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Evening Citizens,

I am writing a revision of our laws and standards of conduct to better represent our changes in philosophy and demographics. Most laws will be the same as before, however note that there are a few laws now off the books and a few new ones added. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to District Harpy, Lisa-Joe Hampton.

The Black Prince


1. Do not violate the masquerade, otherwise understood as the revealing of your supernatural nature to the ignorant. This can be interpersonal exchanges, grand displays of your power, or any such action that attracts the attention of the uninformed. If you wish to bring a mortal into this world, it is your responsibility to ensure they keep the secret as well.

Punishment: The matter will be investigated by the sheriff and evidence will be submitted to the District Leader for judgement. Depending on the size of the breach punishments range from a small fine, banishment, or community service.

2. Do not kill ANYONE! Listen, we get it. Sometimes a dudes an asshole and you just want to punch his skull in. However, killing people sets a bad standard for others in our community, attracts mortal law enforcement, media attention and is frankly morally not good for us. Now sometimes shit happens, and we're not out to get you. If an accidental death occurs, feeding related for an example, report it to the District for clean up.

Punishment: An investigation will be done by the sheriff and a trial will be held to determine guilt. Actual punishments range from supervised feeding for accidental feeding deaths, to most often banishment and sometimes death for  serial killers, or mass murderers. If you come into our house and set it on fire, we will ash you.

3. Sometimes called the tradition of hospitality, come check in with us if you're moving in or staying a while. We don't want to get into your business, but we do like to know who's around. Drop by the White Rabbit and speak to either the Keeper or Harpy. I will also happily speak with any new arrivals. 

Punishment: If you don't report in and we hear about you don't be surprised if we come say hi. It won't be a long check in, but like I said, we just want to know who lives and does business with us. Think of it as a census.

4. Vampires should not feed from the favored humans, or pets, of other vampires. They have formed a bond and violating that is a no no. If you would like to registrar a favored human so that they can gain this level of protection please drop by the White Rabbit and speak with the Keeper. You are not limited to a number of pets but all humans must consent to be bonded to you.

Punishment: The accused and the victim (human and vampire) will present their case before the Harpy who will make a judgement. The most likely penalty is a minor boon owed to the victim by the offender.

5. When creating a member of a new race (vampire, dark angel, etc.) please report the creation to the Keeper of Elysium. Good for you and hope it saves your marriage, but let us know. See law three if you are unsure why. You have one month to inform the district before it is a problem.

Punishment: The creator will stand trial for making the creation in secret. The created will suffer no consequences. If a verdict of guilty is reached, the creator will be banished and the created will choose to go with their creator or not.

6. While I'm officially calling this law "Obstruction of Justice," lets actually call it don't be an asshole. If the District is investigating a matter, especially for public safety, and you either stonewall, mislead or actively oppose them in completing their investigation you will be arrested. I have decided to remove my previous reporting clause as another way to say if we want to talk to you just work with us.

Punishment: Fines, community service, minor boons, banishment.

7. Sex crimes are still crimes. So not to get too woke, but sexual violence isn't cool, and as a District Leader I'm happy to prosecute it. Rape, sexual assault, physical assault, or anything beyond annoying flirting could be reported. If you have been the victim of a sex crime please come in and trained counselors will be available to work with you.

Punishment: I don't have much of a sense of humor on this one. The sheriff will conduct an investigation. If convicted guilty at trial punishments range from life boons, permanent banishment, or other punishments as to be determined by the district.

8. Guild Services are offered through district headquarters. Does your coterie represent a group in the district? Let us know who you are and how you'd like to work together. We are currently home to the Anarch faction, clan Brujah, a small group of clan Nosferatu, the Council of Bastards and the Duskwalkers (thin bloods)

Punishment: None. We can't force you to work with us but are happy to try when you're ready!

9. Civil Complaints go to the Harpy who holds court twice a week for such purposes. The Harpy will hear the complaint, the defense and then make a judgement, assigning a fair boon to the loser in debt to the winner. Examples include disputes over hunting ground, rights to an unbound human, petty disputes and other such shit that we want to help with but not that much.

Punishment: Warning. The Harpy's decisions are final and enforced by the sheriff if need be. She keeps all the debts owed and when someone comes for yours be ready to pay. So when deciding to bring that annoying neighbor of yours to court, remember that she might decide in his favor.

10. Think of it as housing first. If you need a haven come to the White Rabbit. We have space to house those who are not on their feet yet. Also, you can registrar your haven with us to make sure others can't claim it. A high rise apartment or an abandoned sewer pipe, we will make sure it's yours and nobody else's.

Punishment: No squatters. We'll come escort you out if need be. Otherwise you're off the hook.



Security Forces - The security forces report to the Sheriff. Their job is to ensure safety in the district. They normally patrol in plainclothes and look for signs of law breaking or intruders. They are trained to deescalate threats and arrest suspects. Clan Brujah make up the largest part of Jake's security forces. The rebel philosophers are young vampires with combat training, weapons and who use team work to accomplish tasks. What they lack in age they make up for in ambition and modernness, and unlike many elders they don't see eternity as the goal. They see the here and now as the only reason to have the blood. Caitiff, Thin Bloods, and even a few from Clan Gangrel make up the rest of the security force. They number over a hundred vampires. On any given night, Jake has an average of twenty agents active in the Central District and about fifteen active in the West District. For larger missions, or in the case of an emergency, the members of his security forces are trained to be on standby just in case.

Spy Network - Jake's information comes mostly from the work of talented Nosferatu hacker Benny. He spent years connecting himself to every camera in the city, and has a massive hard drive where he watches hours of footage to gather information for the district. He also has computer programs that track conversation patterns searching for information important to the District Leader. The Nosferatu are also effective spies, masters of Obfuscation and silent as death. While Clan Brujah is the body and Clan Ventrue is the heart, Clan Nosferatu is the brain of the operation. Jake has about fifteen Nosferatu agents with Benny heading the project.

The Ward - The Ward is welcome in the Metropolis and West. Jake values their work, their support and their goal of supporting the districts. They are always welcome at the White Rabbit, with drinks of their choosing on the house when they're off the clock. Jake encourages them to mingle with his people and will always encourage cooperation between the two groups.
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Black churning waves.
Smiling wrinkles in the corners of sharp green eyes. 
No--buryitburyitBURYIT make it gone itneverexistedletitgo
Musical laughter.  Masks of goats, peacocks, plague doctors.
Roaring fire.  Searing flesh and ash.
The echo of trotting horseshoes on cobblestone.
Bouncing blonde curls-- моя маленька лялька
Pulsing necks.  Blood pouring like raindrops.
The crushing weight of the sea.

Eyes shot open.  There was pressure--ties--around chest, legs, arms.  The remaining blood from the bags connected to her arms drained into her flesh.  Odessa tore herself from the restraints, ripped the needle from her arms, and sat up.  She seemed for a moment, lucid.

“Where have you taken me.  What is this--what are you doing?  Where is my daughter?”  She spoke darkly with a snarl, increasing the weight of her aura in the room as much as she could.  ‘Damien’ was not given the chance to answer.  The Ancient reached for him with her mind, magnetically with a force she had never wielded against him, intent on dragging him into the gaping hole of madness in her mind.
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North-West District Laws
District Leader Zoheret

Citizens are expected to manage themselves in an appropriate manner at all times when within District and City limits. Citizens are required by District Law to report any wrongdoing. Anonymous hotlines have been set up directly to the offices of the District Leader to encourage such reporting. Citizens are required to report any law breaking to the offices of the District Leader as soon as possible. Any citizen found in violation of this agreement - such as harboring a criminal or hiding a criminal offense from authorities - will be subject to punishment and fines.


  • Killing any persons of any species is a punishable offense. The District Leader determines the severity on a case-by-case basis. Citizens can expect firm and fair punishment. 
  • Outing yourself or another supernatural, accidentally or purposely, to an unwilling party is an offense punishable by law. Offenders may be exiled from the District or city, depending upon the severity of the crime.
  • All citizens are required to ask for permission before creating more supernatural beings. Requests are subject to approval by the District Leader. The District Leader alone has the right to approve or deny any creation for any reason.
  • All supernatural citizens must be registered at the District Leader's offices. All illegal supernatural citizens will be subject to appropriate punishment and pay fines not greater than $2,500. In order to be registered, all supernatural beings must have a permanent residence in the District. Registration may be done up to 14 days of moving into the district. Moving residences within the district also requires a re-registration with the District Leader's offices.
  • All inquiries should be directed towards the District Offices at [COMING SOON]. All fines must be paid in full and in person within 14 days of sentencing. Sentences are served promptly after a short, intimate trial with District Leader Zoheret as judge. Fines gathered supplement ongoing supernatural projects in the District and City. Citizens can expect hefty fines for most offenses short of killing, dismemberment, and exposure.

Human followers: There is a human police force of about fifty men who are employed by the District to spot potential safety issues, help humans and lesser supernaturals in need, and otherwise contact the Angelic force or Ward when necessary. These are the main patrollers of the District. They dress and act as regular police officers of the area, only with specialized training to handle a supernatural situation. Please note that they will not engage in escalated supernatural situations, but herald the Angelic or Ward forces. If you commit a crime openly, expect them to be at your door the next night. They are, however, limited to what they know and experience as humans.

Angelic Containment Forces (ACF): A small - less than 5 - private force of Dark Angels who are skilled in damage control. They are called rarely, only if the human force needs help containing a supernatural situation, such as a demon or vampire out of control. They will commonly show up quickly to an escalating situation. They can be summoned only by the District Leader or by the human Captain of the police force. Zoheret is not one of the force.

The Ward: Police the District as regularly as they deem necessary. Often called in when situations have escalated past containment or a dangerous immortal is involved. It is common to see both the Angelic Containment Force and the Ward appear to the same conflict. The two groups typically work peacefully together and can contain any situation within reason.
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Charon, who didn't want to endorse anyone, kept his polite smile fixed firmly on his face. Endorsing Sabrina had been a favourable move because of her reputation, likeability and the fact not a single faction considered her an enemy. An amazing feat for someone so powerful, and it had impressed him. Endorsing her had meant something.

Now Jake wanted an endorsement and Saraekiel was after one, too. His favour would become meaningless. What was that term Zoheret had used? Political masturbation. Not only that, but not everyone agreed with McCloud's leadership. Openly supporting Jake would mean attracting their ire as well. Same for Saraekiel... he knew very little about him. Only that he was ambitious.

"An interesting prospect," he began. "The North and North-East are roughly the same size as the East, what I hold here. A lot of my territory is wilderness, though - but you would have the trains and roads, plus a lot of warehouse and factory space that lowers the amount of residents you would control. I have to ask, though - and I mean no disrespect - but in the event someone wishes to challenge your claim... what argument would you use to install yourself as leader beyond our endorsements? How am I to answer such a question, when we haven't met before tonight? And how would you police your new territory?"

He kept his voice light and casual, not wishing to cause offence. Saraekiel had surprised him with the desire to rule the North, so perhaps he had a few surprises more.
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Midwinter, Evening

Gasp and sigh.  Fangs grazing her neck and collar bone with a trembling jaw.

Yes.  Yes, oh please, yes.  I want this.
Parlor in Purgatory / Re: Fresh Start, Fresh Ink
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"Hello Sabrina, it's good to meet you."  She took Sabrina's hand, feeling the ripple of something--what the hell was that?--on top of the demon in her blood.  The height she was prepared for.  The power that hummed throughout she was prepared for.  But that something else--it was like another presence entirely.

"Yes, I am here for a tattoo--but also to meet you.  I've uh heard some things about you during my travels,"  Astrid paused, wondering if she should add where she pulled the information from but decided it wasn't necessary information to offer. "Good things of course!"  She hurried to add with a slight blush.

"I've been looking for a place to relocate and heard that you were to be trusted, that this city was a place for the... Unusual."  What kinds of Unusual didn't need elaboration.  "I was wondering if I could ask for your opinion of this city, and if you knew of a good place to stay temporarily until I can find my own way."  She wanted to ask so many questions--like was it safe here?  Were there other witches?  What was the city like?  But Astrid felt hesitant and maybe a touch self-conscious.  While she felt a reassuring presence from Sabrina--and the whole building really--they had only just met.  She should've planned this conversation a little better--it may have been a little unfair to ask for this kind of information right off the bat.  It was really only going to be about the tattoo--why was she suddenly spilling all of the other things on her mind? 

"Oh, and I do have a little sketch of an idea for this tattoo I am interested in."  She added.
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Damien sat down in his office chair with the intention of finally getting something accomplished. He was falling behind in many of his contract writings and receipt organizing with the new factory building going up. Not usually disorganized - having a relationship again was proving to keep him very occupied outside of his paperwork life - he found himself searching through a pile of bills and notes that he didn't remember leaving. The vampire scowled at the pile, leafing through it, one by one. An unfamiliar paper caught his eye about half way through the stack, the handwriting new, feminine. He smiled as he read, leaning back in his chair.

By the time he finished the letter, the vampire, usually melancholy and emotionally reserved, enjoyed himself a private smile at her flirty letter. It checked all the boxes he hoped it would - cute, thoughtful, embarrassing, and precious to him. He re-read the letter several times, eyes flickering over his favorite parts. His smile didn't fade, even as he finally set the letter down and dove back into his work.
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"You haven't needed her since you were a fledgling, Nadia," Pierre said, almost impatiently. "Even then she gave you less than you needed." He couldn't understand why she was so adamant about defending Odessa. When they had been lovers, Nadia had told him herself that Odessa had given her a week of comfort through her death.

"She's offered you nothing but judgement and self-doubt your entire existence! She's left you holding her baggage more times than you can count," he said thinking of the thin-blood that Sonya had made and abandoned in Nadia's care, a thin-blood that he was not supposed to know about. "And now, when you finally have the chance to walk away from her as she's walked away from you so many times before, when you clearly want to walk away, you convince yourself to stay? Why, Nadie?" He took a step away from her unable to be that close to her anymore, finding another section of railing to look out over and running a hand through his hair. The entire situation was maddening, and Nadia, as always remained stubborn in her pursuit of pleasing Odessa. It was the one thing that he fucking hated her for.
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When the druid and the policewoman agreed to meet Sabrina at the Parlor after picking up Wren's things, Sabrina couldn't help but notice, and appreciate, the look of confusion on Lacy's face when she provided the address. The old hotel on Belleview? that look said, I thought that dump was abandoned. But she was gracious enough to keep it to herself. The last they saw of the witch was her carrying Siobhan away cradled against her chest.

When they arrived, they'd find the exterior of the hotel festooned with scaffolding, in the midst of repairs. Perhaps not as abandoned as previously thought. The heavy oak double doors retained their message in bright orange spray paint, however: "IT WAS MORE FUN IN HELL."

When the pair approached, the doors opened of their own accord, giving them a view into the fully-restored lobby. Candlelight from the grand crystal chandeliers shone warmly off of mahogany side and coffee tables surrounded by velvet-upholstered furniture original to the jazz-age building. Sabrina herself was seated on a chaise just inside, bent elbows-to-knees over a coffee table. She stared intently at an elaborate tarot spread on its surface, but looked up and rose as the pair approached -- if they approached. Siobhan was nowhere to be seen.
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Nadia shook her head. She let him touch her face once, but took over the job for herself shortly after, wiping away the blood with one long finger as if it were stray mascara, "But you came back." She patted the corners of her mouth with a fingertip, checking her lipstick. The mask was slipping back into place, the manic tension draining from her eyes.

"You know how she is. She'd never let me in again, even if I needed her."
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