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Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« Last post by MementoMori on November 09, 2017, 04:59:37 AM »
Kevla’s guilt grew as she saw the items around them rise higher with every growl that escaped Naoise. She didn’t know what to say as she met Psych’s amazed gaze. For this was too strange and honestly too crazy of a sight to be able to deny. Now she hoped that her risk would pay off.

Arutha ever so gently pet Naoise, his hand soothingly moving over his face and then his back. His own was a mask of worried concern as he slowly felt the man calm back down and the telepathic sound to dissipate. Even though he was still pissed at his twin, his main concern was the man before him. “Yes that’s it. Good.” he whispered to him.

A second later he had to have an involuntary laugh when Naoise purposely flung the small candy bar at Psycho’s head. “I’m sorry to laugh but Kit is a very private person and he wasn’t expecting my twin to reveal all our secrets to a stranger. To be honest neither was I.” he told Psych before shooting a half glare to Kevla. Even though he didn't quite like the man or know him, he didn't want to get off on the wrong foot.

When Naoise apologized, he reached out to try to gently pet him once more. “I would but I think that Kevla has got it. As for you just try and rest. I want to make certain that you are okay.” he said softly but protectively.

Kevla contritely frowned but then nodded at Arutha's words and Naoise's subsequent apology. “I’m sorry about that Psych. So is Kit. I was the one that stirred the pot. I know how Kit is and yet I did it anyway. I thought that maybe somehow you might be able to help, even though it was quite risky.” she said.

Kieran had to stifle a giggle at the candy incident. Even though his mind was still a whirl. This was quite funny, especially the look on Psych’s face when it smacked into his head. Still he had to shrug at the apology. “No worries. It just goes to show that anytime that I’m with my cousins. It is never boring. I’m just still amazed that I can hear you. I've always had a certain knack with cats but for this...juat simply wow."
Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« Last post by Seragil on November 08, 2017, 06:04:08 PM »
Psych watched in amazement as items began to float in front of him, and at Aruthas words he quickly flicked his gaze at the growling, brisling cat.

Naoise shivered beneath Aruthas gentle touch and with each stroke his breathing became slower and slower until his mind cleared and his breathing returned to normal.

Psych opened his mouth to start asking more questions when all the levitating items fell back to the table with a small plonk of noise except one chocolate candy bar which, after a slight narrowing of Naoise’s eyes; flew across the table towards Psychs face at an almost alarming speed.

The candy bar hit with a loud slapping noise and with enough force to cause Psychs head to whip back slightly causing Naoise to purr with satisfaction. He hated being surprised and he hated even more for people he didn’t know to pry into his business.

“What the Fuck?!” exclaimed Psych loudly as he rubs the spot between his eyes before glaring incredulously at Naoise. “Did you just whack me upside the head with a fucking candy bar?” he asked as he carefully swabs his face with his fingers, his forehead farrowed with an agitated frown as he checks his fingers for any signs of blood.

Looking around the table Naoise's feelings of satisfaction quickly turns to shame and embarrassment. He had let his shock of both Kieran's abilities and Kevlas quick trust of this stranger rattle and overwhelm him.  * I am sorry * he said along the telepathic link * that should not have happened. I generally have better emotional control that that and I shouldn’t have exposed my abilities like that either. I certainly shouldn’t have used my abilities in a petty state of pique. If you could please apologize to our nosy newcomer for me I would appreciate it. And I apologize to you as well Kieran* he sent towards Arutha and Kevla's cousin incase he could still hear him. *This must be a total shock for you and extremely confusing to say the least.*

Naoise sighed slightly, this was not how he imagined this day to go. Still even though he was sorry for his outburst he couldn't help but feel more then a little amused either as he watched Psych continue to rub and dab at the spot the candy bar hit him
Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« Last post by MementoMori on October 20, 2017, 03:53:28 AM »
Kevla had originally said what she said in order to maybe make Psych go away. Her thought was that he would think that they were crazy and just move on. Now in hindsight she should have known better. Everyone and everything in this city was not what it seemed to be. So the odds were against her from the get go. Still this might work out for the best. For they might get some help in their search for answers regarding their own abilities as well as to be able to help Kit.

"That part is complicated. Hence our need to come here to do some research to get more answers." she explained just as her twin looked at her with a 'what the fuck?' look. She shrugged back at him. What was done was done. Now was the time to deal with the fall out. Still she was curious as someone called Siobhan was mentioned. "Though who's Siobhan?"

With huge eyes, Kieran nodded at the question. "Yes I can hear him in my head." He didn't know quite what to make of the situation but he was interested on finding out why.  His eyes got bigger as he heard the strangest sound as everything nearby started to vibrate and levitate.

Arutha angrily looked at his twin as she blurted out their secret. Honestly what the fuck? What the hell was she thinking? She didn't know that they could trust this overly confident man. Experience told him that there was always more to a pretty face be it for good or ill. 

So at Psych's question he shortly nodded just before his jaw dropped at Kit's reaction. Shit! It wasn't that he could blame him for being like this after his sister was an idiot. So he acted quickly and reached out a hand to try and soothe Kit. "Breathe Kit. Just breathe. I'm sorry Kevla's an idiot. Come back to me." he murmured gently as he lightly tried to touch his face.

Kevla's face filled with guilt as she saw Kit's reaction to her blurting.
Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« Last post by Seragil on October 15, 2017, 10:13:20 PM »
Psych's eyes opened wide as he leaned back in shock at Kevlas sudden explanation before he turns his gaze towards kit and looks at him anew. “A guy you say? “Quickly overcoming his shock he leans forward and looks at Kit with interest “So you’re cursed?” he asked curiously. “Who by? “He then turns his eyes back to Kevla when an answer doesn’t come quick enough “Do you know who cursed him?” he asked with burgeoning excitement.

Psych couldn’t help but feel curious at the extraordinary situation he suddenly found himself in. Curses were not new to him; he knew many people from many different works of life had the ability to create and implement such acts of power, human and non-human both. Nor did he find the idea of sitting in front of a man cursed into a different form to be impossible. No if there was one thing he had learned from living in the city as long as he had it was that the extraordinary tended to just walk around the corner right in front of you. The impossible wasn’t the extraordinary occurrence, it was finding those with open eyes and minds to see and appreciate it that was the rare oddity, the miraculous, the truly extraordinary occurrence.

“Wait…” he turned his gaze between the four before him before focusing on Kieran and Arutha ” You two can hear him…as in like telepathically?”
He looks back at Kevla with amazement “ They meant telepathically right? Cause I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear him speak.”

Gripping the back of the chair with his hands he leaned and grins broadly, no longer able to suppress his excitement. “This is so damn cool! I gotta tell Shiobhan…or not” he finishes as his excited grin falls from his face and he sighs heavily in resignation.

Naoise looked at Kieran in utter shock and bewilderment as he admits to been able to hear him. He hesitantly starts to form a small telepathic probe to send to him to see if he could actually talk to Arutha and Kevlas cousin when he hears Kevla tell this stranger their secret causing him to whip his head around and look at this guy as he sits back in shock.

He tries to form coherent responses to his questions but the only thing that forms in his mind as answers are strange squeaking sounds or more like a softly whistling tea kettle, either way he was having a small mental meltdown at the sudden spot light that had been shone onto him and his life. In response his fur bristles as his ears turn and lay almost flat against his head and a low yowl issues from his mouth. In total shock and completely out of control, pens, paper and snack start to vibrate then levitate slightly above the tables surface as Psych finishes prattling on and sits there with a grin spreading across his nosy face.
Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« Last post by MementoMori on October 08, 2017, 11:42:51 AM »
Arutha's blush brightened a fraction at Naoise's comment. Then his jaw dropped at Kieran's confused question.  "Holy hell! You can hear, Kit. Can't you?" he asked him. His cousin had always a certain knack for cats as snakes. Up until now, he had written it off as just that, but maybe with their current abilities it was more.

Kieran nodded, eyes wide. "Yes...I just don't know why. I've never heard animal thoughts before. I've only gotten feelings off of cats before." he said with a thoroughly baffled look. Just what on earth had they gotten themselves into?

Kevla's eyes widened a fraction at the scene between Kieran and Arutha. Holy crap! It looked like things just got that much more complicated. Still there was this newcomer to deal with. She just hoped that he turned out to be someone they could trust in spite of his seemingly cocky nature.

So she turned her head to look back at Psych with an akward smile at the question. "It's nice to meet you, Psych." she said
softly. "As for your question, the answer is more than a little crazy sounding. Our cat is not a cat even though he currently looks it. He is a man trapped in that form by a spell. The name we call him is Kit." she explained while trying not to wince at how bad it sounded.

Then of course the man tried to pet him. "I'm sorry about that. He doesn't like being pet by anyone other than my brother."
Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« Last post by Seragil on October 05, 2017, 01:14:03 PM »
*It’s not just about your ass,  I enjoy…* Naoise was saying in response to Arutha only to his his fur stand up in shock at Kierans confused response. *What? He can hear us?* he said in Kevla’s and Arutha’s mind * You can hear me? * he repeated tentatively towards Kieran.

Meanwhile whilst Naoise was having his mental heart attack Pysch strutted towards the table and pulling a chair our he turned it around “Nice to meet you all” he said as he straddle the chair. “I’m Psych" He stated with an air of casual simplicity. "So…”  he continued with curious amusement “What do you need a cats help with in a library? Unless you’re planning some kind of cat burglary” he asked with a sardonic grin "Althoug I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything worth stealing in this library.”

Psych flicked his sea coloured eyes around the group with curious amusement. What a strange group they seemed and he knew some people were mad about their pets but for the life of him he couldn’t think of why anyone one would go to such extremes as to smuggle a pet cat into a library, talk about separation anxiety. Not that he was one to overly judge eccentricity was the spice of life and these guys had certainly peeked his interest.

“I have to say tho” he continued as he settled his gaze on Naoise “That is an extremely large and cute cat” he said as he stretched his hand towards the animal. “Hey Kitty kitty . Whats its name” he asked as he continued to stretch his hand out to pet the creature only to raise an eyebrow and draw his hand back in startlement as Naoise's fur bristles and stands up on end.
Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« Last post by MementoMori on September 21, 2017, 03:51:26 AM »
Kevla let out a breath and shook her head at the man's question. "No, not for that." she started to say only to try not to laugh at his description of what he had thrown at church. Well this was quite interesting as well as funny. For a second it made her wonder just what kind of adventures this newcomer has gotten into. "I meant for our feline friend here. We wouldn't have brought him if we didn't need him." she explained. "I apologise for the introduction but my name is Kevla. This is my brother Arutha and our feline friend Kit. Then that's our cousin Kieran." she said lightly gesturing to each person.

Arutha's face lit up slightly in a blush as the compliment. "Kit!" he half protested. "Why must it always be about my ass?" he asked in a embrassed mumble as he reluctantly moved aside. He then nodded at his question. "Yes he is. He is a columnist for a magazine." he told him before inclining his head at his sister's greeting.

Kieran couldn't help but look extremely confused as he could have sworn that he had heard another voice just before Arutha spoke back. It couldn't have been that cat. Could it? "Dearest...ass..just what the heck have you two gotten yourselves into?"

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« Last post by Seragil on September 16, 2017, 03:00:34 PM »
“Rat you out?  For what…some tossed paper ?” asked Psych incredulously as he turned his storm tossed gaze to Kevla “I’ve tossed worse than that in church on a packed Sunday service. Those self-righteous, holier-than-though sermons will make you toss your breakfast and then some let me tell you.” He said with a playfully wicked grin “Although it wasn’t my breakfast I threw at the priest .“ He finished with a cheeky wink.

Naoise startled slightly as Arutha stepped around and in front of his chair, it was so naturally protective that Naoise couldn’t help but feel warmed by it although the action itself was totally unnecessary if anything the ones needing protecting were Arutha and Kevla.

*Arutha…* he sent along their telepathic link *I love looking at your ass and no doubt I could look at it all day, clothed or not but dearest could you please move slightly so I can see the new comers and did you call one of them Kierian? That’s your cousin isn’t it? You and Kevla were talking about him last night weren’t you? Does he often come to the library?* he asked as he tried to peer around Arutha’s hip so he could see the new comers and assess them

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« Last post by MementoMori on September 13, 2017, 06:41:39 AM »
Arutha was just about ready to say something else, but this disappeared out of his mind as Kevla all of the sudden threw a was of paper. What the hell? He had to wonder as it hit a nearby set of shelves. Though at Naoise's low hiss, he instinctively moved almost in front of him as if to protect.

Then weird of all words, their cousin Kieran came around the corner with a smile. So he could calm down but he didn't. Naoise wouldn't just hiss at nothing. "Hey...Kieran." he said distractedly as his cousin jumped out the way.

"Hey, what the hell was all that about?" Kieran asked looking at both of his cousins in askance just as a very confident looking guy comes swaggering around the corner.

Flushing a little embarrassment , Kevla looked back at the other's. "Hey Kieran. I'm sorry guys I threw that because..." she trailed off just as she saw this man swagger his way around the corner holding said was. Ah ha! She knew it. She had felt eyes and now there was this man.

"That would be mine." she told him firmly. as she held out a hand for the paper ball. "I though that I felt someone watching us but wasn't entirely sure. So I had to throw it." she added only to look back at Naoise and wince. They were caught too, shit.

"No, but please don't rat us out." Kevla made herself ask, even though she don't want to. After all who was this guy? Could he eve be trusted?
Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« Last post by Seragil on September 10, 2017, 05:14:29 PM »
*It’s not that unanswerable Arutha…* Naoise was saying just as Kevla threw a ball of scrunched up paper in the direction of some shelves barely missing the guys coming towards them from around the corner. Confused and feeling cornered he narrows his emerald green eyes as his hair stands up along his spine and he starts to emit a low feline hiss

Psych’s eyebrows rise slightly in surprise as the new guy enters the group only to jump back as the unseen scrunched up ball of paper hits the books he was peeping through. His lips twitch with amusement and figuring he was caught he walks around the bookshelf,  picks up the paper and brazenly swaggers over to the people at the table. He gives the newcomer the once over before turning his eyes to the trio he smiles broadly as he holds out the balled paper.

“ I believe this belongs to one of you. Littering is seriously frowned upon in the library” he said with a mock frown as his eyes land on the obviously agitated cat “Animals are totally fine tho, I’m sure” he finishes with a broad smile, his eyes dancing with amusement. This was a lot more fun than hanging out at the shop with Shiobhan.
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