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The White Rabbit / Re: Issues: Up and Coming!
« on: July 04, 2020, 05:24:06 PM »
"It could be both on this floor dear," she replied cooing at the man. Giving back the glass without a fuss. This floor could be risky at times, to make it simple, the bright ones and the tough ones were the people brave enough to mingle here. Most people hurried to the second floor, it was more geared towards a club rather than a hazardous hangout.

"You could also get a free nose job should you encroach on the wrong snack." Brianna had seen that more than once with these bite groupies down here. The second floor was much safer. However, one obviously would enjoy the thrill and the risk on this floor. Six of one-half dozen of the other.

"Brianna." Returning his smile with her own while extending her hand for him to shake, "would you like to sit down?"

Bringing his attention to the table Brianna had been occupying with her pointer finger earlier in the night. From the gleaming lustre on the table, it had been recently cleaned. People knew better than to take that particular table when she was in the bar, and the employees did a fine job keeping up with small things.

The White Rabbit / Re: Issues: Up and Coming!
« on: July 01, 2020, 08:41:55 AM »
Brianna had been oblivious to the action going on around the feline fae. For the moment she enjoyed the band belt out another song to the music hungry mob. Fists pounding the tables. Bodies pressed against one another on the floor, and the smell of passion, affection and sweat filled the air. Curious about where the stranger had ended up. Brianna carefully scanned the room and she did not expect him to be wedged between two lovely women. Amused, she gazed at the visitor while his attention remained on the woman circling around him like sharks. The look on his face screamed confusion and it made Brianna giggle for a split second. However, that drink had not been touched due to the women being far too close for him to sip his drink.

Once again, Brianna drank her entire drink in one gulp. Rising from the table with the glass in one hand, placing her phone in her back pocket which left her right hand free. Weaving and dancing through the crowd to reach the front bar while forming a devilish plan to attract his attention. Patiently waiting for the bartender to bring her another drink, once she had one Brianna began navigating the crowd towards the suited guest.

Brianna had stopped and danced with a few patrons, she could not make it obvious the man he was her target. Well, more like the glass in his hand was her real mark. Once in range, Brianna plucked the glass from his hand, taking advantage of the fact he could not extend his elbow. Careful not to have a drop spill from the glass, one of the perks of being an ancient vampire.

Pausing for a second, until his gaze fell on Brianna. She gave him a playful wink and slowly backed away from him in a tantalizing manner. Swirling the liquor within the glass in a seductive way, a devilish grin plastered across her face. Certain he pick the lavish liquor clutched in her right hand, which she would give up with no fuss. All in good fun.

Glitter Beach / A Hidden Seed of Disorder and Chaos
« on: June 21, 2020, 09:39:21 AM »
Samantha had lost her shit at home. She could not handle this arrangement any longer. The constant watching. Everyone trying to be sneaky while watching from afar, which annoyed her much more than someone hovering above Sam. Even the Academy had become a prison, Sam could wander inside where she pleased, talk to whoever she wanted; but not outside. Being alone outside had been forbidden since the middle of the election. Visiting Ben had alleviated the tension swirling inside Sam for a time, but when Maria, or whoever would come back to pick her up. A heavy frustration washed over Sam, similar to a bird locked in a cage. And that precious bird that had started to rot on the inside, she knew it was out of love, but it was destroying Sam. A terrible maniac had taken her, and all who loved Sam did not want to see harm befall on her ever again. Yet, they did not realize Sam was not the ONLY person in the world who has gotten taken or harmed. She did not speak up when the extra protection had been forced on Sam when she returned. She had thought their grasp on her would have faded, but it did not.

Tonight every came to a head, the little bird had become a rabid dog. Sam had at least been in their private quarters when she eventually exploded with resentment. Love could hurt rather than heal.

After hours of begging and pleading to have one night alone, we all had come to a compromise. Maria would give me a juju charm to protect Sam from harm. She would be allowed one hour before sunrise to do what she pleased. She had packed various items to take with her in a large woven beach satchel. Along with a folding chair, and a blanket. Sam had chosen the beach. The look on their faces could not hide they hated the idea of Sam wandering on the beach in her district. But the waterfront stretched through various beaches, cliffs and caves. Sam could have wandered for a long time before hitting a dead end, and that's what she needed, just to drift endlessly.

Sam had asked Maria to drop her off at Herring Points Cliff close to the lighthouse. Jake and Lisa-Joe did not dare speak when Sam walked out the door bundled up in a royal blue jacket with a high collar meant for the weather near the ocean. It could almost be mistaken for leather to the untrained eye, but it would keep her dry. Sam rather be cold than wet. Plain dark jeans and a pair of black boots, mesmerized as the moonlight danced across the waves. She shoved her hands deep in her pockets and became to walk along the shoreline. Sam did not pay attention, it was like she had shut down to everything else but the moon on the waves.

Sam did not know how far she had roamed on the beach, or for how long, just one foot in front of the other was the goal. Sam did not think or speak. She watched the ocean and just walked along the shoreline. For the first time in months, she had a feeling of calm, no one associated with the White Rabbit watching Sam. She could finally deal with things without them watching, she wanted privacy to act with judgement. The big one being the death of Benny, the first Nosferatu Sam had the pleasure meeting, and the calm that once gripped her during this entire walk became a flurry of chaotic thoughts.

Did I mean that much to you? Or were you following orders? I was his little plaything Benny, and he had too much fun with me to kill me. Why didn't you run?

Sam came to a dead stop. Fists balled up in anger. He was a good vampire, an asshole, but a good vampire overall. She did not bother looking around, emotion and impulse driving her actions. She decided to walk towards the cliffs and find a nice spot to unwrap the blanket. Once she had found a spot Sam snapped the blanket outwards, and it fell into a neat little square on the sand. Next she unfolded the chair but did not sit in it. Sam had this weird idea that Benny would have wanted to sit with her tonight, and having the empty chair there brought an odd comfort to Sam

She sat down beside the beach chair, rummaging through her satchel for her phone before placing the satchel on top of her knees. Choosing a song called Suffocate by Nathan Wagner and promptly let the music run on a volume only a vampire could hear and started to sing in a low adorable voice. Karaoke was something Sam had missed doing.

If I were to gain all of this world
Don't let them take away my soul
Don't want the arrogance, the ignorance, this selfishness I hold
Instant access is a flame that I don’t think I can control
Don't let this ember enter in if I’m not worthy of its load
Don't wanna hurt the ones I love
Don’t wanna let everyone down
I try so hard but I slip up
Lose my grip fall on the ground
The problem ain’t they’re never good
The problems power taints the mind
Don't let this heart turn into stone
Don't let these lights burn me alive...

Samantha held the phone in her right hand, and pulled her knees to her chest, resting her arms and head on the bag; using both as a pillow. Gazing out to the sea, lost and unaware of anything but her own voice and the slapping of the waves against the shore.

The White Rabbit / Re: Issues: Up and Coming!
« on: June 14, 2020, 04:46:26 PM »
Brianna had been lost in the conversation happening at the moment, a regular patron at the White Rabbit had joined the booth she had been occupying alone. Brianna did not mind. Whispering in each other's ears while having a quick conversation, and this time had been entertaining. Both of them had noticed an interesting interaction forming between two people, a man and a woman. Lightly touching one another with big flirtatious smiles hanging out at the main bar, and Brianna could not help but banter back and forth with the Brujah.

"Well look at that. He's getting his freak on," she said amused.

"Seems like we are living in an age of miracles," the male Brujah replied smiling and rolling his eyes at the same time.

"I guess if they can put a man on the moon they can put a woman on him. Do you know the girl?" Brianna asked with a sinister smile dancing across her face.

"I heard she's popular at another bar but I'm not one to judge. I once had sex with a man for a tank of gas." Brianna burst out laughing, mouth agape at the outrageous confession. These Anarchs were hysterical. No wonder Samantha, one of the bar owners, fiercely loved and protected them.

The song had come to an end, the Brujah gave Brianna a playful wink before exiting the table. She popped two fingers in her mouth, and a loud, shrill whistle escaped, cutting through the room like a hot knife in butter. Now realizing she had lost track of the stranger, she did not try to look for him. Instead, her attention remained on the stage. If she did not see him after another song she already had a plan; keeping the drink a secret was proving to be enjoyable.

The White Rabbit / Re: Issues: Up and Coming!
« on: June 07, 2020, 12:40:16 PM »
Brianna's head snapped upwards with a smirk when the mic check began. Almost that time already? The owners of the White Rabbit has exceptional taste in hiring different bands to entertain the patrons of the White Rabbit. She had no intention to look for the stranger that had arrived at the bar, although had Brianna been looking he would have been effortless to spot given his chosen attire. Clutching the glass on the table with nimble fingers Brianna drained the alcoholic beverage all at once, and it satisfied the hunger in her for now. Sliding out of the booth with the glass in one hand and the cell phone in another. Bobbing and weaving through the crowd towards the bar with ease, the White Rabbit crowd thicker than normal tonight. Grabbing the attention of a familiar bar attendant for another drink at the soonest possible moment.

While she waited Brianna scanned the now crowded floor, giving pleasant smiles and polite waves to familar people who noticed her scanning the bar. Then the new arrival wandered into Brianna's line of sight, and she could not help but stare for a moment while he turned his back roaming through the bar. He did look delicious in that suit, and then she had a fun idea. The bartender patted her shoulder, a drink in hand and Brianna nodded a short thanks, taking the drink, but not before asking for a favor.

"Could you send a drink to the man in the suit for me when you have the time? I think I will have a little fun tonight." She winked at the bartender, who laughed in response, returning back to the booth Brianna had left earlier.

The band had taken their position, the introduction short and sweet. Music blared onto the speakers, people clapped and cheered tonight's entertainment on, some started to dance wherever space became available. Brianna joined in clapping and cheering with other people, not aware that the bartender had delivered the drink to the wandering stranger long after Brianna had returned to her own booth. Telling the visitor he had an admirer within the bar, leaving him with his new drink and a guessing game on his hands.

The White Rabbit / Re: Issues: Up and Coming!
« on: June 01, 2020, 06:58:09 PM »
Brianna had been living in the White Rabbit for numerous months now, she had not found a suitable place to move and to be quite frank; the place had grown on her. Brianna had come to know the regulars within the bar, along with there friends and acquaintances that frequented the establishment. Sometimes the habit of an old spy didn't die, even in an environment that had the protection of their Keeper. She had picked her normal booth in the corner, a dark corner nonetheless, silent with inquisitiveness as she watched the new stranger walk into the bar. Brianna could see the back of the stranger, and the suit screamed business. Tenderly gripping the celery in the Bloody Mary before her, swirling the drink with amusement for a moment before paying attention to her phone once again on the table, looking down long before the man finished getting his drink.

She had decided to start taking the time to do what Brianna wanted, the first time she had done it had been an eerie sensation. She did not know what to with the time she now had, but Brianna had learned to start living a life that did not revolve around work all the time. She had acquired a large amount of wealth being an Ancient after all, and it was high time she started to enjoy it. She had started to wear clothes with a splash of colour, but had not dropped the dark colours entirely. A handful of clothes had sentimental importance, and the bright colours had brought back a little life to the neat collection of clothes Brianna had acquired over the centuries.

Tonight, she had chosen an attire that was simple, a boxy cut shirt with short sleeves in a solid teal colour, dark denim jeans with a pair of black boots. Nothing fancy. Brianna's pointer finger slowly scrolling on the darkened screen, she did not need the brightness on at all, reading an article about the Uluburun. A 3,300-year-old shipwreck discovered off the coast of Uluburun, near Kaş in south-western Turkey.

The Luminary / Re: A Visit to Remember
« on: June 01, 2020, 04:16:32 PM »
Sam clasped her hands upwards together, steeping her fingers under her nose with eyes twinkling in titillation as Ben proposed the idea.

"Can I?!" She exclaimed, slapping her hands down against her thighs. "I'd love that! Would you be comfortable playing at least one musical piece with me?" Sam did not notice her voice falling and rising with enthusiasm, the idea of performing again gripped her in a whirlwind of passion.

Performing with Ben would be a wonderful experience, but if Ben didn't feel comfortable, just the idea of performing at the Luminescent made Sam ecstatic.

The Luminary / Re: A Visit to Remember
« on: May 26, 2020, 03:13:12 PM »
"The acoustic has a nice sound," bobbing her head once in a thoughtful manner. "We should play together sometime. We could dress up. I think it would be a fun time." She said, grinning ear to ear. Sam didn't get the chance to perform with others anymore. Playing solo, which she still enjoyed, didn't have the same degree of satisfaction as playing with a buddy.

The Luminary / Re: A Visit to Remember
« on: May 22, 2020, 04:17:39 PM »
"No," she replied, chuckling. "I have been playing since my late teens. We had a band program at our school, you rented an instrument for the year for a small fee, provided you didn't damage it."

"It has the largest range out of all the wind instruments, and it's been called the licorice stick or the little trumpet. What are you playing, Ben? Acoustic?" Sam was sure Ben had mentioned it, but it slipped her mind. Perhaps Ben said it was the bass guitar? Or electric? She needed to visit Ben more often; their busy lives had made it difficult, and she had forgotten certain details. Sam would have to go home and look for time in her schedule. If she looked hard enough, she should find room.

Artefacts / The Bracelet of the Heroic Limb
« on: May 16, 2020, 07:15:50 PM »
Name: The Bracelet of the Heroic Limb

Creator: Aelfdene, an unknown species of fae, had a hobby crafting various items with a twist. This particular piece is known to be among Aelfdene's earlier creations. Aelfdene has crafted numerous magical pieces throughout her lifetime. It is not known which same works have survived or where they have ended up.

Owner: None at the moment. It can be taken.

Creation: Created from magical leather acquired from one of the astral planes. This high-quality black leather bracelet is adorned with silver and gold charms. A perfect combination to make it appealing to all sexes.

A gift given to a dear friend as a sick and twisted joke. Aelfdene always had a playful but dark sense of humour. The gift served her colleague nicely to warn a gullible rival in the long run. Aelfdene's comrade came up with a misleading name. Her opponent threw it into the material plane in disgust. Aelfdene found their outburst brilliant, pleased it now travels the material plane.

Right now, it washed up on Glitter Beach three years back, and no one has found it. It could be in the bare sand, the tall dunes, or the gnarled scrub. It is not in or near the cliffs, or near the lighthouse.

Properties: When the unsuspecting sap wears this bracelet on their wrist or their ankle, the entire arm or leg will disappear into the astral plane. The affected limb will return after twenty-four hours have passed. The bracelet needs twenty-four to recharge.

After twenty-four hours have elapsed, one of three things could happen when your limb returns. A tattoo on your limb, an injured limb, or gaining an extra bracelet on your wrist or ankle with no magical effects when the limb returns.

It has no particular circumstances to be passed from one owner to the next. Just put it on. Simple.

Alignment: Neutral

Competing Magic: Unknown

Enhancing Magic: Unknown

The Luminary / Re: A Visit to Remember
« on: May 14, 2020, 02:15:09 PM »
"Not with these fingers," she giggled, looking down at her hands for a split second. Sam's fingers were not flexible, much less delicate enough to handle string instruments. "Alas, my heart belongs to the woodwinds. Ever since I heard Benny Goodman, a famous clarinetist. I fell in love with the sound."

"Plus, music is much more than playing the instrument. If you need help figuring out a time signature, harmony, even the difference between a crescendo and a fortissimo. You can message me anytime." Beaming a smile at Ben.

Reading sheet music could be confusing for a beginner, especially when trying to figure out sharp, flat or natural notes. It confused the hell out of Sam for weeks.

The Luminary / Re: A Visit to Remember
« on: May 05, 2020, 12:44:55 PM »
Sam put on a pleasant grin when Ben spoke about time, nodding in full agreeance. Vampires had nothing but time, didn't we? She had time to sort through the trauma; perhaps people had been right. Sam had been pushing too hard to get past what had happened. It had just been a week, yet it seemed like kidnapping had lasted for months. She was ripping open every wound all at once, but all Sam did was create a mess of rot and infection; nothing had time to mend and scar. She needed to focus on one issue at a time, trying to force a solution for everything at once would not work this time. Rip one wound open at a time. Close it. Heal. Repeat.

Ben did not know how much he had helped at that moment. Eyes twinkling with passion as Ben changed the subject, and Sam did not notice at all. In fact, she was sure her subconscious jumped at the chance to talk about something different.

"Would you like me to help you out until you find one you do like?" Sam offered with enthusiasm. No longer playing with her braids, her hands sitting in her lap again. She was delighted to learn that even with Daniel no longer being his instructor, Ben never gave up practicing.

The Luminary / Re: A Visit to Remember
« on: April 30, 2020, 03:57:56 PM »
Sam could hear the skepticism fluttering in the back of Bens's throat, and she did not condemn his response towards the necklace. She had a sneaking suspicion Ben would react like a deer caught in the headlights. From what he had shared with her, it should have been impossible to re-establish the connection between him and Kerr. Maria's energy, however, is unique, capable of breaking several barriers on numerous occasions; her magic marched to the beat of a different drummer.

One could break or disrupt another's magic should someone have the required strength and skill. His grin could have fooled an acquaintance, but not Sam. She let the subject drop for now. She saw the concern flash across Bens faced when he spoke, and that need to alleviate his anxiety washed over Sam. She grabbed her braid with her fingers, playing with it as Sam talked to Ben.

"Maria is preparing a complicated ritual that will break the spell Mitchelletto put on me. The ingredients have been difficult to obtain." She moaned, irritated at the hoops Maria had to jump through.

"He was a talented magus," she spat with disgust. Sam hated to admit it. "However, he never put in the time to properly hone his craft. His blood sorcery will never compare to Maria or even Sabrina." Both witches could tear the rabid vampire to bits, but she hoped Jake had delivered Mitchelletto his final death the night he came to rescue Sam.

The Luminary / Re: A Visit to Remember
« on: April 19, 2020, 07:46:27 PM »
Sam expected the small talk back and forth while riding up the lift would have settled her nerves. The minute Sam departed out the elevator with Ben, the reality of it had hit Sam; the small talk between the two merely masked the quietly lurking jitterbug. Pursuing Ben down the hall to his office made the gift in her hand seem heavy, her fingers brushing against the velvet on the box, the softness of the box brought a little relief to Sam. The walk down to Ben's office had seemed short, wishing she had more time to prepare.

People outside of the White Rabbit knew incredibly little about the intimate details of Sam's kidnapping, and she trusted Ben more than people realized. Yet, it didn't help the butterflies fluttering around; the idea for the gift would make no sense without an explanation. Sam did not like talking about the incident; it came in surges... hateful, dark, harmful, aggressive surges.

"I want to do something for you," the grin once beaming on her face in foyer and lift became limited but it remained polite. It was not Sam's usual cheerful demeanour around a close friend, removing her jacket and handbag, placing them in the correct spot before joining Ben. She had always liked this design, the corners had an armchair feeling to it, great for reading a book. However, Sam would change the colour, she was never a fan of lime green. That was more Maria's taste of colour palettes.

"This is for you," extending the velvet box with the red bow for Ben to take and open, "and there is something I like to say to you too," Sams eye contact with Ben unexpectedly becoming focused on the floor, taking in a long, deep breath. Fingers intertwined together on top of her lap, and she sat forward on the couch until her feet were flat on the floor, crossing her feet loose at the ankles.

"You have become a big part of my life," lifting her eyes off the floor to meet his gaze again, her eyes lit up with the enduring tone directed to Ben. "I wanted to make you something special, no matter what happened with the campaign. You've done a lot for me, more than you realize, you've made me laugh, checked up on me when it matters, you've made time for me when you can, and I wanted to show you I do notice what you do for me."

"The idea for your gift changed after I was taken," she hesitated, attempting to control the anger that became apparent in her tone, "the blood mage that kidnapped me weakened my bond with Jake temporarily for quite some time now. I am... still under the effects until next week," the force of raw hostility in her voice started to end. It was a detail Ben would not have known until now. It was too hard to tell him before, she countied on speaking, her mood improved when she talked about Ben's gift, "that necklace is magical. It not only changes shape and colour to match your outfit, it enables you to feel Kerr fully blood bonded when you wear it."

"I can't get your memories to return," she said with remorse, but then, her voice gained a little confidence, staring at him all sweetheart like she said, "but I can at least give your blood bond back," it felt like she was rambling now, and Sam became quiet, studying Bens' reaction to the gift.

The Luminary / Re: A Visit to Remember
« on: April 17, 2020, 05:59:14 AM »
"I know," Sam sighed playfully slow, cheeks flushed joyous red while looking up at Ben, "tonight however, I wanted to make sure I caught you here," this marble looked amazing in this lighting. The light blues and greys danced across the marble floor like gentle ripples in a river, it had a calming effect on Sam.

"I am happy to hear things have gotten simpler for you. Zim is a great Dean, easy to address, and he sounds delightful all the time." The Deans' voice always puts you in a good mood. The students flocked to him, asking him questions just to hear him speak. At times it got a little out of hand with the students, their adult students shit happens, but he always the situation with the utmost professionalism.

"Thank you, Ben," she cheerfully chirped; a big grin lit up Sams face, stepping into the elevator with Ben, appreciating his compliment. "Is that a new shirt? I love that colour on you." You could dress Ben in a burlap sack, and he still look good, but this particular colour looked nice against his pale skin.

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