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Retired Characters / Nel
« on: August 21, 2010, 03:20:14 PM »
Name: Nelrynonangray Mosandarili Nydelanarran or Nel
Age [appearance]: As the Kitsune is truly a fox-demon, Nel\'s physical appearance can vary depending upon the form she takes, but he favorite is a young girl, typically from age fifteen to eighteen.
Age [actual]: One thousand, one hundred and sixteen (1116)
Gender:  Female
Species:  Kitsune (Fox Demon) with three tails

Hair:  While in her fox form, she has a pelt of radiant orange fur, with an underbelly of snowy white. The backs of her ears are black, the fur near her eyes is a more reddish color, changing finally to black. The fur on the legs is also quite dark, tending to be a dark brown which appears black from a distance. This appearance is common of the red fox subspecies, the Hokkaido fox, one of two subspecies native to Japan.

Nel\'s common human form, that of a young girl, has dark, glossy black hair. It is cut into three terraced lengths, with short bangs trimmed to just above her eyes, the hair over her ears is cut to shoulder length, with the back being left to fall to her midriff. Nel\'s hair often appears to be taken good care of, with no split ends and a thick, full appearance. She styles it different quite often, usually depending upon her mood, outfit, and what she might be doing that day.
Eyes: Nel\'s eyes, while as a fox, are an orange hue, much like her fur, nothing outlandish for a fox. Her common human form will typically have blue eyes, though she sometimes changes it to green, or in a hurry, they will be left as her orange. Her blue eyes, often have a captivating capability, those who look into them are often a bit mesmerized, part of her ability of seduction that seeps through. For those who can resist the latent leak (anything other than most humans), her eyes are compassionate and full of kindness, but the fact that most of her eye color blends together can be kind of creepy for some.
Frame: 5\'8, 113lbs is about what she normally stands at while in human form, often being thin and lightly muscled, with a body more like a dancer or a swimmer than anything else.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Her outward appearance when humanized is typically free of any distinguishing marks, but if she is hastened, she might have some remnants of her fox-like appearance left over, notably a tail, some bodily fur, fox-like facial features uncommon to her, some coloration in her black hair like highlights or streaks, claw like fingers, etc. Generally she is gives herself a once-over in a mirror or something before wandering around in public to make sure that nothing is amiss, but that is not always a possibility and things occasionally slip past her.

Personality: Nel has a very fluid personality, typically changing to meet the occasion, most prominent would be how she behaves by herself or with smaller groups or a single person, as well as large groups of either friends or strangers. When by herself, Nel is quiet, calm, and reserved, not usually interacting with things around her, seeming to be in a meditative state. Usually she spends this time thinking or contemplating, or studying. When people try to interact with her, she usually has short, quiet responses that are typically polite, but easily indicate that she is drawn up in something else. When with her friends, usually in a small group, she merely blends. She joins the conversation, throws around jokes with the others, talks about whatever the current gossip and rumors are, but still has a very calm air about her. While with a large group of her friends, it is often quite a bit different. She gets highly involved and is almost always highly energetic and bouncy, typically dragging the conversation around to whatever she likes, usually taking control, but she never gets overly forceful, and remains polite and friendly, though at times she gets a little carried away in what she says and can turn it into an awkward situation or bother or insult someone very quickly, probably a side-effect of her not being one-hundred percent certain how and why things are the way they are with humans, or other entities. The way Nel treats strangers is highly different. She treats them with respect, when face-to-face, she is polite and kind, as usual, and tries to assert herself as a person worth being friends with. When with larger groups of strangers, she almost always tries to make herself the center of attention, at any cost.
 She is very outgoing, trying many new and different things, very friendly, typically bonding with many people, and if not making friends, at least she will leave them with a positive outlook on her. She can also be very clingy, cuddly, and loses almost all regard for a \'personal-bubble\'.  If she is not the center of attention, she could very well try to get there. She also  becomes much more reserved and quiet at times, typically drawn into herself to the point where she might seem depressed. Most often she gets very serious about things, being driven towards a certain goal, such as when she trains, she typically takes on this aspect and gets increasingly focused.

History: The oldest memories Nel has are of her early years in Japan, and there are very few. Most of them have long since receded from her memory,  being replaced by new and more recent ones, though she still holds onto a few of her old and precious memories of her glory-filled youth of battling demons, long-lost lovers, and just about anything else a wild and reckless being like herself might have cherished. Three distinct memories from this time were:

Her first battle with a demon, one that didn\'t quite go so well for her. The demon\'s name had long since been forgotten, but the confrontation, not-so-much. She had been called to aid a family that had been plagued by a demon which turned out to be a smoke demon, which had been bothering them for quite some time. They had faced off right away, sizing each other up. Nel hadn\'t looked like much of a threat at the time, and the demon was old, wise, and very cruel. Nel had waded into battle filled with confidence and what could be called adrenaline, if a spirit had such things. Immediately she found herself at a disadvantage, being chased out, badly injured and forced to rely upon her parents to handle the demon in the end. It was her first fight, and her first loss. Something she couldn\'t forget.

The next prominent event had been a bout of love with a young samurai boy named Koushi, whom she had fallen head-over-heels in love with. He had definitely returned the love, and they had enjoyed a good, long fling before they finally decided to get down to the dirty deed, but in her youthful folly, Nel had exposed herself and the tail that she had not concealed. Koushi had denied her, after finding out she was a spiritual being, and their love died away, but they remained friends up until the day Koushi was killed by a demon.

The third of these events was the battle in which she had her first victory, the one that had cost Koushi his life. The culprit in the murder had been a snake demon posing as a dragon, a symbol highly regarded in Japan, and as such, it had gone unhindered in its mischief for quite a while. One fateful night though, Koushi and Nel were out for a walk, enjoying the fresh night air when the demon had come upon them, attacked and began a battle with Nel, one that she had fought on par for the majority of the time, but one mistake nearly cost her. If Koushi had not thrown himself in front of the demon, Nel could have been destroyed, but his sacrificed allowed her to defeat the demon. It broke Nel\'s heart, but Koushi told her that he was getting old, and that she was immortal, and that it would happen someday and he would never regret giving his life to save hers, and destroy the evil monster. He had died in her arms, and she never forgave herself for it.

Things had progressed rather normally from there on. She occasionally battle demons, found herself in awkward predicaments with humans, where a mistake had cost her secret identity and she was forced to make promises, and as time passed by, she grew experienced. The most out of the ordinary thing, especially where she was concerned, was when her father, an ancient eight tail Kitsune was tricked by a human, exposed, had his ball actually taken away, and was forced to make promises to the human. The human, Master Erukei Sane (Sane Erukei) commonly referred to as Erukei-sensei, never abused the fact that he practically owned Nel\'s father.

Their relationship became a very friendly one, and eventually, Sane moved to America, settled down, and opened a dojo, The Zen Da Dojo, where he taught several forms of martial arts. When Master Erukei moved to America, Nel\'s father was obligated to move as well, and as such, the entire family packed up, and moved away. To date, Master Erukei is more of a figurehead at the Zen Da Dojo, as he is far too old (92) to partake in any of the martial activities, and as such, forced Nel\'s father to promise the preservation of the dojo, even after he is gone. Ever since the Dojo was opened, Nel and her brother and two sisters trained at the dojo.

Seven years after opening, the dojo had a fairly high amount of members, and many very talented ones. Many of the students were quite proficient, and those who had been there for five or six years were able to partake in the first MMA competitions that took place and the Zen Da, and thankfully, the house had won their first tournament. They now have two large annual tournaments, and many smaller competitions open to all ages, and even to all species who participate, as the Zen Da does not discriminate against non-humans. The Kitsune members have developed a type of limiter that can greatly hamper the strength and ability of non-humans, allowing them to partake in the competitions without \'cheating\', or they can go full-tilt in the "black-out" competitions held beneath the center, where there are few restrictions on power levels. The "Black-out" competition is not a member only type of deal, and there are often plenty of non-humans who come in to duke it out and settle some scores under the taunts, jeers, and occasional cheers of the betting members. Betting on matches other than non-official black-out matches is strictly prohibited.

Nel is a prominent member of the Zen Da, often seen there early in the mornings and late at night, where she trains quite rigorously. At the Zen Da, even women are allowed to compete and as long as they can pass certain requirement tests they can even partake in the competitions against men, otherwise they are just set up in their own small leagues.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Most supernaturals that rely upon glamour or illusion to hide themselves among the human populace are very easily identified, being that Nel has a certain affinity with illusions and glamour and can typically see through them. Other spiritual beings are easily identified and readily discerned. Undead like wraiths or vampires can be noted quickly, discerned with some work as well as demons which are easily identified and readily discerned being that one of the purposes of such a spiritual being in Japan was to combat demons and undead. Fae creatures can sometimes be noticed, not always identified, and creatures such as werewolves and shape shifters are almost indistinguishable for humans in most cases, albeit they might smell different
Occupation/Job:  Martial artist at the Zen Da Dojo, also works around the Dojo as an assistant trainer and one of three announcers for the Black-out fights. She also occasionally fills in as a receptionist when not doing anything thing else.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Personality-wise, she sticks out from the standard Kitsune quite a bit, being a little more along the lines of a human, or human-like being, likely because she spends a great deal of time with them. Other Kitsunes typically note this quite quickly, and while her family doesn\'t necessarily hold it against her, it\'s uncertain as to how others might.
Hobby/Hobbies: Nel enjoys music, particularly making of music, as she plays guitar occasionally, some piano, and is a fan of the flute, which she is quite good at. She typically writes her own music, and is exceptional at improve on flute and decent on piano. She likes to read, typically romantic novels, or suspense novels. Being that her Kitsune family has taken over the dojo, she participates in the mixed martial arts, typically not common for girls, but her and some of the half-kitsunes at the dojo have exceptional skill (from their spiritual nature) and can typically hold their own, or in Nel\'s case, has to restrict herself to a certain level to match common humans. She also enjoys exploring, as she has a short-ranged wanderlust, so she can be commonly found meandering around the city.

Likes: Music (guitar, flute, piano, music writing), reading (romance and suspense)MMA (particularly karate-kickboxing  mix), flirting and cuddling.
Dislikes: Judo specialists in MMA, whiny girls, sour or spicy foods/candies/etc., injuries of any kind, mean and selfish people, accepting help from others, having sort of debt to owe.

Strength: A Kitsune is a naturally powerful spiritual entity with many powerful abilities, but also many restrictions and weaknesses. Nel is exceptionally resilient to mind-affecting abilities, as well as most abilities stemming from a spiritual aptitude and some abilities that come from faes, nominally illusions, glamours, and charms. Nel, like most Kitsunes, has many abilities, such as illusions, foxfire, etc, but she excels greatly at Illusion and the creation of a Kitsune realm, and her foxfire is quite sturdy as well, though she doesn\'t have the usual proficiency in seduction and other mind affecting techniques, aside from her own mental defenses that is. Nel is often considered to be a bit willful, but it gives her a large amount of confidence. She doesn\'t always try and draw attention to herself, but sometimes she does, usually when she has made up her mind over something, and by doing so, she becomes exceptionally dedicated to whatever cause she creates for herself. Nel\'s ability to blend in with humans is far better than most others, though not always the most appreciated ability she has, she knows how to act and speak around humans and other races who try to blend in, but like anyone trying to fit into another culture, you may become extremely proficient at the how, but she doesn\'t always understand why humans do what they do. She is also extremely resilient, physically and emotionally, not often letting things get her down. She can take a punch or two, or quite a few in most cases before she goes down, and most often the attacks on her emotions seem almost ineffective, like she can just brush it off, but it only really applies in a sense of someone teasing her or trying to insult her, unless it were a friend or family member, it would not get any sort of rise out of her. While she can take an insult or two, she is still highly emotional, but has a way of keeping those emotions from showing on the surface, often tearing herself apart on the inside when around strangers or people unfamiliar to her, though when she is with family or close friends she tends to let it out a little more.
Weakness/Flaw: As do most Kitsunes, she has a desire to be with other Kitsunes, separating her from her family for extended periods of time can have drastic effects on her. She is required to keep a promise, no matter what it is, but making her make that promise in the first place, if it could be compromising to her, could require some work - or some sort of blackmail. She can get very emotional which, if the emotions are strong enough, such as in the case of a loss of family member or a loved one, she could be crippled badly, or suffer from other terrible effects. She is stubborn and prideful, refusing help from most people, unless she finds it absolutely necessary, and generally in exchange she will make a promise, which she is forced to fulfill. Also, the typical weakness of being trapped or confine can weaken her powers. Many of her abilities are weakened against spiritual entities (anyone or anything with high faith) and many of the aforementioned abilities have their own individual weaknesses. Like all Kitsune, Nel carries a small white ball with her, which can contain some of her spiritual powers. If this ball were taken away, she would do whatever in her power to get it back, and if kept away long enough, would eventually kill her. If the right being were to take it away, they could maybe even manipulate some of the energies within to their own benefit.


Common Human Form

Hokkaido Fox

General Announcements / Re: I\'ve returned.
« on: August 20, 2010, 09:57:51 AM »
I think I will likely purge my character list and start again from scratch, aside from Ari, who I might have to take another look over, but its nice to be back. :D

General Announcements / I\'ve returned.
« on: August 20, 2010, 02:54:11 AM »
So, it\'s been a while, but I think I am back to stay. I\'ve done a ton of writing, gone through my first year of college, and worked really hard to improve my overall writing skill. I told myself I wouldn\'t return until I figured I had the dedication to roleplaying and the talent that I desired, so, now that I\'ve had plenty of time to work on that, I am back.

So, yeah...

Hi. :)

Beyond The Academy / Re: A Gem In The Darkness
« on: August 21, 2009, 09:35:32 AM »
Achrynoth grunted at her show of respect for him, finding it a little out of place, "Respect should be earned, not given freely." but regardless, her looked her over, searching for the book. He did not see it outright, so she must have it concealed on her person somewhere, but the lich could feel it calling out to him, begging him to retake it into his possession, and he would... very soon, whether or not the girl was going to hold true to the bargain.

He turned away from her, looking back into the clearing and waved a hand, tracing quick symbols in the air with his fingers, and a moment later there was a small shockwave sent through the air as the very fabric of existence was ripped asunder, and a portal opened to the Lich\'s home. "Step through, and then we will conclude our bargain."

Beyond The Academy / Re: A Gem In The Darkness
« on: August 16, 2009, 08:07:21 AM »
The fiasco at the Assassin’s Academy had been a temporary setback for the ancient lich, but Achrynoth had found himself a somewhat potential tool for the future. She had revealed herself to be quite capable in combat and extremely resilient to all wounds, even ones inflicted by the mighty being himself. Despite all that had occurred, the show of power had undoubtedly gone in his favor as things wound down, it was clear that none who had been gathered had the power to stand alone against him, and so far, this had not changed. He approached the clearing with little concern for his well-being. This young pup could cause him no lasting harm on her own.

Despite everything, Achrynoth was not taking any chances; he had raised a handful of his undead minions from his seat of power far beneath the ground and had them encircle the location to keep it somewhat private. The less likely it was for someone or something to come across their meeting, the more likely it was for the lich’s new pawn to complete her missions, as it had always been, even with his older minions who were no longer with him. The more secrecy that the mission was wrapped within, the better the chances of success.

Achrynoth made his approach obvious. He did not want to alarm the girl, but despite her attempts to hide from view, his life sight had no trouble pin-pointing her location, and thus he zeroed in upon her, walking directly for her with his massive wings furled against his back like an armored cloak, while his tattered robes furled around his lifeless skeleton, gleaming eyes shining in the pits of his skull, not withholding even a small amount of his malice and power.

As he stepped fully into the clearing, he looked around, then directly where she was hiding, “There is no use keeping yourself hidden from me. My eyes are more keen than even yours, wolf-thing. It is time that you keep up with your end of the bargain, if you believe yourself capable.”

Old Roleplays / Re: Lacking Interest
« on: June 18, 2009, 01:29:46 PM »
((A little short post because I must be getting off now. ^.^))

Ari was plainly aware that the man next to him was keeping an eye on him, but with a mind like Ari’s it’s hard to not know when someone was looking at him, but he kept to himself for the time, figuring that there was no reason to really get involved with him despite the man’s obvious interest in him. As he spoke to Ari though, it had merely become an unavoidable confrontation, especially with the disrespect the man had for him.

His eyes lowered to the glass for a mere moment before he moved them to look of to the side towards the other vampire, a much more crude version of the species as far as he was concerned, but then turned his head entirely to face him, the instant his eyes locked he stabbed out with his mental probes that no vampire in the club, aside from possibly Charon – though Ari did not know if Charon focused upon his mental abilities as he had – and pulled forth the man’s name, “Yes, will, I likely could, but such a barbaric act is not something I like to partake in. I prefer a simple glass here and there, but you are young yet, and might someday understand what I do.”

He turned back to look out over the dancing crowds, “Though, despite the passing of time, most vampires become addicted to the thrill of taking blood straight from the “tap” as some might call it. I do not, not for a long time.”

Old Roleplays / Re: Lacking Interest
« on: June 18, 2009, 02:20:19 AM »
((I found it! And I did have enough time for a quick post. :P ))

Ari had been extremely busy since his return from Europe, and he could not deny that the stress of returning back to the Sacramentum after being gone for several months was tasking upon his mental sanity – though he never feared he would lose that, though it sometimes felt like it could be in jeopardy. Currently though, his recent meeting with Charon that lasted only a few moments had given him even more to worry about. Apparently one of the younger fledglings was getting out of hand, and he required someone to deal with him – it was one of Ari’s duties to make sure things like that were taken care of. Little did he know that it would be this frustrating just trying to find the boy…

Instead, he figured he might as well take a few minutes to relax and recuperate. Not like he couldn’t use it! Ari worked hard to further the Sacramentum. Maybe not quite as hard as Charon did, but Ari was certainly up there. After taking his break in the VIP lounge of the club called Risk, which was not always too Ari’s tastes, he slowly descended the stairs, his keen eyes gazing out across the entire club that he could see, his mind sending out tendrils of his mental will in search for his prey, but it was soon clear that he was not present in Risk – at least not yet. Ari did notice an open space at the bar, and being that he was extremely in need of supplements of a particular red coloring, he made his way over and leaned against the bar near a man who did not look all too pleased with being there.

Ari placed his forearms up against the bar, leaning on his elbows and lightly massaging his temples as he looked over at the bartender, who promptly brought him a fine wineglass filled to the brim. He picked it up delicately and drained the drink in one big gulp, then turned back out towards the crowd.
Ari was always easy to pick out in a crowd due to the odd clothing he always wore. Today he had chosen an outfit of all black. A long sleeved overcoat that was pulled tightly over his extremely muscled, yet wiry body, fastened in a slightly old-time oriental fashion, off to the side of the chest utilizing several silver straps that fastened under his armpit to a set of matching straps that came from the other side of the coat that had been covered. The coat extended down over his legs which were clad in loose, black pants of an extravagant silk making which were pulled down over the tops of his black boots. He had his long, dark hair pulled back and tied into a short ponytail, but despite his interesting attire, his quarry might not be as easy to spot as himself. He sighed deeply.

Ari then turned back to the bar to pick up the freshly filled glass, slowly sipping at it as he watched the members of Risk bask in the secrecy that was provided by the club from the outside world, reveling in the various pleasures that could be gained in the arms of a vampire or just another. As he watched, Ari realized, that despite being a vampire himself, there were few he could ever relate to among his species aside from possibly Charon and his long dead friends who had been Charon’s Fledglings. It had been centuries since Ari had cried, but if he had been capable of doing such, evoking the thoughts of those three who he had loved for so long would have been all it had taken to reduce him to a heap of misery. But Ari, the right hand of Charon in the Sacramentum was beyond that, and instead he fixed his face into an emotional barrier. There was nothing that could hurt him – not anymore.

General Announcements / Re: I\'m back for good!!!
« on: June 15, 2009, 06:06:53 AM »
I will admit that it\'s not as frequent in posting as it used to be, but its not more dead or less active than ever before... its just spread out more. ^.^ Its good to see someone come back though!

General Announcements / Re: Inactive
« on: May 18, 2009, 10:16:51 PM »
I\'m not leaving, just going to be really inactive for at least a month... maybe two.

General Announcements / Inactive
« on: May 17, 2009, 12:33:20 PM »
I will no longer be an active member of this site. I no longer have the dedication to roleplaying that I did at one point in time, and I really don\'t even come on here anymore and when I do I really only cause trouble and get yelled at. So, I\'ll not be on very often anymore, but I might come back here and there to see what people are doing. Don\'t worry, I\'ll never forget any of you. :P

If I do change my mind and come back as a more active and dedicated me, I will announce that. It might happen, but it might not. I am sorry for any inconveniences this might make.

OOC Chat / Re: -waves- Hullo!
« on: May 14, 2009, 10:27:13 PM »
Mmm.... Parfait...

OOC Chat / Re: -waves- Hullo!
« on: May 13, 2009, 11:07:05 PM »
Me too! <3

Old Roleplays / Re: Ab Antiquo
« on: May 13, 2009, 11:05:01 PM »
Ari stood up and turned to Charon, bowing slightly and tipping his head forward, "I apologize if my leaving seems innapropriate, but I will go deal with our troubling youngling, and then I shall return. Hopefully you will be finished with Murphy and then we can get back to business."

With that, Ari strode off, winding his way gracefully through the crowd in search of the miscreant, searching for someone who might be able to tell him where Taylor was.

OOC Chat / Re: -waves- Hullo!
« on: May 13, 2009, 05:52:21 AM »

Brooce is likeable. :)

General Announcements / Re: I\'m not coming back
« on: May 11, 2009, 04:00:13 AM »
I\'ll miss you... :(

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