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Adora: Goddess of Life
« on: January 27, 2006, 06:24:21 AM »
The Legend
The Goddess of Life is warm and loving. Seeming to represent Mother Nature, she is the life-bringer, the fruit-bearer, the farmer\'s wife and the mistress of the seasons. Always looked upon as kind and loving, she does have a harsh side if \'displeased\'; whenever droughts strike, or floods ravage the farmer\'s hard worked land.

The Symbol
A sheaf of wheat is the commonly recognised symbol for this warm-hearted goddess. Sometimes a cornucopia of fruit is used. Earthen colours represent her - vibrant reds, rich greens and browns, fiery oranges and sunny yellows. She is often depicted as a tall woman with a matronly bosom and long flowing red hair, with a soft smile upon her face. Most farming tapestries are said to be \'Adora friendly\'.

If a four leaf clover is found, it means someone in the family is about to find themselves with child.

Most farmers and commoners follow Adora for the simple reason that she is looked upon as a kind and merciful goddess, whereas Talon seems to rule with fear.