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Venture / Re: Learning How Not To Die 101
« Last post by Existentially Odd on Today at 01:20:58 PM »
A cat that wasn't just a cat? She assumed he meant a were-shifter. A dark imp... interesting. And what were his family's 'strange abilities', then? That was also intriguing. Her attention sharpened again at his last statement. He wouldn't be working for a supernatural paper or magazine - not if he still needed confirmation of the most proliferate of the species inhabiting the city - so who was he working for and what was he reporting on?

"I am aware of more species than just those that you have mentioned, Mister Thompson, so I assure you that it does not sound like a fantasy novel, to me. What are these strange family abilities you speak of? Do you have supernatural genes yourself?" she enquired humbly, delaying asking about his job until she properly understood his personal viewpoint. So far she knew he was inquisitive and decisive, because he'd come to Venture for answers. What else was there to him?
Venture / Re: Learning How Not To Die 101
« Last post by MementoMori on Today at 01:00:58 PM »
It was hard not to notice how he was being humored at the moment, but there were worst things. Jeanne was at least listening to him. She could have tossed him out on his ear or scared him away much earlier on. Those were still potential options, but at the moment they seemed farther away. And maybe just maybe, he might have a chance to see and to know that vampires were real.

"Yes." he answered immediately. "Not that long ago I ran into my cousins at the library who had befriended a cat who wasn't just a cat. They were doing research on some of our strange family abilities and happened to catch the attention of a dark imp in the process. I know that this sounds like something straight out of a fantasy novel, but it was real. It happened. And to think, I would have missed it had I not decided to work on my latest article for my employer that morning."
Out Of The City / Re: Freaking Me Out
« Last post by Idrial on Today at 12:09:37 PM »
"Scaeri venom," answering the shit heads question, "its gives you an intense high, like crack cocaine injected straight from the vial but its short." His voice steady and relaxed towards Nikolai.

"Or if you want a longer-lasting high you just mix it with some blood but it won't be as intense of a high. And you don't need to inject it into a human first but you can," finally moving from his position to call up a donor, once Nikolai had some more nourishment then he would let Nikolai try this foreign drug.

Grabbing the phone in the kitchen and ringing up the front desk to send up another mortal, hanging up the phone and shortly after there was a knock at the door. Striding over to the door and allowing the mortal inside and pointing him in the direction of Nikolai, the young brunette with golden eyes sat down next to Nikolai with his neck exposed for Nikolai to drink.
The White Rabbit / Re: Rolling In The Deep
« Last post by Idrial on Today at 11:42:12 AM »
"You're welcome," she stated warmly to Kerr. Returning the tiny smile she had received from Kerr with her own shy smile, feeling terrible about how the interaction had gone and how Lisa-Joe had handled Kerr. Yes, he was a rival in this campaign. Nevertheless, he was still Sam's colleague at the Academy and had the right to the same respect. Her thoughts had been broken when she felt her phone buzz in her pocket, pulling it out and replying to Jake.

Two more meetings and then we can have movie night. You can do it ❤ and Kerr seems off... I don't think he is here for business. And yes Lisa-Joe is here right now.

Making up her mind to approach Kerr's table and at least inform him that Jake was only five minutes out, going around the bar and out to the floor. Mustering up the courage to approach his table by taking a single breath like Maria had taught her to do.

"Hey Kerr," getting his attention. "Jake will be here in five minutes I thought I let you know," masking the fact she felt awful about the interaction between Lisa-Joe and Kerr.

"If you need anything just holler," leaving Kerr alone and not wanting to be a bother.

Sam strolled across the floor and back behind the bar to inform Brianna Jake would be back in five minutes, little did Sam know Brianna had heard the whole exchange, but Brianna chose to ignore it. Of all the nights Brianna chose to meet with Jake Kerr had to show, a feeling of despair and shame washed over Brianna. That time of forgiveness had long since been washed under the bridge, making peace with the fact she would not be forgiven. Gripping her glass and taking a big gulp and setting it down, refocusing her attention once again to her Sudoku app on her phone.
City Hall / Re: In The Dirt
« Last post by Satyr on Today at 11:20:35 AM »
"Not werewolves," Ben replied, seeing that his gift hadn't been received well. He frowned and took a risk, pushing a thought into Figueroa's mind. He cuaght the gist of a fleeting thought when he was in there and responded to that. He pressed his lips tightly together and waited until he was looked at rather intensely.

It's not New Age bullshit.

"You don't have to wear it," he said immediately after, his expression serious rather than smiling, and Figueroa would no doubt recognise it had definitely been his voice. "But it can be hidden under your shirt if you choose to."

Out Of The City / Re: The Soul Thief
« Last post by Billiam on Today at 11:14:30 AM »
Apep didn't bother arguing, and figured maybe Mtch needed that long to get the eye. He would have the Bone Harp in a week, as that's all he needed. He extended his hand to seal the deal, looking pleased with the overall exchange. The eye would be a powerful asset, and if he didn't end up wanting it for himself than he could always sell it to a shadow demon. He would make sure Mitch left with two, three gram vials of Venom, explaining the differences between the highs he'd experience. Feeling Mitch's lust and glutinous energy he knew he couldn't delay him any longer and pulled him towards his fangs. He sunk them in, but made sure not to drink any of Mitch's blood. He let his body's natural process take over, and let the drip of Venom enter Mitch's blood stream. Within moments he fell into the state of bliss that happens to all victims of Venom, and Apep laid him down to enjoy the high. There would be a short high, and then Mitch would come out of it. He'd send him on his way after that. There would be no sex today.           

Out Of The City / Re: Freaking Me Out
« Last post by Saiketsu on Today at 11:13:55 AM »
The insinuation was utterly moronic. "Of course I can," he snapped back at the question. And then without thinking he added, "No thanks to you."

Apprehension lingered in his chest, thinking about how dangerous it would be to trust anything coming from Mitchelletto - especially some kind of mystery drug. There he was again - in some hotel room thinking about trusting and relying on Mitch's expectations where his life balanced in the middle, dangling from his own hands. "What the fuck is that?" He repeated with a nod, seeing how the elder vampire avoided his question conveniently.
City Hall / Re: In The Dirt
« Last post by Saiketsu on Today at 10:55:44 AM »
The ass-kissing and rephrasing weren't lost on him. The fake smirk and accompanying hardened eyes remained fixed through the other's response, settling only when something came out of it's pocket. Protections, Samson said.

When the leather pouch was put on his desk, Eddy lifted an eyebrow questioningly at the vampire sitting across the desk. Was this another bribe? While Samson explained its use, Edgar took the small pouch and removed the necklace inside. The first thing he noticed was the pastel pink of the marbled stone, almost translucent. The oval stone was polished to a high shine, it's circumference wrapped in an intricately basic design of dusky copper wire. The pendant was attached to a flimsy copper chain that looked far too big for his neck. In the palm of his hand it might as well have been the weight of a few quarters, the size being roughly equivalent. Mayor Figueroa gave the vampire a disbelieving look.

It was entirely underwhelming.

"This is going to protect me from psychic attacks from vampires and werewolves?" Of course it was. Pink was for protection; everyone knew that. This was some New Age bullshit. He fought the temptation to roll his eyes and snort in contempt at the vampire as he looked down into the stone in his hand. His smirk poisoned now with disbelief and resignation that Ben Samson was an idiot.
The White Rabbit / Re: Rolling In The Deep
« Last post by Existentially Odd on Today at 10:55:41 AM »
Kerr was in the middle of telling Sam that he was fine and thanking her for letting Jake know he was here when he was approached by Lisa-Joe, cutting his words off mid-sentence. He looked at her coldly, noting her pointed reference to his former position in the Oligarchy. Somebody was holding a grudge.

"It's personal. I need to see Jake. Sam was just saying she'd let him know I was here. I'll wait... somewhere else," he declared then turned back to offer Sam a tiny smile. "Thanks for your help," He turned to make his way towards a table apart from the bar; as far away from Lisa-Joe as he could get, preferably.
Glitter Beach / Re: Day at the Beach
« Last post by Malkavian Riddler on Today at 10:42:25 AM »
Shan lay back down, not really understanding what Jake was talking about with things changing and not changing but would be changed soon? He focussed on the best part of that sentence.

"I want to be at the White Rabbit, thanks," Shan replied. "Have you danced with the fans yet? I can show you some of my moves and how to keep them sharp."

He rolled onto his side on the towel, getting very close to Jake's body. His hand snuck onto Jake's bare chest, fingers trailing along his skin, moving downward.

"You're so warm," he marvelled.
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