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(Pic not mine) 

Name: Saraekiel (Only those close to him call him Kiel or Ki, one calls him Rae)
Age [appearance]: 25
Age [actual]: 476 (round about there anyway)
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Angel

Hair: He has dark brown almost black coloured hair.

Eyes: He has piercing, sharp, softly glowing smokey grey eyes, which he has to tone down with glamour when he is out and about, causing what mischief and chaos he can.
Frame: Lean, taut and finely sculptured with a dusky skin tone. He is 6 foot tall and moves with a sleek, predatory, feline grace.

Wings: He has large black-feathered wings, which have thin swirls of red through them, making them seem as if you were looking at small trails of blood seen through shifting shadows.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He has a piercing in his left ear and a tattoo of an opened winged Raven on the right side of his chest surrounded by dark blue Celtic style flames that go up over his right shoulder and part of his neck with peaks of flame stopping short of his right ear.


He is irreverent, arrogant, cocky, and conceited; He loves toying with people, messing with their heads, their emotions, playing them one against the other.

He is strong willed and cunning, sneaky and at times sly. He won’t back down from a challenge but will run if out numbered, otherwise he attacks with all guns blazing.

“In the beginning there were but Angels” is his belief and philosophy.

Magical Artifacts: His swords, his Hang Drum, Chaos Stone, Bracers of Chaotic Shadows.

History: Was an Angel, a great one. He fell, lived a few happy decades as a mortal, was betrayed. His rage and unrelenting drive for vengeance led him to the path of a Dark Angel where he got to espresso and express his rage and slack his thirst for vengeance by sacrificing those that betrayed him in a dark and torturous ritual dedicated to Chaos..

Awareness of Supernaturals: Highly aware of other supernaturals but unless they are angel, werewolf or Vampire they only register as “Non Human”.

Interesting Facts / Quirks:.

Narrows his eyes slightly when annoyed or feeling slightly threatened or challenged.

When sitting he braces his chin with his thumbs and taps his fingers against his lips when considering or thinking about things.

Hates being a Dark angel, finds it just as constricting as being a angel of Light. Is searching for a way to become more, to become and obtain the freedom of an Archangel

Claustrophobic; hates being in closed rooms without windows, fresh air or a view of the sky. hates traveling within motor vehicles

Dislikes having or feeling like his wings are restrained.

Hobby/Hobbies:  Likes to collect rare books, weapons and artifacts of the arcane variety.

Occupation and Wealth; Arms Dealer, International Import/Export Corporation (Grigori Inc)

Likes: Antiques, art, music. Loyalty, sassiness, respects those with backbone, integrity and a sense of honour.

Dislikes:. Disloyalty, thugs, Angels of Light, being told what to do and how to act. Not overly fond of vampires or werewolves as a whole either but is willing to judge an individual on their merits despite their diseased state.

Favourite mode of transportation: Flying or his motorcycle.

Strength: His force of will, mental and emotional. His loyalty, once he has given it, it is unwavering unless they betray him.

Weakness/Flaw: :

Is claustrophobic, hates tight and enclosed spaces, hates having his wings trapped as well, detests high backed chairs.

His empathic abilities can be rebound against him by a stronger and more empathetic and conscientious empath,  he would be forced to feel every sense of dread and doubt, every drop of anguish he has caused everyone in his long life, rendering him temporarily insane and therefore powerless.

He occasionally has the problem of the old compassionate side of his nature to resurface which he has to beat back and fight to prevent from interfering with his...plans.

Though he is a loner he hates being lonely

He is highly prejudiced, thinks Angels are superior to all things upon the Earth. He also has a problem with authority, refuses to acknowledge authority from others, especially non-angels.


Plane Shifting: He is able to shift his wings and angelic items (Weapons and musical instrument) to another plane and summon them at will.

Glamour (used mainly to hide his wings but they are still there and can be felt by those that brush up against them) 

Super strength and agility (That of a 500yr vampire)

Curse: He can curse anyone with crippling pain or pestilence. He cannot immediately kill anyone with his touch, only harm (but even vampires are susceptible to this touch and cannot quickly heal - it would be similar to sun rays scalding them).
Malediction: Instead of blessing their allies with a buff, dark angels have a second curse available to them, only en masse instead of singular with their touch. They can 'blast' a radius and cause everyone around them to be blind/deaf temporarily. The older and more powerful they are as a dark angel, the bigger the radius and the longer the victims will be blind and deaf. A 25yo dark angel would affect 2 meters around them, for 5 minutes.

Weapon Mastery: He can summon two mystical and celestial Shamshir swords; once they were heavenly blades and could cut down anything the wielder faced but they too have been transformed by the ritual of darkness and now they gleam with a dark and fel light. They are still as sharp and as strong as ever but where once they would burn and cauterize now a mere scratch will cause virulent infection, sepsis and flesh-eating decay.

Musical hypnosis: Once he could use a celestial drum to help ease suffering and lift spirits but like his swords now they serve a darker purpose and he can use the music to lull or hypnotise any being into a placid state. 

Empathy: For sacrificing seven angels to the Goddess of Chaos to become a dark angel the goddess gave him the ability to feel and manipulate any beings’ emotions, his breath will literally fan someone’s anger into a broiling rage, their attraction into obsession. Where once he brought compassion and hope now the breath of his words can cause the rise of jealousy and spite, lust and obsession, crippling doubt and overwhelming fear.

Elemental Fire : (Artifact ability) The lengths he had gone to to achieve his revenge and the chaos energy his act had released, impressed her so much, she blessed him with a magical artifact that allowed him to control and summon elemental fire, it's heat and destructive power ranged from the celestial, to the mundane, to the divine and to the ephemeral. it could be mental or physical or just for show but it was his to do with as he wished as long as it served and created chaos.

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Re: Saraekiel
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Trouble Returns Saraekiel meets Sam
A Moonlit Stroll Saraekiel searches for trouble and stumbles upon Sam, again.
A Visitor Comes a Calling Saraekiel comes home to find a visitor in his kitchen. (In Progress)
Back to Business ~ ~ Saraekiel visits Zoheret
A Grand Entrance ~ ~ Saraekiel rubs shoulders with the creme de la creme of the city.
Stormclouds ~ ~ Saraekiel meets Ben and Kerr for the first time.
The First Official District Leaders meeting ~ Saraekiel meets the other Big Players...and isn't overly impressed.
Affairs of State ~ ~ Ben and Kerr come to talk politics.
Mania ~ ~ Ben calls upon Saraekiel in the middle of the night.
Not Just a Pretty Face ~ ~ Saraekiel shows his support for Ben as a future District Leader.
Networking ~ ~ Saraekiel meets with Captain Hadar, the leader of the Ward after visiting Ben.
Ill Thought and Ill Deeds ~ ~ Saraekiel plants some bubbles of choas during the Carnival and meets with Zoheret and Zeus.
Just Last Night ~ Saraekiel goes to check up on Ben at his academy after loosing his election.
The Messanger  ~ ~ Ben sends a messenger to tell Saraekiel he is leaving town.