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Lord Dagger\'s Estate
« on: January 31, 2006, 02:37:47 AM »
Silky Oak Mansion
The building is built in Silky Oak wood, with stone as its foundation. In front there is a generous garden, an obvious sign of wealth to have so much greenery about. A wide circular path allows for a carriage to be drawn all the way to the door, and then to exit without having to turn around.
The front doors are well crafted solid Silky Oak, carved with a crescent moon on one side and a small window on the other.
Upon walking through the front doors is a sitting room on the right, which is used for visitors to chat and use snuff. On the left is a recreational room, with a card table at the centre and six ornate chairs gathered around. Lining one wall are shelves of books, and at the far end is a chaise to sprawl in while reading. Ahead is a narrow staircase that leads to six bedrooms. The grandest is for the owner and master of the house, two of them at the furthest end for use by Lord Dagger\'s live in servants - a help-about (butler) and a house-maid. The other bedroom is for Mia, Dagger\'s wife, with an attached nursery.  A guest room makes up the final bedroom.
Past the staircase downstairs is a dining room on the left, for ten people to sit at. The kitchens border this, with a closed doorway. On the right and opposite is a bathing room, where a clawed foot tub gets water filled into it, drawn from the well and heated over the kitchen fire.
Finally, out the back door through the end of the corridor is a yard, where a large kennel has been built out of the same wood as the mansion, and two large wolfhounds have free reign. They are friendly though would defend their master with their lives. Bounding about, the yard has a few large holes that the wolfhounds have placed there with digging, always to be filled by Dagger\'s help-about at the end of the day.
This estate borders with a few others of nobility, lined by shrubs and trees.
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