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The Bathhouse
« on: April 06, 2006, 09:47:29 AM »
The two-story structure is made from stone, and upon entering the building there is a distinct smell of soap and a warmth coming from the private bathing rooms on the left hand side.  Such a thing costs three coppers, whereas public bathing costs one.

The private baths hold a clawfoot tub, a fireplace where a large pot can hang over, an armchair and a table filled with towels.  A bathhouse servant usually heats and pours the water.  For each customer they have, they get one of the three coppers.  The bathhouse owner (provided by the Kingdom, so it goes into the royal coffers) gets two coppers.  All profits pay for the upkeep of the baths, to keep them clean and presentational.

In the centre there is a doorway for two long strips of pools.  They are as deep as the waistline on most people.  A short staircase leads down from all sides into the centre of the pool, most people sit.  At the far end of each  is a small fountain, to make the bathing area look pretty.  Most merchants use this area.

To the right hand side is doorway that leads to a very wide square pool, deep to the waist of an average sized adult.  A single step leads down into the centre, and a fountain is set in the very middle.  Soaps and towels are stacked on small tables along one wall.  Some bathing house assistants are around to fetch them.  Both men and women use this area.  Most commoners are found here.

Guards can bathe for free.  All other customers must pay the going rate.  Nobles usually don\'t use the bathhouse, for they have their own bathroom (a luxury).  Merchants do, however, for their houses usually don\'t have the space for such a thing.  Plus, the public bathing area is a good place to network, though they tend to keep away from the right hand side baths, where most of the commoners go.