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Detour Motel / Re: A Lovers Intervention
« on: January 24, 2020, 02:09:57 AM »
Royce dissolved further into tears at Ari's words, unable to sense his sire slowly encroaching on his mind. "I love you too Ari. With everything I have. You're the most important thing in the world to me. I'd give up anything and everything to stay with you." Pressing his face further and further into his sire's chest, Royce sobbed "I'll be better, I promise. I'll be good. I'll proven to you, Charon, and everyone else that I can do it. I can have it together and be worth having around. I promise... I promise..."

Ouroboros / Re: Seeing a Snake about a Sword
« on: January 18, 2020, 03:28:55 AM »
"Around a dozen, I'd say." Alistair responded flatly, his eyes never leaving Apep's. He had been afraid it would come to this. Besides being a trader in magical items, Alistair also knew that Apep dealt in souls, buying and selling them to and from various demons across the city. And it wasn' the first time a demon had requested such a payment for whatever Alistair was after. Biting his lip again, Alistair continued, "The ritual is fairly simple. The two main complexities are keeping the... individual under control until the ritual is finished and a device in which to hold the soul after it has been removed. I have a location where I can perform the ritual in peace, but do not have an item of sufficient power to hold the soul until I can deliver it." The last portion was a lie as Alistair had a few gems perfect for soul capturing in his collection. However, if the demon wanted the soul for himself, he could provide the means to contain it. Alistair wasn't going to part with such items, even for the sword. "Any chance a demon of your renowned has such an item I can borrow?"

Ouroboros / Re: Seeing a Snake about a Sword
« on: January 17, 2020, 10:57:08 AM »
Alistair stared suspiciously at Apep as the latter finished his supposed account of his history with the blade. The warlock was clever enough to know that the demon was likely holding back most if not all of the true story, but having nothing to pull him up on, Alistair simply accepted the answer with a nod. Besides, he knew a few rituals that could divine a vague timeline of the blade's experience. But no need to worry about that now. He reached back into his pack and began extracting the items. Before taking out the large white paper book, Alistair ran his fingers over the spine, enchanting it to appear as bound with leather, the humorous personally crafted title was no longer visible.

Placing the newly enchanted book, his vials of herbs, and his pettle and morter on the counter in front of the blade, Alistair again met the snake's eyes and said "True, any mage of considerable power could provide such a spell for you. And perhaps they might even settle for a lesser price. But I can offer you two things they won't; longevity and discretion. Most spells of this power degrade over time and require recasting. Other mages would ask for payment for the initial spell then ask you the same fee to come back and touch it up. I on the other hand, will offer my services for the next... let say 10 years, for just the sword now. I also promise to not ask about your dealings nor any specific enchantments or work you may ask of me. I will not work for you or run errands, but will provide any magical assistance to your club I can. How does that sound?"

Ouroboros / Re: Seeing a Snake about a Sword
« on: January 17, 2020, 01:35:34 AM »
"Magebane. An anti-magic weapon, unlike any other." Alistair confidentially answered, his previous anxiety about the meeting evaporating for a moment as he flicked through his memory and compiled all the information he knew about the sword. If Alistair was addicted to one thing (other than gin and nicotine) it was knowledge and he was always happy to recite what he knew about a given topic. This wasn't an attempt to curry the snake demon's favor or show off. It was simply to share knowledge.

"Forged in the year 1177 by the Knights Templar for the French King to be used against the English forces. A priest, supposedly named Abbot if you believe Frau Nordern's findings, was truly in search of the legendary Excalibur, but found it already to have been stolen. Magebane was forged using steel bathed in holy water and the pommel is shaped from the silver paid to Judas for his betrayal. As the blade cooled, the priest and the Templar performed a blood letting ritual, instilling further power into the blade. The holy magic balanced out the infernal evil of the silver, leaving behind a blade of true neutrality. Any and all magic that touches the blade is negated and absorbed into it. Rumor has it that the blade burns the user as it continues to siphon magical power inside itself. Pretty minor compared to most items of this power. Most have been cursed at least a few times since their creation." Alistair's gaze had moved back to the sword during his monologue, analyzing it's every feature as he detailed its history.

Returning to meet Apep's eyes, Alistair concluded "The blade was presented to the King shortly after it's creation, but was quickly lost during the trial of Joan of Arc. Magical historians have debated for centuries as to how and who the blade went missing with. Some say a lowly servant simply took advantage of the confusion and stole the sword in the dead of night. Others claim Joan wielded it in battle and chose to take it with her to Heaven as she burned on the stake. But regardless of the answer, it seems to have found its way, 800 years later, to your shop." Alistair eyed Apep curiously "May I ask how you acquired it? I've known demons who have lived for over a millenia, but I'd be hard pressed to believe you were there to steal it for yourself. So, simply out of professional curiosity, how did you add such an artifact to your collection?"

Ouroboros / Re: Seeing a Snake about a Sword
« on: January 15, 2020, 04:14:33 AM »
Alistair bit his lip lightly as he entered the store and scanned the interior. The bass of his brain began to throb and dull pain sliced through his mind as his Pearl activated. His eyes darted erratically around the room, his mind assessing hundreds of different plans using the space in a manner of seconds. After a few moments, Alistair composed himself and turned his attention to the shop owner.

As far as he could tell, the demon looked perfectly human. But Alistair knew demons could change forms in an instant. Taking a deep breath and steeling himself, he replied, “Looking to offer my services. In exchange for an item you acquired recently.” Alistair tried not to look at the item in question, but he couldn’t help it, and shot a glance at the sword. He could feel it’s magical power from here and longed to know how it felt to wield. How it would feel rendering that witch powerless.

Pushing those thoughts aside, Alistair began reaching into his bag while saying “I was told your new club needed some additional... protection. And I happen to be rather skilled at working such charms. I’d be willing to provide continual maintenance as well... for the sword...”

Ouroboros / Seeing a Snake about a Sword
« on: January 13, 2020, 01:42:02 AM »
For Apep

Alistair flicked the hood of his open sweatshirt over his head as the rain began to come down, picking up speed and intensity with every moment. Scanning his eyes across the deserted street, he stuck a cigarette in his mouth and muttered a few words under his breath. A small flame erupted, like a match being struck, from the tip of the cigarette, extinguishing itself once lit. He drew his messenger bag close to his chest and began to walk quicker to his destination. Soon, the rain was in a downpour and Alistair took a moment to stand underneath an awning, hoping that he could wait out the worst of it.

While waiting, he unzipped his bag and examined its contents, confirming that he brought everything he wanted. Inside was a large white paper bound book with the words "Abjuration for Dummies", written clumsily in Alistair's handwriting, a small wood case containing various herbs and liquids, a morter and pestle set made of dark black rock, and a small black book, bound with odd looking leather. Alistair reached in and took out the smaller book and opened it, flipping through the pages until he found what he wanted. On the left hand page was a crude drawing of a humanoid figure with snake eyes and large pronounced fangs. Scrawled on the right hand side was all the knowledge Alistair had been able to scrounge up regarding the individual he was going to meet tonight, which wasn't much. "Snake Demon. Sly. Old? Venomous (underlined multiple times). Possible second sub species?" Alistair read over his meager findings and swore. He was vastly unprepared to fight a demon like this one and while he hoped it wouldn't come to that, he needed the sword. The witch needed to be taken care of and this was the only thing strong enough.

By this point, the rain had returned to a light drizzle and Alistair jogged the last few blocks to his destination. The building was more derelict than Alistair would have assumed, having never visited before and only speaking to his contact by phone. Alistair considered for a moment whether to take a look inside before physically entering the building, but thought better of it. While he knew the shop and the bar needed magical protection, he wouldn't put it past the snake demon to already have magical sensors in his shop. Or any kind of magical item that could do that for him. Taking a deep breath, Alistair stepped through the door and entered the pawn shop.

Detour Motel / Re: A Lovers Intervention
« on: December 22, 2019, 03:43:32 AM »
Royce melted into his sire's embrace, smelling the intoxicating scent of the forest that always clung to Ari. Seven, fifteen, fifty, the number didn't matter to Royce. He fully believed what his sire had said, having no reason to believe otherwise. "I'm... I'm glad you didn't take that memory away..." Royce whispered quietly into Ari's chest, "I needed to remember what I did... how I hurt that girl..." Tears began to stream from his eyes as he thought about that terrible memory. The loss of control as he continued to drink, the sensation of raw primal hunger when he spotted her on the dance floor, the sickeningly sweet taste of her blood as it spilled down his face. Royce buried his head deeper into his sire's bosom, crying like a small child.

"Maybe... maybe you shouldn't take it... maybe I should remember today, maybe it'll make me better..." Royce rose his head to meet Ari's eyes, his own eyes begging Ari for something he wasn't sure he needed. "I don't know... I just... How am I supposed to not do this again if I don't remember this? What if I"m not strong enough to not do something this stupid again."

Old Roleplays / Re: The Devil Came Back from "Georgia"
« on: December 15, 2019, 01:53:23 AM »
Johnny rubbed his face with his empty hand, letting out an exasperated sigh. It didn't matter if Zeus wanted his contract or not, he had to give it to him. Beleth made that clear. He placed the sealed contract on the district leader's desk and returned his gaze to the other demon. Zeus' "terms" were agreeable, although Johnny cared little for what they were. He would do what he needed to do to get Beleth off his back. And ideally, put an end to her once and for all. Johnny had no concrete knowledge that entering this plane would make Beleth easier to kill, but even the chance of getting to murder her himself was enough to convince him he was right in this theory. Besides, he would be able to learn more and hopefully get confirmation during his time searching for a way to bring Beleth to this plane.

An idea pops into his mind and he looks furtively around the room for a few minutes. While Beleth could enter his mind and see/hear through him, she had other pots on the burner and there was a chance her attention was pulled elsewhere momentarily. Daring to take the chance, Johnny quickly grabbed a pen and a scarp of paper from Zeus' desk, scrawling a quick, barely legible note: She isn't always listening. I don't want her here anymore than you do. Johnnny left the note on the desk and glanced sharply up at the ceiling, making an obvious point to look no where near the message.

He listened intently for any sign of Beleth's incoming wrath, but felt nothing. Letting out a sigh of relief, Johnny finally replied to Zeus; "Sounds good. And I'd be more than happy to come pick your brain at some point and see some of what you have." Returning his gaze to Zeus with a rye smile across his face, Johnny gestured towards the empty bottle "I'll bring the booze next time."

Ouroboros / Re: The Audition
« on: December 11, 2019, 02:41:51 AM »
If Johnny noticed Apep's attempt at disinterest, he gave the snake no acknowledgement. He was too busy removing the worn wooden case from his back and laying it on one of the unoccupied tables near the stage. Once the clasps had been undone and the case opened, the lights of the bar seemed to surge and dance across the room as the reflected the golden instrument. The fiddle was impeccably polished and the diamond strings glistened hungrily, as if begging to be touched by the demon's deft fingers. Both the fiddle and the bow seemed to fit the demon's hands as if extensions of them, the movement of Johnny's arms as they rose the fiddle to his neck were as fluid as if he was holding nothing at all. He shot a gleeful look at Apep that read plainly as "You can try and steal it if you'd like. I dare you." Johnny then closed his eyes and began to play.

As a demon, the music would affect Apep less than it would a mortal, but the emotional effect would be just as intense. Despite himself, Apep would be lost in the song Johnny played, neither of them able to say how long the performance lasted. As Johnny played the bar became cooler and a wind could be felt rolling through. The smell of dirt and the forest filled the space and footsteps could seemingly be heard on gravel over the music. The song told the story of an evil vampire, one steeped in undue cockiness and entitlement. The vampire and Johnny battled with their music, a breathtaking cacophony of sound and light. But the vampire cheated and Johnny lost. Unfairly, he was dragged below the dirt by a woman, one dressed in fire and wickedness, bringing him to her dominion in Hell. The bar now became boiling hot and the smell of sulfur and blood mingled with the distant screams of tortured souls. Years and years of pain and suffering were conveyed through his music, so intense that any mortal hearing would have likely killed themselves to no longer suffer such torment. Johnny concluded the song with a disjointed melody of notes, the closest one could get to the musical representation of mischief. He savored these last few notes, before his arms dropped to his side, seemingly exhausted. Unceremoniously, Johnny placed the fiddle back in his case and took a big swig from the bottle of whiskey. "So, what'd ya think??" he asked the snake.

Detour Motel / Re: A Lovers Intervention
« on: December 11, 2019, 02:14:09 AM »
Royce met his sire's gaze, no fear or anger in them, just simple acceptance. He trusted his sire completely and would do or accept anything he asked of him. It had been this way even before he was sired. Despite his penchant for rebellion and his semi-frequent disregarding of Ari's instructions, he would never do anything to truly jeopardize their relationship or Ari's standing in the family. And yet... he had. He'd done it five years ago with that girl and he was slowly beginning to realize he'd done the same now. No matter how small the act of buying V felt to him, it was clear Ari didn't see it that way. And it was becoming even more clear that the family would see it the same way Ari did. Royce let out a short sigh and reached out to clasp his sire's hand in his. He turned his gaze out the window where the black clouds had started to part, revealing the dazzling brilliance of the stars and the glow of the moon. Royce nestled his head into the crook of Ari's neck and sat quietly for a few minutes, knowing that soon this moment would fade in his memory and wanted to soak in it as much as he can.

As he gazed out and felt Ari's skin against his, a question nagged at the back of his mind. Though he wasn't sure Ari would answer, Royce still felt it was important to ask. Quietly he asked "How many times have you wiped my memory?" It wasn't an accusation or attack, simply a question asked out of curiosity. With Royce's past, it was only logical that Ari might of had to do this before and for good reason. It'd always be for a good reason... Royce thought absently to himself. And he believed it. He couldn't fathom that Ari would ever take a memory from him that wasn't more important to erase for his and their safety. If so then... well then Royce didn't want to remember. Life was complicated and hard, especially for the undead. In his heart he knew he'd rather believe until his final days that Ari would never betray him that consider the opposite for a moment.

† OUT OF THE CITY † / Re: Rise Of An Arach Angel
« on: December 11, 2019, 01:35:43 AM »
Royce did nothing to hide his dislike at Hugh's final command and his rival's need to pointedly glare at him as if already knowing his reaction. Just like a cop to think violence and death is the only solution. However, he said nothing, turning rather to face Ari. He didn't like to think about it, but there was no guarantee any of them would survive this evening, besides maybe Charon with his age and power. Fear threatened to grip Royce's heart as he studied the intense emotions still playing out across Ari's face. He reached out to grasp Ari's, but stopped himself as Ari spoke. Royce recoiled softly at Ari's command to not run ahead. Though his mental powers were weaker than most of the family, Royce reached out with his mind to touch his sire's. "I told you... I won't run ahead. I'll be right with you at all times... Please believe me..." Tears fought to appear at the edges of his eyes, but Royce shook them off. It hurt him that Ari still felt he had to keep him under control when all Royce wanted to do was stay by his side and keep him safe. But after 400 years, Royce couldn't really blame Ari for mistrusting him and it broke his heart to acknowledge it. "Please be careful love. I can't lose you... I can't..." Reaching out once more, but this time to clasp Ari's face gently, Royce pulled it close and gave him a soft kiss on the lips, uncaring about what anyone else would think or say. Pulling away after a few seconds he retreated behind his sire and pulled the hunting knife from his pocket and its sheath. He tossed the blade in the air a few times, flipping and catching it with relative ease. It had been awhile since he'd used it, but he hadn't forgotten how to use it. Royce waited patiently for the signal to go.

Detour Motel / Re: A Lovers Intervention
« on: November 15, 2019, 04:47:40 AM »
As always, Ari was being sensible, despite his anger, but Royce wanted nothing to do with it. He was continuing to treat him like a child throwing a tantrum, which in reality he kind of was, but Royce still felt that he wasn't being taken seriously. It all came so easy to Ari, following orders and working within the lines Charon gave him. He couldn't seem to understand how hard it was for Royce to do it. Although it's not like he tried too hard to change. And he had no idea where he'd start...

At the suggestion that Ari was the reason for his lamentation, Royce sunk to the floor, and ran his fingers through his hair, his back leaning against the wall. "That's not it... you... you're the reason why I took the embrace. And you're the thing that makes up for all the other shitty aspects." Royce softly thumped his head against the wall and met his sire's eye for the first time in awhile. Tears were still stinging at the edges of Royce's eyes, but the anger and the bitterness had begun to fade from his face. None of this mattered. He didn't feel remorse for what he did, but he could at least accept that it had caused Ari a great deal of trouble and he felt terrible for that. Like he always did.

Royce sighed and said "Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gone to buy V. It was dangerous and stupid to meet with the snake demon. I just... I don't know, I thought I could make it work without causing you or anyone else any trouble. But obviously I was wrong. I'm sorry." Royce continued biting his nails anxiously, desperately wishing he could have a smoke. "So, what do we do now?"

Ouroboros / Re: The Audition
« on: November 14, 2019, 01:40:33 AM »
"I'll take a glass of your finest whisky, if you please garcon." Johnny directed towards the hulking figure behind the bar with a flirtatious wink, framing it as more of a drink order than a polite request. He turned back to Apep and stared back at him, enjoying the prying gaze they both shared, neither giving anything away.

Butler let out a low growl and balled his hands briefly into fists, but stopped himself quickly. While he had no desire to take any of this little devil's shit, the last thing he wanted to do was ruin his bar with a fight so close to opening night. Swearing quietly under his breath, Butler reached below the bar and took a bottle from the lowest shelf and slammed it on the table, along with a unclean glass. "I defer to your judgement on this one Apep." Butler stated flatly as he put on his coat and exited the establishment.

"Psssssh so sensitive. I thought you serpents were supposed to be fun." Johnny said, his tone unable to convey the disappointment his words conveyed, rather sounding quite pleased with Butler's reaction. "Oh well! On with the show" he said, quickly moving over to the bar and grabbing the bottle, leaving the glass behind. He returned to the stage, unscrewed the bottle and took a long gulp. His thirst now sastiated, he turned back to meet Apep's gaze and replied "Oh nothing special. Just a nearly two century old demon who's a fan of good music and little bit of discourse. Been gone awhile tho, needed to take a trip down south to deal with some business, but I'm back now and looking to find a steady source of income. And possibly a few souls if I can scrounge those up too." Johnny took another swig of whisky and took the worn wooden case from his back. "Mind if I play a little for ya? Always feel like that gets my point cross a bit better."

Ouroboros / Re: The Audition
« on: November 13, 2019, 06:14:41 AM »
Butler grunted in acknowledgment and replied flatly "Let's see how opening night goes first." He returned to stocking the bar, meticulously arranging the bottles by quality from below to above, while also keeping the specific types of spirits together from left to right. Order was Butler's bliss and Ouroboros was going to be a shrine to it. He'd spent years dreaming of creating a spot just like this and Angitia protect anyone who dared threaten Butler's vision. Satisfied with his arrangement for the moment, Butler made himself a martini and stood casually behind the bar, waiting for the next applicant's arrival.

In the dark I call your name,
yet you don't speak a sound.

Leaving me alone again, alone again.

Do not think you can hide forever.
For I know something you do not...
The darkness was my home
before it was ever your's.

So no matter how you try and hide
your beautiful face from me,
I will find you in the end
and slit your throat... from ear to ear..."

Despite Johnny entering the room as he completed his little song, his voice could have been heard long before he stepped into the room. He smiled wickedly as he scanned his two potential employers. Johnny had never met any Scaeri before and was amused by the difference in size and temperament between the two subspecies. Now that he was inside, he allowed his human form to fall, revealing the twisted devil he truly was. Without prompting, Johnny marched over to the bar and grasped Butler's hand for a quick shake. The giant looked slightly taken aback and might even have gone to punch the red skinned little freak if Johnny hadn't quickly moved over to shake Apep's hand. He smiled wickedly and bowed slightly before the snake demon. "Howdy. You can call me Johnny. I'm interested in your MC position, as I'm sure you're aware."

Detour Motel / Re: A Lovers Intervention
« on: November 12, 2019, 07:50:44 AM »
”Disrespect?? You think I live my life simply to disrespect you? You really think I act solely to give you a headache? I live my life how I want to. How you choose to feel about it is your own problem.” In truth, Royce knew that there was a part of him that constantly went against what was asked because he enjoyed pressing Ari’s buttons. And in a sick way he was addicted to Ari’s forgiveness, his ability to always see the best in him, even when Royce couldn’t. But he also would not be told by anyone, not even the love of his life, what his motives were. His reasons and his choices were his own and no creature on this plane or any other could dictate that.

Royce flickered briefly and with blinding speed, escaped from Ari’s grasp and moved to the other side of the room. “And if you really want to talk about respect, it would be fucking respectful if you listened to me for a change. I never had any intention of speaking with Zeus. I’m not an idiot Ari, I know what would happen. I know what I can do and what I can’t do. But I also know that the line between is thicker and greyer than you’d like to admit.” Tears had began appearing at the edge of Royce’s eyes as he continued to yell at his sire. The pain and loneliness of the last 5 years was threatening to explode from him. “You think Charon has all the answers. That his word is law. But 3,000 years of experience doesn’t mean he knows everything, that his judgement is always the right course. All Charon cares about is controlling us. Controlling us and using us for his ends and his alone. He can talk about the family all he wants, but it’s clear it’s all for him. We’re just... pawns...”

Royce sunk to his knees on the floor, tears now streaming from his eyes. “When I... when I accepted the bite, I thought I’d finally be free. I’d get to live the life I couldn’t while I was alive. That I could finally make something of myself. But all anyone else sees is a mistake. A failure... So i’m sorry. I’m sorry i’m not perfect Ari. I’m sorry I’m not a perfect Sacrament vampire like Hugh. I’m sorry I make things difficult... but it’s all I know how to do...” Royce continued to sob, gazing down at the floor, unable to look at his sire.

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