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(Pic not mine) 

Name: Saraekiel ( Goes by the name Kiel)
Age [appearance]: 27
Age [actual]: 300 (round about there anyway)
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Angel

Hair: He has thick wavy black shoulder length hair, which shimmers with blue highlights. He sometimes lets it grow very long as he isn’t over fussed about it. Keeps it loose and wild or slicked and neat, he rarely if ever ties it back.

Eyes: He has piercing, sharp, softly glowing smokey grey eyes, which he has to tone down with glamour when he is out and about, causing what mischief and chaos he can.
Frame: Lean, well-muscled and about 6 foot tall, moves with a sleek predatory feline grace.

Wings: He has large black-feathered wings, which have thin swirls of red through them, making them seem as if you were looking at small trails of blood seen through shifting shadows.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Has a tattoo of an opened winged Raven on the right side of his chest surrounded by dark blue Celtic style flames that go up over his right shoulder and part of his neck, with flame peaks stopping short of his right ear.

Personality: He is arrogant, cocky, and conceited; He loves toying with people, messing with their heads, their emotions, playing them one against the other. He is strong willed and cunning, sneaky and at times sly. He won’t back down from a challenge but will run if out numbered, otherwise he attacks with all guns blazing. “In the beginning there were but Angels” is his belief and philosophy. Has a certain respect for other "natural" supernaturals (considers Vampires and Werewolves to be nothing more than humans with a mutant/diseased virus)

History: Saraekiel was considered a prodigy as a young angel, so much so that it was thought he had the potential to become an Archangel eventually. His abilities along with the normal ones was the gift to impart compassion, inspiration and hope. During his formulative years none of his “charges” were ever lost, none fell to Dark Angels, nor fell to despair. They lived and they flourished. So much so that his own Guardian/teacher became jealous, so jealous that he waited and planned for when he could cause Seraekiels fall from grace.

He was 110 years old and was about to take his place as a full angel, free to choose his own charges, missions and duties when his mentor struck, the weapon, Saraekiels very last student charge. She was a young woman who had lost all and suffered much from a very young age. Saraekiel watched over her, guided her and whispered hope and inspiration in her ears when things were at their lowest. His mentor encouraged the young angel to concentrate more and more attention on this one charge and smiled to himself as Saraekiel slowly fell in love with her. In the guise of piety the elder angel approached the elders and told them of the forbidden love of Sareakiel and the Elders upon examining the young angel cast him from heaven. Uncarring and unrepentant Saraekiel married the woman and lived happily with her, unknowing that his jealous mentor still watched him. After a decade of happy marriage his wife fell pregnant to her angelic husband and sealed her doom. The fact he had married her was bad enough, the act denying him heaven for all eternity, but getting her pregnant. this was unacceptable and so at a crucial time instead of being aided she and the unborn child were left to die.

Saraekiel found them too late and she died in his arms. Though he could not see them he could sense his formor mentor and brethren around and so knew his wife and unborne child had been left to die therfore he swore vengeance against his mentor, his brethren and the Hosts of Heaven in general. He spent the next 50 years searching for a way to achieve this goal and in that time met and befriended a few fellow…creatures. Eventualy he found what he needed and setting a trap he lured his formar mentor and fellow brethren to their deaths, sacrificing them to the Goddess of Chaos to become who and what he is today.

Financial Status: Wealthy enough to afford whatever he wants whenever he wants it.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Highly aware of other supernaturals but unless they are angel, werewolf or Vampire they only register as “Non Human”. Has to “dig” if he wants to know more.

Interesting Facts / Quirks:. Narrows his eyes slightly when annoyed or feeling slightly threatened or challenged, when sitting he braces his chin with his thumbs and taps his fingers against his lips when considering or thinking about things. Hates being a Dark angel, finds it just as constricting as being a angel of Light. Is searching for a way to become more, to become and obtain the freedom of an Archangel

Hobby/Hobbies:  Likes to collect rare books, weapons and artefacts of the arcane variety.

Likes: Antiques, art, music. Loyalty, sassiness, respects those with backbone, integrity and a sense of honour.

Dislikes:. Disloyalty, thugs, Angels of Light, being told what to do and how to act, The Oligarchy.

Strength: Besides having the mild glamour, the ability to curse with a touch and super strength, Saraekiel was given extra powers by the Chaos Goddess when he gave his Brethren up as his blood sacrifice. For these actions he was given the ability to spread depression, sorrow and madness with his breath, he is also able to fill his victims with doubt, fear, self hatred and an over whelming sense of lost hope and joy, as well as summon a persons baser nature and emotions with just a touch (Lust, Envy, Greed, Jealousy, Hatred...) Has a high understanding of ceremonial magick (runes and so forth) and has control  over and can summon fire (tends to change the colour of it to either black or blue but natural works just fine too)

Weakness/Flaw: : Is accessible to the abilities of positive empath's, if the persons empathic ability is strong enough they can break through his defenses and make him feel every sense of dread and doubt, every drop of anguish he has caused everyone in his long life, rendering him temporarily insane and therefore powerless. But this can only be done by empaths working together (2 or more depending on the strength of their abilities) or a group of empath's working with a Angel/s who can augment their abilities. He also cannot abide the touch of an Angel, the merest touch can cause him pain while the grip of an older more powerful Angel will make his skin and flesh blister and burn. He occasionally has the problem of the old compassionate side of his nature to resurface which he has to beat back and fight to prevent from interfering with his...plans. Though he is a loner he hates being lonely. Is highly prejudiced, thinks Angels are superior to all things upon the Earth especially humans, vampires and werewolves. He also has a problem with authority, refuses to acknowledge authority from others, especially non-angels.


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