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Oberon Castle Character Sheet
« on: January 27, 2006, 09:01:39 AM »
At the bottom of this page you'll find a blank character sheet for you to copy and paste from. Directly below is an outline of each field, how to fill it out and why it is important.

The title of your character sheet should be the full name of your character.

Full Name and Title:
Everybody has two names, a first name and a family name. If there is no family (for example, an orphan) then they are assigned a family name by the church that runs the orphanage. Their title would be how they are perceived in social standings. If they are a guard and have rank, put down their rank. If they are a noble, put Lord or Lady, and if royal, the correct standing in the royal family. If they are poor then they are a Commoner (and there will be many commoners). Merchants are not noble, and only very few are recognised beyond 'Commoner' level. A largely successful merchant would be addressed as 'Sir' or 'Madam' by title.

Age: Most poor people live to about 60, or if they're lucky, 80. Most rich people live to about 75, or if they're lucky, 90. The age you choose for your character will have a lot of bearing on social standing. For instance, you cannot have a 19 year old private tutor. They will not be credible teachers based on their standing in the community (which will be non-existent before 25 unless they're noble/royal)

Birthday: Birthdays work the same way as in the real world. Pick a day in a particular month and write that down. Ignore year.  (eg; 15 July)

Occupation: What does your character do for a living. If they don't do anything, how do they get their money? Do they steal? Put down 'Thief'. If they beg, then 'Beggar'. Real easy.

Religion: There are no athiests. Even if they don't believe in the gods, they still have a religion that they must declare. Choose either Talon - God of Death (also responsible for the ending of things, such as the end of winter or summer, the end of the year, the end of the day or night.  Talon is usually followed by nobility or those of educated means) or Adora: God of Life (normally followed by farmers or commoners). Merchants and other those that are not farmers nor nobles can go either way. If your character is a noble that follows Adora, be prepared for your character to be picked on by other characters.  Also PLEASE STOP CHOOSING ONE RELIGION AND HAVING YOUR CHARACTER KEEP IT A SECRET, YOU ARE NOT BEING ORIGINAL!  Note the description in the 'Temples' forum: "Be you a follower of the Goddess of Life or the God of Death, you must choose wisely. It is strongly believed by all that both deities will cast aside those that hold one in their hearts and visit the temple of the other."

Hair: Normal hair colouring only - this society does not put dye in their hair. Is it long or short? Glossy and silky or dry and course? Is it styled by a hairdresser or chopped with a knife? Clean or dirty?

Eyes: The colour and the shape. Eye colours are shades of blue, green, brown, hazel, gray

Nose: The shape of the nose. Big, small, normal, long, short, wide, thin? Describe it.

Lips: Full or thin? Wide or small? Always smiling or usually downturned? Colour? Do they wear gloss? Are their lips chapped?

Skin Color: All modern day races apply. In this world we have a mixed selection as well, with much less racism.

Height: In this world we have all sorts of various heights.  You can either put down an exact height (either imperial or metric) or a description will do just as well (ie; 'a little shorter than average', or 'very tall' or whatever describes your character best)

Weight: In this world we have all sorts of various weights.  You can either put down an exact weight (either imperial or metric) or a description is acceptable (ie; 'fit, but has a little beer belly' or 'extremely obese' or 'so skinny it seems s/he'll blow away in the wind' or whatever you think is best)

Physical Attractiveness: Describe in a short sentence how most people would view your character.  They might not look like much but have a charismatic smile that most people like.

Clothing: The kind of garb they usually wear.  Would they dress up when going out or not care how their clothing presents - is their clothing crisp and fresh or dirty and wrinkly?  Do they have enough coin to spend on nice clothes, and if so, would they blow their hard earned or easy wages on them?

Mother: Give us a brief outline of what they know about their mother.

Father: Give us a brief outline of what they know about their father.

Siblings: Give us a brief outline of what they know about their brothers/sisters, or if they even have any.

Childhood: Give us a brief outline of what their childhood was like when they were growing up.  Were they allowed to run around and play?  Did they have a lot of chores?  Think about their personality and link up their childhood to that - for instance, if they're claustrophobic as an adult, perhaps this is because they were locked in a cupboard as a child whenever they were naughty.  Child welfare didn't really exist in the middle ages.

Education: Briefly describe the quality of their formal education.  Ranges from none to private tutoring six days a week.  Think about their financial status when growing up when you decide what education to give them. Any special learned skills should be mentioned here as well, such as archery, horse-riding, blacksmithing, etc.

Natural Talents: What are they skilled at that they didn't necessarily learn?  Perception, quick reflexes, sharp witted; these are usually things that are from within.

Hobbies:  What do they do in their spare time?  Can they read?  If so, would they spend time with a book, or are they more likely to go hunting for the thrill of the chase?  Think about what personality and upbringing they have, sometimes hobbies are formed because they inherited their parents collection.

Personality: Don't just say 'unpredictable' because even though your character might seem to behave erratically to other people, there is usually a reason why they do what they do (whether they know it or not).  If they're a shy type, they're not going to suddenly stand up and sing in front of a crowd without a lot of preparation, nervousness and encouragement - and even then they might run away.  Choose the personality you want to play and don't change it without good reason.

Picture: If you have any, please feel free to add them at the bottom of the page.  Pictures is an added feature, please don't rely on it and ignore your descriptive prose.  Please no animated pictures.

Full Name and Title:









Skin Color:



Physical Attractiveness:







Natural Talents: