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Chinatown / Re: Nighttime Markets
« Last post by Malkavian Riddler on Today at 10:29:32 AM »
Mental note; no fireworks. When Flick agreed with that sexy smile, Digital cackled into the sky and beckoned for Flick to walk with him.

Continued in Academic Pursuits
Construction Area / Academic Pursuits
« Last post by Malkavian Riddler on Today at 10:27:24 AM »
Continued from Nighttime Markets

Digital walked alongside Flick on a path the Gangrel likely knew, because it led to the woods. After running through the woods together for another energetic game of tag (and hide and seek behind thick tree-trunks or perched on branches), the Malkavian led his new friend to the concreted area carved into the woods itself. It still smelt of the many mortals who'd come by day to work on the large building, but their scent faded as the Meadowcrest breeze swept it away.

Over his shoulder he grinned broadly - proudly, even - at Flick, slightly behind him. He didn't miss the curious look in the other vampire's eyes. Nobody had really paid attention to this place - it was fairly new, and the underground construction had only just finished, but Digital had been waiting for his voices to tell him it was done. He'd wanted a tour of the place and now he didn't have to be alone in his exploration.

"This place is named after my friend," Digital declared grandly, walking Flick around the circular garden so they could both stare at the words 'Kerr Galvin Academy' on a bit of wood and brushed metal. He suppsed it was a fancy kind of modern sign, but it didn't feel big enough to him. Kerr had a heart of gold, so the sign should be made out of that, instead. "This isn't what I wanted to show you," Digital shook his head and jogged over to the metal plate bolted on the concrete of the foundation itself. "Under here. This is where the best kept secret it." He leapt at one of the bolts and started working it loose, intending to peel the metal cover up like a sardine can, so he and Flick could wriggle inside and enjoy the spoils of academic living.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« Last post by MementoMori on Today at 05:09:51 AM »
As her eyes met Psych's own, Kevla couldn't help but blush some more at the naked appreciation of her form that she saw there. that cinched it. She had to ask him out even it was just for coffee. She was curious and more than a just a little bit intrigued by what she saw there in those grey eyes.

All thoughts of a possible date got temporarily pushed to the background as Psych kept on talking about possible remnant shifters that might be in the city. It was an interesting possibility. And it was one that could bring more hope for her twin and Naoise. For if they could find more information about these other shifters, then they could free Naoise sooner and give her brother the happily ever after he deserved. So she had to lift a curious eyebrow at the worry that slid into Psych's eyes as he shot down that idea. "Dare I ask why not? From the look on your face Psych it's like someone is going to jump out and go oogy boogy." she asked softly, jumping slightly as she saw Naoise step forwards all of the sudden.

Arutha loved the sound of Naoise's purrs as well as the feel of his soft fur beneath his fingers. Though for as much as he loved them, he knew that touching Naoise's human form would be just that much better. His mind flashed back to the beauty that he had seen in the mirror and the swathes of smooth skin.

Though before he could dwell on that aspect for long, his mind shifted focus to the possibility of other shifters being in the city as Psych spoke. He then jumped as well at Naoise's sharp call of his name. "Whoa...I get it, Kit." he said gently before looking back at Psych and the others,"Kit says no. He thinks that the people you know are the best option instead of the books."
The White Rabbit / Re: Return Of A Star Player
« Last post by Billiam on Today at 04:45:40 AM »
Lisa-Joe cracked her knuckles, and stuck her tongue into her check. Her head looked to the stairs as Lazarus pointed to them, but then she tilted it back towards the pretty boy. Her expression mixed together her boredom, her annoyance, and a bit of contempt. She walked closer to this man-child, with his pretty long hair.

"Or your not 'important' enough to be known anymore," she counter offered. In reality, she knew who this was. Jake had told her all about the mad elder who treated running the city like a dragon sitting on top of his hoard. Or was he actually a dragon? She could've swore at some point somebody in charge had been one. "And he ain't coming to you. You're going to him."

She decided the best thing to do to avoid the entire bar and herself fighting this twat was to just take him to Jake. She wondered if he drove in. She could always key his car or something. She moved towards the stairs indicating he should follow along, but turned to block the passageway with her body. "My name is Lisa-Joe Hampton, one of the owners of this fine establishment. Tell me why you're here and I'll take you to District Leader McCloud. If you don't care to tell me your business the exit is there, and you can call the district's main phone line and make an actual appointment just like everyone else." She made sure to put emphasis on the last few words. "Do you need the number?"

Lazarus would likely notice several biker looking vampires watching the situation with interest.

From the second floor Jake waited, receiving his lap dance, but mind firmly on the situation downstairs.
The White Rabbit / Re: Return Of A Star Player
« Last post by Satyr on Yesterday at 08:35:38 PM »
Lazarus prowled the lower floor, taking in everything - the ambience, the music, the smell of sex and money upstairs. He heard voices beneath the bass but hadn't turned an ear towards it. They were talking about him, as they should be. He didn't have to hear it to know it. The way the silly sod had scuttled off was pleasing, and Lazarus had been content.

But now, as he faced who was coming down to see him, the contentment evaporated and annoyance took its place.

Ugh, a woman. He had no use for those. Especially uninformed ones, or ones that didn't have any power. (But frankly, if he was going to meet a woman, he preferred the ones that weren't powerful, because the worse thing than having to deal with a woman was having to deal with a woman that could mess with him). He shuddered at the memory of Sabrina, the witch who'd cursed him over a decade ago. He put that black-demon bitch at the back of his mind.

"If you don't know who I am, then you're not important enough to talk to me," Lazarus sniffed. "Run along and get your boss." He made a shooing gesture, aiming it back at the stairs from whence she came.

Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« Last post by Seragil on Yesterday at 03:34:05 PM »
Feeling Kevla’s  eyes on him he raised his eyes and caught her gaze with his own, they were warm and filled with appreciative admiration as a playful smile danced across his lips.

At Arutha’s words he turned his attention back to the matter at hand. “ I only say that because these days due to nearly a millennium of prosecution and hunting drifters are mainly one offs and loners, and who follows their genealogy these days?. It was different back then. That’s what my mistress told me anyway.” He hesitated as a sudden thought popped into his head. “Although …there are a …few…shifters who can trace their family line back to ancient times… that may still …live…around here.” He trailed off, a worried look in his eyes. Shae Nicfahgen, an immortal shifter who dabbled in the dark arts. Shit, he hadn’t thought of her in centuries. She used to be a friend of his mistress but once she died and he had his freedom he had made sure to never cross her path again, that woman scared the shit out of him. She was a woman with few moral boundaries and vindictively ruthless when crossed. However, she claimed her family line was ancient and, he flicked his worried eyes around the group, assessing them. She would find this motley crew fascinating.

“No.” he said with a shake of his head. “That might not be a good idea, best we stick with the books” he sighed with brief sharp smile before sitting back in his chair.

Naoise continued to purr softly as Aruthas fingers petted and played with his fur. What would it feel like to have those same fingers play along his skin? to feel those arms wrapped around his body? To cuddle up to and walk beside this kind and gentle man? To laugh, to cry to love with him?

As Psych kept talking however his attention became more and more focused upon him. His words invoked memories of his earliest years with his family before Alexander but even back then he couldn’t help but remember that he and his people were becoming more secular and separate from everyday society. They lived on the outskirts of towns and more oft then not in distant rural areas and the wilderness itself. People still treated them with acceptance, reverence and a little awe but there was also a touch of fear and distrust. After the black plague hit the madness of Christianity swept across Europe with a fervor more virulent and deadlier then the plague. His people and anyone who was thought of as different died in the thousands, the witch hunts, the purges, the decimation of culture and knowledge. Black Age indeed.

But as Psych shook his head and suggested that they potentially look elsewhere then the people he knew he took a step forward in denial. *Arutha!* he sent sharply to the man petting him.

The White Rabbit / Re: A New Age
« Last post by Idrial on Yesterday at 10:58:01 AM »
Scott was having a tough time, making Sam's heart ache. Graciously accepting Scott's brief hand on her cheek. Giving him a smile back before he exited the room. Lisa Joe drunk as a skunk parting ways shortly after Scott. Now with Scott gone she could ask Jake the harder questions without upsetting Scott.

"Does that mean Bryant and Conner left together? Like as a couple?" Uneasy about asking the question.

Still standing she folded her arms across her chest. Nervously chewing on the corner of her bottom lip. Her eye contact strong with Jake. But, there was uneasiness in her eyes. Yet the truth was always frustrating and hard.
Chinatown / Re: Nighttime Markets
« Last post by Billiam on Yesterday at 08:43:58 AM »
"Well," Flick considered,  "As long as you don't aim them at me, I guess that's alright." He smiled, proud of the compromise. Flick looked over his new friend Digital. He was strange. There was no getting around that, but Flick often felt strange too. In a twenty-first century world, the man of nature and animals didn't quite fit in. Men and Kindred defiled nature. They killed the animals. Flick forgave most humans, for as Jacob Marley learned about his chains after death, humans don't know about their beasts until they're Kindred. As Flick looked over the goggled fortune teller with no shoes he saw someone that he could relate to.

"Wanna take me to our new hiding place," Flick said hopefully, his face a bit mischievous and elvish.
Glitter Beach / Re: Silver on Silver
« Last post by Billiam on Yesterday at 08:36:35 AM »
The wolf cocked his head to its side, snout somehow looking puzzled despite the anatomical difficulties. He recognized the name of the wolf god, and realized this woman before him thought he was they! Flick looked upon the woman and saw her ritual robes, as well as her satchel and started putting it together with her words.

Perhaps she was a being of the forest? She had a certain fae like quality about her. The wolf moved forward slowly, sniffing at the cold air, ears open and listening. The wolf's ears heard a heart in her chest beating like a drum, and the wolf's nose smelt life and warmth. Finally, he searched for the taint of the beast and found none.

What a curious being you are, Flick thought as he approached.

The angle of the moon filled him up with even more silver light. Through weather, wind, gas, and color he shined like the god this faeish human thought he was. When about ten feet from her, he stopped and sat again. The wind felt nice on his fur, and maybe it would be good for him to have some company. He bowed his head politely and said in fluent wolf, "Can you speak to animals friend?"
Municipal Library / Re: In Search of Answers
« Last post by MementoMori on Yesterday at 05:27:27 AM »
Arutha's fingers continued to gently trace their way over Naoise's head and swept over his back before repeating the motion. As the action grounded his companion, it comforted as well linked them together. It was this feeling of solidarity that spurred him on. He couldn't wait until the day when he could touch his face for real.

Kevla had to snort at the look on Naoise's face as he carefully accepted his own large mouthful of the crackers she'd brought. As she did, she again noticed Psych's eyes on her, appraising and dare she say think it enjoying. She flushed lightly. "You're welcome, Kit." she said a bit distractedly, lifting her eyes thoughtfully to look back at the man. Hmm...he was just her type, no matter what race he was. She had to wonder just how mad Arutha would be if she asked Psych out for coffee.

Kieran quickly nodded at Psych's words before he dashed off to take the call. This was the annoying part about being on call for his magazine. Still he was excited to come back no matter what his magazine said.

Arutha's eyes widened as he listened to Psych's response. "I kind of already guessed the part of him being druid. I mean it fits for the time period as well as for Kit's magicalness." he started to say before glancing down at Naoise amazedly. "Though I never would have guessed that he could be the last of a shifter line. Wow." he breathed.
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