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Wyatt Hill Cemetary / Re: Damage Control
« on: Today at 07:17:38 PM »
Maria could hear the cries of Kopé howling within her mind, Tess draining the heroic cat now lay lifeless. Enraging Maria that such a strong soul should be gone, the cat gave them time. Now was the time to act she had Takhar at her disposal, biting deep into her hand and letting her blood flow. The Pangool now had a physical blade in its hands, deadly but at a cost to Maria. She could not sit back let more blood be split due to this vile creature, hovering six feet above the ground.

Maria took the time to start changing now, her hands outstretched. If Wren was successful Maria would use Takhar to curse Tess. A final parting gives for her transgressions tonight, her voice soft and low. The words old would only be understood by extraordinary magic users. Perhaps the Druid and Sabrina but that was unlikely, her magic was rare in these parts. Not interfering at all with the Druid and his casting.

Mother, Father hear my call
I call your wrath upon this blonde
By this blasphemy, I curse the blonde
In the name of the Takhar, I curse thee three-fold
In the name of all which is unholy
I damn thee for betraying us
I damn thee for disgracing us
I damn thee for all the pain you caused
Takhar your will shall be done

Eyes glowing amber as the Pangool now turned to face Tess. Floating to her level and ready to rush the blonde if Wren could keep the girl held a little longer, this was one Pangool Tess could not control. Once Takhar passed through Tess his curse would be complete, she hoped Takhar made the bitch suffer a terrible curse.

Wyatt Hill Cemetary / Re: Damage Control
« on: Yesterday at 09:50:53 AM »
Maria was completely offended by the actions of the group, their rash actions could have gotten them killed. Pulling out guns and casting spells unnecessarily, a sure way to get someone hurt or killed. Maria could see how being treated as a monster cut deeply; it saddened Maria in a profound way. Maria bowed her head deeply at Sabrina in thanks to her gentle nod, this one swelled with the power of old. Earning great respect from Maria and even got a small grin out of her for Sabrina's sarcastic comment. This one had some bite and it reminded her of Sam, spunky little vampire she had become.

Maria's eyes grew wide with glee as Sabrina seen the blonde girl for her true nature. Tess tried to overrun Maria with the feeling of sludge in her veins. However, it was not a true death that the necromancer controlled. All it did was enrage Kopé Tiatie Cac, his voice swirling in her head. Feeling much more comfortable with the powerful witch, she opened up herself to the mother and father. Tapping into her true power, eyes glowing amber within the darkness as she gazed at Tess. Some deities humming pleasantly while others gnashed their teeth in her head.

"She tried to pin this on me, my dear Sabrina. Called me a necromancer." No sooner finishing her sentence Tess grabbed hold of Shiobhan.

Maria had enough of this girl, dancing blades and balls of fire were nothing but cheap tricks. Maria could see Tess had sold herself to something evil, whatever little of her soul remained could not be reached by normal means. Even her ill words about Sabrina being a demon did not throw Maria off, no she was an ally. They had the same goal and that was too put the dead back to their rightful place.

"You're a very foolish girl." Her tone was one of disappointment, she should have run when she had the chance. Summoning another Pangool ready to strike or protect the others on command. Maria had to save her blessing for the cemetery, a grim scowl on her face.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 20, 2019, 03:13:53 PM »
Samantha was going to wait for either Pierre, Luke or Damien to answer first to keep being polite. There was a lot of waiting, listening, minding her manners and it was stressful on Sam. She seemed to impressed Ari and hoped that trend would continue, it seemed Jake had fallen from grace. Luckily it reinforced the fact Sam was not like Jake, at least one of them was keeping favour. However, Pierre's sudden departure along with Luke's changed her plans. Taking her cue to speak while gazing gently at both gentlemen, answering Ari's question in a modest tone.

"I am a teacher at the Academy. My goal is to talk with others and take suggestions to broaden our curriculum for the near future." Currently, they mostly had vampire teachers. She hoped to intrigue other species to inquire about being a teacher.

Admiring Damien when he spoke, she did not know he had business in so many districts. He was accomplished and obviously well respected to be personally invited by Charon. Making a mental note to visit him and soon; she felt guilty not seeing him yet. He had been so kind as to put her name on the invitation, not just bring a plus one type deal. Jake should be with her but she had no idea when he would be back with Murphy. Charon seemed busy now, but the first opportune moment she would go to him; Jake or no Jake.

Awaiting for any questions that the two might have for Samantha. Her stance relaxed and engaging if they so chose to ask anything. This was a topic Samantha enjoyed talking about, she loved what Ben was doing and was grateful to be a part of this journey. She wondered how he was fairing considering the circumstances.

Wyatt Hill Cemetary / Re: Damage Control
« on: February 20, 2019, 01:34:58 PM »
Maria rode up front after Wren's suggestion, giving him a small nod of thanks. Not before giving her Pangool the command to stay behind and find any stragglers. Maria had reserves to summon more at the cemetery if needed. Holding on for dear life as Lacy drove like a mad man to the cemetery, secretly glad she got to sit up front. However, she worried if the blonde would pull something, Fearing with her little outburst, necromancer indeed. If Maria said anything against the witch suspicion would fall on Maria. No, she had to play the blondes game, displeasing Takhar immensely. Maria would not be made out to be a martyr, her deities would have their justice when the time was right.

Screeching to a halt and hearing a faint thump in the back, it made her shudder as she stepped out. Seeing Wren already helping the group out she felt an immense power, her attention caught by the beautiful giant. The deities rumbled within her head, her eyes flashing amber as the message was relayed. This woman was not an enemy, perhaps she could help undo the doubt Tess had planted in their minds about Maria. As Wren gave a group a look of alarm and Maria gave him a calm wave of her hand, stepping forward a few paces to show her good faith in the lady. All she wanted to do was send the dead back to their rightful resting place.

Sabrina would feel on old and rare power in Maria, someone who was a true vessel for the mother and father. That undeniable feeling of Maria's true faith and Sabrina would recognize her High Priestess status. Someone who did good and protected her own. Maria's tribe may no longer exist but she had Sam, Sam was her tribe. Maria chose not to speak and allowed the white-blonde to address the group, Sabrina was powerful and respect was needed here, especially if she was to expose Tess.

ShadowHaven Estate / Re: A visitor comes a calling.
« on: February 19, 2019, 05:21:10 PM »
Sam listened in awe and shock of Shae trying to summon Kiel by his true name. It was obvious Kiel was extremely annoyed by Shae's little antics, however, he did share a tidbit of useful information. Could Shae not shape-shift if she had silver on her person? That was more interesting that Kiel's true name, which obviously held no effect. The wheels in Sams' head were spinning, perhaps there was a reason.

Walking over to Kiel as he ground his teeth, her silver eyes gazing at him. "Perhaps there is another reason, " her tone wise and thoughtful.

"Maybe becoming a Dark Angel freed your bonds from your true name. Besides, you will always be Kiel to me." Kiel had always talked about how much he valued his freedom. Maybe she would get a chance to talk later and ask a few questions, to understand him better.

"And no more experiments on him, " giving Shae a playful smile. Turning her back to find a frying pan and another pot. Sam needed to start cooking the rice and hamburger.

She did not want Kiel to leave but would not blame him if he did. She would bring him supper and even let him eat in peace if he was still not up for company. Sam could wander the house throughout the night or visit with Shae until he was ready to talk.

Detour Motel / Re: The First Night
« on: February 19, 2019, 04:39:29 PM »
Maria could see the man's shock on his face, grasping the mortal's hand like a scared child. Maria took no offence from the man, smiling at the woman he grasped so tightly, the Pangool spirit still putting the dead to rest in the background. Moving slightly faster to keep up with horde circling around them, she could sense this one had an infinity with nature. He too spoke the words of old, a different dialect Maria did not recognize. She had heard of Druids but had never met one in person but he felt clean and pure.

Maria stated after the police officer, "If that is the source of evil that place must be blessed at once. If we can get there with your help I can purge the evil that plagues it." Her voice shining with confidence.

Taking note that the woman maybe had seen her Pangool, impossible! Unless she too had a gift that was clearly not developed or she was unaware. Taken aback at the black cat with beautiful emerald eyes, it seemed to be speaking to the Druid. Brushing the cat's mind as she spoke to him, "I am a friend my dear. Do not be afraid of the Pangool." Her voice sweet with honey.

It was up to him to choose to speak to back to her or not, they both had a similar vibe. Walking or driving Maria did not care how they travelled, leaving the decision up to the mortal woman and the man.

They would need a High Priestess to purge the evil completely, with the help of Takhar. And with the help of the Druid and this cat then perhaps they could find a permanent solution. Maria could hear Takhar calling for vengeance for such an atrocity, that would come in time. Whoever or whatever used such dark magic would pay, but the price was always up to Takhar; Maria had no control over that aspect.

Suddenly she felt a deep crack within her mind, something strange comes. No sooner had the warning hit a fireball whizzing through the air. Another witch?! No this was different she felt unclean underneath that scared little charade. Her cries girlish and scared but Maria knew better, still, she could not act. Not all witches were evil but this one, something was off. Maria did not like it when things felt off. She did not dare reach to more of her deities at this time, not giving away her rightly earned title as Saltigue.

With a single look at her Pangool, she sent it to help this witch. The ethereal shadow turning to help the woman, putting at rest more than a few zombies. Maria was silent and became aloof, something in her gut told her to be quiet. Let the woman talk, giving the people in the group a look of caution.

Detour Motel / Re: The First Night
« on: February 19, 2019, 01:17:35 PM »
Kopé Tiatie Cac was furious, his voice howling in her mind. Waking Maria with a blazing headache from a dead sleep. Shooting upwards from her bed, her right hand cradling her head. Disapproving throwing her blankets off herself, she had only a few hours of sleep. Coming to see her friend Sam with the latest news, she was done school and moving back to the city. Deciding to stay at Detour Motel, for the time being, it was quiet and discreet.

So much for quiet, Kopé breathing heavy in her mind. The flow between life and death had been disrupted, feeling the disturbance beyond the headache now. This was not natural it was pure blasphemy, the dead should stay dead. Maria's lips become a scowl, looking out the window in surprise. What unholy creature summoned some such monsters? Grabbing a pair of slacks and a T-shirt out of her luggage, along with a small bag of bones.

The Pangool would be summoned to help these poor creatures lay to rest. Sitting cross-legged on the ground, tossing her bones with care. Chanting in the tongue of old, her words rolled into soft praise. Her eyes turning amber as she connected with Kopé, calling for a champion in the realm of death.

Mother, Father hear my faithful cries
Send me your champion to aid the dead tonight
Unholy souls cannot stay in this earthly domain
Guide these tainted souls to your gates tonight
To your rightful domain, they will sleep and stay.

An ethereal being of shadow formed around the bones, a slim creature appeared, his aura one of a guide; no warrior was needed for protection tonight. Maria grinned approvingly bowing at the Pangool spirit summoned for this task. These souls needed a caring hand, opening the door to see a ghastly sight sending out her Pangool spirit. Awaiting in her doorway as she watched the conjured spirit work his magic; a swell of pride rose as a vessel to such gods was a great gift.

Almost greeting each abomination before extending a hand, the zombies happy to cross over to the next world. This would take some time and she wished for help. Returning to earth as ash and dust, but Maria finally sensed she was not alone. This was not a menacing vibe at all and she decided to expose herself. A man came into her view, he has magical abilities. Putting Maria at ease, Wren could clearly see her Pangool spirit guiding the dead back home. The mortal woman, however, she was not sure, something felt magical about her. Only those a tune with magic would see her spirit, no ignorant mortals could see. Gracefully striding over to the man getting close enough to speak in a whisper.

"I did not think to meet others here fighting. This is an abomination, " shaking her head. The sight of skeletons and zombies was utterly revolting to Maria. Kopé was even more enraged but was now slowly being appeased each time the Pangool spirit guided each soul home.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 18, 2019, 06:25:25 PM »
Jakes compliment and kiss were expected before he left. However, his big fat embarrassing kiss sent shock waves throughout her body. Oh... God... Who all seen that little display?! Lips going bright red from Jakes fatherly embarrassment, not mad at all as it came from a good place. Sam acknowledge Murphy with a sincere nod, it was not his fault he had to leave. The decision to wander the grounds was short-lived, glued to her place by mental communication.

Charon's voice loud and clear, his baritone voice was soothing to Sam's young mind. She did not flinch, politely putting her hands together for Sabrina. So this was why Charon invited everyone? Suddenly, her attention was caught to Jakes and Lisa-Joe's cheering, should she had cheered instead of just applauding? Even after the confidence boost from Jake, embarrassing her with his display nonetheless. This event still made her feel like a small fish in a large pond.

Her attention was turned towards Luke, oh no! Charon's mental communication! Immediately Sam reached in her purse, she had taken precautions for Luke in case things had gone haywire. Palming a bottle of Advil in her hand she went to go give it to Luke. However, more people had approached the group, leaving Luke for a moment. Damn sure she was the only one who thought of medication, he didn't need to suffer. Plus he could hide it on his person and take more if needed. Her aura warm and inviting due to her kind gesture.

Damien and Pierre were their names, taking advantage of Jake addressing the men. Leaning back towards Luke forcing the bottle in his hand, sure to be discreet as to not showed his mind ailed him. Without missing a step she bowed her head towards the two as she was introduced. Suppressing her shock at Jake's decision to leave now! Another man approached named Ari and poor little Sam was left all alone with the three.

Praying to remember her manners and etiquette taught by Lisa-Joe; nothing pissed off an ancient faster than forgetting how to act properly. Waiting for Damien and Pierre to answer first, her eyes gazing at each one briefly as they spoke. Addressing Ari with a deep bow of her head. Her tone a mixture of awe, sincerity and gratefulness.

"I thank you for inviting me, you have an exquisite home. Your garden is enchanting my compliments to the knowledgable gardener." Bowing again at Ari keeping her answer short, sweet and to the point.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 17, 2019, 01:06:15 PM »
Sam listened intently as Murphy spoke about his career, they had both similarities. While Murphy worked alongside reviewing Risk Sam had worked as a bartender; a job that was short lived. When the Oligarchy fell the owners of Risk thought it be best to let her go, the risk of political interference being Jakes fledge was too high. It was a blow that had shaken her confidence at the time, she understood how Murphy felt with his little run of anarchy.

"I am enjoying it thank you for asking, " she grinned at him. " No, I didn't teach before in my life. I was a little lost at first when I started." Giggling at herself as she continued speaking to him.

"However I did attend the University here, I have my Masters in dance, music and literature. So I had an idea of how to engage the students. And, how to pique their interest due to the wonderful teachers there, " some days she did miss University life, stressful but simple.

Just then Jake asked Murphy to take a walk with him in the garden, knowing Jake would want alone time with Murphy. Lisa-Joe seemed preoccupied with Seb, falling all over the ancient. Looks like Sam was going to be wandering the garden alone for a bit, that was fine she needed to stand and stretch her legs. Perhaps a warm glass of blood, as hers had gone cold on the table.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 16, 2019, 09:29:00 AM »
Digital's sudden appearance made Sam put a hand over her mouth, not in shock but in sheer entertainment. The vampire was stark naked! Waving to everyone not a care in the world, even announcing some names she did not know. Digital's statement towards Jake rattled Sam, comparing him to the evil Queen in Alice and Wonderland. Perhaps this would have fit Jake in the past, but he was changing and growing thanks to Sam. Hoping no one would pay any mind to Digitals ridiculous statement. Luke quickly came to the table and Lisa-Joe came out of nowhere, a larger slit now cut in her dress. Digital luckily just wandered off, his attention span all over the place. Sam gave Luke and Lisa-Joe a warm smile before scanning the tall beauty that picked up Digital, twirling him like a child. So her name was Sabrina, that was good information.

Returning her attention to the group, listening to Seb explain his story. Her heart going out towards the ancient. Sam hid a smile at Murphy's outburst, then in a surprise move, Murphy moved his chair closer to Sam. Would it be rude to strike up a conversation with Murphy? Her own question answered as Jake tilted his head towards Murphy, thank god! Sam would have an easier trying to talk to someone who was not ancient, fewer butterflies in her stomach. Turning her head to speak to Murphy was short lived.  The pair interrupted with Lisa-Joe scooching closer, what in the world did she have planned? Her attention jerked away for a moment, was that a wolf Sam just heard? What was happening tonight? First a naked Digital and now a howling wolf?

Giving Lisa-Joe a playful punch in the arm at the remark of being at the kid's table. Wishing she would have given her a harder punch after her statement to Murphy. Sam did not want the fall of the Oligarchy to be subject at all tonight, giving Murphy a sympathetic look. Deciding it was time to take matters into her own hands. Politely taking the conversation in a different direction, turning her head to speak to Murphy. 

"What made you decided to pursue a career in journalism?" Her tone sweet and inviting towards him. Until now, Sam had never gotten an opportunity to speak with Murphy. Sure she had seen him with Ben or at the Academy but their paths never seemed to fully cross.

ShadowHaven Estate / Re: A visitor comes a calling.
« on: February 16, 2019, 07:11:43 AM »
Sam nodded her head at his first statement, Kiel would have turned her into an ash pile. This did not just pertain to his species, vampires were also known to kill for the same reason. However, his the next statement put took Sam off guard. Did he just say an enjoyable personality and LIKE in the same sentence?! Her lips going bright red at his comment, still standing at the stove cabbage leaves floating by and into the pot.

She was glad to hear Kiel did not think of her as a spy, it warmed her heart. However, Kiel brought up the fact of how could she keep secrets from Jake? It was simple Jake had kept his promise to not micromanage Sam, to give her a little more trust. Besides, she needed allies of different species. With Dark Angels being most misunderstood, alongside Demons. She grinned at Kiel pleasantly. Going to answer Kiel but Shae threw her off.

"So what exactly changed with that?" Her tone serious on the matter. Her friend Maria had a sacred name, and Sam did know it. But with Maria's affinity with the old mother and father, no one held power over her; a trickle effect from the power of true faith. So how did Kiel achieve this without the help of the old deities?

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 15, 2019, 11:04:05 AM »
Sam was pleased that Seb had shown interest in what she had said, taking that as a small victory. However, something seemed off with the ancient, falling silent as Jake declared Ben was a temporary addition. As much as Sam disagreed with Ben being Jakes bitch, there was nothing she could do. It was an agreement between Jake and Charon and she had no right to interfere, no matter how Sam desperately wanted too.

Ben's sudden appearance was not a coincidence, knowing Jake had something to do with his summoning. However, his friend in tow, Murphy, was an unexpected surprise. Why would Jake want to meet Murphy? Murphy was responsible for releasing the article about the Mimic Demons, causing them to leave for at least a thousand years. It seemed odd, giving a truly modest and welcoming smile to Murphy. Giving everyone a graceful now at Ben mentioning she was a lecturer at the Academy. Sam had seen Murphy at the Academy but he hadn't taken her class.

Sam's eyes snapped wide open as Ben just declared his leave. What in the world Ben? An ancient is here and we are supposed to be promoting the Academy?! Instead, her eyes followed Ben a moment and it made sense, Kerr and Ichabod had arrived. Gripping Sam's hand suddenly she reached through to Jake letting Sam's calm nature flow over to him. Since his return, Sam had gotten more attuned with Jake through their blood bond.

Murphy was now alone among the three and she wasn't sure what to expect, as Jake now focused on Seb again. Jake's introduction to Murphy was polite and sweet, however, Sam would see it was more of a dinner standpoint than genuine interest, what was Jake planning? When Seb spoke Sam gave Murphy a discreet look of interest to his company. Focusing on Seb again just as quickly as she acknowledged Murphy. Even with Jakes aura going she hoped Murphy and Seb seen her genuine interest in both parties, human and vampire at the table.

Penbrook Church & Estate / Re: A Grand Entrance
« on: February 15, 2019, 05:17:51 AM »
Sam did not expect the last question to be directed at her, a feeling of stage fright arose. Would she be apart of this new Elysium? She had experience in the past with the White Rabbit, a nightmare in the beginning. Yet knowing little about running a business she managed to keep it afloat and profiting. On top of that, Sam had achieved an equality status from the Brujah; an honour she kept close to her heart.

Jake sent a warm feeling through their bond. Putting her mind at ease, there was no need to be nervous. Jake was here and she appreciated his help, nudging him back that she got the message. A respectful smile on her lips as she answered Seb's question.

"Yes, I will have a role. I played a role with the Elysium at the White Rabbit while Jake was absent." Giving Seb a modest bow as thanks for including her in the conversation.

Even if it was only one question it got Sam talking and creating an image. Calm, polite, understanding and kind, this was her personality and she wanted people to see that tonight. Not the impulsive and childishly angry fledge, controlled anger was scarier than a loose temper. Something she learned from the Brujah during Jakes leave for eighteen months. Though it was predominately vampires she hoped to run into a different species, if she had the luck and grace to pull it off.

The Abandoned Chambers / Re: Opposite Stars Align
« on: February 14, 2019, 03:22:18 PM »
Sam followed suit with grabbing her coat, alert but her insides still felt raw and shaken. Jake had praised her a lot tonight, she had found out she was strong in fortitude. Presence was an iffy one but she had something to work towards. Dominate remained untested for the time being, somewhat relieved after seeing the power of presence. Moving out the door as Jake locked up, gazing at his own name. Sam was not sure what to think of his actions for she really saw the place as creepy.

Sam nodded at Jakes explanation as they walked through the halls and stairs. Projecting her inner beast was something she had not done in years, since her childhood. A creature that was a whore for violence, she had worked to be a compassionate person. Knowing what it was like to be alone and be used for your talent in punching people out. It was not a good feeling, not looking forward to using that side of her at all. Perhaps Maria would help her with this conundrum as the exited the chambers.

Sam said nothing as Jake took one long last look at the building; empty and hollow for the time being. Sam took Jakes arm as he led her through the streets, back to the White Rabbit, back to their home.


ShadowHaven Estate / Re: A visitor comes a calling.
« on: February 14, 2019, 02:11:43 PM »
The atmosphere of the kitchen suddenly changed from light and bubbly to anger and confusion. Shae waving around the knife didn't help either, what did Kiel think she was here for? To spy!? If Sam didn't know better she yell at Kiel but this needed a more subtle approach; it was obvious Kiel did not trust Sam. She did not blame him, after all, she knew his true name after a prank done by Shae.

"Shae you can put the leaves in the pot the water is boiling now, " addressing Shae first before Kiel.

"Kiel, "  she started softly. "Whatever we discuss stays in this house." Her eyes had a serious look to them as she gazed back at Kiel.

"Foremost I am here as a guest. And if I can learn better on how to treat you as equals, then that's a bonus. Just because I am a vampire does not mean I hold myself above you." Many older vampires had this opinion, but Sam was not like other vampires.

She was not blind to the fact that they were not perfect creatures; everyone no matter what species had a flaw. Fighting among different species was common always trying to show who was the bigger dog. Not Sam, she wanted to change that way of thinking.

Sam is a blue-blood among the thirteen-clans, but instead of arrogance, she held a humble stance over herself. Perhaps it was the violent way she had been sired, she was not chosen but she would grow into the role. Sam wanted to make a new type of Ventrue that made her stand out from the rest; the time of arrogance must come to an end if one wanted to treat others as equal.

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