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Read a summary of how the city works; this will be very helpful to you as an Infusco based roleplayer.

Playable Species Information
Find out about all the different species found in this city.
If you wish to create a new species, then use the New Species Template
Arcing Storylines & Plots
Sacramentum : Vampire Clan
Masquerade Information
District Leaders and Neutral Territories
Dark Wolves Clan
Approved Characters
Post your characters for roleplay using the Infusco Character Sheet. Administrators will approve your character after review as soon as possible.
Post your roleplay introduction so people can find you easily and join! Yays! Also post plot ideas here.
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No New Posts Infusco Past

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on March 17, 2013, 08:16:43 PM

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No New Posts Alternate Realities

This is a place where the Infusco world does twisty turny things with your characters. Timelines, character ownership, character histories, none of these things apply. Anything goes. The only constant here is that at least one of the characters participating here are from Infusco proper.

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on August 26, 2012, 02:21:12 PM

No New Posts Out Of The City

Sometimes our characters have to travel away from the city. This is where all of those roleplays go.

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on December 21, 2013, 06:06:29 PM

No New Posts † CITY NETWORK (City-Wide) †

City Streets
The city grid from its most marvellous to the downright lecherous. Read more
City Subway
Extending underground fingers to each of the city's portions, the subway is a convenient form of travel. Read more

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on December 30, 2013, 04:59:07 PM

Child Boards: City Streets, City Subway
No New Posts † THE METROPOLIS (City Central) †


The Abandoned Chambers
A converted hotel has been claimed as the headquarters for a council of supernaturals.
Chambers Description
Brazilian Quarter
Four blocks containing the poorer neighborhoods. Only those who don't fear death prowl this area. Read more
The latest hotspot nightclub. Electronica music mixed by live DJ. Read more
Overlooking the city is the fanciest and most expensive restaurant around. Read more
Haven Crest
The base of operations for the City Ward.
Property Description : Ward Law : City Territorial Definitions
Warwick Hotel
An elite 5-star hotel for supernaturals and humans alike. Read more
The White Rabbit
Owner Manager: Lisa-Joe Hampton
Headquarters for District Leader Jake McCloud
A Brujah operated bar, for the serious drinker.
Description : City Central Laws
Y.D.M. Creative Arts Studio
Proprietor: Jeanne D'Arshan
This sprawling building boasts artistic workshop studios, an art gallery, dance studios and a presentation hall with stage. Read more

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on July 28, 2014, 11:54:48 AM

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No New Posts † CHINATOWN (North-East) †


Ching Plaza
The Ching Plaza is the main crossed thoroughfare between the four city blocks that holds all of Chinatown.

Jade Emperor Restaurant
A restaurant above the standard of your typical chinese takeaway. Open lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

Temple of Shang-Ti
Dedicated to the overseeing deity of the Shang Dynasty, this temple is used as the headquarters for Lan Bao.

Wan Shang Hao Markets
Mistakenly referred to in English as the Good Night Markets, these markets sell everything from food to clothing and in between.
Zi Wan Herbal Remedies
A number of exotic and foul-smelling herbs, salves and potions can be purchased here, including mystical artefacts.

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on September 27, 2012, 07:30:15 AM

Child Boards: Ching Plaza, Jade Emperor Restaurant, Temple of Shang-Ti, Wan Shang Hao Markets, Zi Wen Herbal Remedies
No New Posts † INDUSTRIAL ZONE (North) †


Dios Del Noche Woodlands
Far northeast, where the industrial area peters off, there is a thick forest tangle of a privately owned 800 acres, mostly undisturbed. Description : History : FAQ
Sticks & Stakes Pool Hall
With a long row of pool tables, a jukebox and a bar, this is the latest seedy hang out. Read more
Woody's Diner
Enjoy a vanilla-coke spider or a Hearty Beef Burger in the 50s atmosphere of Woody's Diner. Read more
The Warehouse
Just an ordinary warehouse near a factory. More description to come
Wyatt Hill Cemetary
A 150 year old cemetery built upon the grand slope of Wyatt Hill. Ghost tours can be booked on Friday nights. More description to come

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in Ties That Bind
on January 02, 2014, 01:08:20 PM

Child Boards: Dios del Noche Woodlands, Sticks & Stakes Pool Hall, Woody's Diner, The Warehouse, Wyatt Hill Cemetary
No New Posts † OCEAN & COMMERCE (North-West) †


An amusement park that comes to life from midnight until the sun rises; after which it returns to its true nature of skeletal, burnt remains.Read more
The Boardwalk
Brimming with fish markets, small fast food stalls, and various shops selling trinkets. Read more
Glitter Beach
The ocean is a massive, roiling thing, whispering and hissing in the rocks, crashing and charging playfully over the sand. Read more
The Beach House
On a privately owned bit of beach, a very modern six bedroom beach house hosts all-night parties for those on the exclusive list.
Herring Point Cliffs
A magnificent drop onto rocks and pounding surf below. A great place for solitude, very scenic. Read more
The Old Lighthouse
Set upon the cliffs, automated and with no caretaker to maintain it. A little cottage rests at the base. Read more

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in Re: Together Again.
on January 02, 2014, 04:02:28 PM

Child Boards: Fantastika
, The Boardwalk, The Beach House, Glitter Beach, Herring Point Cliffs, The Old Lighthouse
No New Posts † OLD WORLD ESSENCE (West) †


Briar's Patch
On the cobbled streets west of the city is a quaint little flower shop called Briar’s Patch. Read more
Owned by Briar Green
Qamar Art Gallery
Art both classic and contemporary fill rooms and hallways of unexpected turns and haphazard charm. Read more
The Painted Bean
Proprieter: Carrie Jones
This coffee shop is a favourite place to meet. Read more
Watson University of the Arts
Further your education. Both day and night classes available: Art, Dance, Drama, Literature, Music. Read more

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in Re: Coffee and Chaos
on October 16, 2013, 07:54:18 PM

Child Boards: Briar's Patch, Qamar Art Gallery, The Painted Bean, Watson University of the Arts
No New Posts † RECREATIONAL SPACE (South District) †


Beacon Towers
The headquarters of District Leader, the vampire Vomas
Description : South District Laws
Bojangles Cineplex
A classic style cinema showing a broad range of movies. With a seating capacity of 200, the cinema features flip-up red vinyl seats, plastic arm rests with holes for drink cups. Decorated in plush gold carpeting and dark wood wall-panelling. Read more
Harrington Zoo
The zoo manages one of the largest live animal collections in the area, with over 1,000 animals, representing more than 300 species. A home for many endangered, threatened and vulnerable animals. Read more
Municipal Library
An expansive collection of books awaits the avid reader, with a magnificent garden in front of the building. Read more
The Museum
Impossible for one to see all exhibits in a single day. Seven stories of magnificence, opposite the Municipal Library. More Description To Come
Pisky Memorial Park
The park that is the foundation of the city itself. A lovely setting, a dangerous setting. Read more
The Pompeii
This three story building is a Gentleman's club. The club’s title overhangs the door in engraved in Romanesque letters. Read more
A very sophisticated vampire club, sanctuary, private cinema and high rollers clubhouse Read more

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Child Boards: Beacon Towers, Bojangles Cineplex, Harrington Zoo, Municipal Library, The Museum, Pisky Memorial Park, The Pompeii, Venture
No New Posts † SUBURBAN LIFE & WILDERNESS (East District) †


Penbrook Church & Estate
Owned by the Sacramentum.
Penbrook Church is accessible to the public, though the mansion and sprawling estate behind it isn't. Read more
Saint Augustine Cathedral
A building that shows true devotion to the higher order, and one that should save many desperate souls in this city. Read more
Cypress Shoppingtown
A place to go shopping - this mall has everything you can think of. Read more
The Carnival & Caravan Park
A traveling circus that has adapted to its new permanent arrangement. Read more
Meadowcrest Woods
The woods consists of hardwood trees that crowd for space above the layer of tangled undergrowth. Read more

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Last post by Hawke Donovan
in Re: Forgotten Family
on May 04, 2013, 09:10:12 PM

Child Boards: Penbrook Church & Estate, Saint Augustine Cathedral, Cypress Shoppingtown, The Carnival & Caravan Park, Meadowcrest Woods
No New Posts † Domiciles †

From hole-in-the-wall apartments to the grandest of mansions, this is where your character comes home.
Click the † Domiciles † heading above for a complete list.

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