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The Luminary / Re: Special Invitations
« on: February 13, 2020, 06:46:02 AM »
"Ummmmm yeah," Riley answered, looking at the hunk who'd approached him. He handed over the first envelope to Kerr. He was told to film Kerr's reaction, so until the older vampire opened the envelope, he kept his phone just in his hand. He remembered something else Jake had told him.

"I'm supposed to wait for an answer on whether or not you're coming," he said softly. "Sorry man. Bosses orders."

He did his best not to look Kerr in the eye. There was nothing he could do to stop Kerr from reading the letter's contents upstairs, but he'd be dammed if he'd make it easier for him. Either way, the letter read the following:

Dearest Kerr,

I just wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful congratulations call you placed after my win. It meant so much to know even though we were on opposite teams you were a good enough sport to be there for me. Furthermore, our time together recently taught me how much love I have to give a relationship, and how not to let men use me as a distraction from their own, failing, unhealthy, manipulative relationships. In that same spirit, let me return the friendship you've given me with some of my very own. You and

The name Ben Samson was written, but crossed out. Written in Jake's handwriting above Ben's crossed out name was Ichabod Conners. That name was crossed out too.

...can make it to my inauguration party, which will take place on Friday next at Echelon. Please RSVP yourself, and... Here both names were written and crossed out again. ....with my man, Riley.

Jake <3

P.S. How many more people does Ben need to alienate from you?

Venture / Re: Bait and Snitch
« on: February 13, 2020, 05:06:47 AM »
Kyle fumbled with his own clothes, his eyes on Hugh's body. Luckily, Hugh helped him remove his garb, amid their passionate kissing and moving hands. He was smooth skinned, and shaved except for his happy trail and legs. He normally felt insecure hooking up with guys who were more buff than him, but Hugh seemed to be connecting with something about Kyle that went deeper than just his skin, or body. It added to Kyle's devoted perspective, and he looked down at the puddle of clothes with a smirk.

He didn't have long before Hugh's hands were on his cock and inside him. He looked briefly with appetite at Hugh's thick rod, almost licking his lips in anticipation. However, before long his eyes were meeting Hugh's. The vampire's fingers made the boy squirm and moan, and his expression was a combination of lust, and awe. He felt the digits massage his prostate, and his cock was fully hardened in Hugh's hand. He felt himself open more and more, and while he thought he could've used a bit more time before taking Hugh in, he said nothing to that effect. He decided a little pain was okay, if it went away in time.

The words about ownership quelled any fears that the youth had left, and he nodded eagerly, adding, "yes sir." He wanted to be owned. He wanted to be a pretty vampire pet (not knowing that was an actual word for the thing he wanted). Would Hugh take what he wanted and throw Kyle to the curb? Probably, but if he didn't, than Kyle would happily do whatever the vampire wanted. He almost asked for the bite, but remembered that he'd told Hugh he didn't want to know when it was coming. Instead, he braced for Hugh to enter. His cock pressed against Kyle's tight walls, and Kyle cried out as Hugh fully entered him. The pain felt good, and Kyle slowly got more and more into the thrusting. He winced, and his head rolled back. He placed a hand over his mouth to control himself, as he started to moan louder and louder. If Hugh was waiting for Kyle to lose his ability to take it, he'd be waiting a long time. It's not that Kyle wasn't feeling tender. He just didn't want Hugh to be disappointed in what he could do. Guys didn't like complaining, and Kyle had learned it was always easier to tough it out.

Eventually, Kyle's face betrayed his insides were starting to throb, and his eyes watered. "Don't stop," he said. "I can take it. I'm not a little bitch."

The words sounded placed there by someone else. Hugh would see a shadow within Kyle's mind feeding him the line. His own pleasure ebbed and flowed, and he was still hard, but for how much longer he didn't know. He also wasn't sure how much time had passed. It could've been an hour for all he knew. He was hypnotized by the vampire fucking him.

The Luminary / Re: Special Invitations
« on: February 11, 2020, 04:40:16 PM »
Riley noticed his hand wasn't taken, and brushed it through his curly locks as he waited for the front desk guy to get the right people. The snide look reinforced what Riley had already thought about Ben and his people. He was happy Jake hadn't asked him to deliver an envelope to that guy. Jake had told him to be super polite, and nice, and so when Gregory directed Riley upstairs, he smiled widely and said, "thanks bro. Have a good night."

He moved lazily up the stairs, taking in the former Oligarchy chambers. Riley hadn't been in town then, but the Oligarchy didn't sound like his thing. Jake was way better than some council of suits. The Ward he didn't know what to think. Some of the officers were cool, and he'd even seen a few chilling at the White Rabbit, but Jake had said they were Ben people now. It was all really confusing, and Riley scratched his head as he made his way towards the Ward's offices. Riley saw the directory, but decided to wait near the elevator since Kerr was coming down. Riley pulled out his phone and got ready to take a video. Jake's instructions had been super clear, and Jake had gotten really mad after Riley didn't impress that scary Charon guy, so he was resolved to do this one right. 

The young vampire tapped his foot impatiently as he waited, trying to avoid anyone from the Ward asking him if needed help.

Dante's Inferno / Re: Kindred 101
« on: February 11, 2020, 08:34:21 AM »
Jake was surprised his touch was rejected, and was caught in a small amount of suspension as Arik explained why it had to stop. He didn't want to cease his touching of Arik, but had already had trouble fighting his own urges so decided Arik was probably right that they should stop. It was a little hot though, to know all he had to do to get Arik there was touch him. He moved his hands slowly into his lap, but shot Arik a pouty lip. It was a teasing gesture to say the least.

Jake nodded that Arik would become a Ventrue, and took a few moments pause to consider his other questions. The job was one was the simplest to answer, and so he began by answering that one.

"In a few weeks, if things are still on track, I actually want you to quit and come work for me, with me. I can't let you work for the district because of nepotism, but I own other businesses." His tone grew a little more shy. "I just want you when I want you and don't want to compete against a day job for you at night. Most of the time I'm not free till a few hours before sunrise."

He could hear Arik's strong heart, and without meaning to Jake moved his eyes to the artery in his neck. He smelt really good too. The other question took a moment to registrar.

"Oh, ugh, yeah," he replied. "It's different for all of us, but expect to feel more dominant than before. Those impulses can, and should, be fought against sometimes, but prepare for some changes. My first fledge is very sweet, and caring, and even she has risen within her field. She almost ran against me as District Leader if you can believe."

He chuckled at Sam offering to run for him. The Ventrue bug had bit her too. "But in your case it might be more animal like. You might end up king of the forest or something." An image of Arik shirtless, carrying a freshly killed buck across his back entered Jake's mind. Fuck. That sounded hot.

The White Rabbit / Re: A Demon Walks Into a Bar
« on: February 11, 2020, 08:21:04 AM »
Jake stood and moved towards the door. He was going to open it, knowing that Laurent would escape in the same fashion as Zeus. He really needed shadow demon wards. Besides, if all went well, Benny was claiming Rachel now, and no trade would be needed. Then it would be just a man hunt. He wondered if he should say something to Laurent, having only a small chance at the point. He decided to be a cocky shit, not having many people he could still behave that way towards.

"You're not going to win this," he said, opening the door to show how little he cared that Laurent was leaving. "I've faced much worse than you, and will in the future. Just know that Damien and I will work together on this."

He looked to Damien with a confident smile. They would be fine if they stayed united.

Venture / Re: Bait and Snitch
« on: February 11, 2020, 08:17:15 AM »
Somehow, Hugh telling Kyle not to trust him didn't have the intended effect. It made Kyle want him more. He was so cool and dangerous, and he was exactly the kind of man Kyle wanted in his life. Hugh's kisses were as cool as his hands, and Kyle accepted them eagerly. He was calmed slightly by the sweetness of the kissing, but began to ramp back up as Hugh's fingers reached the edge of his hole. He moaned slightly, and his cock twitched in reply. His sphincter tightened at first, resisting a dry entry, but as Kyle felt the firm rod in his hand, and Hugh's mouth dancing around his own, he relaxed. Now, just inside him, Hugh was able to repeat the massage that drove Kyle mad.

"I-. I don't want to know when it's coming," he said between breathes. "I-. I just want you to take me and make me your plaything."

He didn't know where this hedonist was coming from, but despite all his mental protestations and objections, he wanted nothing more than to be totally subjugated, bitten, and fucked. It was like all the years in his repressive home had created a monster of an appetite, and Hugh was the vampire who was going to satisfy it.

Alternate Realities / Re: PARALLEL: Battle of the Fledges
« on: February 11, 2020, 08:08:05 AM »
Jake was happy the way it had ended. The mortal was alive, nobody screamed, and Lazarus was on the receiving end of his new fledge. Once Jake separated them, he quickly caught eye contact with the mortal. Doing funny memory stuff was easier when he could lock eyes. Jake didn't believe in souls, but guessed that whole window crap people slung had something to do with why controlling people was easier when you held their gaze. He implanted himself fucking the youth roughly, and while the boy had no hickey's, he'd feel as though he had one to explain the mix of pain of pleasure. The youth stumbled out into the night, looking weak, but not bad enough he couldn't make it home alone.

As Ben reflected on what might've been, he was able to summon the tinniest amount of empathy. He didn't care that Ben cared about what he'd done. It was something deeper than that. He cared that one day Ben would be alright killing. He cared  that one day soon, Ben would be a little monster too. If he'd stayed with the moment, he might've gained some insight into himself. However, Jake thought too much reflection was a path to death. What was that one piece of advice Lazarus gave?

Just focus on the good times love.

However, since Ben was looking to see if Jake cared, it would look like he actually did. It was gone as soon as it came, but lingered in his answer. He was less sarcastic, less cruel. It was almost nice. "You didn't do anything this time," he grumbled. "I kept you from doing that. Your welcome." He pulled out another smoke and lit it. He was going through them quickly tonight. "Lesson of the day. It's easy to kill a bitch. It's harder to stop. Trust me, I know all about it."

He wondered what Lazarus would make of this momentary showing of warmth. He hadn't seen it's like since Jake was a mortal, and here he was giving it to Ben. It was strange. Jake's face turned back into the annoyed, eye rolling expression it normally held as he waited for Lazarus's reply to Ben.

The Luminary / Special Invitations
« on: February 11, 2020, 05:37:19 AM »
Open, but short in theme. Riley is an NPC.

A boy wearing goth particulate pants, a black trench coat and Rolling Stones band shirt entered the Luminary building holding two envelopes. He had a dangly earring with a dice on the end, oversize black frame glasses with no lenses, and sandy blonde hair. He looked a tad like if Ben Samson went hipster-goth, although Riley was physically a smidgen older. The page boy approached the front desk, and politely introduced himself.

"Hello, I have messages for Mr. Kerr Galvin, and the director of the ward from Pri-, I mean District Leader McCloud. I don't have an appointment, but can wait. My name's Riley."

The messenger stuck out his hand to slap some skin, although he assumed this fancy place was more of handshake venue. He already longed for the Rabbit.

Club Zero / Re: Segue
« on: February 09, 2020, 04:58:58 PM »
Apep decided to abandon this conversation, and Dana with it. People had stared, and now he had a loud neanderthal drawing attention to him and making it look like he'd somehow contributed to Dan's tumble. Apep didn't understand what he'd said to earn such an intervention. Dana had wanted a cigarette. He'd provided one. Many people went outside at bars and smoked, and nicotine was a stimulant. It might've helped with Dana's intoxication, along with the cold. Still, why pursue a hard mark, when an easy one was bound to come along? Jesse had walked right in. He made himself look confused, and dangled a cigarette from his own mouth.

Apep shrugged at Trick, turning back to the bar mistress, and taking a sip from the excellent cocktail she'd prepared him. He assumed Dana would return another night to this watering hole, and he'd make sure to be there. He let his eyes resume their serpentine gold, and leaned in to speak to Phaedre.

"Some people; am I right?" He said it as calm as a clear day. "I hope Dana get's home alright," he added, giving a wonderful performance of empathy.

Club Zero / Re: Segue
« on: February 09, 2020, 05:29:00 AM »
When Phaedre tossed the contents of his glass, Apep raised a suspicious eyebrow. He assumed he'd be thrown out for insulting the bar, or that Phaedre was smarter than she looked and knew what he'd been soliciting in her bar. He was pleasantly surprised when she returned with two top shelf spirits. His suspicious brow rose further, with only his wry grin unchanging. This stuff was not cheap, and she had seemed more interested in him tasting her top stock than charging him for it. He smiled and nodded thankfully wrapping his lips around the first glass after taking in a deep whiff. Fruity. It was a bit too fruity for Apep's tastes, but he liked it more when he sampled it. The more bitter chocolate was a good offset to the sweetness, creating something complex. The second was more Apep's style. He visibly reacted to the second, loving the way it burned as it went down his throat. The more earthly flavors also made it a favorite.

"Both are excellent," he complimented. "The second is more me."

Truth was an interesting thing to give in tiny amounts. He'd told the truth, but about something meaningless. Apep had discovered people always felt more comfortable if they thought they knew him. He decided it would be interesting to explore what Phaedre wanted from him, but doubted that could happen here.

"Come to the Ouroboros sometime soon," he asked. "I'll be sure to share my best with you." He hadn't said best liquor, because his establishment offered something much more satisfying, and dangerous. "And thank you, for the drinks." It was as genuine as Apep was capable of being.

As he finished, Dana took a tumble. Apep was closer than Harm, and thought for a moment about intervening. He was quick, flexible and knew it could score points with her, but he watched as her knight in shining stupidity threw himself like a rag doll under her. He was cute, and the boy he was with was even cuter. Apep turned to Phaedre. "Perhaps Dana needs a glass of water."

He changed his eyes back to his normal human brown, and offered his hand to both Dana and Harm to help them up. "Dana, why don't you have some water, and then we get some fresh air. I'll give you a fresh cigarette. What do you say?"

His tone was helpful, concerned, and caring. Fresh air, water and smokes were a way to help her become less drunk, and more importantly, get her alone.

The White Rabbit / Re: A Demon Walks Into a Bar
« on: February 07, 2020, 03:14:45 PM »
Jake rolled his eyes so hard they practically rolled out of his head.

The White Rabbit / Re: A Demon Walks Into a Bar
« on: February 07, 2020, 12:02:28 PM »
Lisa-Joe turned her head quickly at Damien's touch. She was in no mood, Sam's kidnapping hitting her hard. Rachel's face was Sam to her. She was another girl she'd lost. She stared at Damien with hatred in her eyes. She was in disbelief that he would really give her an order in her own fucking home. Damien might've been in grief, but Lisa-Joe would rue the day before she let an ancient disrespect her prince, her district, and herself. She stood her ground, daring him to make her stop.

Jake rose up and banged the end of his sword of the ground like it was a cane or a staff. It reverberated through the room, and he stared at everyone with displeasure. "Lisa-Joe, take Pierre for a walk," he instructed. The Brujah looked to Jake for a moment with the same scorn she'd shown Damien, but it turned into something more regretful. She dropped Laurent to the floor (doing so in a way to make sure he couldn't land on his feet). She spit on him for good measure, unaware that the cruel pervert was likely to get off on such a gesture.

"Out my way," she said to Damien, huffing past him, and out the door. Manuel backed away slightly, and she looked at Pierre hard. "WHAT," she yelled at him.

Jake now turned to Laurent. "Trust me, I love some good theatrics, but I think you've made your point, and there's no need to be snide."

Lastly, he looked at Damien, his face filled with scorn. "I suggest we all retake our seats, and do not touch an employee of my district again." There was no debate in the words. Damien needed to remember who was allowing this conversation to take place.

"Now," he said to both of them. "I believe, Laurent, you offered to trade Damien Rachel for his soul, and he declined. Do you have a counter offer for him?"

His tone was crisp, expectant,and annoyed. He would deal with Lisa-Joe later.

Venture / Re: Bait and Snitch
« on: February 07, 2020, 11:38:05 AM »
Kyle forgot to breathe, and his stomach was firmly in his throat. He was feeling so many things his hands shook, and his cheeks flushed red. He had warmed up since being in the room. Hugh asserted Kyle knew the truth, and then he supposed he did. He'd gotten in tonight because he believed, and now that he had what he wanted why should he let old truths be the only truth? Vampires were real, and Kyle was with one. He was about to be bit by one. He was being told it would make him feel good.

He thought back to the way Archie made him feel, and wondered if maybe he'd been a vampire too. If so, that meant they didn't kill when they bit. Kyle supposed he'd only know once it happened. When Kyle's hand was placed on Hugh's crotch, he shuddered, but also began to massage. It was something he didn't understand. His mind and body were split. His cock, his hole, his hands, and his tongue yearned for this man. His mind was trapped curiously, watching himself like an anthropologist. It was a surreal experience, and nothing had even happened yet.

Kyle did gasp, and while he normally hated when guys pulled his hair, this time he felt almost reverent to the gesture. He winced in mild discomfort, but opened his mouth for kissing. He had nice teeth, braces bought and paid for. They were even sparkling white, and his tongue was soft, flat and pink.

"I trust you," he said, feeling in some way like consenting to loosing his virginity.

Alternate Realities / Re: PARALLEL: Battle of the Fledges
« on: February 07, 2020, 11:25:39 AM »
When Jake saw the look on Ben's face, he recognized the hunger. Damn baby. He froze at first, unsure how to intervene. This led to Ben grabbing the mortal boy, attempting to bite him, and shoving Jake to the side. Jake knew what would happen next if he did nothing. He opened his mind, and prodded Ben's. It was single tracked, and about to be satisfied.

Ben stop it or you'll lose control.

He wasn't sure if Ben heard him, but his behavior was the same. Jake let him take the boy, more interested in keeping the lad alive than fighting with Ben at this point. He'd berate, belittle, and insult the little puppy once they were done here. Jake had only the moment to think, but realized Ben biting the boy would cause less of a scene than the human screaming. He changed his aura to be calming instead of sexy, and extended it to Ben and the kid.

He would wait and watch. If Ben could pull back on his own that would be all the better, but if it looked like he couldn't, Jake decided it would be hilarious to make him stop. He could seal up the wound and confuse the boy into thinking he'd had rough sex if he needed to. All the while, he wondered where Lazarus was. It really should've been him leashing the newbie. He crossed his arms in boredom. He was pissed he'd need to find another meal for himself. 

Dante's Inferno / Re: Kindred 101
« on: February 07, 2020, 05:10:54 AM »
Jake tried to gauge what kind of reaction Arik was having, and sensed his wonderment and anticipation. It was a relief Arik didn't find all of this boring. It wasn't the hot sex they'd had last night. Jake felt the Ventrue clan would be mortified if they knew he was siring a shifter, with no lineage or prestige. In many ways, Arik was a poor choice, a better fit for Clan Gangrel. They were animals, loners, and explorers. He considered finding a Gangrel to work with Arik once he was turned. The druid clan had many secrets Arik might like. However, for now, it was his duty to tell Arik about the clan he would be, not the clans he'd missed out on.

He rotated around, and motioned for Arik to do the same. Jake's fingernails planted in Arik's scalp and he began to scratch, effectively right behind the ears.

"Our clan, is called Ventrue. We're the clan of kings. Throughout history, our people have ruled all over Europe and the United States. We are normally highly successful, motivated to the point of ambition, and seem to rise to the top of whatever field we want. In this city, many wonder how a vampire under three hundred could rise to be an Oligarch and then the leader of the most populous district, but to the Cainites who live here it makes sense. To them, a Ventrue is always in charge. To them, it's normal."

For now, he skipped over the blood purity nonsense, the genocide of thin-bloods, the fact that Jake and his family were considered blood traitors. The Ventrue had done a lot of harm to this world, Jake included. He wanted Arik and Sam to be a new kind of Ventrue. The house of McCloud would not follow the same destructive path as Jake's ancestors.     

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