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Liam Dinaris, Lady Liari
« on: January 29, 2006, 07:56:21 PM »
Full Name and Title: Lady Liam Meckenzie Dinaris Liari (née Wilson)
Gender: Female
Generally addressed as: Extremely close friends and family call her Lam, friends assume it’s a nickname but don’t know her real name.  She was once known as Wilson, Captain or Ma'am and these habits will likely not die off completely (for a while, anyway).

Birthday: 13th day of Full Crow Moon (28th of March)
Occupation: Ex-Captain of the Guard, Oberon Castle, now a lady of leisure (which doesn't sit well).
Religion: Adora
Hair: Her auburn hair is thick and wavy – should it ever escape the tight bun she constrains it in at the back of her head – with some curl as it hangs just below her shoulders. She has a fringe that twists upon a stubborn cowlick over her forehead, sitting just above her eyebrows. She gets it cut by a hairdresser every four weeks, lest it become too unruly, but doesn’t have it cut any shorter because she needs the option of wearing it down should she be required to attend anything in a dress.
Eyes: Green of colour if she's tired or excited, rusty hazel (matches her hair) most of the time. Easily her best feature, they dominate her face, surrounded by thick cinnamon-coloured lashes and expressive to a fault.
Nose: Thin, straight and proportionate. Has freckles across it.
Lips: Full and pouty; used to be frequently smothered with lanolin as they dry out and crack from constant weather exposure but are more likely to be glossed with some tint to keep them moist now (as befits her station).
Skin Colour: Pale beneath a generous covering of freckles - they have multiplied and melted together on her face and arms from being in the sun so much, therefore her exposed flesh appears darker than the pure whiteness hidden beneath her clothing.
Height: Above average for a woman, she looks most men in the eye at one hundred and eighty-two centimetres (6'0").
Weight: Heavier than most women, as she is powerfully muscled from the physical labour she used to partake in, approximately eighty kilograms (170 lbs).
Physical Attractiveness: With the overall physical structure of a man, Lam is not considered a breathtaking beauty. Her face is evenly arranged and lovely when she smiles – which is less often, now that she is without her workmates – but her limbs are long, highly trained and toned, her curves understated, breasts of average size and expression eternally shrewd. She has a habit of assessing everyone’s words and actions without interruption, her piercing gaze objective to a fault; she intimidates with her silence more than she does with words, leaving people with the impression that she is inestimably intelligent and insightful, rather than stunningly beautiful. She has had admirers, though it is her personality and charisma that attracts them more so than her feminine charms.

She is liberally scarred from her years of proving her abilities in the ranks of the guards so she is very shy about exposing too much of her flesh and always dresses elegantly – when off duty. On duty, she once sported the best plate armour that money could buy; expertly finished cobalt-hazed steel with a fine oak round shield and a lightweight steel-alloy mace that she brandished in her right hand.  Nowadays, it decorates the dummy in one of the forgotten rooms of her married home.

She tends to wear loose linen pants (she is used to the feel of small-skirted plate greaves, after all) that could pass for an ankle-length skirt at a glance, high-necked, long or loose-sleeved shirts and soft, flat-heeled leather shoes. She favours blues and greens, with some splashes of deep red, brown and black in her attire. In winter she wears over everything a fine lamb’s wool lined fitted coat that goes to her knees and sports a hood that conceals her face effectively. The coat is stained with a light brown dye and has the feel of exquisitely-worked suede.


Husband: Kysis Liari

Children: Pandora Alia Tierney Liari, born at 10:04pm on the sixth day of Egg Moon (the 21st of April)
Mother: Tierney Joan Patrick was born into the noble house of Patrick, the younger sister of two boys. Their family name was well-regarded and there were some marriages to royal relations through the history of the name (though none close enough to modern day to affect social standing dramatically). Tierney was well educated and cosseted, raised with the finest of belongings and schooled to participate in the family’s business of the tailoring and selling of fine clothes, which she did as soon as she was of age. She had a particular talent for wrangling the best of fabrics and bargains from reluctant merchants. She met her husband when she was eighteen and married him after a lengthy courtship one year later. He moved her into his humble home and they had a daughter two years afterward. The birth was difficult and it took Tierney over four years to recover, but she was determined to give her husband the son he was desperate to have. Sadly, at the age of twenty-eight, she died giving birth to her second child… another daughter.
Father: Gwilym Hagen Wilson was born the first son of a long line of sons dedicated to the defence of Oberon Castle. For seven generations the firstborn son – dating back to the first William – would be given one of two traditional names (Gwilym or Liam, both alternate forms of William so as not to double too dramatically the pairing with the surname they adopted) and join the Castle guards. Often more than one son would join, but always the first born did… until Gwilym IV; he had two daughters and lost his wife in the process. Although his family name was long associated with the Castle’s impenetrable reputation and Gwilym himself had enjoyed a shining career as a gifted swordsman and eagle-eyed tracker, it all changed the day the love of his life died. In his grief, he named the girl for the boy she should have been and turned to hard liquor for consolation. It never came and everything he once had has since been drunk away. Mairin Patrick, the wife of Tierney’s brother, Donald – who, as luck would have it, was nursing her own babe at that time - took his daughters and raised them until a brief stint of sobriety struck him when Liam was about five. His eldest refused to live with him, but he took his youngest, overcoming the guilt of giving her a boy’s name by nicknaming her Lam. The name stuck, even when she was promptly returned to her aunt and uncle close to a year later; Gwilym claimed to see too much of the ghost of his dead wife in her even then – it has only grown stronger as the years have passed – and couldn’t bear the sight of her. He now lives in a well-maintained house in the Outerkeep (funded by his wife’s estate through the generosity of Lam), a recluse and a drunkard at sixty-one hard years of life, recognisable as the heroic guard he once was only to those that knew him well.
Siblings: Hannah Joan Wilson was seven years old when her mother died in childbirth and her family shattered. She, much like her father, was never able to forgive her sister for destroying her happy home and rarely had a lot to do with her. The rub of it all is that her features closely resemble her father's brown hair and eyes, rather than the preferred appearance of her lovely, pale, red-headed mother. Hannah married to get away from her family name as soon as Theodoric Blake showed an interest in her at the tender age of sixteen. He was a handsome, high-ranking noble of twenty-three years, with a great deal of land to his name and she was ecstatic to have raised her station. They have two sons, Nolan (nineteen) and Dirk (sixteen) and a daughter, Moira (thirteen), live in an exclusive area of the Innerkeep and are seen at all the important events looking very happy and austere (though looks can, of course, be deceptive). Very few people are aware of Hannah’s relation to Lam and everyone believes both her parents to be dead and the Patricks her only living relatives.
Lam is closer to Mairin and Donald's children, her cousins Lucas (blacksmith, aged thirty-five, married to Gwendolyn, three children), Brian (tailor, aged thirty-one, married to Elizabeth, two children) and Susannah (head of the housemaids at the palace, aged twenty-seven, married to Henry, no children - it is said her career ethic is directly related to watching her cousin excel at everything she did). She considers them siblings and interacts with them as often as they all have time to.
Childhood: Lam grew up in conflicted circumstances and she carries the confusion of her childhood with her to this day. Her sister saw to it that she was burdened with the guilt of murdering her mother very early on – a practice unseen by her aunt and uncle, who felt sorry for her and supported her in every way they could – and she remembers living with her father for the briefest of times, despite the fact that she was so young. She recollects being told grand tales of the noble line of guards she was descended from, unable to decipher the bitterness in his ensuant words; no daughter of William had ever joined the castle guard. Something deep inside was gouged by the way he looked at her, bleary eyes pained at seeing her mother, blaming and despising Lam for her loss but wanting to love the child as a part of his wife; she sees the same look of nonplussed love and hate in his eyes now, every time she visits him to ensure that he has eaten some food and that he wants for nothing.

She grew up with a lot of second-hand love that soothed her but didn’t satisfy her hunger to belong; she was lonely and unlike any of her noble-born family. She decided early on that her estranged father would be her only chance for understanding, and set out to become what he held dearest; a guard. She spent all her spare time playing with the well-bred boys, sparring as they did, getting bruised as they did, learning weaponry as they did. She was an oddity. The boys tolerated her presence for they found her ambitions amusing – and there was some notoriety in associating with a girl of good breeding who had a reputation for masculine interests – and her family smirked secretly as they encouraged her, expecting she would grow out of such fancies as soon as she reached puberty. Aware of such tongue-in-cheek regard all round her, Lam only became more determined in her ostracism, to prove that she could be what she wanted… and make her father proud.
Education: Despite wanting to be schooled prevalently in martial arts and swordsmanship, Lam was also forced to embrace academia. She had a quick mind and mastered all subjects presented to her, though the experience of studying indoors every day of the week was sheer torture and she lived for being let loose.
Natural Talents: Exceptional fighter, very flexible and quick-witted, able to master new weapons within a week (if they are very exotic, less if only an extension of a known weapon), rides as well as she runs, tumbles like an acrobat even in heavy armour (and also naked in bed), communicates clearly with her men and can twist cherry stems into a knot with her tongue within five seconds. Offends the politest of company with the bluntest of comments in the same amount of time, if she’s of a mind to. She generally errs on the side of caution and says very little, however, making her a very rare sight at any decent social function. This suits her, as she has no talent for anything ‘womanly’ or delicate anyway.
Hobbies: It used to be work, fighting, camping, hiking and having adventures with different men, but then she met Kysis Dinaris and all that changed.  Currently, her biggest hobby is gestating, as she married Lord Liari and is about to give birth to their first child.  The most she can do in such a state is waddle about the house or go and visit her aunt, uncle and cousins.  She enjoys sitting in the sun in various positions around the Keep and is learning to sew a lot better than ever before; it turns out she has something of a talent for the family business after all, as she is busy making a slew of baby clothes for her child.
Personality: Lam presents an engagingly positive, confident and helpful face to those around her but in her darkest, secret places she was always an abandoned child looking for somewhere to be safe and someone who would accept her with all her eccentricities and flaws.  That person turned out to be Kysis, but the road to him was bumpy, to say the least.

When she was twenty-one years old, Lord Dagger sought her out and he presented her with tenderness she hadn’t ever dared hope for. They began an affair that ebbed with his whim – which she hated, because the duality of his faces frustrated and scared her but she was helpless to deny him, for she loved him. She was aware that she had a reputation of being unreachable but he made her feel soft and feminine and desired and his attention was a drug that she thought she could never give up, despite the knowledge that their relationship couldn’t become public (lest she lose her good standing for being accused of attaining her rank through his influence; not nearly as much of a lie as she believes, and good gossip to boot). In her heart of hearts she dreamt that he would ask her to marry him... which he eventually did, when it was too late.  By then, she'd already withdrawn her heart and given it to Kysis.

Almost a year ago, Lam chanced upon a man strolling through the maze in the Innerkeep. Struck by his colouring (and loitering!), she strolled and chatted with him, learning that his name was Kysis Dinaris. Thinking nothing of the meeting, she decided he was no threat and they parted ways.

Unbeknownst to either of them, that first meeting would eventually lead to the two of them becoming a couple.

At first reluctant to open themselves up, they conversed in such a way that Lam challenged Kysis - unwittingly at first, then deliberately. Their relationship was nothing serious to her, she was still in love with Lord Dagger - despite them being officially finished because she'd declared that
she wanted more out of their relationship and he'd said he couldn't do it -
but Kysis was a challenging amusement that she eventually came to really enjoy spending time with.

After some awkward misunderstandings, they became an official couple. When Kysis' uncle died and he inherited his family's title and lands, Lam volunteered to travel to his home town with him, and attend the coronation ceremony. The six week ride was an intense learning curve and they were in love by the time they reached Kreos. After Kysis became the Lord Liari, he asked Lam to marry him and she accepted.

Upon returning to Oberon after more than two months away, many things had shifted for Lam. She'd seen Dagger again and he told her that she'd moved too fast for him; she regretted the chance to marry him somewhat, but knew that she and Kysis were better for one another after all. Very soon after they returned, Alia Dinaris died, but not before she was told she was going to be an aunt. Fairly certain that she was pregnant, Lam was faced with a great many decision after the funeral, and began talking to the king about her options.

All her grand plans went up in smoke, however, when she happened to walk in on the prince, Mayhew Kestrel, in bed with a common criminal and she made the fateful decision to follow her heart, not her head (a mistake that has cost her more than once in her life). She listened to Hew's order that she take him back to the palace and leave Phinn behind; by the time she returned to take him into custody, he was well and truly gone.

Now, she is completely out of favour with the king, has retired from the Guard and has been summarily banned from having any contact with her friend, the prince, again.

Updated history:

Fighting her way out of misery and regret over what happened with the prince was very difficult for Lam and, for a time, it seemed that everything was hopeless.  After a few weeks, however, her body stopped punishing her with morning sickness and began to cope quite nicely with the life growing in her.  She turned her attention properly to planning her wedding and, as the Milk Moon reached its zenith, she was married to her love beneath Adora's watchful gaze and with her family's blessing.

Things were happy for a time until, five days after her daughter Pandora was born, her husband rode off to war, to avenge the homeland that had been attacked.  He chose to leave his wife and newborn daughter and travel home, Rico and Matthew at his side.  When Kysis was captured four months into the battle, he was believed dead and Matthew rode home to tell Lam the devastating news.  It was delivered on the eighteenth Green Corn day.  When he got back to Kreos, he tasted the same bitter pill as his lover, Rico, had been slain by the Ottomans in his absence.

Lam wanted to die.  She turned from looking after her five month old daughter and wished only to join her beloved under distant, darkened skies.  Eventually, her aunt coaxed her back and Lam chose life and o care for her daughter.  As time went on, she also turned to Lord Dagger for support.  After some months, they became lovers once more - despite his married state - skirting about her old townehouse in secret, Dagger becoming a substitute father to Pandora.

After ten months, Kysis turned up in Oberon once more, Matthew following in his wake, rocking Lam's world.  Still badly wounded, she nursed him and did her best to keep her secrets from him; when he condemned her for sinking so deeply into depression that she endangered Pandora's life she was cast adrift once more, realising that he was so badly damaged by the torture he endured that he wouldn't be able to understand the life that had gone on without him for a very long time.  They live together, in their marital home, in an uneasy truce that is mendng so slowly that it possibly isn't mending at all.

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Triage (Lam takes a ride into the countryside to help the healing of her broken heart)
Distractions (Lam meets a man new in town - at the maze - by the name of Kysis Dinaris)
Soggy (Lam chats with Kysis at the Falcon's Mask Inn)
Soggy Farewell (Lam and Kysis leave the tavern)
Welcome Warmth (Kysis spends a prudish night in Lam's bed)
A Not So Warm Welcome (Lam meets Alia, Kysis is told he is the new Lord Liari, his Uncle Ryos is dead)
Casual Distractions (Lam and Kysis explore the markets, meet Ryanna and look through the shop)
Exhibition (Kysis has the keep swooning over his expert swordsmanship - but he cuts his hand badly)
Loose Ends (The Guardhouse physician sews Kysis up, Freddy witnesses their burgeoning relationship)
Little Rumours (Kysis sleeps over at Lam's house and she takes his virginity)
Something To Talk About (Lam confesses her true name and asks Kysis if he'd like to be her partner at a dinner for the local magistrate; confusions and misunderstanding have them at odds and slightly upset with one another... but polite)
Voices Carry (Lam and Matthew attend dinner with Kysis, Rico and Alia *shudders*  Rico declares he and Alia will go to Ravenshom for a holiday, Kysis goes home with Lam and Matthew)
Fine Line (Lam and Kysis run into her nephew after the Judge's dinner)
Fine Lines (Lam stays at Kysis' house, admits seeing Dagger, he confesses he's half blind)
Judicious (A dinner is held for the visiting judge, Kysis makes some connections and meets Lord Dagger)
Interlude: Princely Consequences (Lam is banned from the palace and from contact with Hew)
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