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To be able to roleplay successfully in Halflight, you need to understand the setting and structure of the Academy.
Species Information
You can play any creature you want. Yes! Anything. But do make a species chart for it, so others can play it too. Here you can find the existing species available. A template can be found here to make things easier.
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Post your characters for roleplay using the Halflight Character Sheet. Administrators will approve your character after review as soon as possible.
Post your roleplay introduction so people can find you easily and join! Yays! Also post plot ideas here.

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by Pocky in Re: New Roleplays

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No New Posts The Assassin Academy

Situated on the edge of the bordering lands of Woaving, the Black Isle is surrounded by seemingly impenetrable cliffs, with no beach in sight to land a vessel. In the centre of the isle stands a large dark grey stone building, its towers looming over the dense forestry that surrounds it. Within its walls only the very elite, the very persistent or the well connected are invited to train to become assassins.

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No New Posts Entrance Hall

The grand entrance hall of the Academy, polished banisters leading up in spirals to the sky; the marble floor kept beautifully clean. An immaculate entrance hall, where visitors can ring the golden bells for attention or go through one of the many doors that lead off into seperate corridors.

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Last post on August 27, 2008, 03:00:58 AM
by Seragil in Re: The Comer

No New Posts Student Quarters

The student quarters range from 1st level to fully-fledged apprentices. Each level lives in a different section, and Apprentices have duties to keep the lower levels in check - patrolling the corridors later at night to monitor activity.

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Last post on January 11, 2012, 11:10:50 AM
by Existentially Odd in Re: Island Tour

No New Posts Tutor Quarters

The tutors have their own section of the academy to stay in, the opposite end from the student quarters... probably to stay away from the noise. Students can reach the tutors quarters, although woe betide them should they disturb their beauty sleep

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Last post on March 20, 2012, 10:23:15 PM
by Existentially Odd in Re: Bleary Eyed

No New Posts Corridors

The corridors between the classrooms, living quarters and towers all seem to look the same - a long and winding labyrinth of cold stone and marble

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Last post on March 18, 2020, 07:55:30 PM
by Pocky in Re: The Dead Body

No New Posts Classrooms

Where the work takes place! Some of the classrooms are set up for note-taking and written work, whereas some are set up for agility courses or ranged weapons. Specialist classrooms are often outside of the building itself.

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Last post on June 21, 2007, 07:34:28 AM
by Trillian in Re: Academic Demands

No New Posts North Tower

Known to be the residence of at least two of the Masters, and commonly called: \"The Eagle\'s Brood\", because of it. To disturb this place is probably dangerous... A lot of the masters seem to reside in mysterious places, although their quarters are best avoided by students without a death-wish

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by w0rmy in Re: Crime and Punishment

No New Posts Library

Near the North Tower is the extensive Library, which carries shelves and shelves of mostly dusty tomes. Every day, you can find students buried in piles of reading material, meticulously flicking through reference. Probably the most relaxing, and quietest place in the Academy, and a lot of the masters come here for some of their own \"light reading\" and free time

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Last post on April 03, 2008, 01:21:04 AM
by Mayquiri in Re: More important than ...

No New Posts West Tower

A part of the Academy where the stonework has fallen into disrepair. The West Tower was affected by a strong storm at one point, and has been deemed dangerous ever since. The holes created in the stonework give access to the roof and the guttering of the Academy, and this makes it a popular place for students to sneak in a bit of \"extra training\"

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by DeathsAngel in Re: Hanging with The bir...

No New Posts The Infirmary & Mortuary

Obviously, constant fights and obstacle training can end in \'accidents\', coupled with equally \'accidental\' poisonings and experiments that happen to go wrong. Hence, the attached mortuary on the back of the infirmary itself.

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Last post on March 27, 2008, 07:45:17 AM
by Raff_Kimimaru in Re: An Injury not sought...

No New Posts East Tower

The East Tower is one where telescopes are set up to observe the stars, with walls full of crumbling books and restricted information. The doors are almost always locked, and only Apprentices and above are allowed access. Of course, this doesn\'t stop the other students trying...

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Last post on August 21, 2008, 06:03:06 AM
by Fell in Re: Breaking the rules!

No New Posts Kitchens & Pantry

Many students decide to use their stealth training to sneak into the kitchens for midnight snacks, perhaps to steal a quick bite of something. As well as that, lower level students are also selected on rota to help in the kitchen, whether cleaning, cooking or preparing...

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Last post on April 24, 2008, 10:18:20 AM
by DeathsAngel in Re: Hungry in the night....

No New Posts South Wing

Here is where the workers reside, and where all the menial jobs take place; such as keeping coal for the fires. Stocks are kept as well, such as the wardrobes of robes and also the collection of weapons. Students may reserve holding boxes if they wish.

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by Trillian in Re: Unannounced Assistan...

No New Posts Laboratories

In a separate, squat and mostly functional building, the studies of alchemy take place. With fully working fume pipes and furnaces, these practises are kept away from the main building in the event of potentially disastrous outcome. Those with access with the keys to the building is the Grand Master as well as the Masters of Eruditio.

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by Idrial in Re: Of Missions and... B...

No New Posts The Gardens

On the grounds behind the academy, there is a very large, peaceful and well established garden filled with an array of beautiful and exotic flowers and plants. Those educated in poisons will understand the need for such a collection, while the younger and more ignorant of students and workers see it simply as a beautiful place to wile away the hours.

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No New Posts The Grounds

Set up on near the forest edge is a long obstacle course for rigorous physical training. There are dangers in running through the entire course as each obstacle gets more difficult as the student tires. Many students have died when overestimating their abilities. Near the course is a fenced-off area with a few battle dummies (i.e., straw head and torsos on a stick), where students can practise their weaponry or magic. Further away and closer to the academy's building is a duelling station, where students are pitted against one another. Everywhere else is just lawn for common use until the clearing ends and the forest begins.

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Last post on January 15, 2012, 06:29:22 AM
by Trillian in Re: Island Tour Part II

No New Posts Kennyrlylth Forest

Past the Academy's grounds is a thick forest full of wildlife, both harmless and dangerous. A network of paths - hidden and clear - can be found, which lead to areas of the island frequented only by a select few. The forest is out of bounds to all students unless accompanied by a Tutor, High Apprentice, Master or Grand Master. Once a student steps foot in the forest without permission, they are considered 'on the run' and therefore issued a death warrant.

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by Seragil in Re: Apprehensive Arrival

No New Posts Beyond The Academy

For any location not mentioned above.

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by Idrial in Re: Grim Recollections I...

No New Posts Shadow Puppets

Where all the parallel storylines exist. These RPs feature situations that will never come to pass in the Halflight reality. Characters are not limited to their creators. Completely separate to all storylines above. There are no rules here.

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