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The Luminary / Re: Angel In His Pocket
« Last post by Existentially Odd on Today at 02:55:07 AM »
Samuel had been quiet the whole time, having followed behind Dreki and then deposited his chair on the cement balcony. He wasn't really surprised that Remiel didn't sit (though he vowed he should probably not bother bringing extra chairs out any more), he remained standing against the metal railing instead. Sam squeezed between the two angels, trailing a hand across Remiel's stomach in a familiar manner as he passed, confident that his touch was subtle enough to not be picked up by Dreki.

He tucked himself into the chair on the other side of the glass-topped outdoor table, listening to his companions' exchange. When Dreki started speaking of his confusing encounter with the other angel, Sam started paying attention. This was the reason Dreki had come all the way to The Luminary, after all. - so he could use his abilities on him, to help him remember. clearly. It was very easy to observe everything once Dreki was thinking about it and Sam barely even had to nudge his memories to get details about the full encounter from his former lover's mind.

Although Dreki spoke mainly of parts that happened towards the end of his encounter with the stranger, he would find himself suddenly - and calmly - reliving the incident from the moment he'd become aware of the angel flying above him, all the way to the end, when the angel flew away over the water. This was Sam looking at it all and capturing it.

As Sam had expected, seeing through Dreki's eyes had offered only confusing and indistinct details but his mind had filled in a lot of blanks. Considering the daggers should've been too small for a blind man to make out (in Sam's opinion), Dreki had seen more than his panicked mind had registered. The height of the angel, for instance, and the general shape of him screamed male. A very tall and powerfully built male, which was. a description Sam knew neither of the two dark angels Remiel mentioned fit.

Given his preoccupation with getting all of the information he wanted out of Dreki's head, Sam hadn't paid any attention to his and Remiel's conversation up until that point and it showed when he responded. "Uhhh... probably not," he warned, feeling like such information would be a closely-guarded secret and not on the Oligarchy's files no matter how hard he looked. It didn't mean he wouldn't though, for Remiel. "It wasn't either of them, though, he was much too tall," he confided. Dreki had been looking up when he'd talked to the angel - they'd got fairly close together - and Dreki was the same height as him.

To prove his point, he transferred everything he'd observed in Dreki's mind to Remiel's with minimal fuss. He couldn't even remember how he knew that Saraekiel wasn't very tall, he was pretty sure he'd just seen him at social gatherings like the opening of the Academy or at Lazarus' trial. Possibly at something he'd been to years ago, when he attended with Vomas. Some official function or other. He guessed it would be a surprise to Remiel to receive the informations so he didn't rush off to get his laptop straight away. He watched as the memory he transferred was reviewed by Remiel and then he hurried inside to get his computer.

When he returned, he shared with Dreki what he'd done. "I showed Remiel your memory of the encounter." He sat and situated the laptop on the table top, opening it up and logging into his Oligarchy database to see what he could find out about Zoheret and Saraekiel, as requested.
Club Zero / Re: Segue
« Last post by Ehcorn on Yesterday at 09:04:19 PM »
"Are you a reporter?" Dana asked the man that'd dragged her outside in a sing-songy voice. "If you're not, you should. You should def... Yeah, you should do it. You... You ask a lot of questions and you're really per- persisss..." She scoffed and pushed the water back at him. "You keep putting that in my face. Do you want me to piss myself?" She'd had at least three sips that she remembered, what more did he want?

Dana didn't get to ask, though, because they reached the bus shelter and she had to frown at it.

"But I didn't take the bus," she said slowly, squinting at the row of lights that illuminated the underside of the curved roof. "I—" She froze, eyes widening, and ran the flat of her palm over her chest. She didn't encounter the usual thick leather strap of her messenger satchel. "Those... Those assholes," she spluttered. "They took my shit!"

Setting her jaw stubbornly, she began to pull the opposite direction of the man, fully intending to march back to the club and retrieve her shit.
The Luminary / Re: Angel In His Pocket
« Last post by Ehcorn on Yesterday at 12:13:56 PM »
Remiel scratched at the underside of his jaw as he focused on two pieces of what Dreki had told him so far: the person he’d encountered had been disgusted by him, and they’d suggested that he’d have to change.

His mentor, Vretil, would've likely been as disgusted by Dreki as he had been by a vampire, so that didn’t automatically rule out another angel of light, but changing? There were, of course, guardian angels that could transform into full angels, but Dreki wasn’t like him. He hadn’t been born to angelic and human parents. Dreki had been patched together like a quilt in a lab, his human parts replaced by angelic ones. As far as Remiel could tell, if it hadn’t been for his intervention, the separate parts would’ve eventually devoured each other and Dreki might not be standing in front of him now, detailing this perplexing encounter of his.

"As far as I’m aware, you wouldn’t be able to change. Unless…" he said, sliding his hand upwards to rub at his chin and bottom lip. He dropped his hand to reveal a deep frown. Angels could fall, and fallen angels could change into dark ones. Could they have mistaken a partial angel for a fallen one?

"Do you have access to records on Saraekiel and Zoheret? Could you see what weapons they use?" he asked, aiming his frown Sam’s direction.
18 Surrey Road / Re: Perfect Match
« Last post by Ehcorn on Yesterday at 09:57:13 AM »
William returned to himself and stirred like a snake coming out of hibernation. His movements were sluggish, and it took several long blinks for the familiar surroundings of the lounge and its book-filled walls to swim into focus. His lips thinned as he further cemented himself in the space he physically occupied and caught the scent of sweat and human musk. Mick had returned, but long enough ago that when William extended his awareness within the boundaries of his home, he could sense the human already in bed, his mind caught in the quiet space between wakefulness and dreaming.

He’d left himself vulnerable again. His next test would have to focus on splitting his awareness, leaving enough of himself behind that he’d be aware of what happened around his physical self.

William sighed and took a sip from his glass. Even cold, the blood had a pleasant taste — crisp and sweet like apples. Dryad blood was more difficult to obtain than nymph, but because it offered no high, it never sold for as much. While he continued drinking, his mind wandered to the next difficult-to-obtain extraction they were scheduled for. One that Mick was in no way prepared for.

He polished off the rest of his blood, stood, and set the red book on the coffee table. He regarded the werewolf on its cover with narrowed eyes, then moved to gather writing material and crafted a note to Mick that emphasized the importance of reading the entirety of the book before night fell the following day. After he folded the note in half and left it on the book, he checked his watch and turned to make his way towards the basement and his makeshift crematorium.

It was time to grind some bones.


When he woke the next night, Willam dressed in a dark blue cable knit sweater with a shawl collar, gray slacks, and black loafers. It wasn’t a suit, but he appeared no less distinguished than he had the night before. No doubt Mick would still find the name ‘Fancy Pants’ appropriate when he thought of him. As he considered the human, he sent out several threads of his mental self throughout the house in search of him, wondering if he’d remained there or ventured out.
The White Rabbit / The Conundrum
« Last post by Saiketsu on Yesterday at 06:14:39 AM »
Following 'A Demon Walks into a Bar'. Reserved for Billy and Cedar.

Damien reeled, his expression finally faltering after the demon slipped into shadows. He lurched forward in his chair but he could do nothing to prevent the monster from leaving, the table creating a significant obstacle between them - just as they all had intended when this meeting first began. He could feel the desire to wrap his hands around the demon's neck pulse beneath the surface of his fingers and, as promised, a buzzing of warning followed in his chest.

No one could be harmed within the White Rabbit. Not even the scum of the earth.

So Laurent had Sam, Jake's kidnapped fledge. He shouldn't have been surprised, and yet he remained stiff in the chair with the comprehension of it all. When he had first heard of Sam's kidnapping the night prior, he naturally assumed that Laurent had done it to get access to Rachel. But it never added up. Why would Laurent, one of the most wanted demons in the city, go as far as to kidnap Jake's fledge, whom he presumably had no prior contact with? Damien had left Jake, feeling confused and leery about the lack of answers and encounters. Now Laurent had both women and dangled that knowledge before them in the most sadistic of ways.

When he felt the presence of Va'tamal finally leave the room - leaving behind a hideous, sulfurous odor - he sagged in his chair, another ache climbing out of his temples and the exhaustion of maintaining such an impassable mask in front of his enemy taking their toll. If Jake reacted or said anything, he didn't hear, his thoughts turned inward. As he finally stood and faced the District Leader, pushing the chair out of his way, Damien felt lightheaded with everything that had occurred in the last 24 hours.

He needed Pierre now. He needed Rachel. He needed his people close and safe, out of harm's way. Wishful thinking now.

Damien sighed and straightened himself out, putting his tiredness and fear on the back burner for the sake of his hunt.

"He either has no ability to psychically attack or knows enough not to challenge me," Damien answered as if Jake had asked a question. As he spoke, he made his way to the door of the conference room and crossed the threshold into a hallway in the Warrens, expecting Jake to follow. "I've never attempted to read a shadow demon before, but they feel much different than reading a human - harder, like a sheer rock wall. Had I tried just then, I wasn't fully convinced that I would be able to reemerge."
Club Zero / Re: Segue
« Last post by Pocky on February 15, 2020, 11:45:46 PM »
Trick didn't react to the guy at the bar who couldn't even be bothered to get up off his ass. He also didn't react to the drunk woman's protests that she was fine, other than to turn his head away from her mouth when she talked. She was a walking target for creeps.

Trick watched as Harm took Phoenix's hand before the glass of water was grabbed. "Can you bring us a bottle of water once we're outside?" He spoke loudly to the club owner to get his voice to carry over the deep quality of the bass drops. Once they were all on their feet, he walked the drunk woman back to the door, getting Harm to grab both their phones on the way out.

Once they were outside he looked for somewhere to put her and saw a bus-stop shelter a little further down the street on their side of the road. He headed there, asking questions all the way. What was her name? Did she have a friend to call? Did she want them to take her home? Would she prefer an Uber? In the meantime, Harm was plying her with water.
The Luminary / Re: Angel In His Pocket
« Last post by Maxpphire on February 15, 2020, 10:08:00 PM »
"Very easy to remember, some might say, lucky." He said keeping his professional tone but it has more of a sense of neutrality to it now. Still hiding his emotions to the best that he possibly could but also happy that soon this whole conversation would be over and done with and excited to have some answers even if he wasn't looking forward to the conversation as a whole.

Entering Sam's apartment he viewed it as a little messy by the work area but otherwise clean, much like how he saw his own place, he had a habit of making his own messes out to be more than what they really were. When Sam mentioned they were likely going to speak outside and to go ahead and make his way there first, he just nodded and made his way to the porch, unsure of what to expect as he couldn't see Remi through the glass doors. When greeted by Remi he felt a bit more at ease.

"Yeah, it was weird. They had a pair of daggers out nearly the entire time they where speaking with me and even seemed to be disgusted to be near me at one point. They made their daggers disappear at the end much like how I can do with my sword so I'm guessing that's what their weapon is, but also what they said to me at the end of it all was really weird. They asked if I knew that in order to stay down here that I'd have to change. I've been like this for 11 years now, plus the person who did this to me is dead, I can't change any further, can I?" Something about being near Remi caused him to break his facade, as he just kind of frantically let loose.
The Luminary / Re: Angel In His Pocket
« Last post by Ehcorn on February 14, 2020, 07:50:32 PM »
Like the last time Remiel had escaped outside Sam’s suite prior to a meeting, he’d rested his forearms on the railing that wrapped the balcony and leaned over as far as he could, inspecting the city sprawl beneath him while wind licked his face and stirred the feathers on his back. If he closed his eyes and spread his wings to catch the air, it lifted them and felt enough like the moment before takeoff that his muscles tensed in anticipation.

Though faint to ears buffeted by the wind, Sam’s voice and the sound of his apartment door shutting was a good reminder that it wasn’t time to fly. He settled his wings against his back again and turned in time to greet Dreki, already shifting his inner eye open to inspect the hybrid angel’s aura. As he took in colors that denoted agitation and hints of fear, his expression turned grim. He’d been annoyed and frustrated that he’d had his time with Sam interrupted, but now all he felt was guilt that he’d reacted that way to begin with. Dreki wouldn’t have reached out unless he needed to, and clearly, he’d needed to.

"I’m glad you made it safely," he said, stepping forward to gently squeeze Dreki’s upper arm. "Sit if you want." Remiel gestured to the three chairs that were now situated around the table, taking a moment to smile his gratitude at Sam for being considerate enough to ensure there were enough seats for them all. He didn’t take one for himself, though. He returned to the railing, casting a final look at the glittering cityscape before he turned and faced the direction of Sam’s apartment.

Remiel didn't waste any time before he addressed the matter at hand. "So you said there was an angel, but they… seemed like they wanted to attack you and offered to help? What happened, exactly?"
Sanctuary / Re: Answers Take Two
« Last post by MementoMori on February 14, 2020, 01:39:27 PM »
Arutha flicked up his hunter green eyes from his phone to grin excitedly back at Naoise. "I was just thinking about what your name might be. I keep on getting this feeling when I look at you as to what letter it might begin with. So I thought that what if I do a search on the internet and try to guess which gaelic one it is based on what feels right. That's why I was saying that it can't be that easy, but what if? Anything is possible. Our relationship is proof of that." he said sincerely with a warm look as his fingers danced across the screen. He brought up a name meanings website and told it to search for said gaelic names.

He knew that it might not entirely work to get the collar off but if he got Naoise's true name out of this they would be one step closer. Arutha focused his eyes back on the screen and paused as he came across the 'n' page. His eyes scanned down the page until they hit approximately the middle. Then they stopped again as he hit the name 'Naoise', feeling like something had hit him like lightening.

"Holy shit! It's Naoise. It's got to be." he said, holding out his phone for his beloved to see.
The Luminary / Re: Angel In His Pocket
« Last post by Existentially Odd on February 14, 2020, 09:12:25 AM »
Samuel frowned when Dreki moved to the back of the silver box, feeling awkward about moving back there to lean against the wall beside him when it seemed like he went there in order to stay away from Sam. The opposite of the last time they'd been in an enclosed space together, in Echelon's elevator. Sam hovered near the doors, glad that The Luminary's lifts were powerful and swift and their ascension took very little time at all.

He stepped out and led the way towards the end of the corridor, where the entry to his corner suite was. "I live in fifteen fifteen," he said conversationally as they both paused at his door for him to swipe his card and unlock it. "It's an easy number to remember," he added inanely, walking in and holding the door open for Dreki to enter. As he swivelled around the edge of it, he noticed Remiel had moved out onto his balcony and wasn't surprised.

"Looks like we'll be talking outside," Sam observed, smiling at Dreki as he walked in. The sliding glass door had been left open, the exit almost directly in line with where they stood at the door, though Sam was relying on Dreki seeing Remiel to guide him more than anything. "Head out. I'll get an extra chair," he explained, closing the door in Dreki's wake and heading to his severely-overloaded dining table. Dreki thought his apartment was messy with one box out of place, Sam wondered what he thought of the mountains of books, papers, notebooks and his laptop gathered on and around his main work area.

He nabbed a chair to add to the two currently situated either side of the outdoor table on his balcony, thinking of Dominic's visit - the last time he'd gathered an extra chair. He hoped like hell this meeting ended much more civilly, though Dreki's demeanour already wasn't reassuring. He followed after Dreki with his prize, not game to tell him about the step down (he remembered the gutter incident well) and finding the warm timbre of Remiel's voice greeting the hybrid angel both comforting and arousing. Unfortunately.
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