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Re: Requests
« on: July 25, 2006, 09:37:43 AM »
If you would like your very own forum property that you can moderate, please place your request here.

Include the:
1. Location of the Forum (descriptions are below)
2. Name of the Property (eg. Rundown Shack, Jack's Place, The Glasshouse)
3. The name of any character(s) that live there, and any NPC types that would be there with them.

Once an Admin has made the forum for you, post a description of the place, both outside and inside, so that anybody approaching your domicile in roleplay, will know how to go about it.

Please note, if you want a place in an existing forum, such as Capital Building, Westward Apartments, Detour Hotel or anywhere else where there is multiple housing available for assorted characters, just post the description instead of requesting, then PM Satyr or Existentially Odd to Sticky it for you.

Currently the Domicile Areas that are available for members to request private homes for their characters are:
Inner City Block ~ The Metropolis ~ City Central District ~ city living - from cheap to outrageous
Chinatown ~ City Central District ~ city living from affordable to moderate
Rice Terrace ~ Wrong Side of the Tracks ~ North District ~ poor neighbourhood - from cheap to affordable
Wild Suburban Lifestyle ~ Suburban Life and Wilderness ~ East District ~ affluent suburbs - from moderate to outrageous
Hot Property ~ Recreational Space ~ South District ~ from affordable to outrageous
Old World Essence ~ West District ~ cobblestones and narrow streets - from cheap to expensive
Life Near the Beach ~ Ocean & Commerce ~ North-West District ~ from moderate to outrageous

*Note: Depending on your character's wealth, they might not be able to live where they like.
The affordability of the rent/rates go from: Cheap, Affordable, Moderate, Expensive, Outrageous

City District Layout:

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Re: Requests
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2019, 07:37:41 AM »
Who: Apep, and the rest of the Sinister Serpents

Name: The Ouroboros (new forum, not just domicile)

Teaser Description:
Opening Soon! The demons of the west have long needed their own space to vent, vampires having two bars, the wolves having club Zero, the fae An Tsi, and the Dark Angels fitting in wherever. The Sinister Serpents have outgrown their small home outside the city, and have decided they need a place in the city to expand their operations. Apep and Butler are looking to buy a rundown, or failing bar in the west and restore it as a classy speak easy.

Location: The West

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