risk No Reward
« on: May 22, 2019, 04:09:38 PM »
The kiss had been


shocking in its suddenness but Ben couldn’t help but respond. As quickly as it had begun it was over and then Lazarus was staring, his eyes boring into him. What else could Ben do but go to his knees before him. His back prickled like he could feel Jake's gaze on him. As his hands worked the button and fly of Lazarus' jeans, Jake knelt beside him.

He couldn’t help but stare, frozen in his movement, trying to decipher what Jake was thinking, what he wanted. He picked up the sense that they were to work on Lazarus together, and the other vampire would no doubt get a kick out of that, but there was something intense about doing the same task together, too. Like it was just them and Lazarus was some random they'd both picked up to heat up their playtime. Like things hadn’t soured between them and like Ben had never left.

“Go on,”Lazarus said impatiently, thrusting his hips forward to get them moving. They could have their slow motion run through the proverbial field after he fucked them both into a frenzy, no way were they cheating him out of his pleasure time.

Ben, at the urging, pulled Lazarus' erection out of his jeans and stroked him with his hand, the member between him and Jake, while holding eye contact with the darker vampire, Ben started licking it up and down his side.

Alternate Realities / Re: ALTERNATE: No Risk No Reward
« on: May 22, 2019, 02:49:20 PM »
Lazarus purred his delight and followed the two pretty things out of the club, but then led the way down the street.

Ben, when his hand was taken, squeezed lightly. He was glad that Jake was willing to be entertained by him, if only for a night and just as a tag along. It would be different tonight... He'd noticed that Jake had wanted the attention from Lazarus rather than let Ben have it. He interpreted that as a display of power; that Jake was more worthy or able to please. He wasn’t going to begrudge Jake that.

He was feeling lightheaded after the drink, though neither of them had drunk from him too deeply. He supposed that might change with whatever sex was going to happen at Lazarus' place. He would go along with it, not be so troublesome, be more agreeable and willing to please. Maybe Jake would extend his time with Ben a bit longer, after the threesome, maybe they could have something physical if no longer meaningful.

Maybe. It was a lot of maybes though.

The house they were led to was an old historic manor, one that was tall and skinny and stately and formal and nothing like the lanky and sexy blonde vampire that led them past the gate and up the path. The mailbox said 'Miller' on it and Ben thought that maybe the person called Miller who lived here had either left in a hurry or met an untimely end.

Through the front door, up the narrow stairs, into a very large bedroom with a king sized bed dominating the room. Crumpled bedsheets and a bedspread in the floor showed it had already been slept in. Lazarus stripped out of his shirt and tossed it towards the chair, missing it and so the material landed in a puddle on the floor.

“Please me,” he stated.

Ben was unsure whether Lazarus wanted a show or for them to touch him. He dropped Jake's hand to go to the blonde, intending on kneeling before him like Jake had done earlier tonight.

Alternate Realities / Re: ALTERNATE: No Risk No Reward
« on: May 22, 2019, 08:10:38 AM »
Lazarus didn’t immediately grab the blonde youth to him, wanting to see what his reaction would be to the ex boyfriend performing a sexual task on another right in front of him. He came around slowly, his gaze drifting from Lazarus’ face to his lap. His smile grew as Ben frowned while watching. Lazarus places his hand at the back of Jake’s head and forced a faster rhythm out of him. He didn’t need to breathe.

Ben felt a surge of guilt watching Jake blow the blonde ancient. It was his fault they were in this position. If he’d been adult about seeing Jake kissing someone else he could’ve just walked to the bar or something instead of blindly running out the door.

Lazarus pulled Jake off him by the hair and looked from one to the other. “It’s too cramped in here. You’re coming with me back to my place. It isn’t far from here.”

He looked challengingly at Jake. If there was any opposition, it would come from this one.

Alternate Realities / Re: ALTERNATE: No Risk No Reward
« on: May 20, 2019, 02:01:05 PM »
The action of remaining in the curtained booth and the words that went with it had Ben's mind reeling while his heart soared. Instantly his heart rate picked up, causing the trickles of blood to move a little more rapidly down his neck and staining his shirt collar.

Now with Jake looming over him licking his neck and Lazarus' arm around him, Ben felt crowded and overwhelmed yet strangely satisfied. Lazarus on his own would’ve been intimidating and tense, but Jake's presence was familiar and comfortable. The two together had him feeling like the ribbon on the rope of a tug of war yet Jake's acceptance calmed him. His hands moved around Jake, eyes closing, relishing the returning hold.

Lazarus watched the reunion with dark fascination. These two would out on a pretty show for him; light and dark, victim and predator, demure and confident. He sensed that the boy would be more willing with the ex-lover in the room. After an erotic drinking session, they would all leave together to Lazarus' new apartment within walking distance from Risk and tumble into his king-sized bed together. He didn’t care if these two worked out their shit or not. Right now he just wanted to play with them, and they seemed ripe for that.

He liked the obedience from the younger vampire. He liked the yes/no challenge of the mortal. As far as he was concerned, they were his two favourite things. Lazarus was hard just thinking about it.

When Jake looked at him, Lazarus undid his jeans and pulled himself out of them. “I’ll have your hand while you drink. Then you can give me your mouth while I have my turn from him,” he ordered. It could’ve been a suggestion but he wanted no argument, he shuffled over on the chaise so Jake could sit between him and Ben.

The Luminary / Re: Promises Of Eternity
« on: May 20, 2019, 03:55:05 AM »
There were two words that could sum up everything Ben was feeling but at the same time they felt insignificant and not powerful enough to convey the depth of his emotion. He could only look at Murphy and say them and hope that his best friend could forgive him.

“I’m sorry.”

When their hands separated, Ben had the courage to try for a hug goodbye, like they’d always done.

The Luminary / Re: Promises Of Eternity
« on: May 20, 2019, 02:22:16 AM »
Ben nodded, then added "you're welcome," as a paltry addition to the conversation that had become stilted between them. The elevator swept them downwards and as they moved through the lobby in silence, Ben was mentally berating himself for his lack of conversation.

When the front doors were opened for Murphy to leave, Ben grabbed Murphy's hand and finally blurted something out.

"You're still my only real friend. The only person I trust other than Kerr." What a lame and unnecessary thing to say. Murphy knew it already, why bang on about it? Because it needed repeating, he supposed. "I know things are going to get...


busy, but I really do want to make time for you. You're worth it."

They'd always been a bit sappy with each other. He hoped Murphy could forgive him for it this time.

The Luminary / Re: Promises Of Eternity
« on: May 20, 2019, 01:27:12 AM »
Ben stood as well, his arms twitching their desire to lift and pull Murphy into their usual hug. Murphy was his only friend that he was comfortable hugging - and now it didn't feel right, because of his body language and the strange conversation they'd had. It had felt forced somehow, full of confused looks and peculiar comments. It hadn't felt easy, or warm, and to follow that up with a stiff, awkward hug would be the worst thing for them.

He opened his mouth to say something about Jake and thought better of it. Anything he said would come out sarcastic, likely. Or snide. That would be even worse than an awkward hug.

"Okay, I'll walk you down," he said, though really he meant to ride in the lift with Murphy and take him to the front doors through the lobby. Part of him wanted Murphy to insist going himself but most of him wanted a chance to say something honest and from the heart before they parted, and only extended time would allow him that. Potentially, they would have a quiet ride down and nothing said until Murphy left to see Jake. Then Ben could beat himself up over thinking of nothing to say. Ugh.

Alternate Realities / Re: ALTERNATE: No Risk No Reward
« on: May 19, 2019, 05:17:47 PM »
As soon as the curtain drew back, Lazarus removed his fangs from Ben’s neck. He didn’t take care of the puncture wounds, intending on telling whoever had interrupted them that they could fuck right off. But after the statement filtered through to his mind and he saw a lovely looking dark vampire standing in the doorway oooking sheepish, he realised who had walked in on them. It certainly made things a little more interesting and a lot spicier.

Using the hand still hovering over Ben’s crotch - he’d undone the button and had been working on the fly - Lazarus gestured towards the dark vampire and swept his hand forward, gesturing for him to enter.

“You must be the ex that this one mentioned,” Lazarus declared about a semi-hypnotised Ben, still coming down from his horny high. Glossy eyes were beginning to focus as two thin trails of red forged a path down his neck to his shirt collar. “He’s a little shy so perhaps you can come back with us to mine and we can rev him up together? What do you say, care to share a drink?”

Ben, by this time realised that Jake

oh no not Jake, this is the worst
Timing is terrible he couldn’t have
Come here to save me from
Lazarus, did he just.... offer me to Jake?

was looking at them. He was horrified and ashamed to be caught in this position. He hadn’t wanted to give Jake any further distress but he’d done it anyway. How humiliating to be discovered in this position with someone else. It would be a sweet revenge for Jake, to be able to make a snide comment about how cheap he was or how Jake didn’t drink from garbage. There were many choices available. Worse, he might even take up Lazarus’ offer and suggest they find someone better, leaving Ben here alone.

Or he might accept.

It would be sad and pathetic of Ben to want that, to wish to become a piece of scrap to be used and discarded. It would be shameful for him to feed into his fantasy of turning back the clock before he’d made the shit decision to leave. He couldn’t go back in time but he could grovel at Jake’s feet in the role of humble human. How awful. How pathetic. Why did he want that, then? Why did he hope Jake would say yes?

Even with the hope, he couldn’t bring himself to look at Jake. He stared at the floor instead, hoping for a fantasy. It expecting rejection.

Alternate Realities / Re: ALTERNATE: No Risk No Reward
« on: May 17, 2019, 10:24:32 AM »
Ben was steered into the back rooms where the blonde vampire found a chaise behind a sheer curtain. It was at the very back section and in the corner, so they had two walls as well.

“Nobody will disturb us here,” the blonde vampire said with a lecherous grin. His hand was on the small of Ben's back where he was pushed towards one end of the furniture. The leonine vampire sat close to him, wedging Ben between himself and the curved arm of the seat. The blonde traced an appreciative finger down Ben's face and ended on his lips where he stroked across before asking a question. “Now what had a pretty thing like you running so quickly out the door?”

The vampire's fingers clutched at Ben's chin momentarily before an arm snaked around his shoulders. He sure was handsy.

“I didn’t want to bump into my ex,” Ben mumbled, figuring he might as well be truthful because vampires could read his mind anyway.

“And is your ex a mortal or...?"


This seemed to intrigue the blonde vampire as he shuffled slightly around, crossing his legs at the knee towards Ben and started toying with the flesh of his neck on the opposite side of where he sat. Goosebumps pricked Ben's skin and he licked his lips, drawing the other blonde's gaze to them.

“And how long ago did you leave him?” The vampire huffed when Ben told him and he flapped his free hand. “Have you been with a vampire since?” His smile grew when Ben shook his head no. “With anyone?”

Ben looked away. He didn’t want to talk about the intimacies (or lack thereof) of his life after Jake. He had no doubt Jake had readily moved on. He was sexy, social and a vampire. Lots of people would’ve thrown themselves at him. Ben had seen just tonight how effortlessly Jake had moved on. It had felt like a stab to his chest.

 “We can take care of that right now, then. How about you start us off on your knees and I’ll give you a nibble and we see what happens from there?”

Ben blinked at the blatant forward suggestion and understood that the comment in the main room hadn’t been a joke at all.


The blonde froze and Ben's heart hammered in his chest.

“No?” The question was repeated back at him with a smirk. “Pretty boys like you throw themselves at me all night long, for three main reasons.” He waited until Ben made eye contact with him. “One, I’m sexy as all fuck. Two, I’m over two thousands years old, and that demands respect. And three, I have this dragon tattoo on my neck.” He swiped his hair aside and Ben's eyes widened. He knew what it meant. “I see you understand that I’m an Oligarch.”

More importantly, he would be the one Ben needed permission from to become a vampire himself. This blonde vampire, who Ben could now identify as one called Lazarus because he’d read the name in the paper that Jake got delivered, was his ticket in. He couldn’t refuse him without consequences.

“Is it still a no?” Lazarus asked. When Ben shook his head, Lazarus' smile grew cruel. “I thought you’d change your mind. You’re not a silly pretty boy, after all.”

“Ben, my name is —

“Love, I don’t care. Just wrap your mouth around my cock and let’s get this show started.” Lazarus’ fingers pressed painfully into Ben's shoulder until he squirmed.

“No, I don’t...” Ben pressed his lips together and turned his face away.

“A shy one, hmm? We can do this the other way around, then,” Lazarus crooned, and he started nuzzling along Ben's neck. Ben's thoughts started to contest, a part of him wanting to end this moment and leave, but another part of him wanted to stay, because he wasn’t getting over Jake and maybe this would help.

Fangs entered his neck at the same time as Jake started looking in the back rooms after exhausting the rest of the club. Ben's familiar whimpers and sighs would draw Jake to the far corner, if he cared to look further, if he dared to interrupt. Lazarus, meanwhile, was discovering that his shy prize was turning into a grabbing, squirming, uninhibited body - his favourite sort of reaction. He didn’t care if the youth he'd picked up was in two minds. Right now he seemed willing for sex and Lazarus was working on the clasp of the mortal's jeans.

The Luminary / Re: Promises Of Eternity
« on: May 12, 2019, 03:43:39 PM »
“Yeah, there are already boundaries,” Ben said, throwing Murphy an odd look. He’d thought his friend a bit more politically aware of the districts and where they divided but of course some were contested. There were natural divisions in the lay of the land though and more often than not that was what the political structure followed. Murphy had never been a political journalist, and perhaps that was where he’d gone wrong. Still, it was Ben's interest, not Murphy's.

“I’ll be fine,” Ben said, but it was more than that, he was downright excited. “I’ll make sure to text and see you more often. I’ll make time,” he promised.

The Luminary / Re: A Worn And Dusty Traveler
« on: May 10, 2019, 07:00:06 PM »
Ben nodded, holding onto the drawing in both hands, thumbs either side of the paper. He nodded at Tyler and stood as the other vampire made to leave. With a few short directions, Tyler had an accurate idea how to reach the rabbit, though it was quite a number of blocks away. Easy to get there, lengthy to stroll.

Be did usher Tyler to the foyer, though, and saw him out, then once the vampire was out of the Luminary building, Ben went back upstairs to wait for Kerr who was on his way home. No doubt his sire would have news for him about the progress of the demon refugees returning to their homes in the west (those who had them, otherwise they were welcome to stay), but now Ben had news of his own about the newcomer to Jake's nest, and how Ben kind of liked and respected him.

And there was the sketch too, which he didn’t know what to do with so he left it on the coffee table for now.

The Luminary / Re: Promises Of Eternity
« on: May 05, 2019, 09:13:06 PM »
"Yeah, you'd think so," Ben agreed sarcastically, but he'd fielded all sorts of questions about why some classes cost more than others and why weren't they free? Granted, most of those questions had come from the fae, and even though he didn't like generalising, they seemed to be a bit more flighty and distracted than other species. "I've already done the full Masquerade course, but I think Sam's tweaked it since last year to make it better, adding more stuff. I recommend you take it because she covers all the clans. It's more involved than I thought. She's, uh, I like her a lot. She reminds me of my girl friends from high school. The ones who are so nice you wonder if they're for real."

What was Ben going to be doing? That was a fair enough question.

"Well, right now I've written down my wishlist of all the things I wanted to implement if I became leader. I've already figured a lot of it out. Jake's laws are excessive in my opinion, but the Sacrament are too lax, so I'm working closely with the Ward at the moment to hammer them out. They were revising their laws anyway, so I've jumped on with them. After that I'm going to meet up with my lawyers and figure out the best legal way to run a campaign and the most honest way to do it. I want the whole city to vote on the district leader because it affects everyone, but Jake will probably want to keep it contained to city central because he has a concentration of his people in here. I'll probably be sorting all that stuff out and then... run the campaign once the boundaries are put in place. It's, um, scary and exciting, and... I don't think you'll see me much at the Academy for the next six months. It's why I was working so hard on getting the schedules set up and putting staff on so Ichabod could just keep it running for me. He'll be ironing out problems though. Have you and he become friendlier since... um, have you had anything to do with him at all?"

The Luminary / Re: Promises Of Eternity
« on: May 05, 2019, 06:17:26 PM »
"It'll launch as soon as it's ready. Not with fanfare, like the Academy needed. Just... one day it'll be available and advertised everywhere," Ben said.

"It was Kerr's idea, you know," Ben admitted. "He's driving it. I've helped him on it because we'll be doing things together mostly, but he'll be the one managing everything. Good guess about Venture, it's going to be one of the safe meeting places. I had to negotiate with Charon so he's happy with it too," Ben said, thinking about how Charon had shown what a devious head for business he had as well. He certainly hadn't made himself a charity. "He'll be promoting the app as well. We needed something making money to support the Academy. It's got more money going out than coming in at the moment. Having a lot of people signing up is great, but maybe the dazzle will wear off when they realise they have to pay for classes. The basic fledgling powers and survival classes are free for vampires under five, but everything else is... yeah. I don't know how many students I'll have when the invoices get sent out. I'll have to see when the semester starts."

He realised he was talking shop with Murphy and wondered if it was boring his friend or not. "You don't want to hear about that, I'm sure. Hey, did you sign up for anything? Everything is free and available to you, you know? Just like it was when we used to be at Haven Crest." He didn't know if his friend would be interested in that either, but he and Murphy had always shared a fascination for learning about other species and supernatural things.

General Announcements / Re: Happy 10 000 Posts, Satyr!
« on: May 05, 2019, 05:37:18 PM »

Why, thank you  ;D

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