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« on: April 09, 2006, 12:40:59 AM »
Per angusta in augusta : Through difficulties to great things
Benjamen James Samson


Nickname: Ben

Age Appearance: 19
Birthday: 14 January 1986
Gender: Male

Vampire (Fledgling)
Sires: Arles Bren & Kerr Galvin
 Fledgling Connections: [via Kerr] Ichabod Conners, [via Arles] Shane Ripley
Domicile(s): 1710 Patterson Cove Lane - North West District
Vehicle: Turquoise 1967 Chevrolet Impala

Permissions Given in reasonable Roleplay:
(Yes = you don't have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)
Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: No
Hair: Sandy, mousy blonde/brown, has golden blonde highlights. He keeps it short all over, with the front flicked up a little.
Eyes: Very pale blue when mortal, they became a very supernatural iridescent white blue in his undead state. They are his winning feature.
Frame: 5'9" in height, masculine build but not overly muscular
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: His lips remain tinged pink, even in death.
Personality: Confident and analytical to the point that he over-analyses things.  Watchful, observant, perceptive, glib, intense, mature, most of the time he's sensible but to 'break free' he'll do something spontaneous. He's fascinated with vampire lore and 'classic' myths about them and can talk extensively on the subject should someone be willing to listen. Blunt, forward, doesn't shy from confrontation, doesn't see the silver lining to things, isolates himself.  Swings grandly between self-love to self-loathing.

Representational Music:
(note: lyrics are not exact, the 'feel' of the song is representational)
  • Time Is Running Out - Muse
  • Signs of Love - Moby
  • Breaking Down - Florence + the Machine

Human History: Mundane. He had a family (parents, one younger brother, Michael) that were good until the crunch came, studied hard, left home at 16 despite preparing for college and never finished his final year of high school because his parents told him either change his sexuality or get out.  He left. Got a dead-end job so he could continue living at a sharehouse and pay the bills until he found something more suitable. He only left the sharehouse when the Oligarchy forced him to be a pet.
Vampire History: He's always wanted to be a vampire, so when he found out they were real, he approached the first one he saw (Kerr) and asked to be sired. Rejected, he continued to offer his blood to Kerr, enchanted with being friends with a vampire before he and Kerr had a real relationship. Bonding quite strongly in 6 days due to sharing a lot of personal information very quickly, Ben and Kerr were part of a trial that saw them separated, and had Ben in the care of the Oligarch for Vampires, Declan, who thought he was appealing.  Declan performed a ritual at the Oligarchy headquarters that from this point onward, Ben can no longer remember the next three years once Jack came into being.  So far all he remembers is waking up in the desert in Kerr's arms and finding out he's a vampire, sired by Kerr.  His lookalike, Jack, makes him extremely uncomfortable so when Kerr started a romantic relationship with Jack, Ben found the first excuse offered to him to leave - which was Kerr kissing him.  On a whim, he ended up in NY city, ending up with a rather successful modelling career under a very controlling manager who was also an abusive and manipulative Ancient.  He's fled that scene because Kerr came to check on him, and is now back in the city with Kerr.  He felt like he wouldn't be able to live up to Kerr's standards, so suggested Ichabod as another fledgling for Kerr when the opportunity came.  In the two and a half years that Ichabod has been his blood brother, he has tried his best to become friends with him but it always falls flat.  It seems they are unable to remain civil with one another, thanks to Ben's attempts at friendliness being seen as ingenuine, and his sharp tongue of frustration considered his 'true' personality, by Ichabod.
Occupation/Job: Part-time Model

Notable Friendships: Murphy Hilton, Daniel (from NY, but is no longer in touch)

Interesting Facts / Quirks: He tends to stare rather intensely at people when he's interacting with them. As a mortal he blushed easily and obviously, his cheeks and neck used to go an obvious pink colour when embarrassed or self-conscious, but now they tinge pink and the light colouring might be missed (especially if he hasn't fed for a while). He doesn't shy from confrontation or any uncomfortable conversations, thanks to his time in NY.
Hobby/Hobbies: Spends a lot of time in the Oligarchy library looking up whatever takes his fancy (usually vampire related, but not always), collects vampire paraphernalia, constantly testing his skills to see if he can enhance his vampiric mental powers.
Likes: Seeing a new connection that he didn't see before - tying loose ends, being trusted/accepted at face value

Dislikes: Missing out on information, explaining his motivations when he doesn't want to, being misled by someone he trusts, having the worst assumed of him.
Strength: He thinks about things that he observes and can imagine different scenarios - both tactical and emotional. Excellent mind communication skills - he is naturally attuned to it.
Weakness/Flaw: He analyses way too much and draws all sorts of conclusions that should not be made.
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Infusco Past: Tiberius
Oberon: Mayhew (Boy King)
Halflight: Samuel

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Re: Ben
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2008, 10:02:01 PM »

001. Pre-Drinks Dinner (Ben meets Kerr)
002. Unannounced (Ben goes to Kerr\'s house)
003. A New Day (Ben sleeps over at Kerr\'s house)
004. Criminal Knowledge (Ben goes before the Oligarchy)
005. Penalty By Ignorance (Ben is taken from Kerr)

006. Life As A Pet 101 (Ben is taken by Declan)
007. Frustration & Rebellion (Ben changes his behaviour)
008. Ben\'s Return (Ben is freed by Declan and goes to Kerr\'s house)
009. Mortality Redefined (Ben meets Arles)
010. Strange Beginnings (Ben and Arles get to know each other)
011. Connections (Arles agrees to sire Ben)
012. Full Circle (Arles and Ben go before the Oligarchy, and meet Kerr there)
013. Optional Outcomes (Ben must decide who is to sire him)
014. Suicide Blonde (Ben goes to talk to Kerr)

015. Genesis (Ben is sired by both Arles and Kerr)
016. Fledgling Cherry (Ben's first victim - Ichabod)
017. Spending Time (Ben attacked by Sawyl)
018. To Everything, There Is A Season (Ben and Kerr talk)
019. No Change (Ben returns to Arles)
020. Vivaldi's Fall (Ben and Kerr one week later)
021. Telling Arles (Ben talks to Arles about Kerr, has confrontation)
022. Discoveries (Ben discovers Kerr and Ichabod)
023. A Perfect Song (Ben & Kerr argue about Ichabod, Arles & Ben have confrontation)
024. When All Is Said & Done (Ben tells Kerr he's taking a break from everyone)
025. Runaway Train (moving out from Arles' place)
026. Just Another Night (Ben in his new home, meets his neighbor)
027. Scene: Ben's Condition - Part I (Ben meets Lazarus)
028. Scene: Ben's Condition - Part II (Ben is manipulated by Lazarus)
029. Scene: .0Ben's Condition - Part III (Ben is conditioned by Lazarus)
030. Ben's Condition - Part IV (Kerr confronts Lazarus and Ben)
031. Ben's Condition - Part V (Ben goes home with Kerr)
032. Swathe (Ben sleeps with Kerr for the first time!)
033. Talk (Kerr confronts Ben about Lazarus)
034. Sow Tears, Reap Joy (Ben and Kerr visit Mandy, find Ichabod)
035. Debrief (Kerr and Ben discuss the visit)

036. Best Laid Plans (Kerr and Ben, Mandy and Kerr, Ben and Ichabod)
037. Interlude Roleplay: Cornered (Ben corners Ichabod)
038. Interlude Roleplay: Unknown Motivation (Ben visits Ichabod)
039. European Holiday (Kerr and Ben visit the UK)
040. Thicker Than Water (Ben visits Arles)
041. Home Again, Home Again (Ben and Kerr are visited by Lazarus)
042. Trouble Distinctly (Ben follows Ichabod)
043. Ichabod's Curse (Ben goes to Ichabod's house)
044. Bad Moon On The Rise (Ben returns to Kerr)
045. Obsession and Aggression (Ben returns to Ichabod despite not wanting to)

046. Consequences (Ben and Ichabod go to trial and face Kerr)
047. The Razors and the Dying Roses Plead (Ben and Kerr after the trial)
048. Presage (Kerr visits Ben)
049. Visitor (Ben visits Kerr)
050. Aware (Kerr and Ben return to the apartment)
051. Plight of a Lost Soul (Ben goes to counselling at a clinic)
052. Rubbing Shoulders With Fame and Fortune (Ben & Kerr at a party)
053. Blindsided (Ben divulges his dark secret)
054. Return of a Lost Soul (Ben and Kerr return to the clinic)

055. Host (Ben behaves strangely, shows Ben/Jack)
056. Interlude Roleplay: Bright Night City Lights (Ben/Jack and Kerr go shopping)
057. Something Wicked This Way Comes (Ben/Jack meets Hannah)
058. Call of the Wild (Ben/Jack and Hannah, Kerr visits after Hannah leaves)
059. A Familiar Face (Ben/Jack and Kerr)
060. The Mountain and Mohammed (Ben/Jack and Kerr visit Sabrina)
061. Portent (Ben/Jack, Kerr and Hannah)
062. Crescendi (Ben/Jack and Kerr are intimate)

063. The Penumbral; Ritual of the Earth (Ben and Jack are separated)
064. Settling Dust (Ben denies Kerr's help)
065. Terms (Ben and Kerr establish their living arrangements)
066. Hidden Past, Unknown Future (Ben & Kerr chat at Risk)
067. Home Truths (Ben & Kerr talk about Ben\'s past)
068. Duplicity (Jack and Ben, Ben and Kerr, Kerr and Jack)
069. A Case of Mistaken Identity (Kerr kisses Ben at Risk)
070. New York, New York (Ben leaves Kerr and moves cities)

071. Return of the Lost Boy (Ben returns to the city with Kerr)
072. Recovering Sanctuary (Ben blurs the lines with Kerr)
073. Interlude: Dominance and Seduction (Ben hooks up with Lazarus)
074. A New Role (Ben visits Risk)
075. The Model and the Movie Star (Ben has sex with Ash)
076. Turnabout Is Fair Play (Ben and Kerr talk)
077. A New Appointment (Kerr hires a new Oligarch while Ben unpacks)
078. The Unlikely Hunter (Ben meets Murphy and then Bryant in the park)
079. Cultivating Friendships (Murphy visits Ben)
080. Re-Introduction (Kerr and Ben go to Risk together)

081. Schism (Kerr and Ben feel the loss in their bloodline)
082. Questioning Desires (Kerr & Ben discuss the siring of Ichabod)
083. Genesis II (Kerr sires Ichabod in front of Ben)
084. Barefoot Bum (Ben meets Halwyn)
085. His Other Half (Ben takes Halwyn to the Oligarchy)
086. Brothers (Ben and Ichabod go to Risk)
087. Guilty (Ben discusses Jenna with Kerr)
088. Checking In and Checking Out (Ben meets with Cain)
089. Consoled, Consoling, Consoles (Ben visits Ichabod at the Capital)
090. Clarified, Clarifying, Clarify (Ben visits Ichabod again)
091. Clarity (Ben talks to Kerr about what happened with Ichabod)
092. Moving Forward (Ben and Kerr discuss Cain)
093. Accused, Accusing, Accuse (Ben and Ichabod finally get along)
094. The Masquerade Ball (Ben, Kerr and Ichabod mingle with other supernaturals)
095. Fallout (Ben and Kerr argue)
096. In A Gazebo With My Friend (Ben hangs out with Murphy)
097. Austria (Ben, Ichabod and Kerr go to Austria for a holiday)

098. Frazzled (Ben and Ichabod flee to the Beach House, Murphy is invited over, Kerr's blood connection with them is severed)
099. Seeking (Ben and Ichabod are visited by Conner who finds out Kerr is dead)
100. Musical Beds (Ben moves from Ichabod to Murphy for support, then Ichabod leaves)
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Re: Ben
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2013, 07:31:53 PM »

101. To Sleep, Perchance To Dream (Ben kisses Murphy then asks him to leave)
102. Scene: Under Cover of Darkness (Ben meets Vincent)
103. No Explanations (Ben visits Ichabod at the Capital)
104. Opening Night (Ben visits the new club Venture)
105. Taking Measure (Ben meets Owen when training with Vincent)
106. The Informant (Ben visits the Ward)

107. Harvey, Wiley & Handelsohn (Ben inherits Kerr's fortune)
108. Face to Face (Ben reunites with Murphy)
109. The I-Bomb (Ben gives Conner funding towards the Academy)
110. Reluctant Existence (Ben kisses Vincent and faces the consequences)
111. Reluctant Confession (Ben explains himself to Owen)
112. Carbon Copy (Ben arranges for an aspect shifter to look like Kerr)
Infusco: Ben : Charon : Cicero : Helio : Jenna : Lazarus : Quin : Vincent : Yuri
Infusco Past: Tiberius
Oberon: Mayhew (Boy King)
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