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ShadowHaven Estate / Re: A visitor comes a calling.
« on: April 24, 2017, 09:29:46 AM »
Too old? Shae's appearance seemed to be close to Sam's age as a mortal. Maria looked older than Shae and she was a thin blooded vampire. There was more to Shae and Kiel that meets the eye. Raising an eyebrow at Shae in response, swim in the nude? Sam smiled and shook her head a little in reply. Not like Sam could tan naked anymore, she would be a pile of ash.

Sam was a few steps behind Shae as she took in the view leading up to the guest room. So much beauty and yet no one to admire it. Other than Shae and Kiel it seemed a little lonely here, she hoped her visit would rejuvenate Shae in some way. The way Shae's oasis had tickled her heart pink with memories of the country side.

When Shae opened the glass doors Sam poked her head inside and gasped. It was such a pretty guest room, walking to the center of the room. Her eyes gleaming with delight at the new surroundings.

"I'll grab my stuff I should be able to find my way back. Again thank you for having me." Sam was excited and took off like a bat out of hell. Making her way back to her truck she grabbed duffel bag. She found the guest room with ease and put her bag on the bed before returning to the kitchen.

"Now Shae what foods do you not like?" She asked with a smile. Sam could make a lot of things thanks to her mother when she was alive. Being a vampire however it was a nice treat to cook again.

ShadowHaven Estate / Re: A visitor comes a calling.
« on: April 22, 2017, 09:15:22 AM »
Sam did not see the frown on Shae's face, her eye's wandered over the different species of plants. Sam nodded at Shae's words as she thanked Sam. The small stall of silence between them went unnoticed. A sorely missed feeling in her heart rose looking at the oasis. Sam missed the country life and it was evident on her face for a moment. Then it slipped from her thoughts as Shae spoke up.

She did a little spin towards Shae, "I'll come as often as you would like me too," she replied in kind. Looking upwards after towards the ceiling with Shae afterwards.

"I didn't think to bring a swim suit. But, I will definitely take you up on the exploring part." Sam beamed with delight at Shae. Sam felt honored to be in a such a place and would treat it with the utmost respect.

ShadowHaven Estate / Re: A visitor comes a calling.
« on: April 12, 2017, 04:15:09 PM »
Shae moved with the grace of a high noble through her mansion. Full of pride as it was evident in the way Shae carried her shoulders. Her parents must of been educated and had an eye for culture. A shame she too lost her parents; both knowing the familiar feeling of emptiness.

Sam really liked the dark wood that lined the dining room but two more in the mansion caught her eye. An antique china cabinet and a buffet serving bench. Was there big dinner parties hosted here in the past? One could only imagine from the layout of the place.

The craftsmanship of the glass architecture was amazing. Scanning over the pool, still a minor bummer Sam didn't think of a swim suit. Her eyes sparkled with delight at the oasis. Various shrubs, flowers and trees. Some Sam recognized and some she had never seen.

"Thank you. I'll keep this short cut in mind," her voice could not hide her wonder. She stepped through the glass door, the oasis reminded her of home. It may not have been exactly like back home; rolling fields of endless green or the thick brush trials. But it brought a joy to her heart.

"You have a remarkable collection," complimenting Shae in an awed tone.

Sam definitely could get use to hanging out in this room. Maybe later when Shae and Keil slept, she could come back and sketch the plants she did not recognize. Something to keep herself amsued while they retired for the night. Sam did not expect both Shae and Kiel to stay up with her. After all she had an entire different sleeping schedule.

The bedroom it seemed was not far off from the oasis, moving to the side for Shae. Paying good attention to certian items in the house as makeshift landmarks. Her bag was still in the truck as she only grabbed the groceries. Hopefully everything would stick in her head.

ShadowHaven Estate / Re: A visitor comes a calling.
« on: April 10, 2017, 08:14:35 AM »
Placing a hand above her lips, her thumb straddling the side of her cheek. Did she want comfort or adventure? She took a moment to answer Shae's question.

"Well... I think I'll go with a little adventure." Removing her hand to reveal a satisfied smile, her arm gently returning to her side.

"I'll stay in the lower guest room. Even if I get lost it'll be fun." She gave Shae a little chuckle.

The house from what Sam had seen so far was full of tasteful culture; antiques and art that a museum would be jealous of not having in their own collections. Sam was eager to follow Shae into more sections of the mansion.

Venture / Re: The Breath Before the Plunge
« on: March 22, 2015, 02:05:27 PM »
"Thank you Levinia but I will tell you this it is a little nerve wracking teaching people." Beaming with a smile she was humbled by her friends congratulations. She did not know how this teaching job would turn out. From her conversation from Ben after her first class it seemed like she was doing a good job. However she was still a little nervous teaching all those people.

Sam still had her arms crossed when Levinia threw her arms around her cool neck. Unfolding her arms she wrapped her arms around her excited buddy, squeezing her tightly as their cheeks touched. She felt so warm against her skin, "I missed you too partner." Giving a small chuckle in Levinia's ear, before they both broke away from the lovely hug.

"Believe it or not Jake has been really good. We are still getting along, a cat fight here and there but nothing major. Scott however," she stopped for a moment to sigh," he still feels bad for how he acted on Opening Night. Embarrassed really, but he's getting through it, I'm trying to help him." She loved her big brother with all her heart. To Sam he was family even if they did not share the same blood or belong to the same clan.

"That is one reason as to why I have been scarce," shaking her head slightly, that and getting a former employee fired. Which burned that bridge with that friendship, she felt really bad about the incident.

She did not want to get all dark and dreary so she gave Levinia a small hip bump, "We going to have some fun little lady? I have been dying to have some form of entertainment." Sam was glad she decided to come and not flake out.   

ShadowHaven Estate / Re: A visitor comes a calling.
« on: March 09, 2015, 12:46:43 PM »
Sam studied Shae's posture carefully, learning Shae has inherited the mansion through the death of her loved ones. Sam could feel the tinges of rage in the air, the heavy waves of sadness lightly rolled over Sam. Over the last three and a half years Sam had become sensitive to emotions because of her discipline Presence. She could feel basic emotions, happiness, fear, anger, sadness and excreta without any problems. Although more complex emotions such as confusion or embarrassment were a little harder to pinpoint, however that would come with experience and age.

Sam kept quiet about her own parents and sister being murdered, a drunk driver. She understood Shae's feelings but she didn't want this to start off dark and dreary. The moment Shae was having seemed to have pass as the she smiled at Sam, continuing her description of the mansion. Sam followed in awe, some of the buildings in the city had something similar to the glass Shae had installed here. However the glass Shae had was much more beautiful, complimenting the mansion itself.

Shae pointed to rooms with a wave of her hand, left to right with a brief description. They had a wicked pool and she didn't even to think to bring a bathing suit. Telling Sam interesting facts of the way the building had been built in horse shoe shape and how the foyer was the center of the place. She could not wait to see the upstairs, she felt very privileged to be staying here for a few days. She nodded to Shae and took off towards the kitchen, eager to see what it looked like too.

Walking in through the door she had to stop and stare, she could not wait to start cooking in this kitchen. Placing the groceries gently on the counter, then gladly returned to Shae's side. "Lead the way I'm dying to see the rest." A curious smile danced on her lips.       

ShadowHaven Estate / Re: A visitor comes a calling.
« on: February 08, 2015, 05:10:42 PM »
"Well I hope he doesn't waste his money tonight," feeling good about the choice she had made to show her gratitude. Besides it wasn't everyday that she was invited to a mansion.

As Shae turned the doors opened with a flick of her hand. That puzzled Sam, she thought Shae was a shape shifter? They were not known for their telepathic abilities, much less telekinesis. Perhaps over the next few days she would learn more.

Climbing the stairs and making it through the large and magnificent looking archway doors, which were combined with glass and dark wood. She emerged into the largest grand foyer she had seen yet. Her footsteps slowed almost to a crawl, taking in the master craftsmanship of the room. Eyes bright with curiosity she could only imagine the rest of this place. Even the marble on the floor, she almost felt bad stepping on it. It looked so gorgeous.

"Shae, this place... I can not find the words. It's not what I imagined, do you and Kiel live here all by yourselves?" Her head slowly twisting and turning around the room as Sam tried to take it all in.

ShadowHaven Estate / Re: A visitor comes a calling.
« on: February 06, 2015, 07:55:35 PM »
Sam thought it was a little odd that Kiel was not present, at the moment.The two seemed inseparable, maybe they had a fight? That part remained unclear, she hoped Kiel was just out on a nightly stroll. She hoped to see him at some point in the night.

Sam had all the bags looped through her arms when she turned around. Catching a brief glimpse of Shae in flight, she was such a graceful being. Landing softly like a feather in free fall Sam couldn't help but smile at the shape shifter. Sam used her foot to shut the ajar truck door with a solid thunk. All those bags strung on her arms looked heavy but indeed they were not for the fledgeling.

"I thank you for having me," she said in a humble tone. This was the first time she had been invited to their home and she wanted to make a good impression.

"I thought I would make you guys a nice dinner over the next few days, as thanks for inviting me. It's the least I could do for you guys." Walking up to Shae unhindered, bags rustling in her arms. She would grab her over night bag later from the small truck.

"Now, where is this probably massive kitchen?" Implying Sam's awe with this beautiful mansion that Shae and Kiel shared together.

Haven Crest / Re: The Dark Father
« on: July 28, 2014, 11:54:48 AM »
Samantha stopped on a dime as George raised his waving hand high up into the air, shouting out cries that made some of the students turn their attention to the newest student. It was the first time she had seen his pale eye, he could be blind was her conclusion. It did not bother Sam, nor did his sharp like teeth that filled his mouth.

Some of her students seemed a little nervous with the new arrival. Nothing that would create the students to "freak out" so to speak. She kept calm and answered back taking a few steps forward towards George to ease their illogical thoughts. 

"That is one theory," she had a smirk on her face. Returning front of the room she spoke, "It is said that for many ages Caine wandered in loneliness after he had broke away from Lilith. Others say that Caine did not walk in loneliness but rather the sin of killing his own brother is why he steered clear of anyone; for he was the first murder. He could potentially do it again." Waiting for the last stragglers to finish writing their notes.

"Whatever the reason Caine could not resist the temptation to create someone like him. So he sought out a city to settle down in, the people knew of his curse and feared his power. Ruled by King Enoch," she paused and pointed to the name on the board written in blue. A sign to pay attention and scribble down notes if needed. 

"Not long after Caine arrived Enoch relinquished his throne so that Caine could rule instead. Why?" Looking at her students again waiting for a hand or even an answer from the group.

Haven Crest / Re: The Dark Father
« on: July 05, 2014, 12:32:09 PM »
Intrigued more by what the humanoid creature was drawing rather than concentrating on the lull of silence that filled the air at the moment. Although when George finally looked up, stashing away his pencil and paper in a flash. His sunken in eyes locked onto Sam`s own gaze; she knew this was a creature she definitely did not encounter at any point in her lifetime. While little gasps here and there filled the room her reaction was not the same as her own students.

His nervous behavior seemed normal as all eyes were on him at the moment, she did not see anything wrong with his admission to the classroom. “It`s very nice to have you here George. Since you are new I will do a quick recap of what happened last class.“ Still smiling with glee towards George.

It took about ten minutes of her time but she was glad to do it, now that he was caught up she continued her lecture where they had left off the previous time. Wanting to have more a classroom discussion than last class of just Sam speaking and them listening. She wanted their input and thoughts on the subject, so she decided to try a different approach this time around.

“After Caine left the Land of Nod, abandoning Lilith and walking away with his new found powers. What do you think Caine thought when he left the Land of Nod, before he came to discover the City of Enoch.“ Some of the heads turned at the name Enoch as it was a new bit of information. At first silence filled the room before she made a tsk tsk sound.

“Come on people I want to hear your opinion,“ as she walked up and down the length of the classroom at the front. Not wanting to be that teacher to call on the new kid to answer, then again maybe he would be the one to give a surprise answer. She waited patiently as she playfully crossed her arms, nice and loose across her chest.   

ShadowHaven Estate / Re: A visitor comes a calling.
« on: July 05, 2014, 11:47:31 AM »
Many troubling things had happened a little more than a month ago, it had been hard for everyone that had been involved in Sam's life. An evil man she never wanted to see again had escaped the very fortress Jake had taken care to build with perfection in mind; but it wasn't enough. She still didn't know the whole story of how Mitchelletto escaped, truth was Sam didn't want to know. It was bad enough he came back, let alone she insisted her and Maria use the abandoned building next door to enter the compound. That was a big mistake, Sam would have been dead for sure if not for Maria being  there; which she still felt guilty endangering her trusted friends life.

The drove east of the city in her small pick up truck to the Mansion as Shae called it seemed long and a little nerve wracking, it been a while since she stayed a place more than just one night. Now with her only working three days a week, one of them being more or less an tutoring class. It was weird after working at the now faded Risk she had her weekends off, she was still getting use to the change. Just like the change of spilling her guts to Jake about her sister, she still didn't know how he felt about her whole admission to him. However she decided not to bring up the subject about her sister being an angel with Kiel nor Shae, just about what evil roamed the streets. She would take baby steps with the delicate relationship the three seemed to share.

It was a very nice part of the city, it was still classified as a ritzy place but it somehow gave off a more nature vibe, somewhere calm and private. As she made her way to the address given by Shae whom was the one that talked to Sam initially, having no clue she Kiel did not know she was coming; the two lived together. She had bought a shit ton of groceries for the few days she would be there, she liked cooking even though she could not eat, but after seeing the front gates she wondered if the had any maids. The large gate had been opened by Shae yet she still couldn`t see the Mansion through the thick brick walls, she drove through not yet leaving as she locked the gates behind her as Shae had instructed.

She was amazed at the estate that they both had owned, it was secluded from the world and that reminded her of back home. The woods was a nice touch and it soon came to a clearing where Shae stood on top of the balcony. She did not honk her horn but rather waved at Shae from the truck, nice dress she was wearing and still somewhat shocked at the lovely home that the two shared. She hoped to have a something like this one day, similar but not quite the same. Parking her pick up truck in the cul de sac that surrounded a fish pond at the front entrance, the quartz dragon was a nice touch.

Sam seemed a little under dressed compared to Shae, she wore a bright red boxy blouse with a pair of black leggings, a pair of softened red open toed shoes laced her feet. They only thing she had remotely pretty was the hair clip, she chose to wear her down tonight. A Rosie Midnight Purple Feather hair clip that held the right side of her hair back just a little, giving her hair a feathered look near the hairline. She hopped out of the truck and started to grab the groceries as she waited for Shae and eventually Kiel; wherever he was to make their way down to the front entrance.

Venture / Re: The Breath Before the Plunge
« on: June 10, 2014, 03:05:38 PM »
Sam looked at Levinia with guilt in her eyes, "I know it's been quiet between us and I'm sorry for that Levinia." Trying not to sound nervous for a lot had happened in the time they had been apart. Folding her arms across her chest she tried to find the words to speak, she wanted to lie but that wasn't Sam. She shifted her stance in the line as she got the courage to talk.

"Things are going smoothly now, they were rough awhile back. Finally graduated from the University so no more school. I've accepted a job teaching at the new Academy that just opened up. Tuesday was my first day and it went really well, I have to teach another class tomorrow." She felt good talking to Levinia again, it just seemed natural. She patiently waited for a response as the line crept forward.

Venture / Re: The Breath Before the Plunge
« on: June 08, 2014, 04:08:18 PM »
Sam was in her own little world as she waited in line, phone in her hand patiently still awaiting for an answer. It was not until she took notice to someone yelling her name, she snapped her head toward the familiar voice. There she saw an old friend, grin in hand and her arms open wide for a hug. She embraced Levinia's hug by wrapping her arms around her shoulders, squeezing them hard as a wave of relief rushed over Sam.

"I missed you too my lovely," her voice filled with happiness towards Levinia as she took in the sight of her old friend. She broke away after a long moment of hugs, "You look good it's been to long my friend. How have you been?" She asked as they waited in line together.   

Haven Crest / Re: The Dark Father
« on: June 08, 2014, 02:21:27 PM »
Something heavy crossed the floor of her classroom that caught her attention. In a flash of looking up she saw a figure that was not present the other day, returning her eye's to notes intrigued. This was going to be interesting, he gave off a scent that was unfamiliar. Promptly she set her notes to the side as the talking started to die down, her head swiveled towards the man that remained standing in the back. His straw hat covering his face as she stood up.

Some students peered to the back of the classroom, some stayed facing the front. She came to the front of the class in confidence. "My name is Sam and I welcome you to my class. May I ask for your name?" She spoke in a polite tone wanting to make him feel welcomed no matter what species of supernatural he may be.       

Venture / Re: The Breath Before the Plunge
« on: June 08, 2014, 12:35:27 PM »
Many reasons had plagued Sam since the opening of Venture as to why she had not returned to the club. One reason was her brother and the actions he had chosen to display that night; actions filled with violence. Another was her own decisions that lead to the firing of an employee in which a friendship was lost. No wonder it had been months since she had returned to the place that had once felt like home. 

She was almost shocked to get a message from Levinia, at first she almost didn't answer but after catching a nerve or two they had arranged to meet. She was nervous about their meeting and she wasn't sure why. She had been comfortable around Levinia before but this was the first time she would see her after Scott decided to foolishly wave a gun around the place.After calming herself a bit she proceeded to try and pick out an outfit.

Her eye's wandered back and forth in her closet, unsure of how to dress for the occasion. She should feel happy and excited but it just wasn't working at the moment, she tried to focus on her task. Slowly reaching out for one outfit but then she pulled her hand back quite quickly, maybe this was the night to wear something different than normal. Reaching to the back of her closet she pulled out an outfit she had not worn since her years in getting a Bachelors degree.

Pulling out some black leggings that ended just above the ankle, a small smile crossed her lips with fond memories. A light blue blouse that had a flowing effect was chosen. She wore her hair down, pulling some of the hair to the front of her face; no ponytail tonight. Tenderly selecting a pair black flats with the usual white soles, she looked good in the outfit that was several years old. Jake wasn't home so she sent him a text saying she was going out unsure of when she would get a reply back from him. She grabbed her wallet and headed out.

She took a cab afraid if she walked she would chicken out, it was a horrible thought. Thinking she had arrived before Levinia or maybe she was already inside she just got out of the cab quickly, she paid her fee not waiting for the change. She got out not sure what to expect inside and got in line. She sent Levinia a text message saying that she was in line and waited nervously for an answer back. She took a deep breath to steady her nerves again, she just wanted this time to go unhitched with any problems and actually have a decent time.     

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