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City Streets / Re: Spin Off
« Last post by Existentially Odd on Today at 05:22:33 PM »
Kerr snickered at the thought of some innocent family with district business having to get past the scores of inappropriate personages teeming out of the White Rabbit in his mind. It was blatantly false but amusing nevertheless. "Agreed. And as long as Digital stays in his hidey hole, there are very few risks in coming to The Luminary," Kerr chuckled, his mind moving on to imagining Digital running amok in a pink tutu, combat boots and his goggles.

He winced slightly as the interview turned towards financial issues and, again, Kerr's money was mentioned. At least the points Ben had made leading up to that were detailed and sound. He wondered if that was the part the general public would focus on, though, given how people tended to pay attention to the most inane things.

"Huh," Kerr grunted, struck by Tikki's tone the second time he was hearing him say he didn't know Ben hadn't grown up rich. "It kind of sounds like he was impressed to find out you started out poor. Maybe you won him over a little, there?" he hazarded.
The Carnival & Caravan Park / Re: I Wanna Get Better
« Last post by Maxpphire on Today at 05:09:00 PM »
Not long after he asked one of them to describe some of the people around, he was stopped in his path by a winged man. The Aura this man gave off was familiar but new at the same time. It felt much like his own, but more intense and pure. The wings were also unlike the other wings creatures around, they were feathery and large. While he had never seen his own he assumed they were similar, and he was unaware that the wings of this man were hidden behind glamor of any kind, as he could see them as well as he could see anything else. He was awestruck at first and didn't quite register the question at first, but once it hit him mentally, he thought being that blunt about it was a bit forward, almost rude, but he could understand it given his unique circumstances. It for sure was a distraction from thinking about his sister at least.

"I'm part angel," he stated cautiously, "are, are you a full angel?" he seemed a little unsure of his question, this was his first time flat out guessing what someone else was without having already met another of said species. He didn't really want to get into his full backstory here and now if he could help it, in fact he was trying to get away from that just because of the memories associated with it, particularly about his sister.
The Carnival & Caravan Park / Re: Not Just A Pretty Face
« Last post by Satyr on Today at 05:02:18 PM »
After she took his card he watched her shift away, melting into the crowd with a beady eye for something-or-other. He wondered what she was looking for.

Ben shook a few more hands but there was a lull as people moved out of the tent, as though the 'show' of his interview was over. As people moved away Ben looked at and threw a smile at Kerr, who was fishing out the magazine Ben had taken from the werewolf reporter and was giving it back to her. His partner didn't notice the grin, invested in giving Dana back her magazine, so Ben turned towards the entrance of the tent and saw him.


He'd thought he was angry at Saraekiel for leaving the mark on him. His temper flared every time he looked at it. He resented how it made Kerr avoid that area of his chest. He'd thought he was over the dark angel, that the lust would be muted by the fact he'd consummated his attraction, thereby removing the mystery of it. He'd thought that Saraekiel would no longer hold his attention the way he once had.

He couldn't have been more wrong.

Immediately his mind threw the memory of their intimacy his way, making his skin tingle and his groin throb. Ben stood up straighter and shifted his weight, hiding that immediate sexual plunge from his brain to his dick. Still thinking with that part of him, if his physical reaction was anything to go by. His light smile grew wider immediately and he felt happier and bouyant at the sight of him because he'd come to the carnival... and he'd come to Ben's tent.

Hyperaware of Kerr at his back, Ben stepped forward to meet Saraekiel, extending a hand to shake. If it was going to be lifted to lips, he would pull it away because they were in public. He was mildly disturbed at his own reaction to Saraekiel. There was none of the indignation he'd expected to feel upon seeing him again, because of the mark. It was their secret. Almost.

"District Leader Saraekiel," Ben said smoothly, his unwavering gaze fixed on Saraekiel's eyes. "So glad you could make it."

Ben was barely aware there were others standing at Saraekiel's side.
The Carnival & Caravan Park / Re: I Wanna Get Better
« Last post by Ehcorn on Today at 01:56:01 PM »
When Remiel arrived at the carnival grounds, there was a great commotion. He’d flown over parked cars, long queues of people, and finally, the large wooden gates that allowed access to all the festivities. People fell back from him, shielding their eyes and stumbling away to create space for him to make landfall. With a series of wingbeats that sounded like claps of thunder, he descended until his feet touched the ground. He folded his wings and rolled his shoulders as he cranked his neck back and forth to release the tension there.

“Jesus Christ! What the fuck are you doing? Tone that shit down!” demanded a man in a black uniform that labeled him as security. He stalked towards Remi, scowling and dragging a pair of sunglasses onto his face. None of the other people that cowered away from him had thought to bring sunglasses to a nighttime carnival. Why should they? The sun was down, there hadn’t been any danger of being blinded until Remi had shown up, shining as bright as a misplaced star.

Remi’s eyes grew wide and his mouth fell open enough to emit a small, “oh,” of understanding. He called on his glamor to douse both the light and hide his wings, at the same time digging into the pocket of his suit coat to extract and unfold a small flyer. “I’m sorry. I thought I didn’t need to hide anything. That’s what was on this flyer I found,” he said, hoping the guard would understand and stop looking at him as if he wanted to rip off his arms and beat him with them.

After you get into the park, not before,” the guard growled.

“I understand now,” Remi said ruefully and tucked the flyer away again. “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to--”

“Whatever, just… don’t go lighting up the whole goddamned place anymore, okay?”

Before Remi could respond, the guard was off again, muttering under his breath about fucking angels and did he have clouds for brains or what?

Remi blinked.

Well. That wasn’t a very nice thing to say.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets, feeling for bits of fluff and paper, and sighed. People lingered and stared at him, but their attention was drawn quickly enough to a multitude of other fantastical things. With the obvious cues glamored away, he was just a man in a nice gray suit with blue accents. He couldn’t compete.

It was better that way. He could stroll unnoticed through the crowds, observing people and watching their auras. He made a game of counting what species was attached to what aura, and had tallied far more vampires than anything else when he ended up behind an unusual group. There was a vampire with his head down, most of his attention given to the phone in his hands, a human girl with an aura that vibrated with the elation of discovery, and something… Something different. Something he’d never seen before. The third one, the man who spoke of seeing without seeing, had an aura that looked like a patchwork quilt, with colors that denoted not one species, but multiple, all overlapping and intersecting. There was his kind -- angelic kind -- but also human. He followed them, head cocked to the side, until his curiosity became too much to bear.

Remi surged past the group, then placed himself directly in their path.

“What are you?” he asked, staring intently at the pony-tailed blonde in front of him.
The Carnival & Caravan Park / Re: Not Just A Pretty Face
« Last post by Seragil on Today at 12:44:12 PM »
He slid the phone back into the pocket of his black skinny jeans and looked around, people were starting to gawk but whether it was his wings stretching above and around him, or his three companions, two of which were a male and female with snake eyes and serpents for hair or the leather clad woman with raven feathers woven into her long tresses, that drew their attention was uncertain.

He wasn’t interested in the gawkers and so totally ignored them, instead he focused on the large tent before him, its sides opened wide in invitation. He had dressed for fun tonight and so was clad in black skinny jeans (Saint Laurent) and a rare vintage 1994 Pink Floyd-The Wall, T-shirt and a pair of comfortable black designer shoes. His hair as always fell in glossy waves around his shoulders.

He could see Ben in the tent talking to a woman as he approached, a crowd forming around them both, listening to their conversation. Butterflies took flight in his stomach and his heartbeat picked up speed at the sight of him, the reaction causing him to silently curse at himself. This was foolish, stupid even. What the fuck was he doing here? He closed his eyes for a moment as he tried to get himself under control.
“So are we saying hello or are we just going to stand here all night and be stared at?” The question had him opening his eyes in an instant and turning his face towards his copper skinned, snake haired companion with a raised eyebrow.

“You said we were here to network and to meet people. Let’s meet people already.” Her words were brusque, but a smile played across her lips and one of her snakes stretched out and rubbed his cheek, caressing him but there was a touch of impatience in her serpent kissed eyes as well. The gorgons had stayed out of site since their arrival, Phedre had kept herself busy running Club Zero and her brother Phoenix had stayed by her side, mingling and getting to know their business partners, the wolf pack of the north, but they were sick of hiding in the shadows and so he had promised them a fun night out and a chance to meet some interesting people.

“Patience is a virtue you know” he said in response as he entwined his arm with hers and Shae NicFahgaen's, the clan leader of the Morrigu bird shifters.

“Yeah well I’m hungry and bored. Can we hurry up the chit chat? I really want to kick your ass at Bumper cars” Shae said as she tugged and smoothed down her clothing with her other hand. She was dressed in leather pants, t- shirt and a open black leather jacket, reminiscent of the Sandy gone Bad look from Grease.

They all looked like trouble making riff raffs from the wrong side of the tracks. It hadn’t been planned, they had simply gone for casual comfort. Tonight was about fun and pleasure, not politics, well, not much politics anyway.

Saraekiel rolled his eyes and smiled as he led his entourage towards Ben and the crowd of people that were falling silent around him and turning their attention to them.
Detour Motel / Re: A Lovers Intervention
« Last post by sully on Today at 04:47:40 AM »
As always, Ari was being sensible, despite his anger, but Royce wanted nothing to do with it. He was continuing to treat him like a child throwing a tantrum, which in reality he kind of was, but Royce still felt that he wasn't being taken seriously. It all came so easy to Ari, following orders and working within the lines Charon gave him. He couldn't seem to understand how hard it was for Royce to do it. Although it's not like he tried too hard to change. And he had no idea where he'd start...

At the suggestion that Ari was the reason for his lamentation, Royce sunk to the floor, and ran his fingers through his hair, his back leaning against the wall. "That's not it... you... you're the reason why I took the embrace. And you're the thing that makes up for all the other shitty aspects." Royce softly thumped his head against the wall and met his sire's eye for the first time in awhile. Tears were still stinging at the edges of Royce's eyes, but the anger and the bitterness had begun to fade from his face. None of this mattered. He didn't feel remorse for what he did, but he could at least accept that it had caused Ari a great deal of trouble and he felt terrible for that. Like he always did.

Royce sighed and said "Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gone to buy V. It was dangerous and stupid to meet with the snake demon. I just... I don't know, I thought I could make it work without causing you or anyone else any trouble. But obviously I was wrong. I'm sorry." Royce continued biting his nails anxiously, desperately wishing he could have a smoke. "So, what do we do now?"
The Carnival & Caravan Park / Re: Opposition Research
« Last post by Existentially Odd on Today at 01:12:36 AM »
Kerr's eyebrows lifted and he smiled, pleased that good things had preceded his arrival in Tyler's sphere. That wasn't always an easy thing to accomplish. Having it said to him so openly left him feeling a little embarrassed, in fact.

"Oh! Well, thank you, that's good," he stammered somewhat awkwardly, squeezing Tyler's hand. It somehow felt like very personal and deliberate attention. He noticed a similar sensation coming from Ben and marvelled at the musician's effect on the pair of them as he withdrew his hand and straightened, watching the relative stranger thoughtfully.
An Tsi / Re: Ongaku
« Last post by ChordTerias on Today at 01:00:42 AM »
Theo cringed playfully at Dreki, "Sounds like you had a good experience with private tutors! Mine were all..." Theo paused for a moment, grabbing a pen and drawing a fake mustache on her index finger. They placed the fake mustache under their nose, "No THEO, you must sit up properly. No, THEO, you may not use your instrument as a weapon. NO, THEO, YOU MAY NOT SET THE CASTLE ON FIRE JUST BECAUSE YOU MISSED A NOTE." Theo put on an accent that mocked a prim and proper British woman as they spoke.

They noted as Dreki ate the last berry, and waited for the magic to take effect. It had already begun to bring some small measure of the life back to his cheeks and the dark circles beneath his eyes, but the true treat had yet to come.
City Streets / Re: Spin Off
« Last post by Satyr on Yesterday at 08:15:46 PM »
Foul-tasting medicine. Yes, he remembered taking that medicine, and it hadn't helped him any. It had opened him up to some weird cosmic ritual that had stolen his memories. It was peculiar to think that there were two versions of him. The first one had been a bit wishy-washy and weepy, by his memories. He felt like a stronger version.

"I don't really care. It's a strange thing to put into his policies. He promises to renovate the bar. I know I'm making people walk into our hotel, but it's still a professional atmosphere. They don't have to walk past drunk people or strippers to reach our offices."
The Carnival & Caravan Park / Re: Opposition Research
« Last post by Satyr on Yesterday at 07:02:13 PM »
Ben answered Tyler's smile with his own, feeling oddly shy about the drawing even though Tyler was the artist who'd given it to him. It was like being at the receiving end of a serenade or having a bunch of strangers applaud and cheer when getting out of a car... they were positive things but made him feel out of place and awkward. The drawing wasn't anywhere near as extra.

"Yes, I framed it and it's hanging in the library. Nobody's ever given me a drawing before," he said. He forgot about Mandy, who was a passing woman from his movie memories and he didn't associate anything with her. Only Kerr would know that Ben was incorrect.

He looked from Tyler to Kerr with his smile still on his face because he was lost for words. His earlier passionate and confident demeanour was gone.
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