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† OUT OF THE CITY † / Re: Reconnection
« Last post by Existentially Odd on Today at 01:21:28 AM »
Kerr's admiration of Ben's outfit - so much sleeker and more professional than his own - ceased when his love accessorised with his ring. With Kerr's ring. It had been a while since he'd seen it on Ben's hand and, in the meantime, they'd talked about Kerr buying Ben other rings; one that would promise them to one another and one that would bind them as husbands.

He hadn't gone ahead with that, despite Ben's agreement in principle, because... oh, there were so many reasons. Saraekiel, Cain, separations and reunions, the election, the timing, the emotions... so much hadn't been right.

Seeing his ring on Ben's hand now caused such a surge of pride and possessiveness that Kerr was momentarily overwhelmed. He didn't expect such a small piece of jewellery to affect him so but the fact that Ben chose to wear it here and now was significant. It mattered to Kerr because the way he put it on mattered to Ben.

Maybe it was time to think of wedding rings after all, if the Claddagh ring could make him feel like this.

Kerr's gaze was heated as he approached Ben, grasping his hand and brushing his thumb across the ring before he lifted it and pressed his lips to Ben's knuckles. Ben's words registered but Kerr lowered his hand before he spoke, looking into Ben's silvery-blue eyes with a whole lot of emotions swirling within him that he couldn't suppress. Perhaps it was their imminent visit to the manor that had him so riled. Maybe it was the ring. Or simply Ben being here, being his, being pliant and loving. Loveable. It had been too long since Ben had been in a place where Kerr was allowed to love him as he wanted to.

"Alright," he agreed, his voice gravelly. The basement of the manor was still preserved and that was where he'd been made. Though parts of the rest of the grand home were crumbling, most of the ground floor and the underground was intact when last they'd visited and he felt it like it would remain preserved. "Shall we take Cain or leave him here?" Ten minutes ago Kerr had had every intention of bringing their pet but then Ben had put his ring on and reignited an intimacy between them that would likely only intensify when they went to the manor. He didn't think he wanted his attention to be split by Cain but he asked his question so that Ben would collude with him in his selfishness.

I would give him permission to exclude their human if Ben agreed he should stay.
† OUT OF THE CITY † / Re: Reconnection
« Last post by Trillian on November 29, 2020, 10:14:34 PM »
Ben dressed fashionably warm, with a tan jacket to match his hiking boots, light grey cashmere scarf over a similar grey merino wool cable knit sweater and dark navy pants. His style and eye for clothing had developed in New York and never left him.

He put on the Claddagh ring; a piece of jewellery he hadn't worn since the fracture between Ichabod and himself. Because he'd been presented it on the same night that Ichabod had received his, it had felt like it wasn't just his and Kerr's... for Ichabod had one as well. He'd brought it with him on the holiday on a whim, throwing the box into his luggage with a light frown and hardly a second thought. Now, here in Ireland, he slipped it onto his finger with the heart pointing towards him, declaring to all that his heart belonged to someone already. It felt right.

"The place where you became a vampire," Ben said gently, turning and lifting his gaze to Kerr who was fully dressed now. "The room, if you can."
† OUT OF THE CITY † / Re: Reconnection
« Last post by Existentially Odd on November 28, 2020, 01:04:40 AM »
Kerr watched Ben speculatively when he declared he was more likely to get bored before Cain did. He doubted that, because even though Ben didn't fully connect with his first visit to Europe, Kerr hadn't forgotten. Oddly, Ben was in a similar headspace now to the one he'd been in all those years ago; open to experience, exploring his relationship with Kerr in the wake of significant change and fascinated with everything.

Ben would be eternally fascinated with learning and finding out as much about everything he didn't know as possible, boredom was unlikely, in Kerr's opinion. It was part of why Kerr was so uneasy about introducing him to any of the councils. His enchantment with them could become... consuming. This relaxed, healing air they had going on was far too precious to him to spoil it; it helped him make up his mind about mentioning anything to Ben about them after all.

With an exhalation of amusement, Kerr rolled after Ben and onto his feet beside the bed, taking a moment to get his bearings before he strode towards his clothes, slapping Ben's ass lightly on the way past. He dressed warmly because the weather would warrant that - not that he hoped they'd run into anyone - keeping it informal in jeans, boots and a thick woollen jumper. He slid his hand into Ben's as they left the bedroom and headed through the narrow corridor and downstairs.

"So... farm or manor first?" Kerr queried, wondering exactly which bit of history they'd focus on tonight. A meal of blood would help get the night started right, also, then they could get Cain and leave. A night of exploration suited Kerr, he didn't care which direction drew Ben first; the other would be explored the next night.
† OUT OF THE CITY † / Re: Reconnection
« Last post by Trillian on November 27, 2020, 06:01:25 AM »
Ben watched Kerr as his gaze withdrew to the middle distance while his thoughts roamed. Ben let them roam without interruption until Kerr's gaze sharpened. Since his sire hadn't given them any voice, he decided all of those thoughts had been about Cain.

"Don't sell him too short. If we ended up living here, he'd take it in stride. I'm more likely to grow bored before he does," Ben said through a half-smile. He gave Kerr's chest a light tap. "C'mon, let's get dressed and pay history a visit."

He shifted to roll away from Kerr and get dressed in whatever matched the weather plus hiking shoes.

† OUT OF THE CITY † / Re: Reconnection
« Last post by Existentially Odd on November 27, 2020, 01:14:25 AM »
Ben's expression only compounded Kerr's shame but he weathered the shifting emotions on his love's face with as much dignity as he could muster. He was relieved when told Cain had broken family connections... then he felt guilty about feeling relieved, too.

"He'll want to stay with us," Kerr nodded, a wry smile appearing. "I suppose we should let him know we've got no definite timeframe or destination in mind, just in case it makes a difference, but I believe you're right. He'll likely get bored if we stay here too long, though. There's not much to do," Kerr chuckled.

A larger city would give Cain more opportunities to interact with people if Ben and Kerr were too tame; they might even lose him to older, more tempting vampires if they ventured to a city with a council and network of vampiric followers in it. He wondered if Ben would want to introduce himself to some of them while he was here. Kerr wasn't sure he should even make the offer, considering most ruling supernaturals put Themba's attitude to shame. It was part of why he'd kept Ben away when they'd visited previously. The other part was Ben's youth.

Plus, Kerr only knew many of them because Sawyl had run afoul of most of them at one point or another and been hauled in front of them for a warning or punishment. Kerr himself was viewed with polite indulgence generally, having gained some sympathy amongst the elite ranks when they realised he had nothing to do with his family's lascivious proclivities and reckless behaviours. He was tolerated, not beloved, though his time as Luminary might have boosted his reputation.

Either way, he was nervous about his childe's acceptance; on principle, they might shun Ben simply because of his association with Kerr (and, by bloodline, Sawyl). He hoped not but he couldn't avoid the heavy thoughts that came to him as he contemplated it.
† OUT OF THE CITY † / Re: Reconnection
« Last post by Trillian on November 25, 2020, 10:05:24 PM »
Ben could feel the expression on his face become a strange mixture of confusion, amusement and exasperation. What Kerr would be able to decipher from it was beyond Ben. Kerr's relationship with Cain was both full of emotion and physically shallow. Kerr and Ben had shared a lot about themselves to each other almost immediately upon meeting, wanting to learn as much as possible about each other. It was obvious that Kerr and Cain had not delved into those conversations, not even after he'd become theirs.

"He's like me. Like I was as a mortal," Ben amended. "Living alone after cutting ties from family. I only ever wanted to be a vampire. He only ever wanted to be a pet. Neither of us made or kept important connections because they would only limit us from achieving the lifestyle we wanted. I doubt he cares whether we ever go back to our home city." Ben's smile flitted at the corners of his lips. "I could always ask him but you know what he's going to say."

Cain would only want to be wherever they were.
† OUT OF THE CITY † / Re: Reconnection
« Last post by Existentially Odd on November 25, 2020, 09:26:26 PM »
Kerr raised his eyebrows and lowered Ben's hand away from his mouth as he contemplated a while. His imagination gallivanted at the possibilities and the only limitation he could envision was Cain. Did he have family he'd want to keep in contact with? Kerr couldn't recall ever having a conversation with the mortal about family or friends... he thought there was no-one significant but couldn't recall specific information along those lines.

Should he remember or know more about that? He should definitely feel guilty that the object of his sexual affection and fascination didn't seem to rate as more than a mouth and a fine ass to stuff his cock in. If he'd had blood recently, he'd be flushed with shame right now.

"I love the idea of being away a while and I'm happy to delay training as long as you want. But... uh... do you know anything about Cain's ties to the city?" he queried sheepishly, his expression a mix of embarrassment and hopefulness. "There isn't anyone he'll miss if we're away an extended amount of time... right?"
† OUT OF THE CITY † / Re: Reconnection
« Last post by Trillian on November 24, 2020, 08:51:16 PM »
"Oh, I definitely want to train while we're away because it will be... a while, I thought," he said. They'd not spoken about how long their 'holiday' would take, but Ben had been anticipating many months, maybe even years, or until he couldn't stand being away from his birthplace any longer. He'd only ever challenged his homesickness once before with New York, and he'd felt the drawing of home like a physical pang. Maybe he wouldn't be homesick if he wasn't alone. "But... later. Maybe in a couple of weeks?"

† OUT OF THE CITY † / Re: Reconnection
« Last post by Existentially Odd on November 24, 2020, 08:09:18 PM »
Kerr grinned in return, the action reflexive because it was in his nature to mirror Ben. "You're beautiful, you know that?" he murmured, grabbing Ben's hand and pulling it to his mouth so he could nuzzle his knuckles with adoring lips. "And I don't just mean your face."

Ben's desire to share things or get close to Kerr had always been flattering but it felt especially poignant now, when Ben's attention had been so splintered by the campaign. Now was all about them. It went straight to Kerr's heart... and his ego.

"Speaking of closeness, do you want to do any training while we're away? Are you feeling balanced enough to try or will we wait 'til we're back?" Kerr wasn't sure if Ben had reached a state of equilibrium - or desire - firm enough to concentrate on such things yet. If he was ready for it, it was another way for them to grow closer and Kerr wanted to know so he could put some time towards it each night but he was fully aware that Ben mightn't be ready for the physical and mental strain.

Jake and the city had taken their figurative pound of flesh.
† OUT OF THE CITY † / Re: Reconnection
« Last post by Trillian on November 24, 2020, 11:19:15 AM »
Ben gave Kerr a musing look. They both knew where Ben had been made and while it was an emotionless room the process had been one of gentleness and love. Kerr had the opposite.

"Yes, I want to see it. Only to share another thing with you, to connect with you just that bit more." After saying these words and figuring they would please Kerr, he grinned at him.
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