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Sanctuary / Cafe Society
« on: Today at 07:56:50 AM »
Reserved for Maxpphire; continued from Perfect Illusion.

Spared the embarrassment of having to climb over Dreki in the backseat of a moving car, Aislin relieved a sigh. Her hands remained pinned beneath her thighs, and a smile quirked in beginning answer to his question. Back home, the mention of drawing horror stories would incite short, unsettled responses from anyone other than Adam. No one had ever bothered to inquire about subgenres.

“Most of my shorts are of the paranormal variety; little tales of things that go bump in the night. I have the most fun drawing when there’s a monster of some kind involved. Gore is also really fun. It’s still disturbing in a way, but it doesn’t have the same realism as modern cinema. I guess that makes it more palatable,” She revealed with a shrug, apparently having felt the need to explain her fondness for illustrating the unsavory.

Her gaze drifted toward the window as the car slowed, and came to a subsequent stop. It really had been a short ride. “Oh,” remarked Ash, “We’re here.” After thanking the driver, she unbuckled and stepped back out into the night - holding the door, again, for Dreki. She inhaled deeply the sweet scent of jasmine, and released the air upon a breath of compulsory contentment.

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: Yesterday at 04:08:47 PM »
Images of herself, held listless within Mitri’s arms, with her feet overlapping his, flit through Aislin’s mind; prompted by the idea that he would do all of the dancing for them both. She couldn’t help but snort in amusement, shaking her head against the cushion in denial of the fantasy.

When the song began, she laughed again, this time into the microphone. “I don’t know this one well enough to sing!” She protested half-heartedly. She might have managed, were she to keep her eyes fixed upon the lyrics on screen. Watching Mitri, however, proved far more entertaining - and she rewarded his efforts with that same bright smile that threatened to split her face in two.

The Museum / Re: Perfect Illusion
« on: August 15, 2019, 03:50:38 PM »
Following the closing of the car door, Aislin had likewise buckled up in her seat. She made note of the angle of his legs, and the lack of appropriate space for them, but all too late - they were already in motion.

“Ah, your legs!” She blurted, sucking in a soft gasp. “I should have gotten in first, I’m sorry! ... Are you very uncomfortable? If you scoot into the middle, I can climb over you.” The offer was out before she could give it any real thought. It wouldn’t be very dignified, but she could. God, how awkward. How long of a drive was it to the cafe? ... “Unless it’s a short ride,” came her belated amendment, out of hope that Dreki would opt against. Think before you speak, Ash.

With a clearing of her throat, she answered, “Right now I just do mini-shorts. Eventually I’d like to depict a full storyline, with a plot and several volumes; I just haven’t decided what it’ll be about yet.” She fidgeted for a moment, then tucked her hands beneath her thighs. “I’ve done a couple of cutesier narratives, but I generally go for darker themes. Suspense, horror, that sort of thing.”

The Museum / Re: Perfect Illusion
« on: August 15, 2019, 07:49:48 AM »
Another muted chime of laughter rang forth, following the encouragement of her joke. “You’re right,” she responded, with a firm dip of her chin. “Better to keep my strength on reserve. You know, just in case.” Her own smile spread, wide and sunny; and she took a moment to openly admire his.

When Dreki had angled his phone toward her to look upon, her free hand lifted in a bid to steady; fingertips skimming over his. Usually, she’d have taken care to avoid contact in similar scenarios, but they were already holding hands. What was a little extra casual touch among friends? She peered at the screen for a moment - memorizing the make and model of the car, the last three characters of its plates, and even the name of the driver. “Got it,” she announced, relinquishing her partial-grasp of his phone.

By the time they’d stepped outside of the museum’s front doors - and were subsequently blasted with the cool, night air - the car was already at the curb, hazards blinking. “He’s here!” Ash informed, rising her free hand anew to signal the driver. She untangled her fingers from Dreki’s, and stooped before the passenger side window to confirm, with a smile, “Your name?” Never too careful. After all, she was Dreki’s protector for the evening.

Everything seemed to check out. In a chivalrous display, she tugged open the door to the backseat, and stepped aside to allow for Dreki’s entry - intending to slide into the seat after him.

The Museum / Re: Perfect Illusion
« on: August 14, 2019, 04:49:05 PM »
“Mm,” Ash hummed indecisively, before ultimately favoring, “Elevator.” Sure, going down was easier than going up, but she hadn’t the patience to descend six floors - nor did she wish to subject Dreki to any undue strain.

With his more serious shift in tone, she flicked her gaze briefly toward him. “You’re lucky you have me here to protect you,” she teased, punctuating the words with a soft little breeze of laughter. The city was more dangerous than her hometown, she knew; nevertheless, she was oblivious to any threat beyond that of the ordinary. A slight woman and a blind man made for easy targets, but Dreki didn’t look blind, so they’d be fine, right? “We’ll be okay,” she agreed with an easy roll of her shoulders, carrying on with an unhelpful, “However you want to get there is fine by me.”

Upon finally reaching the elevator, she extended her free hand toward the panel press the appropriate button - the fingertips twined in his briefly flexing in time. Both movements were repeated once they were inside, before she moved to tuck herself (and Dreki, by way of a gentle tug) into one of the back corners of the small space, and lean against the handrail.

The Museum / Re: Perfect Illusion
« on: August 13, 2019, 09:58:33 AM »
With the partial tightening of his fingers around hers, Ash lifted her focus anew. It was hard to miss the fact that he no longer looked at her; especially after having maintained such mystifying eye-contact prior. And then, she noted, there was that subtle bloom of color. He was embarrassed. It was sweet, and she appreciated his honesty. He could have just as easily played it as though her help was wanted, and she’d have been none the wiser.

She rewarded his courage by way of keeping their hands clasped, smiling as she began to start forward. “Elevator or stairs?” She prompted, opting not to comment on his nervous confession. For all she knew, he was touch-deprived. Physical contact was something she believed that everyone needed every once in a while; as important to the well-being of a person as maintaining a balanced diet. What was it that Mother Teresa had said? ... There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.

Aislin was no Mother Teresa, but she could still hold Dreki’s hand.

“You know how to get there, right?” She then asked, in reference to the cafe.

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: August 13, 2019, 08:30:45 AM »
Ash laughed breathlessly, and languished across the curved seat - kicking her legs up and crossing them at the ankle. She’d never realized how much of an endurance-booster alcohol could be until now. With enough liquor in her system, she could dance and sing for hours on end, and never feel drained.

“Yeah,” she answered. Her head lolled toward Mitri, smile still stretched brilliantly wide. “So long as you don’t mind if I lay here for it.” Lifting her microphone, she queried into the speaker, “Elton or Bowie? You pick; unless there’s something else you’d rather duet.”

20th Century / Re: Smells Like Teen Spirit
« on: August 13, 2019, 08:03:19 AM »
Zach thought little of his brother’s very unappetizing and quite viscid snort. Undignified summarized Jerry in a nutshell. This was normal; routine, even. He caught the distaste in Malakai’s expression, however, and couldn’t help but to find humor in that.

When Mal glanced his way, Zach acknowledged him by way of a small, appreciative smile. After having shared only the briefest of conversations with Zach, he’d still taken it upon himself to show his brother some kindness - in spite of a possible (probable) dislike for him.  He seemed like a genuinely good guy. Well-rounded. Sound.

“Ah,” waffled Zach, mulling over whether or not to accept. He didn’t wish to impose, nor did he want to refuse; it somehow felt discourteous, and he was thirsty. “Yeah,” he finally settled upon. “Thanks. I’ll get you next time.” If there were a next time.

The Museum / Re: Perfect Illusion
« on: August 12, 2019, 03:41:17 PM »
How was it that Ash was now being the one consoled, when she’d been trying to comfort him? Typical. Still, she did feel better. Smiling now, she said, “Oh, gosh! Grocery shopping is already such a chore, I can’t even imagine having to do it without seeing.” ... When the realization dawned that it might sound as though she were ungrateful for the advantage she had, she hastened to add, “But I will do it, so that I can understand; even just a little.”

Her gaze dipped toward their joined hands, and a measure of uncertainty crept into her expression. Should she let go? Had she already held on for too long? What was appropriate here? So much for avoiding intimacy with a stranger. “Are you ready to go to the cafe?” She settled upon asking, keeping her hand within his.

... “Would you like for me to guide you to the exit, or do you prefer to manage on your own now?” There. Let him decide if they should remain connected.

20th Century / Re: Smells Like Teen Spirit
« on: August 12, 2019, 07:38:32 AM »
Don’t say anything, just let him-- too late. Zachariah staggered away from his backpedaling brother, secondhand starbursts flaring briefly through his awareness. Fuck. An instinctive hand rose to gingerly cradle his own nose, but swiftly fell away. Once the initial shock of the blow had subsided, Zach drew a breath, and released it upon the sort of sigh that said he had expected nothing less. Jerry had never been the type to just let things be; too fucking arrogant to keep from spouting off.

There were times Zach considered running his own mouth - if only so Jerry could share in the consequences the same way that he so often did. He’d been blindsided by many a reciprocal strike: stinging slaps; contusing sucker-punches; and even the occasional choking, constrictive discomfort associated with a swift kick to the nether-world. Though the resulting ‘pain’ he felt was more a reflection of Jerry’s emotional response, Zach found it unpleasant all the same, and thus afforded him very little sympathy.

When the glass was pressed into his hand, Zach’s brows lofted quizzically. They sold blood by the pint here? He was so distracted by the revelation, that he was caught freshly unaware by the resetting of his brother’s nose; managing, this time, to only wince.

“Thanks,” Zach offered, extending the glass to return it to Malakai. He glanced toward Jerry, bidding him to be civil, before supplying, “That’s my brother; Jeremiah.”

The Museum / Re: Perfect Illusion
« on: August 11, 2019, 06:50:50 PM »
Ash paid no mind to the scar on Dreki’s hand; well, almost none. She ran the tip of her forefinger once across it, marveling at its smoothness, but was ultimately undeterred. When his fingers curved toward hers, she took it as invitation, and wove her own between. Her hand felt small, tangled up in his; and for a moment, she marveled at that, too.

Still, she frowned as he spoke. “You know what I mean,” she began, in response to his half-jest. “I know there’s no other me out there, and I know I’ve got my good qualities, but I can’t help but to sometimes feel like... a lamb, and lambs are just baby sheep.” She exhaled a little puff of self-deprecating laughter, then added, “I’m glad I could turn your night around, though, and make it into something semi-positive. Don’t worry, I didn’t feel ignored.”

After subjecting his hand to a gentle squeeze, she queried, in a partial-jest of her own, “If I walk around blindfolded for a day, would you be my guide?”

City Streets / Re: A Fresh Start
« on: August 11, 2019, 06:23:13 PM »
Ash was still grinning by the time the intro started. When Mitri’s voice resonated through the speakers, that grin only broadened. He was really quite clever, and confident. She found it sexy, that confidence; as well as the playful spark in his too-pretty eyes. Never-even-mind how good he sounded. Really good.

Adam had never been willing to do more than just watch when it came to karaoke. The thought served to sober her a degree, but her revelry was soon renewed amidst Mitri’s shutterbug charade. She promptly burst into a bright spate of laughter, and struck a little pose - fingers curling to form a loose fist beneath her chin as she angled her head to put forth her good side.

She watched with no small measure of captivation; effectively charmed by his performance, and smiling so wide that her cheeks had begun to ache. When his song finally ended, she snapped out of the enchantment. “I’m supposed to follow that?” Came her good-humored inquiry, before she leaned forward to select from the directory. Something she was familiar with, to get her warmed up.

“Test,” she spoke into her microphone as the prelude to Maneater played, and scooted out of the booth to take to ‘stage’. Aislin swayed in appropriate eighties fashion; shimmying her shoulders and snapping the fingers of her free hand in time with the song’s drumline. When it finally came time to sing, she proved only half-decent; capable of carrying a tune, but lacking any actual talent.

She’ll only come out at night; the lean and hungry type. Nothing is new, I’ve seen her here before... Watching and waiting; oh, she’s sitting with you, but her eyes are on the door...” With two fingers, Ash pointed toward her eyes, then gestured toward the door.

She didn’t possess the same measure of confidence that Mitri did; evidenced by the way she kept her gaze fixed upon the lyrics on screen. Of course, she knew all of the words by heart - but found it easier to perform by feigning solitude. By the time she reached the chorus, “Ooh, here she comes; watch out boy, she’ll chew you up. Ooh, here she comes; she’s a maneater,” her nerve had risen, and she cast a few fleeting glances his way.

The musical break was spent in goofy dance. Folly aside, her capacity for dance far exceeded that of her singing. She moon-walked her way across the small space, played the air-sax, and maintained the rhythmic motion of her shoulders; all like no one else was in the room watching. When the song finally tapered off with a succession of belted, “Watch out’s,” she plopped back down to the bench to catch her breath.

Approved Characters / Re: Zachariah Peterson
« on: August 10, 2019, 07:28:00 AM »
[1990] Smells Like Teen Spirit - Zach and Jerry meet Malakai for the first time.

Approved Characters / Re: Aislin Delaney
« on: August 10, 2019, 07:20:35 AM »
First-Time Outing - Ash dominates Dom in a game of pool, and Jimmy reads her fortune.
A Fresh Start - Mitri helps Ash fish her keys from a sewer grate, and she repays him with dinner.
Perfect Illusion - Ash lends Dreki her eyes in the Museum.

The Museum / Re: Perfect Illusion
« on: August 10, 2019, 06:11:20 AM »
As before, Aislin had trouble finding any sort of significance in the piece. She favored it because it was colorful and interesting. The girl had the look of a comic book character, and she liked that, too. Of all of the artwork they had admired together, this was the most her in terms of style.

When Dreki had finished his first bout of theorizing, Ash offered a speculative, “Maybe she’s lost her voice. The artist, or the alien girl.” She looked toward him, then, when no immediate response proved forthcoming; watching as his expression slowly warped into one of yearning. Even the following smile he offered was wistful, and shaped by sorrow. A sympathetic frown twisted her own lips as her hand slid unbidden down his arm - stopping just shy of clasping his. Instead, her fingertips touched tentatively to his palm in a bid to comfort.

Of course, Ash hadn’t made any connection toward Dreki’s affinity with the alien girl, beyond that of his blindness. Still, she felt for him - and found herself wishing, again, that she could do more. After a period of carefully composing her thoughts, she said, “Most everyone wants to be someone else at one point in their life. There are people who feel like outcasts, and just want to fit in; and ordinary folk who want to be seen as individuals... I always thought I was special because I was different from those in my hometown - but here, I’m just the same as everyone else. You may be blind, but you’ve got a way of seeing things that I can’t even begin to comprehend. I wish I could view the world through your lens...

“I think,” she continued, “What I'm trying to say is, it’s okay to be different. I’m of the belief that it’s something to be proud of. I mean, no two people are really the same, anyway.” Again, she paused, taking a moment to chew anxiously at her lower lip. Maybe she was saying too much; being too presumptuous. “I know we only just met, but I already see so much good in you... I hope you won’t feel alienated forever.”

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