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City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: December 30, 2013, 04:59:07 PM »
Jason had stayed upstairs as long as he possibly could. Hunger he could handle, but he knew he’d need to use the bathroom eventually and it was that which eventually brought him climbing down the ladder. He had intended on going straight to the bathroom and then retreating straight back upstairs but Yuri’s voice interrupted him.

Without thinking about it, Jason glanced upwards, looking for the source of the invisible voice even though he knew he would see nothing. The frown he seemed to have been wearing since he woke up creased his forehead again, disliking Yuri’s turn of phrase. Nutrients? Why couldn’t he just say he needed food like a normal person? But then again this guy obviously wasn’t normal. He’d locked up Jason and believed himself to be immortal.

“My preference is for you to let me out,” Jason replied sharply. All of the questions he wanted answering right now had been answered, nothing else seemed to matter.

“But if you won’t do that then leave me alone,” he added after a beat, not wanting to go around in circles with Yuri again and just end up frustrating himself more.

City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: December 09, 2013, 05:14:03 PM »
Until you decide I no longer need to be, Jason thought, shaking his head gently. There was no time frame to how long this could last, but it obviously wasn’t going to be a short term affair if Yuri had put this much effort into it. And he hadn’t detailed how it would end either. What happened when Yuri didn’t believe he needed to be here any more? Or when he decided Jason wasn’t the friend he wanted? It seemed unlikely he would just be allowed back out onto the streets and if he wasn’t found down here before that time came then it seemed unlikely anyone would ever find his body if it came to that.

He lifted his eyes to the camera as Yuri said the surveillance wasn’t in the conservatory, wary about whether or not to believe him. It seemed odd that Yuri would have considered given him privacy when he obviously had none, but why would he lie about it? What reason could there be for making Jason believe he would be unobserved up there? Other than for his own peculiar amusement, of course.

His first plan in here had been to refuse to say anything (which hadn’t really worked when he’d had so many questions) but now there was somewhere he could be possibly be unseen too. How long would Yuri want to keep around an empty house?

Without saying anything in response Jason headed into his room to grab his rucksack which had a book he’d just started. A trip to the fridge after that to get a couple of bottles of water and – after staring at the contents thoughtfully for a few seconds Jason also selected the bottle of ketchup before heading back to the ladder and ascending into his little garden. He wandered around, moving a few plants here and there until he could see and reach a clear space in the glass easily then he began to smear the ketchup onto the glass. Maybe no one would ever come here, but if they did he wanted to get their attention.


He stepped back, frowning at the words. He’s written them backwards so that someone outside would be able to read them and tried to keep it short but hopefully urgent enough that someone might look into it.

The young man then took his place in one of the patio chairs positioned in the conservatory and picked up his book, settling down for the long haul. He had every intention of staying here as long as he could. He knew he’d need to pop to the bathroom and get food at some point, but that wouldn’t be too exciting for Yuri to watch surely? Well – Jason wouldn’t have thought watching anyone trapped in a tiny apartment would be interesting to watch but Yuri obviously found some delight in that. He had to come in here at some point though, surely, otherwise how did he really expect to become friends? Then Jason could try to get out past him.

City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: November 18, 2013, 04:19:58 AM »
“Yuri,” Jason repeated with a small nod, straightening up and running a hand through his hair. His forehead felt clammy, but he doubted it was a proper fever, just worry. Yuri wasn’t a name he was familiar with really, but he assumed it was his first name. Not that it mattered. It might not even be his real name.

“So… are you just going to keep me here forever? To be your friend?” It didn’t sound any more sensible when he said it than when Yuri did. At least he knew this wasn’t something Yuri did all the time – this was his first attempt at befriending someone like this. There wasn’t a string of bodies hidden under the floor of failed friendship attempts.

“Why didn’t you answer me before? What were you doing?” he asked. When Yuri had taken his time to answer Jason had thought there was just going to be radio silence indefinitely. The idea that the conservatory was unobserved hadn’t occurred to him and to be honest the thought that Yuri was wondering off and getting distracted from the person he’d taken captive was a little insulting.

City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: November 17, 2013, 02:45:37 AM »
As he waited for the voice to respond Jason stood up and moved towards the glass, pressing a hand against it. There wasn’t much out there he could see, anything around looked pretty abandoned – obviously not even kids came here to hang out, otherwise there would be graffiti on the glass and more rubbish around.

“What, you fed up of talking to me?” Jason said after realising his question still hadn’t been answered. “Didn’t take long to get bored,” he added more quietly, examining the glass carefully and then pressing his ear to it. Sound proof, strengthened, no one was going to hear anything if they were just on the other side. Obviously there were no windows, no openings, no weaknesses.

Jason felt a wave of nausea and rested his cheek against the cool glass, taking a deep breath and exhaling to the count of five. He’d felt out of his depth plenty of times in his life, but there had always been an end in sight, or a ray of happiness in the midst of all the sadness. Now there was no guarantee he’d ever get out of here alive, he had been locked up by a madman who thought he was immortal and who now wasn’t even talking to him.

He took another deep breath then ducked down to scoop up a rock. His fingers pressed painfully against the rough surface as Jason backed up a few steps. Even as he hurled it with a shout of rage he knew it wasn’t going to do anything and Jason flinched as the rock hit the glass and bounced off without even making a scratch.

Talk to me then,” Jason shouted, his fists clenched as he yelled at the air around him. The queasiness returned and Jason stumbled towards the ladder, somehow managing to get himself down it without falling and made it to the kitchen sink before the sandwich he’d eaten a few minutes earlier made a reappearance. Jason retched until nothing was left in his stomach and his hands were shaking as he rinsed out his mouth with water and ran the taps until the sink was clear.

“Tell me your name,” Jason pleaded, still bent over the sink and clutching at the stainless steel.

City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: October 30, 2013, 07:12:50 AM »
Jason pushed his seat back, preparing to stand and go outside as soon as he was told there was an outside, but he stilled as the voice went on. His mouth went dry at the words – he had obviously been taken by a lunatic. Of course, there had to have been something wrong with him for him to have captured someone and locked them in a space like this, but for him to think he was immortal? That was really messed up. He didn’t want to think about what his captor might have done that cost him so much, that made him think he was immortal. There were all sorts of horror stories, made up stuff, then things people had actually done in the belief it would make them live longer. All ridiculous beliefs, they’d all just been stories, or the ramblings of the delusional.

“No one’s immortal. Don’t talk rubbish,” Jason said, focusing on making himself stand and heading towards the ladder. If it led outside maybe there was a way out there – a fence he could climb, or maybe he could shout for help and be heard.

He climbed swiftly and shoved the door open. It was a relief to find that it wasn’t locked since his question on that hadn’t been answered, but his heart sank as he pulled himself up into the greenhouse. This wasn’t outside.

The smell of the plant life hit him and Jason took in a deep breath, but it didn’t bring a smile to his face. It was lush and beautiful, but it was just another cage. He eyed up the glass windows from where he sat, wondering how strong it was and cast his gaze around the room at the plants, looking for something heavy. Maybe a decorative statue, or a tub. Something that might break the glass if it was thrown at it.

“What’s your name?” he asked as he looked around, wondering why he hadn’t asked it before. If he managed to get out of here he wanted to be able to tell the police something – even if it was just a fake name.

And if breaking the glass didn't work, well, it would be better to have a name to put to the voice. It might help keep this lunatic on side as well if he showed interest in him. Immortality didn't exist, it couldn't. If there were people who were immortal everyone would know about it, especially in this day and age, with the technology available. People would know.

City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: October 28, 2013, 06:57:33 AM »
Jason listened to his watcher’s explanation without interrupting. He could understand losing someone you were that close to – that feeling was still fresh in his own heart. And although he wouldn’t admit it at the moment, he had been lonely. He hadn’t really had much of a social life since his grandfather got ill since he needed constant care and he hadn’t made much attempt at starting fresh since then either. But he couldn’t imagine getting so desperate that he would kidnap someone like this.

He blinked in surprise at the announcement that it had been seventy years and the look of surprise on his face would be plain to see. Seventy? It wasn’t an old voice talking to him, it didn’t sound like it anyway. And how would someone that old have managed to drag him down here? If it had been seventy years since his friend died it meant this guy had to be pushing ninety at least.

It couldn’t be seventy, he must have misheard. Seventeen perhaps. Yes, that had to have been it. An echo in the sound systems maybe.

Distracted by the thoughts of his captor being so old it took Jason a few seconds to comprehend being told that they weren’t far underground. Maybe some kind of basement or something… His gaze fell on the ladder he’d been sat beside, frowning at it. It couldn’t lead outside, and if it did, it would be locked, like the other door. Jason already felt like an idiot for taking out his anger on the other door, and letting himself be taken in the first place, he didn’t want someone watching as he struggled to open another locked door.

“The door at the top of the ladder – does it go outside? It’s locked too, right? And did you say seventeen years?” he said, wanting to check that he had just misheard and not being able to get rid of that thought until he’d clarified it. If this guy was really old maybe he would have a chance at fighting his way out of here when the door opened. Being unfamiliar with the supernatural aspects of the city he didn’t think of the other possibilities of immortality – and being informed that locking someone up underground was as far as this voice would go did not give him much comfort given that he didn’t know about the other ways in which he could be forced mentally into becoming a willing participant in all of this.

City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: October 21, 2013, 06:20:13 AM »
And there it was again, that idea that his watcher wanted to be friends with him. It was so backwards that it didn’t feel like it could be a lie. Surely if this voice wanted to come up with an excuse for kidnapping him then he could come up with something better than that he wanted a friend?

“Why didn’t you just… start a conversation with me?” he asked, biting back the more sarcastic or bitter sounding responses which came to mind. He could vaguely remember colliding with a guy in the street one day but he hadn’t connected that with his sore shoulder and since that had faded quickly it hadn’t lingered in his mind. He couldn’t picture the stranger’s face, but he was sure that if there had been something especially startling about it he would have been more memorable. And perhaps it wasn’t even that person. There were people rushing about in the hospital all the time with their thoughts on other things. It could have been something that Jason hasn’t even considered a real bump. Whoever had taken him had obviously dwelled on the experience a lot longer than Jason had done.

He closed his eyes briefly, running a hand through his hair, feeling frustrated. He wanted to ask more questions to try to find out more about this guy, but instead he shook his head slightly.

“You can’t… you can’t just take someone off the streets, lock them up and go ‘we’re going to be friends now’. That’s just not how life works. You have a conversation to find out what they’re interested in, discuss stuff, find out if the feeling is mutual, you don’t just do all this,” he said, gesturing a hand at the room around him.

“Where even are we? Underground?” he added. The video window gave that impression, but that could easily be blocking a different view, or be inside a warehouse. “Are we still in the city?” He didn’t really expect to get much information about his whereabouts, but there was always a chance.

City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: October 19, 2013, 06:31:29 AM »
Jason’s eyes narrowed thoughtfully as he worked through the information he had, reaching out to push a couple of crumbs around his plate. Talking to thin air felt so weird, this all felt peculiar. But it was all completely out of the ordinary so that was to be expected.

He couldn’t place the voice, but he had met so many people in a short space of time at work, it was hard to remember them all. And if he’d been judged by his actions it may have been before he started working there, maybe it had been whilst he was still his grandfather’s carer. Guessing wasn’t going to help though.

“When did we meet? And where?” he asked, hoping to get a less vague answer this time. He was pretty sure it was someone he didn’t know well, well if he knew a few details then maybe when he got out of here he would be able to help the cops find whoever this freak was.  He wanted to ask if it was at the hospital, someone who worked at the market he went to, any number of places, but he tried to stop himself from prompting his watcher. He didn’t want to give away answers that could be turned into lies.

Capital Building / Sweet Dreams
« on: October 18, 2013, 06:27:36 AM »
Ichabod jerked awake with a gasp, sitting upright in the large bed, the sheets falling away as he reached out to grasp at the air in front of him. His fingers closed around nothingness, but there was something there. Something he hadn’t felt in far too long and in his dazed state he couldn’t quite figure out what was different.

The sun was still high in the sky and Ichabod dropped back down onto his pillows, feeling like a lead weight was pressing down on him, making his eyes want to shut but he struggled to stay conscious, needing to know what it was.

Ichabod wanted to rub the sleep from his eyes and force himself awake so that he could think this through, but it was so difficult. He was too young still to be able to stay awake during the daylight hours and he was shocked to find her had somehow woken up at all.

His hand reached for James, finding the warm body beside him easily and Ichabod rolled over to curl around the human who stirred beside him. Did it matter? Really? Whatever had disturbed him obviously wasn’t a threat, it didn’t feel wrong at all. Quite the opposite in fact. It must have just been a dream, although it had been months since Ichabod could remember dreaming. And none of them had been good; it made a nice change.

His body slowly relaxed and Ichabod began to sink back towards unconsciousness, a small smile playing on his lips. He was almost too close to the brink to clearly register it when he finally worked out what it was and there was no going back from the call of slumber.

With his last ounce of alertness Ichabod pressed a thought into James’ mind, wanting to spread his joy and worried that it might disappear if he didn’t share it. Then he slept again, without stirring for the rest of the daylight hours, knowing that he was whole again, truly feeling peaceful for the first time in eighteen months.

It was just a little thought, one which couldn't be true, he knew that deep down. But for those few seconds, in the space between awake and sleeping, it was there.

He’s alive. Kerr’s alive.

City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: October 14, 2013, 07:13:18 AM »
Jason played for a couple of hours, not really thinking about his moves until he knocked over the king at the end of a game with his finger, toppling it in defeat. He hadn’t been able to work out anything yet, no reason why he’d been chosen, why he was here. It didn’t make sense for his watched to just be lonely. To just want a friend. Surely he could have met people just by going out, socialising, joining a club or something. He had to have a job – he was obviously rich to have been able to afford to make a place like this. And intelligent. There had to be another reason why he was so set on capturing someone and locking them in here.

He was torn between his unwillingness to be this creep’s puppet and talk to him through the speakers and wanting to try to find out answers.

A rumbling in his stomach gave him an excuse to stop dwelling on that for a while though. If he was going to be in here for some time and his watcher wanted a friend then there was bound to be food in that fridge and the cupboards. And there was no point in starving himself. If he got the chance to escape he wanted to be strong enough to fight his way out.

Jason made his way to the kitchen slowly, looking about with caution and curiosity. He wandered if he was still being watched in silence. Surely him playing chess for so long couldn’t be riveting viewing material. He headed first for the cupboard that had already been mentioned, sitting himself cross legged on the floor before the kitchen and pulling out the first aid kit, hoping that the most the cameras would be able to see was his back. He used a sanitary wipe to clean the blood from his knuckles – the scrapes weren’t bad, it was more his pride that was injured. But what did it matter if his watcher saw him freaking out and taking out his aggression on the door? Jason reasoned that it would be a perfectly normal response for most people.

He didn’t bother with any plasters and after disposing of the wipes in the bin he turned his focus to the cupboards and fridge, opening them one by one to examine the contents and feeling a jolt in the pit of his stomach as he pulled out duplicates of items in his own kitchen, the brands he chose, the seedy bread he picked, even a box of kava tea Jason didn’t drink himself but that he’d made for his grandfather and packed up with everything else when he’d moved.

His flat had obviously been broken into and examined down to the last detail. It was such an invasion into his whole life. Even if he got out of here Jason knew he’d never feel comfortable in that flat again. He knew he should have a look to see if anything else was different, but right now the thought of going back into the exact replica of his bedroom freaked him out.

In a bit of a daze Jason put himself together a sandwich and sat at the table to eat. He couldn’t relax, even as he ate. The hairs on the back of his neck tingled and he got the feeling he was being watched again – or maybe busying himself with looking around the kitchen has distracted him from the idea that eyes were constantly on him. He ate quickly, then pushed the plate away and leant back in his chair slightly.

“When did you pick me?” Jason asked outloud to the room finally, giving in to his desire for answers and assuming that the watcher would be there waiting to give them, or at least respond somehow if he didn’t want to answer directly. He wanted to know how much the watcher knew about him. Obviously he’d known where Jason would go in the park. He knew every detail of his home. He probably knew where he worked. But how far back did it go? Maybe there was another similar set up for his old home that had been abandoned when he’d moved.

City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: September 30, 2013, 06:41:59 AM »
Jason rarely swore, and he managed to resist the temptation to do so now. How was this possible? He’d been kidnapped so that this lunatic could have a friend? This kind of stuff didn’t happen in real life. But at least that sounded more hopeful than being told it must rub lotion on itself. Being considered a friend meant that at some point he might be allowed more freedom, hopefully. Then he could make his escape.

But that would mean he had to convince this weirdo that he wanted to be his friend and stay, and Jason wasn’t anywhere near being able to do that right now.

“You’re alone now,” Jason said bluntly, a sulky tone to his voice he was unfamiliar with hearing in himself. His captor was sat in some room somewhere, watching him, but refusing to come and see him face to face. He said he wouldn’t come until Jason was settled, but perhaps he was just too scared to actually come into contact with him if he was so lonely. Maybe Jason would never see him; Maybe this was how the friendship would go in his captor’s head. Jason stood up again, feeling restless knowing he couldn’t get out and having so much on his mind. Maybe that was why the tiger at the zoo he’d been to as a kid had paced back and forth – there was nowhere else to go apart from that route and only so much to do trapped in that enclosure.

Jason didn’t want to continue talking to the disembodied voice, but it was tempting when it was coming at him, saying things Jason wanted to argue with. Seeking distraction, he headed back into the living area and headed for the chess set. He eyed up the ladder nearby, but there was a heavy looking door at the top and he didn’t want to climb up just to find it locked. He didn’t want to give his watcher the satisfaction of having something interesting to watch and so Jason sat down at the chess set and began to play silently, trying to pretend he was at the park with Alfie, Thomas and Mr Graham, the old gentlemen he played with most often.

City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: September 29, 2013, 07:33:16 AM »
Jason glanced up as the voice came again through the speakers. As much as he wanted to pretend it wasn’t there it was hard to ignore. It was obvious his watcher wasn’t going to come and see him face to face, not for a while. But Jason still didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of getting a response and he pressed his lips together, trying to hold back the retorts he wanted to give.

It was familiar, but creepily so now he knew it wasn’t his. He couldn’t figure out why someone would have gone to such lengths to put all of this together. And it was all so specific to him. Who would have taken an interest in him? Why? He wasn’t interesting; he didn’t think he did much to attract attention. He just got on with his life. Jason had just been getting used to living normally, having a job and not looking after someone twenty-four seven. But apparently that had not been enough for his captor.

He gave a quiet sigh, leaning forwards to rest his head in his hands, his elbows propped on his knees.

“I said, don’t talk to me through that,” he said without bothering to look up. He knew there probably wasn’t much he could do about it, but if this guy had gone to so much effort to replicate his apartment, to make him feel better, comfortable, then maybe he would listen to Jason’s plea.

He didn’t want to do anything which would make his watched more interested and stayed quiet for a few seconds but he couldn’t help blurting out what he was thinking, hoping that the waver in his captor’s voice might mean he was re-thinking his decision to take Jason.

“If you want me to be comfortable, let me out. Let me go,” Jason said, lifting his head to glance around the room, raising his eyes upwards as a high vantage point seemed like the most likely place for a camera. 

City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: September 28, 2013, 05:13:33 PM »
Jason’s eyes narrowed at the door, a scowl darkening his face. Settled? He was supposed to settle in this place? Maybe it was a little too obvious that he wanted to throw himself angrily at whoever came through the door, that might be putting this creep off. Obviously he was a coward, he must have drugged Jason, or something like that, to get him in here. He wasn’t injured so there hadn’t been a struggle he couldn’t remember.

He glanced down at his watch, wondering when someone would notice he was missing. Would anyone? At work he might just be considered one of those slackers who just stops bothering. There were a few people he chatted to on coffee breaks… but none of them knew where he lived and would any of them care enough to check? Outside of work? His stomach sank. No one was coming for him.

Jason stood up, running a hand through his hair, trying to hide the panic from his face now he knew he was being watched. It was hard though. Jason took in his surroundings a little more carefully, feeling a jolt as he spotted the chess table. This place was designed specifically for him, the bedroom and bathroom were exact replicas of his. God knows how long it had been planned and how long he was supposed to stay here.

He headed back through to the bedroom and made a beeline for the window. If no one knew he was missing he had to make sure someone paid attention. Jason shoved open the glass to peer through the bars. There was something not quite right about the light, but it wasn’t until Jason stuck a hand through the bar, ready to wave and shout at someone walking below, that he realised what it was. There was no wind, and his hand hit a screen which was replaying the scene outside his bedroom window.

“What?” he murmured, stepping back from the window quickly. It was getting more difficult not to shout and scream in panic, but he didn’t want to give in and give his watcher the satisfaction of having something interesting to look at.

Let me out. Let me go. I have to go. The words bubbled up, threatening to come out and forming a lump at the back of his throat. But he wasn’t going to talk to the watcher, not through the microphones that had to be scattered about. No, he just had to wait for an opportunity and take it when it appeared. For now he sat on the edge of the bed, trying to wrap his head around the fact that his window wasn’t a window. The extent of this deception was amazing.

City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: September 28, 2013, 07:52:50 AM »
Jason started at the voice which suddenly disturbed the silence, standing up again, his muscles tense. Safe? He didn’t feel safe. He felt trapped and confused and he hated not knowing what was going on. He’d been running his household for years, something like this being thrown into the works, where he didn’t know what had happened to his home, had completely thrown him.

His head turned towards the kitchen, staring at the sink for a few seconds before he raised his eyes to scan around the rest of the room. Whoever was watching him knew he was bleeding, although the scuffs weren’t anything too bad. They could see him. There had to be cameras somewhere, but they were well hidden and Jason couldn’t spot them at the moment. Maybe with a bit more searching but right now finding the cameras was not a priority. He didn’t want to be in here long enough for that to matter.

“No, don’t you talk to me through that thing,” Jason said loudly, raising his voice a little as though he was calling to someone on the other side of the door. “You want to talk to me, you come here.” He had stood up as he had looked for the cameras, but now he sat on his perch again, eyes fixed on the door. He was listening hard, trying to hear anything on the other side of it, or some intruder coming from another direction as he hadn’t had a good look to see if there was another way in.

City Subway / Re: Captive
« on: September 27, 2013, 06:27:01 AM »
Jason had already been tired, after a twelve hour shift he’d just wanted to de-stress with a game before going straight to bed. So Yuri’s declaration that he wanted to sleep didn’t need much pushing and Jason only paused to drop his rucksack and slip off his jeans and t-shirt, draping them over a chair in the corner of the room before crawling under the comforter.

He rarely dreamed, not anything he could remember anyway, so waking up with the vague memories of driving in a stranger’s car and walking through dark tunnels was a little peculiar. Jason lay still for a few minutes after his eyes opened, trying to catch hold of those images, to make some meaning out of them, before shrugging them off. Dreams were just that, dreams. They didn’t matter and they didn’t mean anything. But he did feel more alert than he had done upon awaking for years, so maybe there was something to that.

He gave a quiet grunt as he pushed himself upright, reaching out to grab his watch and squinting at it in the dim light. 6am. With a jolt of panic Jason realised his alarm should have gone off a half an hour ago and he scrambled out of bed, leaving the sheets in a tangle as he headed for the bathroom.

It wasn’t until he’d washed his face and reached for his towel that something began to feel odd. He couldn’t remember setting his alarm last night, or even coming home, or travelling the last few blocks. And he definitely hadn’t bought a new towel.

Jason stared down at the fluffy green towel he’d just dried his face with, rubbing the thick material between his fingers. It looked like his had done when it was brand new, but after a few months use and numerous washes, they definitely weren’t the same anymore.

His brown eyes darted upwards to scan the small shelf which sat above his sink just in front of the mirror. The mouthwash was full, the toothpaste tube unsqueezed and the smudges from where he’d wiped the steam from the mirror after his shower the day before were gone. Bemused, Jason hung the towel back on its rail and made his way back into the bedroom, looking around a little more carefully. He reached to grab a t-shirt from a drawer, but paused when he realised he owned the shirt he’d pulled out, but his now had a stain down the front from a coffee spillage the week before.

He dropped the shirt like it was red hot, leaving it hanging on the open drawer as he turned to pull on the t-shirt and jeans he’d worn home the day before. He’d changed after a shower at work so they were clean(ish) and there was no way he was going to face whatever was going on here wearing someone else’s clothes. It was like some Good Samaritan had broken into his apartment and replaced everything with newer items of what he owned and Jason couldn’t make sense of it at all.

Moving more quickly now, Jason pulled open the bedroom door and then stopped dead, his brown eyes widening at the sight before him. Jason glanced back over his shoulder, trying to convince himself that he had just stepped out of his bedroom, but how was that possible? That room full of things that weren’t his, that looked like his bedroom, but then lead to… this.

“I’m cracking up,” Jason murmured to himself, lifting a hand to rub over his eyes then through his hair, but it didn’t help. When he opened them again the little kitchen and comfortable looking living area were still there. Still not his.

He backed into the bedroom and swiftly pulled on his trainers, before grabbing his rucksack and heading for the only route of escape he’d spotted in his scan of the room - the large, heavy looking door. Even before he turned the door handle Jason had half-known it would be locked, but that didn’t stop him from tugging and shoving at it, then kicking and pounding as panic began to set in. Jason could be patient, he was good at that. Good at remaining calm when people were yelling at him, deliberately making messes in the hospital, when his grandfather had called him Joe time and time again. But staying calm against frustrating things was a lot easier than against sheer terror.

“Let me out,” he shouted at the door, which refused to give way as he thumped on it, hurling his body weight against it and slamming his fists against it time and time again. It was almost half an hour before Jason backed away from the door, panting from the physical effort as well as with fear. He stood before of the door, his fists clenched as he stared at it, willing it to open. He knew he needed to clear his head, to try to work out what was going on, but nothing was coming that could explain this. Jason sank down to perk on the arm of the sofa, cradling his hands in his lap, ignoring the pain in his knuckles from his flurried attack on the door. He'd scraped some of the skin off and blood was welling up but it was nothing too bad. His whole body was shaking and he couldn't even think about looking around the apartment more. He was ready for someone to come through that door and as soon as they did Jason had every intention or attempting to get past whoever it was.

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