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The White Rabbit / Re: Issues: Up and Coming!
« Last post by Idrial on July 04, 2020, 05:24:06 PM »
"It could be both on this floor dear," she replied cooing at the man. Giving back the glass without a fuss. This floor could be risky at times, to make it simple, the bright ones and the tough ones were the people brave enough to mingle here. Most people hurried to the second floor, it was more geared towards a club rather than a hazardous hangout.

"You could also get a free nose job should you encroach on the wrong snack." Brianna had seen that more than once with these bite groupies down here. The second floor was much safer. However, one obviously would enjoy the thrill and the risk on this floor. Six of one-half dozen of the other.

"Brianna." Returning his smile with her own while extending her hand for him to shake, "would you like to sit down?"

Bringing his attention to the table Brianna had been occupying with her pointer finger earlier in the night. From the gleaming lustre on the table, it had been recently cleaned. People knew better than to take that particular table when she was in the bar, and the employees did a fine job keeping up with small things.
The White Rabbit / Re: Issues: Up and Coming!
« Last post by Macabre Beauty on July 04, 2020, 05:14:31 AM »
Woeful, he watched the women weave. They weren't unpleasant by any standards and they seemed to synch up well enough with the rhythms. The unbidden press, however, encouraged by the writhing throng caused the tip of his tail to tick ceaselessly.  His glass still boasted his presence. An isle of liquor floating above the engulfing bodies.

It wasn't exactly the way he saw his night going. When he'd entered, business minded, he'd been somewhat aware of the district leader's fickleness. And the harpy, while an ever present an attending advisor, held meetings meant more for neighborhood management; Like a supernatural HoA. Not the place to discuss licenses, permits, zoning, availability --Need -might- be a matter that'd arise there. But, something told him otherwise. A subtle pout worked its way onto his lips. He fit to sulk the internal dialogue out.

He almost missed his missing glass. But it didn't abandon him long before he realized why it went missing. Backing away from him, with the amber liquid swirled in taunt, was another young woman vying for his attention. This one, however, seemed less encroaching. While she did prize his drink away, she didn't mash up on him with the music. In fact, given the claustrophobic crush of the other two bodies, he found himself quite --content to be led away.

His tail stilled and his ears perked as he broke the other two up. A gentle hand on the first's shoulder spun her gyrating body away with a firm squeeze and a purring "Pardon," and a "Thank you for the dance ladies." Once pried free, he pursued the woman that held his whiskey. Despite the crowd, it didn't take him long to catch up to her. And, only after she was ready to cede it, did he recollect the short glass.

"My Thanks," he offered in greeting with a cheeky flash of fang, "Felt as though I might've been eaten alive out there." Course given the nature of the bar...

A sudden spark of remembrance pulled him back into the reality of the establishment. While the staleness of aged flesh and mummified organs should've kept it fresh in mind, the feral fae often forgot about all the peculiarities attributed to kindred. They existed, he existed --there wasn't much of a divide. Bemused, he glanced off toward the floor again to search for the women. The pair had moved on to another patron, rewarding him with the same press of body. They appeared more groupies looking for the bite, than predators offering. A hum touched the air.

"Or maybe they wanted me to eat them."

Wyatt Hill Cemetary / Re: Silent Songs in the Dark
« Last post by Pocky on July 04, 2020, 04:43:24 AM »
Twisting his lips in amusement with a quick glance up at the violinist, Adagio's attention resumed within the plastic bag. A few soft rustling sounds later had him producing a white plastic fork which he held outward without fanfare. Once the utensil was plucked from his fingers the next thing that came out was the container holding the food. He offered that next.

"You may have the first feast of it, my fellow musician. What name should I call you by? I am myself unironically, Adagio." He gave a light sideways nod, like a bow.
Wyatt Hill Cemetary / Re: Silent Songs in the Dark
« Last post by Macabre Beauty on July 03, 2020, 04:52:07 PM »
Free food, something he certainly couldn't say no to. Particularly, when hadn't any candies to leven out the hungers. The second, the one that sat in the joint of his jaw and made the muscles work when acknowledged, had near been forgotten. Then the dark angel appeared. His presence, and knowing taunt, a reminder even as he offered to share that which would sate the gnawing knot winnowed away by melody.

"Fork," He returned, drawling the word, but answering without hesitation.

As he approached the headstone, he silently reappraised the figure seated upon it. Their first meeting, he recalled, he'd been at the caravan park. He'd traveled with the troupe to the route's end, before being --picked up, pursued by the being. He, of course, drugged up on some cocktail from the other-realm. Trip hazards were nominal as an experienced flier. Therefore, while the event could've been one big hallucination, he revisiting the character in absence of the drug, the request for him to play didn't --align with an induced state of existence. Which confirmed, in turn, the reality of the male's presence --and tonight, the reality of the food he brought with him.

"Definitely a fork," he repeated, dropping his weight into a hip upon reaching Adagio's perch, "And yeah, enough right now --is anything. So, we're good."
Wyatt Hill Cemetary / Re: Silent Songs in the Dark
« Last post by Pocky on July 02, 2020, 08:14:49 PM »
He watched the other while clothing was inspected and a lingering gaze upon his feet. Adagio wriggled his toes, tickling them with the tufts of grass and the cold compact iciness of dirt at night. His word came back at him in a tone that had him raising his brows. The next question caused Adagio to laugh.

In the midst of his mirth he answered, words spilling out between and within chuckles. "This supper shared will only feed one of your hungers," he said, free hand lifting so his index finger could touch the side of his nose. "Will it be enough? For now, at least?"

He looked about and decided on a flat pedestal of a headstone to mosey over to and hop up on. Shuffling his butt backwards on it he beckoned the violinist over. "Wooden chopsticks or plastic fork?" he asked, delving into the plastic bag that held both the utensils he'd named plus a paper napkin and a container within.
General Announcements / Re: Welcome Jhinton18
« Last post by Pocky on July 01, 2020, 10:42:45 AM »
Welcome Jhinton

Glad to have you here  :cool:
The White Rabbit / Re: Issues: Up and Coming!
« Last post by Idrial on July 01, 2020, 08:41:55 AM »
Brianna had been oblivious to the action going on around the feline fae. For the moment she enjoyed the band belt out another song to the music hungry mob. Fists pounding the tables. Bodies pressed against one another on the floor, and the smell of passion, affection and sweat filled the air. Curious about where the stranger had ended up. Brianna carefully scanned the room and she did not expect him to be wedged between two lovely women. Amused, she gazed at the visitor while his attention remained on the woman circling around him like sharks. The look on his face screamed confusion and it made Brianna giggle for a split second. However, that drink had not been touched due to the women being far too close for him to sip his drink.

Once again, Brianna drank her entire drink in one gulp. Rising from the table with the glass in one hand, placing her phone in her back pocket which left her right hand free. Weaving and dancing through the crowd to reach the front bar while forming a devilish plan to attract his attention. Patiently waiting for the bartender to bring her another drink, once she had one Brianna began navigating the crowd towards the suited guest.

Brianna had stopped and danced with a few patrons, she could not make it obvious the man he was her target. Well, more like the glass in his hand was her real mark. Once in range, Brianna plucked the glass from his hand, taking advantage of the fact he could not extend his elbow. Careful not to have a drop spill from the glass, one of the perks of being an ancient vampire.

Pausing for a second, until his gaze fell on Brianna. She gave him a playful wink and slowly backed away from him in a tantalizing manner. Swirling the liquor within the glass in a seductive way, a devilish grin plastered across her face. Certain he pick the lavish liquor clutched in her right hand, which she would give up with no fuss. All in good fun.
General Announcements / Welcome Jhinton18
« Last post by Trillian on June 30, 2020, 07:04:53 PM »

Thanks for joining! So nice to see you, have a banana :banana:

At the moment our Infusco RP boards is the one seeing action. Looking forward to writing with you  ;D


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Wyatt Hill Cemetary / Re: Silent Songs in the Dark
« Last post by Macabre Beauty on June 30, 2020, 06:37:11 PM »
The scent of curry carried in the mists. Leaving a gnawing stomach to gurgle in the silence. Distant though he was from it, music on his mind, the dishes of the Thai Palace pervaded the evening air, telling him just how close to the road he'd come. He not of much a mind to mingle in the open world, heavily booted feet clipped a hard quarter turn to wander back toward the hill's lower slope. Other energies could potentially disrupt his melody. Before he could make the trek back downhill, however, a taller figure pulled into his path.

Separated from the shadows of a nearby mausoleum, the stretch of the dark angel's leaned into his line of sight. The musician's spine stiffened. His senses already woven in to the environment around him. With unbidden wariness, ebon eyes followed the shadow only to narrow at bare feet. He'd met a couple characters with bare feet. But, none of them were clean. Immaculate, the nails and skin, perhaps due to the angel's otherworldly nature.

Wariness waned, receding as he took in the dark angel's apparel. Leather vest, leather pants, neither of which worn by the man he thought might be stalking him. "Fate?" he parroted on a drawl. He didn't have candy in his mouth this evening, but his focus did find the bag of carryout. ""You've come to feed me?" The question rueful in audacious bemusement.
The White Rabbit / Re: Issues: Up and Coming!
« Last post by Macabre Beauty on June 30, 2020, 06:12:50 PM »
In the time it took for Brianna and the brujah to exchange words, a young woman had approached the smartly suited fae. He stood about mid-center of the gaggle gather around stage. The young  woman, dressed in brazen red, paced tight circles around him body writhing to the music. He, in turn, turned with small steps. His drink held aloft as he peered at her. His tail, veiled though it was, ticked at the tip, twice for each turn.

After two full circles, each quarter a pause in step, he stilled. His head canted, the woman continued. The moment stretched into an eternity before sharp sapphires slid away to study the stage again. Apparently, he did dance. Or, the woman wriggling in front of him lacked appeal. Or! this the most probable, the feline fae was more worried about the whiskey he held aloft, than the press of the stranger that'd crept in on him.

Persistent, the young woman remained even after his circular pacing paused. A friend, or so he assumed by the way the worked around one another, joined to encourage her. Or, perhaps the floor was so tightly packed that a suited male needed two bodies bound to his. Regardless of the circumstances, he found himself sandwiched and didn't quite know what to make of it. It certainly prevented the languishing sips of liquor he craved, if only because he didn't want his elbow to crack one of them in the head. Bemused and at a loss, he mourned his whiskey as he watched the women.
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