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The White Rabbit / Re: Recovery
« Last post by Saiketsu on Today at 08:08:11 AM »
Something dark growled in his head and thin fingers like fishing line wound around his trachea rendering him unable to speak. The chains on the floor of his skull rattled as if something heavy had fallen from a top shelf. He thought the name and a grappling muck bubbled up and sank the information before it could be accurately mentioned, leaving Nikolai with the feeling of something on the tip of his tongue.

"I-I don't..." He trailed off, alarms sounding and fireworks crackling at his ears. He didn't want this - any of this. He wanted Lisa-Joe, kissing him, gripping his hair, rubbing her ass onto his cock, moaning his name. He wanted coke, needed coke. His arm was tingling uncomfortably in phantom places and his head was a chaotic mess of screeching and impulses. Dope would help. "I don't kn-know.

"I'd kill for a bump right now," Nikolai muttered under his breath, expecting his beautiful companion to not notice, despite her proximity.
Echelon / Re: A Fangtastic Foursome
« Last post by Satyr on Today at 07:04:29 AM »
Ben sat quietly throughout the telling, not having any idea of the negative path he'd put Kerr on. After he'd been reminded not to indulge in nymph blood (as though Kerr was a parent, not a lover... although now that they weren't sexual in any manner, the sire/fledge part of their bond was the most prominent), Ben retreated into himself, the embarrassment lingering because now he felt like a fragile child. He struggled to make eye contact with anyone but was determined not to make himself look any more foolish than he had already. He'd known this dinner was going to be awkward for him - but he'd not expected it to be like this.

Vincent listened with as much interest as Owen, though he sat back in his chair to take it all in while the other two leant forward. Kerr's story was fascinating and only tragic at the end, when he'd come to realise how much time had passed. A few different moments during the story Vincent's gaze flicked to Ben, wondering if Kerr's fledge and partner had heard this enough times for it to no longer evoke emotion or if he was affected by it. Ben could've been a statue and it only took another glance or two to realise he wasn't okay and that the stiffness was his shield. Vincent believed, incorrectly, that it was the recounting of the circumstances surrounding Kerr's 'death' that had him there.

"A remarkable tale, and serves as a warning for Owen and I not to holiday in alternate dimensions lest we don't recognise the world when we return," he said, studiously keeping his gaze on Kerr and Owen for the time being. He didn't want to put Ben on the spot. "Have you caught up on all the popular culture yet? I understand you're an avid cinema buff."

Topic changed. Check.
5 Albion Street / Re: New Experiences
« Last post by Saiketsu on Today at 07:02:59 AM »
His hunger on her lips and his hand in her long, blonde hair only provoked her into teasing him more - payback for his teasing tongue against her. Her hips grew deliberate in their tempo and course, moving up and down against his bulging pelvis as he moved against her. Their friction left thin, cooling trails of her wetness on the seam of his dark denim and Zoheret could feel them with every grind back and forth over him. Could he feel her heat through his jeans, sense the sultriness of her perfect sex so close to his member? The notion renewed the flush in her skin as the fabric dragged at her tender lips and her mouth danced upon her partner's.

But she wanted more. Resisting his temptation, she leaned back into a sitting position on top of his legs, balancing both with her knees on the outsides of his body on the bed and on his quads. Skilled hands practiced in undressing men pulled at his belt if there was one, pulling the tong free from the holes with a patience she was not known for. As she pushed past the top button of his jeans, Zoheret bit her bottom lip and looked steadily down at the vampire, heart thumping in her chest. The spell that kept her wings hidden from view dropped once again - purposely this time - and Zoheret stretched her wings upwards and out as far as they could comfortably go while in the room. Would he harden further at the sight of them around her neked form? The dark angel tugged firmly at the layers of clothing on his legs until they obeyed her, shifting down to where the hair thickened and the base of his rod lay exposed. Her own sex quickened, a quick pulse of muscles in her pelvic floor at his hint.

With a practiced grace, Zoheret backed away and slid off him, swinging one leg over his body until she stood before him, giving him opportunity to toe off his shoes and socks if he so chose - he wouldn't have been the first of her lovers to keep his clothes around his ankles while he fucked her. She leaned low and placed her lips against his stomach and abdomen, as she continued her removal of his clothing, delicate fingers skillfully pulling down the fabric from under the curve of his bottom. She wanted him free of his clothing and kissed at each inch of newly exposed skin, sliding down his body but giving a wide berth to his groin as his clothing released the last of him, his thickness swaying before her eyes. As long as he let her, she would plant hot kisses against the inside of his thigh, repaying him in kind for the work he had down to her while her hands gripped at his base without moving. Simply holding him there, expecting the feel the thrum of his heart racing. But of course, there was none, something that thrilled and fascinated her. She had had a couple millenia worth of lovers and each one of them had supplied her with something she wanted. Sebastian was no different in his size and vigor. He did not disappoint and she smiled against his leg, tempted to bite him as he had done to her.

Instead she stepped down from her own shoes and climbed back onto his legs, as neked as the day she had been created. There was nothing separating them now and Zoheret laid herself back down onto Sebastian's chest, her breasts squeezed between them. With a free hand she captured his c0ck between them, maneuvering him within her labia lips as she rocked back and forth on him again, not quite allowing him inside her depths. Every twist down his hips brought the head of his c0ck stroking up against her clitoris maddeningly. She moaned into each kiss that she was able to land on his mouth and throat - wherever her mouth could reach.

Each slide on top of him built her all over again, slower now that the initial frenzy had been satisfied by his mouth. She wouldn't be able to come like this, but perhaps he would. The thought made her smile and rub him between her lips a bit more thoroughly. Perhaps he would get too frustrated and slip himself inside her as they were, finishing in spectacular fashion just like this. Or perhaps a deeper, more dominant part of him would try to take control, force her down to the bed as he took his pleasure of her. Perhaps she would even let him.
The White Rabbit / Re: Breaking News - Part II
« Last post by pinkroses on Today at 06:18:28 AM »
As soon as Jake put up his blocks everything became calmer in Murphy's mind, and he instantly missed it. That rush of knowing what Jake was feeling, the comfort of being connected to someone who he'd got so close to recently. But he was the one who'd just asked Jake to stop and he had, so Murphy couldn't protest now. That block was there, he was as clueless as he had been as a human and he had no opportunity to sense Jake's sadness at realising Murphy had gone to Ben first.

Murphy chewed on his lower lip as Jake explained how he could sense Lazarus. Fuck. It was exactly what Lazarus wanted, it was true. Jake said he could still see it was Murphy and feel him there, but Lazarus would always be there.

At least, he would when Jake looked at him.

"I can't sense him now. I can't feel him," Murphy said quietly, taking a seat on the sofa, resting his elbows on his knees. He hated it, but there was a constant feeling of loss when he didn't know where the bastard who'd sired him was. And he hated that there was a sudden spark of jealousy that Jake could sense him.

"I'm glad you still think I feel like me. I don't feel different, just... I can feel people around me. Upstairs, there were so many people and it was the first time I've properly been out since it happened," Murphy said, glancing towards the door furtively, as though a load of humans were about to burst through the door.
Chinatown / Re: Dragon Mama, Dragon Prince
« Last post by Billiam on Today at 06:04:19 AM »
Jake took the offered seat, and nodded politely as Lan Bao explained the public status of the gardens. He treated the information carefully, unsure as to why she’d explained. He crossed his legs and sat up very straight as he eyed his companion. What did she want with him?

“I wonder if I owe you an apology or not,” he said, sounding cryptic. “Do I?”
The Majester / Re: Aftereffects
« Last post by rainshadowck on Today at 05:59:26 AM »
She watched him intently, savoring the contact and kiss once it came.  Her head followed after him, chasing his lips, but he slipped away and into the bathroom.  There was a pang of disappointment beneath the current of possessiveness that still lingered, and it propelled her quickly after him.  She liked that he set everything up for her, going to far as to run the water.  It was fitting.

Anna shrugged at his question but gave him an almost suggestive smile.  She truly had no preference, but the consideration was another thing she liked.  The image of hot water cascading down his body was an enticing one, but there was time enough to experience that later.  And she very much intended on seeing him again.

Instead of speaking, she stepped into the shower.  Eyes closed she stood under the stream, her thoughts were blissfully tame as the feeling of hot water slicking down her hair dominated her senses.  She let out a needless exhale, slow and through her mouth.
The Luminary / Re: The First Official District Leader Meeting
« Last post by Satyr on Today at 05:27:16 AM »
Sabrina's opinion was aligned with Ben's interests and he visibly relaxed at her statement. He tensed again when Saraekiel needs to speak. He risked looking at the dark angel, feeling hi,self get that familiar reaction to him, a physical response of tingling skin and a strange fluttery feeling in his stomach.

As Saeaekiel spoke, Ben felt elated. He said the magic words "if it would only affect central" which had Ben believing that he would vote for the whole city taking part. If this was the case then Ben would surely get in because he had more support in the east and the west. The city centre had a higher population but multiple surrounding districts could clinch it for him.

And then his heart fell. No. He saw it slip away. Jake had his loyalists and Ben didn’t even know if he had the Kuei Jin. LAN Bao had promised him nothing.

He was just as shocked by Saraekiel's next statement as Jake but Jake spoke first while Ben formed a mental reply. He didn’t think the District Leaders would’ve consented to some random person challenging for their spot.

“Uh,” he spoke quietly to Saraekiel and the rest of the table of leaders because now he had to admit that he’d gone ahead and started the ball rolling without asking them first. “I apologise but the public already know about an upcoming election because I’ve already challenged Jake and he accepted. There’s been articles written about it in the supe newspapers and magazines and there’s already been meetings with some groups throughout the city by Jake and myself. If we shut it down without giving them the chance to have the say they expect, there might be... civil unrest. I have been saying that this election is a trial run in case none of you wish to go through the... the process. I didn’t want to jeopardise everyone's positions here.”

Just Jake’s.

“Now that it's been decided only central will vote,” he said numbly, a lot of his confidence melted away with that decision, “the only decision left is to set a date for voting. I propose three months time from now so we don’t make a circus out of it but it gives Jake and myself time to get our messages out. Does anyone disagree?”

He looked at them, his leaders, a few of them being Oligarchs but others taking the mantle when the other Oligarchs fled. These were the real leaders, the ones who stayed behind and looked after the city instead of being leader in name only and soaking up the benefits of the title.
The White Rabbit / Re: Breaking News - Part II
« Last post by Billiam on Today at 05:01:48 AM »
Murphy was right about him not being dead. Lazarus seemed to love the long game and a master plan, but whatever pain he wanted to cause by turning Murphy it was lessened by the simple fact that Murphy was alive to work through it. Jake thought only for a moment of Murphy as a dead human corpse, his beautiful face bloating, rotting and fading away. Jake thanked the gods that Lazarus was too stupid to realize that sometimes the most simple revenge really is the most effective. He nodded as Murphy explained this fact, agreeing with him without interrupting him.

The request to pull back his emotions hurt. Jake was never this open and now that he was the person he was open with wanted him to stop. he tried to remember what it was like to be freshly made, to not understand how telepathy worked. He put up his mental walls rather suddenly, and muttered a simple, "okay." It was obvious he didn't want to cut Murphy off, but he was trying to be helpful and that's what Murphy said he needed.

He realized Murphy had also gone to Ben before him, and the continued rejections just compounded. Jake was the last to know. He was Murphy's lowest priority. His spirits were strangely defeated, and his affect and mood started to read very shut down, like he'd been at Charon's after the rape.

"He is your sire," Jake began, trying to explain his answer before giving it. "So yes. I do sense him, and I do smell him. But... I feel you more. It still feels like you in there."

He wanted Murphy to know he didn't see him as some clone, or representative, of Lazarus simply because they shared blood. He was still Murphy, and Jake would keep seeing him as Murphy.
Echelon / Re: A Fangtastic Foursome
« Last post by Existentially Odd on Today at 03:52:20 AM »
Apparently his concern for his love was offensive, because the disdain Ben's stare exuded chilled Kerr into recoiling. Vincent could do no wrong, Kerr could do no right. Got it. When Ben went back to examining his menu, so did Kerr. With his lips pressed firmly together, he examined both sides of the Blood List insert, deliberating between the side that listed the exotic types of blood - where nymph was certainly available and expensive - and the side that listed the mundane but with additives like smoking for mild flavour enhancement (which Owen had chosen) or treatments that resulted in different viscosities thanks to pro-coagulant ageing.

He found, with Ben glaring at him like he was, that he didn't have much of a taste for anything but he wasn't going to cause a scene. Heaven forbid he do something else for Ben to be ashamed of.

"I'd like to try the Chilled Blood Mousse, please," he told the waitress when it was his turn to order. According to the description, it was 'a meticulously aerated bowl of B+ coagulant garnished with whimsical, frozen blood bubbles'. It sounded light and, since he was planning to drink later (assuming he got through the dinner with some of Ben's good humour restored, anyway), perfect for now.

The waitress frowned, mildly perturbed by his order. "Would you like that to come out with all the other dishes or would you like a hold on it?" she asked politely.

Of course. His order had come from the dessert section while everybody else's was a hot main dish. "With everyone's, please," Kerr requested, forcing his lips into a tight smile before offering an explanation for his unique meal choice. "I'm not overly parched."

The waitress didn't particularly care about why he was ordering from the dessert section, she just wanted to be sure she wasn't going to get into trouble for incorrect timings when she brought their meals out. Her work completed for the time being, she finished sending their order to the kitchen, took Kerr's menu and informed them their meals would be out shortly before she moved onto her next task.

In her wake, there was a moment of silence that felt awkward to Owen, so he decided to fill it. He looked at Kerr, feeling it was an excellent opportunity to satisfy his curiosity. "So... how is it you're not actually dead, after all?" he asked, folding his arms over his chest and leaning forward so his elbows rested on the table, his body language declaring his interest in the answer. He'd heard rumours of drugging and abduction, escape from a lover's tiff and a portal to another dimension. Although he and Vincent had (privately) discussed the theories at length, they hadn't asked anyone that knew the full truth. That could've offended someone. Nothing like getting it from the horse's mouth, he figured.

Kerr looked across the table at Owen, noting his eagerness. It made his pale blue eyes shine and his lovely lips skew with excitement, enhancing his beauty. He was young and guileless and Kerr couldn't help but respond to it, a more genuine smile twisting his own lips as he inadvertently mirrored the youngling's pose. He clasped his hands together and leant forward with his forearms balanced on the edge of the table, not thinking about how it displayed his subconscious attraction to Owen's open, friendly nature.

"Well," he began warmly, "I was given a gift without much time for an explanation, so when I used it, I was unaware of all the consequences of my actions." He paused, giving a mild chuckle when Owen's eyes widened on cue and then he gave a slightly more detailed explanation, briefly describing the portal in his chest, his harried dissolution of the Oligarchy, his rapid trip to Austria, the ignorant step into the portal and his shock when he returned from another dimension eighteen months later. Owen wanted to know details about what another dimension was like and was disappointed when all Kerr could describe was the room he'd seen.

"I'm sorry I can't tell you any more than that," he apologised when Owen's expression twisted. He'd done his best to keep his story short and pithy but this was something he couldn't have expanded on even if he'd wanted to.

"Eh, it's not your fault you didn't see land or sky or anything else," the blond dismissed with a flick of his hand, still thinking through the truth he'd finally learnt.

Kerr turned to Vincent, wondering what his opinion was and fighting back the urge to thank him again for helping Ben in his absence. He'd said it once and now that he knew more of the story, he certainly wasn't in the mood for thanking the older vampire again; it would be like saying he was grateful for inadvertently attracting Ben's love. He wasn't at all thankful for that.
The Luminary / Re: The First Official District Leader Meeting
« Last post by Billiam on Today at 03:35:36 AM »
For about half a second Jake believed the matter was settled. Sabrina's response had been puzzling, and Jake decided not to examine what her motivations might be. He knew Charon had placed her in her seat of power, but surely she wasn't really his pawn.

Stop thinking now, he told himself. He loved Sabrina too much to let his paranoid brain taint his image of her. Perhaps it was foolish to not question the leader of the south, the way he was questioning everyone else, but he just couldn't. Luckily the "leader" of the north helped by supporting his position and uttering the words, "I agree with Jake." That was the half a second where Jake considered letting his guard down. Perhaps he'd even thank the table, and Ben of course. However, that moment would be delayed or never come at all. Jake's mask relaxed around the eyes, and briefly there was something like icy rage behind them. He looked at no one as he seethed, but his internal wrath was currently directed towards the pretty boy angel sitting across from him.

Saraekiel had never met Jake, and was probably working under the information of people like Zeus and Zoheret. The play book would be getting Jake to shout, foam at the mouth, and make veiled threats. He wouldn't crack, and he'd show this political novice why he'd ended up with a district in the first place. He made sure to speak before Ben did. After all, Saraekiel had asked for leaders, and Ben wasn't one.

"The only potential transfer of power that I will consent to is a fair and democratic election, and since the leader of the north provided me with my fourth agreement that it should take place in the central district, I see no reason why the election can't proceed on those terms. A simple up or down vote by the city's leaders, in a room where the citizens have no input, is the exact opposite of what I hoped to achieve by consenting to Mr. Samson's request for a contest. Additionally, I didn't vote for any of you, but I don't question your hold on your district. Only your citizens can do that. But if this is the precedent we'd like to set, then I think everyone should be voted on by everyone. Anything else would look like singling out the metropolis."

In truth, Jake didn't want to vote on each leader. It would get ugly and be terrible for the city. However, it was a natural extension of what Sara was suggesting, and he hoped that idea unnerved the others who's power was won with muscle, fear and money. Nobody in this room had seen Jake negotiate so composed. Damien and he had run drills to help control his temper and reactions, and he had to admit the ancient caught every flippant eye, or condescending change in tone. He looked engaged and like he was taking everyone's opinions seriously, but he spoke soft and slow just as he'd done the whole time. There was something strangely chilling about it. 
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