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Alternate Realities / Re: ALTERNATE: No Risk No Reward
« Last post by Satyr on Today at 02:01:05 PM »
The action of remaining in the curtained booth and the words that went with it had Ben's mind reeling while his heart soared. Instantly his heart rate picked up, causing the trickles of blood to move a little more rapidly down his neck and staining his shirt collar.

Now with Jake looming over him licking his neck and Lazarus' arm around him, Ben felt crowded and overwhelmed yet strangely satisfied. Lazarus on his own would’ve been intimidating and tense, but Jake's presence was familiar and comfortable. The two together had him feeling like the ribbon on the rope of a tug of war yet Jake's acceptance calmed him. His hands moved around Jake, eyes closing, relishing the returning hold.

Lazarus watched the reunion with dark fascination. These two would out on a pretty show for him; light and dark, victim and predator, demure and confident. He sensed that the boy would be more willing with the ex-lover in the room. After an erotic drinking session, they would all leave together to Lazarus' new apartment within walking distance from Risk and tumble into his king-sized bed together. He didn’t care if these two worked out their shit or not. Right now he just wanted to play with them, and they seemed ripe for that.

He liked the obedience from the younger vampire. He liked the yes/no challenge of the mortal. As far as he was concerned, they were his two favourite things. Lazarus was hard just thinking about it.

When Jake looked at him, Lazarus undid his jeans and pulled himself out of them. “I’ll have your hand while you drink. Then you can give me your mouth while I have my turn from him,” he ordered. It could’ve been a suggestion but he wanted no argument, he shuffled over on the chaise so Jake could sit between him and Ben.
The Old Lighthouse / Re: A Rat and a Viper Walk Into a Lighthouse
« Last post by sully on Today at 09:45:07 AM »
Eva took a deep drag of her cigarette, and slowly let the smoke cascade from her large nostrils like a dragon preparing to release a bout of fire. “Всегда легче выиграть игру, если вы убедите другого игрока бросить игру.” She dryly replied, her voice carrying the smallest hint of a joke she could muster. Eva pulled out her half empty pack and lighter and placed them gingerly in the center of the table, gesturing to Benny to take as much as he pleased.

After she took another drag of her cigarette, Eva stared directly into Benny’s yellow eyes and bluntly stated; “Я не хочу показаться грубой крысой.  Не то чтобы я сомневался в твоих требованиях.  Но я провел последние десять лет в погоне за шепотом и ложными обещаниями.” She leaned in closely, her milky eyes locked on to Benny’s, “И, как я уверен, вы заметили, это начало давить на меня.  так что если у вас действительно есть знания о Богрове, докажите это, и я заплачу любую цену.” For a brief moment, Eva’s disfigured face twisted into a mask of pain and sorrow, of desperation for anything that might grant her even the smallest piece of mind. Balthazar slithered slowly from the confines of Eva’s cloak near her neck and began tenderly flicking her face.

1. Always easier to win the game if you convince the other player to quit playing
2. I do not mean to appear rude Rat. It is not that I doubt your claim specifically. But I have spent the past ten years chasing whispers and false promises. And as I’m sure you’ve noticed, it has begun to weigh on me. so if you truly have knowledge of Bogrov, prove it, and I will pay any price.

The White Rabbit / Re: Moving On
« Last post by pinkroses on Today at 07:23:56 AM »
Murphy took in a sharp breath against Jake’s lips as the smaller man ground against him, hitting just the right spot. His hands settled on Jake’s hips, enjoying the kiss immensely. Although they had stolen the odd kiss which lingered, this was a-whole-nother ballpark and one which Murphy hadn’t enjoyed for far too long.

“Yes, come here,” Murphy murmured happily, tilting his head to one side so his throat was exposed. His shirt was already loose around the neck – he vaguely thought how he should have taken it off when Jake did his, but he wasn’t about to stop this now.

“I don’t react quite the same way after a couple of drinks,” Murphy added as a gentle warning, as he skootched his hips forwards so he was leaning back against the cushions of the sofa more. Jake had only fed from him once, so maybe he didn’t have many expectations, but Murphy knew very well that his mellow mood which usually came from being fed from would be nowhere in sight tonight.

When Jake’s fangs sunk into his skin Murphy gave a quietly whimper at the sharp pain, which then faded into them warmth spreading through his body. One hand stayed on Jake’s hip, as his own ground upwards towards him, and his other hand slid up to curl through Jake’s hair, gripping gently as his breaths deepened. He moaned in enjoyment, his eyes sliding shut as he enjoyed the sensation of being fed from, his erection growing with each sweep of Jake’s tongue.
The White Rabbit / Re: Moving On
« Last post by Billiam on Today at 06:44:55 AM »
Jake smiled at the moan of pleasure from Murphy, watching his face turn into one of relaxation. It got him out of his head a bit, and he was happily lead to the couch. He sat on Murphy's lap and struggled to figure out what to do with his legs at first. Straddling him ended up being the easiest move, and so by luck and awkward positioning Murphy got his wish. He rotated his hips, massaging Murphy's crotch, while his hands pressed down on his shoulders. Jake smiled at Murphy's drunken confession. God he was adorable. Jake leaned and kissed him again, letting his massage tease the man. Jake wanted to feed, but wasn't quite comfortable just taking it yet. He made a note to ask him about that for the next time, but instead used his cute admitting to ask.

"I wonder what you'll think after this feed. You ready?"

This was going in one direction, and Jake realized that he'd gotten out of his thoughts. Maybe this could end up being great. Jake eagerly awaited his response. 
The Luminary / Re: Promises Of Eternity
« Last post by pinkroses on Today at 04:06:31 AM »
“I know,” Murphy said softly. He wanted to forgive Ben, but it would take a little while to get used to the idea that their plans weren’t going to come together. It was his forever which had gone, so that pain wouldn’t disappear within the hour.

When Ben came in for a hug, Murphy reciprocated, but didn’t squeeze quite as tightly as usual, or get as close. “It’ll be ok,” he added, hating that he felt like he needed to reassure Ben when his friend was the one who had broken it all. When he pulled back Murphy ran a hand through his hair, taking in a deep breath and giving Ben a tight smile.

“I’ll see you soon,” he said, before turning to head out the door, shoving the heavy door with a lack of energy unless Ben had anything else to say. Otherwise he was intending to head straight to the White Rabbit.
The Luminary / Re: Promises Of Eternity
« Last post by Satyr on Today at 03:55:05 AM »
There were two words that could sum up everything Ben was feeling but at the same time they felt insignificant and not powerful enough to convey the depth of his emotion. He could only look at Murphy and say them and hope that his best friend could forgive him.

“I’m sorry.”

When their hands separated, Ben had the courage to try for a hug goodbye, like they’d always done.
The Luminary / Re: Promises Of Eternity
« Last post by pinkroses on Today at 02:56:36 AM »
Murphy tensed up as Ben grabbed his hand, but he didn’t pull away from that cool grasp, although he flinched as his shoes squeaked on the marble as he turned back to face the blonde. His hazel eyes shone as Ben spoke and he swallowed down the swell of emotion. The mention of Kerr was like an extra little kick, but Murphy tried to focus on Ben’s other words. How could he say he was worth it? Right now he didn’t feel like anyone thought that.

Prove it. Ben said he wanted to make time for him, but over the past few weeks, and months even before Kerr came back, he hadn’t bothered. Texts had been unreplied to, suggestions to meeting up had been disregarded as Ben had been busy – with his fake Kerr now Murphy knew. Ben Ben had been there during some of the shittiest points of Murphy’s life and stuck with him when everything had seemed dark.

He stepped closer to Ben, covering their joined hands with his other.

“You know I’ll be there when you need me. When you’ve got the time. Just…”

Give me time
Stay away for now
It’s all fallen apart
You were worth everything

 “let me know. I’m not busy,” he said, squeezing Ben’s hand and swallowing down all the things he wanted to say but couldn’t. Murphy knew he should turn and leave, but leaving suddenly felt so final. They’d see each other, things would go back to normal, he was sure. But what if they didn’t?
Venture / Re: Quelling Anger
« Last post by pinkroses on Today at 02:29:41 AM »
Seb found his own tongue darting out to wet his pale lips as he watched Zoheret play with her glass. She was definitely a seductive creature, such a temptation. Her description of taste was enticing – especially for a creature who hadn’t really had food for centuries. Chewing food lost a lot of appeal when you knew you would throw up after it.

“Enjoying time like this with a fallen angel is already something I didn’t think I would ever find myself doing,” Seb said with a smirk. He studied her for a moment, debating his next words before going on.

“I know a few things your company has put into my mind tonight. But before anything goes further, I must tell you, there is someone I am seeing,” he said, feeling a little odd using the modern way of describing his relationship with Lisa-Joe and not really sure if he was using it correctly. He and Lisa-Joe definitely had fun and he cared about her, but they’d never discussed exclusivity and when you were immortal, did it matter? As quickly as they’d got together, it seemed to him unlikely that she’d mind too much if he was open about it.

“Perhaps I’m making assumptions about how you may think this evening may go though,” he added with a smile. After telling her that this could go several ways. Maybe she’d be fine with it and not care that he was fucking someone. Or she would care and be offended that he’d been flirting with her. Then again she may pretend she’d never been flirting at all and that she’d not intended anything further happening tonight.

Then again, she’d surprised him a few times already, so who knew what she’d come out with?
The Luminary / Re: Promises Of Eternity
« Last post by Satyr on Today at 02:22:16 AM »
Ben nodded, then added "you're welcome," as a paltry addition to the conversation that had become stilted between them. The elevator swept them downwards and as they moved through the lobby in silence, Ben was mentally berating himself for his lack of conversation.

When the front doors were opened for Murphy to leave, Ben grabbed Murphy's hand and finally blurted something out.

"You're still my only real friend. The only person I trust other than Kerr." What a lame and unnecessary thing to say. Murphy knew it already, why bang on about it? Because it needed repeating, he supposed. "I know things are going to get...


busy, but I really do want to make time for you. You're worth it."

They'd always been a bit sappy with each other. He hoped Murphy could forgive him for it this time.
The White Rabbit / Re: Moving On
« Last post by pinkroses on Today at 02:11:08 AM »
A quiet rumble of pleasure escaped from the back of Murphy’s throat as Jake’s hand cupped him, sending a chill up his spine and his eyes slid shut. He rocked slightly towards Jake as the vampire nuzzled at his throat and he lifted a hand to caress Jake’s cheek. Jake’s words somewhat reassured him, and his touch was a fabulous distraction from his worries.

“Come sit with me,” Murphy urged, reluctantly stepping out of Jake’s grasp so that he could lead him to the couch and he took a seat, pulling Jake so that the vampire would be on top of him, straddling him ideally but his mind was too fuzzy to allow him to arrange Jake with much accuracy.

“I’ve been thinking about this since the first time you fed from me,” Murphy said, his words slurring into one another slightly as he shifted under the shorter man, aware of his erection and longing for Jake’s touch again.
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