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New Roleplays
« on: January 27, 2006, 10:08:43 PM »
This \'New Roleplays\' thread will be maintained on a regular(ish) basis, so that:
o Open (for all to join) roleplays will remain on this thread as a clickable link
Unless the roleplay is \'RESERVED\' it will be considered open for anyone to join. A reserved RP is for a TYPE of character to join, so please put this information in (ie, Reserved for a noble OR Reserved for a female character) If an RP is reserved for a member, don\'t advertise it here, just PM the member.
o Unless a post says it is for MULTIPLE CHARACTERS to join, your notice in here will be deleted after one member joins the roleplay (please note that Roleplay City does encourage multiple character RPs, we just want to keep the \'New Roleplays\' board under control)
o PLOT REQUESTS should be posted here as well, with an outline and a request to PM you.

Please take note!
o If your board is no longer open, but was advertised here, edit your post with \'CLOSED\' or \'TAKEN\' and we will delete the advertising post.
Thank you ^^
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