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Where Do I Begin?
« on: August 24, 2008, 07:53:09 AM »
Where Do I Begin?

What is Forum-based Roleplay?
Think of it as literary turn-based writing. You invent a character for one of the settings (using the appropriate character sheets as a template that we provide) and then throw that character into a situation that might be appealing to you. The scene could be invented by you in the beginning of a thread (threads are roleplays, or writing start points) or by another player with their character. You control your character's action and dialogue through narration, but you cannot control theirs. Characters who are bypassers but needed for the roleplay (such as waiters) can be controlled by either one or both players for the benefit of moving the roleplay on. You cannot however take advantage of the other person's character, dialogue or know things via narration.

If you want to get started...
...the first thing to do is read the rules. If they sound reasonable to you, the next step is to register and create an account. Your account name is something that will remain with you for most of your roleplaying life and will be how the other members see you. You will often be referred to by your account name or a nickname derived from your account name, (eg; GlamourCat might be reduced to Glam or Cat). It is possible to change your account name after you've chosen by sending a Private Message (PM) to an Administrator (Satyr or Existentially Odd) and asking for them to change it in the Admin Panel. You can't do it yourself.
Once your account is made, you should check your email and click on the link in the confirmation email sent to you. This will render your account active and once your account is approved by Administrators, you will have the ability to post anywhere you like.

Note that some forums are moderated, such as Announcements from Administration and will require approval from a moderator before they will be seen. Only a few areas have such restrictions.
Once you have your account ready... one of the roleplay settings that you like the sound of. We have a variety to choose from. The longstanding and permanent forums are Infusco (Modern Day Vampire, and to a lesser extent, Demon and Other Supernatural), Oberon Castle (Medieval Setting in a Fictional Country - very loosely based on UK but not historically accurate in the slightest to allow for creativity) and Halflight (High Fantasy, based on D&D magic and species, but members do not need to know D&D to be able to roleplay there). There are likely two or three more settings in play available at any one time, in an attempt to discover what members want. Anything successful for a couple of years will become a permanent setting.

Before you create a character... sure that you've looked through some of the roleplays currently active on the site (the quickest way to access this is to go to the 'Quick Links' drop down menu at the top of every forum page and select 'Today's Posts') and get a feel for the way the different forums are played.  You might see a style of character you like, or have one already in mind, but you must also go through the required species pages - the Species Information in Infusco and the Races Information section in HalfLight - before you post up your character, so that you are following Roleplay City's expectations and limitations with regard to the numerous creatures you can play here.  If you haven't done so, it will be obvious when you post your first character and either Satyr or Existentially Odd will likely request you adhere to the RPC format.

Now look for the character template...
...and you can get your creative juices flowing.  Go to the Pending Characters section in Oberon Castle, Infusco , HalfLight or any of the forums you are interested in and click on the template.  You will need to copy what comes up on the screen and then go back a page (the back button will do) to the Pending Characters section itself, where you will see a 'New Thread' button at the bottom.  Click that, paste in the template you copied and then begin filling out the particulars of the character you wish to play.  Once you have filled out the absolute maximum amount of information on your character that you've thought up, post your reply.

Once you have posted your character...
... it will be looked over by either Satyr or Existentially Odd (sometimes both of them, if they have their wires crossed!) and they will send you a personal message about your character.  Sometimes they will require you to make alterations, sometimes they will want some information expanded on, sometimes it will be the opposite - whatever the case, rest assured that you are not the first or only person to be subjected to their scrutiny, they are very particular about what they allow onto their forums and everyone has been through this arduous process, so don't lose heart!

Once your character is approved, it's a requirement of RPC that you put a link to your character sheet in your signature.  This process has been described adequately here, and will also be described again below.  The quickest way to get to your signature is to choose 'Edit Signature' from the 'Quick Links' tab at the top of forum screens.

When your character is approved...
... it is time to join a roleplay!  You have two choices at this time; start your own, in the forum of your choice, or check the New Roleplays sections of all the forums to see what roleplays are already created and are still in need of someone to join them.  If one of them strikes your fancy, click the link that will be there and post a reply straight away.  If you wish to start your own, go to the exact section in the forum you wish your character to be in - such as The Stables in Oberon Castle - and click the 'New Thread' button at the bottom of the page.  When you have finished your introduction, 'Submit New Thread' and then get ready to advertise yourself!

To get people to join a thread you've created...
...go to the 'New Roleplays' section of the forum you posted in.  This time, you need to open up the 'New Roleplays' thread itself and select 'Post Reply'.  A new window will open up, into which you will type a brief description of what your roleplay is about and a hint about what sort of characters you're hoping will join (it won't always happen) and how many you're hoping for (one characeter or open to as many as possible).

Somewhere in your blurb, pick a word that will become your link word.  In another tab or browser window, open up your newly-posted thread starter, copy the address in the window at the top and then go back to your New Roleplays advertisement.  Highlight the word or sentence you chose to be your link, click the little world with the chain link icon (the 'Insert Link' hyperlink icon) at the top of the window, paste your copied link into the window that appears and click the OK button.  Once that's done, simply select 'Submit Reply' at the bottom of the windo and you've advertised your new roleplay!

If this process seems too daunting or difficult for you, don't worry: Satyr or Existentially Odd will likely help you out by advertising on your behalf before very long 

You've now gone a long way towards...
...drumming up interest in your presence one the site as far as roleplaying goes, but there are a few other tips that might help you as far as securing a roleplay partner goes:
•   Introduce yourself in the New Member Welcome Area thread in the Administration section or in any of the forum out of character sections
•   Send a personal message to one of the members whose roleplays you've read, telling them that you'd like to roleplay with one of their characters and working out the premise of a roleplay with them (post that the roleplay is reserved if you are the one who's charged with starting the scenario up!)
Last but most importantly, most of our members will tell you that if you don't get a reaction to a roleplay you've created straight away, do not give up.  Sometimes it's the time of year you post, sometimes it's because you've made your setting too specific, sometimes it's simply not open enough as far as possible reactions and characters who could join go.  We've all written starters that fail and had to try again, so don't be afraid of making mistakes or being ignored; it is not a personal rejection, it's just a hook that had the wrong bait threaded onto it.  Reel yourself in, re-bait your hook and try again... you'll catch something eventually; there are plenty of fish in these waters! ;)