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Inner Gates
« on: January 27, 2006, 07:19:44 AM »
The Inner Gates were once the outer gates, but as the township grew and houses and businesses nuzzled right up to the walls, another larger wall was built around them, with a little room to spare. That room has gone now though, for the buildings between the outer and inner walls have clustered together so tightly that the streets seem cloying and there is more shade than sunlight.

The inner gates have been renovated and reconstructed since the outer gate took over. There are now three entrances instead of the single main one (where a walk in a straight line south will take you from the front door of the palace, to the inner gates, then to the outer gates and beyond). There is an extra one to the northwest beyond the Guardhouse, which opens into the poorer areas where businesses like the Falcon\'s Mask Inn operate. There is also a gate to the northeast beyond the Scowling Boar Tavern, into the streets near the Temples - also a poorer area but not really a bad one. Stationed on either side of all these gates are two Palace Guards.

When someone describes the Inner Gates however, they truly mean the gates on the South-most end. These gates are grander than the other two, and a full winch system for opening and closing as opposed to the other gates where there is a thick and sturdy rope on each inside handle for the guards to pull shut (and risk rope-burn).